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Plots Vastu | Extension of Plot | Land Vastu | Lot Vastu:

Plot VastuPlots Vastu: This article provides detailed knowledge on plot selection, their extensions towards specific directions, and the outcomes of such choices. It covers how to choose the ideal plot and the safest directions for expansion, among other related topics. Nonetheless, it is recommended that residents refrain from making purchases or decisions based entirely on the information found on our website.

Please get proper consultation from Vastu experts. In this page we provided some guidelines step by step, and provided Vastu tips for plot selection and plots extension, and which plot location is safe to buy.

What Are The Key Points To Be Kept In Mind Before Buying The Plot

1. Prepare a checklist before buying the plot like legal issues, exact legal heirs of that plot. What points should be check when buying a plot.

2. Geographical Surrounding effects on the plot

3. Level of the land and roads around the plot.

4. Buying the new plot is extended to the existing plot

5. Carefully observe if the plot has any street focus.

6. Is the plot has any water bodies nearby, find out where they are situated and how they are affecting environmentally to the concerned plot.

7. Is the selected plot has any nearby apartments, if so in what direction.

8. Need to observe how many roads lead to the selected plots, what are they.

9. Carefully observe the access road to the concerned plot, no need to say this tiny point, but sometimes this lilliputian point may also create legal issues, which may cause mental torture in the future.

10. What are the degrees of the selected plot, it is 90° or tilted/skewed.

11. What are the other influences of the selected plot.

12. Is the plot has a sufficient water source or should depend only on the municipal water supply.

13. If the selected plot is a gated community, then where is the water storage tank, how it impacts on the selected plot. For example, the Northeast water storage tank which stands on the pillars may not be auspicious. Care should be taken in this regard.

14. Where is the swimming pool for the selected plot in the community layout, in which direction this pool constructed to the selected plot.

15. One should be careful on 'plot cut' or "Truncation of Plots", any reductions of directions of a said plot affects the people residing in that structure.

Welcome To The World Of Plots Vastu

Any decision to build a home starts with the selection of a plot. The selection of the plot should be such that it should be compatible with vastu principles.

This becomes very relevant when the venture is going to cost as huge sum or a greater part of your savings. Hence getting Vastu experts advice is a wise thought to save your savings and happy and safe future.

Do's In Buying Plots

1. If a plot has Northeast extension then residents can buy it.

2. If there is two roads like North road and east roads, consider this as an auspicious plot.

3. Southwest to Northeast slopy lands are considered to be healthy.

4. West to East land slopy considered to be favorable plot.

5. South to north land sloppy plot deemed to be proficient.

6. If there is a water creek or water bodies towards North direction is supposed to be advantageous plot.

7. If there is a water body towards East direction then it is granted to be the high-grade.

8. Waterbody towards Northeast is said to be one of the best features in vastu.

9. Hills or mounts or Hillocks or mounds or elevated lands, apartments, towards South is said to be great financial strength to the said plot.

10. Elevated areas, hummock, apartments, hump projection lands, fully loaded tall trees towards Southwest is excellent.

11. Mountains, huge apartments, rocky areas towards West is treated to be adequate nourishing plot.

12. Rectangular plot is marvel.

13. Square plot is excelsior.

14. A plot which has South and west apartments which is considered to be fantastic.

15. A plot which has complete open lands towards North is extremely marvelous.

16. Total open lands towards East is said to be extraordinarily and unbelievably profitable.

17. Heavy open places towards Northeast is extremely auspicious.

18. A plot which has Northeast Street focus is spectacular and splendid.

19. Eastern Northeast Street Focus to a plot is acknowledged to be wonderful plot.

20. A plot which has Northern Northeast Street Focus is reflect to be matchless.

Dont's In Buying Plots / Which Plots Should Be Avoided

In unusual instances residents rush to buy plots without having vastu consultants evaluation, in such circumstances, these following tips may be helpful in apprehending specific conclusions.

1. Don't buy the plot which has Southwest water body.

2. West water body plot is said to be not good (Please note that some points may not be applicable for homes in Florida, USA).

3. Having water bodies towards South direction is judged to be worst.

4. Waterbody towards Northwest is not profitable.

5. South east water body is not practically benefited.

6. Hillocks towards Northeast is treated to be evil plots.

7. Having elevated lands or Mountains towards east direction is said to be financial and health destructive plots.

8. Mounds, heavy rocky lands, hills, huge apartments towards North is said to be iniquitous plots.

9. A plot having Eastern Southeast Street Focus is concluded to be sinful plot.

10. Having Southeast Street Focus is termed to be unsolved issues creating plot, at any cost don't buy such plots.

11. If a plot has Southern Southwest Street focus then ignore this and search for another good plot.

12. Forget about Southwest Street Focus plot and findout only the best among avaialable.

13. Stop thinking about Western Southwest Street Focus plot, search for auspicious plot.

14. Cease to think of buying Northwest Street Focus plot.

15. Ignore Northern Northwest Street Focus plot. Search only unrivalled plots.

16. South east extended plot is not at all good (But it can be adjusted by lacerate the extension).

17. Northwest extension plot is concern itself with a discordant plot. (plausible for corrections)

18. Southwest extension plot is said to be not profitable. (Possible for the alteration)

19. East to West slopy land plots are not auspicious.

20. North to South slopy land plots are bad.

21. Northeast to Southwest slopy lands are extremely ominous plots.

22. Apartments towards North and east directions are considered to be perilous plots.

23. Heavy open space towards South direction is unsafe plot.

24. Heavy apartments towards East direction is wicked plots.

25. Too much ponderous towards Northeast plots are not good.

26. Heavy open space towards West is risky plots.

27. If a plot has Southwest too much open space, then forget buying this plot.

28. Care should be taken in inclined plots. Without expert opinion, one should not buy plots.

25. Triangular plots are not auspicious.

26. Unshaped plots should be decided with the help of experts, don't take any risk in buying such unshaped plots.

27. Beware of Gomukhi and Shermukhi sites, extreme important point here is get proper advice from vastu master, without his guidance don't dare to take any decision, it may harm the life with unpredicted and unforeseen situations.

28. Care should be taken on T junction Plot. Is the plot is exactly opposite to the T junction or side. In many community layouts map, we can observe T Junction plots. Please note that some T shaped plots are good and some T junction plots are bad. Get proper advice from experts on this T point plot vastu.

29. Should be thoroughly checked the L shaped plots, at any cost, don't take the decision alone with this L shaped plots.

30. Triangle shaped plots are not giving good results, only a few may be good, not all. So care should be taken in this Triangle shaped plots.

31. Further, care should be taken on parallelogram, quadrilateral, rectangular, vidisha plots. Please check the length and width of the plots.

32. Is that plot is near to dead end road, if so which dead end road, which direction falls on this dead end road, this point is most important in deciding to purchase the plot.

33. Some residents asking, can we buy plots near the temple. When plots are near to temple, residents first observe what is the height of temple gopuram, and which direction falls of this gopuram. If the temple is very huge then is that the temple has a compound wall (boundary wall) or it's an open temple. This point will be finalized by experts only. General folks cannot take any decision by having diminutive knowledge on vastu.

34. Residents should be very careful when buying the 3 side road plots. They should be cautious about 3 side road plot. Where are these 3 roads, which direction.

34. Few residents asking about Is 5 corner plots are good. Can we buy 5 sided plots the layout communities? It is not easy to state the exact comments on this 5 corner plots. Many things need to be examined to find out perfect 5 corner plots.

Northeast Extension Plot Is Good Or Bad

Plots which have natural extensions towards the Northeast are very auspicious leading to all-round prosperity and health.

The exceptions are any cuts or reductions at South east or Northwest turn to an extension in the Eashanya Kona. As most of the residents know that the NE is considered to be the most important direction in Vaastu.

Can I Buy Northeast Cut Plot, Is This Bad

A cut or reduction in the Northeast is worst. It adversely affects prosperity, growth and happiness of the residents. For detailed information, the residents can read more info on Eashanya.

As far as possible, rectify any irregular shapes or cuts in the corners of the plot and make the site of land either square or rectangular.

To minimize the bad Effects it is recommended to rectify the site by constructing a compound wall of 3 feet or 4 feet height so that the site has a square or rectangular shape.

The cut-off portion can be utilized for a separate shop, Showroom or godown depending on the direction and requirements. Our elders said vastu purusha will be happier if the plot is either square or rectangular.

According to vastu square or rectangular sites are considered to be the best for residential or commercial purposes. But in actual practice we find the plot shapes to be irregular more often. The effects of plots extended in different directions or reductions in some corners is of prime concern.

Care should also be undertaken while carrying out extensions in an already constructed house. It has been observed that very bad results accrue to the owner after purchase of an additional plot of land in the South, West or South-west of the existing house.

As a general rule, avoid buying land or carrying out extensions in the South direction, West, South-west, South-east or Northwest direction of your current house. Buy any land which is on the north, east, or Northeast direction of your property.

This rule is valid for any naturally extended plots buying additional adjacent land and extensions carried out in existing built-up structures.

Acquisition of neighboring sites: Some times there needs to buy the neighbor properties. Before acquiring such properties one should be very careful or aware of some principles of Vastu Shastra. One should not buy the West of South properties existing towards his own properties.

As per tenets of vastu, it is always laudable to acquire plot or house existing in North or East or Northeast. Anyway, it is better to approach one best expert vastu consultant before taking any such decision of extension purchases.

If there is North plot is for sale for your existing house, if your house has Northeast Street focus, at that time resident should not buy the North plot. important logical point. Beware of acquisition neighborhood properties. Finding a good plot is not rocket science. Get proper guidance from experts then one can easily find a good plot.

Now We Are Discussing Plots Extensions

In this chapter we are discussing plots extension in all directions. Further, comment is also running whether the extension of plot is good or bad.

Can I Extend East Plot?

east extension plotGenerally, buying East facing plots are good. But here our subject is extensions. Some experts affirm that this kind of east extension plot is excellent. But there's one logic within this extension, extra external space on East direction may be good idea but when resident extended this East plot, with this East extension resident lost Eshan (Northeast) corner.

It is not auspicious, so don't extend or do not buy the shown image East plot and do not combine it with your overall present living house. Please note that resident buy the East plot, but don't merge it with the current house which has a boundary wall.

If there is no boundary wall, then the resident can buy the East extension plot. Please try to buy the Northeast plot too in the future.

Can I Extend Eastern Southeast Plot?

southeast extension plotHere the current house owner trying to buy the Southeast-east plot, it becomes ESE extension to the existing house. Which cause several disturbances in life. Don't buy such ESE extension plot.

Can I Buy Exact Southeast Plot?

Agneya extension plotSoutheast extension is disastrous. Don't buy the Southeast extension plot. This makes everything unhealthy and sorrows. Don't plan to buy the Southeast extension plot.

Can I Extend Plot Towards Southern Southeast?

Plots and vastuSoutheast of south extension is not bad, but care should be taken in this regard. Without experts advice, one should not buy such southeast of south plot.


Plot Extending Towards South is Good?

plot vastuExactly south extension plot is not right choice. If there is any compulsory to do so for this extension, then acquire proper guidance from talented adept.

Plot Extension Towards Southwest-south Is Good Or Bad:

vastu plots and  extensionsHere the existing plot owner has purchased the red marked plot, this will be called as extension of plot. The direction for this extension is to be called as Southwest-south extension. This extension is not at all good. Don't buy.

Plot is different and the house is different. If the house is already constructed at this shown image, afterward buying the Southwest-south extension plot that would not be safe as per Vaasthu. The second argument is if there is a plot and got an opportunity to buy Southern Southwest plot then it may or may not be bad. Because residents were not lived in the current plot, indeed it is a vacant plot. Based on the measurements we have to decide this enhancement of new plot to the existing plot.

Generally, residents doing mistakes by taking their own decision by having Vasthu knowledge by reading vastu books and some Vastu information from websites, this is not the right way, practical knowledge is different and bookish knowledge is different. Precise guidance is obviously required.

This is life, which residents are going to live or rent it to others, don't play with one's life. A small payment to the Vastu consultant may save resident's life and many other dependents.

Southwest Plot Extension is Good?

plots selection as per VastuExact Southwest corner extension of plot is not at all good. Buying this SW plot extension is not good for the current house. this corner Southwest extension may not provide good luck to the residents. Don't buy such an odd extension plot to your existing house.

Can I Buy Western-southwest Extension Plot?

Vastu for PlotsWest of Southwest plot extension is not appreciated. This may trouble the current house buyers. So, don't extend the plot in the Western Southwest direction.

Is Plot Extension Towards West is Acceptable?

Vastu for west extension plotsGenerally, the West direction extension is not suggested for the current existing house. If it is mandatory to buy then immediately approach one expert and get their advice. There are some remedies for these purchases. He will guide you once he visited this plot and house too.

Can I Extend Plot Towards West of Northwest To Adjacent House?

northwest corner extension plotThe Northwest of west extension is not bad. But blindly one should not buy it without experts' advice.

Is It Good to Extend The Plot Towards Northwest?

good plot as per VastuCurrent house residents wish to extend their home towards Northwest (Vayavya). this makes them unhappy in the future. Avoid buying this Northwest extension plot.

Is It Advisable To Extend Our House towards Northern Northwest?

plot Vastu calculatorExtension towards Northern Northwest is most dangerous. Do not choose this particular Northern Northwest plot expansion to the current existing house.

Plot Extending Towards North Direction is Good?

plot Vastu in TeluguEven some experts also stated that buying North plot is good. It's Ok. Here the existing house owner likes to extend the plot which is exactly towards the North direction, with this North extension the current house has Northeast truncation. So this extension may not blesses goodness to the existing house owner. If there is no boundary wall to the current house, then the resident can buy this North direction plot. In the future please try to buy the Northeast plot too.

Can I Buy Total North Extension Plot

plot Vastu roadsNow we're talking about concerning auspicious extension plots, here existing house resident trying to buy Northern plot, this is very good. Please note that buying the North direction plot is a good idea, but planning to construct the new structure in this extension is acceptable only after prim inputs from an expert. If the current residence has an Eastern Northeast street focus then don't extend the current home towards the North, if it is inevitable, then get proper advice from expert.

Tota East Extension Plot Is Good?

plot vastu in tamilBuying the whole East plot is excellent idea. The resident will enjoy the pleasures of the East direction. Please be conscious that the east extension plot shouldn't be elevated. Floor Levels is important when planning to buy the extension plots.

Some important points in this East plot extension, the new plot should not have floor elevated. The existing house should have not North street focus. If the current house has Northern-northeast road thrust, then without receiving adequate guidance from an expert, don't buy this east extension plot.

When resident searching for the most desirable plot, they should first check whether it is in corner or road cross areas, or the one which is near to any commercial areas. The correction could not be easy as what they expected, even video chat also may not help once the purchase completed. Further, please check is the one which is diagonal or non-diagonal. So best to buy vastu compliant plot and finally check the home design.

Is It Good To Buy Northeast-north Plot As An Extension To The Existing House?

plot vastu in hindiThe current house resident is trying to continuing the enlarge of the Northern Northeast plot. Yes, buying the Northeast of North is perfectly acceptable. One can buy it. Please note that the addition of this plot to the current home is a good idea but one should not construct anything here without skillful consultant advice.

Is It Good To Buy Eastern Northeast Plot As An Add-on To The Existing Home?

plot vastu malayalamOne of the most auspicious and excellent unfolding progress practice is, buying the eastern Northeast plot to the present home. Don't forget about the present living home measurements and extension land measurements, make sure that the measurement should not spoil the happy living if it may be anti dimension rule. Browsers will get more information on this point below.

Can I Buy Exact Northeast Plot For The Extension?

plot vastu indiaExcellent, Marvelous, magnificent, spectacular. These are the words which any expert says when they observe this Northeast plot extension. This is nothing but remarkably advantageous. But don't forget the most important point, an extension of the plot towards Northeast is only fixed to some limit, if crossed the limits then residents have to encounter some kind of different quandaries in life. Everything should be within the limits then it seems to be longer vivid and charming and nice looking. Always buy only excellent plot.

Is It Good To Buy Too Much Northeast Plot For Extension?

vastu plot shapeObserve this image twice. This is also said to be Northeast addition. But one should observe what range it should extend. With naked eyes, we can easily estimate the current house dimensions and Northeast extending plot dimensions. The existing house measurements are lesser than the NE plot measurements. Is this addition is good or bad.

If this NE addition has boundary wall the results will fluctuate. If this NE extending plot does not have boundary wall the outcome will be different. If this plot kept vacant residents can see fabulous results.

Need not to say that, if extraordinary extension towards NE, create some problems to the current house residents. They should change the principal entrance gate and door as per this new NE extension. Further, they should alter the water sump and septic tank, etc. Not only these tiny points, but many things also need to be check.

This does not seem to be Northeast extension, this could be seen like Southwest extension. So care should be taken in these abnormal extensions.

Cross Extension North Plot

plot vastu This is cross North of Northeast extended plot which is propitious to the residents. The existing house residents can buy this cross plot. After merging with the current existing house and shaped with the correct formation of the boundary wall. Get help from one best vastu pandit in this regard. Then the residents will become more wealthy and enjoy their remaining life with peace.

Cross Section North Extension Plot:

vastu plot and roadsThis may also be called as North extension, but this extension truncates the Northeast. Hence, this is not a supportive north extension plot. Need not to buy this amplification.

Cross Section Northeast-north Plot Extension

plot according vastuThis is most auspicious extension, resident can buy such Northeast of north cross extension.

Cross Northwest extension

plot shapes and vastuThis extension is also towards the north, honestly speaking this extension is called as northern Northwest extension, this is a dangerous extension, some houses are having this extension in western countries. That is why they are suffering from matrimonial, domestic issues, legal issues, and financial problems. Don't extend like this way.

As Per Vastu Can I Buy Outside Southeast Extension Plot?

diagonal plot according vastuGenerally, we should not buy the Southeast side plots to our existing homes. Here this red color marked plot is outside additional extension to the existing house. This plot extension falls into Agneya (Southeast/SE), which may create many troubles to the existing house residents based on usage. In some situations, one has to buy these SE plots, it is required as per their profession or business. In such a scenario, please avail one expert opinion and then only complete the consideration.

Otherwise, residents has to face many difficulties in their life, say about, litigations, heavy expenditure, unexpected and sudden negative impacts, lost their peace, has to face new troubles in their life, unwanted problems, quarrels, health disorders, etc may be seen.

As Per Vastu Can I Buy Outside Independent Northeast Distance Plot?

Vastu plotIn this image existing house resident wish to buy the Northeast (Eshanya) outside external plot. Is this good to buy the Northeast additional plot. Yes, the resident can buy this plot, but coming with construction without experts' opinion, don't take any action.

Things need to take action for a vivacious future with this supplementary acquisition. The new development architecture should not grow the original level of the current dwelling height. The ground level should remain more depressed than the ground level of the present existing house floor level.

Is It Good To Buy Northwest External Plot?

Vastu for PlotPlanning to buy the Northwest external plot. Don't buy it. If mandatory to buy this, then acquire proper guidance from experts and then only take the decision. Otherwise, things may be worst which may not be under control.

Not only the following two street focus models, but there are also many other street focuses on the plots. Residents should be mindful before obtaining the street focus plots. For homeowners enlightenment tenacity we have shown few street focus models with some small narration.

Is Northwest Of North Street Focus Plot Is Good To Buy?

apartment plot vastuWhen a plot has Northern Northwest street focus, then don't consider this plot as a good plot. Don't buy this plot. If resident need to buy on certain situations, then with proper guidance from experts look on this consideration. Don't take any decision alone. For more information check his Northern Northwest Street Focus link.

Can I Buy North east of North Road Thrust Plot

Plot with VastuWhen a plot has Northern North east road thrust, then appraise this plot as a good plot. Residents can buy this plot. Generally, this plot promotes with good income, happiness, business, etc. For more information check his Northern North east Street Focus link.

There are certain methods to check the plot:

The Water Test

The Smell, Taste, Colour Test

Seed Germination Test

We will talk about each and every experiment step-by-step in later pages.

Performing Water Test In The Selection Plot

When resident enter into the plot, first observe the soil on which color it is and the plot is a square plot or nonsquare plot.

If the resident requires to buy a plot, then do water test at that plot, it is so easy to do the test at that area.

The procedure is very simple. First, dig one and a half feet pit at the soil (Approximately half-meter depth or 18 inches depth ).

Where to dig this pit? maximum select it at Northeast corner of the plot, i.e., make the plot 4 parts and in that 4 parts select the northeast corner plot and dig there, no necessity to dig exactly at the northeast corner at Northeast block. The size may be One and a half feet or 45 cm wide X 45 cm long X 45 cm deep and fill it with water.

Wait for some time, say about 3 minutes. In between that don't pour extra water into the dig. Just wait and observe the water levels and soil of the dig area.

If the ground soaks the water and leaves it 15 cm or less, then the land may be called a low-grade plot and should not go for buy it. The remaining water is up to 30 cm deep, then it is of a medium grade plot.

If you don't have any other choice to have other plots in some other areas, then only or at that moment only buy this plot, otherwise search for other plot., i.,e if you don't have any other choice, then only take this plot.

If the water is marginally absorbed, then we may call it a good plot to buy. Then you may go for register the plot. You can construct the property there.

A clockwise movement of water in the pit indicates a positive movement of energy in the land. If the water is not much absorbed by the soil and also moves clockwise, such a plot should be purchased even at a higher cost.

If the water moves anticlockwise, then the land has negativity or negative movement of energy and there is a possibility of inhabitants may suffer losses, failures, accidents, or even premature deaths in some cases, not in all positions.

We have to come to the decision only after seeing the other conditions or other things of the plot and mainly surroundings of the plot. It is better to take the decision, such plots should be avoided.

Present Day Soil Test In Laboratories

In the olden days, simple method of soil testing was by checking the water-absorbing capability of the plot.

Today there are better methods of testing the soil by the soil testing laboratories and with different tools.

The so-called water testing where we check the soil strength of the plot may not be relevant in the present-day methods.

1. This soil testing laboratory people are capable of testing the soil capacity more accurately than the ancient methods.

2. In ancient times the color of the land gave an indication to the acceptability of the land for constructing a home or otherwise.

3. When the need for the land was less because of far less population this method was appropriate, however, this is not applicable in the present-day world where the choice for selection of plot is limited in any particular town to some portion of the city only.

4. Because of these present-day constraints the ancient methods of suitability on these two counts is best avoided.

5. What we may therefore seek is the plot of appropriate size and location as per our requirement, like, distance from educational institutions, place of work, market area, and availability of services, such as water, power, sewage, etc.

Some residents asking many questions like:

Is Southeast extension plot is good or bad.

Is Northeast extension plot is good or bad.

Is Northwest extension plot is Good or Bad.

Is Southwest extension plot is Good or Bad.

Buying Plots not adjacent to our plot, which directional plots are good to buy. To know more information on all these questions please read more info from below right animated arrow link.

This link also has useful information vastu for sites in this link it was published that how many types of sites are there and whether they are gobsmacked good to buy or not etc tidings is available.

Herewith again we reiterate the important information that extension of the plot may cause high rich or become poor, there are lots of things which we should not forget to take expert Vastu consultants opinion, though residents may face glitches in approaching the specialist Vastu pandits.

There is no constraint to take Vastu consultation from us only, you may approach any vastu expert belongs to India only. Don't take consultation from foreign Vastu consultants. The suffrage discretion in selecting the consultant to be always with residents only.

Plot And The Selection In Particular With Reference To Ancient Vastu

When we look for the antiquity of Vastu often we will be disillusioned.

The conditions mentioned therein are irrelevant in the present day context.

For example, people recommend white soil for Brahmins. And yellow soil for Traders/Arya Vysyas. Similar is the fate with regards to the smell of the soil.

It is unthinkable today that soil gives different smells at different places. So also is the case with the color of the land. Where do we get yellow land or white land separately in the same village or town? Such worn-out ideas which perhaps had been in vogue at that time are not applicable or relevant today.

It is, for this reason, we don’t comment on such obscure aspects of ancient vastu, yet, vastu in its present form is dynamic and takes you into the future with courage and conviction.

However, the ancient Vastu asks to examine the subsoil state of the plot. In the present context, it is essential to examine this aspect to evaluate the capability of the plot sustaining a construction of the type that we use.

In the present day this is called soil strength.

This is essential even if we don’t follow Vastu. This is done in a very ordinary method by any engineer in the field of civil construction.

The soil strength report should thus be obtained prior to deciding to purchase the plot otherwise.

In the present day father may be a trader and son may be a scholar or a soldier or in any other profession.

Whose profession one should take?

Taking these practical situations we should discard such arguments coming from ancient texts, and strictly confined to other Vastu principles such as directions, the shape of the plot, slope, etc.

Some Important Points On Plots Vastu

There are no issues with good street focuses, but care should be taken on some bad street focuses. We earn money and spend it, but we cannot earn life and luck, luck and life were not available in the market.

Generally, as per Vastu shastra square and rectangular plots are preferred which the guidelines framed by our Indian ancient saints and rushis.

Due to the high raise of population and scarcity of available land, we may not get exact square plots or rectangular plots. Buy the best our worst. This is the only good thought while buying plots.

If we observe plots in USA, there are uneven-shaped plots which are common in USA. Is all residents are unhappy in this uneven shaped plots. No, not at all. After seeing uneven plots some residents Vastu for uneven plots, indeed this is a good idea.

Vastu advocates balance, symmetry, and harmony in construction. Don't neglect "vastu for plots", before taking the final decision to buy. Your next generations either son or daughter should not suffer from blind action of buying plots which do not have good Vastu support.

Intelligent people never do mistakes they never check the amount spending in the name of Vastu, they always search for a reputed Vastu specialist and then only they decide to buy or not to buy.

The most fortunate thing in our society is that in recent days even illiterate residents also searching for expert Vastu consultants and obtain their sincere references after attesting their wished plots to buy. Hats off to their determination.

Corner Plots Cut Is Very Bad, Is This Myth Or True

The myth is, any cut or truncation in any of the corners is inauspicious as some or the other corner gets chopped off. The reality is the Northeast (NE) has been given the most significant place by all classical and modern scholars of vastu. NE cut brings mental tensions for the commercial or Industrial (Industries vastu) plots. If a plot has NE cut then it is considered to be the worst. (This point does not belong to USA, UK, Australia, and etc).

Another reality is natural Southeast or Northwest direction truncation are auspicious as they augment or extend the NE of the site. This has proved in many cases. Please note that this manmade truncation recommendation should be recommended by an expert. Residents should not alone take any decisions by reading some Vastu books.

New Construction of House Adjoining Parents and Brothers House

Respected Sir, I want to build a new house on the land given by my parents which is next to my parent's house in which my mom, dad, and brother and his family are living. Is it good or bad for me to construct a house and stay there - Thanks - Poornima.

Before thinking about Vastu, think about relation should not spoil. Generally, a girl after her marriage went to her husband's home. This is natural worldwide. She get respect when she came to her parent's home occasionally. If she lives next to her parent's home, she should not expect continued respect for her and her husband too. Naturally, there is a possibility of experiencing ill feelings, not in every case, but in the majority of cases, differences may arise. In this circumstance, Vastu is secondary.

Have Any Questions?

Contact SubhaVaastuRespected residents may send questions on this article. Expect our reply within "5 minutes" to "24 hours" depending on proper addressing.

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Respected Sir, Subhavaastu.com is most informative website. No doubt, Subhavaastu is a dreamy and heavenly gorgeous website. The images are fabulous and sensational. My daughter is having a house facing North. The plot is having Northeast extension. My daughter is planning to demolish her house and acquire a plot which is to the south of her plot. Is it advisable to do so? Or can I buy that south plot and construct house along with my daughter and subsequently gift it to my daughter on a later date. Somebody says that southeast corner extended plot Vastu is not beneficial, please explain sir.
+24 #19 North west extended plot vastu remediesHarish Kumar 2017-10-07 14:30
Dear sir, you made it as a ready reckoner on vastu plots. We are so happy after visiting this area of service. Greatly constructed site for the sake of users. Many many thanks sir. I have two plots in Visakhapatnam. Both are side by side plots. Plot no 7 and 8. The problem is plot no 7 is having south and west road and plot no 8 is west road. My father constructed one home in plot no 8 with all vastu consideration. But plot no 7 is kept in empty position. This plot is south plot of plot no 8. Now I would like to construct house in south side plot(7). Shall I construct house in south side plot ( north side plot already have one house). If so is there any restrictions as per vastu or if that is not suitable for my name because I have house in north plot. Then can I build house in my wife's name or any other name. Please give me kind your advice. Thank you. Harish Kumar.
+20 #18 Corner plot vastuDelnaz Sukheshwalla 2017-07-23 19:00
Namaste Sir, I never saw such a huge content website in vastu, that to particularly without any expectation and advertisements you succeeded this venture. Very great deed. It is not easy to maintain such a huge article oriented website without instant revenue. It seems to be from where you came from, which family is the source of your pure soul. Hats off sir. I am planning to buy a 2 Gunta land approx 2000sq ft. Should the gate be north, east, north-east facing OR should the main door of the cottage is facing or both. And if the land is west facing where should the cottage door be facing? Please help to know more about vastu for irregular plot. Is Gomukhi plot shape is considered to be good plot?
+16 #17 Two side road plot vastu advice requireVenkatesan Iyer 2017-06-15 06:38
வணக்கம் ஐயா, you created a glorious ocean of vastu. We are highly indebted to you sir. Thank you very much for your swift reply. Yesterday I asked for plot. Here I am giving my plot detail 1) Water is coming in the south side of plot it is coming from hill going west to east. 2) Two coconut tree in same side. Plot corner is long in west than east north is plot road of inside. please give advice. Kindly advise which two side road plots are good and which two side road plots are bad. Further, my friend Shanmugam requires plots vastu in Tamil language. Please provide. Thank you.
+14 #16 Require advice for Triangular Plot as per VastuSatish Kenjale 2017-03-05 03:54
Dear Sir, very useful information. Subhavaastu is most helpful to the section of society that doesn't have much knowledge on vastu plots. Very kind of you dear entire team. I have booked triangular-700 sq west north plot and back side is east and it is open and it is forest area, please advise which is ok as per the Vastu. And I booked on my wife Anjali Kenjale name and an agreement will be done on his name. Thank you.
+15 #15 Rectangular plots vastuMangamma 2016-12-16 15:18
Respected Guruji, you created a miracle site, everything on vastu is available here on free of cost. No payment, no conditions. Outstanding performance. We have 275 square yards plot, where there is a snake nest. Could you please suggest us what precautions to be taken care as we are planning to construct house in that plot. Best regards, Mangamma.
+12 #14 Skewed plots vastuAmresh 2016-12-05 10:03
Namashkar Suresh bhai, mera plot south face he 60/60 feet ka me usme ghar banana chahtahu kiya thik hoga. East Face ghar thik hoga kiya
+15 #13 Two side road plot vastuSonia Marhawa 2016-10-15 01:59
Dear Suresh Ji, what an unbelievable wonder you bring about for vastu world. My sincere appreciation on your dare attempts without any income through advertisements. We owned 2 plots on my husband and my brother in laws name. One faces north and the other faces south. Both face having roads. We constructed house on one plot facing north. And the other plot is kept for the garden is this good according to vastu. Please let me know. And what changes can be done. Please let me know complete details of vastu for plots facing north and further, vastu plot facing south too. Looking for your kind reply. Thank you very much for all of your most exceptional and outstanding services to society.
+16 #12 Plot Vastu DirectionNaveen 2016-10-14 18:14
Respected sir, very good services. You prepared this website to spread the Vastu knowledge, even a layman can also understand what is what through this Vastu website. The beauty of this website is attractive images. Wonderful sir. Regarding the plot, I planned to purchase an EAST face home. But my confusion is at west part is garden immediate to compound of the plot. I request you to please clear my confusion. Thanking you and believing to get an early reply. Naveen.
+9 #11 Buying agricultural landPravin Nanaware 2016-09-08 07:09
Ji namashkar, I am buying agricultural land. What things need to be checked before buying as per vastu. Is South slop land is good to buy?. Can it be possible to check plots in vastu Lucknow. Are you based in Lucknow or some other part of India. Dhanyavaadh. Pravin.
+18 #10 Vastu for plots in TeluguShanmugam 2016-05-27 13:44
Dear Suresh sir, this is one of the most beautiful website. It should stand life long on internet. Whatever help you need, I am ready to serve you. my wife Rajyalakshmi is from Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, please post Telugu vastu on plots selection sir. Coming to my concern, our plot is having four sides, road is on East side of the site. However, site corners are extended in both sides. Northwest corner is extended little. But Northeast extended more than the Northwest corner. Please suggest me, can I buy this plot for residential purpose.
+14 #9 Vastu plots facing EastKarnail 2016-04-06 02:00
Respected sir, please explain cross plots vastu and Vidisha plots vastu. Yours is an top-tier website I never come across like this informative and service oriented article based site. Superb.
+10 #8 Vastu guidelines for plotsT MANI 2016-03-05 05:55
Vanakkam Suresh sir, thank you very much for bringing such a colossal site without any hurdles to netizens. Looking for the right guidelines to buy a plot in Saidapet. Can you please guide me sir. Is vastu for road hit plots are good. Can I buy. Further, need guidance on vastu for factory plot.
+18 #7 Vastu for dead end plotRani 2016-03-05 05:52
Respected sir, Your website rocks. There is no suitable words to praise your work here sir. I pray God to support you for this social and national stately cause. Can I buy the plot which is dead end to the east road. How to know whether this is good or bad. Waiting for your honest reply.
+23 #6 Vastu for plots facing eastVickymel 2015-01-18 08:48
Dear Sir, herewith I am expressing my warm admiration of your kind services. I don't find any issues go on an expedition from index page to all inner pages. Did not find this website down time. All the way the service is good, finally, it was a memorable experience with a fine comfort of supportive images with quality content. My husband had bought an east facing plot in Feb. 2014. The plot is solely in his name. We are in the process of finalizing plans for that plot. Construction has not started yet. The house will be rented as we do not plan to live in it. The plot behind his plot, which is west facing and separated by the back fence of his house is available for sale. I, his wife, would like to purchase that plot in my name. Are there any issues according to Vastu if I but this plot? Please advise.
+19 #5 Vastu plot north facingRavi Narain 2014-12-20 17:19
Namaste sir, your contribution is an extraordinary help to all of us. Thank you for bringing such a glory site, which helps us to know A to Z in plots vastu. I never hesitate to praise your state of worship and devotion on the society in helping us. May God always bless you for your gratitude of expressing most useful techniques and data which is not easily accessible anywhere. We have constructed an east facing house in a site. Compound wall dimensions are East to West 70 ft and North to South 48 ft. Now, we would like to purchase an extension plot adjacent to our compound wall in North direction. This extension site dimensions are East to West 70 feet and North to South 24 feet. If I take this extension site, do I have to make any changes to our existing compound wall construction? Or else, is this fine to keep this new extension site as the separate site has its own compound wall with a gate in Northeast part. If so the design cannot be changed. Is the plot facing t-junction is good or bad? We have one more plot in Khand Gomti Nagar Lucknow and had another one in Malabar Hills in Mumbai which is Northwest facing plot. Right now, we cannot do any corrections, Khand plot as per the calculator, it has shown the dimensions of irregular plots or we have to say Vidisha plot or diagonal plot. Had irritation after observing many issues. Things are not moving well. Anyway, we should first take vastu consultant appointment before buying vastu compliant plots. This is a good idea. We neglected this before buying. Suresh Ji, please let me know one thing, can we buy a plot near to the temple, if so what points should be considered before buying the plot near to temple. Is the number of plot is important. Some say the number is important in the layout? Further, please provide complete information on all types of plots in vaastu. Can I buy the plot opposite road. Can you provide diagonal plot vastu plan, if so how much cost it would be. What all remedies for the triangular plots.
+25 #4 Vastu for plots in MarathiJayaram Singh 2014-12-06 12:25
Namaste Suresh sir, can you please provide plots vastu information in Marathi language. I am basically living in Pune, but very regularly visiting Mumbai, like 3 to 4 times in a month. I am a great follower of your website. I love to visit your website. If you publish the Marathi language, I will promote your website in my circles. You achieved target what I feel so. Excellent website sir. Congratulations .
+19 #3 Plots according to vastuSridhar 2014-12-06 12:22
Dear sir ji, I never hesitate to mention my views on your site, it is well maintained. You kept many needs of the visitors in mind while designing it. This team is very polite people, love to visit again and again and again, would recommend to other residents too as this is a perfect place of value for time. I observed many irregular shaped or uneven plots in UK. For example, we saw one east facing plot, but finally, we found it as Southeast plot, most of the plots are angular or tilted, is diagonal plots are not good. If so why some residents rush to buy northeast plots, some plots have elevated roads and some are depressed road than the floor level of the plot. How do we consider which one is auspicious and which one is not auspicious? What are the guidelines to prepare the home plan? If plot ka vastu never supported what about our peace in that house, what are all the remedies if we did any mistakes in buying the plot? Can I buy the corner plot in the layout. Buying Southwest plot is good or bad. What is the size of the plot according to vastu? Kindly give me answers to my questions, I appreciate your time. If I send you one video, can you please guide us? Do you know Vastu vihar in Patna, recommended us to buy only the Gaumukhi plot or Shermukhi plots for our business, what are all these Simha Mukhi or Gomukhi. Is there any grades in plots. Is commercial vastu different and residential vastu is different. What are t-junction plots, what should be their length and measurements, which entrance is good? If I buy a plot facing South, is this lead to any harm? what is I shaped plots, buying the non-rectangular plot is bad, is odd shaped plot is a danger to buy, we have many ideas to start commercial businesses here, like to start to open a new yoga center and one industry too. What location is preferable, what best vaastu tips should be followed in purchasing the industrial plot. What vastu principles say in the selection of the ideal plot. If I found any plot opposite to the t point or tee junction can I have a look on them to buy, if so, what are your best recommendations ? If I send the diagram, when can I expect your reply?
+13 #2 Plot measurement as per vastuAnanthasayanam 2014-11-24 03:53
Respected sir, recently I was browsing Subhavaastu.com website out of curiosity. The explanations are given herein regarding various plots are highly educative and help a person to make a preliminary guess of acceptability of a plot for consideration or search for other. Such information which is lucid in its nature is beneficial to aspiring plot owners. Thank you, Mr. Suresh, your efforts are commendable. I would like to buy a 1/2 ground plot. Please advise us which measurement is advisable. Can you please send me the Tamil language link.
+11 #1 Remedy for triangle plotRathan Kumar 2014-10-16 13:42
Dear Sir, proud to say we can assuring of your best services and personalized attention always on our enquiries. My father had bought a triangle plot. From that time onwards, there is an effect on my family ladies health. So please let me know the good remedies. Our current home has T junction road.
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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