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137 Regularly Updated Vastu Tips and Experimental Ideas

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Daily Vastu Tips

1. Published on 02 August 2013: - Regarding circular or spiral staircase, in no case, it should not come towards Northeast-north or Northeast-east, this procedure holds good in respect of ordinary staircase also. Only in certain cases, it may be planned, but it has to be decided before one competent Vastu consultant.

2. 04. August.2013: If the measurement, alignment is perfect as per Vastu Shastra for South facing property, its better to have a gate opposite to the main entrance door of the house, if the main door is exactly either at South direction on Southern Southeast. If there is heavy open space in the East direction then get assistance from an expert to decide the gate position.

3. 13.08.2013: Please don't treat all street focuses are good or bad. Some residents did not catch the good street focus results with blind decisions. For eastern Northeast Street Focus which focus was crossed 3rd internal house from Northeast, doors should be only opposite to the street right alignment only.

4. 15.08.2013: Perfect planning always makes people successful. Be a leader, Vastu helps you to save your life, money earning chances, security, job, progeny, etc. Don't blame Vastu, our Vastu always works, results depend only on your selection of Vastu consultant.

5. 01.09.2013: If Eastern Northeast street focus is not giving good results, then check the compass exact directions of that property, that property may be a skewed property or door placement may be wrong.

6. 09.09.2013: All direction properties are acting with the same results, some say that South and West facing plots are not good, we have clearly given clarification for this point in our website. When, how, why the bad results are coming out from South and West directions properties

7. 04.03.2014: Nowadays many Vastu specialists provide Yantras to the residents and collecting huge amount, on the same way they are not giving importance to vastu. They are said to be called as Yantra sellers, not consultants. Vasthu consultancy is a Royal profession. We urge all consultants to behave as a gentleman while practicing consultancy and bring good name to this science Vaastu, your character and intention is most important for bringing fame. Thanks for best Understanding and good luck.

8. 09.04.2014: Basil plant possesses thymol, a curative of skin diseases, in a stronger proportion. That's why it is also used for leprosy treatments and skin bites. It keeps off Mosquitoes at home. Basil plant extract cures many kinds of human fevers. Due to many advantages, not only Hindus, other religious people are also planting it in their homes, in Oman country, we found some Arabs planting Basil plant in their home boundary premises.

9. 10.04.2014: Orderless or irregularities at Northwest corner in the home, either Northwest extension or NW corner closing may resulting in wanderer or vagabonds, litigation, lunatics, or sometimes one of the residents may try for committing suicide.

10. 13.04.2014: Construct the Southwest, South, and West boundary wall with double layer mountain rocks up to at least 4 feet height, if it's permitted then construct up to 7 or 8 feet also. The remaining wall like North, East, and Northeast may be constructed with bricks or only one layer of mountain stones.

11. 15.04.2014: No doubt, the Northeast-east street focus is excellent, but sometimes this may cause negative results, its only because of the main entrance door to the property may not be opposite to this street focus and it may be towards Northeast and very nearer to the North, due to this it may not attract the Street focus beneficial results. One should select the property only with the help of expert vastu consultant, otherwise, he may be the looser.

12. 11th Nov 2014: In the event that the Southwestern part is cut off and lifted high the occupants would be happy. Due to lack of experience, some Vaasthu people expresses that cutting off Southwest portion may lead to dire consequences and not congenial.

13. 13th Nov 2014: Regarding Southeast block homes : If the primary entrance of a home facing towards South direction and house was constructed towards Southwest and Western boundaries, provided sufficient vacant space towards North and East directions with low lying and having a bore well or well towards Northeast then the occupants of such house would enjoy all-round flourishing. Please note that all these would be true if the vicinity supports, otherwise effects will be changed.

14. 14.11.2014: South direction should not have any sloping projections as it may causes ill effects and money loses. In such a case if this projection should be the inevitable then make sure that North direction should have greater sloppy or gradient projection than the South sloppy.

15. 19.011.2014: On the off chance a home construction starts on the Northern boundary leaving an empty place towards South direction, such a home becomes desolate, usurped and heirless.

16. 20.11.2014: "U" shaped property which is constructed towards North, East, and South and leaving West open is harmful, one ought to be deliberately carefully before selecting/constructing of such style.

17. 21.11.2014: Even if our home and home constructed plot are in consonance with the art of Vastu shastra standard principles, however in the event that the streets located towards East and North of the site are more raised or elevated than the house and plot floor levels, the inhabitants would not get desired or coveted reasonable fair results.

18. 22.11.2014: West and South facing houses should have a boundary gate exact towards the main door of the house. If there is a heavy open East space to South facing house and heavy open North space to West facing house, those residents have to finalize the main entrance gate points with the help of a competent vastu scholar. Personal opinions may spoil the pleasantness.

19. 23.11.2014: If your house is built with vastu principles and consultancy was made by an expert vastu consultant, but you are not getting results at your expected time then try with this simple technique, clean your entire house, everywhere, clean, clean and clean, gradually fill the house with rich items, only RICH items, observe what happens. Peace, Success, Luck and Happiness will search for your address to reach you.

20. 24.11.2014: Constructing the boundary wall with mountain rocks is more good than the bricks. You may observe the difference when built with mountain rocks. If you want to use both materials, then South and West walls should be built with mountain rocks and East and North walls may be built with bricks (either mud or cement bricks). But our recommendation is built total wall with mountain rocks or any other hard consolidated mineral materials.

21. 29.11.2014: In the event of Northeastern block property, the streets towards East and North are laid in such a moment and way, and Northeastern corner tip of such plot is projected, the inhabitants of such plot lead an astounding life and their descendants would turn out to be very savvy and forces good and conciliatory qualities.

22. 30.11.2014: It is not recommended to arrange the cupboards towards Eastern and northern walls in Northeast room, but recesses, shelves, and almirahs may be arranged only when there is a chance for unprojected towards East and North walls. Unprojected is good at Northeast room, projection is good at Southwest room.

23. 01st December 2014: The bore well or water wells towards Southern Southwest effects on females resided in that property with severe and chronic or deadly diseases or financial losses and some times characterless also. Same may be shadowed on males if the wells are situated towards Western Southwest parts. (Read Vastu guidelines for water sump through this link.)

24. 02.12.2014: If you can't do any alterations to your living property then try with this small tip. Good smells from a house attract heavenly elements and positive powers, based on the effective change the human beneficial powers may have more enough path to enter into the property, automatically negative forces will be disappeared and there is hope that inhabitants will sense some changes in their regular process. With this action, you may not lose anything except to buy one branded Aroma scented pouch or keeping fresh flowers in water bowls.

25. 03.12.2014: Some residents asking how to dispel/through away of the negative powers, evils, some objectionable behaviors, bad influences, wretch, wraith, ghost moments, devil, evil spirits, something shadowy and insubstantial, some unnatural power moments, etc, then do these simple actions. Clean your entire house, should be very very clean, clear off the old items from the house including break off items, snap off etc, make paint your entire property including the boundary walls, loop music for 24 hours, good lighting, complete air passing into your entire house, good fragrance aroma items at main rooms, keeping Lord Hanumanji photo in front of the main door and another at inside will definitely through away these negative energies from your house, further recommended to do perform Pavamana Homa in that house. Good Luck.

26. 04.12.2014: If the main entrance door or main entrance gates are placed towards Western Southwest or Southern Southwest may prompt to or there is a high chance for accidents, unpopularity, imprisonment, paralytic stroke, suicide, homicide, financial losses, heavy debts, cardiac failures, etc to the residents only because the entryways kept in debilitated awful placements or positions. One should be very careful with this placement of entryways.

27. 05.12.2014: Lucky people will first call vastu consultant before selecting the plot, medium luck residents calling vastu consultants after buying the plot, unlucky people call vastu consultants after buying and constructing the house, this is like beating the husk. We have great hope that you are lucky people. If a resident is cautious, unlucky also become lucky, act fast.

28. 06.12.2014: If one house is having three exit doors, then make sure that North and East directions should have doors, remaining third door may be kept towards either South or West. Forgetting to keep doors towards either North or East may be a cause for the entire life, a dramatic sorrowful. This may generally happen when the property is having three roads. Be cautious when dealing with this science terms. Do approach only top most expert vastu consultant and enjoy lifetime peace and relax.

29. 07.12.2014: In the event that the main entrance of a home is confronted towards the East direction and the same home construction starts right on boundaries of the East and North directions leaving empty space towards West and South directions, then the mates or spouses would get to be arch rivals and the kids would become sick and vile. An address of unpopularity and daily experiencing some mental tortures.

30. 08.December.2014: If depression or sump-type or low-level flooring or low-lying land or lower ground floor level towards East direction would become Fame, Wealth, Development, opportunities, luck, males health, good eyesight, Longevity, more grasping power, good heart, having donations or charities mentality, good name in society, children education develops, improving knowledge, education, opportunities in Government jobs, happiness, enemies efforts can't work out to defame, relations and friends are visiting and much more.

31. 09.12.2014: If there is elevation or high raise floor level or most obstruction towards East direction, then residents may get heavy inconvenience in all of their works, starting counting of unlucky things, chances are there for loss of progeny, lack of grasping power, chances are there for defaming in society, some times enemies power may also raise, chances for getting dubious pity words by others or neighbors or near and dear ones, education may be getting trouble to complete, failure of opportunities etc may be found.

32. 10.12.2014: In case the Southeast part of the home is lower than the Southwest then it outcome with augurs luck and well. If suppose the Southeast part is lower than the Northwest and Northeast parts then there is a chance for rivalry, fire accidents, criminal thoughts or criminal mentality, very good time appears for the people who want to do something wrong actions against to Government procedures, defame, ill health appears to females and male children may get suffers with bad happenings, wrong ideas or thoughts, elders suffers from male child bad nature, etc.

33. 12.12.2014: In the event that the South direction is having depression to one property then there is a chance of many bad experiences like financial constraints, lots of health diseases, mental strain, creditors may round your house to collect their debts, disorders in terms of health, money, stamina. Ladies may be suffered in this property, sometimes males may shout on them and possibility to raise hands to slap on them. If you are experiencing problems in such house, then you may consult one expert vastu specialist to get right recommendations and solve the issue or construct a standard mountain rock compound wall may also well useful to reduce all these issues.

34. 15.12.2014: For those who are looking for money, here is our today vastu tip, if the South direction is elevated or heighten then residents will enjoy good health and prosperity. There is a chance to start a new venture if inhabitants lives in that property for more than 5 years, in that also they can expect sound financial positions. If there is a solid rock constructed dais or pails towards Southern Southwest and South parts, it enriches more attractive opportunities in money and lesser attendance to nursing homes. Many people may come to you for your blessings in sanctioning of their required loans.

35. 16.12.2014: If one house is having Southwest depressed or lower ground floor level or water sump etc then it may be a factor to be found that there may be immoral or wicked behavior plays with residents, personal character fails with vices thoughts, suffers with protracted illness or longer than expected ill health issues, may be a cause for demise or early deaths, financial losses, Cause for defame, insecurity feelings, looking for someones help etc may be happens. Fill the depressed portion with solid bricks or rocks and enjoy the standard life.

36. 17.12.2014: If one house is having Southwest elevated and if there is pail or dais or platform etc, then they will enjoy the prosperity and they will get lucky fame. Standardizes in their life will increase, good name develops in society, their character will be appreciated, health will be good, life span increases, financially sound, secured feelings etc features may have appeared.

37. 18.12.2014: West direction of a home is depressed and has a water well or water sump then the residents may face severe health disorders, ill-health or some times loss of progeny, financially backward etc. To cover all of these problems, then just fill that depressed part and elevated with heavy rocks or stones or at least dump it with mud.

38. 19.12.2014: When West direction is at higher level than East direction, it bores well for the male folk, they enjoyed name, fame and status in society. They have recognition by virtue of their integrity and status. They would have progeny and progeny also would progress well in life. Where there are no issues in a family, raise the level of West side by having stones, mud etc so that the desired effects come to fruition in good time. Residents would have status, name and fame in their place of work and also command respect from others. While talking they are firm of what they say and don't dribble with words and expressions.

39. 20.12.2014: When Northwest is lower than Southwest good in all respects. But when lower than Northeast - the possibility of litigation, ill health, rivalry and enmity are indicated. Possibility of frequently falling ill is not ruled out. To overcome from these situations ensure the height of Northwest is higher than the Northeast.

40. 22.12.2014: When Northwest is higher than the Northeast then it sounds good luck with flow of money and it indicates success in many things, but it should not be lower than Northeast, as it may lead to unlucky to the residents and indicates a bad omen. Better to manage with corrections to the floor heights in a property. Check the floor raised portions with water pipe levels and take appropriate alterations.

41. 23.12.2014: When the North of your premises is at a lower level it helps you acquire greater prosperity for a similar effort. Female folk would have a happy disposition at home. Aiding harmony in the home. You would be justifiably proud of your success in financial matters. If Northeast also is at the same or lower level there will be enhanced happiness at home and your prosperity will be multiple propositions.

42. 24.12.2014: Higher level in the North would lead to ill health. It's a symptom of acute poverty financially. Women would be major sufferers in this situation particularly in terms of health and happiness. There would be mental tortures consequent to continuous ill-health and financial inabilities. If there are adverse conditions in Northwest and Southeast along with high-level North direction there is a probability of declaring insolvency. Level the North area such that it is lower than South. Most of these negative features would become manageable or become disappear.

43. 25.12.2014: Low level towards Northeast is akin to having a gene at your command. However, this gene would not assist you in doing unethical and unsocial means to gain name, fame, wealth, etc. For this route is not required you would naturally get prosperity. Name and fame are natural companions. There would not be any major problems that would otherwise cause worry to the residents. One can expect sound health and wealth too.

44. 26.12.2014: We have seen what benefits we get when the Northeast is at a low level, when the same is at a higher level everything is opposite is inevitable, there will be a loss of prosperity, property, and all-around deterioration in every aspect of life. Unimaginable misery is what you may face. In such a situation the only remedy is to level the high mounts on the Northeast such that it is lower than the rest of the entire area.

45. 27.12.2014: The geometric center/Brahmasthan of a plot or construction, this is one of the key points of a plot or construction. Join the four corners of the plot or construction the meeting point is the Brahmasthan. The area of Bhramasthan is 0.2 of length X 0.2 breadth. There should neither be a platform nor a sump at this point. The natural contours of the plot should not be disturbed at Brahmasthan. However, in construction, this would correspond to the actual floor level and this should be maintained as such neither up nor low. If there is a sump or low level there would be total financial ruination to the residents. If there is a ditch or sump fill it up. So that the surface comes to natural surrounding levels.

46. 28.12.2014: Door in Southwest is an invitation to a dearth of happiness. The residents would continuously suffer ill health, shortage of money, and sudden deaths are indicated. The door has to be appropriately shifted to an exalted position. The sooner the better.

47. 01st January 2015: Street focus from Eastern Northeast make better to name and fame, money, education, improvement in education, followers, authoritative, happiness, respect in society, works go smooth etc.

48. 02.01.2015: Northwest of a property should be constructed as per vastu only, it should not be disturbed or irregular either extending or closing then it may not provide good results to the residents, further it may hits with vagabonds, lunatics and more interested to committing suicide. One of the resident in the family may always wants to leave the home. He don't have any interest in life. Most of them want to play with money and losing it finally.

49. 03.01.2015: Some houses have slanting projections towards North or East, these two slanting projections are good. Make sure there should not be Northeast cut, both slanting projections should be attached at Northeast and it should be extended. If anybody requires to construct a room under this East slanting projection then Southeast is the best placement and it should have Northern Northeast door, at any cost one should not construct the Northeast room under this projection.

50. 06.01.2015: Northeast is nothing but development and Knowledge. The Eesanya (Northeast) part or Northeast ensures a prominent and continuity of bloodline and the race or lineage by male intelligent progeny. If it was against to the said line, i.e., Northeast is cut off then in that family there may not have male children, and no lineage progeny to enjoy though there would be abundant fancy wealth in the family. One should be careful when there is Northeast truncation.

51. 11.01.2015: Some small changes or keeping things may change some one's life. Smiling photos are good in the house, the depicting cruelty or shedding tears photos should be removed immediately. The fresh flowers arrangement in the living room or opposite to porch gradually improves positive climate or atmosphere. Money plant in the house may increases inflow of cash or money into home. One should be very careful in clearing and cleaning the unused items in the home. Throughout the unused items or wastage from home.

52. 12.01.2015: In Vastu there is a significance for each and every part of the construction, site and surroundings, one should not neglect on anything of certain property. If the compound of the South would be lower than the North compound wall then it may leads to ill health. The value of the health knows who fall sick, others may not have such idea on health values.

53. 13.01.2015: On the off chance there is more sufficient open space towards East direction portion of the house or site, the inhabitants of that home would be well prosperous and their decent lineage would continue through able male descendants/offspring. Residents will get name and fame, their life will be more peaceful with success of their needs, dreams would become true. If the East open space floor level was slope than the home floor levels luck will become common factor in their life.

Wish You Happy Sankranthi.

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54. 17.01.2015: Due to lack of place/space, commercial purpose, security-wise, some residents plans to apportioning or dividing the house into two parts, for example if East facing property, residents has to apportioned the room towards Southeast only and make main door towards Northeast for that room, so that main house has Northeast entrance. If the partition room planned towards Northeast of the entire house then the main house has Southeast entrance and leads to ill health and financial losses and some times entire system will cross their control. So residents has to be very careful when partitioning the house.

55. 23.01.2015: If a property is having Northern Northwest street focus the female residents may became ill and suffering with health disorders. Males may have bad habits and besides resulting residents prone to vices etc. Very active in others problems and silent in their self problems. Getting super fast thoughts for others problems and tortoise actions on their self problems etc appears. Immediate attraction on bad habits and not interested on studies or standard way of life. Plant bushy trees in front of this street thrust, if the house is having only ground floor.

56. 25.01.2015: Many people says that acquisition of North, East and Northeast neighboring plots are more auspicious as per tenets of vastu, based on this principle gullible people innocently dropped into wrong routes. Though acquisition is good, but there should more observations and alterations after acquisition otherwise one may fall into deep troubles in future. For example : If one property is having street thrust towards Northern Northeast then buying East plot is wrong idea. If East plot may be bought then the same auspicious Northern Northeast street thrust may became Northern Northwest and may became focuses with all wrong results to the residence. One should be careful when deals with properties.

57. 26.01.2015: Many rich people may become poor after shifting home. Most of them don't know about vastu or blindly follows half knowledge vastu pandit words and losing money. Please note that more open space towards South may harm your finances and health. Don't join those houses, if you already living in those properties, try to build gazebo at Southwest corner as per expert vastu pandit advice and thereafter think on more open south space.

58. 03rd February 2015: For West facing or South facing houses, due to lack of vastu knowledge some people suggesting residents to construct the stove platform towards Southeast of the Northeast room by leaving some open space towards Northeast, this system is the wrong. At any cost one should not plan Kitchen towards Northeast, this tip pursuit for Indian properties.

59. 04.02.2015: If the house was constructed on the limits of the North and East boundaries by leaving open space towards South and West parts, then wife and husband got to be barbarously exact retribution in the middle of themselves or they might got to be arch-rivals. The life of the children might likewise not sparkle in this home. No trust for the splendid future in this house. In this case one should immediately consult an expert vastu specialist and may get the right suggestions to have peace in the home.

60. 07.02.2015: Sometimes West facing home residents want to make the slanting projection towards West direction, here generally slope is towards West, this could be the wrong and do like this way, the slope is towards East to get more positive power into home. Don't construct an office room or any other external room towards the Northwest part of this slanting area, if you compulsory requires then you may plan to construct towards Southwest part, and door for this room should only be towards Northeast-north direction.

61. 09.02.2015: Lots of secrets are surrounded in the universe. Some were found by great saints (Rushis), still, some are in hidden, we found that there is negative and positive powers that always tries to enter into houses based on the construction system and environmental support. Based on various attraction both powers tries to enter into properties. Negative power dislikes "good and attractive colors", "smiles in the home", "bright lighting", "accommodated ventilation for healthy airflow", "mild loop music", "signs of Gods", "Cleaning", "donations", "Vastu construction" these simple techniques may change one's life be filled with peace and satisfaction, these are the good friends of positive powers. Try with these and get good luck without any cost paid to others.

62. 19.02.2015: Many residents looking for money for their livelihood, this is natural. Unfortunately, some homeowners' residences were put up for auction due to their business misfortunes or wrong calculations, in this scenario if we found we may discover that there may be a misfortune controlled by Northwest that makes residents insolvent. These things may attract the antagonism home that Northern Northwest is extended, water sumps or water pits at this location, NW floor elevation than the Southwest direction room floor level. Even closure of this Northwest direction location may also play and further lower floor levels at Southwest rooms or location or heavy moments from Northwest and Southeastern directions may also lead to bankruptcy. So one has to be cautious with these directions when dealing with money matters.

63. 04th March 2015: Gobar gas plant may be best fitted from center of the North to towards Northwest, when it comes with East direction then from center of the East to towards Southeast. Once you planned to make Gobar gas plant at your home towards North direction then you may also planned to construct a dais towards South to Southwest. If the Gobar gas plant is planned to place towards East direction then you may planned to construct one dais towards West to Southwest, due to this if any mistake was happen by placing the Gobar gas plant then these dais may help inhabitants to protect.

64. 09.03.2015: When your property is having cellar/basement/underground then be cautious while extending your plot, there are certain compulsory principles to follow on this cellars or basement and further one should be very very serious on extending their property plot even it is Northeast also. Book knowledge and websites information may not be sufficient for this basements and plot extensions, be careful when deal with this section in vastu, without proper vastu consultation don't do any practicals. Otherwise you may lose your financial status, health grounds, firm collapse, loss of name and fame and many other most inconvenient things.

65. 12.03.2015: If there is a possibility to buy Northeast-North or Northeast or Northeast-east vacant land then don't lazy on this purchase, immediately buy that plot. It may be extension to your existing plot. Please note that if your existing property does have any street focus then rethink on this purchase and best to get expert vastu consultant advise. Without consultation one should not buy any property or extension to his plot or house. One mistake may spoil entire system, be careful when deal with extension of plot.

66. 19.03.2015: Overhead water tank best place is Southwest corner, leave some open space at Southwest say about one or two feet, if your house is very bigger then you may provide even 5 feet also. If already overhead water tank was built at Northwest or Southeast then its recommended to construct one storeroom towards Southwest which the top terrace should be higher than the water tank. Northeast water tank is not at all advisable. Northeast water sump is different and Northeast water tank is different that one has to be notice this point.

67. 21.03.2015: Even some vastu experts also stated that vastu is not applicable for rented homes, you may check how many people suffers while they were in rented homes, you may read their voices at this rented house vastu link, we published vastu discussions at this link. One may take care when they were taken a property for rent.

68. 22.03.2015: In Vastu there are 4 directions like East, West, North and South, in all these four directions if we make each direction into two parts then one part is coming under exalted and another part is coming into exiguous positions. For example if take East direction then the two parts means, one is North portion and another one is South portion, so the North portion is exalted and South portion is exiguous. Coming into South direction make into two parts one is East portion and second one is West portion East is exalted here and West portion is exiguous. Make West direction into two parts one will be the North and second one is South portion. North is exalted and South is exiguous. Finally take North direction then one is East portion its an exalted and second portion i.e., West portion is exiguous. Doors towards Exalted are good and exiguous are not good.

69. 29.03.2015: Many residents would thought that West facing homes are not good, if the construction is like this then no need to worry at all. The West wall may be constructed up to roof level without any portion may be slanting towards West then it considered as a bolster luck to the residents. Many homes may have portico towards West, make sure that they should not have slanting towards West, if portico towards West is inevitable then further plan to increase the height of such portico than the inside floor level height. Any property may have juggernaut future if neighborhood should also co-operate.

70. 12th April 2015: The bore well or water wells in a home should be planned according to principles. Otherwise one would be ready to face some challenges. Northeast well welcomes all good luck to residents, East bore well provides shake hand with many opportunities, South bore well starts disastrous at home in the name of Health or wealth. West bore well ruins many opportunities including health, money and life cycle, North bore well brings luck to residents. By reading some simple vastu points one should not take any decision and should not start corrections work at his home, it may hurt him in future, for example, as we discussed above, Northeast bore well brings luck but on the same way it may not that much luck if the property may has Northeast street focus.

71. 04 May 2015: In Vidisha properties or skewed plots the construction of the home may be distinctly separate style. Measurements plays absolutely necessary in habitual practice at each and every part of the room and entire construction, basically we should not count the plot sizes as dormant. Its too active when the plot measurements fit to tilted site rules. Otherwise one has to face critical situations though constructed the home as per vastu . Generally half knowledge vastu people may not have such knowledge about this depth secrets of vastu science. If you found the plot is inclination then its better to approach only an expert vastu consultant and thereafter take the decision whether to buy or leave the site.

72.; 08 June 2015: If the property is not according to vastu and there is no facility to change the home, then do these simple tips to get out of the negativity from the home. Use the attractive carpets, furniture should be very clean and neat, wash the walls, chanting God mantras in the home, smiling, eating more fruits etc may change the critical positions.

73. 22 September 2015: If one home vastu is not good and there is no scope for the alterations, then one may try with these small and simple techniques, these tips may also be useful if your property is built with vastu principles. Now know about Panchashakthi power integrating with Panchabhoothas. 1. Cleaning - Superior quality cleaning has to be maintained in the home. 2. Colorful - The wall colours and paint should not be peel off. Entire home and walls should be more attractive and interesting colours. Further one may bought colourful items to keep at living room and other parts of the home to get attraction. 3. Music - Loop music is recommended, like "OM", "Om Namah Sivaya", "Om Namo Venkatesaya", "Om Namo Raghavendraya" etc or any classical music/flute/sitar etc is also recommended for 24X7 in the home, this will be the auspicious thought for any business premises. 4. Smell and Air - Odors should be good in the home, there should not be bad odors in the home or commercial places. Many fragrance items are available in the market now a days and frequent flow of air is too important in the home. 5. Lighting - Lighting is the important in the home, please maintain good and natural lighting, darkness or dull homes never drag good results, even in the night also one should maintain one very small lamp at home and outside of the home. These are very simple tips that one may expect changes in their life. Patience is the most important in vastu. That one should not forget.

74. 30 October 2015: Vastu which was framed thousands of years back. Later many researchers discovered many vastu impacts on human beings, wrote number of books on this vastu science. Most of the residents, netizens, readers, property owners read such content and applying to their properties. One should not apply such vastu tips without expert consultant recommendations. Finally residents losing their hard earned money, peace and health by applying tips without experts guidance. Here everybody should remember one thing, these vastu tips were applicable to Indian land, this science was developed in Indian land based on Indian structures, system, climatical conditions, density etc. Some/few rules were not applicable to some countries/lands etc. For example Northeast cut is considered as bad in India and the same may not be bad in some countries like USA, UK etc. This Northeast truncation is very common factor in such countries and that negativity will be spread and may not be hard hit to all homes. Based on many researches we should come to the decision of corrections or buying the home/land etc, applying exact bookish knowledge may not be provided good results in every time.

75. 03 January 2016: Don't plan your stairs to be placed towards Northeast. Please note that previously staircase means it may be built with sand, bricks, cement, iron beams etc, so it comes with tons of weight and its occupancy ratio is also extensive amount of land, but now a days staircase planned with wood, steel, aluminum, marble, etc, so it loses weight and also lost the occupancy percentage of the area, based on that many changes were observed, olden structures formulates difficulties to the residents, but now a days the staircase is not that much disturbing the inhabitants, but anyway placing the staircase towards Northeast is not recommended.

76. 17th January 2016: Somebody built the homes with perfect vastu, unfortunately some may not sense the expected desirable results or otherwise they may seen nightmare in such homes, by seeing the intensely evil effects and unpleasant results some may contacting different people in the market for the yantras or mantras or for relief, before approaching them, you may pleased to verify the surroundings vastu effects which were badly hitting your home from disparate directions, its rightly advised to home residents to check the neighborhood effects on your respected homes before approaching deceive by trickery characters in our society. Its rightly advised to every inhabitants to contact with only the genuine vastu expert, the fame personalities never mislead the inherently present beings of such homes and maybe a chance to achieve optimistic leads, be evaluating of many unfavorable properties, it was found that such effects may be from milieu or improper structure.

77. 06th February 2016: Indian Vastu is a great literature which is very useful for the human beings, based on traditional and olden days structures our sages, elders, writers framed some rules which were most facilitated to the residents by having good air, ventilation, positivity, accommodation, attraction, standardize. Most of the principles and rules were published in many books and came into existence worldwide through websites, videos, e-books, cellphones etc. By reading those literature, somebody in other countries comparing their properties with Indian vastu and were getting lots of pains, mental strain, because their properties may not be compatible with Indian vastu regulations. Please note that no need to worry at all, there are some rules, which may not be applicable to some countries. Unnecessarily don't get depress.

78. 12th February 2016: One should not forget their Parents, Teacher, God. Respect your parents. There is no way to clear their debt in your lifetime, except to make them happy with your honest kind heart. On the same way one should not make his wife unhappy in the home. Wife means, a light to your home, without her there is no meaning for your life, so make her happy and you may see the changes in your life. Surprise all of them with gifts and presentations. Please note that happy home means, a vastu home.

79. 3rd March 2016: Other than skewed properties, one may plan for exact East, West, North and South directional main entrance doors to their homes, this is not a mistake. Somebody may insisting you to have main entrance doors only towards Northeast-east for East facing houses, Southeast-south for South facing homes, Northwest-west for West facing homes, Northeast-north for North facing homes. Please note that this would be definitely correct on certain reasons only.

80. 7th March 2016: We are always searching for the new ways to get luck and fortune to human beings. Try to make your wife more happy by giving surprise gifts to her and surprise gifts to your mom and dad, see the changes in your life. Unbelievably you may get new chances in your line of activity, if you did not get anything, you did not spoiled your money, it went to a good cause of gift to your family members only not losing money for others. If your wife/parents are more happy then automatically you will be blessed by natural cosmic forces - Wish You Happy MahaShivarathri.

81. 1st April 2016: Money, these letters are very popular, most attractive and importance in real life for many people. Is vastu provides us money, new business, improvement in our profession, let observe the homes who had lesser space towards South direction and more space towards North direction. Please note that in this regard Northeast should not be spoiled.

82. 7th April 2016: As much as possible try to make your home by having more sun rays enter into home, these valued precious sun rays enhance residents good health and further our life too, sun rays provides us D vitamin, this is most important in one's life. Observe that there should be frequent air passes into home. Crosswind is most recommended for most of the structures. If there is good air flow in a home, they may generally have good health and thoughts too. If there is no good light and air, most probably they may suffers with deceases and psychological sufferings.

83. 10th April 2016: Moment of public is lesser it may affect on vastu results very slightly though residents followed good vastu. More traffic means we may expect more results whether they are good or bad. There are lots of techniques in the universe which everything should be carefully observed. Take one example: Hard work is a key to get expected development in every body life, if there is a good vastu in your home it wont make you lazy. Observe any leader, successful persons, CEO's, MD of a firms, almost all of them followed strictly hard work and reached their goals. "Do work" again "do work", still again "do work" see the magic then, SUCCESS appears before you. There are total eight directions of a property, if you sincerely followed hard work then God loves you and further one direction is enough to get achievement, its the power of Hard Work and God. Almighty always loves people who run for work. He never likes people who cheated public and earning money. Honesty is the most important in every one's life. Be honest and reach your goals. God Bless You.

84. 14th April 2016: If your home does not have vastu compliance or you are living in rented property, or you may not be able to do any changes, then you may plan to keep drinking water at Northeast corner of your living home. Generally this may helps you to fight with negative energies. If Northeast was missed in your home, then first find out the nearer Northeast corner and keep water there.

85. 24.04.2016: "Street focus is yet another crucial and complicated factor of Vaastu Shaastra. However, personal visit of an expert consultant will be quite helpful for any queries regarding the properties that are subject to street focus. These days most of the people tend to lose their hard earned money due to hasty decisions while purchasing a property. If you think that the property of your choice is subject to street focus, do seek a personalized solution from a vastu expert rather than getting a phone consultation. Since 'Street focus' itself is a tough subject and needs the 'Perfect eye', there are cases when most experienced vastu experts have failed to provide an apt solution on phone.

86. 01 May 2016: Respect' is an abstract part and parcel of our lives. It reflects our character and attitude towards our elders and peers. Respect your parents, god, guru, teachers, women, elders, saints and vastu consultants. Each of them forms building block of your happy life in one way or the other. Your sense of respect for them must comprise of dedication, surrender, honesty and transparency. Once you practice such, you will experience luck embracing you in no time, your life will turn more colorful and attractive, your job or profession will take you to new heights of career. Almighty always blesses people who practices the above principles.

87. 05.05.2016: Better to plan for good light, windows, doors, air, floor depression, vision at Northeast. This may generally enriches the residents with good hopes and future. If there is a heavy light, heavy air, heavy windows, doors towards Southwest may spoil the hopes and opportunities and may lead to several complications. Minimize the above at Southwest may extend the achievement percentage.

88. 23.05.2016: If a resident sense that their home is a sweet home then don't use bad words in that premises. There is a aura for every human being, like such a way there is also one invisible power with our structures, don't disturb it by using words like filth, cheap, grumbling, aversion, ill feeling, disaffection, irksomeness, loathing, nastiness, disgust, nauseousness, dislike, pique, abusive, slang, pucker, dudgeon, repugnance, displeasure, abhorrence, grudge, if so these characteristics develope the enmity etc. If residents continuing to practice like such a way automatically the invisible power of that area may weaken and depart from. Always use words with love, confidence, affection, happy, support, cheers, joy, devotion, goodwill, kindness, dedication, gratitude, warmth, friendliness, attachment, adherence, zeal, worth, sincerity, adoration, if so the unseen potential influence strength become extensive width of capacity to bliss the atmosphere, due to this occupants success will be more easier and reach their targets. Love your parents, your spouse, your kids. Maintain pleasant climate in your home. Almighty loves all positive characters. He don't like bad and cheap people. God Bless You.

89. 13.06.2016: Morals and ethics are most valuable in our life. Live with morals and don't cross ethics in your profession or business. These are slow process to procure good name and revenue in the society. If you accord more weight to others when you discuss with your family members, point only of others greatness. It boosts up values among members of the family. Don't use cheap language/words in your home. Home is nothing but a temple which you are living there. Respect home, increase its value, extend its power. Finally it blesses you.

90. 21.06.2016: There is a five powers other than that of the vastu like, cleaning, Colorful looking, Fragrances, Lighting, airflow, if possible try to arrange mild music in the home may improves the positive powers. Doing homas, Sathyanarayana Swamy Vratham is also one of the richest thought in getting positivity. To throughout the negativity from home doing Pavaman Homa is also suggested.

91. 05.07.2016: Nutritious food makes you healthy, good vastu corrections makes your home wealthy. Have good food daily, like green leaves, dry nuts, spouts, vegetables, milk etc. 8 hours sleep is important. Daily walk is highly recommended. Arrange windows and other systems to get open air to enter into home. Thulasi (Basil) plant is must in every home. Now many Arabs in Gulf also practicing to keep Basil plant in their homes. How much you are giving priority to health, that much you will be safe in future. The same applies to home also, how much you importance you are giving to your home that much you can expect results. All the Best.

92. 26.07.2016: If a house is constructed with 90° with perfect vastu then they will have middle doors like East, North, South or West directions. No need to worry about Northeast-east door for East facing homes. They may happily fit door at East. Important thing is that it should not faced towards Southeast-east. It has to be faced towards Northeast-east or exactly East. Otherwise new problems has to be faced.

93. 16th August 2016: Dyan, it purely helps to human beings. Spare at least 15-30 minutes per day for meditation. Increase gradually once you feel comfort time. You may heard from our elders that chanting mantras always helps human beings to clear the mind from negative thoughts. Clear mind always run fast in getting bright thoughts. Pure calm mind vibes environment to be filled with positivity and more energies. Once energy occupies in your mind, heart and home, success will address you.

94. 20th September 2016: Some residents opinioned that vastu is not working, let us check with one small example, if anyone health falls into fever, generally they approach nearest medical stores and obtain tablet thereafter consumed it, the same person immediately ran to the doctor if the fever never cured within 3 days, this is common feature of us. Doctor scrutiny is different and our observation is also different, likewise residents has to first approach one vastu consultant and show their plot to be construct and once they got green signal from consultant thereafter they may start construction with proper vastu floor plan. But most of the residents failed to approach vastu pandit, they want to save that money and finally lose many things including peace. Once you followed the procedure no need to worry about vastu and its power. Vastu floor plans are only for the information purpose, one should not follow them downloaded from internet or verified in vastu books.

95. 11th October 2016: The kitchen is one of the important places in our home. It is here that our health is decided. Hence keeping it clean is essential. Don't keep in the kitchen any other material except those that are used for cooking. particularly broomsticks, mops, etc. In fact, it is best to enter the kitchen after your basic morning activities are completed. The best place for the kitchen in the home is Southeast. The next best place is the Northwest. Best to see that all your morning activities including bathing putting on clean clothes are done before entering the kitchen. Wherever the Kitchen is positioned see that while cooking you face East, where it is not possible for the stove to be in the East and it may be in any other direction technically speaking it is a violation of basic Vastu principles, however whenever such situations arise stand facing East in the kitchen pray and do the cooking. This may reduce the evil effects of the wrong positioning of the stove. Prayerful mood while cooking is an auspicious thought and its good for your family members.

96. Take lunch and do exercises with entire family members, don't take/do alone. Unity and cutting jokes will improve the positivity in the home.

97. Though the house is built with good Vastu, if the breadwinner occupied the Southeast bedroom, then he may lose the chances slowly one after another and things may become worse. But he/she will get an opportunity to change their bedroom, it's only because of the house built with Vastu principles. When compare with huge losses and heavy expenditure and tensions, paying something to the Vastu consultant is just like a peanut amount, don't try to read books and videos on how to come out of bad situations. It's more than the Worst Case. Better to search for one expert in this Vastu field and thereafter start work on the home. Don't try practicals with your life.

98. Sandwich's plot/house is not giving any good results to the residents. We published this Sandwich property in our books, now you may observe the same at neighborhood page, one resident wrote about their experience in this Sandwich property. A house in between two big homes or two big properties has to face many constraints if in case the same property was available for sale without expert opinion one should not buy it.

99. Due to the importance of this Vastu point, we are again stating and published the same Vastu tip to our visitors. Please read: Well-organized homes, clean houses, well-colored residences, good lighting dwellings, well-furnished homes, good airflow houses will have lesser negative Vastu impacts. If resident's position is not able to do any Vastu corrections to their present living structure then residents may follow these above simple techniques. Please note that the neighbourhood of the house should also be clean and good appearance. Then residents may periodically experience some changes in their life. Without much cost and no permission from any other one can easily follow these simple tips. We never press anybody to follow our Vastu tips, we just published them here for society improvement.

100. As much respect, you are giving to your ladies in your home, that many positive results you will experience in your life. Surprise them with gifts they love. You will be surprised by the positive results in your life. Where ladies are respected there Gods live. ( Indian ancient proverb ) Don't forget to keep them always smiling. Things will go smoothly and will be helpful when they are respected.

101. As much respect, you are giving to your ladies in your home, that many positive results you will experience in your life. Surprise them with gifts they love. You will be surprised by the positive results in your life. Where ladies are respected there Gods live. ( Indian ancient proverb ) Don't forget to keep them always smiling. Things will go smoothly and will be helpful when they are respected.

102. Mere primary knowledge of any subject even of Vastu is not adequate to make decisions of a complicated nature. For example, we are all aware that a plot having a Northeast focus is good in several respects. Knowing this much and deciding to buy the plot may lead to disastrous consequences. For example, the other equally significant parameters, such as levels, water bodies, and other constructions that may come up in the immediate future would have to be weighed before selecting the plot. This needs expert advice. Taking decisions based on elementary principles alone would land one in serious situations. Many people have suffered because of such immature adventures. Hence it is urged that who kindly take expert advice before decisions in this regard.

103. North extension enriches with good results, on the same way, the previous exact East gates fall into Southeast after this North extension. Many residents thought extending their home towards the North is auspicious and on a war foot basis, they bought the North plot when neighbor wishes to sell it. Undoubtedly we are also supporting this point of North extension is favorable to the residents, on the other hand, the resident has to keep an eye on the MAIN DOOR, WATER SUMP, MAIN GATE, etc. Residents should cautious when they are doing an extension to their existing home.

104. Though there are 3 or 6 doors even or odd number, they all should be in a similar line if they are placed as per perfect Vastu, otherwise, residents may not experience the expected results from their home. Please note that keep pending of argue the odd or even number of the doors, keep on eye about what is the logic behind this door placements, the doors should always be in the right places as per Vastu. Before counting the doors, first, check whether they are fixed as per Vastu principles or not.

105. Many residents are saying that their master bedroom is at Southwest, Kitchen is at Southeast, living room is at Northeast. The main door is towards Northern Northeast, but some of them are bankrupt. It's only because the door towards the master bedroom is not at the Northeast or Southeast and Northwest of the master bedroom extended. While constructing the home or selecting a flat, better to approach one of the best Vastu consultants to avoid all these troubles.

106. Residents require only results from their properties, they may select and change immediately the Vastu consultant who is giving results and particularly most of them need results on an URGENT basis. Just by seeing this trend, many quacks in the market took birth and selling items in the name of Vastu. Please listen there is no Mantra, Tantra, Magic in Vastu. It's a science, if we followed the Vastu expert's advice then residents will get good results. It's sure. Be with only experts. Don't fall into the quack's spider net. There is no guarantee that if any resident may get good results within 10 or 15 days. When we did corrections, it took some time to see changes in our life.

107. Many Vastu people say that the Southwest bedroom is the best for the breadwinner. But some of the master bedrooms are an utter failure when the breadwinner occupies the SW bedroom. Some of them are. 1. Southeast-east door. 2. Northwest-north door. 3. Toilet at Northeast corner. 4. SW toilet. 5. Very bigger SW bedroom the bed is at NE corner. 6. Too much open land in West and South directions.

108. Residents have an opinion that all South facing homes are not good. It's not true. For example, A South facing home constructed very near to the Western and Southern boundaries and leaving more open space towards North and East directions and having a well almost at Northeast and lower depression of the floor level towards East, North, and Northeast, then residents enjoy the wide-ranging prosperity. Residents have to take care when keeping the main entrance doors and gates. For these tips, residents have to obtain one Vastu expert advice.

109. In our homes, most of the residents storing organic waste, useless items, a heap of stones, unusable items, dust, and other items which are ugly things deposited at North direction, with this depository waste, residents continuously suffer from financial losses and other monetary problems. Immediately clean them, as said earlier, dust attracts negative forces. Cleaning, well-organized arranging furniture, colors, fragrance, lighting, good maintenance always attract positive energies.

110. We have often emphasized the importance of cleanliness whether in the office or in the house, many people feel that this aspect is not applicable for Vastu's advice. In fact, it must be understood that all positive influences of Vastu could be nullified by not observing such cleanliness and hence we are emphasizing, again and again, this point. Kindly note, that a diamond beautifully kept in gold or platinum ring, would glow in its brightest shape, the same in copper would invite no attention. The negative influences in the house are not only due to defective Vastu compliance. It can also be due to the upkeep of the house not be appropriate and even unlivable. For example dust in the home, unwanted scrap like papers, scrap, and other sundry items thrown all over the home is an ideal receptacle to negative influences. Often this may even exceed the inherent defects of Vastu, as such one must take care that this avoidable nuisance is addressed frequently so that the house does not host negative influence. While doing so let us not ignore the unseen spots where dust could accumulate such as corners, unseen spaces of sofa sets, beds, underneath the foot rugs placed near kitchen, bathrooms, entrances, etc. Periodic cleaning of these spots by whatever means possible including using vacuum cleaners under the carpets would enhance the positive energy to manifest. It is beyond doubt that this is an essential feature for the beneficial effects of Vastu to manifest in full glory.

111. Money is most important for everyone to live in this world. When the South floor is elevated, money flow will be heavier into the home. When the North floor is lowered then also money flow will be good.

112. If there is an open space at the Southwest location and residents cannot construct a house there, then the best possible way to remove this defect just by planting a big tree or construct a round-shaped structure with a high elevated floor.

113. Flowing rainwater out of the home through the Northeast location channel anticipates extreme luck, it improves the health and finances of the residents.

114. Constructing homes near (NEXT) to the Highway road is not auspicious. If it is inevitable then choose the plot which is next to either South or West of Highway roads. In such a case, the highway would become either North or East direction.

115. If there is no basement/cellar akin to your neighborhood homes and you are planning to build a home excavating for the basement, best to avoid it for all East, North, and Northeast facing homes. Otherwise, there is a probability to imperil the inhabitants.

116. In many Western countries, doors may be fixed at corners, particularly inside room doors. Except for Northeast door, all are not giving good results. By knowing this fact, please check the home before buying it.

117. What is the negativity in the home, remaining all others, the main cause of negativity is DUST. Clean it, everything, make walls with putty and fresh paint, make the floor super clean, keep all furniture systematically, don't use bad words in the home. Daily maintain smiles in the home. Cut jokes regularly with your family members. Feel the difference in the home, your's will be dream home then.

118. Thoughts have power, they influence the environment and others too. When expressed this power gains momentum, it is for this reason that it is insisted upon not using abusive language or bad words in the home. Because there would definitely influence all the residents spoiled the atmosphere and the possibility of positive thinking. In fact, happiness is obtained only in an atmosphere or environment of a happy disposition, not otherwise..

119. If residents doing work at home, while sitting before a computer/laptop, your face should be towards East or North. It will be beneficial.

120. Residents should be very careful when the property is not exactly with 90°. If the property is skewed, thereafter position of the rooms may vary when compared with 90° properties. Before buying or planning to buy such kind of properties they should take precautions in selecting the plot or house. Most of the Vastu consultants may determine the effects of certain defects in the homes when they are with 90°, if it crosses into inclination, the same Vastu consultants may be confused to come for the right decisions, in such case search only for the best-experienced Vastu consultant for the outcome of the facts of the property.

121. There are several things, which we can do even in a house that is not Vastu compliant and it costs nothing to implement this. A family can fulfill this straight away and reap rich returns. Today's tip. all the 3 meals a day to the extent possible all the family members should join together and eat food chit-chatting among themselves, not minding that urgent TV serials & programs also. For harmony in the family which can be generated easily by this technique is far more than the knowing of outcome in your favorite TV programs. So, please have a meal together with ALL family members will increase the positive power in the house. This creates happiness in the family. And the greater the chance of good happenings.

122.Honestly, love your wife. Respect her. Give her surprise gifts. Experience the changes in your life, they will be colorful and beautiful & enjoy the wealth which you get shockingly.

123. Several residents trying to project northeast by reducing southeast and northwest deliberately, thinking that projection of northeast is a good feature. But they are not aware of the consequential extension of the southwest. Hence any attempt to project northeast must be made only after ensuring southwest to a set-square and these changes should be done properly before an expert Vastu consultant.

124. To boost up positive energy, we should be careful with each and every aspect of Vastu. Some residents thought that the cupboards are not creating big issues in the home. But the cupboards are prohibited in the eastern and northern walls of the northeastern room. Almirahs, recesses, and shelves can be arranged unprotected in eastern and northern walls.

125. Keeping a small water bowl with fresh flowers at the Northeast location brings cheers into the family. Please note that the water bowl should be smaller and wider only.

126. Due to various reasons, in few homes, females may undergo health ailments. Normally, the slanting projections to the North direction of the home without truncating the Northeast corner, then female members become healthy and further it enhances new income sources to the residents. Good Luck.

127. Most of the residents missing several points including de-clutter the main entrance gate. If this main entrance gate and main entrance doors are filled with clutter, dust particles, color peel off, nasty and dirty, paint marks, etc, should be immediately clear & clean properly. If things are continuous for days, months, or years, wealth won't access the home. Please note that the main entrance gate and main entrance doors are the most important to embrace the wealth.

128. Your wife may be dependent on you. Do not underestimate by knowing that. She is a true friend, an honest supporter, guide, moreover, everything "Sthree" is indeed a "Shakthi". Respect her, make her happy, give her "Surprise Gifts" (occasionally/Constantly). Particularly remember their birthday and make it a grand celebration. Experience the results thereafter.

129. In these days The LIFE becomes uncertain and we are unconcerned as to when misery calls on us and we may even lose our livelihood (Losing the Job). There is a strong possibility cause for this damage, there might be the house West direction area is widely open, or at a lower level. Prevent this situation to overcome the loss of livelihood.

130. In our society, we can see some people who have money but are unable to enjoy the same. If a resident has wealth but is unable to enjoy such wealth then what is the use of such properties. Who has money and enjoys it too, is truly a lucky person. If our home the corners of Northeast and Southwest are properly accurate to Vastu norms, the residents of the house will enjoy all kinds of their treasures and experience the fruits of this Vastu science.

131. Flowing the Sewage water or rainwater, out of the home through the Middle of the West direction or Western Southwest, this feature "may" lead to stringent health ailments or loss of immunity, strength, power, money loss etc.

132. Remember, torn clothes should not be left at home. Dispose of them out. Buying new clothes like towels, wearing clothes, and bedsheets are like inviting good luck to the home. Arrange doormats before every door and please change the doormats once in 6/8 months or maximum within 1 year.

133. With improper exhaust in the houses and using coal or firewood for our purposes often we do not take care of the consequences because of ignorance. This settled smoke in the house invites negative energies, which may cause unimaginable situations. Use proper exhaust and where it is not possible, frequently clean the smoke and its stains or black spots.

134. Dust is nothing but negativity, first, clean all the way of your living premises, don't compromise. When there is superclass cleaning and proper maintenance, then the residents experience positive energy in the home.

135. We found several billionaires utilizing high grade teak wood furniture and carpets in their homes. Some residents disclosed their experience with using high quality teak wood furniture and rich carpets in their home attracted positive energies. We personally tried with 6 homes, and fortunately, we got positive results. Still, we are researching this point. Let's know if you got any such instances/experiences. We are happy to publish your experience. "Manava Seve Madhava Seva", Help Humans, God Loves You.

136. Regularly drop some water in the Northeast corner of the plot. Chant "Om Namah Shivaya" for 5 times while pouring water at Northeast. Few drops pouring at Northeast may welcome the auspicious sacred positive powers.

137. The main entrance is regarded as the "mouth of a body," where energy flows into your home. According to Vastu principles, a bright and inviting entrance attracts good fortune, health, and prosperity. You can enhance this area by installing a beautiful nameplate, using bright lighting, and incorporating green plants near the entrance. This not only makes the entrance more appealing but also facilitates the flow of positive energy into your home. Ensure the front door is free from dust; if any is noticed, clean it immediately. This entrance serves as a welcoming gateway for Goddess Lakshmi.

Donate 10% of your earnings to any organization, any person, any institute, any website, or any association. The remaining 90% will be with you, always. If a person wishes to hold even that 10%, that will be with him always, the 90% may not be guaranteed to be stay with him. Donate a tiny part of your earnings and you will be blessed then. Life will be happy and peaceful, your next generations will enjoy happy future.

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We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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