We are planning to publish Vaastu websites in all Indian Official Languages. India is a land of selfless people who are ever ready to pick up causes for social service. Through this message we request you to lend a hand for the successful completion of this project in terms of finances. We humbly take this opportunity to mention that our services to military personnel, all Indian government offices and freedom fighters have always been free. Don't chop the trees in the name of Vaastu as they are the heavenly elements. Trees form the basis for the potential development of a property, provide us a sense of security, in addition to helping us prosper in several ways such as education, peace, money.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Planting Trees - SubhaVaastu.com:

Trees vastuVastu for Trees here the meaning is supporting the heavenly Element creations. Don't cut trees in the name of Vastu Shastra. Trees bless us with all power related to our peaceful living. Who plant trees are said to be assistants to Almighty. God Love Trees. For happy future, continue on this planet human beings and other all creatures hugely require trees. The home with full of trees will enjoy peace of mind. There should some attraction which may attracts positive forces and further land will become cool. If the respected climate is cool, the negative power strength decreases. If the atmosphere (land, area, place) is hot the bad power (negative) increases its power.

Now a days Vastu is the most powerful and that spreads all over the country. Some vastu slyboots also recommending residents to "cut the trees" and further stated that "trees should not be in the homes", "Trees shadow should not fall on the house". In the name of vastu shastra many residents blindly lacerating trees and in some parts of the areas trees were almost vanished, unpleasant things were happens in this world and having passed out of existence of many creatures. We have to take care of this unlawful mad nature of some bad humans decisions or evil thoughts. The vastu consultants who don't have much knowledge on vastu shastra says that "trees shadow should not fall on homes". Actually Trees blesses home with attraction, eye lash spreads when huge trees occupied and further they makes the land cooling, good looking, smart in that area, royal touch, peace, cool shadows, particularly security feeling, education, good relations, life satisfaction, money, good name with smart fame, leadership or leadership qualities. To be frank if there is no trees, house lost its fancy looking. It may be clear that if a home has more trees resale value hugely extends.

What is the reason behind that the trees shadows should not fall on houses:

In olden days the houses are too big and they have proper space for planting trees. In those days our elders planted trees at available space in their premises compound open areas. Those houses are constructed with mud and related materials, they don't have knowledge on Cement, (Cement is invented only in the year 1824), if we construct the house with mud, then structure may not have more strength and may not be stronger. If we plant trees near to the houses, then the roots may damage the house structure. If the house structure disturbs then life become miserable. Construction/walls disturbance means the entire property is in a way to fail. So our elders feel that if the trees are near to the properties this may lead damage homes construction, this may be the reason that they created one point that "Trees shadow should not fall on house". Now cement came into existence, due to this cement pillar construction methods our constructions are very strong, and there is no need to worry about the structures and cracks. Anyway we must maintain some distance in between trees from house construction. There are many trees which spreads its roots to more distance and less distance, ask with your forest department people which tree is good for your home and not damaging the foundations or roots more spreader areas. We are also collecting wide information to publish here about which trees are recommended to plant in our homes. Trees are heavy weight, so many vastu consultants may inform you that Trees should plant only towards West, South, Southwest parts of the property. Please read the below narration.

Vaasthu Shastra Tips for TreesGenerally more open space towards North and East and lesser open space towards South and West directions is good. While it is so, the trees needs some spacious space to grow and they cover some area. If we don’t have certain space at West and South directions, then how it is possible to plant trees at West and South directions. Its absolutely impossible. Again these people say that we should not plant trees at North and East directions. Well, then where we have to plant trees at our house premises. If the argument is such a way then where have to plant trees in our boundary premises. Its almost tough to plant trees and residents has to forget about trees. Humans vanished the forests, no trees were planted and secured at outside of the towns, or cities. Some vastu people says we should not plant trees at homes, then where is the place for trees. And further home should be built towards Southwest. If in such case there is no way to plant trees in the home premises. We find solutions here to have the home to be planned towards Southwest and place for trees too. Finally some vastu people drag one point that there is no space for planting trees and trees shadow should not be fallen on house. So vastu is the main cause for vanishing trees, most of the residents has interest to plant trees in their boundary, due to some vastu people most of the residents unable to plant trees or fear to planting trees. Vastu Shastra curses on Trees. Here we should brake these principles and maintain feasibility and plantation and on the same way respect vastu shastra principles. Let us come to one amicable solution.

In Matsyapurana it is said that :

Ten Water wells are equal to one water tank

Ten water tanks are equal to one lake

Ten lakes are equal to one Son

Ten Sons are equal to one Tree.

The day was came, it has to be understood the importance of the trees on our planet, if humans goes on cutting trees then the day will come which has more worse in our life with natural calamities, Hud Hud like disastrous incidents, floods, famine, no rains etc, already we are facing many bad situations and we noticed about global warming and importance of trees and balancing the nature. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi requests at International seminars regarding global warming. Our Puranas/myths are also clearly stated that trees are the life for humans and Earth. Save Earth by planting trees.

Vastu TreesIs there any solution for this Vastu and Trees problem?. Yes there is a quick fix explanation key for this complication. See this image. In this image the house has more space provided towards South and West directions than the above image, when compare with this image and above image then we may find more space towards South and West directions, this place may be suitable for planting trees and with this idea North and East also not disturbed. In this image home constructed towards Nairuthi (Southwest) part and trees are also planted at West and South directions. With this minor thought residents got trees and vastu wise also this property has more space towards North and East than South and West directions. One should not forget a note that "Trees are the hidden attraction for heavenly elements". We should not forget one thing, that East and North should have more open space than the West and South directions. Now it was clear that South and West direction open space was occupied by trees and North and East has more open space, so the argument point was solved.


Trees and Vastu ShastraIn the above image the trees are at south and west directions only, but now see this below picture, here the trees are covered almost all at house, except Northeast corner.


Trees effects on properties and Vaastu ShastraProvide space only at Northeast corner and cover all the entire place with trees. Don't trust the words that "trees shadow should not touch to the house". You can cover the house with full of trees, just left some small portion at Northeast side as vacant or open place, this is enough to minimize the bad effects if there is any that you found. In any case one house is having trees at Northeast corner, no problem just dig one sump at Northeast corner, then the problem will solve. We will discuss it with one image.


Vaastu for treesIf you plant more trees at south side and west side then you will have more benefits, see this below picture, here the south side is full of trees, it gives you more money and good health, financially sound, peace and standard life etc. In this image the trees are fully occupied at South direction, like wise you can plant number of trees at West direction also. It may provides help residents a secured life, good health, financially sound etc, confidence, loosing enemies power etc.


Treat the trees like your children, they save you definitely. In Sanskrit there is a word on trees "Vrukshadevatha". If you have any query trees vastu kindly write to me, we will definitely reply to your email. Any of your friends or relatives houses, if there is big trees or heavy ( number of) trees, please inform them regarding this link, if they planned to cut trees in the name of vastu shastra, suggest them don't cut trees. If the land is cool then good vastu will work immediately, if the land is hot bad vastu will starts its work. Here is the link of my contact details, at any time i am ready to serve my services for the trees, plants.., love trees, its nothing but Love on God. God bless our planet. Without consulting any vastu expert you can directly plant trees at Southeast and Northwest places.

Tree in front of HomeBroadly says a tree may not provide auspicious results if it is exactly in front of main door that to particularly towards North and East directions. Here you may observe a tree is exactly in front of main entrance door, commonly says this could not be good, if a tree is like this way at any home, its better to change the door from exact North direction to Northeast direction, requesting don't chop the tree. North direction tree is not at all bad, further you may plan to plant another tree towards Northwest, this is good idea to have more exceptional results. One or more trees towards Northwest may not damage your results. Try to plant more trees at your home compound territory, more trees means more peace and happiness. We clearly observed some homes which has very bigger trees towards Northeast also brings luck to them. One home which has worthy Northeast has complete trees towards Northwest, North and Northeast also. They are enjoying their lives there, they never thought to cut down the trees there. Their home is in Mysore, Karnataka, while they got number of recommendations to cut of trees, we said don't cut them, further we suggest them plant some trees if they got plenty of space. They never complained about their profession development and other activities.

Tree in front of East face HomeThis image shows us there is a tree in front of the main door which falls into East direction. Generally this kind of plantation may not be good. But in some countries this system of planting trees in front of door is mandatory. If there is no rule in your respected area, then don't plan to plant tree in front of East facing door. In any case if your property may has tree like such a way, then you may plan to plant a line of trees upto Southeast-south. This could manage the damage if any thing were created by this tree in front of the East main door.

Directions wise we will discuss on planting the trees.

Please note that trees is different and shrubs are different and plants are different.

1. Best place for the biggest, huge, tallest, very big trees are suitably fit at Southwest direction areas.

2. The same above very big trees are perfectly suitable to plant at West direction.

3. Very big trees are excellent to plant at South direction.

4. Trees/plants are conveniently plant at Northwest direction areas.

5. Plants/trees are planned to plant at Southeast direction area.

6. Plants are suitable to plant at Southeast-east location.

7. Plants are good to plant at Northeast-north direction area.

8. Plants/Grass is recommended at North direction.

9. Green carpet grass/plants are suitable at East direction.

10. Grass is perfectly fits at Northeast direction areas.

11. Tree Well construction towards Southwest is excellent and the same may be good at South, West. Medium at Southeast and Northwest direction areas. 

Topiary shrubs are best suitable towards Northwest to North and Southeast to East directions. If you have any unused timber, it may be best suitable to keep them at Southwest corner, but save them from direct sun heat and rains. Bushes are also good to have only at Northwest to North and Southeast to East.

SubhaVaastu vastu website requesting all Governments to pass a rule to planting the trees is compulsory otherwise residents never get permissions to built their homes. To save our planet, environment is most important to secure our future. Please pass a rule if any one commits to cut the trees in the name of vastu shastra, please punish them with severe fines or imprisonment or with both. SubhVastu website requesting all countries Governments and Officers please pass a rule that if any person wants to construct a house, he must plant atleast two trees at his house. He must show the space or provide space for plants and without trees don't allow them for construction. Hope every body knows about a rule in USA, any builder or promoter requires to obtain permission for community layout for homes construction they should sign on a conditional agreement that they will plant trees in front of the main home. How good is this rule. Thanks to USA government policy.

We planned to develop this link with latest developments in our planet, this link may inform which tree is better to which land etc information and how to protect trees, Tree types, route causes any damage to houses or bedrock or foundation etc. Nature/Trees lovers are requested to write email to us with good information on trees. If any of your friend is tree lover, kindly inform this website link to him, he may guide us for more content to be published here. You may click this link contact us for more suggestions on plantation on our earth. Help our environment by planting trees.

"From the day we are after killing non speaking animals and plants - our every morning is welcome with a fresh and miserable new problem. The day we love trees, world would be a paradise.". You may write your experiences on Trees plantation and you are welcome to send photos and videos on trees, we will publish all files. (If you require we will publish your name also). Observe the below images, how impressed these houses with trees. Trees are the main attraction for Godly Elements. Plant trees at your homes. Do you like trees, do you know any trees lover, what is your opinion on trees vanishing in the name of Vastu shastra. Write your opinion, review, suggestion, ideas, if your review or suggestions are good to public, we will publish them in our website, your name stands life long here.

"Dear readers, you may please check the people how they are accepting the humans mistakes openly. This is highly appreciated. Come and share your thoughts and mistakes of our neighborhoods, Governments, society, our friends, relatives, ourselves. Should not cut the trees in what ever the reason it has. We should protect trees, it means, we are protecting our globe. This globe is not our's this is our new born next generations. Atleast save some thing natural properties for them, otherwise you will be always blamed by our new born in this world. The people here in Europe try to shift the responsibility to the GOD, Vastu, Jyotish .... They do not want take own responsibility ... fear of responsibility. But i believe also, that we need to research all aspects of the upcoming before affair started using Shastras as instruments and helpers. After this year trip to India we realized that we need to believe and trust more to internal God, who is always with us :), and do not search for external manifestation of God, not run/follow for the false manifestation of God. We need to trust more to ourselves. You said: Don't cut the trees in the name of Vaastu Shastra. Here people is ready to cut all trees to open space in the name of "money and spirituality", if you allow me, I will publish some of your conclusions on my page in Facebook time to time for the people - Alexey - Jurmala - Latvia."
Trees and Vastu shastraWhich Tree you are falling down
Plants and Vastu Shastra Planting trees Trees and house vastu shastra
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Require to know more info on Vastu for House, where can I get more information?

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0 #37 OwnerAtul jain 2017-04-15 21:56
Sir we have so many tree in my factory inside and outer side of my factory some tree like mango,guava and lemon are inside the factory thats are very close together at west wall of factory and one tree almost dad a sheesham tree at east side please tell me these tree are suitable at the point of vastu.
0 #36 Tree PositionKumar 2017-04-15 05:04
I have East facing house and have a Anjili Tree near to house which is North East direction. Please advise if there is any negative effect.

0 #35 Niigiri treeNeeta Rao 2017-04-10 08:28
Respected Sir,
We are finalising a plot but the problem is it has a big Nilgiri tree in the North direction. What is the solution.
I am going to plant lot of trees in the plot. I love trees. I am going to shift nearly 100 plants from from terrace flat to that plot. Please suggest me a solution. Small Teak plantation are also there in the plots which can be transplanted. Can a Bungalow be made in the centre of the plot or it has to be towards South West only.
Waiting for your reply.
+1 #34 Peepal treeJ n jha 2017-03-21 17:46
Sir , I have north east facing house ...we have a peepal tree in south west ,,...is it harmful ?
+1 #33 Papaya Tree in North directionShankar 2017-03-02 06:31
Dear Sir, I have few Papaya tress in the north direction of my home.I have space available only in north side to create the garden. Please advise if its safe to have Papaya trees in north side. Regards,Shankar
-1 #32 Is it okay I plant few flowering plants along the east and north walls of the house?mayur 2017-03-01 13:04
Im planning to plant a Peace Lilly and a african violet along the north and east walls of the house... according to vastu will it cause any harm to me?
-1 #31 Mango tree removalKannan 2017-01-30 15:53
dear Sir,
I wish to thank you for your suggestion regarding the tree removal.We are now at mental peace that we do not have to carry out any tree removal operations. your prompt reply is very much appreciated.Kin dly inform me when you visit chennai.
+6 #30 Badam/almond tree in homeMoga 2016-12-30 15:19
can you please clarify a doubt that some people are saying that Badam or Almond tree must not be planted in home. And it cause some negative impacts on the persons of the family.
+6 #29 Neem tree at north east cornerJagadeshwar Gumidelli 2016-12-05 02:23
We have a neem tree at north east corner.
+2 #28 Reg. Some trees that must not be planted in homeSaravanan .S 2016-10-15 08:10
Hi can you please clarify a doubt that some people are saying that Badam or Almond tree and Moringa or muringai tree must not be planted in home. And it cause some negative impacts on the persons of the family. Is this true any scientific or mythical logic behind this?. If so, please tell me thank you in advance :)
+2 #27 need guidanceggopu 2016-08-25 17:33
My house is East facing whether I can plant
e plants tree champaka in front of house
+5 #26 Distance from wallManish Daffar 2016-07-04 10:05
I want plantation of devil tree I.e saptaparni at south side of my house plz tell me how much distance l have release from my wall and also l want one saptaparni and one bottle palm plantation plz suggest me as soon as possible also on my e mail thanx
+3 #25 vastu treespoulose 2016-03-31 10:42
we need to plant trees around our house according to vastu. can u advise what kind of trees or if u can give us appointment to discuss.
+1 #24 RAJSumit Raj 2016-02-12 12:44
gauva tree — Sumit Raj
sir I have gauva tree at my NE corner with deep well . is it prospures? my house is EAST facing and main gate is at EAST and one another gate is at NE.
+1 #23 kindly guidekavitajyoti 2015-12-02 15:45
My house is west facing..i planted a shahtoot tree at front gate..is it good or bad
0 #22 kindly guidekavitajyoti 2015-12-02 15:43
I planted shahtoot tree at the front gate of my house..my house is west facing..is it good or bad...
+1 #21 Kadam ka ped lagana hai ghar meMAHENDRA SAHU 2015-08-28 13:58
sir ji mai apne ghar ke men gate par aur back site men Kadam ke ped lagana chahata hun kya ye sahi hai

please sir advise me thanks you for my help
-2 #20 Please suggesttapkire 2015-07-10 13:49
we want to plant trees in front of our east facing building, the space available is 25*120 ft. please suggest which trees should we plant. thankyou.
+9 #19 bilva tree in north east.ShreyasD 2015-06-06 15:54
we are living in north facing house. only place to plant a tree is north east corner outside the compound wall. we wish to plant a tree there. which tree should be planted. we wish to plant bilva tree.
+2 #18 West Facing Garment ShopG Bajaj 2015-05-16 15:35
I have West Facing Garment Shop with Bargad Tree Infront of Shop . Is any Vastu Dosh in It .. What will be the cure for That??

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