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Significant of Vastu Tips for Cash Box | Currency Chest | Tijori

Vastu for Cash boxIn different areas, this cash box is called as a Tijori, Deed box, Almirah, Jewelry Box, Money Chest, Strong box, Jewelry Almira, Safe, Chest, Gold Ornaments Chest, etc. In this article, we tried our level best to provide Vastu tips for Cash Box.

Not really for just one, however, for everyone, money container may be a dream, more recently ethical points tend to vanish, just cash is actuall,y occupying within our life, we're not really searching for additional requirements, we want just cash. Several residents' main target is earning cash the CASH, it's the life, it's the future, it's the breath.

With the money we can buy anything, but some are not available anywhere, like a Mother's love.

It's a fantastic present through the Lord in order to all of us. ( Matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) We must make money for a living, however, we ought to not really reside for the money, in the event that we now have the capacity as well as power, perform effort, after that cash may instantly arrive.

Income Followed by Sincere Efforts and Hardwork Only

Luck is different and we cannot buy luck anywhere, but we can do sincere efforts in any field, if truly we do the hard work and concentrate on our work, we will surely get the money. Following Vaastu may also helpful to acquire positive energies.

1. If residents facing troubles with loans, then they may try with Northeast water sump, this may solve many financial troubles. In Vasthu the NE sump has a significant role.

2. South direction elevation or constructing platforms at South direction may also increase the opportunities to earn more money. The solid rock platforms in the Southwest direction may also bring some opportunities to earn cash. The SW elevation has a pivotal role in Vaasthu. This point has value.

3. Floor depression in the North direction may also multiply the income opportunities. Additional income or easy money may flow well with North direction depression.

4. Northern Northeast Street Focus may double the cash flow to the property.

5. Placing the currency chest is a key point of getting cash flow into the home. Hence the house should built as per vastu is highly recommended.

6. Best suitable place to keep the Jewelry or Gold Ornaments is the Southwest direction of the house. In India, we can keep them in bank lockers, but in foreign countries the NRI's are keeping ornaments in their homes. It is good not to keep ornaments either at Northwest or Southeast ( for more information on SE, here is the article on detailed information on Southeast direction ). Particularly don't keep in the Northeast corners.

Not belongs to this subject, but this link All Country Flags has comprehensive information regarding all countries.

The best suitable direction is Southwest (visit this Southwest facing house Vastu link), if not available to keep in this direction, then the second best option is South or West directions. We have some instances in other lands with regard to this Jewelry security, some residents placed the Jewelry at Shoebox or AC machine locations, yes this is true.

It happened only because of thieves may not expect that the residents may keep at these locations like the ornaments at Shoe Box. Is it right, some residents are keeping ornaments in air-coolers, some residents keeping very immediately of the entrance which nobody thought of such locations.

7. The currency chest always placed in the Southwest corner of the Southwest room in a house. So that it gains enormous Northeast direction positive energies, and money never go out easily. For the understanding here is a picture, please observe the focus of the Northeast corner to the currency chest.

Where Should We Keep Tijori In Our House

Vastu Tips For Currency ChestKeeping iron safe in the house is important to secure some of property documents, money, and jewelry and need to locate a "SAFE" place for the safe at home. Also keeping currency chest at Shop as per Vastu is truly important feature. Tijori or cash chest box should be kept in the Southwest and it should be facing North, this is the ideal direction. If it's not possible to keep facing towards the North direction then the next best position is East facing direction while opening.

These above two directions are recommended. In shops like East Facing Shops or North facing shops, sometimes it may not be possible to keep the safe box in the Southwest and facing either towards North or East directions. But this may be possible for South Facing Shops and West facing shops.

Read this article North Facing Shops to understand how the Tijori should be placed as per Vastu.

If you have selected the Northwest direction for sitting then you may keep the Cashbox towards Southwest of your sitting place, that means Chest box came only towards entire Northwest in the shop, generally speaking, Northwest chest box is not good, this rule is not applicable for North Facing Shops because generally where the owner sits there he has to keep the cash box with him, for North facing shops for easy accessibility many shop owners are sitting towards Northwest.

In the above picture, it was clearly observed the main technique in flowing cash into the cash box.. The Vastu expert suggestions always bring cheers in residents life. If the cash box is having a clear focus from the Northeast direction, then there is a possibility of full of cash in the chest.

Is It Good to Touch the Cash Box to South and West Walls?

cash box should not touch any wallsIn this image, the cash box kept in the Southwest corner in the Southwest room and it is not touching any wall like West wall or South wall. The gap is clearly shown with one green color dotted line marked. Normally, this is a safe method to keep Tijori in the Southwest room. If any neighborhood weakness on the property may found, this gap will save the cash & valuables not to go out.

In a Factory or Industry, a good idea is arrange the cash box towards Southwest direction in the office room. The West direction is also better and South direction is also recommended to keep the Cash chest.

Can We Hang Cash Check to the Wall Instead of Keeping on Floor

Dear Suresh Ji, can we hang the cash box to the Southwest wall, is it a good idea? - Mallikarjuna Reddy - Cupertino.

Some residents raising a question that "Cash box hanging to Southwest wall" or placing the "Cash box on the Southwest floor"

Let's first check the cash box height and weight, if it is above normal, then place it on the Southwest floor, if it is not too weight or height then hang to the wall. Remember weights placed at floor level at the Southwest part are always good. Normally, hanging is not advisable. If the Tijori is small then keep it on a small table which is located at Southwest direction.

If the shopkeeper did not have sufficient space and was particularly required to hang the Almira or cash box or shelf then hang to the Southwest direction either on the South wall or the West wall.

Arranging Two Almirahs in the Southwest Quadrant

Vastu for almirah at southwest cornerIn this image, two Almirah's (Money Box, Iron Safe) placed in the Southwest quadrant, facing towards East direction. Both are placed on the floor only. Observe their names 1 and 2. The "2" almira is next to the 1 almirah. If the Neighborhood Vastu is not good towards the South direction, then keep money (Cash, Rupees, Dollars) in "2" Almirah, if South is good as per Vastu then keep money in "1" Almirah, for example if there is any apartment located in the South direction, then keep money in South Almira.

Keeping Cash Box in the Southwest Corner

Vastu for Almira towards southwest directionThere are lots of tips and techniques in Vastu shastra, we have to bring them out. Here one resident placed the Almirah in the Southwest direction, don't keep your eyes on the back side, that a small windows behind the iron safe almirah, this window may be wrong but from outside it was totally closed with a strong structure. This iron almirah is faces towards East direction. This placement is also good.

Wall Hanging Cash Box

Vastu for almira at Southwest placeIf the cash chest is small then arrange it at Southwest corner either to the West or South wall. Nowadays the rooms are tiny and finding a wide area to keep all the furniture may not be possible. Based on area availability we have to find a right location to keep the iron safe. In this image the steel cash safe chest is hanged to the wall. This is also acceptable.

Can I Buy Used Metal Almirah To My House

Namashkar Suresh Ji, can I buy second hand metal almira for my house to keep cash. Is it recommended to buy used cash iron safe? - Kavitha - Mumbai.

Rarely residents may sell their Almira, first observe on what cause and reason they are selling that almirah. Some got huge losses and sold many items, in such cases, it's better not to buy. Some residents selling only because of they need to choose bank locker as the safe. In such case, it's OK to buy.

Digging Southwest Area to Keep Iron Safe

Dear Sir, can I dig 2 feet in the floor and keep my ornaments and money in Southwest room and close it with iron chamber and take whenever needed - Vijay - Hyderabad.

Digging the Southwest floor for two feet is not at all recommended as per Vastu. Instead of this arrangement, better to search for other places to safe your ornaments.

In Vastu following principles may beneficial, if we do any small mistake, that may hurt in future, better avoid digging the Southwest area.

These links are related to earn cash, visit at leisure time, Business development article also assit to yield more income and this Vastu for Money article also recommended to visit.

Keeping Gruhalakshmi Photo is auspicious in the homes or commercial places.

What Type Of Cash Box Is Good To Keep Money Like Wood, Plastic Or Metal

Keeping iron safe at Southwest is a good idea. Previously safe means, it is prepared with iron metal only. Now, companies prepare safe with different materials. Whatever the material it is, the best idea is should keep it them in the Southwest direction. If iron is not possible to buy or no way to get it into home, then residents can buy any material safe like wood, plastic or any other metal.

Can We Keep the Cash Box at Northwest Corner?

Hi sir, we bought one steel safe to keep our money and would like to keep it in the Northwest corner of our master bedroom, is it good to keep cash chest at Northwest direction? - Rajesh - Chennai.

One Vastu pandit detailed the importance of a Northwest almirah in his book, suggesting it could ensure the retention of wealth within a home. Following his guidance, we conducted experiments by placing cash chests in the Northwest direction across some homes. However, the feedback from residents indicated dissatisfaction regarding their financial inflow and savings; they experienced money slipping away despite efforts to conserve it. Consequently, we have ceased to advocate for the placement of almirahs in the Northwest. Should any resident experience positive financial outcomes with a Northwest oriented cash box, please share your story. We're open to reviewing and possibly sharing your success in this post.

Is Northeast Corner is Acceptable to Keep the Cash Box

Respected sir, we hail from West Bengal and recently moved to Bangalore city and thinking of keeping the Cash almirah at Northeast corner, can we keep it here? Aravind.

We did not find any good results by keeping the Tijori in the Northeast place. Only in one place where there is a Southern Southeast focus home that has good results. If any resident finds NE Tijori benefits let's know, we will research and publish it here.

Is It Good to Keep Keys, Bond Papers, Photos in the Cash Locker?

Many residents kept a variety of useless items in their lockers, such as keys, unused cheap rings, photos, not usage documents, etc. In the locker related to money, only things related to money should be kept, putting other things may anger Goddess Lakshmi. It is a good idea to keep only money in the cash locker in the home. Don't keep other things in the cash locker.

Vastu Doubts and Detailed Answers

+13 #20 Almirah Vastu DirectionSriveni 2018-02-13 06:20
Hello Sir, Greetings of the day. Your website is wonderful. I appreciate your efforts in maintaining such standards without any conditions, great sir. In my bedroom, I have 2 almirahs. And one is in the southwest and the other is in the southeast. 1. I am looking for almirah opening direction as per Vastu. 2. Wardrobe direction as per Vastu. 3. What about the Vastu for almirah position in bedroom. 4. Can an almirah facing West direction also. 5. What is the good position for wardrobe facing Vastu. 6. Which is the best locker direction according to Vastu. As my room is very small. I want to place a few stuff above my both almirah's. Can is it favorable if I leave it above almirah. Please publish content in Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam Sir. Thank you. Awaiting for your kind reply.
+10 #19 Iron Trunk Placement As Per VastuAlok Sinha 2017-12-04 08:55
Respected sir, what a beautiful website you have. Congratulations for your kindness and hospitality. As per Vastu, almirah should open in which direction, and can we keep almirah facing south direction, and what about Vastu for almirah position in bedroom We have got a very old iron trunk which is black in color, and kept in the center of our house. is this bad? should we keep it but change the color? please suggest.
+25 #18 Placing Tijori As Per Vastu In The Shop Shilpa Kedare 2017-09-26 06:02
Namaste Sir, I have placed our Tijori (a small cupboard) in the North east direction is it good as I have no other option in my room. I found your website is authentic in providing very good useful content on Vastu. Please provide information in Marathi too. May God bless you for your future endeavors.
+12 #17 To Ask About Placing the Locker as Per VastuRiya Shivani 2017-07-10 21:30
Respected Sir, first of all my heartful congratulations on your meticulous website. I have kept the locker in South corner in the south-west room of my house. The locker is kept next to my bed and in front of it is the door of the room and in front of the door is a bathroom.is it wrong? should I place my locker on the other side of the room do that its south-west corner and it faces a plain wall?
+9 #16 Best Tijori placement direction as per vastuSachin Khairnar 2017-05-08 07:13
Dear sir, we keep our cupboard, inbuilt a Tijori, facing north east direction. Is it ok? The back side of the cupboard is south west.
+21 #15 Which Is The Best Locker Direction Position As Per VastuVishal Pattanaik 2017-02-20 13:29
Pranam sir ji, we wanted to know where should we place the locker in the bedroom and to which direction it should be placed. Can you please publish the matter in Odia language.
+17 #14 Regarding cash box vastuRohan Ambekar 2016-10-05 15:06
Respected sir, I have a cash box at my health club which is placed at north east wall so that it opens in South I have no other place to keep the cash box because entrance on my cabin is at South west what should I do now.
+8 #13 Keeping Almirah Positions in master bedroom Ramana 2016-09-12 08:55
Namaste sir, I am staying in a rented house and kept almirah at the northwest corner facing towards South. Can I keep it and whether it is as per vastu.
+16 #12 Iron safe facing towards neighbor common wall direction westRajesh Kataria 2016-06-22 09:11
Respected sir, your website is a dictionary for Vastu knowledge. I admired by seeing your work. No restrictions to browse this entire website. I hang my locker on a wall which is facing west & common to my neighbor, back of this wall there is toilet & this is touching to roof, please suggest me a good and right direction.
+9 #11 Cash box placement in my bedroomNeeta Parikh 2016-02-24 13:48
Shubh sweekar, namaste pandit ji, I am proud of your honest work here. You are a gentleman, content is so rich and valuable things were opened here without constraints. Greatly developed website. I am in a joint house in that home my porcelain in third manzil my bedroom door on the southwest corner and east-facing two windows on the full area where I should keep my cash or Tijori almirah.
+11 #10 Vastu tips for safe locationNatarajan 2015-12-03 10:50
Respected Sir, after seeing the services rendered by you, I have a lot of respects. You are a kind enough person. It seems to be you came from a reputed family. I have a small bedroom there is no much place to keep all the stuff according to Vastu. But mostly I worried about my safe. I keep my safe at east face toward west.is it right for good wealth?
+7 #9 Suitable Vastu tips for safe location in the master bedroomSusmita Chakraborty 2015-12-03 10:44
Dear sir, very good services. Thanks is a small word, but I should honestly expressing my heartful greetings on your noble assistance to humans. Let me know one thing, sir. What is the best location for the cash box to be placed at master bedroom. Can I place the cash chest facing towards West direction? is this acceptable.
+24 #8 Require vastu tips for cash boxParimala 2015-11-20 11:00
Dear sir, very kind of your work and all the services. We have placed the cash cupboard in the southwest direction facing in the north. But on the top, south side there is a loft. Is it affect our financial flow. please give you suggestions.
+13 #7 Location for money and jewellery in house vastuAnuradha 2015-11-20 10:56
Sir, I have some doubts, please clear them sir. 1. Best location for the cash box in my shop and cash counter. 2. What is the suitable locker facing and its direction in my bedroom. 3. Location for money and jewellery in house vastu (Jewelry). 4. Tips for vastu for cash counter in restaurant which is run by my cousin. Can we place a mirror in cash box to improve the wealth.
+17 #6 Vastu For Shops Cash CounterSiddharth Gupta 2015-09-15 12:03
Namaste sir, according to Vastu there is no space in my room to keep my almirah in southwest direction suggest me any other space because there is an entrance gate on south wall and my income outflow is more than inflow I am very upset and hopeless suggest me some tips. Where to keep the cash counter in my shop and restaurant. Is locker can be open towards South in my hotel.
+10 #5 LOCKER FACING AS PER VASTURajeshwari 2015-08-24 09:58
Respected sir, please tell me how to solve my financial problems, I had given money to somebody, now they did not give how to take back from them please advise me on money matter. I seen your services. You are so generous and kind person. Thanking you sir.
+26 #4 Almirah vastuKalyaan 2015-07-14 09:48
Dear sir, Our both almirah's were placed at North i.e. facing towards south. Please suggest whether it is correct. I heard that we should keep it South side and facing towards North. Kindly advise as our spends are becoming more than our income. Thanks, Kalhyaan
+9 #3 Vastu for cash box in home in TamilVyshu 2015-07-05 13:51
Hi sir, We have 2 houses on same floor with doors exactly opposite to each other.in one house my in-laws stay and in another me and my husband. Is that OK. Does this cause any problems?
+11 #2 Beeruva position as per vastuSundar 2015-07-05 12:39
Good morning sir, where should we keep the beeruva in my house as per vastu, can I keep the beeruva at Southeast corner in my master bedroom which is in Southwest direction. I appreciate your help to the needy people through this website. Thank you so much for your kind services.
+13 #1 Shall I keep three Beeruvas in a single roomBalaji 2015-06-08 13:47
Dear sir, we are having two beeruvas in my home recently we purchased another. Shall we keep all the three beeruvas in a single room. My house faces towards west and the room where I 've to keep all the beruvas is northwest corner room. Two beeruvas are facing towards south and the third one is facing towards east. Third one is only for keeping daily usage clothes. So please suggest me shall I keep all the three beeruvas in a single room.
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