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Ideal Vastu Positions for Western Commodes in Indian and Western Styles

Few Vastu Guidelines for Western Commode | Toilet Vastu: Traditionally, the western commode, a fixture designed for urination and defecation, serves as a mechanism for waste elimination. In India, until the 1990s, the predominant choice was Indian Style commodes. Subsequently, the Western style was introduced to the populace, though the British in India had been utilizing western commodes in their bathrooms long before.

Our discussion now turns towards the correct installation of commodes in alignment with Vastu Shastra guidelines. In numerous villages, Indian commodes are still in use. While suitable for some, individuals with health issues or the elderly might find western commodes more accommodating. We also aim to cover Vastu for Toilets extensively on our site.

During the act of defecation, it's advised not to face or turn one's back towards the Sun, revered as Surya Bhagawan (Suryanarayan) or God in India. Such an action is considered disrespectful towards the deity we worship.

This guideline isn't a contemporary invention but has been adhered to for centuries. Traditionally, Indians preferred the outdoors for such needs, avoiding indoor or external toilets. This practice was deeply rooted in valuing health, a fundamental aspect of Indian Vastu aimed at preserving well-being (for more, read comprehensive details on Vastu for health).

Modern constraints like modesty, time, urban living, and distance discourage outdoor toileting. Our ancestors never exposed themselves to Lord Suryabaghavan (Sun) during such times, hence the tradition.

With the shift to indoor toileting due to space constraints and urbanization, including proximity to bedrooms, kitchens, and prayer areas (read bedroom Vastu Tips), the old rule faces challenges. The advent of smaller living spaces and the rise of apartment living (explore Apartment Vastu) have necessitated accepting indoor toilets.

In light of cultural respect for deities like Lord Surya and adherence to ancestral wisdom, it's crucial to consider specific placements for indoor toilets. Our practices and reverence for traditions and elders signify the essence of being Indian.

Investing in a high-quality western commode, with many brands offering home delivery services (discover ways to grow money through Vastu), aligns with our respect for tradition and deity worship.

Following our Vastu camp in Ooty, a stop in Coimbatore revealed western commodes priced at Rs.2,00,000/-, a fact verified through personal observation rather than second-hand information. Such high-end, fully automatic commodes are indeed available in Coimbatore.

Western Commode Placement or Position

Western Commode VastuThis image depicts a western-style commode, characterized by its stationary nature. Unlike some models, this particular unit is designed for permanent installation, securely affixed to the wall and not intended for relocation or adjustment.

Portable WesternStyle Commode Chair

Western Commode for Disabled persons Currently, we are focusing on the benefits of movable western commodes, especially designed for individuals with disabilities. These commodes offer remarkable convenience and are easily maneuverable, making them an ideal solution for those who find it challenging to access fixed toilets. They provide significant ease and support for people with mobility issues, including the handicapped, ensuring a more comfortable and accessible bathroom experience. Their design also facilitates better sitting arrangements for users.

Portable WesternStyle Commode Chair

Indian Commode Toilet At this juncture, we turn our attention to the traditional Indian commode design. This type of commode, often encountered in the architectural layouts of older dwellings, continues to be a choice in numerous households today, including those with contemporary designs.

Despite their widespread use and cultural significance, these Indian commodes might present certain difficulties for users dealing with conditions such as leg pain, arthritis, or any mobility-restricting issues, thus rendering them somewhat less convenient for a segment of the population seeking ease of use and comfort.

Vastu Guidelines for Western Commode Positions

Western Commode facing towards East sideThis western commode is oriented towards the East direction, which is considered incorrect according to traditional Indian Vastu principles. Despite being indoors and under a roof, leading to the assumption that ancient guidelines might not strictly apply, it's advisable not to overlook the direction when planning (refer to Vastu House Plans). Ignoring this could lead to criticism over its improper positioning, potentially disrupting your peace of mind. Additionally, it's worth examining the positions for squatting provided below.

Western Commode Facing Towards West Direction

Western Commode placing towards West direction Positioning a Western Commode Facing the West Direction: Here, we have a commode that is installed facing the west, adjacent to the East wall (for insights on boundary walls, (Read boundary wall tips). This setup, where the commode is oriented in the west direction, resulting in our backs facing the Sun, is considered inauspicious and not recommended according to Vastu principles. Such positioning can disrupt the flow of positive energy, making it a less favorable choice for bathroom layouts.

Western Commode Orientation Towards South Direction

South Facing WCCurrently, we are exploring the ideal orientations for Western Commode installations. This particular setup exemplifies a well-positioned Western Commode fitting, where the user faces the South direction, and the WC itself is mounted against the North Wall. Such an arrangement is highly favorable and considered auspicious according to the principles of Vastu. Aligning the WC in this manner harmonizes with Vastu guidelines, promoting positive energy flow and contributing to the overall well-being of the household.

The Perfect Position - WC Facing Towards North

Perfect placement of WC towards North Direction The final system of WC Fitting: - This is the overall the exact fitting of the WC, it is fitted towards South wall and our face is towards North direction. It is said to be the right and perfect method out of all other systems as per Indian Vastu. Overall we are recommending all the residents, t go with this type of fitting of WC. The health faucet will come towards right side.

Proper Maintenance of Commode

Western Commode maintenanceMaintaining cleanliness is crucial: The western commode, if not properly cleaned and maintained, can become a source of numerous health issues. In this regard, we offer several tips for ensuring the healthy upkeep of your western commode. Introducing the flushmatic - an invaluable tool for the maintenance of western commodes. Its user-friendly design ensures hassle-free usage and provides ongoing cleanliness. It operates with a Blue action cleaning process and, depending on frequency of use, can last up to a month. For further details, please refer to the image below.

Regular Maintenance Promotes Good Health

Good maintenance of CommodeExtract the flush mate from its package and place it in the cistern corner, avoiding interference with water flow mechanisms. Do not remove the protective cloth. Await the first effects for at least 10 minutes. Replace the block once the blue color vanishes, usually after a month. Priced between Rs.30/- and Rs.35/-, its effectiveness stands out. Though Harpic is mentioned, we have no affiliation with any brand. Various flushmatic options are available in the market or superstores for your selection.

Proper Maintenance of WC

Commode clear maintainanceAfter flushing, notice the emergence of blue colored water from the Cistern, signifying its cleaning action. This functionality is especially advantageous for individuals who use the western commode on an irregular basis, offering an effective solution to combat and cleanse away harmful bacteria, thereby ensuring a more hygienic bathroom environment.

Detailed Locations of Western Commode

Where is the best places for ToiletsGuidelines for Situating Toilets (Western Commode): It is advisable to steer clear of placing western commode toilets in areas marked by red. While many homes feature toilets in the Southwest direction, this is not recommended. Likewise, situating toilets in the Northeast direction is unfavorable, as it can negatively impact the positive energy of the entire constructing property.

Prior to installing a western commode, consulting with an expert vastu consultant who has assessed your property is crucial. Rational thought underpins all scientific endeavors, paving the way for new findings. Although many Vastu Pandits adhere to traditional methods that were effective in the past, construction practices have evolved significantly. Modern construction utilizes high-quality materials such as standard cement and steel, along with pillar and beam techniques, resulting in much stronger structures.

Are Manholes Inside the House Beneficial or Detrimental?

House inside ManholeHaving a manhole within a house is generally undesirable as it can emit unpleasant odors that may be harmful to health. If encountering bad smells, consider employing an exhaust fan or similar technology to direct the odor outside; if these odors can be controlled, the issue is less significant. It is advisable to maintain the greatest possible distance from the manhole.

The optimal solution is to relocate the manhole outside the home (see details about house Vastu). However, if space constraints make this impossible, ensure the manhole is as far away as possible within the house, and importantly, avoid sleeping near it at night. If the manhole is located in the South, Southwest (read Is all Southwest direction facing homes are bad?), West, or the center of the room or house, the best course of action may be to vacate the property, if we cannot do correction.

This website serves as your personal Vaastu guide, offering all its information freely with no payments, registrations, or conditions required for browsing. Enjoy this freedom. We have invested lakhs of Indian rupees into preparing and maintaining this site. Would you take a moment to share this website with your friends or relatives? The information here could be important to someone you care about. Please consider sharing this resource with your loved ones. Thank you in advance. Team - SubhaVaastu.com

Which Commode Color Is Best For Home?

Not the color, should check the quality, condition, pattern, and standard. Generally white is safe, because when the commode is formed with dust and rust with that night meals, then it will obviously visible clearly with naked eyes, so cleaning is possible. If residents used any other color, it won't visible and finding it also troublesome to clean.

Commode should be purge daily or two days once. It won't be left a week, otherwise, bacteria will form and it causes many irritations and health disorders. If commode is regularly used by many people, then it SHOULD be brushed daily. Have you witnessed one thing, in the shops where commodes are selling, generally, all the famous companies producing only the WHITE color commodes. Many big companies also advising barely white color. So white is best.

+8 #13 Toilet at Northeast cornerAnshuman Saxena 2017-12-06 11:45
Respected sir, your's is a conscientious website. I am totally admired with your painstaking work. You are doing SEVA without any conditions. Sir, you will get an unabridged glorious life in the future by doing such selflessness services. Sir, coming to our problem, unfortunately, a toilet was built in the Northeast & there is cut in NE also. We are facing a lot of problems. Please guide.
+11 #12 WC & Bathroom location as per the vastuNarasimha 2017-11-30 12:13
Namaste sir, if you don't mind, I would like to ask you one question, who will paid for this website costs. How you are maintaining this website without advertisements. I observed nearly 500 to 550 links of this site but could not find any ads. Sir indisputably this is one of the best site. Thank you so much for your eleemosynary services, and we have WC & Bathroom locating SW facing north, please let us know the correct location, if we shift towards around 10 feet in the east direction? please suggest.
+5 #11 Toilet bowl placing problem in rented houseVenkatesh Nangunuri 2017-07-30 19:33
Dear sir, congratulations on having such a fascinating website. I am staying in a rented house. My toilet pot is facing east. I mean my back is east. Kindly suggest a temporary remedy.
+17 #10 Correction for Toilet Seat DirectionSudhendra Kamath 2017-07-15 11:11
Namaste Sir, this is one of the engrossing site and giving us beguile content and we are all hypnotized with this site attraction. Can you please clear one of my doubt. My flat has two fixed western style toilets & both have east facing Seats. We sit facing East while using the toilet; which is in wrong direction. How to correct the same using some Vastu Correction Tips?
+15 #9 Vastu for Western toilet placementsHimali Arya 2017-06-12 08:18
Respected sir, I stepped into this site at about 11 p.m, last night and now the time is 8 a.m still I am unable to leave this site, the ambiance stuck me to stay more time here. Brilliantly this site was constructed for the public utility. Dazzling replica of your hard work makes us to remain here forever. Let me know if you are looking for any help from us. We are all wished to serve you with full pot. Let me know what do you want from us. This website should live forever. Please plan for that. Like to move to my bungalow in the month of January and right now living in rented property in which the WC is facing the northeast direction. What should I do to correct and will help myself? God bless you.
+12 #8 Kitchen & Toilet vastuVikram Kell 2017-05-08 10:46
This is a very good website. Sir, we have purchased house 60 yards, facing North, main gate NW, stairs in NE one toilet also under stairs but we didn't use, kitchen is in SE, toilet is in SW corner, request you to please suggest if anything is wrong as per Vastu, please advise
+8 #7 Vastu for western commode seat placementDeb DoJyoti 2017-04-28 16:19
My dear sir, I browsed this site from past 2 months and noted many important points for home construction including 3 seperate toilets, need to understand where should we plan for the WC side by. Every page is very lengthy page filled with complete information. God's grace on me is I just got your contact details and sending my request. Please clear our doubts. my toilet is Northwest position. But my WC is east facing. What can I do. I appreciate your respectable services to society, and almost all comments used users are highly giving respect to you and your work. One out of 100000 people born to serve this society. Fortunately, you already chaired here. Save all of us sir, we need to make big water pond. Looking for your elderly suggestion on this property. Almighty be always with you. My blessings.
+11 #6 MalarToilet in southwest 2017-03-19 06:43
Sir we bought house facing north. Toilet in NE we closed up the entire room we going for Pooja room. How about the southwest toilet do we need to close and used SE toilet?. This is on first floor where else ground floor is fine with vastu.
+7 #5 Toilet in SouthwestKunti 2016-12-30 03:32
Respected sir, My bathroom and toilet is in the Southwest of the house. Please suggest a remedy
+10 #4 Overhead Water Tank and CommodeNitin Sayankar 2015-12-15 14:02
Respected sir, overhead Water tank I wish to install OH Water tank on terrace, 1) where shall i put it? Southwest or West? 2)shall I construct 6-9 inch brick wall on terrace to rest the tank. Commode facing at East, as per my bathroom situation, what is solution on it
+6 #3 Vastu for diffrent countryNisha 2015-07-20 17:42
Namaste Sir, I am planning to buy a house in Canada(CST –Winnipeg Manitoba) is the same vastu rule applicable or it will vary depending on the place. Please let me know at your earliest.I don’t know much on vastu as per my understanding it is based on the flow of energy (sun and wind ). Please correct me if I am wrong.
+9 #2 Commode placementsRuth 2014-05-03 18:59
Hello Sir, If the commode placed towards outside, what would be the resident's fortune and results. buddy! we have one toilet towards north outside backyard, shall we remove it, for making positive force to enter into home??
+5 #1 CorrectionSrinivas reddy 2014-02-02 16:24
Namaste Suresh ji, I brought east facing house, after that I brought south side plot on my wife's name, separating wall is their .if I put small gate to that wall is it good as per vastu? Actually I want to use south side plot as garden.if I put small gate I can move easily to the garden. please give me some suggestions.
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