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Vastu for Windows | Ventilator Placements

Vastu for Windows Windows should be opposite to the doors so that the positive cycles could be completed. This provides happiness and progress to the family. If there is any wrong placement of door in a house, then the window should not be opposite to that door, otherwise, the negative cycle will complete and there is a possibility of more negative results. The ventilator is a small part in a window which is generally useful to fix at toilets/bathrooms/godowns/basements

What are the best placements for Windows in our House:

Below are some guidelines for Windows vastu.

Do's & Don'ts

East direction is the best place for windows.

Northeast is superior for windows placement.

North direction is excellent and suitable place for windows.

Get suggestions from an expert vastu master to keep windows exactly at Southeast and northwest.

Can We Plan Windows At West Direction:

We can plan to keep windows in West direction. Best to keep small windows at West direction. Better to avoid West direction windows if there is an extensive open land at West.

Is South Direction Is Good To Keep Windows:

Yes, residents can arrange windows at South direction, small windows are safe to keep at South direction. Another talk of the subject is if there is huge open space at South direction, then don't plan the windows to South direction walls.

SouthWest Direction Is Acceptable To Keep Windows:

Don't plan windows exactly at Southwest direction. Keeping windows is inevitable then keep only very small windows is recommended. Southwest is not the ideal location for installing windows.

For elaborated information, given information step-by-step.

A window is mainly a transparent or translucent opening in a wall or door that allows the passage of light and if not closed or sealed, air and sound. Windows are usually glazed or covered in some other transparent or translucent material like a float glass. Windows are held in place by frames, which hold them firmly in place. Many glazed windows may be opened, to allow ventilation, or closed, to exclude inclement weather.

The windows at North direction wall towards the Northeast should be lengthy and wide. So that air from northeast towards North side will flow into the house. This air is good to the residents, Air, light, and sunlight from this window flow into the house will develop energy and other related powers.

The windows at East direction wall towards Northeast should be lengthy and wide. So that air from Northeast towards East side will flow into the house. Air, light, and sunlight from this window flow into the house will develop energy and other related powers.

We should not place the Windows at Southwest directions as it harms maximum level to the inhabitants, air, light, etc from this window cause harmful to the residents. Someone expresses in vastu windows discussion is not important, might be, but in some cases, windows play something important role in the house, the placement of windows, the length, width of the windows are all countable.

Misconception On Number of Windows

Many residents asking about the importance of number of windows in vastu. Today also we are getting such questions, still in this fast technology growing world.

You are aware that most of the old people and traditional vastu shastra consultants say that the number of the windows is most important and windows number should come only 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12, etc like this even number. But windows number should not come 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, please note that Vastu is not a mystery or faith, it’s a science.

Just forget about a number of windows, place the windows as per your requirement. If the property was built by mud (You are well aware that in olden days homes are built with mud, lime soil, etc), in this case, we may count the windows, but nowadays we are constructing the properties with cement, so no need to count the windows.

Bigger windows are recommended towards North, East, Northeast, medium size windows are recommended towards Northwest and Southeast Areas, small windows are recommended towards West and South sides no windows are recommended towards Southwest parts.

Based on the construction and surroundings one may go for bigger windows towards South and West directions. Before fixing the windows better to show the property to one best expert vastu consultant, he will guide you the good recommendations.

Some times (This matter from www.subhavaastu.com) windows play a vital role in properties, based on surroundings. It must be ensured that doors, windows are fixed face to face in the opposite direction.

The orients have assigned area importance to windows i.e., to have two windows on either side of the main entrance. But, in these days, it is not possible, as the houses are small to hold two windows.

When there is a South entrance door home, there must be a door exact opposite to the North or Northeast-north corner, if not possible for door at North or Northeast-north then fix a bigger window.

How Many Types Of Windows Are Available

French Window

Single-hung sash window

Double-hung sash window

Horizontal sliding sash window

Casement window

Awning window

Oriel window

Thermal window

Fixed window

Picture window

Multi-lit window

Stained glass window

Hopper window

Tilt and turn window

Tilt and slide window

Transom window

Jalousie window

Skylight Window

SubhaVaastu Website

Roof window

Roof lantern window

Bay window

Clerestory window

French window

Emergency exit window

Solar Window

Door Type Window

Double windows door

Top window

Window Ventilator.

Vertical window.

Double pane windows.

Wooden windows are very good for thermal resistance, but maintenance is costly. Wood cost is also high. Vinyl or PVC thermal resistance is very good. low maintenance, low cost. Aluminum, thermal resistance is bad, nil maintenance, very low cost, that is why many apartments are now using only Aluminum windows for flats. Steel windows are superior in durability and very low maintenance but costly. There are many other windows are famous like fiber glass etc, its also very low maintenance.

Is Big Size East Windows Are Good?

Windows VastuThis is a bigger size window towards East wall. This size windows are recommended towards East and North direction walls. (boundary walls vastu).

South Facing Windows Vastu

Windows Vastu in HindiGenerally, the South direction will be the main entrance for the South facing homes. For South facing homes, having one door at backyard like towards North direction is recommended for the residential homes. For commercial property such rule may be relaxed (having is a good idea for commercial property too). If in a house there is not a possibility to fix a door towards North direction then atleast window may be fixed. Check the below image.

Window placement instead of Door at North Direction

Vastu for WindowsIn this image, we can find a window towards North direction, this is good idea, if placing a door is not possible.

Which is the Best Window Place for West Facing Home?

Windows Vastu in TeluguEast direction is the best suitable location to keep windows for west facing home. Right now, any resident thought what is the remedy for the West main entrance door, then keeping one door towards East direction will ward off evil effects of West door problems if there is any. Actually, west door is auspicious. If keeping door is not possible then install a big window to East wall. Recommended bigger window than the West door in length should be fixed quite opposite.

Window Combined With Door is Good or Bad

Windows Vastu in TamilSome residents enquiring about whether the doors attached window is good or not?, this system of having window with door is good idea. There is nothing wrong. We are collecting feedback from many residents about this windows with doors. Even two windows with door is also no problem. We seen many of such kind.

Is It Good if Window Attached to the Entrance Door?

vastu for windows in TamilHaving windows with entryway is smart thought. Two windows with main entrance door or single window with entry door is likewise promising with auspicious results to the residents. This method may not be auspicious for Southwest facing homes.

Having Curtains to Windows is Important?

window in southWindow curtains, which are extremely good appearance in our home. The window curtains should be very costly and grand look. Please use only luxury curtains for your home windows. Don't entertain cheap curtains.

Curtains Are Most Important for Windows

windows in west directionPlease note that, if a home has windows, then please use curtains. The curtains are most important. Side view of the same above window curtain. This is three curtain hanger. There are many types of window curtains are now available. We published some categories below. These bigger windows are used and recommended towards North or East directions.

Southwest Window

southwest window vastuThis kind of small window is recommending at Southwest rooms, better to used to close this window always, if it is mandate to open then open for a while and close it once your purpose is completed to open.

Different Curtain Types

Panel pair curtain, single panel curtain, window treatment set curtains, valance curtain, window scarf curtains, liner curtains, opacity sheer curtains, semi-opaque curtains, blackout curtains, rod pocket curtains, grommet and eyelet curtains, tab top curtains, hidden tab curtains, casual curtains, classic curtains, contemporary curtains, modern curtains.

The material can be used as cotton, velvet, linen, silk, lace, burlap, synthetic, etc.

There are some curtain patterns like floor, puddle, floor touch patterns.

Huge Windows at Home

North windows VastuPlease check this bigger windows. In this home civil work is going on. This is very big home. This window is at East wall and followed with one door towards balcony only. This window measurement is 10 feet.

North Wall Windows

vastu for doors and windowsHere check the big windows towards North facing of a mini apartment.

Complete Windows towards Northeast of East to the Home

positioning of windows in vastuConstruction is going on for this home. Please oberve very big windows to this home. We have to say this is not windows, this is actually, glass walls to the home. This system is most auspicious for Northeast of east walls or Northeast of north wall. Excellent idea, this is villa. Photo taken from Southeast direction.

Huge Windows to North Wall

vastu remedy for south facing windowsThis photo taken in a small village, but the windows are very big in size in a finance building. These windows were fixed towards North wall. Good decision. Their finance company is running very good. Total 9 partners, even today, no disputes and continued progress.

We recommended corrections based only on the surroundings. Every property does not have the same and exact surroundings. Please keep it in your mind before doing corrections or purchasing the properties. In vastu shastra every part is important and having great significance.

There is four walls in every room, door is fixed to one wall this is compulsory or two doors may be a necessity in a room, this may be natural for some homes. One window is good to a room, two windows are very good, three windows are excellent, four windows are superior. Please note that all windows should be fixed based on vastu principles only.

Due to the number of windows or doors, cross ventilation arises, good and fresh air flow passes into house, bad odor will go out. This is a perfect system. If possible residents should have very big windows to welcome fresh air into their property.

Our body and some food items produce bad odor. It is mandatory that the bad odor has to go out immediately, we can't open the doors always due to certain reasons if sufficient windows arranged to the home then, bad odor will go out and fresh air come inside. This leads to Good health.

That is the concept of Vaastu. If health is good then we may achieve anything. Bigger windows release good ventilation, air, vision, light, etc, if there is continued airflow then residents will get relax and healthy, peace will automatically stand in the queue to reach you.

There Are Three Windows in the Same Window Frame Will They Be Counted as 1 or 3

If there maybe 2 or 3 wings to a window, but it is counted as only one window. No one is counting the wings of a window. Normally, our elders and vastu masters counting only windows not wings in a window.

+6 #12 Vastu for windowsJattani Poonam 2017-06-06 15:25
Respected sir, your site is having awesome substance. We are so grateful for your liberal administrations to society. Fantastic. I appreciate. Please continue your writings on ventilators for upstair floor. How to arrange windows and ventilators for kitchen, master bedroom, common toilet, South room, at kitchen sink place. What are the best window measurements?, how big they should be and how large they should be. Waiting for your kind reply.
+11 #11 Vastu remedies for Southwest windowsJaya 2017-01-11 10:53
Dear sir, I browsed many websites and finally stick to your website, it has huge content for the welfare of society. You will surely get all residents blessings sir. No one forgets your kind services and help, you are not expecting anything from all of us and publishing all good utilized information without any expectations. You are real guru. God bless you sir. I live on 6th floor in a flat. My north East corner is cut .but I put a mirror in northeast wall.is it OK? second, my two balconies are at South and Southwest directions. I want to cover them with sliding aluminum reflected mirror in blue color, am I doing right sir? and sliding is good or I should put the open window which is open outside. In both which is good. Please suggest to me.
+5 #10 Vastu for doors and windows in houseSagar 2016-11-03 06:20
Namaste sir, In the month of August 2016, my friend recommended me to visit this website for some vastu particulars. Now this is almost 3 months passed, still, there is a lot of links that needs to be checked. I figured the whole site will be perused inside 2 days as I heard this has gigantic and enormous articles which will be scritinized by 2 days. Following 3 months passing likewise, I can't peruse a few segments, WOW, what a biggest website it is. You made it like such a way. We owe you a great deal of services to entire community for the development through this website for your selfless & sacrificial aid. I know how agonizing to run a site without ads and any income. God bless you sir. What are the bad effects of having three or more aligned openings in a house? I believe it is not good. But I need to know the vastu reasons. If u can send this via a mail too, it would be more helpful.
+4 #9 All window positions as per VastuMansi Satelkar 2016-07-23 08:27
Respected sir, after having interaction with your website, I have considerable hopes that you will publish all secrets of vastu for windows here. We need your knowledge sir. It has to be respected, sir, I am ready to spare some amount for this website development. Let me know how to help you. I did not find any bank details, your contact number. Would like to share this website to all of my circles. Will share into many groups. We have big window in South, small window in Southeast, a small window and in Southwest, kindly advise all windows positions in our entire home.
+7 #8 7 windows are good as per vastuRamanujam 2015-12-29 10:36
Hi sir, I appreciate your website services to all inhabitants without any limitations or constraints. Good to know by seeing quality content site. Please guide, in my newly constructing home before the main entrance one guest room is there. I am so interested to help to this website development. How to do further. That door as to be taken in to account or not. if not 6 windows. if it added into account then it comes 7 windows, let me know, having 7 windows are good as per vastu.
+5 #7 Vastu for windows in bedroom cornersKrishna Prasad 2015-12-29 10:03
Respected sir, generally I'll have a great number of queries regarding Vastu so I met one Vastu pandit and felt this is not the principled way for the consultancy, because I didn't find worthful for the money I'm spending on him. So I entered into the sea of knowledge i.e., Google in order to find experts like you. In my tracking, I discovered Subhavaastu increasingly useful and I was stunned by realizing that you are providing the free services to the one in need. Later I came to know about your genuineness towards the work. You proved me wrong that, not every consultant is working for money, I learned that there are few pandits in this world, who still, worked for society development. Sir, I have spent countless money on correcting my house till date and I'm regretting now my expenses went into dustbin. I should not search for cheap consultant, the results will be dodgy. From now onwards, I will take consultancy only from the people who interested to change society from misfortunes. I wish to invite you to do corrections to my home. But did not find any contact number here. Still, surprised how extraordinary meaning of your thoughts for the contributions and participation for the betterment of all of us. Welcome sir. I am not a compromised person, I need to make my entire how vastu compatible. Looking for whole windows position in our home including windows in bedroom corners. Further, sir, please update corner windows in all bedrooms and all rooms. Your writings save us from wrong decisions.
+3 #6 What is the Best Number of Windows in a Home as Per VastuSamuel 2015-12-29 10:02
Dear sir, in my home 14 doors and 17 windows and 2 ventilators are placed? is it correct or any suggestions needed. Is we need to alter windows, like add another window or need to remove. Both are not possible sir. Actually, we are doing well in this home from past 12 years. One of my friend who knows some vastu, expressed his views that having 17 windows constantly create problems to the males of the home with health and finances. But fortunately, we are really good in this home. Sir, your website is an eye-opener. I am so indebted to you for clearing my doubts and fear. I am now totally relaxed after reading your website windows articles. I never change any windows right now. Jesus always bless you for your peaceful and bright life. I will also pray on your behalf.
+15 #5 Can we consider Toilet ventilators as a WindowSriram 2015-05-13 11:07
Athmeeya Dhanyajeevi, so proud you sir. Yours is the most pretty attractive and marvelous informative website. Congratulations on having such a heavenly & divine website. Your guidance is most appreciated, laudable, and praiseworthy. I respect your step-by-step guidance on windows vastu. Please do write about Vastu for Ventilators. Is really ventilators playing a key role in vastu?.
+5 #4 Vastu for Ventilators & WindowsJagannath Sharma 2015-05-13 11:07
Dear Sir, Your's is a knowledgeable website having filled with logic. Thank you very much sir. Only painful thing is that, I am unable to find your contact phone number. Anyway to spread this wisdom, wish to suggest all of my friends to browse this website. Do we need to consider a toilet and kitchen ventilators and exhaust fan opening as a window for window counting, please provide your suggestion.
+4 #3 7 windows in a home is considered to be badRevathi 2015-04-13 16:01
Pandit ji namaste, your website is very helpful for people like us, very simple and easy to understand with images, they makes it, even more, simpler the complex of things to understand. Sir, let me know is having 7 windows in the home is not opportune for the residents. These windows are fixed to, Main door, Bed room 1 door, Bed room 2 door, Bathroom door, Attached bedroom bathroom door, Pooja Room door, Bolcany door - This balcony door window is attached. Kindly, suggest is it considered as a window or door.
+14 #2 Window style as per vastuLavkumar 2014-12-23 13:04
Respected sir, very nice to know about your bountiful services, these makes us good turn in our life, sir, very kind of you. As per vastu can a square opening fixed with uPVC frame and glass without any opening considered as a window. I have a rectangular opening of 4x3 towards north side of my kitchen to allow light to kitchen. If I fix the same with fixed glass without any opening will it be considered as a window as per vastu.
+5 #1 Vastu for window and ventilatorSowmya 2014-10-25 07:43
Good Morning, Namaste sir, thank you for this aesthetic, elaborated and distinguished vastu knowledge. You should live 100 years. Is it compulsory to place a ventilator above the window? can we place a window at one side of the wall and ventilator at another end of the wall in the same room. Please reply me as soon as possible.
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