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What is Street Focus In Vastu?

1. When a street impinges on to the building on any side it is called street focus or street thrust. This is a definition of Street focus as per Vastu Shastra. If it strikes say on the Southwest side the consequences are predominantly influenced on the elders of the family in a very adverse way. Similarly, if strikes on the Northeast side the effects of increased prosperity, peace, satisfaction in life, name, fame, development, lineage, Knowledge etc would be enhanced.

2. In Different areas this road thrust has different names like Veedhi Shula, Thrust, Road Sula, Spear, Kutthu, Hitting, etc. In Vastu this subject has a significant role.

3. We are aware of the importance of doors in any construction. Doors cause movements and these movements generate energy. It is, for this reason, we like the doors to be on the benevolent sides so that positive energy is established.

4. Similarly, roads generate significant energy due to the constant movement of people and materials. This energy isn't inherently neutral. Depending on various circumstances, its output changes.

5. However, when this energy interacts with a building, site, or plot, it changes its nature. The "color" refers to the impact it has on the residents of that area.

6. Every plot, site, or house has 8 directions, each with positive and negative halves. If a street thrust lands on the positive half of a direction, it releases energy positively, aligned with that direction.

7. For instance, if the thrust strikes the Southern Southeast side of a plot, it fosters harmonious living due to lawful earnings. Women in the family find understanding and happiness, contributing to the overall well-being of the household. As a result, the husband and wife enjoy a joyful, harmonious relationship.

8. We are increasingly aware of environmental effects related to levels, water bodies, and large structures. An additional environmental factor to consider is street focus.

9. We've done our best to explain how to overcome veedhi potu in Vastu.

Wide Range Of Different Names Of Street Focus

Street Focus VastuVastu and Street Focus: This concept, also known as Road Thrust, Hit, Drishti, Look, Impression, Stroke, Spear, Beating, Concentration, Energy Throw, Blow, Attack, Injection, Street Punch, Road Blow, Striking on any House, Factory, Plot, Site, Villa, refers to the concentration of energy generated on the street by the movement of people and materials, impacting a construction, site, or building.

Among many recent studies, street focus or street thrust (Road, Veedhi Potu, Vidhipotu, Vidhisula, Veedhi Soola, Street Shula, Shoola, Sula, Veedhisula, Vheedhi Choopu, Road Shooter, Road Shooting, Kutthu or Kuttu, Road Hitting, Look, Attention, Attraction, Looking, Dashing, Street Hitting, Road Thrust, Hit, Shoot, Drishti, Vastu Drishti, Look, Impression, Stroke, Concentration, Energy Throwing, Blow, Attacking, Injecting, and Property Beaten by a Road) and its Vastu effects are prominent.

How Many Types of Street Focuses Exist in Vastu, and What Are They?

In general, there are a total of 16 street focuses in Vaastu. If street focuses are coming directly from concerned directions then they are all only 16 directions.

If the street focuses inclined to the left side in all directions then all focuses will be 32 if the focus bent towards all directions at the right side, then they will be 48 and along with slight corner focuses of 8 directions, now all will come to a total of 56 street focuses.

If again there is any bent towards left and right of these 8 corner directions then they will become 74 street focuses. See the drawings below to understand the more expanded answers to this point.

16 Street Focuses Information

1. In this Northeast Road Thrust link, readers can get comprehensive data on effects of all NE focuses.

2. Most of the residents like to have Northeast-east road thrust homes, why, what are the advantages of this focus.

3. The great misconception with the East Road Focus is many residents thought this is eastern Northeast focus. But it is not. Care should be taken in this regard.

4. Don't treat Southeast-east focus as East road thrust. Be cautious while buying the homes.

5. Unsolvable issues may be originated with Southeast Road Thrust, we urge residents, if found Southeast road thrust, without experts advice at any cost don't buy the plot/house.

6. If the plot or house is 90° then this Southeast-south road focus bestows with peace, otherwise misfortune maybe the outcome.

7. How can we find the South Road Focus, what are its pros and cons.

8. Know the consequences of Southern Southwest road focus, study the remedies there too.

9. Have you already bought the Southwest Road Thrust home, then check this link for further info.

10. Is your home has Western Southwest street focus, read the complete note on this hitting.

11. Dilemma with West Road Focus, get clarified knowledge on this West focuses.

12. Is it really the Western Northwest street focus is giving auspicious results?, read the extensive details.

13. When resident's find the Northwest Road Thrust, aware of its crucial turn around outcome effects. Get proper guidance from pandits.

14. Don't play with life, know the consequences of Northwest-north Focus outcome before closing the deal of buying home.

15. How to face with North Road Focus, here is some ideas.

16. Did anyone found this kind of Northeast-north road focus homes, get complete data at this page.

In-depth Analysis of Road Thrusts

In the earlier period it does not appear that street thrust was a prominent aspect of Vastu. However modern scholars have done extensive research on the same and unearthed several facts unknown till now.

We at SubhaVaastu examine many aspects of street focus and are not limited to the so-called broad street focus. Our views are including the effect of narrow avenues or passage vistas, the space between two rows of trees or houses or gap between houses and the like, these become very vital and necessary to arrive at correct analysis so that the survey of the plot is exhaustive comprehensive and complete.

What Points Need To Be Check When There Is A Street Focus:

Please note that the Vastu results vary with reference to the acuteness of the street focus as described above.

1. Degrees of the property. (Is the property is regular or skewed)

2. Road formation from which part/location.

3. The width of the property towards the street focus area.

4. The length of the street causes the street thrust.

5. Street-level vis-a-vis the construction, whether it is elevated or depressed than the property floor level.

6. The exact location where the Street focus occurs on the property.

7. Obstructions between Street thrust and property such as hedges, boundary walls, billboards, hoardings, etc.

8. Trees between road focus and house.

9. Whether the property is an apartment or an independent home. (Results in both cases would be different)

10. Comparison of floor levels of both road and house.

11. Who resides in the premises are the owners or tenants. If residents are tenants apart from the suffering the owners also suffer due to non-receipt of the rent regularly, or the problems between the both.

12. If there is a sub-house within the compound area facing the street thrust or behind the house, the effect of street thrust would be manifold.

13. What are the other environmental factors affecting the house?

Points to Understand

1. If we consider one Northeast Street focus, we should verify whether the road is precisely Northeast or deviates towards North or East (read comprehensive notes on East direction). Similarly, many other factors must be considered when evaluating street focus.

2. To determine the positive or negative impacts of street thrusts, such houses must be identified and their precise residential conditions examined.

3. Residents need to be observed over time to assess their prosperity or otherwise and draw valid conclusions. Conclusions should not be drawn based on superficial observations.

4. Let's explore an example of Northeast road focus (scrutinize the list of Northeast direction advantages through this post). According to Vastu, this street focus is generally highly beneficial to the occupants.

5. However, it may not always be the case. (This matter is from www.subhavaastu.com.) How is it that some thrive while others suffer? How can some become inexplicably entangled in problems? How can the extremely poor become unimaginably rich, while others remain stagnant?

6. What could explain such observable differences in the outcome?

7. Is one's life influenced by their horoscope or by the Vastu of their residence? There are instances where people have risen to prominence only to suddenly lose everything. Is it fate? Should one be resigned to fate? Does this mean one must abandon the idea of progress? In our opinion, there should be a remedy for this predicament.

8. If one has a headache, merely thinking about it isn't a solution. Instead, taking a tablet would help. However, solving life's problems isn't always as straightforward.

9. Mankind is always striving to find solutions for seemingly unsolvable issues.

10. Since the industrial revolution, humanity has indeed resolved many unimaginable challenges. Unfortunately, it has also created opportunities for fraudsters and cheats. We encountered an intriguing incident in this regard.

11. Even an alley can create a thrust to the property. An alley (a narrow street with walls on both sides) is common in many places globally. For clarity, you may compare it to a corridor in apartments.

12. There are also slip thrusts or splay focuses. Exercise caution when dealing with focus. It is not easy to decide solely based on books or online resources.

13. Vastu is a proven and practical science. An innocent person became the victim of a scam. This occurred in Nalgonda District.

14. At the request of a Jawan in the Armed Forces, we analyzed his house in a remote part of the district. (Incidentally, our Vasthu consultation for Armed Forces members is free.)

15. While inspecting his home, he recounted a peculiar incident involving a man named Bheema Naik (name changed). Since Naik was in dire straits, he sought the advice of a unsound scholar. (This matter is from www.subhavaastu.com.) The impostor saw a golden opportunity in Naik and gave him a talisman, instructing him to worship it for seven days before hanging it opposite the main entrance and praying daily. He charged Naik an initial two thousand rupees and later demanded twenty thousand rupees as fees and additional payments to feed seven scholars for seven days.

16. The fraudster continued to extort money from Naik, promising that everything would be resolved within 21 days. Unfortunately, Naik was an easy victim.

17. Even after several months, the problems persisted. Naik realized he had been duped and wanted to confront the charlatan.

18. But it was too late. He couldn't locate him. Many people hesitate to pay genuine scholars their rightful fees and end up falling victim to such fraudsters, losing far more in the end.

19. All of this happened due to the improper Vaasthu of Naik's home. A legitimate scholar does not recommend talismans or rituals unless they are sure they will work.

20. They value their reputation and protect it. An expert examines the house and surroundings before making recommendations.

21. Fate can be fatal, yet we must face it and try to overcome it. The one blessing God provided us is Vastu.

22. Earlier saints wrote numerous treatises on this subject, and contemporary scholars have significantly contributed to this science through original research.

23. Their efforts have been remarkable. One street thrust can bring fortune to one family but may not have the same effect on another.

24. Studying these varying aspects and drawing logical conclusions has been a significant achievement by present-day scholars.

How The Street Focuses Forming, On What Basis It Is Working:

Formation of Street focusHouse (house Vastu) having extension in NE, outside the house. Let us first we examine this formation of Road focuses, how they are formed and how they are focusing on the properties. If the Northeast of our residence is extended it has beneficial effects on the residents of such house, let us for the present leave aside the quantum of extension and examine the types of extension so as to understand the subject in a comprehensive manner.

2. Check this above image, here is an extension towards Northeast to the property which is more beneficial, the extension here is towards one direction like Northeast, if the extension is gradually developed, it may seem to be a path, let us check the below images, then we may understand the street focus formation to a property.

3. We should not forget about this is a very huge subject and we wrote street focus English book which explores the effects of street focuses on the properties.

4. We are trying to release this street focus book in all Indian languages, you are aware how pains we have to face to prepare a book and it has to be translated perfectly, anyway, we released in total two languages, both are available in the above link.

How a Street Focus Starts Its Formation?

Vastu for Street FocusIn this construction, the house has a substantial extension in the Northeast, located outside and adjacent to the main structure. Is this advantageous or not? It’s widely known that a constricted Northeast side (within the house) is detrimental, but not otherwise. In this construction, the Northeast corner is extended significantly, more than twice as shown in this image.

2. This figure shows how the Northeast extension transforms into a street focus, illustrated comprehensively. Refer to the image for a better understanding.

3. Alternatively, it's easier to understand that if there's an open space at this corner, extending gradually towards the Northeast, it becomes similar to a street. Here, you can see the matrix development of the street thrust, which will be further detailed in the following images.

4. To explain this topic, we've published several images that organize the information clearly for readers.

Clearly Understanding the Transformation of a Street

Road Thrust Information in TeluguHere, you can see the process of developing the Northeast side. Now, look at the final image to understand the complete formation of a street. A small street yields limited results, while a larger street can lead to significant outcomes, which is natural. Discussing this topic reveals just how vast and complex this aspect of Vastu is.

We have written a 270-page book on this topic, covering only 1% to 2% of the subject. This demonstrates the extensive scope of this field. When practically exploring this topic, it can be surprising how a small street can yield significant results, while a wide street may not impact properties at all.

We're planning to cover many important aspects of this topic on our website. Check the menu links to find the relevant sections.

Vivid Formation of Street Focus:

Vastu street focus1. Now, we can observe how certain structures or spaces become street focuses. The same applies to plots as well. This is explained for better comprehension. However, not every structure can be classified as a street thrust. Some individuals immediately recognize a street thrust, others grasp its consequences, and still, others understand its positive or negative effects and possible remedies.

2. We're not trying to explain these concepts for scholars but for everyday people eager to learn, so we often go into comprehensive detail.

3. Anyone without prior knowledge of the subject will find this book satisfying and logical. Those familiar with the topic will appreciate gaining acknowledgment and some new insights.

4. Moreover, experts in the field, even while skimming through the pages, will recognize the effort put into this work and might reach out to commend it.

5. We're aiming to be as detailed as possible so that even those unfamiliar with the topic can fully grasp the information.

6. After understanding the progression, one can visualize what a street thrust is all about. It's crucial to know which part of the house is facing the street thrust and the direction it originated from.

7. In simple terms, the effect of a street thrust is similar to having an entrance door at that point for entering and exiting the house. (A door in the west (study West houses and Vastu implications article) or the south (read South direction Vastu defects through this article) is beneficial, while doors at ESE, SSW, SW, WSW, NW, and NNW can be detrimental.) Properly evaluating the effects of a street thrust, whether positive or negative, requires comprehensive physical analysis. This aspect will be elaborated on in our book.

8. Street thrust effects can sometimes be amplified or minimized. If a house faces a detrimental street thrust, the consequences can be catastrophic.

9. However, if a perimeter wall is built in accordance with Vastu principles (explained comprehensively in an upcoming book from Subhavaastu), the negative effects can be significantly reduced.

10. External geographical features such as street thrusts, levels, extensions, high-rise mounds, lakes, water bodies, drains, and low-lying areas all fall under neighborhood Vastu. One's own compound wall and construction constitute household Vastu.

11. This neighborhood Vastu also influences the Vasthu of one's home. Depending on the construction, these effects can range from mild to severe.

12. For this reason, knowledgeable scholars always recommend proper consultation before buying a plot or starting construction. If a house is Vaasthu compliant, residents will gradually enjoy positive effects.

13. It's natural that as residents stay longer, their prosperity increases. One should not live in a non-Vastu compliant house for too long, as difficult times may lie ahead.

14. Regarding street thrusts and their effects, only an expert can accurately discern and reveal them. Otherwise, incomplete knowledge can lead to disastrous results.

15. The street in front of a house can create a street thrust (positive or negative). Identifying these situations and suggesting remedies requires a competent scholar. Such revelations can sometimes be surprising. Vastu is an applied science.

16. We should always remember one cardinal principle:

17. Whatever the surroundings, our home should at least be Vastu compliant, as we can't modify or correct external factors just by applying remedies in our own house.

18. However, it is possible to reduce the influence of external factors. Such street thrusts fall under neighborhood Vastu.

Advantages of Street Focus

Street Focus and Vastu1. Please examine this animated illustration, where a road directly impacts the home. Let's delve into how such a street thrust influences the residence. Where does the street derive its power to impart either beneficial or harmful effects? This assessment hinges solely on the characteristics of the street itself. Street Focus refers to when a road directly aligns with a house, factory, or any property, creating a 'street focus' or road thrust, also known as Veedhi (Bheedhi) shoola, Shula, or Sula.

2. The position of the road might be favorable or not, but its impact is profound. A house with a favorable road focus enjoys continuous positive developments, encompassing success, happiness, health, wealth, joy, harmony, unexpected gains, sudden fortunate events, profits, benefits, and good news, among others.

3. In essence, a street in front of a property exerts what is known as Street Focus. The property experiences either the positive or negative influences of this road alignment.

4.It's important to note that not all road focuses yield the same effects; they vary across different street orientations. For clarity, we've created this image showing a street leading towards a home, culminating in stars twinkling above the property. For your information.

5. Frankly, there are 16 general street focuses that a house, plot, factory, or any other structure can have.

6. Some road focuses confer beneficial outcomes to the residents, while others result in adverse effects.

7. In our research on street focuses, we've encountered many surprising phenomena. Some Veedhi soolas, considered beneficial, are actually detrimental. Before we could relay this to homeowners, they had been informed by some pandits that these were favorable. (This matter from www.subhavaastu.com)

8. There is a critical aspect to consider here: the property is not aligned at 90 degrees, which is why some seemingly beneficial street focuses end up having negative effects. If you notice any Veedhi Shula targeting your property, we strongly advise consulting an EXPERIENCED VASTU CONSULTANT directly.

9. If you desire effective results, do not compromise on the fees for a Vastu Pandit; remember, quality often comes at a cost.

10. It is crucial to address street focuses early on for the benefit of home or factory owners. If overlooked, they can eventually overpower and wreak havoc with formidable force. To avoid such outcomes, it is wise not to make decisions on your own but to seek expert advice.

11. There are various types of road focuses, both good and bad. Notably, some Veedhi shulas are long but narrow, and these dimensions also influence their effects. Making a decision based on a street focus is not straightforward; it requires a deep understanding of its complete nature, behavior, and methodology.

12. Always seek a knowledgeable opinion from an expert; it's the prudent choice. Different kinds of road focuses include East, West, North (learn how to enhance wealth flow from North direction), South, Nairuthi (read about the implications of buying a Southwest facing home in this article), Vayavya (find detailed insights on Northwest facing homes here), Northeast, and Southeast (discover 55 Southeast facing house Vastu tips on this page).

13. Before understanding deeper into street focus information, let’s first explore the images below for a clearer understanding of the thrusts. The subject of Street Focus is extensive and requires patience to fully grasp the details.

Narrow and Wide Roads Impacting Properties

Street focus effectsExamine the street and a house in this image, provided solely for your comprehension. Through this link, we explore various street focuses including those that are wide, narrow, expansive, curved, and directed at multiple points, among others. While the images may appear similar, they encompass a broad spectrum of effects that a street can have on a property.

Road Thrust Impacting Part of the House

wide road hits and its effectsWhile this image may appear identical to the previous one at first glance, there are distinct differences in the road widths. This image features a wider Street, whereas the road in the above image is somewhat narrower. The variation in width between these two roads subtly alters the visual perspective and potential impact on adjacent properties.

Street Strikes Entire Home

full roads effectsNow review all the images provided above, and you'll be able to discern the variations in street spear. Many inquiries have been made about street spears impacting properties. Take note of the three distinct changes affecting a property. Keep in mind, there are numerous other road focuses to consider.

Wide Street Hits The Entire Home And Connecting Locations Too

total road hittingIn this instance, the entire property is impacted by a street focus, either because the street is particularly large or the property itself is smaller. Have you noticed such properties? They are common in various areas. For instance, refer to the image below for a visual representation of an entire road spear affecting a single property. This shows one street spear impacting one house with a smaller road focus, while another house experiences a total street focus.

Physical Photo Of A Entire Property Which Hit By Street

house hit by streetThis example image displays several properties: one house is subjected to a full street focus, another receives partial focus, and there is an empty plot built with bricks positioned directly opposite the street focus. We will explore most of these effects in upcoming links. This information is provided for your awareness.

Full Road Thrust To One Home

Entire house is hitting by streetThe entire property is subject to the influence of street thrust in this case. Currently, our discussion centers solely on the focus and its width; we are not delving into its effects. In the subsequent sections, we will explore the effects and potential remedies in detail..

Street Curving and Focusing on the House

cross street hittingThis is a similar street focus as mentioned earlier, but originating from a different section (cross) and impacting the property. This inclined or crossroad affects the home, and the outcomes can differ depending on the direction of the road. Residents need to exercise caution when purchasing such properties, as these types of road impacts can be more influential than those from directional roads.

Wide Street Hitting From Crossway

occupying the house with street spearA crossroad strikes the home directly, with its angle impacting a substantial part of the property. The road makes contact with most of the house, posing a difficult scenario for the occupants. This configuration may negatively influence the home's energy dynamics, potentially disrupting the harmony and equilibrium of the living environment.

Big Wide Crossroad Hitting House

total house is occupied with cross streetThe road originates from a slight cross and impacts the entire property. The outcomes might differ from those in a very similar image above. When evaluating street focuses on a specific property, it's essential to consider the positions of the surrounding neighborhood. Decisions on whether to purchase should be made accordingly. Residents are advised not to buy any house affected by road hits without consulting an expert's opinion.

Road Impacting from a Different Direction

road hit from a cornerResidents often contact Vastu experts with questions when considering homes that are impacted by crossroads coming from specific directions, highlighting the numerous focus points involved. There are several factors that need to be considered before making a decision. It is challenging to make an informed decision without having a complete understanding of the road impact. Below, we will examine these focuses without exploring their effects. Can a decision about the quality of outcomes from a road hit be made without thorough information?

Moderately Large Road Impacting from a Different Direction

little wide road hittingHere, notice the same street from above impacting from a different direction, yet this road is slightly wider. With this increased width and breadth, we can observe variations in the outcomes associated with the streets, highlighting the influence of road dimensions on potential effects.

Broad Road Hitting the Home

too wide road hitting the factoryWhen assessing the impact of a broad road on a house, it's essential to first determine the type of property involved, whether it's a residential building, a factory, a shopping complex, a cinema theater, a petrol station, a wedding venue, or an apartment, among others. Understanding the specific nature of the property is crucial and will later clarify why this initial assessment is necessary. This step helps tailor our evaluation to the unique characteristics and potential needs of the property in question.

Street Focus Forming T Junction To The Home

cross road focusesPatience is essential for enhancing wisdom, particularly in research where close observation is crucial. In the depicted scenario, a horizontal line impacts the property, while an intersecting vertical road modifies this effect. Consequently, the influence of the horizontal road is somewhat altered. This configuration is commonly referred to as a T-road junction. By studying such intersections, we can gain deeper insights into their unique dynamics and implications.

Wide Vertical Road Meeting Narrow Horizontal Road

wide horizontal roadA wide vertical street has the potential to alter the effects of a horizontal road on a property. However, it is crucial to thoroughly observe and consider multiple factors before making a definitive decision regarding the impact of the horizontal road. This careful analysis ensures a more accurate understanding of the interaction between the roads and their influence.

Slippery Street Focuses

Slippery road hitsSome streets diverge into slick paths due to partial vertical roads or minor intersections. The term "slippery" is applicable when there is a semi-circular curve in the vertical road. It's essential to meticulously examine and investigate the road's behavior and characteristics. Note that the presence of a vertical road does not necessarily result in the horizontal road becoming slippery; certainty can only be achieved through direct observation and assessment on-site.

Traffic significantly influences the dynamics of street effects. We will explore and discuss various aspects of this topic in more detail later on.

Slippery Road Entering from an Alternate Direction

street focus Information in TamilIt might seem monotonous to view the same images repeatedly, yet there are numerous aspects to examine when a street intersects with a property. Please refer to the previous paragraph related to this image for further understanding. Many of the considerations mentioned there are also applicable to this current visual. It’s important to thoroughly examine into these details to fully assess the situation.

Unseen / Invisible / Cheating Street Focuses

Hidden Dangers: Deceptive Street Focuses. While most road shulas are clearly visible and easily recognizable, they are not the only types of street shulas. In many instances, street shulas may not be immediately apparent and can only be identified by an expert. It is crucial to be cautious of these hidden street shulas, as some can have severe consequences.

Elusive Tangential Street Focus

half circle road hitting KannadaThis street focus behaves unpredictably, much like a thief. Its movements, decisions, disappearances, and strong impact on residents are difficult to trace and predict. Only a select few Vastu masters are capable of discerning the true nature of this property. Many typical pandits might lack the depth of knowledge required for these specific focuses.

Opinions among different experts about this elusive tangential street focus vary widely. Some argue there is no impact from the road, others believe it affects the property in one direction, and still others contend it impacts from two directions. It's time to resolve these uncertainties once and for all.

Critical Insights for Evaluating Properties Affected by Street Exposure

1. What is the volume of traffic on this road regularly?

2. What elevation is the road at?

3. Is the road higher or lower than the property’s floor level?

4. In which direction does the heavy traffic predominantly flow?

5. Is this a one-way or two-way road?

6. What are the precise compass degrees of the property?

7. Which part of the home experiences the most pressure from street impact?

8. Does this property have one or multiple floors?

9. Where does the road originate?

10. Does the road continue past this home or does it end here?

11. Where is the main entrance of the property? Does the street touch or partly affect the main door?

12. Are there trees in front of the property, and if so, where are they located?

13. Where are the trees planted, and which road is obstructed by these trees?

14. Does the home feature an external car garage within the property boundary, and where is it located?

15. Does the home include home include a boundary wall, or is it open land?

16. Are there any slanting structures on the property, and if so, where?

17. What are the locations of all the open areas on this property?

18. Is the home surrounded by other connected homes, or is it built on open land?

19. Is the home attached to another, or is it standalone?

20. Where is the drinking water storage sump located?

21. Where is the toilet septic tank constructed within the property boundary?

22. What are the land levels within the house and its boundary premises?

The above points are crucial for a thorough examination before concluding the effects of deceptive street focus on this property.

Note that this property experiences impacts from two different streets. An expert should determine whether these interactions yield beneficial or detrimental outcomes. It is possible for both streets to produce unfavorable results, and occasionally, they might both yield favorable outcomes (though this is less likely).

Given the variety of street focuses, both visible and hidden, residents should remain vigilant and ideally consult with experts before making any final decisions.

Subtle Street Influences on a House: Not Always Visible to the Eye

hidden street focus in TeluguConsider the road's layout and its potential impact on the property. Is the road actually affecting this house? It is crucial to evaluate any other properties situated between this road and the house. If there are none, can we then conclude that the road impacts the house? Experts often hesitate to address such queries over phone calls due to the complex nature of street focuses. Observe the scene to grasp the diversity and types of street focuses that exist.

Cunning Half Circle Road Impact on a Home

half circle road hitting in HindiAn expert can readily discern the effects of this type of curved, striking street focus. Many traditional pundits may lack the necessary expertise to fully understand these dynamics. Opinions vary: some deny any impact from the street, others acknowledge unilateral effects, and yet others see bilateral influences. It's time to resolve these uncertainties. Consider the traffic volume, road elevation relative to the property, directional flow, and whether the road is one-way or two-way. The location where the property feels the most pressure should be noted. After a thorough evaluation of these factors, a conclusion can be reached. This property typically experiences impacts from two directions.

Impact of a "V" Shaped Road

V shaped road hitPlease contemplate the diverse array of road configurations, especially noting the convergence of a "V" shaped roadway as it influences the central area of a property. It's crucial to analyze the varying road shapes, including the impact of a "V" shaped road as it converges toward the center of a property.

"V" Shaped Road Targets the Base of the Home

V shaped road hitting bottom of the propertyNow, the identical "V" shaped roadway directs its influence toward an alternate location, honing in on the foundation of the residence. It's worth noting how the "V" shaped road, with its distinct geometry, now aims its impact at a different focal point, specifically targeting the base of the dwelling. This adjustment in the road's trajectory underscores the importance of considering various scenarios in urban planning and infrastructure development.

"V" Shaped Road Affects the Top of the Home

V shaped road hitting bottom of the propertyThe trajectory of this "V" shaped road alters, directing its force towards a different zone, making contact with the upper section of the dwelling. Examining these fluctuations aids in recognizing the complexity of urban design, emphasizing the necessity for thorough evaluations beyond initial assessments, even by seasoned vastu pandits. Such nuanced considerations underscore the importance of holistic approaches to architectural and spatial planning.

We have only revealed a fraction of our data through images, but there is a wealth of information yet to be unveiled. Our continuous endeavors are focused on enriching our website with the most up-to-date research and discoveries..

Eight Street Focuses Impacting a Home

Eight directions thrustsTake note of the well-known eight street focal points influencing a property, while also acknowledging additional focal points depicted in the accompanying image. It's important to recognize that while properties with eight street focal points may not be common, this information serves purely educational purposes.

Sixteen Street Focuses Affecting a Home

total sixteen street thrustsVastu principles recognize 16 main street focal points. However, variations are abundant; shifting right or left expands potential street impacts, adding complexity to the analysis process. View this conceptual depiction of street focal points as illustrating the intricate nature of such evaluations.

Imaginary Picture Of 16 Street Thrusts Become 32 Road Hits

Skewed property street focusesIn this scenario, the property's orientation shifts due to layout adjustments, not directional changes. It's essential to clarify that cardinal directions remain consistent; only the layout rotates from 90 degrees to 135 degrees or less than 45 degrees. Therefore, the complete shift occurs within the range of 45 degrees to 135 degrees when aligned with the East direction. The image provided does not indicate specific directions; it serves solely for comprehension purposes.

Street Focus Analysis for Tilted Homes

Street Focus Information in Telugu LanguageIn this scenario, the house tilts towards a different direction, without any alteration in cardinal directions. Everything remains consistent compared to the previous image, except for the tilt in property orientation. As discussed earlier, during the layout phase, plots in the area may not align with cardinal directions, resulting in skewed properties. Such properties are prevalent in many places, like Delhi.

We will delve into each aspect further in the subsequent sections. Only a specialist can accurately determine the road focus impact on a property. If you're considering purchasing a property with a street focus, it's crucial to consult an expert. We urge all our visitors to seek proper guidance before investing in a property with a street focus.

Impacts of T Junctions:

Vastu Guidelines for Road ThrustExploring our home's vastu perspective often reveals numerous insights. Both internally and externally, thorough observations and investigations are necessary before deciding whether to purchase a property or continue the search. When inspecting the exterior, we may encounter instances of street focus or bayonet impacts, as discussed earlier, along with T Junctions affecting certain properties.

When dealing with T Junction properties, it's essential to first assess the location's orientation. Then, we must determine whether the T Junction brings favorable or unfavorable results. T Junction impacts can be observed in all cardinal directions - East, West, North, and South. Additionally, we need to identify from which direction the T Junction affects the property and which area of the house is impacted. Based on these observations, we can decide whether to proceed with the purchase or explore other options. It's advisable not to make such decisions alone; seeking expert advice is crucial when considering properties affected by T Junctions.

We advocate for Vastu remedies to counteract negative street focus effects. However, residents must be cautious, as mistakes could lead to resource loss and personal setbacks.

Alleviating Negative Street Focus with Lord Ganesha's Presence

According to some vastu pandits, placing a Lord Ganesha idol in front of a street focus can neutralize its adverse effects. While we don't oppose this approach, it's worth trying. However, it's crucial to position the Lord Ganesha idol with its proboscis/trunk facing towards the right side.

Traditionally, Ganapathi idols in temples have their proboscis/trunk facing the left side.

References in Dharma Sindhu and Nirnaya Sindhu mention this simple remedy. The idol should be at least one foot tall, with the proboscis positioned towards the right side only. Some Vastu Experts suggest that a photo of Kanudrusti Ganapathi is also effective against negative forces.

We do not oppose these methods.

We firmly believe in the supremacy of God.

Aside from these, we often recommend planting trees to mitigate the adverse effects of street focus and explore various other solutions to transform affected homes into positive spaces. However, these ideas are formulated only after personally inspecting and thoroughly evaluating the property. Without such firsthand observation, treatment for these focal points may not be effective.

Regardless, delaying action upon discovering a street thrust affecting a property can be perilous. It's crucial to act promptly, seeking solutions from experts. Otherwise, the accumulation of negative effects may pose significant risks over time.

If the effects are positive, there's no issue. However, if they're negative, no one may escape their consequences in the future. Even individuals with exceptional courage or bravery may face challenges when a property is affected by street focus, whether they manifest as psychological, physical, or financial hurdles.

Remedies for Addressing Negative Street Focus

Please be aware that the remedies provided here are general and not comprehensive. Simply knowing these remedies is insufficient for solving the problem thoroughly. Always seek the advice of a skilled professional in this field. In such scenarios, ignorance is detrimental and can potentially lead to serious consequences. Consulting with an expert is akin to getting vaccinated to prevent a disease, which is crucial especially when the condition is infectious or hazardous. The discomfort and costs associated with the disease can greatly exceed the preventative expenses of vaccination.

Note that remedial actions are necessary to mitigate the adverse effects of negative street focus. If residents mistakenly apply these remedies to positive street focuses, they might block their own path to incoming fortune.

Addressing the negative impacts, also known in Hindi as Sadak ki Najar, involves specific techniques outlined below:

1. If the property has a long roadside and faces street focus on the Eastern Southeast side, one effective solution is to divide the site into two parts. This division would transform the street thrust into a northeast street focus for one section, thereby shielding the other part from the negative influence.

2. Installing a billboard facing the street thrust can provide relief. It's important to note that this solution primarily benefits ground floor residents, while those living on higher floors may still be affected.

3. Planting large trees can help block the effects of the street focus. The protection extends as high as the trees grow.

4. Erecting hoardings can also offer protection, though only up to the height of the hoarding. Beyond that, the influence of the street thrust may persist.

5. Establishing a kiosk that completely shields against the street focus is another strategy, similar to a billboard. It is essential to ensure that no negative effects impact the employees or owner of the kiosk.

6. Parking heavy vehicles directly in front of the street thrust can also help to fend off negative influences, although this protection is generally limited to residents on the ground floor.

Is a Park Walkway Considered as a Street Focus?

Question: There is one big park beside my apartment east and north compound walls. Are Passages (walking/jogging ways) in the park creates veedhi soola to flat/apartment? Do we need to consider those passages as roads to consider those create veedhi soola to my flat/apartment? - Poornachandra Rao - Hyderabad.

Answer: Given the limited details in this narrative, providing a precise and definitive answer to this question is challenging. When addressing queries about street thrusts, various factors need to be considered.

1. What is the distance of the park pathways?

2. What are the dimensions of these pathways?

3. How many pedestrians use these pathways daily, and what is the pedestrian traffic like?

4. What is the status of the boundary wall?

5. What about the presence of trees? (Trees are commonly found in parks.)

6. What are the size and width of the road between the park and the apartment?

Only after gathering all the aforementioned information can a decision be made. The straightforward response to this query is that this should be considered as a street focus, albeit a virtual one.

Have Any Questions?

Contact SubhaVaastuRespected residents may send questions on this article. Expect our reply within "5 minutes" to "24 hours" depending on proper greeting.

Where can I find comprehensive Vastu inquiries?

+21 #20 Street Focus/ Corridor FocusJagadish 2016-12-28 06:06
Hello Sir, I understood from this website that corridor focus to flat in apartment as same as street focus for homes. Similarly, staircase/Lift focus is also same as corridor focus? Whether do we consider Staircase/Lift focus while buying flat along with corridor focus. For example, staircase focus like people walking down on stairs focus to Flat's north of NW, Similarly person exit from lift focus to Flat's North of NW. Shall we consider buying flat which has staircase/lift focusing to North of NW quadrant. Please clarify. Thank you.
+18 #19 Road sula vastu TeluguVijaya Kumari 2016-12-06 22:36
Dear Suresh sir, we are regular visitors to your/our dream project vastu website, need to know more information on road sula vastu in Telugu language. Please send us a booklet on road sula vastu.
+19 #18 Vastu for road hittingHalaswamy 2016-09-18 02:30
Dear Sir, subhavaastu is a good website. I am having a site measuring at 30 x 50 west facing Road, in that electrical pole is exactly southwest corner any effect in this. I am planning to construct 2 houses in ground floor inside dimension is 15 x23, 1 BHK rest of the thing is parking in west side, 1st floor 3 house in same dimension, 2nd floor north face single house 33 x23, 2 BHK for our house. Kindly guide us how to plan. Halaswamy KM
+15 #17 Veedhi Potu For ApartmentsSreelatha 2016-05-05 22:41
Respected sir, I have never seen such an amazing website. I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts to improve the qualities and life of our society. I am clearly seeing the difficulty you fall to prepare this site, this is quite a polished site and helpful to all unworldly folk. I would like to know if the location of main entrance in a town home tilting towards WNW at 290 degrees is auspicious? There is a lot of vacant lands that do not count towards the property is present in the back of the town home, is it fine? Please let me know further info on veedhi potu for apartments or town homes.
+16 #16 Apartment veedhi potuGiriraj 2016-03-16 09:35
Hi sir, subhavaastu is a very good website. I liked it so much. I am planning to take a west facing flat. There is a east road and south road for the flat. North is open to sky, there is small house in north but that is matching floor 1 height only and this flat being 3 floor, can I opt for this and suggest me best decision making one's. Regards, Raju.
+12 #15 TELUGU LO VASTU VEEDHI POTUPhaneendra 2016-03-15 11:20
Namaste sir, in which link we can get the Telugu veedhi potu for apartments, we are buying the apartment flat which has one road hitting, need to know vastu for road hitting to this apartment flat.
+26 #14 T Junction at Right Half PartLakshmi B 2015-11-03 17:32
Sairam Suresh ji, I am planning to buy a 40 (East side) by 50 (North side) East facing site. One road goes north to south on east side of the site. Another road of 20 feet wide from east to west hits like T at right part (north part) of the site(if you divide the site as 2 parts south part (20 by 50) & north part (20 by 50). Is it OK to buy this plot? Please help me.
+13 #13 T-type North street focusR Manoj Kumar 2015-09-12 08:07
Respected sir, my birth sign, Vishakha nakshatra (4th padham), we're planning to buy a T-type street focus plot having north face with both east, west 3-plots and road ends with this plots and north street focus road attached with another road going from east to west, sir please suggest me is this plot how effects me. Shall I go with this or not. Please reply. Thank you sir.
+18 #12 How To Overcome The Veedhi Potu In VastuRaj Kumar 2015-07-16 06:57
My dear sir, after browsing this website, I have great faith on vastu and vastu consultants. Your work is most impressive and had worth scientific relations to each and every part of the area in vastu. Please let me know how To Overcome The Veedhi Potu In Vastu.
+11 #11 Veedhi shoola remedies in TeluguSuresh Kumar Eriki 2015-06-11 11:52
Dear sir, please let me know about my house place. Which is good or bad,
|______________ ____
Road N | house
Please tell me the complete remedies for veedhi shoola remedies in Telugu
+21 #10 వీధి పోట్లలో మంచివి మరియు చెడ్డవిశివరాం 2015-03-19 13:08
గౌరవనీయులైన సురేష్ గారికి, అనేక ధన్యవాదములు చేసుకుంటూ, వ్రాస్తున్నది ఏమనగా, ఇంత శ్రమ తీసుకొని వాస్తుపై అత్యంత విపులీకరంగా వ్రాసిన మీకు అనేక నమస్కారములు. వీధి పోటు వున్న ఇంటికి ప్రహారి గోడ ఉంటే, ఎంతమాత్రమూ చెడు ఫలితాలు రావని ఒక వాస్తు సిద్థాంతి తెలిపిన తరువాత, రెండవ ఆలోచన లేకుండా, ఉత్తరవాయువ్య వీధి పోటు ఇంటిని 2009 లో కొన్నాము. వీధి పోట్లలో మంచివి మరియు చెడ్డవి అంటూ లేవు, ప్రహారి గోడ ఉంటే చాలు, అవి ఏ మాత్రము పని చెయ్యవు అని స్టేటుమెంట్ ఇవ్వడంతో, ఇంకో ఆలోచన లేకుండా ఇంటిలో చేరాము. అంత పెద్ద మనిషి చెబితే వినకపోవడం బాగుండదని, ధైర్యం చేసి కొన్నాము. ఇక్కడికి వచ్చిన తరువాత, జీవితమంతా కష్టాలు పడ్డాము. వీధి పోటు కేవలం 10% మాత్రమే పడుతుంది. మాకు వున్న అనుమానం కూడా ఆ మహనీయుడైన వాస్తు సిద్ధాంతికి లేదు. చేతిలో వున్న మొత్తం డబ్బులన్నీ అయిపోయి, అప్పుల పాలు అయ్యాము. వాస్తు ఫీజు 15,000 రూపాయలు చెప్పడంతో ఆశపడి ఆయనకు మొగ్గాము. చివరికి రెండు కోట్ల ఆస్తిని పోగొట్టుకున్నామ ు. దాదాపు 10 మందిని విచారిస్తే, ఒక్కొక్కరు 30,000, 50,000 ఫీజు అడుగుతుంటే, ఎందుకులే, తక్కువ ధరకు వస్తున్నాడు కదా అని, ఈ పుణ్యాత్ముడిని పిలుచుకొనివచ్చా ము. కొంప కొల్లేరు చేసాడు. సర్వ నాశనం అయిపోయాము. ఎంత చెట్టుకు అంత గాలి, తక్కువ ఫీజు అని చూసినందుకు మాకు తగిన శాస్తి జరిగింది. వున్నదంతా పోయింది. ఎన్నో సంవత్సరాల నుండి shares లో సంపాదించిన మొత్తం సొమ్ము నాశనం చేసుకున్నాము. నేడు కిరాయి ఇంట్లో ఉంటున్నాము. ఇదే ఊరిలోనే మాకు కొంచం ఆస్తి వుంది, అది అమ్మి అతి త్వరలో ఇంకో ఇంటిని కొనబోతున్నాము. ఇక ఇప్పుడు ఏ బోల్తా పడము లెండి. ముందే మీ వెబ్సైటును చూసి ఉంటే, మాకు ఏ కష్టాలు వచ్చేవి కాదు. మీ వెబ్సైటు ను చూసిన తరువాత, విషయాలన్నీ బాగా తెలుస్తున్నాయి. ఎంత అద్భుతంగా తీర్చి దిద్దారండి ఈ మహాసాగరాన్ని. మీ వెబ్సైటు ను మొత్తం మా స్నేహితులందరికీ తెలియచేసాను. అవసరమున్నా లేకపోయినా మీ వెబ్సైటు ను చూడమని అందరికి తెలిపాను. నాలాగా ఇంకొక్కరు ఈ సమాజంలో కష్టాలు పడకూడదని అన్ని జాగ్రత్తలు తీసుకుంటున్నాను . ఎవరి నుండీ ఏమీ ఆశించకుండా అంతా ఉచితంగా విషయాలన్నింటినీ తెలుపుతున్నారే, ఇక్కడే మీ గొప్పతనం బయటపడుతున్నది. ధన్యజీవులండి మీరు. కలకాలం కుటుంబ సభ్యులతో ఆనందంగా జీవించాలని భగవంతుడిని ప్రార్థిస్తున్న ాను. మీకు వీలైతే మీ ఫోన్ నంబర్ ఇస్తారా, మీతో మాట్లాడాలి. ఎన్నోముఖ్యమైన విషయాలను పంచుకోవాలి.
+16 #9 Veedi Shoola in VastuNaresh Kumar 2015-01-06 09:10
Hello sir, we are planning to buy a land facing East. Before the plot we have a road. And another road is hitting East Side of this plot.
Almost road is covering 85% plot width. Starting from North corner. Is it good to buy this plot? Please advice.

North | |
--------------- | |------------------
| |
| Road |
Plot E| | Road
A| |
S| |--------------------
T| |
----------------| |
South | |

+20 #8 Is there any veedhi sula for the plotSudhakar Reddy 2014-12-29 11:49
Respected sir, you are maintaining one of the best site. My home is one door entrance is north facing but house height is 6 feet. space length is 50 feet. Width is 26 feet. But the west side is one street and the south side is one street. the north side is one street but ends with the next house. My mother and my health is not good and my marriage also delay. I want to demolish the old house and construct a new house in the same plot. How to find a house has a Veedhi Shula. Kindly give advice and do the needful on how to overcome the veedhi potu in Vastu.
+15 #7 Street focus effects in vastuKiran Shah 2014-12-09 07:21
Namaste, hello everyone, my name is Kiran, would anyone agree to see a great detailed website with all tips and techniques on free of cost? We thank Suresh Ji, who made this great fortune for all of us. Very kind of you sir. I am staying in one room my entrance door facing north side, and corner of northeast there is kitchen means left side of entrance, and right side of entrance attached bathroom and toilet, corner of north, west,...my pooja than in self-facing west side, and bed in south side.so please tell me is this right vastu or not, because I am facing sickness, money problems, stress. Further, it has street focus, like to know the complete effects of road seeing to the house.
+18 #6 Veedhi PotuTallam Sravan 2014-12-08 10:41
Dear sir, please let me know the complete predictions of Veedi Potu. How can we do the remedies for this Veedhi Potu. You are doing wonderful services to the society. Thank you very much sir.
+14 #5 Veedhi potu TeluguSudhakar Gadapa 2014-11-17 08:18
Respected sir, Your website is awesome. Please publish the Veedhi Potu in Telugu language. Eagerly waiting for your publication.
+21 #4 Veedhi ShoolaCharan 2014-10-14 08:28
Namaste sir, Subhavaastu is a big ocean of vastu knowledge. If this website belongs to foreigners, they made it with full of advertisements and mandatory of login and registration. You are true Indian. Well done. Wonderful helping hand. Thank you so much for your liberality. I am planning to buy a plot (A) that is next to veedhi soola plot (B). If plot B is very small that no house is likely to come up, will plot A become Veedhi Sula plot? Please suggest. Thank you.
+19 #3 Veedhi Potu in Telugu LanguageSridhara Swamy 2014-09-12 12:05
Respected Suresh Sir, I appreciate your work, salute to your meaningful and attractive images. Please release Telugu language Veedhi potu information.
+24 #2 Veedhi ShoolaDr. K. Rajani devi 2014-08-27 11:50
Guruji, after visiting this website, gradually increased respects on you, very kind of you for this estimable site. Southwest of west veedhi potu is falling to my house. Kindly let us know the remedy. Thank you, Rajani
+27 #1 Looking for best vastu remedies for street focusP Y Chary 2014-07-24 19:15
Good evening sir, I am going to purchase the open plot facing is north dimension is 25'*45' north veedi sula is here. Veedhi shoola road size is 25'.0 my birth sign is Capricorn-Srava na nakshatra. Can I go to purchase this plot or not. Kindly replay? update your website with road sula Vastu in Telugu language.
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We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

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Place a small water fountain (please note that, very very small in size) in the northeast corner of your home. Flowing water symbolizes the flow of wealth and positive energy, enhancing the overall prosperity and tranquility of the household. Ensure the water is kept clean and fresh to maintain a harmonious atmosphere. For More Daily Vastu Tips : Daily Vastu Tips

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