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Vastu Tips for Puja Room: Pooja room, means a personal room for God, our beloved and Respectable God,

In olden days particularly in India many residents constructing one pooja room (generally, pooja room called as a prayer room, God Room, Temple, Mandhir, Bhajana room, deity room, worship place, almighty room, etc).

Years passed and generations changed, now a big problem arising with space, now the pooja room converted into pooja shelf, nowadays inhabitants placing god idols at shelves or cupboard only, some times though having Money but cannot have sufficient provided place, this change happened only because of availability of space.

Unfortunateyly, many inhabitants do not have adequate time to clean the pooja room or no place to provide pooja room or not interested to do pooja, there are many reasons behind it.

Now our life becomes too much busy, don't have a convenient time to do all the traditional performances at Home.

That is why residents don't like to providing one room for pooja and doing prayers. We may not blame people, the system was changed, due to tight schedules, less time causing keep on postponing pooja works.

We observed somebody kept only stickers at their home. So no need to clean the shelf or pooja room even. This change appearing only because of lack of space and time etc.

But fortunately everybody is having lots of time in praying God to bless them with money, good job, life, business, children, education, foreign trips, peace, health and wealth, abnormal requirements with formal prayers.

Gradually increasing selfishness. Require more money without hard work, require bungalows, cars, staff, offices, Factory, etc but should not do hard work and making plans to get easy money.

Hard earned money blesses a beautiful and satisfying life. Earn money with your hard work. Don't like to search for easy money and don't hunt to pull other's hard-earned money into your pockets.

Chase for good work, develop trust in between your clients or customers, automatically you will get 100% work. Follow the exact system which is respectable as per law of land. God also likes who earn money with hard work, it will be with your life long.

Which Room is Correct For Pooja Room

As per Vastu Northeast corner is the best place for pooja room. This NE location is the right and correct place for performing prayers and placing god idols. But according to the latest scientific researches, we found that this place (Northeast) should be very clean, we should not construct or put anything at this place.

In our researches we found that the placement of pooja room at Northeast corner is one way its right and another way its wrong, why because, our elders are very intelligent and well-wishers of future generations, in taking the importance of next generations they implemented this system of pooja room at the northeast corner and saying that these rules as Vaasthu principles. Salute to their thought. They are always right. But research as per the latest requirements and latest developments is also the most significant strategy for peaceful life.

Please see this link to know more information on Northeast pooja room Vastu.

Why our elders framed rules that Pooja room should be at the northeast and what is the main reason behind their thought?

Actually as per the Vastu principles, the northeast corner walk is very good and this could be the most developed reason for human beings. In taking view of this, they implied NE pooja room should be at Northeast corner, and also another two reasons are invented that, Northeast place should always be clean, and Northeast place should always be less weight, in taking consideration of all these factors they implemented this rule as pooja room should be at Northeast corner.

1. Pooja room should always clean and no other things have to be kept, except pooja materials.

2. Pooja room should not be planned towards Southwest (Southwest direction homes) corner of the house.

3. Pooja should not be placed at Northeast corner of the house, but here with some specifications, we can put or install or construct the pooja room at Northeast corner with care, though this Northeast is quite familiar to residents to plan for the Mandhir before going to do it, best to get suggestion from one experienced vastu consultant, or you may read articles at this page Northeast puja mandir

4. Pooja room Gods be seated at East facing and residents has to sit and worship God by seeing towards West direction.

5. Pooja room Gods be seated at West facing and while doing pooja inhabitants has to face towards East direction.

6. Pooja room may be constructed at Agneya ( Southeast ) corner, with some conditions

7. Pooja room may be planned at Northwest ( Northwest ) corner, with some vastu terms.

8. At any cost, pooja room should not be placed at outside of the house (house vastu), if so with some specifications we may do it, but be careful.

9. Four sidewalks is auspicious for pooja room, try it, but only with severe specifications. Consult for good experienced Vastu Expert, in this scenario you may plan at Southwest, but each and everything should be properly planned, if anything goes wrong entire system may be failed.

10. Air should be free passed at pooja room, it should not be totally closed, or air tightened, so make sure that there should be windows (Windows vastu) at puja mandir. If air is not circulated, bad smells generated and overall its negative for the residents.

11. Continuous chanting of your interesting god is good at pooja room, it may be by our mouth or by a sound player.

12. Pooja room may be seated at Brahmastan (middle of the house is called Brahmastan), here also many people keeping wrong and suffering, if anybody requires to keep puja mandhir at this point, then without vastu specialist advice don't take any decision.

13. At pooja room Gods may face to East or West, sometimes North also good, some says that South is not good, but we did not found such bad things when doing prayers to God facing towards South direction, we understand that due to entire Vaastu point, we should take care of this decision.

Please note that devotion only counts, not the pooja items offered to god. Blessings is important, pray god with a clear heart, God cannot bend for our offerings. He is the supreme, remember always about it, develop fidelity, piety, loyalty or worship honestly, then God will be yours, God the SUPREME power of the Universe.

As much as the time you are providing to God, that much of time also you may get a chance to get for his blessings. Keep everything clean and clear the dust, dirt from the room. Make sure that arrange a pleasant atmosphere to have his blessings.

14. To get immediate blessings some are planned to sleep at this room, one should not sleep at Pooja Room. Pooja room is kept only for God.

15. Somebody is living only in one room, so he/she has to sleep and cook at that same room only, at this moment, place god photos or idols at one shelve and be close it with screen or Windows, but max try for wholes to that window. Whenever we want to pray we can pray by opening the screen (or doors) and one should close the same, after the prayer.

16. As far as possible better to decorate the pooja room / Puja room door with auspicious symbols like the image of Ganesh or OM, Swastik symbols, etc.

17. Take maximum precautions that puja mandir should not touch the walls of latrine or bathroom.

18. The person performing the pooja should either face towards the East or West or North (permitted with expert advise).

19. Without performing bath don't enter into pooja room. Enter into puja mandir only after completing the bath.

20. Clean the pooja room every day. At least perform bath to Gods at least once in a week.

21. Tulasi or Thulasi (Basil Plant) should be planted at house premises, it is must for every house either they belong to any caste or religion like Christian, Islam, Hindu, Jain, Sikh, etc. Basil Plant is a medicated plant and good for health and wealth.

22. Don't come before God (near to pooja room) with shoes and chappals. Don't make the surroundings dirty.

23. Who respects God in their House, they will get positive powers to support in their regular life.

24. Regularly put flowers at this room.

25. You may happily put pooja materials, like oil, thread, match stick box, cleaning towel, etc in that room, but should not expose openly. Keep them all in a box or rack.

26. Always keep one light switched on in this room.

27. Require good ventilation, airflow is required, if air is freely passing in that room that means oxygen is also in good percentage and automatically you will have peace in that room if there is no oxygen you may never get peace in that room.

28. You may plan for tiles or good paint for this room. Whatever the system you are following it should be most attractive and tidy.

29. Using the puja materials should not be used to other works. Like cleaning towel should not be used for other purposes in the house. It should be used only at pooja room, not for other rooms.

30. Daily clean this room. Remove the spider nets if there is any.

31. Make plan for getting good smells in that room. You may keep one sandal piece in this room to spread good smells. You will get sandal pieces at Lepakshi stores in Andhra Pradesh and in many shopping malls also now we may get these small sandalwood.

32. Don't put god idols, photo frames directly on the floor, you may plan for one wood plank, or Mandhahasam and keep some newspapers or white papers and then only keep god idols there.

33. Continuity god songs playing in that room is also so nice. Plan for that, nowadays we are getting android apps to run loop music.

34. If one has Northeast pooja mandir, make sure that there should not be any structural platform or dais or rock/cement platform in that room. Best to keep god idols in a cupboard and plan for fixing it within the Northeast-east wall, after doing this the cupboard itself within the wall only, if its not possible to do there, you may be positioned by a hinge, etc to the same Eastern Northeast wall.

35. Sounds of Indian ancient musical instruments like Sitar, Tabala, Shehnai, Harmonium, Gettuvadyam, Gitar, Sarod, Flute, Veena, Mridangam, Nagaswaram, Piano, Tabla, Saxophone, Chenda, Violin, Tambura makes the home very happy. Practice it, observe the changes in your residence. Your house will become sweet home then.

36. The door which is used for the puja mandir may plan with bells. Nowadays many carpenters are doing only these doors for all pooja mandir.

37. Somebody would like to make one water tap in puja Ghar only, yes you may plan for that, no problem at all, if there is a water tap then you should plan for the water outgoing hole, make sure that there should not be any leakages to that water tap. This water tap is so nice to clean the god idols with that water directly and you may use water for cleaning the mandir room.

38. Don't keep Pooja Mandir under the beam. Residents should not sit under the beam while doing pooja. If there is no any way except to place Pooja Mandir under the beam then better to go with POP (Plaster of Paris), if it's also not possible to do with a POP then residents may plan to cover the beam with cart board or Plywood to nullify the negative impacts of such.

This Vastu Shastra Tips for Pooja Room link has to be modified. Your inputs are highly appreciated here. Make our human beings all happy and peaceful living.

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Keeping Door Bells To The Pooja Room Is Important In Vastu?

Yes, this is essential to have such a positive vibe. When bells are ringing in a home, it attracts positive vibrations, this is required for every home. Any religion people can also place bells door for their prayer room.

How Many Bells Required For Pooja Room Door

We found many homes having 66 doors bells for their pooja mandhir. Some pooja room doors have 28 door bells and some puja room doors have 44 doorbells. Hanging bells governs positive vibes in the home. Our suggestion is also to have hanging bells to the pooja room. The number is not important, but having the doorbells to the door is important. Don't concentrate on the counting of the doorbells. Try to implement to your puja Ghar.

0 #8 Keeping about puja mandirSuchitra 2017-09-27 11:00
Respected sir, this is one of the best website which is giving all information on free of cost. I found this is most useful and honest services. Can I keep my mandir Southeast corner where idols will be facing east I will be facing west while doing puja? Is it correct?
+4 #7 Staircase near pooja roomSmrithi 2017-06-24 19:44
Respected sir, thank you so much for your tips on puja room. I want advice for staircase construction. If any problem arises if the staircase is in front of the pooja room.
+13 #6 Vastu tips for Puja roomNavin 2016-09-04 18:47
Hi sir, can I keep my mandir northwest corner where idols will be facing North and I will be facing south while doing pooja? Is it correct?. Your website is really helpful. Thank you so much for your honest and kind services.
+5 #5 Vastu tips for mandirChandrapal Reddy 2015-12-06 18:07
Respected sir, which GOD ideals can I ( Pratishta ) for good luck and prosperity in the business in my pooja mandir.
+8 #4 Query on pooja mandirSangeetha Rajkumar 2015-11-14 10:31
Namaste sir, this is most helpful website for arranging everything at mandir. Thank you so much for your kindness and hardwork for our peaceful life.
+10 #3 Question SW side Puja roomChandramouly R 2015-01-04 05:48
Hello, As NE room is a bedroom with adjacent wall is that of a bathroom and kitchen and other auspicious places are also not practically convenient to place Gods facing East or West, We have placed the Pooja unit in the south west quadrant (but not in the corner though) in the hall itself. Please advise if this is ok. Gods face the East direction.
+16 #2 Pooja mandir locationAruna Kumar 2014-12-17 04:38
Poojya Sureshji, I bought a wooden pooja mandir 2Wx1.5Dx3Height . Can I place it in the North-East location (Mandir facing South), & the Idols facing south & performing pooja on sitting North facing? Thank you Swamy. Arun
+11 #1 I have a question about moving my pooja roomSuguna 2014-07-30 13:46
Vanakam Sureshji. I'm planning to move my pooja room into my husband's office room. Is it a good idea to move the pooja room from the upstairs to the downstairs office room. And my husband works in the office room every day. The room is northeast, so that's why I was planning to move it into the office room. Is it okay for my family and is it the correct area. Can you please offer some advice about this.
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