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Vastu for Store Room | Simple tips for Ware House | Store room

Store room Vastu Ideas1. The term Store Room is known by various names such as Ware House, Store Room, Godown, Stock Room, Stock point, and Weights Placement Room. In India, it is commonly referred to as godowns or store rooms, stock point rooms, etc. Historically, many homes included a storeroom, especially when houses were larger and could accommodate multiple rooms and welcoming numerous guests.

2. In modern times, the approach has shifted. When guests are expected, many homeowners might hide or lock doors due to lack of time and hectic schedules, or because their entire day is already scheduled with routine tasks or may not have any interest to entertain guests.

3. However, this was not always the case. In rural areas, villagers warmly welcome visitors, offering invitations for lunch or beverages like coffee or tea.

4. So, why the change? The pace and lifestyle in cities contrast sharply with rural life, where traditions are more closely followed, and people have more time to welcome and entertain guests. In contrast, urban dwellers often find themselves too caught up in their fast-paced lives to do the same.

5. We should understand one point, in Vaastu the Storeroom plays a vital role, because of its placement.

6. Grains and provisions are stored in the house for their ready availability and use at the time of need. The Southwest (Southwest vastu) is the best direction for storing grains. In Vasthu the Southwest has a worth value and it has significant importance.

7. There will never be any shortage of grains or provisions, if they stored in the Southwest. Further, the house must have either Northern Northeast or Eastern Northeast door, this multiply incoming stocks to the home. Our elders always searched several Vaasthu ways to improve the wealth and prosperity in the home. We should respect their ideas.

8.For storing grains, a mezzanine floor can be constructed in South or West or Southwest of the storeroom. Cupboards or racks should be placed in the heavy directions like West, South or Southwest.

9. Maximum try to keep the heavyweights at Southwest areas.

10. Sacks containing annual provisions should be stored in the Southwest direction while sacks containing provisions of daily use should be stored in the Northwest ( Read more on complete advantages and disadvantages of Northwest facing houses through this post).

11. Always leave some space towards North and East (East Facing house) directions in the store room.

12. At Northeast always try to keep a pitcher or vessel filled with drinking water.

13. Water vessels should always be with water, it should not be empty. Store the flammable materials like kerosene, cooking gas cylinders, and other fuel used for cooking purposes in the southeast (Southeast vastu.

14. Oil, butter and ghee should be stored in between the South and Southeast. Sunlight and solar heat will keep them pure. Store milk and curd in between the North (North vastu) and northeast (Northeast vastu). (This matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) door should preferably be in the North or East direction.

15. Please note that for Southeast direction kitchens, there should be no door in the Southwest direction.

16. Place a window in the North, East or West direction. White, blue or yellow are the desirable colours of the tiles and the walls. He is the lord deity of survival. Using color is not important in store room. Food is essential for our survival. East is the direction of new life. Food bestows new life to all living (know furnitnure placements in living room vastu) beings. Empty containers are not auspicious in the store room.

17. Dispose off empty containers or fill up them with some grains or other material. If there is empty vessels then keep them at North or East or even at Northeast, please note that there should be more heavy weights at Southwest then only this principle works. Otherwise, keep the empty vessels at Northwest.

18. Remove all the cobwebs from the granary. Avoid taking out any provisions from the granary. Avoid taking out any provisions from the granary in the twilight period.

19. Sleeping in the threshed granary at night is never recommended. One may not experience and enjoy sound sleep here. Different thoughts will start hunting your mind.

Storage Room for Waste Materials :

1. Keep an eye on waste material in the house. The waste materials or articles may create tamas and make the inhabitants inactive and lethargic.

2. Whenever necessary, lumber room (if you have any kind of waste wood storage) should be built in the Southwest corner of the open space around the main building, it is also called as "Upagruha".

3. It may have support of the south and West walls of the Paisacha or Pisacha area or zone.

4. If space in the Paishacha zone is not feasible, lumber room should be placed in the southwest zone of the building.

5. The space for storage of waste should have a minimum floor area. It should remain as heavy as possible. It is the ideal place for storing heavy material.

6. The door of the lumber room should be in the North or east direction.

7. It should be made of one shutter or door. Lumber room door can be of lesser height than other doors of the building.

8. Windows in the lumber room are required, otherwise, bad smells may form and it may harm when somebody enters into the room so atleast one window will be better to have in the East or North direction, west direction window is also not bad.

9. Use dark grey or blue color as wall paint. Grey color represents earth element. Avoid white and yellow color. (This matter is from www.subhavaastu.com)These colors energize the room. Lumber is the place full of tamas energy. Avoid storing any watery element in this area. There should not be any dampness or cracks in the walls. The flooring should be even throughout.

10. Uneven flooring is inauspicious. The Southwest room or store room floor height should always be height or elevated from all other floor levels in the entire compound wall. Any construction defect should be immediately repaired, late action may damage the further structure.

11. Lumber-room is meant for storing dead articles. It is not a place for living, sleeping or such as other activities.

12. Lumber rooms in the Southwest accumulate negative energies of solar rays. People occupying this place during the daytime become quarrelsome, demonic and troublesome in the long run.

13. Ultimately, benefits are lesser than the problems created. If sick persons are kept in this room death draws nearer.

14. This area is full of tamas energy of Rahu, the Sarpa. Avoid visiting lumber room in the afternoon, evening or night. (This matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) Heavy breathing in the lumber room may cause heaviness in the chest and uncomfortable feeling.

15. Don’t keep your important documents, cash or jewelry in this room. No photographs or idols of gods are recommended here. Don’t burn any incense here. This is not the place for doing any auspicious work. Gossiping, laughing or talking loudly while standing in this room should be avoided. Such acts will curtail your happiness in life. There should not be any basement in this portion.

16. Basement may damage entire infrastructure.

Vastu for Store Room
1. In this image, the house is strategically divided into four distinct quadrants: 1. Northeast Block, 2. Southeast Block, 3. Southwest Block, 4. Northwest Block. In the following images, we will delve into a detailed discussion about which specific quadrant or block is best suited for setting up a storeroom and which quadrant should ideally be avoided for this purpose. This analysis aims to optimize the use of space based on directional suitability and functional planning.

Vastu for Store RoomObserve the Southwest area Store room. This area is perfectly suitable for Store room, we cannot spare the entire area for store room, but provide as much as possible for store room based on your requirement.

Vastu For Store AreaHere the image is changing into different positions for your understanding. In every house or plot there must be 4 parts one is 1. Ishan (Northeast), 2. Southeast (Agneya), 3. Southwest (Nairuthi), 4. Northwest (Vayavya) blocks or portions, at Southwest (Nairuthi) corner or block or portion we have to plan for store room.

In the above image if the entire Southwest (Nairuthi) part has been provided for the storeroom, resident can also do like this or observe this image, here one black colored mark is covering Southwest, South (South vastu) and west areas, the resident can plan to construct or keep the store room in that area. Storeroom means is contains several old or new materials, waste or unused materials so it's better to have one good idea with one Vastu pandit


Vastu  for Store RoomOne of the dangerous step in the name of Vastu in the house is constructing the store room towards Northeast direction or corner of the house, it creates lots of problems.

It is strongly recommends that to remove the store room immediately without approaching expert Vastu consultant.

Vastu for Store RoomStore room towards Southeast is not recommended, if you don't have any other place or space in the house, then there is no other way expect this Southeast corner, then its OK. But strong recommendation is store room towards Southwest is excellent.

If a home has a storeroom towards the Southeast corner, then create one door towards the Northern Northeast. If a residents approached one expert, after visiting the property he guides the good thought, there after resident will get more good enough positive things from that home.

Vastu For Store AreaStore room towards Northwest is not recommended, if you don't have any other place or space in the home, then there is no other way expect this NW corner, then its ok. But the strong recommendation is the store room should always be towards Southwest and it is the best idea. If you have any storeroom towards Northwest corner, then open one door towards Northeast-east. If a resident approached expert if he visited the property he may recommend the best thought, those ideas may turn life, who knows it.

Store room towards SouthwestObserve the store room towards Southwest corner, we have shown some numbers here. "1" is superior quality for the store room in the compound premises. Like wise 4 is least preference placement for the store room.

Store room towards SouthwestNow Observe the opposite qualities :

Here the Storeroom is towards Northeast corner and the red shade is shown. Northeast is the full red and while it moving towards Southeast and Northwest the shade is light in red color, that means Northeast Storeroom is too dangerous.

But we never recommend residents for the Northwest or North and Southeast or East storerooms. Please don't forget the same.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated here.

Keeping an eye on your entire property structural system and thereafter decide whether storeroom is needed for your requirements or not, you may go for a mezzanine instead of the storeroom.

If storeroom is compulsory, then the resident may approach Vastu shastra expert and verify their property and get his recommendation and thereafter only they may start the work, without having any experts advise don't do any practicals, it may harm the peace.

If you have basements, then it is better to stop the store room work and wait for one good suggestion from experts.

For East Facing House, Planning To Construct Storeroom At Southwest, Which Wall Is Good To Touch Either South Or West Wall?

Constructing an external storeroom at Southwest of a house is an excellent idea. No need to touch the South and west walls. If touching any wall is epoch-making then you can touch the West wall as your house is east facing. (In case if the storeroom touches the South wall rather than the West wall, it is not inauspicious.)

For North Facing House, Thinking To Build Storeroom At Southwest Location, Which Wall Is Good To Touch Either West or South Wall?

House external and within boundary premises constructing Southwest is auspicious thought. An Independent storeroom is a good idea. It should not touch any walls at Southwest. If touching any one wall is most significant for the residents then touching the South wall is a good idea. (Please note that if the storeroom touches the west wall then it won't be called a bad structure.)

Appropriate Vastu Answers For All Questions

+11 #5 Vastu for Store Room LocationsPoorna 2017-06-04 11:00
Namaskarji, I am always observing something is going wrong with my villa, when we kept heavy weights at East or North direction we are always suffering with heavy losses in all matters and suffers from health disorders, mental stress. When we avoid keeping heavy weights at East and place them at West direction then all works go smooth and getting relief from the troubles. Why all these happenings to me. Is it vastu or something miracle. I highly appreciate your ongoing answer. Basically, our store room is at East direction, after reading your articles we shifted everything of store room towards West direction. What are the best location for store room as per vastu?
+9 #4 What Are Best Guidelines for Store Room VastuKumar 2016-11-11 11:54
Hello sir, I got to know that you serve society for any vaastu related query online. My sincere salutes for your kind work. God bless you sir. Myself Kumar from Belur in Karnataka. We are in the process of constructing a house in our hometown. The Plot is facing West and has a road on the West. The Plot area was not level and had a good slope/inclinati on from West towards East. We, from our fellow neighbor's suggestions and friends, thought of utilizing the area below the NE corner of the house as a store room or as Godown. It is under the plinth level and has a door towards North and windows towards East. Though I had initial objections to this decision made by my father, I could not stop it. We are planning to use this area for storing food grains grown. But, since NE corner is very auspicious, Can we still use it for storing food grains or can we use it for any other purpose. If so, please guide us on how can this place be utilized and for what purpose. Thanks, Kumar.
+7 #3 Mezzanine at North direction for general item storage is good?Navin 2016-09-16 18:09
My dear sir, I am not worried about payment for anything. I just need to know from you some answers regarding storeroom vastu. Your website answers all the questions but it will be good if I hear from you that I am safe to buy a home that has North storeroom. I have lot of respect you sir. Please let me know when can I call you. Can we have mezzanine in North direction for general item storage? there is a common attached bathroom and toilet in North direction (exactly between north and NNE)and we are planning t build mezzanine storage on top of it.please suggest? My flat is tilted left 12 degrees from ideal 0 degree north.
+15 #2 Warehouse and VastuVivien 2014-04-01 11:39
Quality content is the main important factor to attract the users to pay a visit the web site, that's what this website is providing. Good luck guys. Very nicely designed and maintained. Only unbelievable thing is how you are organizing without revenue from this website. It speaks your commitment of serving society. Greatly managing. Thank you very much sir.
+12 #1 Store room vastu TipsDamon 2014-03-04 11:24
Respected Suresh Ji, Thank you very much for presenting this interesting blog to all of us on free of cost. WOW, what a huge content. I thought to take atleast 1 year to read this entire website. God bless you sir.
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