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Vastu for BalconyWhat is Balcony: It means A level of platform enclosed by the wall or balustrade on the outside building, it is accessible from top or upper floor door or window, generally these balconies are open, if its closed with any shed or sheets or covered with roof etc then it is called Lanai.

In other words, balcony means a protruded portion from the building which is accessible from the door and generally, it has the railing. It can be constructed in any direction, the floor level of the balcony counts here.

In other words, there is an option to walk on this Balconies in general, but o the same way we may not walk on Portico. This would be the common difference of Balcony and Portico.

Vastu for PorticoWhat is Portico: A Portico is nothing but Porch, which is at the entrance of the house or a building, in other words, it is an extended part of the same roof as a colonnade, the roof structure has a walkway and it has supported by columns or otherwise enclosed by the walls.

Another definition is spaced columns which are regularly series wise supported the entablature and which is only one side of the roof.

In some areas it is called as cornice or frieze, a continuous horizontal lintel on a building which is supported by columns or a wall comprising the architrave, another statement is an extending floor out of the plinth area which is accessible from the first floor.

In general, we may not walk on portico or Porch, but in the same way, we may walk on the balcony, this is the difference of both Portico and Balcony.

Vastu for PatioWhat is Patio: Generally Patio means a paved area adjoined with the main home for any of recreation purpose or dining purpose. These patios are created with bricks, cobbles or tiles, in some areas it is created with concrete or stone slabs.

Some residences have outdoor patios or patio at the terrace. Some residents arranged canopy to this patio section. In some areas, the patio may be planned with only wooden.

But these may not be called a patio, for residents easy calling they may put the name as Patio. Most of the cases the patio is made with concrete stone slabs or with bricks. If the home is West facing or South facing then residents should not plan the patio at Northeast corner.

Except for Northeast corner they may plan it at Northwest after leaving some space at West and North, more near to the home and distance towards North boundary.

For South facing homes, residents may plan this Patio at Southeast, it needs some open space towards South and more open space towards East, i.e., this patio should be near to the Home and has a distance to the East boundary wall.

For any direction homes the Patio should not come at the Northeast corner if it was built with concrete stone slabs. In USA most of the suburb areas has this patio and very commonly used for most of the homes in cities too. In UK also some homes has Patio, in Australia rich homes maintaining patios.

Now observe the below Balcony, which is very common word used in India. One may observe the Balcony in the below images, which are very common in India.

Generally, in India majority people are used to say it as Balcony, the original meaning may be different but the common usage of the word which is used in a Nation, that we are discussing here.

But if a balcony is constructed in the South direction then it is essential in North and if a balcony is constructed in the West direction then it is essential in East direction.

Balconies are as important to the house as the open areas in the East and North.

Skyscrapers, apartments are mushrooming in this jet speed age. Thousands and lacks of families live in the apartments; it is need to the residents to have open spaces in balconies in the East and North.

In this background many people construct balconies at their whim and pleasure by cutting them and extending them. But cutting in a haphazard manner results in defective vastu which brings in bad luck.

( Portico or Porch | verandah | Veranda | Verandah or Vasaara | Lanai)

To be frank balconies should not have truncated or cut. But it should not be cut at any part at the East, North, and Northeast sides. North and East balconies are wider than the West and South balconies, then only the building will have more open space at North and East sides.

The following are the house models with portico, the light green colour is house and the thick color is portico, red mark "X"represents wrong, and the green mark represents correct.

This may belong to this page or not, but we seen many porticoes damaged in most of the homes because of the lack of concentration and maintenance problems, please note that most of the portico are damaged due to cloudburst suddenly.

So better to observe the water outlet hole is good to receive the water or not, kindly observe is there anything was obstructed for this water outlet, if so clean and clear everything on war foot basis, otherwise in future residents has to pay hugely.

Please note that some of the images may not be perfectly integrated with Mobile viewing, so best to check these images at desktop computer or laptops. Thank you.


East Direction Balcony:

Balcony vastu
Balcony vastu shastra

North Direction Balcony:

Lanai vastu
Veranda vastu

South and West Balconies:

vastu for veranda
balcony colour as per vastu
west balcony
vastu for veranda

Northeast Balcony:

vastu portico size
south facing balcony good or bad

Some Tips / Hints :

The Northeast balcony should not cut or depressed at any cost.

Both North and East balcony is excellent.

Both South and West balcony property curse the residents.

Balcony slanting towards East brings good name and fame

Balcony slanting towards North brings prosperity, good health.

Nowadays the balconies are done with plastic sheets, this is not a problem, you may continue with them.

The most standard and good look attracts and brings positive powers.

Northeast portico brings all good things, good luck.

Northwest portico creates many new headaches to the inhabitants. Point is that whether it is slanting down or up, based on that also results will be contrasting.

Southeast portico creates few challenges to the residents. Point is that whether is it slanting down or up, based on that also results will be divergent.

Southwest Portico is not an auspicious one. Point is that whether is it slanting down or up, based on that also results will be contrasting.

Portico is different and the Balcony is different. Portico is nothing but protruded portion of a property in a certain area. The balcony is nothing but an extension of the slab whether it may be the slanting or same floor level.

Require corrections to this page.

+1 #21 Balcony entrance is SouthwestSusmita 2019-04-18 19:18
Hello sir,

My flat is northeast facing. It has 3 balconies. 2 of it's balconies entrance is Southwest . One balcony w connected to drawing room. And another balcony is attached to 2 bedrooms , one is Southwest master bedroom it's entrance is Northwest wall and another to bedroom is in it's opposite. Another balcony is utility balcony it's in southeast direction. Please advise some remdies.
+1 #20 Round Shaped BalconyROY 2018-06-21 02:59
The balcony of my house is round in shape. I am an interior designer myself and I believe that round shaped balcony is not auspicious. The reason being handicapped people are born to people living in houses with round balconies or bedrooms and there can also be unnatural death in such families. please tell me how far am I correct.
+10 #19 Vastu for Balconyanitha anand 2017-08-19 09:24
ours is the west facing house, balcony is planned facing north west...kindly advise
+3 #18 Vastu tips for open terraceArun 2017-08-12 15:21
Respected Sir, which is the best place for Duradeck, Guardrail, I am providing full length balcony towards northeast and southeast is it good to provide half balcony from east to south please explain. I got a good guidance from your website which promotes a quality content on balcony. Thank you for sharing such huge knowledge.
+6 #17 North west facing balcony vastuB R Ramesh 2017-04-03 08:27
Priya Suresh Ji, I have a balcony in south as well as north protruding from the roof for a length of 13 ft. Kindly advice me on the remedial measures.
+8 #16 South facing balcony good or badPriyanka jaiswal 2017-04-02 02:59
Hi Sir, My name is Priyanka Jaiswal. We bought a 3 BHK flat. But my room is in the southwest side and we have a balcony on southwest side...please give me remedies for this Balcony.
+9 #15 South east balcony vastu remediesSUNIL 2016-12-07 19:04
Hello Sir, As per vastu whether balcony 4 feet towards north and east and 2 feet towards south and west is good or bad?. Many of my doubts were cleared after browsing your website. Your website is just like a dictionary in vastu. Thank you so much.
+9 #14 Northeast balconySaravanie praveen 2016-08-03 16:50
Sir I am planing to construct balcony on North East side of my flat. Now I have that place closed corner . If I construct balcony that side my North East corner will elevate.is this ok.second thing is if I construct balcony am I putting more weight on north east corner..will it lead to a problem. Please clear my doubt
+8 #13 Balcony between two bedroomsRajkumar 2015-12-08 11:38
Planning to buy a flat which has a balcony between tow bedrooms towards south, from two bedrooms doors are in place to go into the balcony -- please suggest whether this is ok or need to close one of the bedroom door opening into this balcony
+9 #12 West side balcony vastu remediesRavishankar Savaram 2015-11-25 08:54
Shri Suresh, your website is excellent. I would like to buy a flat which is having west Vayuvya entrance and balcony at west side, means while going to outside need to walk from north to south ( Vayuvya to Nyruthi ). is it good or bad?
-25 #11 Southwest BalconyPervez Modi 2015-10-25 10:06
Respected Sir, I am having balcony on southwest portion of my house, is this OK as per vastu guidelines? if not please suggest. Can you please provide some remedies for south south west balcony.
+1 #10 Balcony garden vastuKailash S 2015-06-10 07:19
Sir, coming with balcony garden vastu, which direction is good to have this balcony garden.
+3 #9 Portico VastuSelva 2015-05-22 10:54
Thiru Suresh, wonderful website with a lot of content. So nice of you sir. Please provide complete west side balcony vastu remedies. I need to know some balcony vastu remedies.
+13 #8 Southwest BalconyAMIT 2015-05-12 06:28
I have balcony in southwest of home. can you suggest any tip as i m struggling for finances and things are not moving. Thanks
+9 #7 South west balconyAMIT SINGH 2015-05-12 06:26
I have balcony in south west direction,can you suggest any tip as I m struggling for finances and things are not moving
+8 #6 North west facing balcony vastuShiv 2014-12-13 01:43
Hi Sir, I have two balconies on north side of my flat-one is attached to kitchen cum living hall another one is with a bedroom. Finding not suitable place i.e., north-east corner for pooja room. Can I keep pooja room in the balcony at the north-east corner?
+3 #5 Balcony colour as per vastuRaman 2014-11-30 03:59
Dear Sir, I am having balcony on southeast portion of my house, is this OK as per vastu guidelines and what is the best color for balcony?
-4 #4 Balcony level down than flat floorVishnu Kurwade 2014-11-13 18:10
Dear Sir, My house balcony is at the southwest corner and is 4 inches down than flat floor, is it OK or wrong if so what correction to be done. My flat is on the 3rd floor. Your website is excellent. Thank you very much for providing such useful vastu tips for balcony.
+1 #3 West BalconySwetha Reddy 2014-09-23 06:18
Respected Suresh Ji, three sides Balcony for a house is good or not full on East side and half on Southeast side and half is on Northwest side. I fascinated with your engross vastu website.
+3 #2 Vastu For BalconyMamata Bhandari 2014-07-01 12:41
Dear Sir, please let us know our balcony in west, so what to do?, is there is any remedies for this west balcony. Need to know some solutions. We are ready to do corrections too.
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