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Vastu Directions | SubhaVaastu.com:

Vastu For DirectionsVastu for Directions:Before reading this link, Know about "How to Find Directions". In Vastu shastra, the directions are the very most prominent and important subject. Without knowing the directions of a land or house or a factory we cannot find out anything either positive or negative impacts as per Vaastu Shastra. Directions are nothing but EYE of a human body. Eyes are the most important for humans, likewise directions also important in Vastu. For example, A doctor should always have the stethoscope to find out the patient health condition, without stethoscope he won't do practice or he may not understand or he may not diagnosis the health condition of a patient, without knowing proper health condition of a patient how can he prescribe medicines or further health checkups. Likewise without knowing the directions of a property nobody can scrutinize anything there, even if he is the world's Famous Vastu Consultant. If we have done any mistake in finding the directions of a property, it means the mistakes will continue up to completion of the property and it leads to negative results to the residents and their next generations too.

Vastu for Directions is the most vital and decisive part in Vaastu consultancy, now let us start learning how to find them, its very simple process. Stand before Sun Bhagavan (Suryadev) at early morning, that is the East it means you are viewing East, your backside is West, left hand side is the North and right hand side is the South. Here somebody may raise one doubt, in some places (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) we cannot see the Sun because of clouds, then how to find out the directions, yes you are almost right and your doubt is very valuable, at this moment we must have one Compass with us. Compass is just like an instrument which is easily find out the North with one red mark, it works in daytime, night or at any season.

The compass shows the North direction and there has factory setting shown like "0°", "90°", "180°" and "270°" or East, South, West and North. Most of the Vastu pandits observing the directional manually, they evaluate the directions of the site by seeing Sunrise.

In olden days Vastu Experts does not have the compass, on those days they used to find out directions by seeing the Sunrise only. That is why in earlier times Vastu pandits used to observe sites only on mornings that to early hours like 7'0 cloak or 8'0 clock etc. Accuracy may not be estimated/accessible in this method of observing and this is not the proper way of finding. Believe it or not, once upon a time we personally observed one vastu pandit who runs a "Vastu Institution" from past 11 years, does not have the compass. After knowing this information we stunned and given one compass as a gift to him and he asked how to work with the compass. This is not a story this is 100% true, it happened in the year 2011. How silly methods that some people are following. We don't have any answer to say to her wife for her question "he could not have any vastu consultation inquiries", we said that stop running the Vaasthu institution. Without stethoscope doctor never visits patients, likewise without compass vastu consultant should not visit any premises.

Vastu DirectionsThis compass image is an animated and this is for your kind information purpose only. One arrow showing "0°". This image helps how to find the directions, as per international standards in a compass "0°" or "360°" means almost the same and it represents the "North" only. 90° means, it's the "East". 180° means its the South. 270° means its the West. You may be heard sometime that some vastu experts are talking about 90° properties, it means the site/home is perfect as per compass. This image shows 4 directions. The remaining in this compass, NE is "45°" is the Northeast, SE is "135°" is Southeast, SW is "225°" is the Southwest, NW is "315°" means Northwest and finally, 360° or 0° is the North. Hope you observed the arrow moved from North to North, 0° to 360°. Observe the moment of the arrow starts from "0°" and the same arrow reaches the starting point and it shows 360°. We prepared this image for your kind information purpose only.

North should always on top, this is international standard. Based on international (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) standards only we prepared almost all images, in some links due to some other reasons and facilitation purposes we used to prepare East as the top instead of North and that was also clearly mentioned in those images with compass mark or showing the road with West or North road etc, by knowing the road direction anyone can easily find out the remaining.

If found any image does not contain directional compass or appropriate guidance kindly inform us, we will immediately take action and make them set right, please Contact Us to make it corrected. An arrow is moving from North to East and later other areas. At first the arrow showing 0° this is North and later moving to another arrow shows 90° that is East, afterwards it moves to 180° that is South and finally arrow moves to 270° that is West, to know the color combination and directional representation of colors, we prepared arrows with such colors. Hope you understand this section. If not, below information may be useful, at your leisure time read the content to enlarge meaning of this section.

Degrees (0°):

There are total 4 directions and 4 corners. They are as follows:

1. East. (90°)

2. West. (270°)

3. North. ( 0° or 360°)

4. South. (180°)

5. Northeast. (45°)

6. Southeast. (135°)

7. Southwest. (225°)

8. Northwest. (315°)

Directions Vastu Observe this image for "10 SECONDS" carefully, a dark nature image with slightly Sunlight is showing and Sun raising starts and light occupies the area and thereafter we may observe the Sunrise and a man appears before Sun and his face is towards Sun and we are seeing man's back. He starts lifting the hands and later "East" is appears, so Sun is "East" and man back is "West" and the same text also appears now, left-hand side "North" and right-hand side "South" appeared. Trust this image helps to understand this subject.

Vastu Shastra for DirectionsAs you already know that each direction has its own specific significance. Different planets are attributed to different directions and since each planet has its distinctive colour thus each one also gets its auspicious color. North - Green and lord is Kubera, East - White/orange and lord is Indra, South - Red and the lord is Yama, West - Blue and the lord is Varuna or Rain God. See this picture to know about auxiliary directions. This may helps you to understand more information on degrees. Vaasthu Couplet: Vaastu offers not only wealth on earth, but also bliss in the celestial world, so respect all the lords, all directions, you will be blessed then. We are also planning to publish the details information on Brahmasthan, the central powerful portion of a structure. The merits and demerits of Brahmasthan will be published in other pages. This image is the clickable and directed to compass link, FYI.

The meeting of two directions is called as "Junction", "Corners" or "Meeting Points", generally people called it as 'Corner'. The meeting point or a junction or the corner is more powerful than any other direction. Corner has multiple mixed forces of 2 directions. Hence the corners should be properly planned during the time of construction of your beloved properties for best results. We urge residents not to do any mistake in regard to Northeast. This is the most salient feature point of your plot. Every house has got the same eight directions, but their effects may differ, depending upon their usages and management and particularly neighborhood attention. If everything is perfectly used and maintained according to the rules of Vasthu, the house may definitely safeguard the residents, like a mother who secures her child.

If we construct against to the principles/rules then the home will become hell ( Devils den ). Please do understand the hidden meaning of it, the effect of directions depends upon on how the person is utilizing them. For example, take one Northeast (eshan) corner, if a home Northeast corner is in a good position and perfectly constructed according to Vaastu shastra rules then residents enjoy satisfaction in their life, development, prosperity, (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) richness, successful life. If the Northeast corner is disturbed, truncated, closed generally inhabitants loose most of the valuables like development, progress, prosperity and may be education. Not knowing the truth behind the Vastu many people are inviting troubles and tensions, unnecessarily. There is certain impact of Vaastu on human existence and this is a totally fact and proved. By knowing certain principles of vastu man lives and experience the wealth and health. Vastu shastra is an unimaginable mighty ocean, properly use it, enjoy it, it pleasures the residents always.

The importance of orientation of a building is not only for saving energy but also to have a better house design, which not only gives comfortable living but also gives good health, prosperity and wealth to the house owners/occupiers and their families. There lies a co-relation between the rotational scenario of the planets and the house design and their different directions with respect of NORTH. The building of any type and its construction meets the purpose if proper orientation has been given using suitable local building material. It increases not only its life span but also improves the condition of occupants. There are instances where buildings are not planned according to required local orientation were lost or deteriorated much faster then the buildings having built with proper studies of orientation. The proper orientation means the proper knowledge of all the Eight Directions.

It is a common knowledge that the direction from where the Sun arises is known as East and where it sets as West and when one faces the East towards one's left is (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) north and towards one's right is south. The corner where two directions meet obviously is more significant since it combines the forces emanating from both the directions. So over all eight directions are there, North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest. The basic rules of Vastu Shastra are based on these eight.

Know More information about corners with animated images support:

We tried our level best to publish more information in these below links:

Vastu for North Facing Homes

Vastu for East Facing Homes

Vastu for South Facing Homes

Vastu for West Facing Homes

Vastu And DirectionsHere there is one plot or house showing with white boundary line and see the North and East. North is on top and East is on the right-hand side. Now observe the animation of showing the Northeast corner. In between the North and East is the Northeast corner and the same was shown with animation. This junction or corner is called Northeast corner and it plays most important role in every property. Elders say that this corner is Daiva Moola or God's Corner. One should be careful with this Northeast corner and observe carefully it should not be disturbed i.e., it should not be cut off or truncated or even rounded (in some locations these round corner is not affecting residents). If Northeast is (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) good and no truncation then residents enjoy peace and may observe development in their profession or business and has an opportunity to get male progeny and kids will have a good education. This is the place of Lord Eshwar. Lord Shiva, in some scripts, says Esana, that is why it is called as God's corner. When at the time of Bhoomi Pooja (the occasion of starting the construction of the house or structure) most of the priests start doing prayers and religious rituals at this corner only. Holy water will be poured and many other performances also being done. Having water in this corner is best suitable factor. Frequent walks to this corner lead to development and peace, more depression means more development. Need to know more information then click this Vastu for Northeast Facing House .

Finding Directions VastuThis is Southeast corner showing with animation moment. This Southeast is also called as Agneya or Agni Moola, how this Southeast corner came. When East and South reaches one corner then its called Southeast corner. Most of the residents know, that the corners are more powerful than the directions. Corners means, clubbing two directions i.e., two direction powers are concentrated on in one area. That is why one should be careful when deal with corners or skewed properties. Now coming to this Southeast corner, this image shows some moment at East and South, both directions are clubbing in one area. This is exactly called as Southeast corner or Southeast junction. This area is best suitable for kitchen, staircase, toilets etc. The first preferential placement is the kitchen. Most of the resident problems will be solved if we do corrections in this area. Chances of some symptoms shown or covering with health disorders, cheated by others, wrong decisions, unsolvable problems, money loss, tensions, quarrels at home or with outsiders, court cases, fire accidents, accidents, thefts, self pity, womanizing, drinking, angriness, untimely decisions, playing cards, bad habits, smoking, enjoying the life, failures in education and failures in life, hungry, good eating, carelessness, lack of concentration, having high interest on non social activities, some body may have good physic etc. If this Southeast is good, then residents enjoy sound health, all round prosperity, respecting the guests, arranging timely good food for them, the relation may frequently or occasionally visiting etc. Need to read more info then this Vastu for Southeast Facing House link helps.

Easy Way of knowing DirectionsIn this image the Southwest corner was shown. Generally its called as Nairuthi, Nirruthi, Rakshasa Moola or Southwest corner. This Nairuthi came in center of the South and West. The Both Southern-Southwest and Western-Southwest joining into one corner that exact area called as Nairuthi or Southwest. The western side part is called as West Nairuthi or Paschima Nairuthi and Southern side called South Nairuthi or Dakshina Nairuthi. Our elders says that proper Northeast causes birth and improper Southwest causes death. In villages, most of the elders who knows little bit about vastu say that anything health disorders happen to somebody they taught about Southwest. Improper Nairuthi causes negative impacts on residents and may suffer from severe health problems, unexpected losses. This Southwest is the junction of South and West, the highest powerful forces of a structure and may cause things high, whether they are good or bad. Nairuthi is highly tempered. If Nairuthi corner is strong enemies are destroyed instantly. Always speaks bold results either benevolent or malevolent. Nairuthi character may be greediness, stubbornness, domination, cruelty etc. Caution should be taken when dealing with Nairuthi. If Southwest is most powerful then beggar become king and faulty may make Kings as beggars. This Southwest attracts the attention of residents when suffers from financial collapse or health disorders. Many vastu shastra experts first will investigate on this Southwest/Nairuthi corner if any financial collapses observe with rich people. Likes to read more info on this subject then click this Vastu for Southwest Facing House link.

Finding directions as per Sun momentHere animation plays at North and West areas. Both were joined at one corner that corner is called as Northwest corner. The junction is mixed with West and North. This is also called as Vayavya kon. Particularly it capable of making residents either rich or poor according to its proper or improper usage. Generally this one related to ladies, children and money matters, brain position, rivalry, mental strength, litigation, friendship, solvency or insolvency, untold sufferings, court litigation etc. Vayavya is also responsible for foetus formation, its development and easy delivery. The affiliation may lead to abortion to ladies frequently, some times SE also had some defects. Vayu blesses with some features like mentally sound and emotionally strong, blesses with superior knowledge on certain arts, education and happiness if Northwest position is correct and perfectly altered. This Northwest writes the life of emotions, females of the home and third issue. For more info click this Vastu for Northwest Facing House link.


+1 #27 Need your suggestionMartin Raj 2016-10-14 15:42
I have a south facing plot dimension 40 x 60 feet, let me know if i can have west facing main door in this plot.
40feet by road and depth is 60 feet.

Pl suggest with suitable plan.
+2 #26 NORTH EAST CUTkhushbu gupta 2016-09-12 12:37
we have purchased flat in mumbai & shown to vastu pandit ji because we got some financial issues although we have not started living in that flat so far. then vastu pandit ji checked without compass & told there is north east cut & do remedies on a very high charges. we checked by own degree of that corner so it is coming 350 north. hence please advise what is correct. is pandit ji suggested correct or we should follow direction by compass & to understand that there is no cut. please suggest remedies.
+1 #25 NORTH EAST CUTkhushbu gupta 2016-09-12 12:31
hi, we purchased a flat in Mumbai & there is 4 flat on one floor. Now we asked to vastu pandit to check the flat & he checked without compass & told that there is north east cut & do remedies. when we placed compass at that corner degree is coming 350 north. so now we are not understanding how pandit ji told that there is north east cut. please advise what we should do now. in Mumbai noticed that flats are in wings & cut is on any corner available.
+3 #24 west facingrameshreddy 2016-08-25 01:30
Dear sir,

I want to purchase one plot west face in that agnayam is increased can I take it sir
+15 #23 about borewellsudhakar 2016-06-20 07:50
my mother owns a west facing plot with the dimensions 30 (B) X 50L. We are placnning to construct a house and recently we have put a borewell. As per the geologist, we did not have sufficient water layers on the northeast. he suggested us with a point which is falling in the east. ie. if the breadth of the plot is 30 ft from north east to south east the point is exactly fallen between 17-18 ft from the north corner and 5 -6 feet distance from the east. It is a complete rock area and we have gone 1200 ft depth and could found water. do we need to treat the bore is in the east direction or southeast direction.. Please kindly suggest if any precuations has to be taken.
+20 #22 Shop DirectionsPrashant Sawant 2016-05-19 19:21
I have opend the retails cloths shop. The city itself is not as per vastu direction. If I check compass, at standing middle of shop than main glass door is exactly North-West direction. I have placed the furniture considering opening of shop is west (Not North West). So I seat at South West corner. Light furniture at north and heavy furniture in south side.

My questions

1. How to handle the direction in such case when it is not poerfectly as per compass?
2. Do I need to move main enterance door?
3. DO I need to move my seating place?

Please advise.
+8 #21 North-east facing house with shop in front.Priyanka Rustagi 2015-12-25 12:06
I live in a north-east facing house and due to some reasons we had to open a kirana shop/provisiona l store at home. Earlier we used to have an open verandah in front, but then shop was made occupying almost 1/3rd of the front space and lies in east direction of the plot with entrance in northeast corresponding with house's main entrance. Kitchen is in south, stairs to terrace in south-west, toilet in west, bedroom-cum-dra wing room in north. Dad is asthama patient and cannot work, mom looks after shop, younger brother is studying and I am the elder one (daughter) working in an event management company.
Financial conditions are not okay. I too have debts to be cleared.
I believe solutions to my problems lie in my house.
Please suggest some remedies. Or atleast some sort of guidance.
+15 #20 vastu tipschandrakant sharma 2015-12-24 07:07
Dear sir, i have west face plot. Would you give me suggestion for construction. i m making a room in east, sooth east side kitchen, south west side bathroom, toilet after that peddy(siddi). north west side water storing tank in earth and main gate. plot size is 55 yard. pls suggest. Thanks.
chandrakant sharma
+9 #19 Nairuthi is more to my houseSatessh 2015-11-23 07:48
Hi Sir,

My house is facing to East with North-south road. Entrance to hourse is at Eshanya, Kitchen is at Agneya, Master bedroom is at Nairuthi (South west), 2nd bedroom at North-east corner and 3rd bedroom is between Kitchen and master bedroom.

Nairuthi (West-south) is more when compared to vayavya (North west) i.e East to west on North size is 45 ft where as East to West on south is 49 ft.

Please suggest me having more nairuthi is good or bad. do i need to modify my house if it is a bad
NORTHEASRHOME direction by gate,entrance&
maindoor,how much degress is selected in the house (gate,entrance, maindoors).whic h directions is best to the steps and bothrooms,septi ctank and watertank
plz tell me my mail id,thanking you sir
+12 #17 east facing or adopt north facingsusheela 2015-05-21 12:41
plz give me advise for the plot size of 36' by 50 ' which is having north face road and als east but adjacent plots are north and moreover the depth of 50' is east side and 36 ' is north side rectangular plot plz advise which facing is better as there is a option towards East als
+9 #16 east facing or adopt north facingsusheela 2015-05-21 12:40
plz give me advise for the plot size of 36' by 50 ' which is having north face road and als east but adjacent plots are north and moreover the depth of 50' is east side and 36 ' is north side rectangular plot plz advise which facing is better as there is a option towards East als0
+7 #15 directions of plotkarunakar 2015-04-30 10:34
east facing triangle plot east 20.6,noth 70 south40.6,vauya m mula perigindi.perag adam valana nastam unada
+14 #14 Pooja Room DoorBadrish 2015-04-02 05:26
We have an east facing entrance for he house that we are constructing. We have placed the pooja room in the Northeast. due to some space constrain we want to open the pooja room door outside. Is this OK.
+8 #13 Pooja Room DorrBadrish 2015-04-02 05:24
My house is east facing and the construction work is in process. Had a query on pooja room. Can the Pooja room door be opened outside.
+13 #12 North east round balcony_2nd floor flatjey 2015-03-13 14:10
Dear Sir,

We are living in flat. That Flat has round balcony with at north east corner and balcony door also kept exactly facing North east..So cut in the North east room but North east extended for this round balcony. Now we found that in vasthu north east plot should not have cut or round shape. Is there any vasthu remidies for this. kindly advice me.

Thank & Regards,
+16 #11 vastu for corner to corner east, westPURNESH KUMAR 2014-12-11 16:08
i m living in a rented house,1st floor, this house is corner to corner east west north south direction, how to remove vaastudosh from house
+19 #10 North east cornerchellappa 2014-12-11 08:31
Dear Sir,

We bought a plot in our native place. That plot has round at north east corner. Now we found that in vasthu north east plot should not have cut or round shape. Is there any vasthu remidies for this. otherwise we are planning to sell this plot. kindly advice me.

Thank & Regards,
+20 #9 HumanityRajee 2014-11-14 07:48
Hi! by seeing your website, I still have great hopes on humanity, appreciations came from my heart. god bless you team.
+21 #8 How to find Directions Like East West North and SouthDante 2014-11-02 02:06
If I come out frm my home that is west, now tell me is my house is west facing house or east facing!!!. anyway your images shown here are wonderful and so helpful. i was so impressed

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