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Vastu Shastra for Swimming pool: Swimming pool, underground water storage tank, wells, bore-wells, Water Sump etc are all best suitable when constructed at Northeast direction

Best direction for swimming pool As Per Vastu Shastra:

Northeast direction is the best placement for the Swimming pool.

East direction is the second best placement for Swimming pool.

North direction also the second best placement for swimming pool after NE direction.

Think twice before planning the pool placement in your home. We are repeating here, the good idea is to plan your swimming pool construction only at Northeast direction if it's not possible then try to plan towards North direction or East direction areas, but it should be more near to the Northeast point as this direction is perfectly suitable and auspicious.

The swimming pool is placed like Northern East direction or Northern North direction, then residents of that house will have all good fortunes, (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) luck, full of money, raising of their position in their fields, name and fame, lifelong cash flows, bank balances, having credit in the society etc.

Somebody says that "Swimming pool orientation in India and constructing swimming pool is very difficult at houses as per Vastu Shastra". But there are very good options for constructing the swimming pool at house.

Natatorium homes, if plan everything according to vastu principles then it brings uncountable cheers to the family members. Planning Natatoria is not a challenge, but need high alert in fixing the pool placement in the home.

Rooftop Swimming Pool Vaastu:

Some residents interested to construct Pool on rooftop or terrace etc. Beware of constructing the swimming pools at upstairs or top floor or terrace, because it requires a lot of high alert and attention to fixing the place either as per vastu and constructional through engineering wise.

If the construction is new, then your engineer can plan the pool as per the weight management. He can handle it. Vastu is secondary here. Once your architect planned everything perfectly as per weight management then start check pool placement with vastu principles, if all is OK, then you may happily construct the pool.

If the construction is old and the resident is wishing to construct the pool at the rooftop, then the high alert is required, better to take two engineers opinion on the weight management. Later think on vastu. One should not lazy on this aspect. Don't delay the process. Once fix things with civil engineers, later take the vastu consultation. This is good procedure.

Swimming Pool on Terrace Vastu:

Is East direction swimming pool is bad? what is that, read the below narration, with one example:

We found serious issues when some residents constructed the pool on the terrace. We found one home which has East Swimming pool on the terrace. The Natatoria is in Bangalore. They spent almost 6 crore rupees in the year 2007. Before starting this construction, they spent more than 1000 rupees for the vastu consultation services. They really feel very bad by paying 500 rupees that to 2 times for getting vastu consultancy.

After the home ready, they again searched for the broker to sell that home. What happens, why these people so hurry in selling the home, though the house is constructed as per their wish and taken two times vastu consultation. They spent 6 crore rupees on that home and never ready to search for a good vastu specialist. They need vastu guidance, that's all, they never care for quality. They know about vastu power and how it works, but they need to save the consultation charges. Now let's check what exactly happen there?

East terrace swimming pool, already it was approved by two vastu pandits there. Please note that pool construction on the ground is different and on top floor is different. Interior or inner side pool construction method is purely distinct and outside ground construction system is different. This terrace East pool is the heavyweight for this floor below Southwest, West, Northwest, South bedrooms, they never thought about this calculation. Usually, the expert Vastu consultant can catch this mistake. But they choose only charlatans. Finally, they sold the home with a loss of about 1.4 crores. If an experienced vastu consultant can visit this place before, he will definitely obstruct this system of construction. But these residents never wish to pay more than 500 rupees only.

We don't want to publish some facts which we experienced in the physical consultations, but for the other residents healthy future, we decided to publish the minimum information, which the resident made mistakes in the past, so others cannot do such blunders in future. The landlord told us first they consulted one vastu specialist in Karnataka who demanded them of Rs.35,000/- and later they approached one vastu consultant in Gujarat who demands Rs.60,000/- and flight charges from Ahmedabad to Bangalore and later they approached one vastu pandit in delhi who rejected to visit Bangalore city for an amount of Rs.55,000/- as a consultancy charges excluding train tickets, after contacted one vastu consultant in Goa who demanded Rs.50,000/- excluding flight charges and later they contacted one Vastu consultant in Mumbai who wish to take one lac rupees including flight and hotel accommodation, later he contacted one vastu consultant in trivandrum this person demanded 75000 rupees including flight and hotel. As a final attempt they contacted one Vastu Consultant USA for online consultation, he demanded 999 USD for the online service charges. By seeing all these charges they taken consultation from two charlatans and lost 1.4 crores. Ultimately, who is the loser here?. We wish to take several photos on that day, but unable to capture, because of, the owner not interested to publish at this website, otherwise many residents will be secured after observing those house photos. We requested and promised him not to mention his name, city and even country too. By repeated demands also, he did not accept. We respect his privacy. We are not commenting on his idea. Beware of planning a swimming pool on the terrace. It should be properly planned.

It is a remarkably public practice nowadays generally in most modernized homes to construct the pool on top floors or at the terrace. However, from the Vastu concepts viewpoint and also remember the architecture design, it isn't considered a good positioning at all.

As we discussed above, the terrace pool should be properly planned. Further, the rooftop pool should be conditionally and thoroughly checked by the vastu master. He should visit the premises. If there is no chance to show that property with expert then take online vastu consultation, if the property is in other countries.

Whatever we suggest here for the rooftop pool placement, it may not be suitable at Northeast, East and North directions. Don't do mistakes in this pool construction. We, everybody, knows one thing that, only "rich" can construct the pool in their homes, they should not compromise on their beautiful future. Most probably they never compromise on the quality too, only some greedy people do such above experiments and lost everything.

There are some remedies for wrong directional swimming pools. Like swimming pool construction towards Southwest, constructing towards West, constructing towards South etc. Before going for the remedy it should carefully check personally. If the property is in other countries, not in India, then approaching through online is a good idea, but information should be comparatively solid. Some are following feng shui techniques for the pool wrong placements. We are welcoming people who were benefited with feng shui tips. We will publish feng shui techniques here if they work solid.

Where do you plan for the Cabana. If the swimming pool is planned towards Northeast then residents should check the cabana structure with thatched roof or a hut or recreational planned structure with at least a wall and its opening towards Swimming poolside, if the pool is towards Northeast then don't plan the cabana having 4 walls or even don't plan for hut too. Care has to be taken if planning to construct the SPA at the pool area if the pool is planned towards Northeast corner.

Commonly, residents who planned swimming pool at their homes never check vastu consultation fee, they require only honest consultation and looking for the placement information from a vastu expert. It's appreciated. Only a few people doing wrong judgment by taking decisions over a phone call, that is why usually most of the expert vastu specialists never encouraged the phone consultation. Because through the phone call consultant may not understand everything. Even observing the plan with the placement of pool is also sometimes giving trouble to alter the placements. Without observing the surroundings information it's not acceptable to continue consultation.

Leaving the border for pool at Northeast corner:

Know about leaving border for the pools. The North-east corner is the best place for swimming pool (though this is exactly fit at Northeast corner, but should provide some border area for walking in between pool and exact Northeast corner within the compound premises) in some cases the Northeast corner may not be possible for the swimming pool, then they are searching for the other areas/portion at their residence, for them here is the answer. If there is no space or provision towards Northeast then construct the S Pool at East side or otherwise towards Northside. Here also border has to be maintained properly in between the pool and the East compound wall.

Slopy position in the Swimming pool:

The slope inside a swimming pool should be starts from West to East if the swimming pool is located at Northside and South to North if the pool located at Eastside finally Southwest (Nairuthi) to Northeast (Ishan) corners if the pool located at Northeast (Eshan) corner of the site. Finally, the sloppy should be from West to East. South to North. Southwest to Northeast. Very simple process.

In future we are planning to develop this link with full stuff and content with images, many NRI's requesting us to know more info on this subject. Please note NRI's, we will develop this link, no doubt, but it took time with complete details. In western countries swimming pool is common, but in India, very few residents will plan for the construction of swimming pool.

Swimming Pool at Southeast CornerSwimming pool in Southeast Corner place of the home:- This SP is in one western country and constructed towards Southeast corner. This is wrong method. This property owner showed this property to one so-called vastu pandit, he expressed that the swimming pool construction placement is good and no need to worry on its placement, after passing one year, the resident searching for the vastu expert for obtaining the opinion on this swimming pool, he suffered in that home and looking for the remedies. Southeast SP may not be giving good results. It may disturb the pleasantness of the residents. Pool at upper floor is different and ground floor is different. So first confirm the orientation of the pool placement.

Swimming Pool at Northeast Corner Swimming pool in Northeast corner:- This swimming pool is constructed towards Northeast corner. This placement orientation is auspicious. No need to worry on this swimming pool, one Vaastu Shastra Consultant from India accepted to buy this home, the resident is intelligent, that is why before going to bought the home with swimming pool, he took all precautions. The resident knows something about vaasthu shastra, but he did not played with his life, he knows that vastu consultancy is different and vastu knowledge is different. Please note that in India vastu plannings are different, but in other countries it is almost not possible to follow all Indian Vastu Shastra principles.

Swimming Pool at Southwest CornerPool at Southwest corner This image shows that the swimming pool is towards Southern Southwest part of the property. One's fate will be changed by this erratic planning. One by name Mithra (Name changed) from Uttar Pradesh settled in USA has decided to buy one property having swimming Pool at Southwest direction. He shown the property to his friend and after all discussions, they completed the consideration processes. Later things have changed surprisingly, Mithra experienced many negative changes and disturbances happening in his regular activities. One day suddenly he met with one accident type issue. Overall it turns to one week no sleep nights. He thought he never faced such situations in his past life, at last he came to know that the house itself creating problems. Finally he approaches an expert vastu consultant in India and found what the mistake he was done. Mithra Grand mother clearly insisted him to show the property to one Vastu Siddanthi before register the property. He never thought that this will creates untold huge headaches. It may not said to be negligence, wrong guidance from his friend. Don't buy the house having swimming Pool at Southwest direction of your property. There is no if's and but's. Fate is always strong.

Please note that there are some remedies for the Southwest swimming pool, but it needs to check the premises either personally if it is in India or online if is it in foreign country.

We are planning to provide some remedies for the below points:

Constructing swimming pool in Northwest direction

Swimming pool in center of the property

Swimming pool in South direction or South side

Swimming pool in West direction or South side

Swimming pool in North direction or South side

Swimming pool in East direction or South side

Which shape is good ?

Jacuzzi Placements in home

Swimming Pool slope position In this image, we shown the moment in the water at pool, this is only for your understanding purpose. South is elevated and North is depressed (North sloppy). Now observe the water moving towards North direction. The next point is West is elevated and East is depressed (East sloppy). "Wait for 5 seconds" for animation of water effect from South direction to North direction in that swimming pool area only. Work is going on this page, later you will find which direction is good for swimming pool, which direction is wrong for swimming pool etc in this page. Be in touch with this link or you may book mark this page www.SubhaVaastu.com. Have a Pleasant Day.

Swimming pool is coming into "ups and downs" vastu principle, please take a decision in a pleasant climate with patience. Otherwise, it will affect a lot on residents on their financial and health-wise. Why should inhabitants bending the chance for losses and damages? Nowadays Vaasthu is more developed (This matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) so utilize its services, don't contact quacks for gaining same day tiny profit, always look for future standard life, if you need Vaastu consultant please enquire for expert only. If you like to contact us then click this Contact SubhaVaastu link. Remaining is your discretion, All the best, God Bless You.


+1 #10 socity swiming pool on south side (South facing plot)gaurav 2018-05-29 04:51
I am going to purchased one plot which is south facing and in the front of my plot (south) there is a road and after that club house wall start and after wall there is a swimming pool.. is these society swimming pool can make any problem to my life as per vastu?
+7 #9 Swimming pool in the Southwest directionRamchurn 2018-04-27 02:14
Hello. Thx for ur vaastu tips. Am from Mauritius. Would like to know if there is any solution if swimming pool is in the SW direction. What can be done to avoid problems. Thank you
+1 #8 North facing houseRisha Rai 2018-02-04 02:22
Can we have swimming pool in the south area. We cannot in NE or NW corner.
+3 #7 Swimming pool in south west cornerNakul Agarwal 2017-04-04 18:58
I would like to know whether it is alright to make an above ground instead of underground swimming pool in the south west corner. What are the remedies for making the pool in the south west corner.
+4 #6 underground water tankkiran 2016-12-22 13:07
good and knowledgeable
+2 #5 underground water tankkiran 2016-12-22 13:07
nice in information in simple language.
+5 #4 swimming pool is in southwest directionAkash Jaiswal 2016-08-26 15:52
plzz suggest solution for vastu of swimming pool in southwest direction
+7 #3 swimming poolsivagurunathan 2016-03-09 08:42
hello, i'm go to start swimming pool construction 30*60 size ok for that?
+7 #2 Affecting on Human LifeZaika 2015-05-15 08:42
Your website is extremely wonderful, hats off to your works and sincere services.
+8 #1 Swimming poolsnancy jo 2015-04-25 17:10
Hi, I gone through your website, its having a unbelievable content on construction methods, I appreciate your honest efforts to make mankind to live in peace. Thanks for that. We are in the field of swimming pool organization, can we both discuss on how to place the location of pools at my clients areas, can you suggest some best locations as per your Indian ancestral technology!

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