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Vastu Shastra for Ups and Downs | SubhaVaastu.com:

Vaastu Shastra for Ups, Downs (Elevated | depression | Declivity | Height | Slope | Altitude ) : The slope of the land affects the life ,activities and achievements of the owner. According to vastu shastra, sites sloping towards East and north are auspicious and give all round prosperity and health. Land sloping towards South and West is highly inauspicious. "Downward slope" or Steep Slope, towards East gives growth and prosperity, slope towards North gives Wealth, slope towards West gives loss of wealth and slope towards South may gives death, health problems, financial losses, money crisis and destruction. Land slope towards the North brings wealth, prosperity and success, slope towards north-east increases knowledge, all round prosperity and health. Elevation in South and West are desirable.

Vastu for Ups and DownsPlease wait for atleast 5/10 seconds to load this animation image here. In this image the black color represents heavy weights or substantive load, gray represents light weight, light gray represents light weight or very lesser weights and white color represents no weight or no heft etc, this file prepared for users/visitors understanding purpose. First the moment/animation will be shown with Southwest ( Nairuthi ) direction to Northeast ( Ishan ) directional corner, which states that more weights towards Southwest is good and lesser weights towards Northeast is auspicious. On the same way coming with West direction, more weights towards West is good and lesser weights towards East is auspicious. Finally South to North directional moment. More weights towards South direction brings good health and money and lesser weights towards North bestows cheers in the family. Please note that this kind of system may not be works always in the commercial shops. Further more some times the reverse is working good in terms of Shops with South direction.

In vastu shastra land is divided into eight categories depending on the elevations and depressions in different directions and angles. Below is the chart shows that the 8 directions the land elevation and depression proceedings and its results.


( Slope Up )


(Slope Down)

West East Good Children, Good Education, Fame and prosperity
East West Unhappiness from children, Setbacks in Education, Financial losses, Defame.
North South Severe ill-health and Monetary problems
South North Prosperity and Good health
North-East South-West If North-east is highest, totally drains out health, wealth, happiness. Owner, wife or eldest son becomes weak financially and physically.
South-east North-west If elevation in south-east is more than North-west and North-east and less than south-west, financial strength is indicated
North-west South-east Thefts, Enmity, ill-health
South-West North-East All-round prosperity and Good health, Success, Education, Intelligence, Knowledge, Good Happenings

For commercial vastu, land which has slope towards North, East, North-east, and South-east, is considered auspicious. Southwest land should be the highest and Northeast the lowest. North-west should be higher than Northeast and lower than Southeast for commercial vastu. Some where land sloping towards Southeast may be suitable for hotel, restaurant, bakery, furnace and other projects dealing with fire elements like electrical appliances, generators and inverters. The land which has slopes towards the center portion of the plot or has depressions in the middle is considered very inauspicious for any type of construction whether commercial or residential.

The Sanskrit words: A commercial or residential site is also categorized as Gaja Prishtha, Koorma Prishtha, Daitya Pristha and Naga Prishtha land on the basis of elevations and slopes in different directions of the plot.

Gaja Prishtha : land elevated in south, west , south-west and north-west and sloping towards north-east is called Gaja Prishtha. Gaja Prishtha land is very auspicious and provides health, prosperity and good longevity.

Koorma Prishtha: land which is elevated in the central portion and has slopes in all four directions is called Koorma Prishtha land. In Hindu Mythology, Koorma or tortoise is a very auspicious symbol. A tortoise is an animal which can survive both on land and water, has a very long life and has a tough shield provided by nature. Koorma Prishtha land is very benefit and provides happiness and prosperity.

Daithya Prishtha: Land elevated in North-east, East and south-east and depressed in west direction is called daitya prishtha. As the name suggests this kind of land has inauspicious results like loss of wealth and unhappiness and is harmful for sons of the owner of the house.

Naga Prishtha: Land which is longer in East-west, higher in north and south and depressed in the center is called Naga Prishtha bhoomi. Naga Prishtha vastu is the cause of heavy losses, mental tension, death and enmity. This is harmful for the wife and children of the owner.

It is easy to rectify any inauspicious elevations or depressions in the plot of land. In case of any elevations in North, North-East, and East, the soil can be transferred toward the West, South-west or south of the Plot. Any pits or depressions in the center or Southwest should be filled up immediately upon the purchase of land.


+1 #19 East Height and West downTapas nayak 2018-02-20 17:06
Hello I am Tapas Nayak from Cuttack Orissa. I am facing so many problems nowadays. My east side house is very high and we are staying in the west side which is down, so I need remedies. And suddenly money stop from coming outside, so suggest me what should i do. Tapas.
+1 #18 ups and downasha kadam 2018-01-13 11:39
we have two story own building. at basement level we have shop in front than a bedroom and our kitchen which is approx 12 inch below from rest of rooms.and it can't be mend. please advice.
+5 #17 Vastu remedy for low levelAman 2017-08-03 19:40
Hello sir,
My factory plot 1000 sq.yard is down 4 to 5 feet from road level .plz suggest any strong remedy as we have seen so many downfalls in our life.so plz suggest urgently
+1 #16 Two Lower levels at Northeast corner portionPrasad 2017-07-31 08:53
Dear Sir, The level in the north east portion, is two steps lower than the other areas of the floor, the master bedroom is in the south-west, another bedroom is in the north-west, kitchen is in the south-east. door is in the north east. only the living hall quadrant is two steps lower. Is there any negative impact because of this?.. Request u Kindly revert
+2 #15 house basement/entry below road levelade govardhan 2017-07-25 10:38
hello sir
my house is below road level from entry side arround 4 to 5 feet all water from road come inside compound wall ,we had so many failures in life ,pls tell remedy to correct
+2 #14 South East ElevationSambasiva 2017-07-03 12:39
Hello Suresh Gaaru
I am planning to buy a house. east facing house, the elevation at south east is close to compound wall and west, south, north and northeast are open. Is it ok to keep elevation close compound wall
+50 #13 Is South lower floor creating troublesSrinivas 2017-06-04 11:40
ఓ వాస్తు సిద్ధాంతి తూర్పు నాకు చాలా మంచిదని తెలపటంతో వైజాగ్ లో నేను 2012 లో తూర్పు ఇంటిని కొన్నాను. అటునుండి 2015 వరకు ఆ ఇంటిలో నరకం చూసాను. నా కర్మ అనుకొని అనుభవించసాగాను. అయితే నా స్నేహితుడు కుమార్ గారికి కాస్త వాస్తు పరిచయం ఉంటం వలండి 2015 లో ఇంటిలో స్టయిల్ కోసం దక్షిణ భాగంలో వున్న పల్లం మొత్తం పూడ్చమని చెప్పటంతో అలాగే చేసానండి. ఆశ్చర్యమేమిటంటే నండి, అటునుండి అన్ని పనులు బాగా జరుగుతున్నాయండి . ఇలా ఎందుకు జరుగుతుంది, ఇందులోని మతలబు ఏమిటండి. ఎప్పుడు డబ్బులకు కటకటా వుండే మేము నేడు బ్యాంకు లో డిపాజిట్లు వుంటమేంటి. గొయ్యి పూడ్చిన తరువాత, ఎంత తెరిపిగా ఉందండి. గొయ్యి కి, డబ్బులకు లింకేంటండి. అందుకేనేమో అందరూ వాస్తు, వాస్తు అంటుంటారు. మీరు చేస్తున్న వాస్తు సేవలు అమోఘం.
+1 #12 MrSinha 2017-05-18 19:12
We are constructing a room to the south of our house. There is vacant land to the south, to close the gap we are constructing a room. But the floor elevation has reached to the wibdow of our house. Is there any problem in having south room elevated?
0 #11 housebhaskar 2017-05-05 09:46
dear sir ,i have a old house at north east corner with both veedhi potu north & east
at the same time water house or sump is there at north west with 4 feet depth and 4 feet widh ,whether i can continue this water sump or should i remove sir
and at the same time recently muncipality people constructed new roads by which front portion of my house presently down by 1 feet hence should i lift the house top to road level or not ,but backside one room slab is there which is 2 feet height up to road level on both sides sir , hence i personally request you to kindly please do needfull help sir
+4 #10 Water flow / Underground sump vastuRaghav Ayyagari 2017-03-24 08:14
Hi Team,

My plot is facing west towards the road and we have the backyard at the east. The main door of the house is facing west and the back door facing east. The water (Kitchen,Rain, Bathroom) is flowing from the north to the south and then takes a turn toward the west and reaches the gutter on the road. There is no way that i can let the water flow towards the NE or E or N side of the plot as there are other houses adjacently. Please advice. I also need to setup an underground sump in the NE/N/E of the house. The sumpo currently is located in the NW portion of the house which has to be closed. Also let me know if i have to close the sump located in NW on a specific day ?
0 #9 Want suggestionMayur 2017-03-01 08:12
Hi Sir,

I'm planning to buy a land but I need your suggestions in it, the land is east face and there a canal is flowing from south side to the land. Can i proceed to take this land. Please help me to take decision in it sir.
0 #8 Truss roofing as per vastuThendup 2017-01-14 13:43
Dear sir im pleased to inform my house location and need your help in roofing. Well my house is East facing one length towards west suggest me for roof design as per vastu please
-11 #7 West side is lower than eastAmber 2016-12-27 17:09
My house is east faced.After renovation the east side of my house became higher.Both floor and roof are down on west side.It is now difficult to demolish the house or raise the floor level.
kindly suggest the remedies as per vastu.
+2 #6 Solution and suggestionSaibaba 2016-11-10 01:30
Dear sir I am constructing the house with north facing as main door few things I would like to clarify
1) our plot has dimension of 70L37W and facing north side
2) Adj to our plot open plot of triangle is there after college wall next

3) As our plot is low lying we raised 7ft to match road on North side and to the back south side its triangle open plot low 7ft
0 #5 East facing houseSuneetha 2016-07-21 02:49
HI Suresh garu,
I'm planning to buy a east facing house which has street road on North and East side and there is an elevation on West side of the house and North and east open place to the house and there are no house on the north side of the house only road, Master bedroom is on NW and Garage is on SE , can i buy this house ? please suggest us
-6 #4 south down houdeSUBASH CH BEHERA 2016-02-17 11:01
My house is north faced.After renovation the south side of my house became down.Both floor and roof are down.It is now difficult to demolish the house or raise the floor level.
kindly suggest the remedies as per vastu.
+3 #3 remedy for slope due to increase of road height in front of shop facing northsanjay rathod 2015-05-25 13:44

i have a liquor shop facing east. The road is exact in front of the shop which makes the building facing east.the building in which ground floor i have shop was already built down compare to road. Before 2 years roads were widened and the road height was increased. and now again the road is constructed and road has gone even higher. so my shop which is facing east is having 3-4 feet downwards slope in front.
The business has gone down marginally. Please suggest some remedies.

i will be obliged.

thanks and regards
+1 #2 over head tank North easteffectspoobathi 2015-04-04 15:41
i have contracute a new house my family plased overhead tank in northeast side what is the effects/need solutions
+36 #1 Relevant QuerySyed 2014-04-24 09:58
Dear Suresh,

Thank you so much for posting an article on Up & down slopes and their effects. I was looking for a satisfying answer as locally cannot get a satisfying answer.

There is this Agricultural land measuring Acs.3-93½ cents

EAST : Lands of others
WEST : Land of others
NORTH : Trassing Floor
SOUTH : Irrigation canal

My dad says that a pond or water flow on the south side is really inauspicious for the owner. Local vaastu consultant advises that if we raise the elevation of the south part and make it slope towards north or constructing a wall along the southern boundary would nullify the harmful effects of the field.

What do you think and any suggestions on remedy if any?

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