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Most Impressive Living Room Vastu Tips

If you are seeking detailed information on living room Vastu ideas, click this link. The page provides numerous example images and guidance to enhance positive energies. Our website offers a variety of house floor plans. Residents seeking assistance can download them free of charge.

What Are the Best Living Room Vastu Tips

Best and suitable location for living room in the house is Northeast corner.

The second best location for living room in our home is East direction.

The 3rd best location for living room in our house is North direction.

Living room colors should be unique. Eyeball catching color is most appreciated.

Using carpets in living room is an excellent idea.

Sofa set which is used in the living room should be typically the best in its way.

Mild and loop music is extremely beneficial to welcome positivity into the home.

Good lighting makes visitors should speechless and shocked by seeing the effects of the living room, arrange the living room like such way. Arranging bright lighting in the living room is an art.

Keep some books on the teapoy.

Visitors may knock unconscious by seeing the beauty of the living room.

Good vibes are most important for the living room.

Light, color, atmosphere, appearance, aura, attraction, frequent passing air, ambiance, wall hangings are the most important factors to yield extraordinary results from the living room. It improves the mood.

Living room always reflects a reliable representation of the residents, so it should be properly and thoroughly checked randomly.

Guests should impress the milieu atmosphere of the living room environment.

Well organized settings and wall hangings improve the positive vibrations. The quality complexion echoes the taste of the residents.

We are always ready to provide all vastu tips for living room step by step. Let us know what are you looking here. We will publish them once we got inquiries. 

The living room is also called as Drawing Room, Hall, Main Room, Family Room, Sitting Room Area. In USA, there is a living room and family room separately. But whereas in many other countries, living room and family room are same.

This living room plays a significant role in vastu shastra when residents use more of it, because nowadays we are making this room as T.V watching room., previously most of taking food by sitting in dining room only, but many residents now taking food only in the living room by watching Television programs.

We are now accustomed for it, we are shouting our children not to watch the TV programs while taking food, but we are not following.

TV Placement As Per Vastu in Living Room

Elders has to follow the principles, then automatically children/kids will follow. This vastu website author Suresh house, he is giving permission to his kids to watch Television only for 2 hours that to only on Sunday or weekly holidays. He never accepts his kids to watch TV regularly.

While in holidays he accepts to watch TV for 3 to 4 hours that to discovery channel or information channels etc. He doesn't permit them to watch the entertainment (matter came from www.SubhaVaastu.com) channels. With parents observation, he accepts any Tele Vision channel in his home (Home Vastu).

After continuing this method now kids don't like to watch Television in his home. He bought lots of books, trained his kids to read the books instead of watching the TV, maintaining standards only for the sake of utilizing the time for real purposes and maintaining good relations in between family members.

Goes on watching television, how our relationship with our family members increases, concentration on television channels continuously and thereafter family relations became poor.

Most of the houses the residents are gathered only in the living room. In other countries, living room means it's only for outside people sitting area. Most of the western countries there should be family rooms where all the family members are gathered and seated and discussed on their regular activities.

In USA, UK and other countries also kids like to watch the Tele Visions, but elders prefer them to read the books. ( Get free Vastu Books through this link) Book reading is one of the excellent thought to develop knowledge. Watching Tele Vision may spoil patience, family attachments, works, peace, etc.

1. Watching TV means, residents have to sit and has to watch, they cannot stand and watch it. So we have to consider the sitting place, we should check the best sitting place for the residents (we understand you are looking for watching TV as per Vastu Shastra).

2. Place the TV at the East wall, so residents will sit in the West direction area and they can have more open space towards East. More open space towards East always brings knowledge, name, fame, education, etc, etc. In the home the more open space towards East (Please read Vastu for East facing house link) means to say about 10 feet (ex: 4 meters) or 20 feet (ex: 7 meters) etc, some homes have more than this space. More open space towards the East is always auspicious.

3. Place the TV towards North direction, to watch Tele Vision residents has to sit towards South direction, this could bring money, health, etc. Some homes have very huge family rooms/hall/living rooms, for them this more open space towards North is benevolent.

4. Place TV towards Northeast direction is another idea where homes are not aligned or tilted or skewed. To watch Television residents has to sit towards Southwest. This is one of the best placement of sitting area in such rooms, sitting towards Southwest brings, security in life, standard, luck, victory, etc.

5. Placing TV towards West is not recommended, but some house (House vastu) has such a setting that placing Television towards West and keeping the furniture near to that TV and may have huge open space towards East, then this system is also good to keep TV towards West direction.

6. Keeping TV towards South direction is also not recommended, but some homes have such a facility to have the sofa sets to be arranged near to the TV areas and has good open space towards North, in such case, South placement of TV is also not a wrong idea.

7. Keeping Television towards Southwest is not recommended. If so residents have to sit towards Northeast, this may bring unfortunate events in life, don't worry, if there is more open space towards Northeast then its effects will waive off.

8. Keeping Television towards Southeast and Northwest directions also not recommended, but in many homes, people kept them towards Southeast and Northwest directions. Though this placement is not such good, this placement is not such a dangerous as Southwest placement of TV.

Always better to place the sitting or living room only at the Northeast corner of the house, some times when the house is west facing or South facing then the living room construction at Northeast corner may not be possible, in those cases follow some tricks to get good results as shown below.

1. At our residence, the maximum time has to be spent only in our "bedroom" the next high time spent at "living room". We should take care of this living room in our home. We should not neglect on this living room.

2. The living room is particularly used for discussions with family members and with outsiders, most of our pecuniary matters, financial, entertaining other things are also settled at the living room, so it has specific interest and importance as per vastu shastra.

3. The owner of the house has to sit at Southwest part of this living room and has to face towards East or North directions only. The other family members have to sit facing towards East or West, the outsiders have to sit in front of the owner, their faces may be towards West or South.

This is the ideal place of sitting in the living room. No need to worry regarding South or West facing homes, there is also a great opportunity to have a living room towards Northeast, if you wish then it became true if you are not taken care of your property nobody can take care of it.

If a resident have more interest then automatically everybody can gather and amend many things there, finally, it became luck to the entire family.

4. At East facing house or North Facing House, there is one good quality point in this living room as the members of the house or owner of the house has to sit at living room (here the living room should be placed at Northeast / Eshan / Ishan corner of the house only), then the good vibrations from Eshan (Northeast) corner has spread and will get the same vibrations from East direction and (matter came from www.SubhaVaastu.com) North sides, these vibrations are more effective to the family members of the house.

Many inhabitants doing a great mistake that they themselves doing the corrections by reading some vastu books or vastu websites and start doing corrections to their property, this is not at all recommended, its best to approach only one expert vastu specialist to get right suggestions.

vastu tips for living room5. The owner of the house has to sit towards Southwest (Nairuthi), facing towards East, if fails the next best option is Southwest-south facing towards North, you may put this lengthy sofa towards West direction, and transfer the sofa chairs towards South direction, the owner has to occupy at the Nairuthi (southwest) corner placement always.

The guests occupy the remaining chairs. Or breadwinner has to occupy the chair which was at Southwest and others may sit at South etc. If an expert vastu consultant has visited your property then you will get most (matter came from www.SubhaVaastu.com) important alteration suggestions by him. Unfortunately, some residents never call vastu expert to their homes and they themself start doing corrections and losing money including their valuable time. It's only because of bad vastu in their homes.

6. Resident can put telephone at South or at West side walls so that you can easily handle the phone, pity is how many houses do not have telephones, many have only cellphones or mobile phones in their hands.

Previous days if we call to another town or village we have to go telephone exchange and order for the trunk booking, we have to wait for one hour or some times it may take 3 hours also, the lines are too disturbance and speak loudly to reach our voice to other parties.

Now we may call even to foreign countries within seconds. Thanks to Late Sri. P V Narasimha Rao, technicians, Engineers, technology, etc. You may keep your mobile phone where ever is possible in your living room. No need to check vastu to keep cell phones in our home. Only in some houses, some vastu specialist are providing some recommendations after observing the property, but these are not applicable to all homes.

7. If the living room is at Eshan (Northeast corner) the flooring of the living room is lower than the entire house, it may provide very good effects to the entire family.

8. Most of the houses the front room may be the living room, and most of the living rooms are wide and larger than all the rooms at house, well here vastu works in a hidden method, if at one East facing house there might be a living room is the front room, its correct method and giving good results to the residents. In some homes the starting room may be keeping waste materials and after that only living room came.

This may not be wrong, but we should not keep waste materials at first room, this is purely a mistake. Instead of keeping the waste materials in the first room you may plan a storeroom and keep them all in that storeroom, this is ideal thought.

9. North facing house residents also receives good results by putting living room at front side i.e., the living room is at Northeast part. But whereas it should not happen at West side facing houses and South side facing houses. Here the residents must take most precautionary (matter came from www.SubhaVaastu.com) methods by setting the living room as the first room where is at before the entrance.

Don’t construct the living room as a front room at west side houses and South side houses, if you want to construct the living room at front side then consult a good Vaastu practitioner for best suggestions.

What our meaning is if you are planning to make the first room as a living room for South and West facing homes, then the Southwest part may be the living room and after that the other rooms are occupying, if so what about your bedrooms, you are well known that Southwest is the best part for the Bedroom. If you have two storey building then you may happily plan living room at starting of the house. No need to worry at all then.

10. You can keep a number of doors to the living room, but all the doors should be at correct places as per vastu shastra principles. You are aware that “doors” plays a very important role at the house as per vastu shastra. Once again remember living room got 2nd rank at house after Bedroom as per vastu, in general, living room got 1st rank as per our living style.

11. Decorate as much as you can, but importance may be given to Vaasthu, then only you enjoy the life with your family members, otherwise, you are striving for your livelihood that will be the entertainment to your neighbors and your enemies.

12. Be careful while you sitting at the living room for discussions about different category business deals. As you are the owner of the house, you have to sit at the chair or sofa set, your face should be towards East or North, and guests, panchayatdhars, litigants, partners should sit and their face should be towards South or West, this type of sitting may leads victory on your discussions, finally you will get success on Panchayats (Litigation). If we require success we have to search all ways to get the victory.

13. In case the house is West facing or South facing, here the living room may be at eshan (Northeast) corner but we cannot entertain everybody to welcome them to sit at living room, because it may be disturbance to our family members, then consult one vastu expert, get advise from him and enjoy.

14. Finally, the most important and repeated point is that you have to build the living room according to vastu shastra to lead a joyful, successful life, don't give importance to the vastu consultant fees, but better to consult only an experienced vastu consultant, otherwise you may be the victim of quacks.

Usually, the quacks are searching for the people, who are in need of or searching support from a vastu adviser (vastu consultant). Try to find out an expert vastu specialist and show all of your properties and live peacefully.

15. Play music continuously at this room, this is also one of a good idea. Negative powers don't like instrumental music. So switch on instrumental music. Loop music is recommended.

16. Floor levels also play a vital role in vastu shastra. Only the best expert vastu pandit can explain this system, he can guide you the best methods.

Where Should We Hang the Wall Clocks in the Living Room?

The below places are the best suitable areas where can hang the wall clocks in the living room.

1. Hanging the Wall clock towards East direction is good idea.

2. Positioning the Wall clock towards North direction is a wise thought, it attracts money, wealth, happiness.

3. Keeping the Wall Clock at West direction may not be the right choice, if there is no any place towards East or North then the resident may choose to hang wall clock towards West direction.

4. Some residents buying pendulum wall clocks or pendulum Stand clocks. Keeping Pendulum wall clocks towards East direction extends happiness.

5. Avoid hanging wall clocks towards South direction Wall.

6. Some residents hanging the wall clocks outside of the home, this is a wrong action.

7. Don't hang wall clocks on the above of any door. The wall clock should be kept only on the Wall, not the above of any door.

8. East wall clock is good, but it should not be visible from Northwest bedroom or Northwest room. Please note that this rule applies only when there is a Southeast-south door for the Northwest room. Otherwise this rule never applicable.

9. If the resident found any clock was stopped, then immediately he has to change the batteries/cell. Stop Wall clock is not good in any room. Keeping non-working wall clocks in the home is a bad idea.

10. Broken glass wall clock should be changed immediately. One should take immediate action when they found that the wall clock glass was broken.

11. All clocks in the home should show the correct time, showing wrong time in different clocks is not a good idea. Keep correct time in all the clocks in the home or office or business concern.

12. Most of the wall clocks now showing some scenery or photos etc. Better to buy only the good scenery or kids laughing photo wall clocks or mark happiness clocks are good to buy, one should not buy the wall clocks which shows negative energies like loneliness, War, sadness, grief, heartbroken, sorrowful, melancholy, dismal, etc. Showing happiness images on the clocks are good, or buy only the plain color clocks.

13. Try to always clean the wall clocks. Weekly/monthly cleaning the clock glass and front and backside is good, it took only 2/3 minutes.

14. Placing the wall clock at the Dining room is not a good idea, better to place the wall clock at the Living room or family room.

15. In the bedroom many residents are keeping the wall clocks, for them first we should check where their head is coming on the bed, if their head is coming on South direction then the first preference to keep the wall clock towards North or East direction, further please note that if there is an appropriate place towards Northeast then one may place the wall clock at Northeast too. If the head came towards East in the bedroom while sleeping then hand the wall clock at North wall or second best is East wall.

16. In vastu shastra, everything is important to follow because the house is the only subject which predicts the life of the residents, once residents are giving more importance to their success and victory then they may follow this kind of small Vastu tips. In particular, the living room should be spotlessly clean. This is the replica of the general maintenance of the home.

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Dear sir, I am a Muslim. But, I strongly believe in Vastu Shastra. Because, ever since i started following the vastu, I have experienced good and wonderful changes in my life. Now i am well settled in Life. I suggest all the Indians to follow the Vastu shastra. This is like a Oxygen for human kind. Undoubtedly the VASTU reflects the Electro Magnetic field. Therefore, we cannot deny or proceed against the nature. I have started to observe the Vastu points of all great constructions including our Mecca, the Main Entrance is situated on the East Side. And People walk from East, South East, and North East directions to enter into the Holy Mecca. Therefore, this place has got a global significance which I strongly believe. I respect all the religions. I would like to thank you all for your precious suggestions pertaining to Vastu. Keep it up.
+6 #5 IS IT ACCEPTABLE TO PLACE THE TV OPPOSITE TO WINDOWSJanisha Brijesh 2019-03-28 05:21
Dear sir, Can we place TV opposite to windows placing in the East wall of the living room(west side wall there is main door and windows, the south side wall has windows) north side there is no wall it's a small courtyard hence there is no other choice. Ours is East facing house.
+10 #4 LCD TV Placement Opposite To Main DoorUdaya 2018-02-17 19:03
Namashkar Sirji, had some doubts on family room Vastu tips. Ours is West facing house. Is there any difference in between living room Vastu for west facing house and living room Vastu for east facing house. Generally, what will be correct size for the living room. Which color is most preferred for living room. Currently, we have a peal color for our living room. Is this OK?
+15 #3 Living room vastu in HindiPratibha 2017-01-15 12:41
Dear sir, please tell me what are all the required vastu tips for the living room, kindly publish all tips in Hindi language. Let me know what are the best places for Television in my living room which is for north facing house. Nice to see all of your detailed vastu tips on this family room.
+8 #2 Living room vastu tipsRavichandran C 2016-07-27 06:14
Respected Sir, first of all, congratulations on a successful Vastu website, your provided Vastu tips for this living room is amazing. Thank you for your honest services to humankind. We want to start the house basically, Vastu sidhanthi was already marked the basic 25 feet (Width) X 28 Length) feet size in the east-facing house and steps and balcony will come 6 feet, so one friend said this is not correct measurement only odd numerals only count the basic house, for example, 25X27 or 29 I really confused please send what is the best measurement on my name.
+6 #1 Vastu suggestion required for Living roomashwin patel 2015-05-29 12:28
Hello sir, nice to reach this Vastu dictionary. Great literature. Looking for a living room Vastu color, and please inform me of the living room Vastu direction. Based on the recommendations , we wish to take further steps. Thank you so much, sir.
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