We are planning to publish Vaastu websites in all Indian Official Languages. India is a land of selfless people who are ever ready to pick up causes for social service. Through this message we request you to lend a hand for the successful completion of this project in terms of Finances. We humbly take this opportunity to mention that our services to military personnel, all Indian government offices and freedom fighters have always been free. Don't chop the trees in the name of Vaastu as they are the heavenly elements. Trees form the basis for the potential development of a property, provide us a sense of security, in addition to helping us prosper in several ways such as Education, Peace, Money.

Vastu Specialists, India is the Birth Place for Best Vastu Consultants, Vastu Experts, Vastu Pandits, Vastu Guru, Vastu Siddanthi | SubhaVaastu.com:

Vastu Specialist: No doubt, India is the birth place for best vastu specialists (In India Vastu specialist is called as Vastu Expert, Vastu Shilpi, Vastu Pandit, Vastu Siddanthi, Vastu Vidwan, Vastu Stapathi, Vastu Master, Vastu Silpi, Vaastu Vidvan, Vastu Achari, Vastu Sthapatya, Vastu Guru, Vastu Teacher, Vastu Wala, Vastu Adviser, Vastu Acharya, Vastu person etc). Vastu is an occult science / supernatural experience, like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology etc. Here interpretation of the observed phenomena is conditioned by the circumstances of the resident. A vastu consultant should be able to gain confidence of the inhabitants to the extent that they become one unit in terms of looking for the best to the residents. Towards this end both the residents and the Vastu experts should be able trust each other and keep the transaction clean and clear and successful, with this both will succeeded.

Vasthu specialist should not look for opportunities of earning from the residents. In the same way residents/people who seek genuine vastu consultancy should not expect such services go unrewarded for free advice would eventually become cheap advice which does not help the need to have close friendship of vastu pandit and the residents. The residents who are in a position to seek extensive studied expert vaastu shastra specialist advice should be in a position to pay the fee of the experts so that the vastu expert does not feel sleighed. While in the visit a unhappy vasthu expert is a bad omen to the residents. This is elementary. Notwithstanding the fee portion of the relations between the vaasthu specialist and the residents the pronouncements of the vastu specialists should be ethically correct and appropriate, here appropriate does not mean compromise. it means that the vaastu specialist takes into account the current state of affairs with the residents and makes recommendations accordingly irrespective of the fee component. Thus both the parties should be clean and honest in their transactions. We should notice that the expert vastu master always expressing or providing asseverate candid reports or opinions against the flaws.

Important Note to Respected Residents and Property Owners:

Many people avoid taxes in many countries or trying to avoid to pay exact and honest taxes to the Government. This policy is successful to some extent. Inevitably they will be caught and consequences in future may be disastrous. We are aware of the same. In the same way non payment (DAKSHINA/Payment/Fee/Sambhavana/Charges) to the vaasthu specialist what ever be the amount is unfair. The contractual obligations should always be honored particularly when you recognize that the vasthu is occult science. We don't want to scare you but we advice you that following fair ethics in all transactions is beneficial in the long term. We should be never be defaulting in our payments towards God (In this case temple or Poojari/Archaka), Doctor, Teacher, Vastu Pandit. This is patently wrong. Discharge your obligations immediately. Don't expect vaastu results if your own behavior is unethical.

One should not have any outstanding payments to God, temple pujari / archaka, Doctor, Teacher and Vasthu expert. What happens if one fails to pay money to these above, there is every possible chance in "loose their position", "loose their money", "opportunity failures", "bad name", "has to face the unsolvable issues", "suffering with decease", "Defame", "unpopularity" and "health issues" etc. How to respect the above forces in our life, discharge your obligations by paying up immediately what is contracted upon. Don't go to ATM center before them. Make ready money before program starts in terms of vaasthu specialist. We should not keep them to wait even a minute for the money. It's not a sign of good luck if he waits for the money. If you pay the money, ONLY MONEY after completion of the visit, its nothing but you would get blessings from him. As a matter of fact it is good behavior on your part to pay a little more than what is contracted. This payment will not go unrewarded. As to how much depends upon your financial situation and available of funds with you. Give him a tangible gift while leaving. In any case see that he goes happy from your premises. Don't hurt him even remotely. He should be treated well mannered then automatically residents will get blessings from natural powers. Every human being

Its not possible that all vastu consultants are providing 100% results, some may provide exact recommendations, some body may fail. If you got failures, don't fight with them, just not to go with them and its better to explain them about your failures and ask them is there any chance to recollect what exactly they had recommended you etc. No Vastu experts in this field may dare to wrong guide the inhabitants here. They don't spoil their name with wrong guidance, so what we are suggesting you here is, please select only the best expert vasthu specialist pandits, ONLY THE EXPERTS in this field. Don't look for the cheap prices offered by some guise quacks in the market, that would be yours first wrong step. Experts payments always be high. Some vastu specialists are visiting from such a long distances, so respect them with unexpected more money or gifts, at any cost doesn't forget payments to them, particularly those who came from distant journeys. If in case, you forgotten to pay consultants fee or in any reason you missed to pay their money, just add some thing more money and send them quickly, don't late when it came to your notice.

If residents working / settled in any other / foreign country and looking for online vaastu consultation from a vaasthu specialist, first pay the money and then only seek his advice / recommendations / suggestions, some times if for any other reason, not possible to pay before consultation, then after completion of the consultation immediately pay money to him. Don't be late at any cost. Some body may look to cheat consultants by taking consultancy and not paying their consultancy charges, it means their bad luck is very near to reach them. We should all learnt that, here consultant is not loosing anything except his time and some very small expenditures like using the electricity charges, internet usage charges etc, If residents got good results the first person to feel happy is the Vaasthu consultant. Its 100% true. If resident did not get any good results within the prescribed time then the first person to get pains is also that same Vasthu consultant, it's also 100% fact. The same may be vice versa when you select a quack in market. Some body is postponing the payment with many reasons or some body wantonly delaying in paying fee, this is absolutely wrong decision and one should be prompt in paying money to the vastu specialist at war foot basis. What exactly they may face when they avoided paying money after getting consultation, (content from www.subhavaastu.com) time/fate is there, they will explain what exactly they experienced after avoiding vasthu service charges. We have two experiences, after getting our consultation, wantonly these two clients were avoided in paying our fee, within a span of one month the first client rush to pay our fee and asked excuses and in second case he immediately rush to pay money after getting the very bad experiences in their life. Its only because of "DHARMA", only the power of Dharma. The honest vaastu specialist never do any thing except praying Dharma to collect his consultation money, so the FATE will take the charge to collect money. Some body are so intelligent and smart, after getting consultation, to avoid payment, they says that "builder is not ready to built the properties", "the lot is already sold out", "we done mistake in selecting the wrong lot", on the same way these people are wish to pay thousands of dollars to the engineers and builders, but they never feel generous in paying money to Indians or Indian consultants or thinking several times while paying money to Indian consultants. Fortunately now in India, people are getting fancy number of income, no body looking help from others. Most of Indians are well established and in good position. So what we request here, don't wait for charge of the Fate. Do pay immediately and avoid to see the superfluous circumstances.

In some case, residents may not pay money before their family members based on many reasons, in certain cases, cash may be put in a cover and handover the same to consultant, if its also not possible then handover the same cover in the vehicle only when you are dropping into airport or railway station or bus station, if this also not possible then do transfer money to their bank account on war foot basis, before that you may inform every thing with consultant about your position. In some cases, some residents ask consultants to pay money only when they receive some thing, this is also a sign of bad luck to the residents. Keep them waiting or pending for the payments is dangerous. If residents calling consultants to their properties, how can residents forget to pay money to them, how its possible, it means residents may be totally busy or wantonly avoiding payments. Residents has to make ready cash and then only they has to call consultants to their properties.

In some cases residents pay through by releasing one bank cheque, this is also wrong method. If you plan to pay through bank cheque book or check book, the same should be inform to consultant prior booking appointment. Pay only liquid cash to consultant at his visit to your properties. This is the exactly the perfect and right system of payment. Consultant should not be disappointed at the site/property/house/flat/factory. He should feel happy at your properties, then its a sign of good luck for you nearby future. Some MNC (Multi National Companies) companies calling consultants and asking them PAN card, Voucher and Invoice etc at the time of payment. Don't follow these procedural systems with vasthu consultants. No need to follow this system. Ask him signature on a voucher, if he wish then take his signature otherwise don't press him for his signature on voucher. Already we inform you that he should not be disappointed and unhappy at your properties. If consultants accepts any other format like cheque, wire transfer into his bank account, Western Union Money Transfer, then you may definitely follow it, otherwise 100% cash payment is always right procedure to get the good results at an early time. Specialist should leave the premises with happy. He should be paid on spot with cash. This is appreciated procedure. For example, if you are calling one pandit for a Lakshmi Pooja or some mantra chanting in your house or office, do you expect receipt for the payment to him, how ugly it is. The same principle is also applies here.

If the specialist got respects at your property, it means your good time is very near to reach you. Offer them some fruits, a meal, breakfast or snacks or even coffee or tea or milk or finally water atleast. Don't send them back with empty hands or stomach. If he is not willing to take any thing at your house, then don't press them to have food or drinks, otherwise he should not work with empty stomach. First check his stomach its residents duty. If the service charges to specialist is still in pending, it clearly shows that most of your works may also be pending. If vastu specialist payments was cleared then there is a high chances to get your all pending works solved. Residents should not forget one thing, first pay service charges to the vastu specialist.

Some residents calling consultant for certain fee, to say for example 10000 rupees, after completion of consultancy residents paying only 7500 rupees, this is absolutely wrong and they are doing a great mistake in their life. Those who are doing like such a way they will not come up in future and their position will gradually decreased in the future. Before calling a consultant to your properties, first make ready the cash and some food or beverages. If possible pay their dakshina/fee/cash with some fruits or coconut or atleast with some betel nut or betel nut pockets like Crane, Meenakshi etc.

Some residents searching for many vastu specialists and finding for "a to z vaastu consultants", what is the use of searching for "a to z vastu consultants", One expert is enough for your property. If you are constructing the home with an amount of atleast 25 crores then better to find "A to Z vastu consultants" in India. If your property is worth of 2 or 3 crores then search only for best vaasthu specialist. Don't approach 2/3 specialists at a time, it creates lots of confusion. Fun is both vastu specialists will be benefited, you will be the looser. So best practice here is try to find only the good vastu expert and request him to your property.

Intelligent residents never check vaastu specialists fee. Generally consultants fee is very smaller when compare with residents income or assets, so why should inhabitants hesitate to pay to vaastu specialist, and going with quacks. One should understand what mistake they are doing in their life. Save your life, save your chances, save your future, save your opportunities, save your properties, save your money, save your time, follow only best vastu experts in this field. Behave with politeness and your treatment should be a great memory to the consultants. If one has followed this system, in future they will be blessed with great opportunities. Who greatly respects vaasthu specialists they will be blessed with golden future by natural forces.

Don't see for the prices of the vastu consultant, don't compare prices. your structures are not one month or one year properties, they are life long properties and you should be very careful when selecting the properties and vaastu pandits, here vastu pandit means not the charlatan, by seeing the small fee and canard or false promises people generally approaching mountebank, but educated always looks for the experts in this field, they knows that cheaper payment means there should be some risk.

"Tajmahal would not be so Beautiful & Everlasting

if Shahjahan would have taken quotation and gone for the LOWEST and LEAST PRICE"

Hope this is more than enough whether you are giving respect to your properties.

Please read this most important information article "Vastu Results" after completion of this page.

The entire vastu consultancy should be in a friendly climate particularly it should be in pleasant, if it was done within pleasant climate, residents will be gainers, remember always. Both Vastu pandit and residents should maintain such a climate. Some times Vastu shastra specialist may have many vastu consultation programs in a day, or he may be too busy and given too much appointments. In this case, he may not satisfy all of his clients, he may always looking the time and rush to need to visit other properties, so here the climate was disturbed by Vastu Expert. This is wrong method. (Matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) Generally clients requires to clarify their doubts with Vaastu pandits in their visit. So it is better, the residents has to prepare some notes or doubts on in a white paper or in a book and may ask those questions and get clarifications from vaaastu expert, while it is so, if the vastu expert is in rush mood, how the clients get clear all of their doubts, it may not be possible, finally it may happens to presentiment, peradventure is not good to be continue the consultation. If vaastu consultant is really busy and he may attend another program, then he has to prior intimate the same to all of his clients which he is visiting on the same day to all other properties and get ready to minimize the questions or postpone his consultancy date. As per vastu Shilpi camps positions, clients may plan accordingly, they may call or may not call for the visit in rush moment. Urgency always spoils peace. Every body requires to become opulent, but this vastu work is not opuscule that we should not forget, some says that already followed vasthu but did not get any results, why results was not came, its only because of residents were not given any importance on the vastu consultancy, if residents are serious in vastu consultation, definitely they will experience changes in their life. Most of the residents choose only the cheap vastu specialists who is available for very lesser service charges, how can be vaastu expert is available for cheaper price. Expert is always costly. Clumsy is always cheap, very simple to understand the difference. Expert never leave any part in his consultancy, he will cover everything, he is more interested to know about when residents obtain good results. Always he is eager to hear good news from the residents. He is the most happiest person once residents experienced with good results. Genuine Vastu specialist will always feel most responsible. So inhabitants has to select only the expert vaasthu specialists for their properties, experts never hoax the residents any point of view.

Some times residents also doing very wrong method, before consultation or at the time of consultation they are not hearing what consultant is recommending, they are concentrating on their cellphone calls and no attention was made over consultation, please note that in this process you will be the looser. If you are really having very important calls, then do simple technique. Ask your consultant to abeyance for certain time and complete your entire phone calls and your attention should be only with consultant guidance. If you are continue with your phone calls, the consultant will definitely lost his interest on your property and may not be in attention to deliver the right suggestions. Don't spoil vaastu specialist concentration. His concentration is most important, don't spoil the peaceful climate. If fails then residents will be the looser.

Most of the clients are innocent and they may not know much about this vastu science. Based on this, quacks cheated the public and earn money by saying many wrong recommendations, due to this clients may not get results, and finally it turns to bad name to Vastu Shastra and genuine vastu masters also. We can say lots of examples why the innocents are attracted by this quacks, why the residents are lodestone by quacks fake promises. Their fee is very small, their words are so polite and they promise to solve residents issues within hours or within days. They are easily available at first, after consultation over, then they disappears. They may regularly changing their phone numbers. At first their fee is too small and after visiting the properties they mislead the residents with unbelievable words and terrorizing them by saying deaths in that house may happen or loosing all properties, to protect all these, quacks proposing the inhabitants for Yantras or Poojas, the innocent residents easily hanged in this net and loosing their hard earned money, they never complained on them, they keep calm and silently suffers with cheating. It is due to their house erratic construction such things happen. ( Click here to see how Mrs. Karthika cheated and fatigue with one vagrant vastu specialist). This system has to be changed. We are enlighten the public and publishing the secrets of vastu shastra here. Everybody has to enjoy this freedom. In some particular places or houses, there may be really some very bad things which may leads to deaths, in that case the genuine consultants also strictly warn and ask inhabitants to do the corrections on war foot basis, if they propose the yantras, then their price will be unbelievable cheaper prices. That is the experts behavior.

Most of the residents now never looks for the quacks in the market, generally the experts prices may be costly, if you feels that price is exorbitant then you may try for others. Every body requires money to live, if satisfactory payments were not offer, no expert is available. Experts don't drag money in other form. They charge only in the name of vastu. Advocates, Doctors, Engineers etc have proper degree to run their profession, but for vastu specialists, there is no degree required in India. That is why any body can say that he is a best vastu specialist. Now a days a new system developed that, some body reads two or three Vastu books and later they will adorn one board that "Vastu Specialist". Who saves the innocent public, how residents knows that he is a vastu expert, how the inhabitants knows that he is experienced or inexperienced vastu siddanthi, blindly they approach some quacks and loosing so much, generally the quacks are intelligent people, they charge only a very small amount at first, while in their visit they terrorized the residents that they must do some poojas otherwise residents may lost their money or properties or some thing or life etc, by hearing these words generally residents will get frightened and paying the quacks demanded money and doing the unnecessary poojas or purchasing some yantras or thantras, please be aware of this cheap techniques. Genuine vastu specialists never do practice such cheap techniques. No need to ask or enquire about degrees of Expert vastu specialist. Generally expert vastu specialists are stick to one point only "Dharma", may be their charge is costly but they will serve with right solutions and feels responsible on their client properties, once the inhabitants done the changes recommended by expert vastu pandits then residents will get good results gradually in the future and avoid experiencing losses. We are saying about vastu gurus only, not the so called vastu gurus. From past 50 years many vastu experts are working for the society development. They does not have Degrees in vastu shastra Subject. But they are all succeeded in this field, by knowing broad information on this services of many vastu experts, no need to check their Scholastic aptitude test or Scholastic assessment test, some may be adamant only because of their practical knowledge on this science, they are most respected in the society, please note that people always looking for the Vastu Results they are not looking for the bookish knowledge of a vastu guru, that is why most of the residents enquiring about adept or ace or skilled person to solve their problems. Vastu shastra is not a Mantra or Tantra or mystery, it is a open science. (Matter is from www.SubhaVaastu.com). Genuine vastu specialist requires only his clients security and prosperity, may be his charges some thing are more when compare with others for his services. But he may be always right. 999 vaasthu guru's out of 1000 doesn't have vaastu degree. But we should not blame them. The expert vaastu shastra consultant can easily identify the defect of a house or plot or flat or factory within a short span of time, their ideas are firm, the quacks are seriously thinking how to drag the money by saying Yantras or astrology, because they are incapable in finding the mistakes and giving solutions on spot.

The vastu specialist must have atleast minimum 5 years experience to visit the properties for vastu verification, without having atleast such experience then he may not suggested to visit the properties, so the residents must enquire about his experience. More experience means residents may expect more Vastu Results from him. If one Vasthu Siddanthi is having above 10 years means, then you may contact him for your home personal visits. If one Vaastu Consultant is having 15 years of experience, it is good to have his services for bright and secured future. You may ask the Vasthu consultant about his experience or standing on vaasthu shastra. Now in India Vastu shastra is exposed to most of the remote areas also. By knowing this fact some tried to visit the residents properties by saying that they are vastu consultants. Beware of their knowledge on vastu consultancy.

Regarding this website, our website founders started Vastu Consultancy in the year 1992 and visited 9 countries and rounded most deep corners and remote areas in India. We have clients from majority countries in the world. Only in USA more than 2000 residents supporting our website. Our strict standards is the cause for all of our victories. With the graces of God all are happy and recommending us to their friends and relatives. It shadows the value of our responsible consultancy. You may read here about our consultancy services and this website information to the society. From the starting point of our consultancy, we are doing free services to Indian Army, Freedom Fighters, all Government Offices, through this website, also occasionally announcing free services to all mavourneen visitors of our website. We wrote 14 vastu books. Having vast vastu knowledge and explaining the depth secrets of the great Indian traditional science to the world on free of cost. Most of our clients appreciated for our relentless efforts, to bring them a famous character in their living area and in the society. Our entire career filled with heavenly nature walk in Vastu shastra, in consonance with cherished ideal, of relieving the great science of Vastu from the clutches of a few selfish individuals and to make it available to one and all, with the ultimate objective of universal peace and prosperity, the world famous Street focus book in Telugu language which brakes all records in Vastu shastra books. We find that some pseudo experts on Vastu shastra are trying to copy this website content with images and published in their websites and stating or claiming that they have written the subject. We have clear proofs of their copy of our website content. We sincerely request such persons to understand the great science of Vastu shastra and arrive at firm conclusions of their own by experimenting the same on their own residences, before propagating and misguiding the gullible public or hoi polloi. The expert Vasthu consultant can easily identifies the defects of a property and he finalizes the solutions after visiting the property within a span of minutes or seconds. Whereas the quacks diverting the innocent public by saying that they have to do poojas or wear yantras to overcome from their synthetic bad issues which never thought to be solved.

Please note that there is no master in this Vastu science, there is only one master of Vastu shastra in this universe, he is the God. Yes God only knows the entire subject. We are all vastu students. That is why Mr.Suresh always stating that he is a student of Vastu shastra even though he rounded many countries in the world.

Unfortunately we lost some renowned famous best vastu consultant experts in Andhra Pradesh like Sri. Mudragada Ramarao, Sri. Bogineni Venkata Rathnam and Sri. Ramabrahmam who served our society with latest research information on Vasthu Shastra. In Tamilnadu Sri. Ganapathi Sthapathi is a famous (stapathi) architect of traditional constructions. ("If you would like to consult Ganapathi Sthapathi, no worries at all, you may directly approach him for your vastu needs" - this line was published in our website in the year 2010. This means our main concept is people has to approach only experts in this field and this info was published to serve society with genuine Vaasthu Consultants, so people will enjoy the real fruits of Vasthu Shastra) There are many Vaasthu experts in India, which we have to find them and may contact them for vasthu requirements. We will regularly updating this website, if we found any other trustful Vastu expert in India, we will update their information. We like to publish experts names here, even though this website is guided by Vastu consultants Mr. RamaKrishna and Mr. Suresh. Our website main aim is people has to benefited with Vastu Shastra secrets for happy life and genuine Vastu Consultancy services. We respect Vaasthu advisers, if you found any latest developments in this science and done researches, please post here. We publish your articles. We all one and has responsible to develop this science and finally people has to be benefited.

Some notable points to have peace in life:

When at the time of selecting the plot:

Find the excellent vastu integrated property, it should be selected by an expert.

Should not buy a land which has ponds, lakes, rivers, water bodies, water wells towards Southwest, South or West directions.

Should not buy site/plot/land/house/factory when it has a huge buildings, mountains, higher hills, elevated land, heavy stone storage, apartments, towers towards Northeast, North or East directions.

If there is a heavy open space towards South, Southwest and West parts then better to avoid to buy

Irregular shaped lands also may not provide good results. But a competent vastu scholar would be able to make it compatible.

5 corner sites also may not provide desired results. (exception at Northeast extended corner)

Where the plot has three roads towards North, West and South is not recommended. However a specialist advice if this could be made favorable.

When the plot has got 3 roads towards East, South and West also belongs to the same category as above.

Please note that the basic point here is selecting the land / house / plot / home / site, so without experts advise should not take any decision. At any cost don't approach quacks at this moment. We urge you don't approach half knowledge vastu people in selecting the land. Selecting the land is the primary thing and relevantly cause for the future endeavors which are benevolent or malevolent, if you done a wrong step, it may cause life long worries, issues, tension life, disputes, problems, lengthy and tediously complicated situations or such matters to be faced, debts, not feeling comfortable, education spoils, financial losses, etc. Generally quacks are nescience and live on furphy things. Gullible public easily fall into their sweat language. Their processes are always megillah and never completed until their required payments captures from the inhabitants. Now the system was changing slowly, residents were also understanding things and moving intelligently, after hearing the quacks payments and their actions of attaching residents with false yantras and thantras they wont accept their consultation and looking to move only towards vastu specialists in this field. Its good idea and appreciated change in the society, still lots of complaints we are getting about quacks moments. Its pity. The intelligent, genius, educated people always search for the truepenny, mensch, reliable best expert vastu consultant only and get his advises. They never check fee / money / professional charges etc. They are looking for only the facts or best results.

Best Vastu ConsultantHere is a small example: Observe this sketch the blue marked house has three sides roads with East, North and West. East is the main road, a person constructed this house investing nearly 2 crores of rupees. Prior to this he consulted a vastu scholar for a mere rupees Rs.600/-. Even within a span of three years this house came under the auctioneer's hammer. One should imagine how a person spending nearly 2 crores in buying the land and constructing home has to resort to this state even within a span of 3 years. Its only because of South, West and Southwest are totally open land. A large open space towards South, West and Southwest would not allow you peaceful living. However there could be exceptions. Approach only famous vaasthu consultant India before taking the decision. Most of the residents are looking for cheaper vasthu consultancy services, this could damage entire future of the inhabitants. The genuine expert vastu specialists says that they are still studying this vastu science. They never stated that they acquired 100% knowledge, though they knows about the depth secrets of this science vaastu shastra. Their charges are different, they never visits for Rs.600/-, instead of taking such cheap payments or otherwise they may provide free services. They knows the value of their services and residents properties. Fortunately now a days residents know all these cheap payment gimmicks and they are looking only for the experts in the society who providing consolidated results, they immediately catches the point that the vaastu person has vast knowledge on vastu or not. Really this is good news to experts.

Here is Another Instance: There was a property apparently having North Northeast street thrust, which is generally considered as an auspicious property. A person with perhaps some elementary vasthu knowledge thought that this is a best bargain and invested in the plot and built huge theaters at huge cost. In a span of 3 years this property lost its attraction and business had to be closed. What happened? at the time of buying the buyer did not realize the actual origin of the thrusting street it was coming from Northwest. Though Northern-Northeast street thrust is good when such street travels for a considerable length in debilitating areas it gives adverse results. This was not realized by the buyer because he did not have expert advice. Negative results are the consequences. What is the cost of his project, how he was came into a decision that the street focus is a auspicious. Why he was taken such decision. The wrong decision collapses three theaters, approximately 50 employees and 100 indirect employees lost their food. A small mistake abundantly makes misery in many lives. Its 1990's history.

Best Vastu Specialist

Dear visitors, please read fate power and move wisely. Right decision in correct time is the luck. Right decision in wrong time and wrong decision in right time are both same and merely waste of your valuable time and money. There are many experts in India, invite them and have peace in your life. We wish you all the best.

There are three types of vastu consultancy.

1. Phone Consultancy

2. Online Consultancy (Email or Postal consultancy)

3. Personal visit.

Phone consultancy is unreliable. It is not certain the person is conveying the actual problem correctly to the vaastu consultant nor it is not possible for the vastu expert to comprehensively understand the problem and convey his solution. Most residents now a days requires only phone consultation, most of them require too emergency replies, what ever they may be. That is why expert vastu consultants never accepts for the phone consultation, because its not a trust worthy in understanding facts of the property. In general n option may possible. Honestly speaking its purely time waste to the caller and vaastu specialist.

Online Consultancy: This is slightly better than phone consultancy. The absence of study of neighborhood of the plot which is important in evaluating the worth of the plot is totally absent in this method. The visualization of the site or house is sketchy. Often it can be off the mark. Further the topography of the site or house or a property is not accurately portrayed in the plan, nor it is possible. Various heights of the walls nor their thickness are clearly marked in a plan leading to errors in judgment. As such the analysis of the site is greatly handicapped. But in certain cases this is the only way to have the online consultancy, for example if you are living in USA and thought to buy a piece of land, then generally its not a easy thing to call a vastu consultant from India, so its better to have online consultancy. If you are planning for this method then please provide complete information of the site, negligence may leads entire life unhappy and scared. Please be cautious when trying to procure the site information.

Personal Consultancy: SubhaVaastu finds no alternative to this third method. A site visit addresses all the drawbacks observed other than in the first two methods and the site or house study is comprehensive total and complete. As such the analysis can be far more accurate. In this method maximum information will be covered and its a chance to achieve our goals with this way of consultancy. You may plan for this option, we are not suggesting you to have our consultancy, you may choose any vastu consultant but he should be more responsible and respectable.

Please note that vastu is an occult or abstract science. It works on planes other than visual. There is no guarantee or certainty of any event taking place by all itself. However there is great possibility of every analysis being accurate and compelling the inhabitants face them. We urge residents to select only the professionally skilled and knowledgeable consultants for their ventures, should not choose semi skilled, unskilled consultants and not to go for animadversions, don't waste your time and money. Select only expert specialists for your properties and enjoy your life with your family members. In our large experience we found many miracles and got experiences. What we urge people, don't take this science as your profession, don"t settle as consultant. Please choose any other profession. We cannot change the fate of a person, only God has to decide every thing.

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How to stop heavy losses in Trading business through vastu help?

After vastu corrections when can I expect vastu results at my house?

What are the best vastu tips on Factories, would read the most important tips on industries?

Many says that fate, what is it, is there any significance for this word here, would like to know it?

I seen one East facing plot which has Street thrust, is it good to buy, your explanation is appreciated?

Our plot is rectangular one, we have to construct the rectangular home, where exactly it has to come?

I am totally confused, how to make my shop according to vastu and where to sit, cash box placement etc?

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+3 #6 Vastu Consultant in GurgaonAnand Garg 2016-12-18 03:39
hi, we have one plot measuring with 40X60 in Gurgaon, now decides to start the house construction, our office is also very near to this plot. Decided to have vastu recommendations from one of the best vastu consultant in Gurgaon area. where is your office in Gurugram, can I come and meet you at your office, require to show my plot and office, your visit is required. Do you charge any payment for visit.
+8 #5 Vastu experts in hyderabadVenkata Reddy 2016-10-27 05:44
Hi, we are looking to buy a independent house, looking for one of the best vastu expert in Hyderabad. Our plot is 40X65, which is located at Madhapur and very near to the Gachibowli area. I have another plot at Banjara Hills but this is not rectangular or square, it has Northwest extension. my present office is at Film Nagar and looking to shift to our own office at Kukatpally. 4 months back we approached one vastu consultant, for our surprise, from the starting of his consultancy he is blaming all other vastu consultants and wants to sell many yantras. we know these gimmicks, the best vastu specialist never blame any body, they will provide services and leave us by taking the vastu consultancy fee. your website is excellent, i appreciate your sincerity in opening the secrets of this vastu shastra. lord ganesha always be with you sir, you will get his blessings soon.
+1 #4 consultvijay 2016-09-08 10:07
Dear sir, my house will south – east face and south we have gate and east we have main door entrance. In dis we have door is first and next is window My consult is which one should come first whether door or window in east side Waiting for your reply!!
+2 #3 Pooja GharVishwesh manerkar 2016-07-16 06:09
when you say "Pooja room may be constructed at Agneya ( Southeast ) corner, with some conditions"
so what are those conditions. coz i have no other no other option for Pooja Ghar
+6 #2 vastutalatampara 2015-12-21 17:15
I am aslesha nakshtra 4th paadha, Karkataka rasi. I am going to purchase a north facing house site. The facing is suit to me? More over the house site was in 30 X 55. It was hit by a T-junction nearly 8 feet at north-northeast cornet it is auspicious or not?
+26 #1 In which direction one should not sleep?Syam Prasad Reddy 2014-08-01 18:08
I heard people who says one should not sleep Head facing north direction and also Head facing south direction.which one is right?Earlier I used to sleep head facing east and am so happy but I recently relocated and living in a small shared room such that I have sleep facing north or south.Please tell me which direction north/south should I face??

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We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking into vaastu consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of vaastu information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been a great pleasure working with him. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vaastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take vaastu advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house vaastu - Padma - Boston - USA

The website Subhavaastu.com is very informative.Sureshji, the founder of this website is according to me a great ¨human who has vast knowledge in vastushastra and his kindness to his clients are appreciated. He listens to his clients problems patiently and gives the appropriate remedies. His main motto is good service and he responses as quick as possible. I spoke to Sureshji as a stranger only, but after one phone call itself , I started feeling that he is a caring well wisher for whoever asks his help. He is a genuine person. He doesn't force you to spend money in the name of vasthushastra, he explains clearly where the problem is and tries to give very easy changes to have a peaceful life. Sathya Priya - Switzerland

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