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Vastu for Overhead Tank and Solar Panels - SubhaVaastu.com :

Vastu Shastra for Overhead water Tank | Roof top tank | Solar Panel Fitting Placement: The weight of water makes the place heavy wherever it is placed. Thus the heaviest direction i.e., Southwest is desirable for storing water on the roof. Varuna – the directional lord of West – rules the mysterious world of deep seas and oceans. The overhead water tank is best located towards the west of southwest. Now a days overhead tanks are quite common in most of the houses.

In the earlier years, the ladies used to carry water in pots for domestic purposes on their head. In villages, even now we can see the ladies carrying 2 pots on the head and one pot at the left side and bring drinking water from a long distance. Due to population growth and civilization, ladies have curtailed their outside movements and have started to store water within their houses. They get water either from the bore well or panchayat or municipality tap water. They construct both underground structures and overhead tanks for better utility and convenience. The construction of overhead tanks are important as that of the underground structures.

In most of the houses, we find fault in the location of the over head tanks. People construct the overhead tanks indiscriminately and they suffer afterwards. The overhead tank should be constructed at the Southwest corner of the building or houses. The RCC, Syntex or PVC tanks should be installed at the Southwest corner only. If there is a room at corner, the overhead tank can be constructed South or West, depending upon the space available. The other corners Agni, Vayu (Northwest) and Esana (Northeast) should not be used for keeping overhead tanks. If the over head tank is to be located on terrace, the Southwest corner should be selected first and then only we can construct overhead tanks in other corners.

Otherwise the Southwest load will be lesser than the other sides and more adverse results will occur to the family. We should not construct the overhead tank at the Northeast corner, for any reason. This will affect the children’s development, ladies health and financial status of the family. As the underground tanks are to be constructed at the Northeast corner, we should not construct the overhead tank at the Northeast corner as this is more harmful to the residents. If we construct the overhead tank at the SW corner, it is not necessary to construct any structure at other directions in the terrace.

Please note that Overhead tanks must be covered with lid to prevent breeding of Dengue mosquito.

In this image the water tank was built towards Southwest corner, there is a gap around the water tank, this is good. The dais or dais (here, the dais means a solid sitting place) (for more information you may visit this link for dais , in this link the dais or dais, all are solid, except only one. These solid constructions are good at ground floor not at terrace, you may construct these dais at terrace, but it should not be the solid one, i.e., in middle there is a gap of this structure. Solid construction may not be wrong here, but the floor may damage only because of weight. see the image -5 of this link, the dais is not solid, please construct the dais at south and west walls at top floor like this). Regarding Solar panels the thick green indicates starting of solar panels and light green indicates ending of solar panels, concentration of weight is at thick green side and less weight gone to light green sides. The center red mark shows you can place the solar panels inside of this line, max try to come out from this line, this line covers 65 % of the south side, the remaining 35% of the place vacant at north side. maintain 50% to 65% if feasible, no problem. Don't cross 65% place from south point. If you need more than 65% place from south, then contact vaastu expert he will alter the things with some more modifications.

vastu for overhead tank

Other parts of Overhead tank in Terrace:

Water tank is towards North direction, this is not the correct placement at terrace. If residents has more than double the North side open space of their construction then it may not hurt residents, otherwise it may give pains to the residents.
vaastu for overhead tank
East direction water storage tank, this is not the right choice of placement. If there is more than double the East open space in the house than the plinth area then it may not hurt as expected. Better to move this East located water tank towards West.
vasthu for overhead tank
Northeast corner placement of water storage tank, this is inauspicious placement for water tank. At any cost don't place the water tank here. Northeast is so delicate, it can't bare any weight, so don't place water storage tank at this point. Some one may unknowingly may even loaded it at this juncture, their life may become disastrous, based on storage capacity, keeping smaller one may not hugely hurt the residents, keeping heavy weight may gives pains to the residents. If the water storage tank is inevitable, then only do one correction, construct one heavier structure towards Southwest corner, which may ward off the evil effects of wrong placement of the water storage tank which was placed at Northeast junction. Case study: A doctor who has 75 years age living and practice in a village in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, the water tank was exactly kept at Northeast corner, once he moved it towards Southwest, he feels relax after 4 months.
Northeast vaasthu for overhead water tank
One of the best placement of the water storage tank at terrace. This is the exact West direction area and the water flows towards East and other parts of the house. The weight is loaded towards West direction. Particularly this direction is also called as Varuna placement. Old Vastu literature also said that keeping water storage tank towards West is good.
West water storage tank on terrace
This is also one of the best placement for water storage tank. This is South direction and suitable for water storage. The best practice is keeping the water storage tank towards Southwest is auspicious. 
South terrace water storage tank

Now we will come to the exact placement of water storage tank.

This is the exact and perfect method of placing the water storage tank at terrace, Southwest is the exact load bearing placement. From this direction water will flow to all the other direction which is auspicious. Knowingly or unknowingly if water tank was placed towards Southeast or Northwest, then one small room may be constructed towards Southwest corner of the same terrace and duly ensure that the height of the room should be more than the height of the water tank. Heavy wastage articles may also be kept in that room. One may construct the shelves in that room to place the weights and it parallels the anti placement of water storage tank in the terrace area.

Southwest water storage tank

Water tank towards Brahmasthan :

Now water tank became stands or placed at Brahmasthan or center of the terrace, instead of keeping at this place, better to move it towards West or South or better placement is Southwest corner by leaving small rounded part of that Southwest corner.
center placement of water storage tank

Question : Dear Sir, In my Rented house, the overhead Concrete Water Tank is existing over my Northwest Bed Room. Is it Bad ? Because, after coming in this rented house, I am not able to save money, not only that the money is being washed out like water and hampering my mental peace in my family regarding financial crisis. Please give me the solution for that - M R Chowdury - Ghaziabad - India.

Answer: All the water over head tanks are not dangerous, only the North, East, Northeast water tanks are not good, after reading your email, it was noted that there might be some other mistakes at your property rather than this over heard tank. Please show your property with one expert, he will guide you the best solution/recommendation. Coming to the point, the Northwest bedroom is not auspicious placement for the bedroom, as you said that the water storage tank is above the bedroom, then it was constructed at Northwest. This is not good.

A question on Solar Panels on Terrace :

Namaste sir. In general the solar modules installation will take place from North to South inclination. Means the mo up portion will come North and downward will come to South side. Recently the customer is asking us to give the solution without effecting vasthu. He is asking us to install the modules from South to North inclination instead of North to South. If its not possible he told that he will plan for construction of wall little height than module inclination at South side. Our concern is that wall shadow will fall on the modules. Actually first time we have faced this type of query, and we don't have knowledge about vasthu. Fortunately while browsing I found the solution offered by you. Does vastu is required to see for installation of solar modules? What could be the best suggesting method? Sometimes the roofs are in L- shape too - Nagalakshmi - Hyderabad - Telangana - India.

Answer : Actually there is no word solar panel in any old literature. On those days our Indian Rushi's (sages) were not informed about these new developments or technologies. These were invented by us in this short term period only, when compare with Rushi's period say about thousand years back etc. Here we should think and solve on this question by way of logic. The inclination should not be towards South or West parts, but the solar panels should be fixed towards South inclination. In the above question the resident plans to construct the wall little more height to balance this solar plates South inclination. Due to this wall raising "sun rays" may not fall on solar panels, so here residents may do one simple technique, the floor level may be made it as South side elevated and North become inclination, so there is automatically heavy weight towards South side and lesser weight towards North side. If this is also not satisfied then residents may construct the dais towards South direction very near to South wall as shown in the above image etc. If this answer is also not satisfied then arrange some plastic sheets towards North direction of the house, due to this there is no slanting plastic sheets towards South, but where as North direction has such facilitation. Honestly speaking this plastic sheets towards North is not at all required.

Here the residents has to know about one rule i.e., "Law Of Spreading", all the houses which solar panels were fixed with same principle only, so particularly it never curse you, so just forget about this issue and install the solar panels at your terrace. No need to hurry or worry.

Some residents asks that if they has their master bedroom towards Southwest then constructing or keeping the water tank at Southwest may giving any harm to them, is it giving any defects. Nothing to worry about to keeping the water storage tank above the bedroom. Master bedroom came towards Southwest so breadwinners has Northeast walks, this is auspicious placement of bedroom. Keeping the water storage tank towards Southwest is also auspicious, what ever the weight it has it spreads to the area where it was taken seated. So better to keep the water storage at Southwest and keep your bed little bit move towards East or North, so you may not be exactly sleeping under the tank. Further we did not heard any bad effects if residents sleeping under the water storage tank and faced the troubled. If we get any of such incidents we may publish the case studies here. In our entire consultation years, we did not heard about any of such incidents. Let us know if you experienced any of such practicals like after moving the water tank the residents feels relaxation in their life. We await for your feedback.

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0 #9 swimming pool vaastuNakul Agarwal 2017-02-20 18:38
Dear Sir,
I want to make a swimming pool in the south west corner of the house. I understand that underground swimming pool or tank should not be made in SW corner. So can I make above ground swimming pool in the SW corner


Nakul Agarwal
0 #8 water Tank on northeatarjan 2016-10-09 07:39
please let me have solutuion for this as i am not able to spend any money and I have heavy wall on south. hv madir in west 35 feet away from enterence with Sai Baba statue. I have lost nealy 50 lakhs and from this month I am not getting even tenent so my life will be miserable as I haVE NO OTHEER INCOME. rEGARDS ARJAN cHANGRANI
0 #7 water Tank on northeatarjan 2016-10-09 07:36
Sir when I purchased this place I was notaware of Vastu and for 5 years the factory worked well. But due to electricity and my separation with partner i am not able to do any business from this palce I have changed about 3 different items electronics my partners robbed me of money. medicines still i have to recover heavy lossed. undergarments still i have to recover deposit from powner since 15 years. Tea business l;sot Rs.14lacs due to credit and wrong administrative staff. I shall be highly obliged oplease let me have some solutution. I have Saibaba small mandir in my premises and picture is facing north and when prey we ton face south. the mandir is at beging of place which nothlight and is 35 feet awy on northwest. Regards Arjan Changrani
0 #6 water tank on north east since 30 yearsarjan 2016-10-09 07:28
Sir please let me the remidy to solve the problem as my factory space not going on rent very easlily and even i suffered losses. I an giving place for warehouse but now I am not getting the tenent and has become difficult to run my house. As already written that I have to recover 24 lacs kept as depopsit with IDPL which I am not getting as co, is under BFIR. Pl give me some remedy. I have constructed heavy wall towards south. Regards
0 #5 WATER FLOWav reddy 2016-01-30 16:01
Respected Sir,

water point can we kept at south west and water flow is which direction .but our water drain at north west up to down.is this correct or not.if any remedies pl tell the answer.

thank you

AV Reddy
0 #4 Admin ManagerDASARAT 2015-04-15 14:02
Dear Sir,
I am in the Top floor of an apartment.
Above my flat is terrace and the Overhead water Tank is placed not right above my flat but to the East. It is positioned right above the stairs. It is top on 4 pillars of 4-5 feet height.
Please advise whether I should continue in that flat or re-locate myself.
-1 #3 water overheadpuja 2014-09-11 14:15
actually i want to construct water overhead towards the north in the northwest direction . is it right
0 #2 Vastu Overhead TankAdrianne 2014-04-13 13:20
Hello Dеar, what about the tank was built above study room, is it damage our concentration while studying books.
+7 #1 vastu-overhead- tankNeel Kamal 2014-04-01 12:11
respected sir, your articles are very useful for a common person, if you provide facility for download or print your article I think it will be a bonus - neel kamal

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