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Vastu for West Facing Shops | Paschim | Padamara | Remedies | Dosh Nivaran Tips

Many individuals have inquiries about establishments facing Pashim Disha Shops (West direction Shops), leading to a variety of questions. These queries often stem from a desire to optimize alignment according to traditional Vastu principles, seeking to enhance the flow of positive energy and ensure prosperity. People are keen to understand the specific implications of positioning and layout that affect their homes or businesses when oriented towards this direction.

1. Can I invest money on West facing shops?

2. How will be my fate if I take West facing shop?

3. Is West facing shop is good for smooth business?

4. Can I take West facing shop for my new business?

5. Is there any danger if I take West facing shop on rent?

6. Some vastu guruji told me Vastu for West facing shops is not supportive, is it?

Do West Facing Shops Naturally Struggle With Profitability?

west facing shop Vastu in TeluguMultiple investors held the belief that West facing shops were yielding unfavorable outcomes. They were under the impression that all West facing shops were inherently unprofitable. However, it is crucial to acknowledge a significant point here: if a shop lacks positive Vastu energy, it will yield poor results regardless of its facing direction, whether it's East Facing Shops, or North Facing Shops, or any other direction.

Important Key Points For West Facing Shops

1. Observing Vastu principles can lead to favourable results for shops facing any direction. It is crucial for shopkeepers to consult an expert vastu consultant prior to renting or purchasing a shop. This strategic move can significantly boost their chances of business success.

2. The owner or shopkeeper should position themselves in the Southwest section of a West facing shop.

The elevation of the flooring in the West direction and its downward slope towards the East direction is advisable, and it will turn the entire enterprise with success.

3. If creating a West to East slope in the flooring is not feasible, consider elevating the South side while lowering the North direction flooring. This technique improve the money flow to the shop. The ups and downs of flooring is most important subject in Vastu. If possible try to arrange this technique.

4. A shop with open space in the East direction tends to bring luck to its management.

5. A shop with open space in the North and trees in the Southwest typically generates greater financial gains for the management.

6. A shop where the North and East directions are at a lower elevation and the West has squatting platforms tends to deliver exceptional results. The presence of large structures or trees in the South and West can further enhance prosperity.

7. Significant benefits arise when the North direction is open or lower in elevation, especially if the Northeast remains unmarred by any distortions.

8. A Southwest overhead water tank coupled with an East facing water body tends to yield impressive results.

9. A shop with a cellar on the North side and a tall structure to the South is likely to experience remarkable success. Similarly, a shop with a basement on the East and large structures to the West will see outstanding outcomes.

10. A shop with thick walls on the West and South and thinner walls on the North and East will consistently satisfy the shopkeeper.

11. A West facing shop with a Western Northwest street focus often achieves harmonious results. For example Pothys Show Room in Chennai.

12. A shop that features a large Northeastern water storage sump will consistently avoid concerns.

13. Position the cash chest or iron safe facing North in the Southwest corner. If North is not an option, then positioning it facing East is also suitable.

Recommended Sitting Place for West Facing Shops

west facing shop vastu in HindiFor the optimal Vastu alignment, the shop owner is advised to sit in the southwest corner of the shop, preferably on a chair, facing towards the North direction. However, if facing towards the north is not feasible, an alternative is to sit facing towards the east direction. If the owner chooses to face towards the north, it is recommended to place the cash box or iron safe on the left-hand side, specifically towards the west, so that the iron safe faces towards the east.

On the other hand, if the owner decides to face towards the east, the cash-box should be positioned on the right-hand side, specifically towards the south direction, ensuring that the cash chest faces towards the north.

Here, the term "cash-box" refers to any secure storage container such as an iron safe or an almirah. In the given scenario, where the shop owner occupies Southwest direction of the shop and faces towards the north, he can keep the cash chest or Tijori on his left side, aligning the cash chest to face towards the east direction. This means, the almirah located towards Western Southwest facing towards East direction.

In this above image the main entrance door located at Western Northwest direction, this is acceptable for the door.

Please note that there are total 3 types of Northwest, one is "Northern Northwest", "Northwest", "Western Northwest", in this above image the door located at Western Northwest.

Is only this "Western Northwest" entrance is good for West facing shops, NO, not at all. The exact West entrance is also giving amazing results. No need to worry if the main entrance door is at West facing. We given recommendations to many properties with exact West entrance doors. If the property is exactly 270° ("+" or "-" 11° is not a problem) then the West entrance door is splendid.

If there is any variation in Degrees of the land, then only we are suggesting to place the main door at "Western Northwest". Otherwise we are proposing to place the main door at West direction only.

In our Vastu Shastra, continuous practical experiments and research reveal numerous insights. We consistently conduct studies on Vastu and share valuable information with the community selflessly. To serve humanity is nothing but to serve God.

Alternative Sitting Position for West Facing Shop

West facing shop vastu tips in hindiSimilar to the depicted scenario, here the owner faces the East direction while seated, which is considered the second-best approach. However, this arrangement may not always appear optimal to the general public. As previously noted, practicality often takes precedence over Vastu principles. While Vastu consultants generally recommend ideal directions, these may not always visually appeal to customers. If the owner decides to position their main desk and chair in the Southwest, it is advisable to face the North. In business Vastu, any Vastu discrepancies can lead to significant consequences, including financial or partnership issues.

Caution: Northwest Seating - A Strategic Error for West Facing Shops

Pashim Disha dukhan vaastuAvoid the Pitfalls: Why the Northwest is a Misstep for Seating in West facing Shops. Here, the owner is positioned in the Northwest corner, facing South, with the shop featuring a Western Southwest entrance. This setup results in two possible scenarios: 1. Initially, the shop may experience excellent business success, but eventually, it leads to significant troubles, failing to yield favorable outcomes in the long run. 2. The arrangement fails to deliver any positive results, culminating in the owner abandoning the shop due to substantial losses or other factors, with the financial situation deteriorating year after year.

Typically, incorrect sitting positions and entrance orientations can lead to new challenges for occupants. In cases where similar structures and seating arrangements exist across a row of shops, these issues may not immediately affect the shop owner, but there is a potential for problems over the long term. This variability is why experts inquire about the shop's location and the characteristics of neighboring shops.

In many instances, such seating and entrance configurations can erode the financial stability of the business. If a tenant experiences losses, the property owner also suffers indirectly, as the tenant may struggle to pay rent consistently. This highlights the importance of adhering to vastu principles in both rented and owned properties, ensuring that both tenants and landlords can benefit from the advantages of vastu.

This particular type of seating and entrance arrangement can also negatively impact partnerships. When setting up partnership firms, it is advisable to avoid such entrance and seating layouts. Over time, these setups may weaken the bond between partners, eventually leading to the dissolution of the partnership agreement.

Is a Direct West Entrance Favorable According to Vastu Principles?

exact west entrance shopsThis image features a precisely West facing entrance door. Contrary to some beliefs, this entrance is not detrimental but rather beneficial. Within the shop's layout, marked with numbers 1 and 2 in circles, the area marked with '1' in green signifies a favorable seating position for the owner. Conversely, the area labeled '2' in red indicates an unfavorable location for the owner to sit.

Is a Direct West Entrance Favorable According to Vastu Principles?

Vastu for West facing shopsConsider some rational aspects regarding the placement of doors and seating in these west-facing shops. As depicted in this image, the main door is centrally located. While a central door on a directional property is correct, it is crucial to ensure the shop aligns exactly to 90 degrees as per the compass for optimal outcomes. If the compass readings deviate from standard degrees, such as shifting from 0°-360° to either 340° or 20° (For West facings it may be either 250° or 290°), the results can significantly differ. Remember, the arrangement of seating is equally critical in influencing the shop’s success.

Here, the owner is seated in the Northwest corner, which is an incorrect positioning. Despite the main entrance being ideally located in the center of the West side, an auspicious spot, the shop fails to achieve the anticipated results.

While Northwest seating might be suitable for certain businesses like wine bars, restaurants, and hotels, leading to temporary improvements in outcomes, this setup typically proves detrimental over time. Ultimately, seating in the Northwest can lead to financial losses, problematic transactions, legal disputes, partnership conflicts, and considerable stress for the owner.

Does Seating in the Northwest Promote Positive Results?

West facing shops vastu in TamilPlease understand that this shop faces West, as indicated on the roadside sign. The entrance is positioned towards the Western Northwest, and the owner's seat is also in the Northwest. This setup isn't necessarily incorrect, but it's advisable to utilize the Southwest part of the shop for storage or raw materials. Our observations have shown no significant issues when the owner occupies this position, underscoring the critical role of the entrance in Vastu principles.

Experts typically assess the main door first upon entering a property. Certain precautions are necessary: The Southwest area should not be left open or empty. It is beneficial to fill it with stored items.

Direct line of sight from the owner's seat to the Southeast should be avoided. Placing obstacles like room dividers or wooden planks can be effective. It is wise to consult with an expert to ensure the setup promotes positive outcomes. Overall, this setup is not bad.

Can Northwest Seating Deliver Favorable Results?

Vaastu for West facing shopsThis is a West facing shop. The entrance is located towards the Western-Northwest, while the owner's desk is positioned almost in the Northwest, facing East. This orientation isn't incorrect, but it can be slightly awkward during customer interactions. While the setup is fundamentally sound, it may not always be the most comfortable. The owner should only use this East-facing seating in specific circumstances. It's essential to consult with experts to ensure optimal placement of seating in shops.

Why Do People Often Avoid West Facing Shops?

vastu shastra for west facing shopsFear has the power to diminish a person's capabilities significantly. Once fear takes hold of the mind, it can block out rational thoughts and advice. Similarly, hastily concluding that West-facing shops are problematic without proper investigation isn't wise. A thorough analysis often uncovers various underlying issues that need addressing. Have you observed, the Northeast is significantly truncated in this shop layout. As depicted, the Northeast is almost cut off or the Northwest is slightly extended. It is advisable not to enter into a lease for shops with such structural flaws.

If it becomes necessary to consider such a space, ensure you consult with an expert before finalizing any agreements. Owners of such shops may often encounter numerous problems.

Many top Vastu pandits report receiving calls from distressed tenants who have rented West facing shops and are experiencing substantial losses, leading them to conclude that West-facing orientations are unfavorable for businesses.

This above image illustrates that if a shop is constructed in such a manner, how can occupants feel content? Failing to seek Vastu advice before committing to such properties often leads to significant worries later on.

A Critical Oversight: Examining the Pitfalls of West-Facing Shops

vastu shastra for shop facing west in hindiThis image perfectly illustrates how a small mistake can wreak havoc on a life. Some people, confident in their knowledge of Vastu, rush into acquiring shops with an expanded Southeast without considering the consequences (to identify the SE extension, please observe the red arrows). They then face losses and blame Vastu, advising against taking shops facing West. Ultimately, their approach leads to destruction. Is this a mistake or a fault? They need to reflect on this themselves. Observe this image. What exactly happend with this shop.

This shop also faces West; take a moment to carefully examine its structure. If nothing stands out at first, look closer at the East direction wall of this shop. Notice how the wall extends towards the Southeast, resulting as this is said to be Northeast truncated. Such a design leads to the loss of Eastern Northeast or the extension of Southeast, typically causing significant distress to the occupants.

These structural issues can be challenging to detect, often requiring the keen eye of an expert. Collaborating with expert can help secure a more prosperous future for shop owners.

Some properties feature extensions in multiple directions, including Northern Northeast, Northeast, Eastern Northeast, North (inclined shops), Northern Northwest, Northwest, Western Northwest, West (inclined shops), Western Southwest, Southwest (inclined shops), Southern Southwest, South (inclined shops), Southern Southeast, Southeast, Eastern Southeast, East (inclined shops), and others. Exercise caution when selecting such properties.

Northern Northeast Extended West Shop

Northeast Extended west shopYour keen attention to this detail is highly valued. Take note of this particular shop with a Northern Northeast extension, which typically enhances the positive ambiance. Such extensions foster a strong appeal for positivity, likely increasing the expected business performance and cash flow. This, in turn, boosts the overall satisfaction and happiness of the management.

Eastern Northeast Extended West Shop

Eastern Northeast Extended west shopYour meticulous attention to this record is highly valued. Take note of this outstanding shop, which features a Eastern Northeast extension. Such extensions typically enhance good attraction and positive atmosphere, significantly boosting the shop’s appeal and attractiveness in terms of latest stocks, supportive staff to the customers. This positioning helps achieve expected business outcomes and facilitates required cash inflows, ultimately increasing the management's satisfaction and happiness.

Inclined Northern Northeast Extended West Shop

inclined Northern Northeast extended west shopYour thorough examination of this image is highly valued. Observe the shop that extends gently toward the Northern Northeast, which marked with green color arrows, such a layout typically raises the positive energy and considerably increases its appeal to favorable influences. This configuration is expected to lead to desired business results and improved revenue flow, thus increasing the satisfaction of the management team. In many instances, the management may feel encouraged by the success and consider opening another branch.

Inclined Eastern Northeast Extended West Shop

skewed Eastern Northeast extended west shopYour detailed analysis of this image is greatly appreciated. Note the shop's gradual expansion towards the Eastern Northeast; this design naturally boosts positive vibes and significantly enhances its attractiveness to beneficial forces. This arrangement is anticipated to achieve favorable business outcomes and elevate financial performance, thereby boosting management's contentment. Often, such success might motivate the management to explore opening additional locations. Generally, this shop is likely to earn a positive reputation within the community.

Guadual Eastern Northeast Extended West Shop

inclined Northern Northeast extended west shopDid you find the precise, gradual Northeast extension of this shop? (carefully observe the green arrows) Its nuanced extension toward the exact Northeast boosts the overall atmosphere and significantly attracts favorable energies. This configuration is designed to fulfill business goals and amplify financial returns, increasing the management team's fulfillment. Frequently, such achievements motivate the management to consider expanding with new branches. Generally, this leads to noticeable satisfaction within the enterprise.

Unveiling the Mysteries of West-Facing Shops

mysterious West shopSome individuals believe they have perfectly applied Vastu principles to their west-facing shop, yet often, they see poor results and end up blaming Vastu, claiming it doesn't work for everyone. However, the hidden detail here is that their shop is not truly west-facing but slightly askew, a nuance many entrepreneurs overlook. This lack of detailed understanding leads them to hastily commit to these west-facing locations, ultimately resulting in financial losses and wasted effort.

Why Do West Facing Shops Often Fail to Deliver Positive Outcomes?

why west shop failMany owners assume they have flawlessly implemented Vastu in their west-facing shops, yet they frequently encounter disappointing outcomes and consequently criticize Vastu, asserting it isn't universally effective. The overlooked detail is that their shops are not precisely west-facing but are instead misaligned, a subtlety that escapes numerous business owners. This gap in comprehensive insight often precipitates premature commitments to these properties, culminating in economic setbacks and squandered resources. Surprisingly, it is true that occasionally, such shops can yield excellent results.

Negative Street Influence on West Facing Shops

street focus to West facing shopAs previously mentioned, even a minor error can devastate an entire business. In the case of this West-facing shop, despite appearances, the protrusion into the road has resulted in two detrimental street focuses: a Northern Northwest road impact and a Southern Southwest road thrust. Both are highly unfavorable. Under these conditions, management often finds it challenging to maintain stability within the business. A small oversight can lead to significant harm. Relying solely on personal understanding can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Ideal Restroom Layout for West Facing Shops

Restroom position for West facing shopIn today's retail environment, every store typically requires a restroom, which proves essential for customer convenience. Without a restroom, patrons might hesitate to return, particularly given prevalent health conditions like diabetes, which can increase the need for frequent bathroom use. Therefore, ensuring that every shop includes a restroom to accommodate multiple visitors is crucial. As shown in this image, the restroom is positioned in the southeast, a location deemed appropriate according.

While some properties yield positive outcomes, many do not. Before acquiring a property, verify that it does not have any negative street focus. To understand what street focus entails, here’s a link to Street Focus. If the property is affected by street focus, it’s crucial to consult with an expert as a mandatory step. Remember to prioritize this advice.

Question on West Facing Shop

Sir, I am willing to purchase one plot for shop cum residence. It's of 16ft*15ft west facing. In half of the front of the shop area, there is one voltage transformer is there at a distance of abt 15 ft far from the plot. It is one lantered. One side shutter and the entrance gate is placed. We just want to confirm that is it safe to purchase it? is there some negative affect on me, my family n my business? pls suggest - "B" - Amritsar - Punjab State - India.

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+3 #14 West Facing Textile shop VastuNilkanth Kumar 2023-05-16 10:04
Dear Sir, we have come across your website and truly admire it as an invaluable source of Vastu information. Your substantial efforts in compiling this extensive data and offering complimentary services to diverse individuals within society is praiseworthy. We are the owners of a textile shop that has unfortunately been performing poorly for the last three years, a period that commenced before the onset of COVID. We recognize the global challenges, but our concern is that there might be certain Vastu issues with our shop. The Northeast section of our shop features a toilet, and the Southwest portion has a floor depression. We have invested approximately 2.25 crores into this venture, yet we're not seeing profitable returns, rather we are enduring a monthly loss in interest. We eagerly await your advice and look forward to any suggestions you might have to help improve our situation.
+12 #13 Vastu for furniture showroom facing westRuby Madan 2018-05-05 09:54
Dear sir, vastu for furniture showroom facing west is it good.
-1 #12 GoyalAnkesh 2017-09-08 12:44
Hi I have taken a shop on rent it's facing is 238degree southwest is it good according vastu
Pls tell me the following point
1 god placement
2 entrance door
3 trial room
4 toilet
5 cash counter
6 store room
7 heavy stock
8 light stock
9 customer facing when we show our products

Waiting for ur reply
+8 #11 tips for west facing shopChinmay Kumar Patra 2017-06-11 13:07
Sir I have a shop on rented and shop face is west direction, another door is south west corner but it is not main gate. Main gate is 9fit in west side so ineed your help for bastu tips.
+9 #10 West facing shopShanoj Madhavab 2017-05-10 06:06
I have got shop room on the first floor of a building facing west with the stair case from north. Also the building is facing a mosque. What are the precautions to be taken as per vastu
+1 #9 Restaurant facing westpraveen 2016-11-21 17:09
i m opening a KFC type of shop where the cash counter will be somewhere in the center. please suggest me the entrance and cash counter location along with kitchen location
+3 #8 vastu for West facing shop and staircase arrangementbishwajit 2016-09-06 17:30
Were to build stair case if the shop is facing west with two shuttering the west opening and one on north opening
+16 #7 Want vastu help on West facing rectangular shopKumar jain 2016-05-18 06:44
I am Mayur Jain from Hyderabad. I have rented a shop just few days back. Its a West facing rectangular shop. Frontage 10ft by length 20ft. This is a t junction shop itseems opposite to the shop there is a Lane it's West side and North West side it's 310 degrees I would like to ask weather I can proceed with the shop. I want to set up a small mini super market type over there. I would be highly delighted if u help me with that.
+4 #6 staircase for west facing shopGOVINDA 2015-12-25 05:02
My shop is facing west .where should be the staircase(posit ion and direction to go upstair? staircase should from inside the shop.
+5 #5 Mr.Mr. Sethi 2015-08-07 12:21
I have taken a west facing shop on rent. I have to decide on the entrance of the shop. So kindly advise me the correct placement of the entrance door. Also please advise if the door should open from the left side or right ( I mean the fixing of the door).
Mr. Sethi
+2 #4 Mrs.Shweta 2015-07-18 11:24
My shop is a west facing shop but the main entrance is at southwest. It is a kidswear shop. But I can not change the entrance. Is there any way that the Vasatu dosh can be corrected by placing anything anywhere as renovating is not possible right now.
+7 #3 Southwest Corner Entrance For West ShopsJayesh R 2015-04-29 02:43
Pranam Guruji, Myself Jayesh Raka, God's graces, you provided excellent information here, thank u so much. I am going to start two wheeler service station in Pune region. MY shop main entrance is exactly at SOUTHWEST corner. There is open space in front of entrance. There is one metal stairs in southwest - west corner. As I know that southwest corner is govern by Rahu & Ketu. and are popular for iron products. And my business is related to two wheeler service station and their spare parts. So whether this entrance will affect my business. Please give me your suggestion, so that I can change the interior and can get good profit and business. Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance
+4 #2 sharmaDilip sharma 2014-08-31 05:05
Sirji, my shop face toward west side so what should be the color of my counter, and the face of the owner should be in North. Your website is very good.
+3 #1 West facing shops vastu in HindiChandan 2014-05-20 12:05
Respected Suresh Ji, We are looking for Hindi language west facing shop content. Can you please release Hindi language vastu content. Thx.
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