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Vastu Compass | How to Find Directions with the Help of Compass

Vastu CompassVastu Compass, Directional Instrument, Navigational instrument, Diksuchi: Historically, Vastu Consultants relied on property owners to determine the directions of their premises. Today, it's still uncommon for vastu experts to carry a Compass to site visits, often depending on property owners for directional guidance.

It's noted that in many villages and some urban areas, numerous Vastu Pandits still inquire from locals about the property's orientation concerning the sunrise. (For additional insights, this link on Directions Vastu offers further details.) Such practices may introduce the risk of inaccuracies in directional assessment, potentially leading to errors in judgement.

1. Times have evolved, and Vastu Pandits now recognize the importance of precision, often carrying a compass during vastu consultation visits—a positive development for society.

2. Many property owners lack the knowledge to accurately determine a property's directions using a compass. We will delve deeper into understanding the directional aspects of a home, urging you to pay close attention to the images provided below.

3. It's clear that placing the compass at the main entrance allows for a distinct observation of the "house inside" and "house outside," which are indicated as "Inside" and "Outside" in the subsequent images.

4. Such visuals are immensely beneficial for the layperson. For experts, determining the directions by merely glancing at a compass takes about 5 seconds, though some Vastu consultants might spend up to 10 minutes to ascertain the precise directions based on their expertise and methodical approach. Typically, seasoned vastu consultants require only 5 to 10 seconds to grasp the property's orientation. Common queries from residents include:

5. "How to find directions with the help of a compass?"

6."Discover the straightforward method to ascertain a house's directions using a Compass,"

7.Addressing these inquiries, we have furnished detailed information below for an educational overview. Ensure not to overlook the animated arrow located near the bottom of the page.

Compass Navigation: Mastering the Art of Discovering Directions

Finding directions with the help of Vastu Compass - location at HouseLocated in Mumbai city, a client shared images of a compass placed at the main entryway of his home, which leads to a verandah and then the living room. In this photo, the compass is precisely set on the doorstep. This visual guide assists in accurately determining a property’s orientation.

Notice the terms "inside" and "outside" related to the home's layout in this picture, where the compass rests on the doorstep. While some argue against placing the compass on the doorstep, suggesting a ground placement away from any metal influences. The presence of iron in the doorstep could mislead the compass's directionality.

Doorsteps with materials meant to counteract Shani Dosha, often made of iron, can affect the compass's accuracy. Paying careful attention to the property's directional alignment is crucial. Ignoring this can undermine the vastu consultation, leading to undesirable outcomes if the analysis is incorrect.

Finding Directions With Compass

How to find directions with the help of CompassThis image provides a closer look at the previously mentioned compass, albeit from a slightly different angle. To enrich the understanding of directional finding, multiple images have been included. While those versed in Vastu Shastra might find repeated images redundant, novices will gain by examining these varied perspectives.

It simplifies learning directional orientation—East, West, North, and South—using a vastu compass. Here, the compass's needles are more discernible than in the previous photo.

This set of images aims to demystify directional determination, a task that might seem straightforward but can be complex. Vasthu specialists can ascertain directions quickly by just glancing at the compass.

Once the direction is observed through the compass, rechecking is seldom needed, indicating their grasp of the property's orientation after a single look. However, some experts prefer verifying inside the house as well, a practice beneficial for residents. Vastu Specialists are known for their adherence to correct methods.

Easy Process of Using Compass

Compass and finding directions of the houseObserving this image closely, it's similar to the one above but with a tighter focus, elucidating the method for identifying directional orientation, which applies to sites, houses, Factories, and shopping complexes. However, the compass shouldn’t be placed on the door sill; ideally, holding it by hand is the best practice for accuracy.

Yet, many Vaasthu consultants place it on the ground or another surface, perhaps due to a lack of confidence or misconceived notions.

Regarding the home's orientation, this property faces East, defined by its main entrance's direction. Entering from the East signifies an East-facing home, contrary to the misconception of it being West-facing (Know more about West facing house). In Vastu, utilizing a compass is essential for accurate consultation, as guessing without one can lead to misinterpretation of the property’s alignment.

"While trying to use the compass, electromagnetic waves seem to distort its accuracy, yet GPS provided a precise direction," shares Karuna from Atlanta - Vastu USA.

The traditional compass remains the tool of choice for exact directional finding, eschewing electronic or smartphone compasses. Accurate direction finding is pivotal in Vasthu, as errors can lead to significant misconceptions. Hence, the traditional "Engineer" Compass is preferred for its reliability.

Vastu Prasna

+18 #6 How to check Vastu compassRanjan 2015-04-25 14:29
Dear sir, seeking guidance on utilizing a Vastu compass effectively, one might wonder about the initial steps for accurate usage, ensuring proper alignment with Vastu principles. What are the foundational techniques to check a Vastu compass for ensuring that a living space or office aligns with the favorable directions as prescribed in Vastu, and what considerations should be made to avoid common errors during this process?. Furthermore, your website is truly extraordinary, boasting an extensive array of information. One could dive into its contents and emerge only after several days, given its vast, lifetime-worthy reading material. I commend your dedicated efforts in this endeavor. Thank you immensely. May you all be blessed.
+5 #5 Can we use Mobile compassSulochana 2015-02-16 07:33
Namaste Suresh Ji, I wanted to discuss the importance of utilizing a traditional compass for our purposes. In your esteemed opinion, do you not think that relying on the compass app available on mobile phones might not be as effective or accurate? I would greatly appreciate it if you could enlighten me on the differences between these two methods of direction finding. Dhanyavaadh for considering my query. Overall, your website is awesome. Very great by seeing your presentation here.
+13 #4 Techniques of checking Traditional engineers vastu compassKrishna Bharath 2014-12-26 08:24
Pranams Guruji, how do traditional engineers check Vastu with a compass? What techniques do they use? Are there specific orientations they look for? How do they determine the auspicious directions? What role does the magnetic needle play in Vastu assessments? Is there a difference in evaluating residential versus commercial properties? How important is the compass's accuracy in Vastu? Do they consult historical texts for guidance? How does the environment around a property influence the compass reading? What are the common challenges faced during such evaluations?
+20 #3 Best methods of verifying property with compassPavan Kumar 2014-12-08 15:22
Ji namaste, could you please share your insights on the most effective techniques for determining the directions of a property using a compass? What steps can be taken to guarantee precision in the readings? Are there any particular aspects that need careful consideration? Additionally, is there a specific type of compass that is recommended for this purpose? We are in the market for a compass that offers the highest level of accuracy, regardless of cost. Could you suggest any particular models known for their reliability? Our primary focus is on obtaining precise measurements.
+6 #2 Precautions for Accurate Home Verification Using a CompassRamnath 2014-10-07 08:52
How can one effectively utilize a compass in Vastu applications? What steps ensure accurate readings? Are there specific techniques for aligning with ancient principles? Are there different compass types recommended for Vastu assessments? What role do traditional methods play in compass verification? Can modern technology enhance compass accuracy in this applications? Are there any common mistakes to avoid when using a compass for Vastu purposes?
+9 #1 Vastu CompassGangadhar 2014-04-25 07:23
Hello, is there a specialized type of Vastu compass, or do all compasses serve the same purpose? Would acquiring two compasses be necessary to guarantee accurate property angles? Procuring ideal Vastu homes in California has proven difficult despite two years of searching. Our aim is to purchase by January 2020, as we plan to relocate to India in 2023. Could our reliance on mobile compasses be misleading us? A friend recommended traditional compasses for accuracy verification. Your guidance on this matter would be invaluable.
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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