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Must Know 67 Answers to all North Facing Homes Vastu General Questions

Step By Step Information On North Facing House Vastu

North facing house Vastu in TeluguIn a compass, the North direction is marked as either "0°" or "360°," which are equivalent. North, a cardinal direction, lies precisely between the Northwest and Northeast directions. Globally recognized standards position North at the top or upper part of maps and compasses. It is directly opposite to the South direction. For more insights on the Northeast, please visit ( Don't miss to read North east Vastu Homes)

How to Find The North Direction?

North Facing Vastu HouseA house with a road leading to its northern side is known as a North facing home. This means if the entrance to the house is from a road on the North, it is referred to as a North home. The orientation of the house is towards the North direction. In the provided image, a white arrow moves from Northeast to Northwest, indicating the North direction of the property. The animation aims to clarify the concept of the North direction.

Which Direction Is Called as Kubera Moola?

As per our ancient literature, it is stated that the North direction is called as Kubera Moola. (Some people in Karnataka and Tamilnadu and some other parts of India saying that Southwest is Kubera Mula, this is a misconception). North direction is called as Kubera Moola/Kubera Location or Kuberastan.

Where Should the North Direction Be Precisely Marked on the House Floor Plans?

The North direction universally points upwards, adhering to international standards. However, for various reasons, some engineers or Vastu pandits might adjust the North direction in floor plans for convenience. It's crucial to identify this "NORTH POINT" marking when examining any house floor plan.

Typically, in any house plan (for more insights, refer to house Vastu), crafted by engineers, the North direction is marked upwards, mirroring how our GLOBE represents the north at the top.

When analyzing a house floor plan, every Vastu expert prioritizes identifying the North direction. Recognizing the North point is fundamental to understanding the positioning of other rooms in the plan. Once the North is pinpointed, discerning other directions becomes straightforward.

Common Questions About the North Direction

We have responded to many questions regarding North facing homes. For any additional inquiries, we are ready to offer detailed answers within 24 hours. Please direct your questions through the "Contact SubhaVaastu" link located in the footer of this page. Questions that are clearly articulated and include a greeting will be promptly addressed.

1. Are All North Facing Houses Typically Associated With Positive Outcomes?

Is all North facing houses are good Certainly not. Not all North facing homes guarantee fantastic good quality Vastu results. For more insights, refer to the residents' experiences at the bottom of this page. When the Vastu of the home is optimal, any directional home can bring peace and happiness. While the North direction is often associated with financial gains and joy, without the right Vastu attributes, it might become a source of sadness. It's a bitter truth, but one that needs acknowledgment.

Detailed Descriptions of the Above Image

a. Here "house number 1" is North facing home. It has a Northeast extension, normally, this contributes optimistic outcome.

b. "House Number 2" has a Northern Northwest extension, this may NOT proffer positive energies.

c. "House Number 3" has a sharp Northern Northwest cross extension, this may trouble the residents.

d. "House Number 4" has a Northern Northeast extension, usually, this home may ensure happiness.

e. House Numbers "5", "6", "7", "8" are "AVERAGE" quality South facing homes as per vastu. No specialty.

f. House Numbers "9", "10", "11", "12" are "AVERAGE" North facing homes. No strong points to discuss on them.

2. Are All North Facing Homes Beneficial?

Hi, many residents seem keen on purchasing North facing homes, leading to the belief that such homes are exceptionally beneficial. I am interested in understanding whether it's truly valid to assume that all North-facing homes yield superior results - Manohar - Charlotte.

Namaste Manohar Ji, It's a misconception that "all" North facing homes are inherently auspicious. Only some North facing residences yield positive outcomes. It's observed that after gaining minimal knowledge, many residents, be it from Florida, Pennsylvania in the USA, UK, Australia, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, or Dubai, are keen on North facing homes. However, it's essential not to make hasty decisions based solely on direction. The crux is, if the Vastu of a North facing home is not favorable, it can lead to undesirable outcomes.

3. Can I Buy North Facing House That Has Water Lake in Front?

North direction water bodyWater bodies towards the North direction for a home is considered to be auspicious. Water lakes in the North direction are treated as a good element as per Vastu. Rivers, water wells, ponds, and water streams in the North direction are considered to be excellent and they bestow with huge development in finances, peace, good business, etc.

4. Is It Good to Buy a House With a Northern Water Canal?

Waterbody at North directionA water canal in the Northern direction is often considered a highly positive attribute. Typically, a water body in the North direction promotes robust finances, good health, enthusiasm, joy, steady income, frequent travels, social interactions, and more. It also increases the likelihood of future property investments, promote the initiation of new ventures, establishing new companies, and creating additional sources of income.

5. What Are the Best Usages of North Direction?

The North direction is suitable for a Family room, living room, dining room, Pooja Room, Study Room, home office, discussion room, gathering room, playing room, Kids bedroom, water sump, septic tank, main gate or main door etc. As the North direction is career direction and wealth flow, hence, make it super clean. Special care should be taken in this regard.

6. Can We Plant Trees in the North Direction?

North direction treesNormally, Vastu says residents should not plant heavy trees towards North direction. Gardening is a commendable idea. However, Vastu for the North direction advises against planting large trees. In the North, it's preferable to have bushy flowering plants, smaller plants, or even small flower pots. For larger trees, the South, West, and Southwest directions are more suitable.

If there's ample open space to the North of your house and trees already exist there, it's best not to remove them. Additionally, if a home boasts a vast open space in the North direction, planting trees there might not be detrimental. Consider incorporating coconut trees in your home's landscape, as they are often revered as divine trees..

7. Is There Any Remedy for North Direction Trees?

remedy for North direction treesKindly refrain from cutting trees solely based on Vastu considerations. Trees are a blessing to the land, providing shelter and protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, which can affect our eyes and skin. A lush environment with trees often brings relaxation and tranquility. We've observed numerous homes with trees in the North, and they haven't experienced any misfortune.

If residents still seek a Vastu remedy, one suggestion is to dig a sump beyond these trees, far from the home, as depicted in the provided image. This way, the sump lies between the home and the trees. For a more comprehensive understanding, please refer to home Vastu.

This minor method might address any potential issues. Before implementing any sump-related remedies, it's crucial to consult with an expert and not proceed without their guidance. An alternative solution is to plant large trees in the South and West directions, including the Southwest. For a deeper understanding, familiarize yourself with West Facing House Vastu concepts, tips, and strategies. As a remedy, building mountain rock platforms in the South direction can also help balance the presence of trees in the North direction.

8. Internal North Direction Staircase Is Acceptable?

staircase at North directionGenerally the staircase in the North direction may not be a good feature. But on some conditions, this staircase never harms the residents. Get a word from the one expert he will guide further. Some residents asked, "Is there any danger due to the stairs on the north direction?". If we plan everything perfectly, accordingly there should not be any trouble.

9. Can We Arrange Spiral Staircase in the North Direction?

North direction spiral staircaseTypically, spiral staircases are designed to be open, without any solid structures arranged to the spiral staircases. Solid structures are often not advised in sensitive areas like North direction. Some residents may wonder if a spiral staircase is a suitable addition to their homes. For those curious, here is the response: a spiral staircase is not as hazardous as one with a solid build. Read more on Is spiral type staircase good in our home? link to know more.

10. What Are Suitable Places of Staircases for North Facing Homes?

North direction StaircaseThe West, Northwest, South and Southeast are perfectly suitable for internal Staircase. Don't plan the staircase either towards Northeast or Southwest. Regarding East and North directions, please get a word from one expert, he will guide o the residents after verifying the house floor plan. Hence we placed the "Question Mark" on the North and East boxes. Center stairs may be common in USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada, etc, but in India the center stairs are not commonly used.

11. Apartments or Huge Buildings in North Direction Is Good or Bad?

North direction ApartmentsNormally the huge constructions or apartments are not properly providing good results. Many times these huge buildings in the North direction may disturb peace in the home. It may affect finances or health. Please note that the majority of times this principle may not work in cities, based on neighborhood Vastu support. Whereas in cities huge apartments are a common feature. Based on constructions, locality, and city/town, results may vary.

12. Is It Good to Buy Open Plot That is Opposite to My North Facing House?

Buying North Open PlotYes, we can buy an open plot towards North direction for the existing current North facing home. Buying a plot in the North direction is an auspicious movement. Generally, lucky people can get such opportunities to buy open plot shown in this image. Investing in this plot may not be wasted. Get proper guidance from an expert, he will guide the rest for a happy and prosperous future.

13. Water Storage Tank Towards North Direction is Good or Bad?

North direction water storage tankNormally, heavy storage water tank on pillars towards the North direction (a Large Storage Structure on 6 or 8 Pillars) may not offer positive results. If there is "no" construction in between the pillars like a store room, then it will be better. If there is something constructed under this water tank i.e, in between the pillars, then it may create problems.

14. Mountains and Hillocks in the North Direction is Considered to Be Good or Bad?

North direction mountainTypically, mountains in the North direction may not yield high-quality or anticipated results and, depending on the surrounding area, this can often be an unfavorable characteristic. Consequently, a plot or house with mountains to the North is generally regarded as less desirable. This placement can significantly influence the property’s value and its overall appeal to potential buyers or residents.

15. Can We Arrange Septic Tank Towards North Direction?

North direction septic tankUsaally, the North direction septic tank (ST) is giving good results. For detailed information, visit this link Vastu for septic tank. This page has 40+ images to understand where should be the septic tank. If all is as per Vastu, the North direction septic tank proffers positive energy. Don't do any mistakes with (ST). This ST should not be further moving towards the Northeast direction.

16. Electricity Transformers Towards North Direction Is Good Or Bad?

Electric Transformer in North directionGenerally, the electricity transformers towards North Direction is not giving good results. Electrical poles are not giving any bad results (we did not come across any such instances), but coming with electrical transformers, normally, this is not a good feature. Before installing the electricity transformers ask the electricity department to change its place towards Northwest.

17. Can We Extend the House Towards North Direction?

North direction ExtensionIt is a good idea to extend the plot towards North direction, typically, this will give quality results. Please note that the Northeast direction should not be lost in this extension process. Extending plot North direction including Northeast then it is considered to be optimistic. Normally, exact North direction extension without Northeast may not be favorable. This point should be remembered always when trying to extend the plot/house.

18. Is it good to dig "Under Ground Water Sump" in the North?

North direction water sumpAfter the Northeast direction, the North direction is also suitable for the "Underground Water Storage Sump". Constructing the "Underground Water Storage Sump" in North direction may not trouble the residents. Indeed, it may improve the financial status, Please note that this water sump should not touch the Northwest quadrant. For exhaustive & detailed info, visit Where should we construct the water sump article. It has 50+ images.

19. Is Basement Good For North Facing House?

North direction basementBasement towards North direction facilitates growth in business and finances and it promotes good health too. Normally, the North direction basement is very good as per Vastu for South, West, and Southwest facing homes. Sometimes this basement may not be good for North and East facing house if there is heavy open space towards North and East directions.

Further this heavy open space rule "may" not work for some cities, like New Jersey Homes or New York Houses, etc.

When planning to arrange the Cellar, it should be properly planned, a small mistake may spoil the peace. A few times, when there is heavy open space towards the North direction then arranging the North basement to the home may reflect adverse results. Be alert.

20. Can We Construct Car Garage in the North Direction?

North direction garageLook at this sketch carefully, to the Northwest is the garage, and the entrance is on the Northeast, this is an excellent situation for a North facing home. Because the Northeast entrance door is extremely beneficial to the residents. Northwest is ruled by Moon and presided by Vayu. Causing debilitating effects. Whereas Northeast is guided by Jupiter and presided by Ishwar which is beneficial as an entrance.

21. Is Every North Garage Delivering Good Results?

Car Garage in the North directionIn the same North road plot look at this sketch where garage is towards North and Northeast and entrance is towards Northern Northwest. This is an obnoxious situation as Northern Northwest is debilitating consequent to malevolent effects of the ruler moon and presided by Vayu. In addition to this Northeast which is extremely benevolent and is blocked, this situation should be avoided at all costs.

While these above principles are basic in nature. There are some exceptions. Where the garage is extended towards the Northeast it is indeed beneficial and if it is extended in the Northwest, it would be bad. Such cross division in the basic principles can be recognized only by a skillful & competent expert.

22. Is North Direction Main Entrance Door is Acceptable?

Main entrance door in the North directionUsually, the North direction main entrance door prefers positive outcome. North direction doors are acceptable as per Vastu. Coming with the main entrance gate towards the North direction is also considered to be good. But it requires attention. Get proper advice from an expert in this regard. A small mistake in this regard may spoil peace in the home. Many residents install gates in the wrong places and suffer from severe troubles.

23. Can We Arrange a Big Window in the North Direction?

North direction windowsSetting up window towards North direction is considered to be positive and welcoming free flow of money and health. Wide and big size windows are preferred. Choose custom "Jalousie Windows" for North walls. It is highly recommended to use the jumbo size windows. If there is a lawn in the North direction then residents experience great pleasure and improve peace, money, health, and harmony.

24. Can We Setup a Home Office in the North Direction?

home office in North houseResidents can arrange their office room in the North direction. This is acceptable. If the home does not have open space in the North direction, it is a bit tough to get the expected results. In such case, some mirror corrections may make them convenient. The live-size mirror can be arranged at Northern Northeast. Check this article to know more about detailed information about home office.

25. Is It Good to Have a Lift in the North Direction?

Arranging lift in North facing homeNorth direction lift is acceptable on certain conditions. We provided detailed information on elevator placements in this lift Vastu guidelines article. Readers can read this link when they have some leisure time. As a nut shell, if there is a room existing in the Northwest direction, then the North elevator never irritate the inhabitants. Best to install an open glass lift in the North direction.

26. Keeping the Treadmill in North Direction is a Good Idea?

Arranging treadmill for North direction houseResidents can arrange the treadmill towards north direction. We should not forget one thing "less weight in the North direction makes the residents happy". Keeping heavy weights in the North direction may start trouble the inhabitants. Reduce the weights in this direction as much as possible.

In view of micro homes, it is truly a challenge to arrange everything as per Vastu. Using the treadmill is highly recommended for the current lifestyle and scenario.

27. Can We Keep the Mountain Rocks In The North Direction?

big stones at North directionDon't keep mountain rocks in the North direction. Keeping rocks in the North direction "may" drain the finances and also create health issues. Some residents like to make the North place a special attraction by keeping some rocks, this is absolutely not recommended. Small stones and less in number may not trouble the residents if the home has a huge North open yard. Otherwise, depositing stones is also not advised.

28. Having a Sewage Line at North Direction is Acceptable?

Sewage line in the North directionIn earlier days the sewage means, there is a open water channel flowing on the ground floor of the outside home. Even today in many villages we can clearly see the water running openly outside their homes. Due to technological development, many new things were discovered and numerous changes happen in almost all fields.

Instead of an open water channel, today we are installing plastic pipes for this sewage water. The North direction is suitable for the sewage water. Residents can install the sewage lines in the North direction.

29. Can We Construct Store Room in the North Direction?

store room in the North directionConstructing isolated store room in the North direction is not at all recommended. In the future, this isolated store room may harm the residents. Under some circumstances, constructing the store room inside the home towards the North direction may not harm. Get a word from one expert in this regard. In this image, an isolated store room is constructed towards the North direction in the boundary premises. Just FYI.

30. Can We Construct A Toilet in the North Direction?

Toilet in the North directionMany experts opinioned that toilet constructing in the North direction is inauspicious. But we tested personally and we did not get any complaints so far. The actual significant point here is, if there is a room at Northwest then the North toilet is accepted. Avoid isolated toilets in the North direction without a Northwest room. Know more about where should be the bathrooms as per Vastu, this article has colossal content with images.

31. Can We Construct Porticos in the North Direction?

portico in the North directionNorth direction porticos are perfectly accepted. For further quality results, it may continue up to Northeast too, which will become additional healthy to the house with positive energies. If the portico has pillars or without pillars, both are accepted. Study further information on complete Vastu principles for porticoes.

32. Is North Direction Master Bedroom is Acceptable?

master bedroom in the North directionAvoid arranging the master bedroom at North direction. For some reasons this point may not applicable for Vastu USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Norway, etc countries. We found some North direction master bedrooms fetch wealth development, this happened only because there is heavy open space in the North direction.

33. Is It Good to Install Water Fountain in the North Direction?

water fountain in the North directionA small water fountain in the North direction is acceptable. However, for a very large fountain, expert advice is necessary. The fountain "inside floor" should not be higher than the common floor level of the North direction boundary area. Water features in the North direction are considered excellent. For more information, read about water fountain places as per Vastu.

34. Is It Good to Have a Balcony In The North Direction?

Balcony in the NorthHaving a balcony in the North direction is considered to be auspicious. In this regard, the balcony should not have a cut in the Northern Northeast. It is better if this balcony should be sloped towards the North direction, remember, this balcony should not have a cut in the Northeast direction. This article what are good directions for balconies as per vastu article has comprehensive explanation. In this image the balcony shown with white lines.

35. Can We Plan a Cabana in the North Direction?

Cabana Places in the NorthThe hard and closed cabana which is exactly constructed in the North direction won't support residents' wealth development if the Cabana structure is very light and it is open Cabana then it never harms. In this image, we may observe the lightweight Cabana. Please note that the floor level of this Cabana should not be higher than the main home floor level.

36. Arranging Pergola Towards North Direction is Acceptable?

Pergola Places in the NorthIf a resident planning a pergola that has openable on top, then it can fit in the North direction. If the Pergola is closed all the way, then it should not provisioned in the North direction. Generally, the pergolas are outdoor garden sitting features. If it is built with light material then residents can plan the pergola.

37. Can We Have Gazebo in the North Direction?

Gazebo in the North directionBiggest closed gazebo is not permitted in the North direction. If the gazebo is constructed with light material then residents can plan the Gazebo in the North direction, otherwise, avoid Gazebo. Herewith we provided one photo, if there is a huge space in the North direction then this kind of wooden gazebo is permitted.

38. Is It Good to Construct a Kitchen in the North Direction?

North direction KitchenHonesly speaking the kitchen in the North direction is not recommended. Indeed the Southeast is the best kitchen placement as per Vastu. Due to the unbelievable & alarming population growth, constructing skyscrapers and arranging rooms in different locations, and constructing the kitchen next to the main door may be common features as foreign influence is heavy on us. We can observe many homes in America has Kitchens next to the garage to facilitate carrying the stocks.

39. Can We Keep Sofa Sets and Furniture in the North Direction?

Sofaset in the North directionArranging sofa set at North direction is accepted. If there is a family room or living room, then residents like to arrange a sofa. It is acceptable to have a sofaset in the North direction. Along with having a big window towards the North direction is awesome and improving financial position and supporting for a new business. Bright light in the North direction is also highly recommended.

40. What Happens if North is Directly Constructing With Another Property?

New Construction at North directionResidents are advised against blocking the North direction with any new constructions, as it might be detrimental. Such encroachments could adversely influence financial prosperity, health disturbances, losses in the business, troubles with workers in the business, and potentially invite legal challenges. While there might be compelling reasons, like the desire for a storage shed, an annex, or added convenience, it's crucial to understand that such alterations could disrupt the harmonious energy. In situations where changes seem inevitable, it's prudent to seek guidance from a seasoned expert before proceeding.

41. Labor Quarters or Servant Maid Rooms Can be Arranged in North Direction?

North direction labor quarterAvoid independent labor quarters in the North direction. Inside servant rooms are permitted on certain conditions. If a servant maid room is constructed in the North direction, this could damage positive energies that are accumulating from this quadrant. If it is required to construct a servant maid room then it is a good idea to construct in the Northwest direction.

42. Is North Facing Home is Good for Rent?

North direction RentWhatever the facing it may be, if the home is perfect as per Vastu rules, then residents can take that property for rent, otherwise NO. Check this link to know more about how Vastu impact on rental homes, this article explained with several images. It is a good idea to get some help from one expert. He will guide you through everything after thorough scrutiny.

43. Can I Get a Complete Set of North Facing House Vastu Plans?

North direction house floor plansSubhaVaastu website continuously uploading several house floor plans in the floor plans section. Residents can get a complete bunch of plans through this link North facing house Vastu plans. Regularly we are updating with the latest North facing house plans. Let us know if you have any requirements of the special house floor plan with Vastu principles we are ready to publish in our website.

44. Can We Construct Sitting Rock Platforms in the North Direction?

rock platforms in the North directionDon't construct rock platforms in the North direction. They may spoil the financial opportunities, mental strain, health regarding issues, etc, some residents suffering from debts and female members of that home may be suffering from chronic diseases or become patients, if so, check if there might be some platforms constructed towards the North direction that may be elevated than the home inside floor level. North elevated sitting platforms may generally trouble the residents with financial troubles, and health concerns.

45. Can We Develop a Garden in North Direction?

garden at North directionDefinitely. Residents can arrange the garden in the North direction. North direction landscaping is an awesome idea. But don't plant heavy trees. Bushes, greenery, and flower pots can be accommodated in the North direction. It is also good to use this North direction lawn. Residents can regularly visit this area if the Northeast is not truncated.

46. Pooja Room Towards North Direction is Good as Per Vastu?

Pooja Room in the North directionThe North direction is suitable for the Pooja room. For detailed information, read this complete guidelines of Vastu Pooja Room article. Every point in Puja room is discussed in this post. In North direction pooja room the idols can be arranged towards East direction or West direction. If idols kept at East direction, the idols facing towards the West, and residents face towards East while doing puja. When keeping Idols in the West direction, the idols face towards East direction, and the residents face towards the West direction.

47. Can We Buy North Street Focus Home?

North focusWith certain conditions, the North facing street focus house bestows with good results. Please note that many times this may trouble the residents. Without observing this article North street focus, don't come to one decision of buying the property. It is a good idea to have a WORD from an expert, individually, don't take any decision on this focused home.

48. Can I Buy North Direction Cut Home?

North direction cutThe majority of times we may not find the North direction truncation to any property. But this may be possible only in Skewed plots. These kinds of homes maybe rare in society. In some inclination homes, the North direction may cut, in this concern seek proper advice from experts. They have to consider many things before delivering their opinion.

49. Constructing Mountain Rock Platforms to Sit in the North Direction is Acceptable?

Rock sitting platforms in the NorthNorth direction should not have heavy weights, it may cause loss of health and wealth. This may cause psychological troubles too. Friends may become enemies. May be possible of defaming in between relatives. Hence don't construct any platforms with mountain rocks in the North direction. This feature is very bad, and not at all recommended. If a resident like to have a seating arrangement at the North direction then they may plan for hollow wooden platforms or keep chairs to sit.

50. Is the North Entrance Gate is Giving Good Results?

North gateNormally the North entrance gates are giving good results, only on the condition that the breadwinner's master bedroom should only be in the Southwest quadrant, otherwise, some issues may raise through this North direction gates. Normally the Northern Northeast gates are auspicious. We recommend North gates also, but a small mistake may trouble the entire enterprise.

51. Can We Construct a Swimming Pool In North Direction?

North poolConstructing the swimming pool in the North direction is good, residents may construct a wide and deep pool in the North direction. Normally, this will help to flow the wealth and boost the opportunities to earn more income. Generally, this North pool enhances several possibilities to financially standard and strong.

52. Is It Good to Construct Cattle Shed in The North?

North cow shedVery very smaller and lighter sheds without fully covering that cattle shed is acceptable. Huge sheds may obstruct the prosperity improvement. If there is no other plae except North direction, then plan for a open shed without covering all directions. Instead of making the North cow shed, it is a good idea to utilize the Northwest zone for the cow shed. In this image, the NW is shown with one cow for best understanding. The Northwest direction is suitable for the cow shed.

53. Can We Keep the Computer Table in the North Direction?

North direction computer tableWe can arrange the computer table towards the North direction, in this situation, our face should be towards the North direction and the computer screen face towards the South direction. If there is a big window towards North direction as shown in this image, that will be beneficial. If there is heavy light coming from outside then use curtains to minimize lighting or use venetian blinds.

54. Can We Construct the House Right Away From The North Direction?

House constructed at NorthA few residents may start constructing their home directly from the North direction boundary. With this structure, there is a huge open yard that remains free in the South direction, this may damage anything, like finances, health, happiness in the home, psychological troubles, bow the head before financiers, debts, sometimes job loss, suffering with family issues, etc may be possible. Please note that this point "may not" applicable for homes in some countries.

55. Best Vastu Bedroom Locations in North-Facing Houses?

North Master Bedroom VastuVastu strongly recommends placing the master bedroom in the Southwest direction. Therefore, for North-facing homes, it is ideal to locate the master bedroom in the Southwest. If this is not feasible, the South or West directions are also favorable alternatives for positioning the master bedroom. It is crucial to focus on this area, as it plays a significant role in enhancing tranquility and peace within the home.

56. Is an Elevated North Floor and Higher Road Level Beneficial?

Normally the North direction floor should not be elevated. If it is depressed, then things go smooth and money flow will be towering. If this North floor elevated, we may lose such benefits or may be possible of money loss or lack of chances to have a good business, etc. Pleae note that, in some cases we observed huge development when the North direction floor is elevated. After a few years, they troubled and experienced ghastly situations.

57. Is It Good to Buy a Home Which Has North Floor Lower Level?

If a home has lower level floor towards the North direction, then things may be supportive. Inhabitants may get quality business and can see money savings, bank balance, two way income, rich life, happiness, something attraction in their business, some are parsimonious, few residents may always think about money, etc.

58. Which Color is Suitable for North Direction?

North direction represents Green colorGenerally, the Green color is representing North direction. Herewith we are provding some color combinations, based on the home and requirement, residents can choose a WOW looking color to their home. We are not arguing with others, but there is no Vastu colors in our ancient text. Normally, colors may be recommended based on horoscope of a resident.

59. North Direction is Suitable for Which Person in Our House?

If a room constructed in North direction then it can be used by Kids, office room, living room, family room, pooja room, dining room, balcony, toilets (on certain conditions), so any one can use this North room based on requirements.

60. Is It Acceptable to Plan a Lanai in the North Direction?

Lanai in the North DirectionA lanai facing the North direction is favorable. If there's a spacious open yard to the North, it's recommended to position a lanai in that direction. Residents with such a vast northern yard are encouraged to frequently utilize this lanai. Sitting and facing towards the North can inspire innovative business ideas, foster financial growth, and potentially lead to noticeable business expansion.

61. Can we construct a shop in North direction?

Constructing shop in the North directionPlease get a proper idea from experts before taking any decision on shop construction. Generally entire North is also suitable for shop, here the significant point is where should be the door from home to the shop, the connected door should be either North or Northern North only, don't choose Northern Northwest. Internal shop is different and external shop is different. Please note this point before planning a shop for the North home. In this image we can see internal shop.

62. Is It Advisable to Have a Conservatory in the North Direction?

Vastu wise conservatory in the North directionA conservatory facing north is acceptable. However, it's important that it is not isolated in the north direction. The conservatory must be integrated with the main house and have proper accessibility from the primary living space. Additionally, ensure that the design facilitates seamless flow between the conservatory and home, enhancing connectivity and usability. An accessible and well-connected conservatory can add significant value to the property, providing a harmonious extension to your living area and optimizing the overall design of your home. If rules were perfectly followed then, it is beneficial.

63. Is Master Bedroom in North Direction Is Acceptable?

No. Several residents asking about is Master bedroom in North direction is acceptable or not. Normally, the master bedroom in the North direction is not preferred. But this answer may not applicable for several homes in USA, UK, Australia, etc countries. For example: If there is heavy open space in the North direction for the master bedroom, then the residents may get quality results.

64. Who is the Lord of North Direction?

North Direction and Lord KuberaThe Lord of the North direction is Kubera, also known as the god of wealth in Hindu mythology. He is typically depicted as a dwarf with a potbelly, holding treasures, which symbolizes wealth and good fortune. The North, influenced by Kubera, radiates positive energy that helps in making money. According to Vastu rules, it’s important to keep the North clear and open to receive Kubera’s blessings. Following these rules can bring wealth and success. Adding water features in the North, such as small fountains or pools, is thought to boost prosperity.

65. Where Should You Place an Iron Safe in a North-Facing Home?

Keeping Iron Safe in North DirectionFor homes facing North, the optimal placement for an iron safe is in the Southwest, South, or West direction. Specifically, position the safe in rooms located in the Southwest, South, or West, with the safe facing towards the North or East. This strategic orientation not only enhances security but also aligns with principles of prosperity and protection, ensuring peace of mind and financial stability.

66. What Are All Good Ideas of Kitchen Vastu for North Facing House?

Kitchen for North facing homeWhen a resident already bought a North facing home and looking for Kitchen Vastu for North Facing House, then here are some ideas. Many homes have a garage in the Northwest and planning the kitchen next to the garage is suitable to lift all the domestic items from the car to the Kitchen. In this concern, the kitchen will be suitable to have a Northwest direction. So the kitchen will be connected to the Garage (these kinds of homes are common in the USA.). If the garage is at the Northeast, then the Kitchen's best location will be in the Southeast. The middle part of the Kitchen and garage will be the mudroom, washer & dryer room, dining room, and next Kitchen which is at Southeast.

67. Is Breezeway is Acceptable in the North Direction?

Breezeway in the North directionYes, a breezeway in the North direction is generally acceptable. This orientation can provide efficient air circulation and natural light, enhancing the overall comfort and energy efficiency of the area. However, it's advisable to consider specific local climate conditions and architectural aspects to ensure that this setup optimizes both functionality and aesthetic appeal in your particular environment. The breezeway should not cover with any material.

Is it Good To Buy Northeast Extended North House?

Vastu for North Facing HouseA house that faces a road leading towards the North Direction, with a Northeast extension as shown in this image, is considered auspicious. If the neighborhood supports the home, then the occupants can enjoy prosperity, pleasure, financial stability, the ability to lend money, good health, and overall happiness. There may be a notable female influence in this household.

This influence means that the husband values the wife's opinions, or the wife may be actively involved in guiding all her husband's activities. In some homes, women may run businesses with their husbands’ support, or husbands may primarily act on their wives’ directives.

Northeastern Reductions or Northwestern Expansions in Residential Houses

Vastu for North Facing Direction HomesProperties featuring northern northwestern expansions are generally not considered fortunate. Acquiring homes or factory (visit to know more about factories Vastu with northeastern reductions yields no advantages. Anticipated progress might falter due to northwestern expansions. It's noted that some occupants opt out of compensating Vastu advisers, instead purchasing books and making modifications themselves, which is ill-advised.

Engagement of recognized authorities in specific disciplines is crucial. Judicious individuals consistently seek guidance from esteemed Vastu experts for their real estate investments. Exercise prudence and leadership within the community. It is evident that the contrasts between the images showcased; one dwelling is favorable, the other not. Remedying such issues can be straightforward: either expand the northeastern section or reduce the northwestern overhang.

Can I Buy North Home That Has Northeast Truncation?

North Facing Home VastuProperties with northeastern cuts are generally seen as unfavorable. Refrain from purchasing such lands, homes, or industrial sites. (It's worth noting that certain guidelines may not apply universally across countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, etc.) Desired developments may not be achieved. If dealing with northeastern truncations, it’s advisable to consult a qualified Vastu expert and secure appropriate remedies. The cost of expertise is minimal when compared to the value of your property.

Is Northwest Extension House Is Good To Buy

Vastu for North Facing siteProperties with northward northwestern extensions are considered inauspicious and are not recommended for purchase. While there are methods to mitigate these extensions, the plots ( know comprehensive details about plots Vastu through this link ) inherently possess detrimental energies due to such features, a common sight in the USA and other Western nations.

For such properties, it is prudent to consult an experienced Vastu Pandit to garner effective solutions and avoid negative outcomes.

Attention to Vasthu principles is essential in business properties to prevent potential curses. There are various critical aspects to discuss regarding real estate; we will explore additional links now and return to this discussion later.

Are All North Facing Homes Are Good?

Many residents eagerly acquire north facing homes or sites in various developments, often at a premium, but are all north facing homes conducive to a fulfilling life? Consider these examples.

North facing house vastu in HindiExamine the living conditions of inhabitants in these two homes, both facing north but with different door placements. Typically, homes with a northeast-north door and a southwest master bedroom contribute to tranquility among residents. Such configurations usually result in increased business profits, substantial savings, solid financial standing, and a vibrant lifestyle. Notably, women in these households enjoy serene and harmonious lives, while couples experience satisfying relationships.

North Facing Home with a Northwest Northern Entry Door

North facing home vastuPlease take a closer look at both this and the preceding image. Despite also being north-facing, this home's main entrance is positioned in the Northern Northwest with the master bedroom in the Southeast. Here, occupants often encounter financial difficulties; clearing one debt typically leads to another. Debts tend to accumulate over time. Marital strife, over minor or significant issues, frequently occurs. These are just a few of the numerous severe problems that might arise.

1. Typically, residents may engage in frequent disputes, leading to regular misunderstandings and arguments that could escalate to serious conflicts.

2. Debates often result in persistent disagreements, making it challenging to reach a unanimous decision.

3. Women may experience hardship in such homes, with wives particularly facing numerous challenges. There are notable family issues, and potential hurdles in conceiving.

4. Making modifications to rectify issues isn't straightforward in these apartments. However, if it's a detached house, repositioning the northwest door towards the northeast might alleviate some financial pressures. Exercise caution when choosing the ideal home for a contented life.

5. It's common to encounter drifters residing in these properties.

6. Residents might frequently deal with legal conflicts, including court cases and attorney correspondences.

7. There is a risk of receiving notices from financial bodies.

8. If there are other issues combined with these issues, then there exists a possibility that occupants might leave the home abruptly without informing anyone.

Immediate Northern Construction with Extensive Southern Open Space

north facing house vastu remediesThis residence is encircled by a boundary wall on all four sides, with the compound walls additionally indicated by two arrows in this image. Construction began immediately in the northern section, leaving a substantial open area to the south. This layout results in a reduced open space to the north within the boundary, which might lead to a lack of successors, potential usurpation, or the property becoming abandoned.

A significant open space in the southern direction can result in major business losses, missed opportunities, financial instability, lack of tranquility, health issues, and mental stress. Note that these adverse effects may not be entirely applicable to homes in the USA, UK, or Australia.

Moreover, the negative consequences described may not affect residents if there is expansive open land to the north beyond the road.

Is a South-Facing Water Well Suitable for North-Facing Homes?

north facing home VastuPositioning a borewell in the southern orientation contravenes Vastu guidelines firmly. Notably, water wells situated in this direction are exceptionally harmful and profoundly adverse. They can precipitate sharp declines in personal health and wealth, cause substantial financial setbacks, persistent indebtedness, and seriously obstruct considerable financial advancement, severely impeding overall prosperity and stability.

Wrong Assumption of North Direction

Wrong North home resultsA man named Mr. Rajesh (name altered) from Punjab purchased a plot and built a home in 2015. He installed a door facing 'North', which was actually facing 'Northwest'. Despite his awareness of Vastu and the availability of various consultants across India, he unfortunately experimented with his life and savings. By 2019, he had sold the property and relocated after losing valuable assets, including 2.7 crores.

Destiny holds great power. Had he positioned the door towards the Northeast, he might have averted these losses. The placement of the main door is crucial in Vastu. Incorrect placements invariably bring troubles to inhabitants. While minor investments might be risked, life and significant resources should not be gambled with. Caution is essential when setting up the main entrance and evaluating the property.

We have responded to many inquiries from residents. If you have any questions, we are prepared to assist. Please submit your questions via the Contact SubhaVaastu link.

How is "North" Expressed in Different Languages?

Below we provided the North direction name in different languages. Help us to improve this article's quality. Have you found any mistakes in the below language translation, if so, kindly inform us through this page Contact SubhaVaastu. We appreciate your efforts and honest support to the humanity.

Kannada = ಉತ್ತರ Gujarati = ઉત્તર
Telugu = ఉత్తరం Hindi = उत्तर
Kerala Malayalam = ഉത്തര Maharashtra Marathi = उत्तर
Punjabi = ਉੱਤਰੀ Sindhi = اتر
Tamilnadu Tamil = வடக்கு Urdu = شمال
Bengali (Bangla) = উত্তর German = Norden
French = Nord Latvian = Ziemeļi
Arabic = شمال Filipino = North
Malay/Indonesian = Utara Italian = Nord
Japanese = 北 Mandarin Chinese = 北
Russian = к северу Sinhala= උතුරු
Norwegian= Nord Odia/Oriya= ଉତ୍ତର
Bodo = Update Soon Dogri = पच्छम
Kashmiri= Update Soon Konkani= उत्तर
Maithili = उत्तर दिस Meetei = Awang Maikei
Nepali = उत्तर Assamese = উত্তৰদিশ
Afrikaans = Noord Sanskrit = उत्तर

Ancient History

1. In some locations in India this North direction is also called as Uttar, Kuberasthan.

2. This is a holy direction. Some of our ancient literature stated that "Kubera is the lord of this direction. He is also the lord of MONEY and RICHES.

3. He is eminent in business and Trade. He has more interest in fine arts. But, he suffering from leprosy. That may be the reason for the diseases of rich people or Tycoons".

4. North reflects Money and female happiness and many more. Lord Kubera is also called ‘THREEAMBAKA’. He is a good friend to Lord Shiva. He has one face and two hands.

5. He has a golden spear in the right hand and a golden pot in the left hand containing precious stones, Gold, Money, etc. His Wife/Devi is called ‘CHIDHRINI’. Lord Kubera rides on a horse. Some text/Shastras says that he rides on a MAN (That is why money rules over man). He is golden textured.

6. If this direction is extended along with Northeast that will bring more happiness and riches to the family. Those who live in these houses (Houses facing North direction) are generally law-abiding people. They will respect their dignity and have self-respect. They fear unlawful activities. They will show patience and tolerance in their activities. They will have less interest in politics and other social development works.

7. Generally, this direction shows the slight dominance of women. The best constructed North houses will bring improvements to ladies and their leadership in the family. It will affect the health of ladies frequently afflicted and they may get proper treatment if Northeast is truncated or Southeast bad effects.

8. The wind from this direction is called as WITHERING AIR. This has a sweet taste and is vicious. The breeze is cool and gives energy to the body. Residents may pardon even their enemies. They will show mercy to the poor and downtrodden people. But, they fear taking risks and brood over their weakness.

9. If this direction is properly utilized, the female's life may be happy. There will be a good inflow of funds or money to the house continuously. Some of Vastu Tips are one should not heap stone, wastage etc in this North direction. This will lead to financial loss and hamper children’s development.

Is All North Facing Homes Are Giving Good Results?

Some Vastu known people constantly suggesting the residents to buy only either East or North facing houses/plots. But we are regularly getting inquiries from residents who are living in North facing homes suffering from continuous problems. We are also getting inquiries from East home residents too. Please check their experiences.

1. Residents Who Lived in North Facing Homes Shared Their Experiences Below

Sir/Mam, I am having an Automobile workshop North facing. Day by day it is falling down and almost destroyed condition. But I want to hold it. Can u suggest anything? Thanks, regards Sankar - Agartala.

2. Shri Mithun Ji Experience with North Home

Sureshji, I am Mithun, taken one North facing house in Malabar Hills Mumbai, just 4 months we lived happily here, afterward suffering a lot with many problems, this is 3rd year, our hands are almost empty, nothing stays with us, always craving for money, now we are becoming completely empty hands and ZERO bank balances. Before joining this property we are in full of bank balances and having good relations. Now planning to sell this property to meet our debts. Please help - Mithun.

3. Shri. Ajay Ji, Experience with North Residence

Respected Sureshji, what is the best solution to come out from the home. our untold stories will be book fulled when we wrote them here. Please suggest to us how to come out from this home, thanks for your support to people. I appreciate your phone conversation. Let me know the easy solution or process to come out from this tragedy North home. If we have life, next time definitely we will go with Vastu experts. Sorry for approaching half knowledge Vastu pandit - Ajay - Gachibowli.

4. Shri Prudhvi Ji Experience

Respected sir, how to get solutions for our problems which we are constantly fronting in this home. We got up a vastu consultation before buying this home. The Vastu pandit who visited this home recommended several items to hand and fix to walls and keep on the tables, and main entrance door too. But we did not find out any favorable results. This is north home. Can you guide us on how to move from here - Prudhvi - Surat.

5. Shri Somendranath Ji Experience

Respected Suresh Ji, need your urgent help to solve our difficulties in this home. Once we come out from one trouble, another crisis will be very ready then. I don't know why these bizarre eccentric unpleasant predicaments are very common in this home. Is our selection in picking this house is wrong?. Before we entered into this home, not to say that we are billionaires but we were happy with what we had, after passing nearly 6 years in this home, our health spoiled, our finance ruined, fame violently shattered, all my friends became like rivals, my son got a head injury, my wife continuously falls down due to ill-health. Our home is like this, from the north road when we enter into home from Northwest and keeping the car at the northwest garage and enter the home into North main entrance door. To reach the first floor normally we use the Northeast staircase, but now, we are using the elevator which is next to the staircase, having a kitchen at Southwest. Our master bedroom is at Northwest on first floor. My second son studies in the Southeast bedroom, daughter sleeps in the southwest room. Previously she uses her master suite attached bathroom, someone told that the southwest toilet is not good, so we stopped using the sw toilet and even Jacuzzi also. She is using the common toilet which is at south direction. Just 10 days back, we closed the swimming pool which is at west direction. I finally understand that this north house caused wreak havoc on my entire family. My all strength weakens and furthermore I can no longer experience this terrible life. I understand that there should be something wrong in this home, which is not integrated with vastu principles. Your website is extremely wonderful. I strongly have faith on you, once if you take up this project, I will come out from these disastrous situations - Somendranath - Bhopal.

6. Smt. Preethi Ji Experience

Dear Sir, Thank you for your quick response. I bought this North facing flat in 2008. We are three. members in our family. Me (39), my husband (46) and my 8 years old daughter. My husband is in design company. Daughter is in the 3rd standard. Since 2009, our financial situation got worse as he lost lot of important clients so his salaries were reduced to half with a high loan on our head we survived somehow till 7 years. We took the guts of buying this property in the prime location of Mumbai because of his high pay package. After 7 years, he managed to join a good company with a good package but that didn't last for a year. He lost his job due to his relationship with his seniors. My house environment wasn't good as he is always in the mood to fight. Anyways, he has joined a new company in 2017 end, which was a good company and his boss was nice to him too. But unfortunately, now, the company has been taken over by another company, and their rules and expectations are overboard. My daughter though good in studied but for few years has become stubborn and least interested in studies due to the constant stress in my home. Please let me know any remedy to reduce our financial stress and peace also the best place to put my puja cupboard. I contacted one person who claimed to be the Vastu expert and he thought that he is invincible and milking customer is his birthright - Preethi - Bandra.

7. Shri Ahmed Ji Experience

Is Vasthu necessary for rental homes? My rental home got the main door in the North direction. I read through many websites and found the North is a good direction to have a peaceful living. When I came to your website, it is found that all North homes not equally giving auspicious results. Please advise if anything can be done as I am having challenges in saving the money past couple of years since I rented the house. Thank you sir - Ahmed - Kochi.

We published only 0.1% complaints on this North direction residences. If Vastu of a home is not good, it won't assist the residents to improve their finances, health, peace, business, education, love, etc. Here, a skilled adept will undoubtedly aid the residents to find a fair and suitable dwelling.

8. Smt. Sridevi From Virginia Experience

Hello Sir, Present we are staying in North facing apartment we are facing many problems both personally and career and visa issues too, lost pregnancy and lost the job and visa issues - Sridevi - Richmond.

9. Sri. Senevirathne From Texas Experience

Dear Mr. Suresh, at the outset let me be honest with you. The so-called science of Vastu is more psychic than provable science. I came to this house in Texas and living in a North facing home. Many people said North houses are giving very good environment for happy living and many people indeed are confirming this out of the experience. But for me it is most uncomfortable. Prior to this, I was living in a South facing home and we prospered well there. How is it, our practical experience is contrary to the perceptions of people. I later understood that mere facing of the home whether east, west, north or south is not adequate to conclude or contradict the vastu principles. I further accept after reading your literature in the website that our perception was misconstrued, and it indeed needs a scholarly exposition to understand the vastu principles and come to a definitive determination. Good luck be with your endeavors.

10. Smt. Suchitra Arya From Kathmandu

Respected sir, mine is north facing house. It has more than 14 to 15 feet of open space in the Northeast direction from the main gate. We were facing a lot of troubles for the past 8 years after joining this home. Previously we lived happily in another home that is also north facing. After reading your article I found that the staircase is placed in the Northeast direction. Can you give me any suggestions on what should I do? I am in great tension nowadays by knowing that this is the wrong direction whether we were very unknown about this Vastu knowledge. Thanks - Suchitra Arya - Kathmandu.

11. Experiences of North Facing Home By Smt. Bhagya From Pennsylvania

is all north houses are giving good resultsNamaste Suresh Ji, Our first house was in Pennsylvania, we purchased in 2017 February. At the time of purchase, our son (first child) was 9 months old. Once we started living in the house, I noticed more and more stress in my life - I had workplace problems that kept getting worse over time. Over the 3 years that we lived there (sold October 2020), we had many many severe fights between myself and my husband & further between me and his parents & my husband and my parents. I had many pregnancy related complications with my second baby from the start of pregnancy. I got hospitalized for 5 weeks with severe complications and our daughter was born almost 7 weeks early. She needed to be in the hospital and on life support but recovered quickly and was discharged in 17 days. Our marriage was in deep trouble and on the verge of splitting. We also suffered major financial losses and our savings went almost close to zero. I had many visa related issues as well. We had an extremely difficult time finding child care for the 15 months after our daughter was born, changing more than 35+ nannies!!! In fact in one situation, when our daughter was only 7 months old, one nanny put him to sleep with a blanket that she covered over her head by mistake and almost suffocated (I was in the super market but saw this on the baby monitor - nanny was home but was not looking at the monitor and was talking on the phone. by GOD's grace, I was able to rush home and help her before anything terrible happened!!). The 3 years we lived in this house were practically HELL. The dumbfounding thing is that we are continuously following one priest who is guiding us from starting of our life in Pennsylvania. He told us both of our time is excellent and the North facing home is superior on our names and stars. House warming was also successfully completed with his guidance of time and date.

Majority of the residents thought that all North facing homes are super good. Check this above home, the driveway is also towards the Northeast, this home has a slight Northeast extension, no mistakes in the backyard, Kitchen at Southeast. Then what else is the problem in that home? Other than the direction, driveway & kitchen. The position of inside rooms in this home is terrible. Readers can understand from where they acquired consultancy & why they suffered. We should all note one point here is peaceful life is most important than any other.

12. Can I Buy This North Facing Home?

There is a saying to illustrate how people become victims of foolish fate. “When the time for destruction comes the signs are that intellect forsakes you”. Today we are narrating one incident however we are hiding his identity.

North Direction information in HindiWe known a case that happened recently. One Mr. Dhananjay (name changed for identity protection) who acquired some knowledge about Vastu thought himself to be adept enough in this field. Putting aside all cautions to the wind he purchased a home which apparently was (to him) north facing. As a matter of fact, merely facing the north does not justify the thought that investment in such premises is safe.

Unfortunately, this plot was not North facing. On a later analysis, it was found that the plot was indeed Northern Northwest facing and having a slight Northern Northwest street focus, he did not found that. The fault lies in the unscientific understanding of a scientific phenomenon.

Poor man he could not stay in that home for long, he was a victim of series of misfortunes.

Thinking he has made a mistake he sold away from the premises, moved to a rented home, and wanted to buy a new house for himself.

In this changing situation when he sold the premises it was for a song. Soon thereafter, the property prices skyrocketed beyond imaginable limits and he is left high and dry without his own home.

How has he come to this state? He has relied on his rudimentary understanding of Vastu. His knowledge was incomprehensive. He did not even know how to see the directions of a plot. In this case, he was a novice.

Has he had wisdom he would have consulted a competent Vastu scholar even prior to the acquisition of this plot. Who would have, guided him appropriately? In fact, he did not know Vastu is a weapon to ward off malign fate.

In the process of saving a few dollars of the fee he lost a fortune and house too. Our advice to all the readers is to "spend where you must". "Save where you should".

Even in the medical profession, a high-priced doctor takes a second opinion always in taking life-saving decisions or life-threatening decisions.

Do not jump for if you are not capable of accessing the depth of water and your ability to recover is very poor.

13. Mr. Prasad a Millionaire Become Penniless In North Home

huge troubles in north homeOne story about a Millionaire become penniless. One Mr. Prasad of Rajahmundry (name and place changed to secure their privacy). Having a car and phone in the year 1955 (having a bicycle is a dream for many people in those days ) and they have almost 50+ properties in their living town. Out of them, they secured 5 acres of land very next to their town. They are very rich people. Mr. Prasad, like to construct one beautiful home in the year 1977 and thought of getting Vastu consultancy and collected a few people charges like 75 rupees and 100 rupees on those days. He doesn't like to pay that money, and gathered information through his sources and constructed a beautiful mansion in the year 1979. He heard that all North facing homes are excellent and constructed North facing home.

(Explanation on this above image. House "Number 1" belongs to one neighbor towards West. "House number 2" is Prasad sir's home, and "house number 3" is East neighbor's home. "House number 4" is the South house owner.)

Later, he lived there lavishly for 3 years and thereafter downfall started, and addicted to Matka game. Played and lost everything. Sold car, house, plots, factories, cinema theaters, college buildings, gold and etc. In the year 1999, he cleared all the debts and went to Varanasi with 1000 rupees only. He is working as a cook in one choultry.

This home has Eastern Southeast hitting and having one entrance door facing to that focus. After experiencing horrible situations, he thought East walking brings luck and he moved from the Eastern Southeast entrance several days for all of his daily routine work. No way. Things were critical and he sold everything. If he spent only 100 rupees on that day, he might not suffer like this.

Experts' observation is different and common man's observation is different. Many misconceptions may misguide them. 100 rupees is not a big amount for him on those days. He likes to save that 100 rupees and finally, that's what he got in the end. Fate's decision is final. No one can change others' destinies.

14. I Beg You Please Help Me to Come Out From This Home

Dear Mr. Suresh based on the belief that North facing premises are the best properties to live in, I bought this wretched property in 2014 and facing hellfire in my life since then. Never in my life have I suffered this agony. How is it though the property is North facing and many other similar owners are apparently prospering, I am being singled out for this hellenic life. Is there anything lacking in my judgment or understanding, please help to come out from this devil's den. I can't dare to live here anymore, wish to check out this property immediately, how can I acquire your services in this regard. Pramod - Vasco Da Gama.

15. Sekhar Experience with North Faced Home

Namaste sir, I have been following your website consistently and acquired a great wealth of knowledge regarding Vastu from your site. Thanks a lot for sharing the valuable information honestly and for free. Before coming across your website, I have talked to over 7 to 8 Vastu pandits when I visited India. I have come across many Vastu pandits who claim that North facing houses are the most auspicious. Whereas you never fear and honestly state the truth and mention the facts. Your honesty and accurate information made me your fan. I really pray for your long life for the good deeds you are doing and for how enlightened you are. I would like to share my brother-in-law Shri.Raghu's experience with his North facing home. Raghu's great grandfather bought a north-facing plot in 1875. Although everything seemed excellent till 1989, their downfall began from the year 1990, when they rebuilt their old home in that placing by investing 1.75 crores, which was a huge amount of money in those times. Financial troubles, family disturbances, his son being arrested in a vehicle theft case and proved guilty, followed by his wife committing suicide and him suffering from a health disorder, were all very depressing for him. Raghu has been hospitalized and went through a lot of trauma with the sudden turn of events. Although his son was released on bail, no one knows his whereabouts as he ran away from home. Even I helped them financially with 7500000 rupees as a loan back in 2010. But that wasn't repaid to me, even a single penny. Even I am living in a North-facing home in San Jose in California. After going through a lot of articles on your site, I found that we should inspect the Vastu of the home before buying or building, as per the direction. Thanks for enlightening sir and all the best to you.

16. Smt Radha From Arizona Experience

Mrs. Radha and her husband Kumar live in Phoenix, Arizona, with their two children, a boy and a girl. As their children grew, they found their home becoming too small. With advice from a Vastu expert known to them in India, they carefully chose a north-facing house which they purchased in 2019 after ensuring all Vastu principles were met. Before this, they lived in a west-facing house where life was pleasant and without worries. However, after moving to the north-facing house, a series of unforeseen problems began to envelop their life. Early in 2020, Kumar lost his job, and their daughter started facing severe challenges due to autism. Their son suffered a fall, leading to a coma for six months. Radha is the only one working, and her income is now the sole support for the family, which is struggling to overcome these issues. Due to certain reasons, we are unable to display their home's floor plan here. The expert who assured them of the house’s auspiciousness has since disappeared, leaving no address behind. A small mistake makes them sleepless nights in that home.

The Importance of Logical Thinking

We could publish thousands of such experiences here, but due to space limitations, we are unable to provide more examples. This should help you understand that good results from a house are primarily dependent on proper Vastu alignment, not just its directional facing. It is a misconception to believe that only homes facing East or North will provide excellent outcomes. Please consider this thoughtfully.

Have Any Questions?

Contact SubhaVaastuRespected residents may send questions on this article. Expect our reply within "5 minutes" to "24 hours" depending on proper greeting.

Q & A on Vastu Shastra

+63 #16 Is north facing house badHaritha 2019-05-10 12:10
Dear Suresh Ji, I read about the explanation you have given and was quite impressed with the way you explain things. So precious content that this website value cannot be determined. Please tell me is north facing house bad for me. I am not growing well in this home. I bought this flat in 2008. We are three members in our family. Me (45), my husband (49) and my 14 years old son. My husband is doing work in a tractor company. Son is in 8th standard. Since 2009, our financial situation got worse as he lost a lot of important clients so his salaries reduced to half with a high loan on our head we survived somehow till 7 years. We took the guts of buying this property in the prime location of Mumbai because of his high pay package. After 7 years, he managed to join a good company with good package but that didn't last for a year. He lost his job due to his negative relationship with his seniors. My house environment wasn't good as he is always in the mood to fight. Anyways, he has joined a new company in 2017 end, which was a good company and his boss was nice to him too. But unfortunately, now, the company has been taken over by another company, and their rules and expectations are overboard. My son though good in studies but since few years have become stubborn and least interested in studies due to the constant stress in my home. Please let me know any remedy to reduce our financial stress and peace also the best place to put my puja cupboard. Many websites stated that North homes are good, but we are not grown here. After reading your website, I understand that we should have to get vastu consultancy before buying this property. Now what shall I has to do with this property. Can I sell it now. Please help me sir.
+47 #15 North facing home vastuRanjit 2018-03-24 08:12
Dear Sir, the gap between our house and the boundary wall In the northern portion is very little that is two and a half feet only.This is leading to Pisach vidhi and troubling us since our house is located in NE quadrant.Would you kindly remedy the problem due to the pisach vidhi caused by very less land in the northern region. Your website is really good. You are doing a great services to the society. My best wishes for your happy and prosperous life. Very kind of you sir.
+57 #14 North facing house vastu benefitsRakesh 2017-02-23 13:41
Dear Sir, thank you for your website. Your services should reach every nook and corner of this entire world. From my side, I will share this to all of my friend circles. In North facing house I want to open port (khidki) in South wall for better natural light & air. Please advise me what I do. Is keeping windows for sunlight to south wall is acceptable as per vastu. Your website is fantastic sir. Further, I like to know the benefits of North facing house. Please update the site with complete benefits of North facing homes.
+43 #13 North facing home is good or notKumar 2017-02-20 00:15
Priya Suresh Guruji, I appreciate for this well maintained and nicely organized vastu website, thank you for the information provided on free of cost. Please reply for my question, whether this north facing home is good or not. Why most of the residents craving to buy north facing houses, I never like to do mistakes before buying the house. I wish to check everything before buying the home, a dream home, before that likes to know is North facing home good or bad on my name. Further, please help my sister, Roopa is eagerly looking for vastu remedies for north facing flat. I understand all directions are not good and all directions are not bad. We have to choose the right one with the experts help. Thanks in advance.
+57 #12 North facing HouseMurugan 2016-10-26 03:53
Dear Sir, we are all lifelong indebted to you for your free serving information. Almighty should always bless you for your bright future, peace, health, cheers, happiness, development. When there is a water pond in front of the plot can we buy the north facing house is it good as per vastu?, is it possible to make our north facing house as per vastu by improving knowledge from books.
+45 #11 North facing house vastu good or badRam Shankar Bhasin 2016-10-26 03:46
Respected sir, after visiting your website, just I would like to say we can swim the ocean, but we cannot browse this entire website in our lifetime, what a beautiful and biggest website is this. I appreciate your countless efforts to make this ancient science to understand by naive folks. My friend Kiran required to buy north facing house, is it good or bad, let us know, please. the center of this plot has little depression, what we have to do. Many thanks.
+51 #10 North Facing Home As Per VastuManu Kumar 2016-10-26 01:44
Dear Sir, your website is excellent, I appreciate your sincere efforts for making our society with free from vastu dosh. Coming to my requirement, looking for the vastu construction North facing house, we bought one plot at Koramangala Bangalore city, now looking for vastu construction rules for this North facing home. Our plot is 40X60. Backyard there is no any other property was developed, only open lands were shown. Our West is 3 storey building and East is single storey house. can we make two shops by 10X10, if so where would be preferable place for the shops and main entrance gate. Can we built three storey building. Need to know the exact placement for north facing home entrance. Sir, please tell me is north facing house good according to vastu.
+53 #9 North facing house vastu in USAMallika 2016-02-25 10:00
Sir my name is Mallika my date of birth is 17/08/1978. Is north facing house good. I read your vastu remedies for north facing house. Sir, please provide complete vastu dosh remedies for north facing house. What things we need to keep in mind before buying the north facing plots as per vastu. Generously you provided such a quality information with images without any restrictions to study this content. Many thanks.
+43 #8 Vastu for north facing houseKrishna 2015-12-22 08:27
Respected sir, delighted to deliver my appreciations on your quality website. Congratulations on your successful journey of delivering the extreme and extensive useful north facing vastu information. Sir, please reply me is north facing apartment good, but the flat is South facing. Instead of going to buy north facing apartment can I go for north facing plot, which one is better for happy life. I wish to know north facing plot is good or bad. Thanks in advance. kind regards. Krishna
+50 #7 Remedies for north facing houseNageswar 2015-12-12 13:17
Namaste Sir, trying to get the exact remedies and dosh nivaran techniques for North facing home. I am seriously looking for a nice plan for the north facing plot according to vastu. Please provide the plan map layout for north facing house.
+41 #6 Vastu tips for north facing houseMallikarjuna Rao 2015-06-13 08:18
Respected Suresh Ji, I bought one plot which is facing towards North, it has 343°. Please reply with good Vastu tips for north facing plot. My civil engineer told me that the plot should be above 350°, then only it posses north facing home benefits, please help me in this regard sir.
+47 #5 Vastu for north facing house in MalayalamSudheer Varma 2015-06-13 08:17
Respected Sir, like to get a ebook from you on vastu shastra for north facing house. If you already released it, please send me the link to download. In your website, I understand that the door can be fit either in North and Northeast too. Previously we lived in the North facing home which has Northwest door, we seen many troubles in that home. Please explain north facing house door vastu. I am so glad by seeing your website content with image, how helpful these images that you did not know. Very very thanks for all of your achievement.
+50 #4 Is north facing plot good as per vastuDr. Ramesh M 2015-03-13 01:58
Respected sir, you created a record. Congratulations sir. I exploring purchase of a north facing plot - east there is a house west open plot south there are huts and a road 12 feet hitting south compound wall at the southwest owner- my gate is at northeast corner- road is dead end at my compound wall. Looking for the advise
+68 #3 Vastu tips for north facing homePraveen Pratury 2014-11-03 16:11
Hello Sir, We require suggestion in buying a north facing home. From the plot perspective, there is no cut in the NE direction. However, the driveway to Garage is there with the combination of concrete and part lawn. Is that acceptable? Also, the backyard is in the south and the backyard would be part bigger than the front (N). We are thinking of putting a wooden wall horizontally on the backyard to essentially cut it into half. Is there a better remedy than that? Also, reducing the backyard space into half would defy the purpose of buying a home with backyard in US. your response really helps me asap.
+47 #2 North facing vastu for houseLatha 2014-10-11 06:46
Dear Sir, a highly respectable website for vastu. Many many thanks for your magnanimous website. So kind of you sir. Please provide positions of these below for north facing vastu house. Where should we have kitchen, toilet, master bedroom, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, store room, study room, staircase, pillars position, keeping the furniture, almirahs, cupboards, shelves, mirrors, windows, doors, car garage, car driveway, compound wall, swimming pool, floor mats, computer table, pooja room, pooja idols position, stove position, utensils cleaning area room position, terrace, water tank, water sump, living room, hall, family room, balcony, verandah, trees position, where should we keep the plant flower pots etc. Thank you so much for your patience.
+77 #1 Visiting USAMichele 2014-07-06 02:46
Dear Mr. Suresh, how many times you have visited our land USA, please contact me on your next visit, I have some serious issues, would like to discuss with you. quote your consultation charges, please. I appreciate your services by publishing valuable information without restrictions. I did not find any commercial complexion here. good to know this honest services, bye pal.
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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