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26 Images On Vastu for Septic Tank | Cesspool | Cell pit

Septic tank has to be constructed or located as per vastu shastra, septic tank is also called as Cesspool or Cesspit an underground reservoir of wastage and an underground constructed container for the temporary storage of liquid sewage or waste pit conservancy tank or covered cistern which can be used to dispose of urine and feces or poop and more generally of all sewage, discharges and refuse.

It is a more antiquated solution that a sewer system. Traditionally, it was a deep cylindrical chamber dug into the earth, having approximate dimensions of 1 meter and 2-3 meters depth.

Their appearance was similar to that of hand-dug water well. Many residents in previous days have constructed the septic tank at South, West, Southwest, Vayavya (Northwest) corners, and the septic tank should be constructed in the Paishacha area, the open area all around the building.

It should not be exactly in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest and Brahamsthana.

Any faulty construction of septic tank in the northeast may spoil the ground water sources.

Its foul smell, mixed with benefit solar and magnetic radiations will enter the house. In the Southeast, the kitchen is considered best. The activities of creation in the kitchen don’t match with the activities of destruction in the septic tank.

In olden days there was no septic tank for toilets. Today they have become necessary. For modern septic tanks a pit has to be dug.

Location is to be in the North or East. In no other direction should it be sunk. If latrine is planned for in the east, away from eastern compound wall in line with the house, without touching its wall. The pit has to be sunk in the east measuring half the area.

South west is the most suitable place for toilets. This is recorded in our ancient texts. Modern writers have transported the same in their book, because they lack experience. Septic tank should be arranged in the north without touching compound or house, in the middle of the open area.

Similarly in the East also. Latrines without pits can be there in the south west. No harm, but they should be in height position than the ground level of the house flooring.

First preference has to be placed to constructed the septic tank is middle East or middle north only. The remaining parts are not yet suggested.

But today a pit is required for septic tanks, but then a pit in the south west is wrong as per vaastu. Not only wrong but very harmful. If latrine is planned in the south west it should be on a higher level without pit and pit can be arranged in one half of the north.

Or in one half of the east. If latrine is planned for northwest it should not touch north wall and compound wall. A room should be built alongside the house and also septic tank can be in one half of the north.

Toilets can be arranged as shown in the models here. The latrine can face any direction but W.C. should be invariable to north and south. It is the best direction. It should never be towards east. It is not proper nor it is auspicious. Perfection vastu for home is always advisable

septic tank- www.subhavaastu.comThere is a legend in the Ramayana which is worth mentioning here. Rama went in exile into forests along with Sita and Laxmana at the command of Dasaratha. Bharata returns from his grandfather’s place. He was pained to know that people suspected him for the exile of Rama. Then he swore “I”d fall into the worst place where people relieve themselves against the sun defiling the Lord, go”. So east is sacred. Evidence in Ayurveda also supports this. Latrines (WC or Western Commode) and bathrooms can be arranged inside the house as shown in this diagram.

Now let us see where the toilet septic tanks has to be placed in our house.

Once we visited one Collector Bungalow, there we found that the septic tank has placed at southwest part of the compound. The effect of this septic tank at that place turned to instability to the Officer, that is why no one has completed at least 2 years in that Collector Bungalow. If the same septic tank has came at southwest part of general public property, what happens ? ..

Vastu for Septic TankNow check the septic tank placements: -

In some places people called this sewage water as waste water. Anyway placement is the important for us now.

Now observe the house, here directions shown. Please keep it in mind, it helps in further images, anyway we have cleary mentioned the directions in every image.

Vaastu for Septic TankFor your information only we have taken the North direction with an example dimensions like 100 feet or more than 30 meters. Generally in India most of the properties does not have more than 100 feet dimensions, but in several other countries it is very common that having more than 100 feet dimension plots.

Vasthu for Septic TankFor our understanding purpose we have taken the East direction dimension as 50 feet say about approximately 16 meters. Please note that the dimensions are only for your kind understanding purpose. The dimensions are not for scale.

Vaasthu for Septic TankDivide the property in four equal parts, (here we done the same, but it may not correct as per scale, and the image equal parts are approximately divided)

Waste Water at North directionIn North direction the septic tank has placed or constructed, near to the North wall. and very far to the center of the plot. Please keep it in mind.

Waste water at East DirectionHere the Septic Tank has placed near to the East and far from the center of the plot. Have you observe the East division center mark and septic tank center mark, may be the equal. This is the perfection of placement of septic tanks, like wise in North direction plot also the septic tank has placed, for more info, please observe the above image once.

Brahmastan wrong placement of septic tankThe septic tank has near to the center point and far from the East direction. This is the wrong placement. Please note that septic tank always near to the East or North directions only. Regarding the dimensions residents are advice to consult one expert vastu consultant and procure the right information.

Southwest wrong constructionThe red mark shown at the Southwest part of the property. At any cost the septic Tank should not be placed in Southwest part of the property, it leads to several bad effects to the residents or to the properties. In commercial properties also septic Tank (ST) should not be placed at Southwest portions. It may leads to financial crisis, accidents, bad habits, some times it causes to death, insecure feelings and much more.

Northeast STNow we are traveling into the subject depth. The images shown in the website are approximate and for your kind information purpose only, it is not according to the scale. Please remind the same for further below study.

Here one red mark has shown in Northeast portion of the property and the same has not marked in two sides, those are the northwest and southeast parts of the northeast portion.

We should not place or construct the ST at northeast portion of the property.

Northwest portion for septic tankHere Northwest portion shown with red mark and northeast portion of the northwest portion is not covered with red colour, it means the place is good for septic tank.

Southeast portion for STHere Southeast portion shown with red mark and northeast portion of the Southeast portion is not covered with red color, it means the place is good for septic tank.

Brahmasthan Placement - wrong constructionCenter place in a plot is not good for septic tank construction. Please avoid in constructing the ST at center place or Brahmasthan.

Exact location for Septic Tank at North directionApproximate exact portion of the Septic Tank at North portion. We shown ST with the help of some lines, in which the exact portion for constructing the ST. The place here is called as North portion of the Plot.

Please note that before taking any decision, it is suggested that better to approach one expert vaastu consultant for secured future.

Exact location for Septic Tank at East directionApproximate exact portion of the Septic Tank at East portion. We shown ST with the help of some lines, in which the exact portion for constructing the ST. The place here is called as East portion of the Plot.

House and northwest portions parallel space for STThink that a house is constructed at Southwest portion of a plot and the ST has to be constructed at north or east portion as mentioned in the above images, some times it is not possible to construct the Septic Tank at north or east portions. Then we have to find out the second placement of portion which is best suitable for ST. Please observe the line which parallel to the house and Septic tank. This is the second best placement or constructing of the ST.

Southeast House and STHere also at East side, the second best opt for constructing the Septic Tank. Observe the line parallel to the house and ST. The Septic tank has not crossed the House South wall.

Wrong placement of septic tank at Southeast portionThe wrong placement of the Septic Tank at East direction. The ST crossed the line of South wall of the house. It is wrong.

Wrong placement of Septic tank at Northwest portionHere the Septic tank has crossed the West wall of the house. This is wrong placement of Septic Tank at north direction.

Distance between House and Septic Tank at North directionPlease observe the wrong placement of the Septic tank at North direction. Observe the space which we provide for the ST at north, lesser space in between House and ST and more space in between the ST and North wall. This is wrong placement of ST.

Right dimension of STHere right placement of the Septic tank at North direction. Observe the space which we provide for the ST at north, more space in between House and ST and lesser space in between the ST and North wall. This is right placement of ST.

East direction right placement of STSame as above, here in East direction, more space in between House and Septic Tank and lesser space at ST and East boundary wall.

wrong placement of septic tank at east directionThe wrong placement or construction of Septic Tank at East direction. We should not provide more space in between the ST and East wall. It is wrong.

Please note that these images are not according to the scale. So don't follow these same principles as per your property dimensions, because dimensions are too important while constructing the ST.

Water sump and Septic Tank vastu shastraThe depth secret here works with Septic tank and water storage sump. The water storage sump at Northeast portion of the property is very good. But we must calculate each and every thing before constructing several facilitation in our property. The septic tank and water sump should not be constructed very near to each other, we must provide more distance between them. So what we do now, please observe the below image. It will clarify this doubt. If the water sump and Septic tank are very near then there is a possibility of mixing the dung with water, it is too danger for humans. So be careful before constructing the septic tank and water storage sumps.

Right placement of water sump and septic tankHere the Septic tank placed at same East direction and the water sump has changed to northeast north side. In above image the Water sump is at northeast east side. Provide more space in between ST and water sump.

Northeast East water sumpThe same principle applies at North direction. ST here constructed at North direction and water sump placed towards northeast East direction it is not at northeast north direction.

There are several secrets in placement of the Septic Tank in the properties, before constructing the ST, we must calculate the dimensions of the property, in some properties the dimensions may be 100 meters or 200 meters at north direction and 100 or 200 meters at East direction, at that moment or in those cases how to construct the ST, shall we consider the entire site dimension or only house dimensions, so it is better to consult one expert before taking the decision. Vastu shastra provides several house construction tips if we follow them we enjoy security and happiness. The exact Septic Tank position or location is too important and it will be managed by an Expert or very well known mason (Mestri). A small Vasthu Shastra Tip may change your life.

Toilet/bathroom construction on top of the Septic Tank:

Why we should not construct the toilet on top of the Septic tank, any construction either it may be septic tank or any other structure should not construct on sump or septic tank, because the structure may damage in the future and the gases farmed in the septic tank will reach easily to the structure if there is any holes etc. If the structure is good, like the structure is constructed with RCC, then there is no need of worry on this issue, we should remind one thing here, that the structure should be strong and there should not be any leakage and it should not be damaged at any cost, then no issues at all. You may construct the structure on septic tank. Please note that this structure should only be toilet, it should not be any other room. If there is any other rooms, what shall we do then, same principles applies, that there should not be any leakage and recommending for only strong structures. Thanks to Saravanan - Tiruvallur - Tamilnadu - India.

Closing Northeast Septic Tank:

Respected sir, we used old septic tank situated at northeast side. One vasthu experts visited in our land and advised me to remove the septic tank from here to North West corner side. As per his advise, I have built new one in Northwest corner. Old one is still northeast side without usage. Please advise me whether correct or not and your valuable advise me sir, please sir. - Antony - Kerala.

Dear Mr. Antony, if you changed the Septic Tank from Northeast to Northwest then first ask labour to cleanup entire NE quadrant, ask them to remove the entire tank mud and clean it. Leave it for 11 days minimum with having secured lid or grill on it. Later fill it with water and clean it and make one water storage sump and use that water to your garden trees. Anyway the exact Northwest corner ST is not suggested, we hope you have taken complete precaution in constructing the new ST. Wish you all the best sir.

On a small South facing plot where is a little gap between the house wall and the compound wall is it ok to have water sump under the house in North East direction and septic tank in West North West? Due to lack of space elsewhere both would come under the house. Some people say having under the house is not good. But in modern days since these are covered I assume it is okay. Could you please confirm Thanks - Pradeep - Chennai.

+4 #22 Mr.Syed Asifuddin 2018-09-21 05:39
Sir, I have a old open plot 36'x45' south road face 36'... in this plot septic tank constructed 30 years ago, septic tank at south east... 6' from east and 2' from south , south face road can I use this septic tank as per vastu
-4 #21 south west toilet drain onlykk 2018-09-05 03:24
hai sir
i have taken bathroom attached with toilet as per vastu, but chambers i made nortnwest to south side ending to drainout pipe to southest , is it fiesable to have the drain pipes in this line, as dinking water lines are placed in north east side
-1 #20 Septic tankSaurabh 2017-08-15 18:22
Sir namaskar my room is above septic tank IM living in the for last 10 yrs somebody digested me to advise from expert it is properly marbled and direction is Nw area is 10 by 13 and shape is also rectatriangular . Pls send advise
-1 #19 Toilet tank at South East corner 1 feet away from wall.Lalit 2017-06-05 16:25
Sir, I want your kind advice regarding position of toilet tank in a newly built house that I want to buy . That have tank at SE direction and 1 foot inside from house wall . Can I go for it please suggest.
+3 #18 Water SumpBadri 2017-05-01 08:37
Dear Sir,
Our house was constructed 30 years before. We also had some modifications after that.
It is South facing Ground + 1 st Floor.
One portion in Ground and 2 portions in 1st floor.
Now we are planning to Modify and use our Old Septic Tank ( which was not in use for the past 6 years after the Sewage connection has been given) as water storage tank, which was in South East side.
Please advice is it ok any premises to be done to avoid Vasthu problems.
+3 #17 Vastufor septic tankManjunath 2017-04-15 03:19
Sir my house is East facing and I have place only East and South side only pls suggest for septic tank where making
+4 #16 VASTHUV.MAHESWARARAO 2017-04-13 17:04
So nice
0 #15 SW septic tank remedialAbhishek 2017-03-30 16:58
Septic tank of my house is located touching the southern boundary and 6ft away from Western boundary wall almost in SW corner.pls suggest remedial action.regards
-1 #14 Septic TankDEEPAK MALHOTRA 2017-03-10 02:29
Our shops are East facing and we need to make septic Tank for office ,which is the right place?
+1 #13 Helpful explanationSaurav K Bhardwaj 2017-02-02 14:44
So beautifully explained.
+1 #12 Sanitary waterSuma 2017-01-05 14:26
sanitary water can pass through North East side.
+3 #11 Septic tank at SouthwestANSON THOMAS 2016-11-24 01:32
currently i am leaving in a old home ,which was builded by my father's father .so it is more than 40 years old .Later my father made some alteration in our home by adding/converti ng a storeroom to bathroom which is located at south -west corner it was constructed before my birth .One more thing i need to tell you that in same location that is in our property septic tank also placed in the same south-west corner .

We currently faced so many diffculties like financially,hea lth problem ,death ,diseases,...wh at is the best solution to overcome any of this with less financial investment
+1 #10 vastumanoj 2016-11-03 07:32
my house septic tank out side but in north east vison please give remedy because no change to shift any where ny house in middle face
+3 #9 Septic tankVenkateswararao N N 2016-10-25 16:14
Sir, my house is west facing and we are residing on 1st floor. I placed the septic tank in southeast corner with stairs on top for getting to my house at 1st floor. And also I ve constructed bathroom under the stairs in connection with the compound wall. As such I can say from southeast corner the bathroom the stairs under which the septic tank is placed. Wat is the remedial action for me
-1 #8 Toilet over Septic TankNarayan Sarkar 2016-08-06 16:55
My septic tank shares house wall one side.It is at N-W position.Now im planning to construct toilet over ST.Is it Vastu fault? Plz reply.....
+3 #7 Sanitary pitBsreddy 2016-06-07 18:50
Mine is west facing newly constructing house already dug a water pit on the third part of NE. I am contemplating to dig a sanitary pit in the third part of NW,but it comes right in front of main entrance gate. Please suggest the right place
+3 #6 SARKARSIDDHARTHA 2015-04-16 10:36
if we make a septic tank in the north west side crossing the parallel line as shown in the above picture then what will be the bad effects please reply
+1 #5 SARKARSIDDHARTHA 2015-04-16 09:44
+1 #4 hazarikabiswajit 2014-12-08 14:16
in a plot of 117ftsx37fts,wi th open space of39fts on north,24fts on south,3.5fts on west,5fts on east, house facing north with garage on northwest door opening to north,both toilet on west with outlet on west,what will be location of septictank.
+2 #3 raniseema 2014-09-19 04:45
l have 37.5'×60'plot facing S(37.5')as per society rule l have to leave 12.5'inS,5'inN but in NW 1.5'space is left only,2'inW,3'in E.Though sewage pits are made on S facing road by society
,lneed to make sewage pit of 5'×5'.Where should l make it;my main gate would be inSE ofS.Where should be the earthing .
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