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Vastu For Money | Vastu Shastra For Cash - SubhaVaastu.com:

how to get money cash as per vastu rulesVastu for Money: Many residents asking "How to Earn Money With Vastu Shastra Help", "Is it possible to Earn Money by doing Vastu Corrections", "Can we get cash with vastu help", "Is money flow will be heavier if we do vastu corrections" with the changing times and the changing values, money today has acquired the most greatest importance. Now a human being is judged by his financial status not by seeing his moral values, also, in the changing scenario, man finds it difficult to get on in life without sufficient enough money. A few people who suddenly become rich by a stroke of luck, fortune. By observing people craving for the luck and money, part of business people in the market selling goods stated that "lucky items".

Most of the people in the world continuously searching for the money, striving for the money, many were interested for the importunate cash flow into their homes, assay attempts may be successful or may not be success. Money, money it is very important for the human beings to live comfortably in this world. By having importance to the money folk tries many ways how to earn money in a easy way, for every thing we cannot blame people or society, because money is the decisive part of our life. Its the reason regularly many calling us and asking about "Vastu for Money", let us discuss on this subject, is this vastu shastra helps to earn more money, is there any chance to earn extra money with the help of Vastu Shastra. But for the majority it is an endless struggle. In sheer helplessness or hopelessness people search for overcoming their problems relating to the money. Quite often people who took become to Vaastu seemed to have found astounding results. Residents who look for the results which may be immediate and positive. Small changes or modifications in the house may bring prosperity. There is a possibility of earning money source increases when we follow the vastu shastra. When deal with money matters, we found some ways to improve opportunities in earning more revenue. Just as a testing purpose, if there is a heavy mountains or heavy buildings towards South then money flow may be heavier to the homes. Few points were published here. We have more plans to promote many vastu hints and guidelines for the heavy money flow into the homes.

1. The South direction altitude or elevation of South must be kept properly. Should be planned perfectly.

2. Open (Create) one door at North East of North side of the house may also improve the money flow.

3. Opening of the Northeast-east door also brings money with name.

4. Having a appropriate measured water storage sump at Northeast is also providing peace with money.

5. Keeping heavy stored items towards South, Southwest also indicates positivity of bringing money.

6. Slanting portico towards North also indicates good earnings.

7. Regarding Street Focus there are some important focuses for the money flow.

8. When there is a Apartment at South side then money stay more time at homes.

9. West direction apartment helps to have stamina in building good money.

10. Southwest side heavy structures and large buildings always helps to have more money.

11. Earning money is easy now a days at the same time has to face hectic competition too.

12. If there is heavy open space towards North brings more money to the home.

13. Lesser space towards South direction keeps money to be stay more time at home.

14. Air flow into the home is too important, please double check frequent air flow is passing/running in your home or not. If there is no air flow observed in home, they cannot get good oxygen, when good oxygen is not available, automatically brain will become struck, can't able to get new thoughts, good ideas, particularly innovation thoughts may not generated, health will also become damaged. Once every thing is experienced then can't concentrate on money earnings. Slowly brain will become sticky to only few things which are too objectionable for bright career, the bad thoughts may generates, jealousy may starts, it may harm your development. By knowing this, please arrange necessary windows, opening of the new good vastu doors etc to welcome good air into your dream home. Again we are informing you air circulation is too important in our homes. Fresh air should come into home frequently.

15. Keep Dhanalakshmi entering into home photo at inside of the house main door top, here is GruhaLakshmi Entering into house link which has all good info with images too.

16. Always we should check the ways how Maa Lakshmi has to enter into the home, we should not wear torn clothing, keeping the withered flowers, dust formation, unorganised furniture/items may prevent Goddess mother Lakshmi entering the house.

There are many other vastu tips are available, out of them these above few tips of Vaastu may double the chances in bringing a considerable amount of change in ones financial position. Doing practicals at the homes by reading some notes and content from websites or vastu books is not at all advisable. This is not a frame of luck. It may hurt one's future if there is any mistake was happens. We are recollected one instance in Hyderabad, once we visited one property in Hyderabad at Nacharam, there we are conducting vastu consultancy program, mean while some people came and asked about the working capabilities of vastu shastra. Leads to argument and finally they insisted us to check one home vastu as he is the richest person, while we are moving to that house, we found it is very worst house by seeing from very far distance. They are all laughed on us, because that resident is the richest person. Once we reached that home, there we all found that one board was hanged at the entrance of that home gate, that is bank notice, "House was seized and came for the auction", all of them stunned by seeing that board. 4 months back they visited that home and discussed with the owner for . Suddenly after seeing that notice board, no one has voice. Our policy is not to publish any body name directly here. Otherwise we have to publish the entire scene of that day with the evidences like photos and complete name and information of that home to all of our website visitors. We should not spoiled the reputation of any body in the society, already they suffered with debts and other loans, again we should not be head ache for them by publishing their story. The main cause for that home is, the entire South direction totally open place approximately one kilometer.

Man rounding the HouseThis animated image shows, a person rounding the home, further we also observed there is a gap in between the house and compound wall. Generally this is auspicious method of constructing the home in a compound premises. With this provided gap entire house gets ventilation, particularly air flow from all four directions. Not only vastu shastra consultant recommendations but many engineers and scientists insisted residents to have more air flow from all directions then the bacteria or virus never stays at home, fresh air has to enter into home, which generally brings good health to the residents. Its clear that if there is no air flow in a home then commonly we may found residents may suffers with health disorders and mental strain. Good air always protect humans from health disorders. Not only in the name of Vastu shastra residents may plan for the good ventilation to the homes, this is the best idea. One should not forget about fresh air flow to the home and natural lighting. Here rounding the home means, we are treating the home as "Gruhaalayam", (Gruha + Aalayam = Gruhaalayam) this only one word is enough, how we should respect our home. Our living property is nothing but a temple of stay. As usual always the home should be built very near to the Southwest direction of the plot, construct the compound wall to the entire site, this is common rule. In some countries there is no compound wall, at that moment, no need to worry. 

how to get money north face safeIn this image the inner part of the house is highlighted, particularly only the bedroom, not the entire home. Please check the above image and this image twice then you may understand about we are discussing only about a bedroom not the house. Bed/Cot was placed near to the South wall, one safe (almira) which may has money or ornaments was shown to side of this bed towards Southwest. Door to the safe open towards North direction, so when the door is opening means resident faces towards South direction and the safe / almirah faces towards North direction. Keeping the safe almira towards Southwest area is also a good idea to stay money long time with residents. Unfortunately now a days most of the residents are not keeping money at homes, they likes to keep at banks only due to security reasons and it enables to do online business transactions and further residents got small bank interest on their savings. The safe should not touch the South or West walls, there should be some gap has to be maintained, say about atleast 2 inches if the room is wider then you may maintain 1 feet even, after this safe again has to provide some gap and there after cot has to be placed. Observe the gap position in this image and below image too. If the bedroom (Southwest bedroom) is wider then arrange atleast 1/2 feet gap in between the South wall and Almira. Further observe the safe back line and bed back line, both are on the same line only. This is right position. 

how to get money east face safe In this image the safe is placed towards same Southwest (Nairuthi corner) direction and facing towards East direction and further opening towards East. Resting to observe the gap between cash chest and the West wall and bed too. Providing as much as open space is good idea, but most of the residents does not have sufficient place in providing gap due to congested space. Further requesting visitors to check where to keep the bed and where to keep the head while sleeping were also shown in this image. More open space was provided towards East and North directions. One thing we should not forget in terms of vastu. Without neighborhood support its tough to get the secured life. The entire information here is belongs to the inside of the home and compound premises, please note this point. For more information on Neighborhood vastu this link may helps. If already kept safe in a master bedroom, please keep some amount in the same. This may attract again money. Money attracts money, this may be the nature rule. So keep some amount in the safe, always. 

South To North Sloppy Floor LevelsOne white mark is moving from South to North direction at one house picture. If the south side is height and the north side is down (depression) that plot is auspicious and prosperous plot. It is better if the plot has a natural depression from south height and north depression. And better to buy this type of plots, the nature of that plot is heavy moneyflow, easy works, good health, two business, lucky hand, golden moments etc may appears at this plot. After buying this plot better to approach one experienced vaasthu consultant for a best vaastu house plan. Don’t look for the vasthu consultant fees, if one item is original and genuine its cost is also high, after buying this genuine item you will enjoy with it, if the item is duplicate the cost is also less, you will always feels troubles with these duplicate items. Quacks are in the market, don’t approach them, as they are cheap at visiting time, and they drag money by saying all false things and collects money from you by saying duplicate poojas etc. Be cautious.

West to East sloppy floor levels One house plot depression is at East side, it means West place is height and East place is down, it means gradually the site or plot is down from west side to east side. Elevation at West side is so good and this plot is auspicious and good for living. The residents living in this plot enjoys excellent results. They can do wonders and face any challenges in their life. These people will not be pointed for any mistake, that means residents never done any mistake and they cannot be pointed by others. Health is good and wealth is also good. If you found this type of plots, better to buy these type of plots for future pleasure life. Vastu is good at the house, wealth is also good at the house. One important hint is that the selected site should be conformity with the compass directions. It means the four directions shown by the compass should match with the four directions of the site. If this is possible or if it is so we can construct a perfect house in this type of plot or site.I wish you all the best. Some body asks vastu for getting rich or is vastu is helps to make rich, if every thing is planned accordingly then there is a high chances to become rich with vastu tips. Our main vision is people has to enjoy wealth. Every Indian should become rich, frequently we are updating this link with many vastu tips for money growth, in Hindi also we are planning to publish, very soon visitors may observe Hindi vastu in our website. We are planning to provide every part in vastu shastra in our website. In this page many vaastu remedies for money will also be developed soon. Most of the visitors and residents are looking for Vastu tips for money luck, vastu for getting rich. Hope you still remember that in our olden days some of our neighbors started to say about Money Plant, for that also we wish to develop here, Planning to provide good information on vastu tips for money plant in our website. 

Now a days most of the people idea is wish to get easy money, looking for easy money, their vision may be 100% wrong, if they change their thought and earn money with hard work from then they will experience the satisfaction and peace. Satisfaction is the most important for every body.

Regarding Money and Health:

Every person has a mix of good and bad habits. Bad habits are not merely smoking and drinking only. May be several others. How ever several people do not consider them to be bad habits at all. Astrologically or otherwise these are indeed bad habits leading to ill health and loss of property. Let us now see some of these so called bad habits. Toilets and bath rooms should always be kept clean. Not keeping so will lead to poor health. It is said in astrology that such situations invite debilitating aspect of planet Moon leading to loss of health and wealth too. Foot wear should be kept always near the entrance door separately or negative forces may enter the house freely. Every one must ensure cleanliness of feet. Or else life long suffering is possible. Never waste food. Discarding edible food on the plate is throwing wealth away. Never talk loudly. This neutralizes all good work done. Keep the kitchen neat and tidy. Never sleep late on a regular basis. It is not good for health, mind gets disturbed, one may become a victim of mental disorders. Never talk ill about others and in particular elders, for this will react on you negatively. Never spit everywhere, there are intrinsic meanings in every act and talk. For better living one should practice diligence at all times.

There are lots of vastu tips for money growth. Residents can plan to earn money with the help of vastu shastra tips, but they should follow systematic way of corrections for their properties when looking vastu for money. Some vastu tips are really helps for money growth and cash flow into the home. Some business people made huge capital at the time of starting of their firms, but did not pay attention for vastu, when they get lost of their money and funds, then they wish to search for vastu consultants for money. If the vastu of the property is not good, then some business people can't regularly paying wages to the staff, once salaries are not properly paid to the workers automatically the name and fame will collapse. Vastu for earning money is not a challenge, but inhabitants has to show their property with one of the best expert vastu consultant.

We provided some vastu tips for money growth. This link is regularly updated with latest information. Visitors are requested to regularly visiting this link for more information.

With Money You Can Buy Blood, But Not Life

With Money You Can Buy A Bed, But Not Sleep

With Money You Can Buy A Clock, But Not Time

With Money You Can Buy A House, But Not A Home

With Money You Can Buy A Position, But Not Respect

With Money You Can Buy A Book, But Not Knowledge

With Money You Can Buy Sensual Desires, But Not Love

With Money You Can See A Doctor, But Not Good Health

With Money You Can Buy More Items, But Not Satisfaction

Is Northeast East road thrust is good or bad?

South Southeast road shula house is good to buy?

As per vastu what is the main reason for ill health?

My neighbor is selling his Southeast plot, can I buy it?

Some says that East Street Focus is bad one, is it correct?

South Street Focus office is better or without road thrust office is better?

Southwest road hitting plot is good or a Southwest road property is good?

Southwest West, my father told that this is good place to occupy, please explain?

Southern Southwest road is hitting to one factory, now I want to buy that one, can I?

My friend is having Southeast-east plot, now he wants to construct house, is it good or bad one?

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0 #10 Vastu for moneySurjit kaur 2017-04-01 09:48
Very ģood and correct points to attract money money is not everything but necessary for life
+1 #9 Vaastu remedies for MoneySekhar 2016-10-27 08:35
Respected sirs, facing lots of financial constraints, how to overcome from this situations. Some body told me about Vastu remedies for money, I know we have to show our property only with vastu expert who has vast knowledge on vastu shastra. is water bodies at south also working on money in the home. looking for your urgent reply in this regard.
+2 #8 Money problemsManish Desai 2015-12-01 05:29
My DOB is 11 / 09 / 1969
time 1 : 30 night
Main entrance of home is south
Sw corner is cutting
And toilet is in East and se
Please give me proper suggestion
For vastu remedies
-5 #7 housesukhjinder singh 2015-09-18 05:47
My neighbour is selling his west side plot, can I buy it ? The west side is back of my house?
+4 #6 Vastu for Money | Cash | How to Get Money | Vastu Shastra | SubhavaastuShirley 2014-11-02 02:02
I do not know whether it's just me or if everyone else experiencing issues with money which we earn, where exactly we have to keep for long stay. your website expresses a right way of direction to keep the money in some places, but it may not possible in our country to do some corrections recommended by you. already it was built home, i cant do any alterations right now, but i was so happy by seeing your site content and now i can decide the best placement of cash box. buddy, love you more for all of your services dear
+1 #5 West SideSanntosh 2014-10-09 00:19
Dear Sir I reside in south Australia. Presently I sleep in Southwest Bedroom but my bed is towards the westside cause in southside there is a glass wall and sliding door.,by keeping head towards west in SW bedroom is it good or not.

kind regards,
+7 #4 Intelligence in money savings through a traditional Indian scienceBrigida 2014-07-30 20:40
I like the valuable info you supply for your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the next!
+4 #3 Vastu for Money | How to Get Money | Vaastu Shastra CashDomingo 2014-06-20 03:43
most impressive articles, i like your system of service, god bless you sir
+7 #2 Vastu for Money | How to Get Money | Vaastu Shastra CashFelipa 2014-03-22 18:07
Hi, I do believe this is an excellent site. I stumbledupon it ;) I am going to revisit yet again since i have book-marked it. Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue to guide others.
+6 #1 Vastu for Money | How to Get Money | Vaastu Shastra CashHildegarde 2014-03-05 15:55
money is not the life, this site explains in a good manner, i love this concept, good people always having good thoughts, will follow further

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