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Is It Important to Check Vastu for Rented Houses?

In essence, Vasthu, the ancient Indian science of architecture, does not differentiate between a property owner and its tenant. It operates purely based on the architectural principles of the property itself. As a universal discipline grounded in logic and empirical evidence, Vaasthu applies to all individuals indiscriminately.

Therefore, regardless of whether a house is owned or rented, its Vaastu implications will always hold true. All inhabitants of the house will experience the same effects. Whether positive or negative, any outcomes due to Vastu inconsistencies in the residence are unavoidable and universally applicable.

Rented House and Vastu: (Before reading this Vastu for Rental Properties link content, please read House vastu) Renting refers to a temporary agreement between a landlord and tenant where the tenant pays to use the landlord's property. This could be done monthly or yearly. Different terms like leasing or hiring are used in different regions, but the concept remains the same.

Is It Necessary to Consider the Vastu of a Home if Renting for Only Six Months?

"If a person plans to choose a home for a short period rent, such as six to eight months, it may not be necessary to consider Vastu. However, if the rental period is extended to two or three years, it would be wise to consult with an expert Vastu consultant. In such circumstances, always choose a Vastu shastra expert; do not settle for less knowledgeable advice in order to save on their fee, as this may lead to potential issues in the future."

We've encountered properties in cities, homes in Bangalore city in Karnataka State, homes in Hyderabad city in Telangana State, and homes in Mumbai city in Maharashtra state where the rental price reached up to two lakh rupees (INR) back in 2016. When such a high rental price is involved, we strongly recommend engaging an vastu specialist for consultation before finalizing the deal. Generally, if the rent surpasses 25,000 rupees, it's wise to seek an expert's advice.

Why Experts Ignore Minor Mistakes While Renting a House?

An expert will typically ask questions to understand whether a resident is going to buy or renting the property. This allows them to highlight priority Vastu issues. For rental properties, they might overlook minor issues as they understand finding the perfect rental home as per Vastu may be challenging.

However, when buying a property, the experts will point out every minor issue. This is a common practice among many consultants. Depending on the situation, they might focus on minor defects or overlook medium ones.

Renting isn't limited to houses. Other properties like Factories Vastu, shops, Hospital Vastu, schools, Ware houses, and even temporary structures like tents or sheds can also be rented. If these are only needed for a short time, like during a festival season, Vastu may not need to be checked.

Is It Necessary to Check Vastu for Investment Property?

Many homeowners have a doubt. They know, it is necessary to check the Vastu for the house they are living in, and after checking the Vastu, they live in the residence cautiously by fixing all the problems in their living home and enjoying the peace. But, on the other hand, many residents have a doubt about why they should check Vastu when they are planning to rent out an investment house, specifically for the rental purposes. Is it necessary to check Vastu for a rental house? Lets discuss in detail.

This concept is straightforward to comprehend. If a real estate investment aligns with Vastu principles, it guarantees the constant occupation by tenants. However, if it doesn't, there's a possibility that the property might experience frequent vacancies.

Let's consider a scenario where an individual has invested on a home in San Jose, California, for a sum of 750K USD, which necessitates a monthly bank installment of 5250 USD. In this particular area, they could anticipate approximate a rental income of 4350 USD to 5K USD per month. Now, let's imagine that the property remains unoccupied for half a year. Ponder upon the financial loss the investor has to endure.

If the property remained unoccupied for a total of six months, leading to a rental income loss of approximately 30,000 USD. The total of six months' installments would have been around 27,500 USD. A comparison of the investment cost, monthly installment cost, and consultancy charges will give a clear picture of the investor's payment. It's a straightforward process. Therefore, non-resident Indians (NRIs) initially seek consultancy for all their investment properties. They understand the worth of their hard-earned money. They never compromise on this system.

1. Short Term Period of Stay:

Should your intention be a brief tenure, it is generally not advised to assess the property based on Vastu. Let's delve into what constitutes 'short term' and 'long term' in this context. A period ranging from 3 to 6 months is defined as short term, whereas anything beyond 6 months falls into the long term category. The duration of the agreement plays a significant role in anticipating changes. Typically, the impact, whether beneficial or detrimental, tends to manifest after a period of 6 months.

2. Long Term Period of Stay:

Our forebears have often counselled us to wait for a full year before evaluating a property's effects. This one-year timeline encompasses the phases of Uttarayana and Dakshinayana, and spans across the four seasons. Given these parameters, it is not advisable to draw conclusions on a property's influence within a 3 to 6-month span. The full breadth of the property's outcomes, be they positive or negative, largely depends on the property's surroundings. A perfect timeline for understanding the implications can only be determined in relation to the property's surrounding environment. Let's now look at the property mentioned below.

Three Roads Rented Property

3 roads rental propertyConsider a property - newly constructed, appealing, with a monthly rent of Rs. 75,000/- INR, situated in Bangalore. When a potential tenant wished to lease this property, his wife insisted they consult an expert before making a decision. Upon inspection, the expert advised against renting the property, but the husband disregarded this advice and moved forward with the lease. However, within a year, he found himself reaching out to the same expert, seeking a revisit. Why did this happen?

The tenant, being a prominent figure in society with a high socioeconomic status, wasn't ready for any compromise, as his business required him to maintain a high profile. Many of his affluent clients regularly visited his house to negotiate various deals. However, an important point to remember is that a property without having open space towards North direction and having roads on the West, South, and East is not generally recommended as per Vastu principles.

A West Direction Rented Property

Southeast street focus rented house This property, located in Cochin, Kerala (city name altered to safeguard privacy), faces the West. A renowned doctor interested in this property requested a Vastu evaluation. Upon inspection, the consultant identified some significant negative factors: an Eastern Southeast street focus and a long pending court litigation vacant plot towards South direction, and having North road, all these could potentially attract negative energies. While it might be acceptable to rent this property for a short period, it's recommended to avoid a long-term lease or purchase of this property.

Northern Northwest Entrance Rented House

East constructed rented homeWidely known and esteemed politician spoiled his entire career. This residence is having North road. Wide range of open space in the West direction, and the home was constructed in the East direction, leaving a space of only 2 feet, West is having more than 50 feet of open space, and the West has a beautiful lawn, moreover, the home is a stunning beauty idol. By seeing all these orderly group structure, the politician took this on rent without observing Vastu, the home is like that, this is in Maharashtra state. He faced difficult situations in his career, and for smaller things also he has to use great physical or mental effort to accomplish power to control influence to settle down the issue.

To protect their privacy we hide some information about the negative impacts which he faced on this property. To get bright light in their career, Politicians require good East open space in their living properties. Wide West open space may damage their influence and career.

Northeast Truncated Rented Factory

Southwest well rented industryAn industrialist plagued by consistent labor disruptions, disputes, and a myriad of other issues. Within a mere span of 11 months, the industrialist sought famous Vastu consultant in India for his newly leased factory. The unfortunate part is, the property was initially recommended to him by an individual posing as an expert, who had sold him a talisman promising protection against evil and negative energies.

This pseudo-expert charged a whopping Rs. 1,50,000/- for the talisman, an additional Rs. 12,000/- for other expenses, and a nominal fee of Rs. 1000/- for his 'services'. The unsuspecting industrialist, ensnared in this charlatan's web, paid all the demanded fees and even performed several reverent prayers on the property.

The trinket or piece of jewelry usually hung about the neck was removed and thrown outside after knowing that he was cheated by the quack. Before taking this property, with great efforts, the Industrialist arranged money without any second thought, and with many hopes, he entered here and lost many valuables including time. The bad effects of the property with a short note.

Envision this plot of land, truncated in the Northeast, a feature generally deemed inauspicious and frequently a source of problems. The proprietor failed to observe any progress on this premises.

Picture the main factory building, erected towards the Southeast, while a vast empty space spread out towards the Southwest. This peculiar configuration, perhaps, was the root cause of constant disturbances, making even minor tasks necessitate a disproportionately large amount of resources. Complaints, labor disputes, and machinery repairs seemed to be perpetually looming over the establishment.

Visualize a well in the Southwest, potent enough to erode everything, even tarnishing the reputation of the property.

Consider the entrance gate, positioned in the Northern Northwest, serving as a conduit for negative energy, inciting several unsettling situations, financial drain, and legal disputes.

The office, nestled in the Northwest corner of the property, required frequent commuting to the main factory building.

There existed a 40-foot gap between the main industrial building and the adjacent shed as shown in the image above - a hint towards the grand scale of the entire premises.

Such properties are best avoided. This tale serves as a stark reminder for investors to not fall for inexpensive services. A consultation fee of a mere Rs. 1000/- is suspiciously low. Even a sixth-grader could discern this anomaly. Sadly, our industrious proprietor missed this glaring sign and, as a result, witnessed his lifetime of efforts unravel.

Is It Good to Take Rent of a Home That Has Eastern Southeast Main Door?

Southwest well rented industryThe main entrance door falls in the Eastern Southeast direction. Usually, this can cause different issues one after another or investor/inhabitant may not be happy in such premises. Best to avoid this kind of property. If this property is renting for a short period, it might not be a problem. However, for long-term stays, it's better to look elsewhere or otherwise move the door from ESE to Eastern Northeast. If the door was in the Eastern Northeast direction, that would be a good thing. It's a smart idea to get expert advice before renting a home for a long time.

It is Good to Take Southern Southwest Gate Home on Rent?

Southwest well rented industryImagine a door situated in the Southern Southwest direction, capable of dissipating the positive energy of the premises. This residence, with its Southern Southwest door, leaves much to be desired. Such homes might not suitable for business people. It's a known fact that India's urban hubs like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, and more, draw a consistent stream of newcomers for business or other ventures. Even in bustling areas, the humblest storefront might reap the benefits of passing trade, particularly if they nestle in coveted locations. However, without such an advantage, their investment risks falling into obscurity, potentially untapped and unrewarded.

Question By Respected Resident:

Good afternoon Sir, Happy Maha Shivarathri. I am Swapna here from Bangalore - Karnataka. I have a Vastu doubt to ask you. The Southwest corner of my house is having wardrobes on the West wall and a big window on the South wall. Is this bad? I want to keep the locker at Southwest, where do I have to place it? Inside the wardrobe or outside? I am facing financial problems very much. And people say Vastu is not applicable for rented houses. Is it true?

>>> There's no question that Vastu principles apply to both owned and rented homes, with the duration of stay being a key consideration. While having wardrobes along the West wall is generally beneficial, the presence of a large window facing South raises some uncertainty. You didn't provide details about the surrounding features, especially to the South. If there are buildings in the South, you could potentially open that window. However, if the South is open without any structures, it would be best to keep the large South window closed. To address all your concerns, it would be prudent to consult an expert who can provide guidance tailored to your property.

Rented Southwest Street Home

Southwest street focus to Lease homeThis house features a Southwest street focus and boasts a gate at Souther Southwest and a door in the Southern Southwest. The whole house is built towards the Northeast, which results in an open space in the Southwest, South, and West directions. When encountering a property of this nature, serious consideration and thought should be given before deciding to acquire it. Thus, we should learn that certain properties may not even be suitable for short-term commitments.

From the discussion in the above paragraph, it's not necessary to consult vastu for a property if planning for a brief stay. Yet, what's mentioned here reflects the significant impact of the environment and internal vastu effects, which may pose a serious threat and harm to the inhabitants

It's important to note that this property might yield positive results for a specific period. However, if tenants decide to stay based on these temporary results, finally, it would be a misguided decision. Now let's examine the property below.

It's a similar property, but there are certain changes that need to be observed here.

Rented Southwest Street Home

south gate rented homePlease scrutinize both this and the above image meticulously. This property is quite similar to the one depicted above, however, it doesn't have a Southwest street focus and a Southwest gate; everything else is essentially the same. If you're actively searching for a rental property, particularly for a short term, you may consider this one. It's IMPORTANT TO NOTE, we are not endorsing this property even for short-term usage, but compared to the property above, this one could be a more suitable choice. Hopefully, you comprehend the implications here.

In your search, if you come across the two properties mentioned above and there are no other preferable options available, and time for further search is limited, then you're advised to opt for this property.

This additional note should also be read: this property isn't suitable for "LONG TERM" lease. Hopefully, grasped this logic. If not, please make an effort to read it again for a clearer understanding.

Observe Comparison For The LONG TERM PERIOD:

Southeast lease home gateThe house is oriented towards the Southwest, featuring a main gate on the Southeast side by having a South road. Ample space is available in the North and East. The only concern is the main door located in the Southeast, potentially problematic for long-term residents. However, it could be suitable for short-term occupants. Refer to the image below for further details, once readers go through this image and below image then things will clear. .


Vastu consultant for rented houseNotice the subtle differences here. This dwelling features a main door facing Eastern Northeast, a main gate positioned towards Southern Southeast, a South road, and extensive open space in the North and East areas. Such properties are suitable for both Long Term and Short Term tenures. Remember, these are just a few examples; do not treat them as final options or base your rental agreements or contracts solely on these illustrations.

In response to queries questioning the necessity of vastu for rented homes, or its applicability to such properties, we've published some anonymized inquiries. Detailed replies have already been provided individually. However, to maintain visitor privacy, we've refrained from displaying them here. The goal is to clarify whether vastu is relevant for rented properties. We've received countless inquiries specifically about leased properties. After going through the following, readers may hopefully appreciate the importance of vastu, even for rented properties.

Residents Experiences With Rented Homes Vastu Feature

1. Hi Suresh Avure, I'm a vastu learner and we are moving to new rented house, so our query is the house has road on the both side south and north and house constructed up to 4 floors and each floor has 4 houses in which I'm renting one portion..but the house has bore-well in south west corner.so my query is does it effects all tenants in the house or the only guy who stays in that south west portion or the house owner who stays in first floor.. sometimes i think i should worry about vastu for the portion for which i'm paying rent.. Please revert with your valuable suggestion. My advance thanks for your time. Thanks - Nataraja - Bangalore - Karnataka, India.

2. Sir, i am working in air force. i have a South-West plot and i intend to register a house plan for approval. Can I have a plan for this S.W plot to build 2 houses so that one can be given for rent. Thank you - Srinivas - Mumbai - Maharastra.

3. Dear Sir, My star is Maham (Simha rasi), my wife star is Tiruvonam (Maharam Rasi). We have a land in my wife name.. Total area is 60 X 90 feet. But we reserve for 30 x 90 for own house in future. In the other 30 x 90 We want to build line houses north facing ( 4 Nos. but one home for me other 3 houses for rental purposes) in my own land with bank loan facility. Can I provide each hose FOR 20 x 26 FEET. As per manayadi sastram, which size is correct for one house. Can I get loan facility with bank. Please advise me. Thanks - Saravanan - Chennai - Tamil Nadu - India.

4. Hello, We are thinking of renting a flat. The house door faces north west (leaning more towards north. There is a flat that is opposite to this. There is a north facing road and another apartment across this. Kindly advise - Surya Karthik - Tirupathi.

5. Good afternoon Sir, Happy Maha Shivarathri. I am Swarupa Santhosh here from Bangalore. I have a vastu doubt to ask you. The South-west corner of my house is having wardrobes at west wall and big window on south wall. Is this bad? I want to keep locker at southwest, where I have to place? Inside the wardrobe or outside? I am facing financial problems very much. And people say vastu is not applicable for rented house. Is it true? Kindly reply me back - Roopa Narendra - Bangalore.

6. Dear Sir, In my Rented house, the overhead Concrete Water Tank is existing over my Bed Room. Is it Bad ? Because, after coming in this rented house, I am not able to save money, not only that the money is being washed out like water and hampering my mental peace in my family regarding financial crisis. Please give me the solution for that - Kishan Roy Chaudhdury - Ghaziabad

7. Dear Sir, We have recently shifted to rented house, I found that their is a lemon tree in the house. according to vastu is it ok or not. the tree is in south - east direction. Kindly suggest Thanking you - Rajesh - Panaji - Goa.

8. Firstly i would like to thank you for all the good work and information. my question is- i live in a rented house with North facing Door. Its in third floor. Bit of the west side is missing (South west is there), it is used as stairs (outside). and again North west is the toilet. when i enter the house, i have to cross toilet/ bathroom and then the Main Door. so advise me the adverse effects. Thank you in advance - Prashantha kumar - Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh.

9. Hello sir, my question is we r staying at rent & our house entrence is facing north directionin 3rd flr, we have stair case on our right side of the door for terrace , can we keep the gods photos i the north wall and secondly i have place my tv shelf in the Northeast cornear is i ok and gods temple in west direction facing towards east but next to the main dooris it ok,pls. guide me - Kavitha - Mumbai - Maharastra.

10. Hi i just wanted to know the charges for doing the vastu for my rented shop . I sell ladies dress materials in vasai .mumbai .just started it in dec . 2013 so was wanting to enhance the positivity for good sales and profits. Kindly let me know the same - Nelson.

11. Hi, We are planning to rent a bakery space for a Restaurant. We are trying to renovate. Main Entrance is facing West ( this is inside a complex) Has a Northeast door in the back. Restrooms are located in the Northeast direction, not sure where the restrooms should be. Need the advice where the Coolers should be( The walk in coolers are located at SouthEast Corner) - Chelsia Robert - Dallas - United States of America.

12. Dear sir, I need to know of my rented Shop Vastu which has facing towards west and my raasi is Scorpio, Nakshatra-Anusham-2.my rented shop size is length - 16" and breath - 8". I don't have any improvement in finances and business also. Kindly suggest solving the problem and to grow up with well settle. Narayana Raju - City and Country not known.

13. Please, help me, my kitchen is SW, i m facing SW while cooking, my sink it s on the corner of W and the stove on the SW,the paint it s allready yellow, please give me some remedies, i m not landlord, i can t brake anything, thanks a lot - Stef Mary - New Jersey - USA.

14. Dear Mr. Suresh, We are staying in a rented flat and I am trying to buy a flat for ourselves. However I try to save there is some problem or the other. I would like to give you descriptions of this house were we are staying. We are staying in Thane which is close to Mumbai. The main door is facing the East. As soon as we enter is the Living Room, followed by Kitchen, Common Toilet and then the Bedroom with attached Bathroom. In the Kitchen the platform is situated in the South and the sink is in the West. The Bedroom’s Toilet is on the East and the Landlady has a Cupboard which is in the South and cannot be removed. We have a Chestnut Bureau which is situated in the North. Also we have some ailments in this house. We request you if there is any solution that can improve our Finance and health issues - Rajasekhar - Udaipur - Rajasthan.

15. We live in flat facing east.kitchen on n.e side.rented flat.there is servants toilet in n.e side.bedrooms are on n.e,s.w and north west side.3 bedrooms.facing financial problems,business problems.son in 12th std,doing board exams in march.pls help - Savitha - Cochin - Kerala.

16. Hello Mr.Suresh, Happy New Year to you !!! We are a Indian sweets and desserts manufacturing Company based in London. I just wanted to have a few tips about vastu for the kitchen and other areas. Is there any remedy if we cannot follow the vastu as we have a rental premises and many changes cannot be made to the structure. I have attached a map of the site for your perusal. Please respond with your suggestion. Kind Regards, Bala Sekhar - London - United Kingdom.

17. I am in a very bad position.my date of birth is 3-2-1960.time 11.30 pm place Nilgiri district in Tamilnadu. I was working for many good companies in sr. positions. from aug 2013 I have started my own business. I have rented office and I have shifted my residence also in the office. front room I am using as office.the office entrance is south west. my sitting is in Southwest facing Northeast.. Please suggest me - Showkath Maqbool - Raipur - Chhattisgarh.

18. Respected Sir, Because of financial problems,10 years back we had to sold all our properties including our very big house.Since 10 years, we are living in a rental house with out any improvement. Now we have to move from that flat to another. We have seen one flat which is east facing with perfect basic vastu in third floor. But to main building the South and West side surroundings are very down without any houses. Kindly, suggest us. Thanks & Regards - Pandaribai - Hyderabad

19. Dear Sir, I have a toilet on the south west corner of the office. this is rented office so i cant change the same so what is the remedy for the same. I am suffering with many problems - Sagar Marthand - Bhubaneswar

20. Dear Sir, Your website present design is very fine. However, I have a doubt in my mind regarding which direction suits me. Presently I am residing in an apartment with six floors with four flats on each floor. My main door facing North direction. East is blocked by another flat West is blocked by another flat In front of South and North sides are blocked by two big apartments There is no Sun or Moon visible at anytime. Eversince I occupied this rented house I have become bankrupt /cheated in financial matters, debts are mounting, Daughter's marriage delayed, Son not yet secured job. I am sleepless and worried whenever I stay inside the house. Kindly advise me which direction I should select if I have to shift from this house. Please state clearly which direction I shall be going when I step out from house. I did not get proper advice locally. Kindly help me and oblige - Naga Rajarao - Surat - Gujarat.

21. Dear Sir from last one month every day i am facing a new health problem and now problems are turning to worst. Sombody told me i have to change house because according to vastu this house is creating more health problem in me. I am staying in rented house this is last house in close street. Actually, earlier street was open but because of some issues few person has closed that one. Kindly help me - Miss Verma - Azamgarh - Uttar Pradesh - India.

In the contemporary era, pinpointing the ideal Vastu home may be a daunting task. Therefore, for short-term needs, aim to identify a home that at least meets basic requirements. However, if residents are looking at long-term commitments, it's worth investing time and effort in finding properties with favorable Vastu attributes.

Question : I'm a vastu learner and we are moving to new rented house, so our query is the house has road on the both side south and north and house constructed up to 4 floors and each floor has 4 houses in which I'm renting one portion..but the house has bore-well in south west corner.so my query is does it effects all tenants in the house or the only guy who stays in that south west portion or the house owner who stays in first floor - Ramachandra - Bangalore - Karnataka - India.


Primarily, we have to take into consideration two factors here. The first one is "how deeply related to property", and the second point concerns "how long you have stayed in that house". Only by considering both of these factors we may estimate the effects of Vastu.

As you said, having a borewell in the southwest direction is not appropriate, however, in some areas we might get water in the direction we anticipate, under such circumstances, we should only dig a borewell where water is available.

It's not advisable to have a borewell in the southwest direction as it can lead to more adverse effects than positive results. Those who are closer to such areas within that boundary wall will be more affected by this.

The impact on those who are farther from the area of this borewell may be less or very little or may not even exist.

Considering this, make the appropriate decision. As you mentioned, there are four flats on each floor, the southwest borewell can cause some inconvenience to the first flat in the southwest direction.

There could be slight relief as you move upwards. The south-east flat dwellers might also be affected by the Southwest borewell. However, for those in the northeast and northwest flats, there would be no effect from the southwest borewell.

Typically, Individuals Might Pose Queries Such as:

We are staying in central part of New Delhi, would like to vacate the present home and wish to take a new property on rent. Can you please be share a thought which direction we should move from our present home. Someone saying that we should more only towards Northeast/East/North only, is it right, please guide us.

>>> Undoubtedly, shifting towards the Northeast, East, or North may be advantageous, but it's not always feasible to do so. For instance, if you have already relocated to the Northeast, what would be your next step? Is it expected that you would leave the city and relocate to Ghaziabad? And then subsequently to Modinagar, Meerut, Nepal, Tibet, China, or perhaps cross an ocean? It's evident that such continual relocation isn't practical or feasible.

Akshith Patel, a practitioner of Vastu, was living in a rented home in Hauz Khas, Delhi. The homeowner asked him to leave as his son was arriving from the USA to stay there for six months. Akshith decided to move, targeting the Northeast direction, specifically Lajpat Nagar, and found a new home. However, due to personal circumstances, he had to leave this property and relocated to Jangpura. A few months later, the owner of this house wanted to renovate the property and requested Akshith to vacate. Following his original intent to always move Northeast, should Akshith consider relocating to the Yamuna River and end up in a precarious situation? This thought process is rather absurd. In reality, you may move anywhere within your town or city. What's crucial is to select a property that aligns well with Vastu principles. If the property adheres to these guidelines, your life can be filled with positivity and vibrancy. However, neglecting these principles might result in hardships, regardless of where you relocate.

Generally, it's a good practice to choose a home in the Southwest part of your town or city. Consequently, your office, shop, or commercial place would be in the North, East, or Northeast direction. Since you would be regularly moving towards these directions, there might be some benefits. However, it's a misconception that residents living in the Southwest will always be rich, and those residing in the Northeast will be poor for their entire lives. Both these assertions are incorrect. While there's a slightly higher chance of prosperity for Southwest occupants, it's by no means guaranteed.

Sekhar Experience

Some names have been changed due to certain reasons. Now, readers can read the matter as they may treat it as a "story". Some strong forces prevent us from telling the names and exact city.

Shekhar and Sabitha are a married couple. Sabitha's father is an MLA from a town in South India while Shekhar never expected anything from his father in law. He even never liked to receive anything from his in-laws. Shekhar and his family are quite well-off. A small incident that occurred during their wedding had increased the distance between the two families. There was no need for Shekhar to borrow money from others. However, Sabitha, being the child of an MLA, he traveled to America twice and stayed in his daughter's house. There were some hard feelings between the maternal uncle and nephew. Indeed, Shekhar bought the current home, which was fully vastu compliance and lived happily in his home.

A few days later, Shekhar started searching for a good property for investment. Finally, he shortlisted four houses and decided to buy one of them. When his in-laws came to know about this, and verified those properties with one known Vastu people in India with the intention of save consultation charges to his son-in-law. In the end, choose a house and informed his daughter about it. Under unnecessary circumstances, Shekhar, despite his dissatisfaction, ended up buying that house. The price of the house was 850K USD.

Whether it was karma or something else, the house didn't get rented out for the period it was supposed to. Everyone in America knows how much loss it would be if a house is not rented for nine months plus. However, in this matter, Shekhar's uncle was more worried than Shekhar. He thought he was responsible for it, finally told his daughter that he would bear the loss. But Shekhar did not agree to this. The house has a great depression to the west and the east has elevation. This house is full of lower level in the west, and the east is elevated. Without paying attention to all these, someone said the house was good and recommended to buy. Is Kitchen only play everything with House Vastu?, that vastu known person recommended this home by observing the kitchen located in the Southeast. In the end, what happened, who lost.

Usually, any Expert who check the Vastu of this house, how much do they charge? Usually, they charge around 100 or 200 or 300 or even 500 dollars, normally, they don't take more than that, imagine how much loss in total, it is 63,500 dollars. Looking to save a small consultation charges, what is the final loss, who lift this loss. Indeed the father-in-law was in deep trouble for the intension of doing good for his son-in-law. Finally, he lost his peace of mind. The loss incurred does not come into account for him, in fact, it is nothing for him, but where he has to keep his face before his son-in-law. Saving in certain areas is appreciated. Every time the saving may not save the relations.

Simplified Questions and Answers on Vastu

+9 #16 dear sir pls. let me know the rented flat main facing which on is good,i saw flat entrance was NW is good let me know if u have contact details let me knowMohammed sadiq 2017-06-21 11:26
dear sir pls. let me know the rented flat main facing which on is good,i saw flat entrance was North West? let me know if u have contact details.
+7 #15 Rent house vastu facingM KANAKA RAJU 2017-04-30 11:25
Sir, please say which facing is for me my name is M KANAKA RAJU am planning to change rented hose thanking you
+13 #14 In East facing complex, what is the position of owner? South side r north sideSantosh Kumar Gunda 2017-02-18 02:57
Respected sir, We have complex of East facingcomplex Ng, inthat we have four tenent. I am at south side and now my one of my tenent want to come to south by that I have to go north side. All we r East facing. CAN owner do business north area
+5 #13 Rent a houseyogesh 2016-09-06 09:52
Hello Sir,
i am planning to shift to banglore with family , looking for the rented house for at least next 3 yrs. can you please tel me the basic things that we need to take in consideration while renting a house.
Thank you
+8 #12 rented houseJYOTSANA 2016-07-04 05:01
namaste sir, planning to shift to rented house. south facing...kitche n is north west....even there is door towards east also...but main door is south facing...give some tips for good living.(Secunde rabad)
+6 #11 Property for Sale HyderabadHomes As per Vastu 2015-06-20 12:02
Hi sir, Hey nice post dude!!! it is really helpful for the buyers who are looking for Vastu properties in Hyderabad properties and in Bangalore properties etc.
+5 #10 Properties in HyderabadHomesulike 2015-06-05 11:43
Namaste Sir, Nice Post!! Hyderabad is also one of the best places in India for residence and business. Hence, Hyderabad could the right choice for property investment. If anyone is looking for Properties in Hyderabad.From where you can find best properties that are matching with your requirements.
+3 #9 vastu detailsshiva kumarzhb 2015-04-17 23:29
Dear sir,
I had heard that in pregnancy they don't use to vacant rented house so sir please tell me whether I have to vacant rented house are not is there any harm as per Vastu.
shiva Kumar
+5 #8 shiffing to reanted houseindiraprakash 2015-04-13 19:02
Hi sir, Which things is taken first when we shifting to the rented house?
+8 #7 Rented flat no.Shobha Batham 2015-02-24 07:22
Namaste Sir, I liked your blog, very detailed. I have a query for rental flat. My date of birth is 5/5/1954, I am shifting to a rental flat which has living room in North and balcony, main entrance is at West side of living room. Kitchen in East and south has master bedroom and west is 2nd bedroom. Flat no. is 701/702. The directions in the flat are on all four corners for eg. Entrance is Northwest and master bedroom is in south corner hence it is south east. Behind the building, there is a school and hospital and open space in southeast. Whereas North has buildings ahead. Please let me know if this flat is ok for me.
+11 #6 Rented House | Lease HomeAbdul 2014-10-16 00:44
dear sir, can you visit Kerala, pls inform me your next visit, I would like to show one property which we plan to buy shortly, I am coming to India in next month, will call u when I left Kuwait.
+12 #5 I like this leased properties vastu informationPilar Bhat 2014-06-07 04:35
Respected sir, I read writings on Vastu for tenants, it seems to be this subject was authenticated like to be a science. I completely agreed along with your description, you have carried out a great job. I realize the restrictions and complications after going through with this subject Vastu when joining with one rented property, all of your practical works surely help many people, who are in search of good properties. Don't stop writings, keep on posting. Have an absolutely perfect day, to your success,
+14 #4 Rented HouseSurendra 2014-05-04 07:32
I salute for your services, you are not leaving even the rented properties also, ordinary human being or a layman also can easily find out the mistakes and what important steps has to taken before occupying the leased ones. Thank you dear, thanks a lot for your maturity in serving society. great services.
+10 #3 Rented House, Lease Home or Apartment Flat and Vastu Alana 2014-04-08 00:03
My dear sir, I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don't know who you are but certainly, you're going to a famous blogger if you aren't already ;) Cheers!
+16 #2 office spaceCentennialBusiness 2014-04-05 05:15
Hello Sir, Loved to read your blog. I would like to suggest you that traffic show most people read blogs on Mondays. So it should encourage blogger to write new write-ups over the weekend primarily
+18 #1 Rented House, Lease Home or Apartment Flat and VastuChelsey 2014-03-23 03:47
Namaste Sir, I'm extremely inspired along with your writing skills and also with the layout in your weblog. Is that this a paid subject matter or did you modify it your self? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to peer a nice blog like this one these days.
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