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Vastu in Massachusetts[MA]:

Vastu Shastra is an Ancient and renowned science that is used in our daily life to keep away the negative powers and make our life happy and peaceful. Although Vastu hails from India, some people still thought Vaastu is for sole Indians or Hindus only, but it is false.

Today, this Vasthu science is used all over the world including America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and many more countries, we have clients from almost 125 countries, our Vastu Consultant Mr. Suresh rounded 9 countries. People of any background, religion, or creed can utilize this Vastu.

On our website, huge content related to Vastu is published including a lot of “Vastu Tips”.

In our “Vaastu Reviews” section one may check how people are happy after using these Vastu shastra tips and techniques. In case of queries, you can consult our Vastu Pandit who will be readily available to help you.

As the science is related to Construction, if you follow Vastu science for the construction of your home, you will see proper changes in your daily life and will live happy and peaceful.

Our sincere request is to please find a very good Vastu plot in a community and thereafter select the good and suitable floor plan provided by the builder. Once the resident successfully did these two, then they will enjoy peace and development in the USA.

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Types of Houses in Massachusetts

Colonial Type Houses

Colonial architectural style rose to prominence during imperialism in the USA and it’s still voguish in Massachusetts.

Symmetrical designs, clean geometrical lines, and large windows are some of defining features of the colonial housing system.

Multi-paned windows of colonial houses usually have nine to twelve panes. Heavy dormers, turrets, and middle chimneys add a lot of character to these houses.

Colonial dwellings can extend up to two or more stories. These houses are mostly square or rectangular in shape.

With open floor plans, Colonial homes have steep roofs and front-covered porches with columns.

Elaborate and spacious exteriors add a different vibe to these houses.

Cape Cod-style Houses

Cape cod-style houses feature steep roofs, shingled exteriors, and symmetrical facades.

Cape-cod-style homes in Massachusetts are no different. Offset chimneys add a vibe to these homes.

Cape cod-style homes can be one or one and a half story height with commodious exteriors.

Cape Cod-style dwellings partly reflect contemporary-style houses but architectural elements distinguish both of these housing systems.

These 20th-century homes are efficient, functional, and simple. They are versatile and can accommodate medium to large size families.

Ranch Style Homes

As you embrace the natural beauty of Massachusetts, Ranch style homes are what you need to experience a natural living in the houses enveloped in nature’s beauty.

Ranch-style homes are typically restricted to the ground floor. But they are very expansive by nature.

They are either ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped. Sometimes, they can be rectangular shaped too.

With open floor plans, a lot of windows, and expansive exteriors, Ranch style houses are a perfect fit to live by the beachside.

They blend seamlessly into the surroundings and make your everyday living a peaceful and delightful one. They do not have front porches but some ranch homes have turrets. But this is a rare combination.

Townhouse-style Huses

Townhouse-style homes are a perfect fit for relatively smaller families.

The architectural style is not so outstanding rather basic. They are minimal and efficient in their own right.

Townhouse-style homes are restricted to one floor. They come with attached garages.

Townhouses are usually attached to neighborhoods with one or two walls. But they have their own entrances.

However, they may not be an ideal solution for big families. Steep roofs are a common characteristic found in townhouses. They do not have porches or spacious exteriors but they have elaborate back yards.

Contemporary Housing Style

People with a taste for modern looks and class usually pick the Contemporary housing style in Massachusetts over others.

Contemporary housing style is a bit on the expensive side in Massachusetts but it’s all worth it.

They can be one or more stories according to the owner’s needs. However, they employ ideals of simplicity and minimalism in these construction styles.

Contemporary residences are usually one or two stories. They use glass extensively to allow natural light into the home.

They have very few windows and a lot of glasses instead. They do not have garages but come with open garages in front of the homes.

Some contemporary houses have front porches but some don’t. However, balconies on the top floors are something that is common in the contemporary housing system. They have flat roofs, unlike other architectural styles.

Cottage-style Homes

Massachusetts residents bizarrely envy cottage-style architecture in the surroundings. That is why you see a lot of houses replicating cottage-style designs.

Cottage-style homes in Massachusetts are an embodiment of comfort, spaciousness, and functionality.

They can be one or more stories. They have elaborate halls, living rooms, and exteriors. Front porches are one common feature found in all cottages.

Craftsman-style Houses

Residents of Massachusetts are naturally lenient towards craftsman-style houses because they effortlessly blend into the surroundings. They can be one or more stories.

These 19th-century houses are commodious with low gabled roofs and open floor plans. They are wide.

They use vibrant colors and wooden framing and reflect ideal houses that appear in Hollywood films.

With exposed rafters and front porches, craftsman-style houses can accommodate big families.

Greek revival

Greek revival homes stood the test of times in Massachusetts.

The citizens of Massachusetts adore these houses for their royal outlook. With a triangular outlook and so many porches, Greek revival homes look like victorian style architecture.

Porches separated with columns run across the length of the house.

Greek revival houses are usually built at a height and a common staircase leads to the front entrance.

With the door positioned at the center of the house, other long and rectangular windows are located equidistantly on either side of the front door.

They are usually one or two-storied and not more than that.

Greek revival homes are spread across expansive areas with only exteriors occupying 75% of the space.


After cottages, farmhouse architecture is something the residents of Massachusets vouch on for a cozy and calm feel and experience.

Farmhouses, similar to Greek revival homes, are spread across expansive areas.

Exteriors are usually filled with a lot of trees. They can be one or more stories with the staircase leading up to the top floor from the middle of the hallway.

They even have outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, top-floor balconies, and porches with steep roofs.

Mediterranean House Styles

Although Mediterranean house styles are not that pervasive in Massachusetts, they are significant in number here.

An elaborate entranceway leading up to the main door is a common feature.

Mediterranean houses are mostly built with stones, stucco, and bricks. Arched windows, columns, and doors distinguish Mediterranean architecture from the rest of the housing style.

They have stone chimneys with steep roofs and rounded and soft corners. You can even spot dormers and turrets sometimes. They can be one or more stories.

French country Housing Style

French country housing style is dominantly envied by higher-class people in Massachusetts. Hence, you can see French country architecture decorating the streets of Massachusetts high-end streets.

Stone, stucco, and concrete are the commonly used construction materials. They can be expanded upto one floor.

They mostly do not have elaborate porches but exterior gardens decorate the houses.

The roofs are steep but differently angled to add personality to these houses. French country houses too have elaborate entryways leading upto the front door.

Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern residences are the most sought-after houses by the high-class people in Massachusetts because of their modern and classic architectural style.

They use glass, bricks, and concrete to build these houses. They have swimming pools, back porches, and balconies. They can be one or more stories. The roofs are flat and angled at times.

Split-level Residential Styles

Split-level residential styles are very rarely found in the USA but Massachusetts is an exception.

You will find these houses adorning the streets of Massachusetts every now and then.

These houses usually employ and bring together different and opposite architectural elements to recreate unique looks. While half part of the home has steep roofs, the other half has flat roofs. They come with attached garages. They can be one or more stories.


These straight-out fairy-tale-looking architectural designs are everyone’s choice in Massachusetts.

Tudor homes can be greatly personalized without disturbing the basic characteristics and outlooks.

Tudor homes are generally elevated at a height.

The walls and surfaces of the exteriors are painted with vibrant and contrasting colors.


People who love royalty cannot get their brains off these Victorian-style homes.

They are spacious, multi-storied, and vibrant. They can be one or more stories. They have low gabled and overhanging eaves with elaborate exteriors spanning across the surroundings.

These homes too are elevated at a height. Front covered porches with columns are one common defining feature.

Multi-paned windows add a royal vibe to these houses.

Massachusetts (MA) Overview:

Massachusetts, authentically the “Common Wealth of Massachusetts” is a state of United States of America located in the Northeastern part of the country.

The state is one of the most populous states in the region (New England) and the population of the state is mainly centralized.

The bordering states of Massachusetts include New York towards the West, new-hampshire and Vermont towards the North, and, Connecticut and Rhode Island towards the South. The Atlantic Ocean lies towards its east.

The state has many honors and contributed much towards the culture, revolutions, and politics of the United States. Many important movements including abolitionist, temperance, and transcendentalist were started in the state. Also, many renowned political personalities including the “Kennedy” and “Adams” hailed from Massachusetts.

Today, the state is leading in the sectors of the biotechnology, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and trade. The state has also the honor of being home to some of the best Higher Educational institutions in the world like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Harvard Law School.

The state is named after the Massachusetts tribe which lived in the area before the arrival of Europeans.

Before colonization, the region of modern Massachusetts was inhabited by numerous Native American tribes e.g. Wampanoag, Narragansett, Nipmuc, Pocomtuc, Mahican, and Massachusetts. These people were following their own traditions, culture and were mostly dependent on farming (corn, squash, etc.), hunting and fishing.

The first colony in the region was established by the religious pilgrims bound from England in 1820. These people were not freely allowed to follow their religious beliefs so they settled in this region to make an ideal colony according to their beliefs.

As the time passed, numerous other people arrived and numerous colonies were made in different parts of the state. These people also carried numerous diseases like smallpox, measles, and influenza and the local population (Native Americans) had no immune to these at that time.

Almost 90% of the local population died from these diseases. During the times of “American Revolutionary War”, the state played a key role in proving actual and moral support. Many key figures e.g. politicians and generals of that war hailed from Massachusetts.

In the 19th century, the state was rapidly modernized and many industries were constructed in the state and Massachusetts became a leader in the American Industrial Revolution.

During the time of “Great Depression”, the Industrial sector faced several setbacks. Also, during World War 2, the Industries of the state provided significant material to the Army to maintain the war efforts.

The state of Massachusetts lies in the New England region and is the 7th smallest state in the USA. The state although small features numerous geographical and topographical features. Some of the features include mountains, plains, rivers, and forests.

Around 62% of the state’s area is covered by forests. During 18th and 19th centuries, forests were cleared on large scale and from which wildlife was also disturbed. Today, reforestation efforts are made by the authorities and many animals are returning.

Some of the common animals of the state include long-tailed ducks, coyotes, black bears, White-tailed deer, raccoons, wild turkeys, etc.

After the independence, the economy of the state was highly dependent on agriculture, fishing, etc. but during the 19th century, the state was highly industrialized and one of the largest industries of USA is located in the state providing the bulk of output.

By the start of 20th century, industrial sector readily declined and today Services is the largest and dependent sector of the economy aided by on, biotechnology, information technology, finance, healthcare, tourism, and defense.

Twelve of the “Fortune 500” companies are also located in Massachusetts, Liberty Mutual, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, TJX Companies, EMC Corporation, Raytheon, Staples Inc., Global Partners, Thermo Fisher Scientific, State Street Corporation, Biogen, Eversource Energy, and Boston Scientific.

Agriculture also plays a significant role in the economy and some of the major agricultural products include cranberries, sweet corn, and apples. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing economic sectors of the state.

American English is the most commonly spoken language of the state. Other languages also exist due to numerous ethical groups and some of them include: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, etc.

The religious data is not collected by the United States. This is the reason that the exact religious figures are unknown but it is estimated that Christianity is the largest religious group present in the state.

  • New Jersey State Capital City: Boston
  • Area 27,363 km²
  • Congressional Districts9
  • Population 6.86 million(2017 est)
  • Literacy17%
  • Language English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese. French, Russian, Vietnamese, Greek, Arabic
  • Main Cropscranberries, sweet corn, and apples
  • State Bird Black-capped chickadee
  • State Animal NA
  • State Flower Mayflower
  • State Tree American Elm
  • Popular Rivers Connecticut River, Merrimack River, Deerfield River, Nashua River, Black stone River, Hoosic River,Spicket River, Missitissit River, Scantic River
  • Spiritual Places Sri Lakshmi Temple, Hindu Temple of Massachusetts, Braj Mandir Hindu Temple, New England Siva Temple, The SarvaDev Mandir, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Chinmaya Misson Boston, Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Shivalaya Temple of Greater Boston, ISSO Shree Swaminarayan Temple, ISKCON Boston, New England Shirdi Sai Parivar, Shri Dwarkamai Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Sree Vijaya Kali Ashram, Satsang Center Hindu Temple
  • Important Cities Boston city, Worcester city, Springfield city, Lowell city, Cambridge city, New Bedford city, Brockton city, Quincy city, Lynn city, Fall River city, Newton city, Lawrence city, Somerville city, Framingham town, Haverhill city, Waltham city, Malden city, Brookline town, Plymouth town
  • Border States New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York.
  • Tourist Attractions Martha's Vineyard, Faneuil Hall, New England Aquarium, Fenway Park, Museum of Fine Arts, Old North Church, Old State House, Museum of Science, Paul Revere House, Harvard Street, USS Constitution, Plimoth Plantation, Boston's Children Museum, Harvard Museum of National History, Arnold Arboretum, Six Flags New England, Salem Witch Museum, Nantucket Whaling Museum, Old Sturbridge Village, Boston Common, North End
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New England

The North-East area of USA is called New England. Perhaps the early settlers from England and subsequently Europe have come and settled here first (towards the end of 17th Century). In fact the tyranny and oppression by the King of England (When he had to defy the Pope whose word was the order for all the European Kings and the King of England for his personal reasons was opposing this and he laid the foundation for gaining freedom from the Pope. He ordered the Bible to be translated into English and this is called authorized Saint James Version. The Protestant church was born thus) against the Catholics caused the migration from England and later Europe. It is for this reason that majority of Americans are Catholics.

There are six states in USA which are called New England. These are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Islands.

This area predates the American Revolution by over a century. It played a prominent role in fervent intellectual, cultural and political thought and Civil Rights Movements. During the 20th Century the manufacturing industry started shifting to South & West of USA when this region started losing its sheen. Yet it is the center of Science and Technology, Education and Scientific Research, Financial Services and Armament Manufacture etc.

This are developed quite fast and became an important contributor to the US economy and even thinking. It is interesting to note that several political families, (much like Indian), such as Kennedys are from this region. Education being an important component of human endeavor was a prominent factor here. Some of the institutes such as Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Business School are Institutes sought after from all over the world.

We now will discuss the individual states of these North-Eastern region. CONNECTICUT

In USA it has the highest per capita income. As per 2010 census, human development index is over .95. To its east Rhode Island, to the North East Massachusetts to the west is New York and to the South in Long Island. Hartford is the capital. To the North-East of the state is Canada. Its most populous city is Bridge Port. The state gets its name from river Connecticut, which literally bisects the state.

The first settlers were Dutch from Europe who established a small settlement called Fort Hoop in Hartford at the confluence of Rivers Park and Connecticut. This was one of the 13 colonies that rejected British rule on them in 1662. This state is called otherwise as Constitution State. The initiative of this state in shaping the federal structure of USA is well recognized. Its population in 2016 was estimated at over 3.5 million. The capital city of Bridge Port has a population of only 0.15 million. The GOP of the state in 2012 was over $ 229 Billion.

Finance and insurance is the largest industry. Next comes real estates. Lockheed Martin – a subsidiary of Sikorsky Aircraft is the largest industry. Pratt & Whitney manufacture jet engines here.

Massachusetts: - Its official name is Common Wealth of Massachusetts. This is the most popular state in the New England region of North-Eastern USA. To its east is Atlantic Ocean, to its South are Connecticut and Rhode Island. To its North are New Hampshire and Vermont and to its West is New York. It draws its name after one of the tribes that inhabit in its east. Its capital is Boston.

The influence of this region on American History is indeed phenomenal. In the late 18th Century, the march towards liberty lead in Boston lead to the American revolution. It is the first state in USA to recognize same-gender marriages. It is home to many political families of which Adams and Kennedys are too well known. Harvard University in Cambridge as also Harvard Law School are leading institutes attracting students from all over the globe. MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology also in Cambridge is the place to where every aspiring student in pursuit of higher education in engineering looks forward to.

This state was a prime mover for establishing a state free from British Rule. It was one of the early states along with Vermont that abolished slavery in USA. Alexander Graham Bell, the man who made people to talk to each other (coolly even when they are far away from each other and perhaps hate too) by means of telephone was from this state. Its present population is estimated at about 7 million.

VERMONT Also called green mountain state, a hilly state. To its South-East Massachusetts to its, East is New Hampshire, to its West is New York and to its North is Canada. Its area is about 25000 sq. km. Capital is Montpellier. Population 0.6 million.

During the American Civil War Vermont was an independent state. Notably New York resisted Vermont joining in the Federal Structure of USA. However after 10 years, in 1791 this state paid a sum of $ 30,000 and then became a part of Federal USA.

The state is known for its granite and marble stones. Maple sugar and maple syrup are popular products.

NEW HAMPSHIRE The nickname of the state is Granite State. To its South is Massachusetts to the West Vermont to its East are Maine & Atlantic Ocean and to its North is Canada population 1.3 million. Area about 24,000 sq. Km.

This state gets its name from English County Hampshire. Its Capital City is Concord with a Population of over 42000. The Largest City in New Hampshire is Manchester with a population of 0.11 Million.

One of the first state to vote for a declaration of Independence was New Hampshire. In 1905, the Russo-Japanese war ended with a declaration in Ports month in New Hampshire. Manufacturing is the principal activity. Electrical and industrial machinery, textile & paper and pulp machinery, stone and clay products, dairy and poultry are main industries.

MAINE To its South & East is the Atlantic Ocean, to its North & North-East are New Brunswick & Canada to its North-West is Quebec of Canada. Its capital city is Augusta. Area of Maine is approximately 80,000 sq. meters. and a population of 1.2 million. Portland is the largest city with about 67,000 population.

RHODE ISLAND Smallest state in USA. The capital city is Providence. This state is otherwise called Ocean State. Its area is about 3,000 sq. kms. The population of Providence is 178,000.

This state is well known for its participation in Freedom struggle. Manufacture of jewelry, electronics, metal and plastic products and shipbuilding are prominent industries.

Though this state was the front line state in fighting for freedom. It refused to join the American Civil War.

ILLINOIS To its East is Indiana. To its North-East is Michigan. To its North is Wisconsin. To its West is Iowa. To its South-West is Missouri. To its South-East is Kentucky.

It was the French to come first to this area in 1673, when peace treaty was concluded ending Anglo-French Wars. On conclusion of this war France ceded this area to Britain. In 1880 it became a state in USA. Its population is nearly 13 Million. Area about 145000 sq. km. It is also called Prairie State as also land of Lincon. In 1860 Abraham Lincon was elected president of USA. He was from Illinois. He ceaselessly worked for abolishing slavery for no nation could survive with such a social structure. Anti-Slavery was a principal component of his thought and rule.

In 1871, a huge fire in a barn devastated over 18,000 buildings and over a lac of people render homeless. Nearly 250 people perished in this fire.

In 1886 workers protested for limiting working period to be 8 hours in a day. In the mele eight officers were killed and over 50 injured. It all started when an unknown person threw a bomb. On suspicion, eight people were convicted. To this day this is referred to a miscarriage of justice.

The state of Illinois has largest bituminous coal reserves in USA. During the mid-19th Century, industrial activity pulled a lot of workforce to this place from around the globe.

Al Capone, the famous bootlegger, and gangster was from Chicago which is the capital of Illinois.

OHIO To its North is Canada. Michigan to its North-West. Pennsylvania to its East and Indiana to the West. To it's South-East is West Virginia and Kentucky in the South. This state is in the mid-western region of USA having an area of over 112000 sq. km. This state is nestled in the heart of Great Lakes Region. The beaches of the Lake Erie and the banks of river Ohio are great attractions. Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland are 3 large cities. The capital of Ohio is Columbus. The state of a population of over 11 million.

Unlike normal flags its flag is not a rectangle. It is a trapezium. The 13 states near the center represent the original 13 states in USA and the extra 4 states represent that it is the 17th state admitted into USA.

Ohio state gave USA – 7 presidents to date. 18th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 25th, 27th & 29th.

Major rivers are Ohio River, Cuyahoga, Miami, Maumee, Muskegon, Scioto & Sandusky.

Ohio State is otherwise called Buckeye State.

Machine tools and manufacturing is a major industry. The Worlds first billionaire John D. Rockefeller was from this state.

Earlier it was a French colony. It became a British Colony in 1754 after the end of Anglo-French war.

It is the 3rd Industrial Manufacturing (Nationwide ranking) prominent industries being machine tools, aviation jet engines auto parts, office machines, domestic white goods such as refrigerators etc.

Its agricultural production include soya bean, corn, oats and wheat. Horticultural products like apples, peaches, grapes, strawberries are popular. Dairy farming and sheep rearing is a significant contributor to the GDP.

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