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Vastu Colors (How Colors Play Role in Vastu)

Is there any importance for colors in vastu shastra

Vastu ColoursVastu Colors (Colours), Concepts: There is no such word as "vastu colours", it has been created by some of the persons who needs to earn money on this name "Vastu Colours" or "Vastu Colors" , they sell the paints and simply earn the money. But they won’t guide the people in the correct way to solve the people’s problems, generally, people have no knowledge about “vastu colors” and they follow the vaastu consultants who say something on our Indian respectable old traditional sciences.

Experts must reveal the facts about the vasthu. There is no such word as "vastu colors", it may be the commercial word as "Vastu Colors".

But, as per astrology there is one subject on Graha ( Planets ), generally, each and every planet leads with one colour, it indicates one color or one colour has been mentioned with to one graha or planet. On basing of these planets we can mention one colour to a person who seeks horo predictions, before without knowing the facts of one's horoscope we may not predict a particular colour.

For Example, One person’s horoscope expresses that he belongs to Shani (Saturn) Planet ruled, and Shani Planet is good for him.

Then we can suggest him ‘Blue’ colour. Blue colour indicates Shani or Sani Graha / Planet.

Have you heard about VIBGYOR, what is the meaning of this word, recollect it, in your childhood you may hear about this word in your class.

This represents Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. The first letter of each word is called ....... got it . . no ... VIBGYOR, colors in the Rainbow. Hope you have recollected your childhood class teachings.

Color may change our mood. Music may also have such a capacity to change the mood. Based on this you may form such colors to your favorite home.

We will propose some colors here for your rooms in the house. Colors have the most powerful effect in influencing the human mind and body. It is also the least expensive, easiest and quickest means to use, to change or to create a decorating scheme.

Colors can change the visual size and shape of a room as well as create an atmosphere and add warmth, vitality, and beauty to a room and change the mindset of residents or visitors.

It also attracts the bad or good vibrations of such a particular room. Please note that we provide some information on colors for different rooms or one particular room for your easy understand purpose, here please observe one thing, use the color as your heart says, that might be the exact color shade or color scheme or appearance.

Instead of searching for a good combination, you may try yourself for good look and luck. If your sense says a particular color suits for your bedroom, living room, pooja room, kitchen, family room, toilet, bathroom, staircase, verandah, portico, windows, doors, borders, etc.

Color plays a vital role in adding the beauty of your dream home or apartment flat, it influences the mood, health, and happiness of residents living in those properties. The flow of energy is important and this combination of colors prescribes desirable way or characteristics for houses and flats in the apartments.

The science of Vastu describes the directions that combine panchaboothas or five elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Sky) of nature and balance with man and material.

We tried our level best to enlighten on this subject. Vastu shastra always states that humans must co-habitant with nature in harmony, to derive the extreme benefit from the nature forces, at the same time eliminates the negative elements that are omnipresent.

A valuable or combination color dress represents a man to evaluate his status in society. Most of the people observing the others dress to calculate his status. Colors attract everything.

That is why we should select the exact complexions or hues for our properties to welcome the natural powers to inside. Some colors will have some impacts on the mood of a man. Some colors or complexions makes man active, dull and neutral effects. The following colors are considered as auspicious or recommended for the good understanding purpose for one's own property.

1. White for Peace and Intensity : Most of the residents don't like the White color as their Indian bedroom design, most of them think it might get dirty easily. Some suggest that brighter shades of this color make appropriate colors for bedroom accents. One may brush them for their ceilings of bedrooms which reflects light and it helps with brighten the bedroom or living room.

2. Orange for look and Power : This color orange represents warmth, reassurance, comfort, symbolizes spirituality and power.

The brighter shades this colour is the good choice for bedroom accents, rather than wall colors. As orange is an amazingly versatile color and invokes positive feelings and happiness, this is always a suitable shade for bedroom use, one may never be used in its true rogance saffron hue, peach or the pastel version hue is perfect or quite popular for its nice cool effect on the ambiance of a study or bedroom.

3. Red for Dare and Brave : Generally many says that Red colour is the most emotional and dramatic out of all other colors, it says confident attitude and bold moving, this colour may be useful for the most exciting areas to speak with great voice and vivaciousness, it may be used in restaurants which attached Bar, etc. This color speaks great energy and also stress.

As this color is a symbol of power, dare and brave, so avoid usage of red color in bedrooms, where it may harm to the weak heart people. Instead of using this direct red colour you may use the warm, shaded, muted and brownish color for pillows or bedspreads, not for the room or walls or curtains. In Astrological saying, Red is the symbol of Kuja or Mangal or Mars name for the power of strategy and fight force. Some may use this red color shades like dark red, brownish red, etc in their bath areas or bathrooms. Some times this pure red color creates fear, hues may bounce it to fear from confidence.

4. Yellow for Patience and Wisdom : This is a very powerful color with its effect, yellow especially in gold tones work very well, it extremely intense in its purest form, it evokes a sense with energy. and its symbolizes sunlight and Patience and sense of energy and vitality.

This color may be good for kid's bedrooms or their study rooms. Most of the USA items manufacturers are releasing the products in yellow color, hope they may know its power. It stimulates the brain and recommended for all rooms where brainpower is used such as laboratory, research labs, study room, office, factory analyzing chambers, prayer rooms, pooja mandir, by knowing its energy and excitement somebody uses this color in their Dyan mandir or puja places, etc. This color may not be recommended for the rooms where sunlight enters directly into those rooms.

5. Purple for Trust and Faith : Bold purple or fuschia well works for fabric accents in a living room or bedroom. This color represents respect, faith or trust. Many residents using this color for their curtains, pillows, and bedspreads, etc. This color may not be used for walls as it has a tendency to overpower the entire room.

6. Pink for Enjoyment and Joy : Pink or its light color may be a suitable color for bedroom walls. This color symbolizes joy and happiness, most of the Pink color shade is suitable for master bedrooms. Some elders who practice Vastu and Astrology says that pink is the right color for Southwest or South bedrooms.

7. Green for Good Hope : Those who does not have children may use this Green color as it represents fertility and healing is appropriate for bedrooms as base color.

Green, hues is generally symbolize the nature, this color brightens our eyes when eyes see the green color, it gets to relax, it rejuvenates the body and particularly minds. For kids bedroom walls green tinted or light green with dark shaded green for borders blesses the room with a healthy atmosphere.

Generally, nature paints or natural scenes represent different green hues. This color may not commonly be used in homes, somebody uses this color to their pooja room or their meditation chambers, it may be used as a suitable color in healing centers and yoga, Dyan centers.

Most of the yoga centers are preferred with white complexions and most of the hospitals are preferred only with white though this green represents healing and hope. This color brings harmony, as discussed earlier in Yellow color lines, this green color also rejuvenates with good ideas and concentration.

8. Blue for Development and Growth: The complexions of this blue color is suitable in bedrooms or in living rooms. This color represents calmness and tranquility and symbolizes relaxation and it also called as a cool color, this color complexion may be commonly used for relaxation centers.

This color is the right choice for bedrooms, the hue is better than the direct blue color. This stands for new growth. Shades of blue work very well as wall colors and brings a relaxing environment in the bedroom. For fabric accents, turquoise works well through the bedroom interior.

Bedroom : - You are well aware that bedroom plays a vital role in Vastu Shastra, it has more percentage in orientation of results. If our entire house is good as per vastu and maybe bedroom is bad in vaasthu, then the good results percentage will be decreased. Changes have to be done immediately to your bedroom when you find or notice of erratic planning or structure or construction. Here we are providing some important vastu tips for your happy livelihood.

Which color is suitable for Bedroom

Colors importance in vastu
Vastu colour
colors in vastu
vastu and colors
Vastu shastra colour
color specifications in vastu shastra

Wife says one colour, husband says another color, if they may come to a final decision then again problem may starts with relatives, it's going on and going on, select the best suitable and attractive color, then all will be happy.

For your kind information we have given above, some color schemes here, you may select which one suits as per your both taste. As we discussed earlier color plays a vital role in attraction and emotions.

So perfectly planned your all rooms with more attractive colors. Particularly concentrate on your bedroom and living room. On the same way, the second stage look on the puja room, kitchen, family room, bathrooms, toilets, the entire house, office room, and your shops and factories. We will get back to you with latest information asap.

We request everybody here, please share your living room, bedroom, office room, kitchen, toilets, staircase, study room photos with us, it helps a lot to the entire worldwide visitors.

Nowadays Western country people are sharing their property photos with us, though they are not at all belongs to India and not know of this science vastu shastra.

Your property will be live life long here. If you wish we will write your name, city, and country, etc information.

This link has good information on vastu colors for bedroom link.

Single color and Vastu ShastraIs single color is more attractive or double color, now observe below :

Observe this single color, now we will go with a sample below for our understanding purpose.

Double color :

using multi colors in Vastu ShastraTwo colours used here, now check these two images, upper one and this image, there is lots of difference in between both images, little bit of emotion may raise by seeing this image. Good colors combination is too important for attraction. some say its vastu colors, some say its attraction, whatever the name it may be finally public has to be benefited from this sciences, otherwise no meaning in these words or in this subject.

Hope your eyes blocked on bedroom images, its only because of colors, am I right ?

Color setting, scheme, maintenance, cleaning, De-clutter all comes under happy living.

Color scheme is the most important decorating element in our houses. It commands and essential effects on the mood of the inhabitants. There are masters in setting the color schemes of any choice and in any product or item or residences, they will immediately select the preferred colors as per the inhabitant's taste.

We are also suggesting residents to make the home as much as attractive, check your walls, its should not have any scratches, peel off the paint, unhealthy walls, etc, we are planning to publish many of such kind information here. Use putty painting, if your relation or friends are in Western countries like USA, UK, even in UAE, Australia, Singapore, etc, you may ask them about their home maintenance, how their walls are, you may ask them to upload their home photos particularly walls from long distance, then you may understand how to struggle they feel to maintain their homes, everything is too attractive there.

They are more cautious in terms of cleaning and clearing the waste from home.

Your home should be more attractive in colors.

Your house should be very very clean.

Your house should have at least one light at night, though you went for camps or outstations.

Your home should have at least one greenery, like floor grass, or pots with plants etc.

Your home should be used putty while painting.

Keep only the costly items at your home.

Don't use cheap items or remove them from your home.

Your beds should have very good and attractive bedspreads, they should be changed very regularly.

Maintining colors is good in vastu shastra, but your home should be constructed as per vastu principles, then you will enjoy the real fruits of life.

+7 #8 sir i have taken an office i want to colour it properly so that i get succesvenkutt 2017-08-25 00:43
sir i do a business of water called Kangen a Japaneses machine which creates (micro clustered ,anti oxidant ,and Alkaline water ) for this i am opening an office were i can call upon people for giving demos and explaining the importance of water these days .So i require your help to guide me in the area were Demos are given which colour will give good results and in my office which colour to be used on the walls for enhancing money and give good health for people who come to us ,an reception area were in i am planing for good plantations so please help me and suggest me how do go on thanks
+4 #7 Living roomRamesh 2016-11-04 07:51
Sir iam leaving in rent house at present there are two rooms only one is kitchen hall and bathroom so in the hall only I have placed an cot and using that portion for both bedroom and hall recently I have changed hall colour to orange but some are saying to change the color and that is observing more light also so please can you suggest me which color is best
PLEASE GUIDE ME AS TO WHAt should be the colour of my factory walls .i am facing acute shortage of labour in my factory .my date of birth is 19/6/1967
+4 #5 Excellent articleMadhulatha 2015-11-18 13:21
Dear team, I read vastu colours subject just now, it seems to be you were taken care before publishing this webpage here. You are looking for people safety first and then subject. I appreciate your efforts in serving the society and humanity with good heart. Only few people does maintain such qualities in their life. my blessings always be with you team
+5 #4 how to use which side colors usekarnakar 2015-10-01 14:17
i need use colours of 4 side which i use colurs
+2 #3 how to use which side colors usekarnakar 2015-10-01 14:16
i need to which side wall use colours .
+4 #2 vastu for coloursBILAS 2015-06-23 02:09
vastu articles
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