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Vastu Shastra for Doors {Home Entrance Gates} Placements | Facade | Number Of Doors Counting | SubhaVaastu.com

Doors Vastu: In Vastu Shastra, the Doors always plays a pivotal role, by having crucial importance for this subject, the residents, mason, vastu consultant are providing a particular date to fix up the door to the property at the time of construction.

The placement of the door is a decisive and deciding factor in terms of results, many vastu experts opinioned about the results of the home vastu after seeing the doors, they come to one decision, doors has that much weight in vastu shastra.

Nevertheless to say that doors are the only one which rewrite the luck of the residents. Its only because of such point many vastu experts are generally changing the doors positions in their visits. This would be the common in vaastu.

Doors are called with different names in different regions. Undoubtedly vastu for doors is too important in Vastu Shastra as we discussed earlier para.

These are classified into two types like "Zenith/auspicious" and "Vile/evil". Out of these two, only 'zenith/auspicious' place place has to be decided always for placing doors to the homes.

The reason is that "Vile/evil" place always ruins the family life of the members living in the house where as 'Zenith place' taken the persons living in the house to the highest level in their respective fields.

This is the general discussion, in some cases the vile placement doors also providing very good results, its only because of powerful neighborhood vastu support, or damaging the residents in the future, THE GAME.

In olden days, most of the Vastu Pandit took to visit two times before completion of the property. The first one is selecting the land and doing bedrock work, the second visit will be at doors placement.

By knowing this we may understand how importance has to be given to this section. The ancient Saints/ Rushis opinioned that doors should be placed at the right zenith place. Because this placement provides the residents countless benefits like with good name in the society, health, wealth, family, business etc.

The question as to the correct number of doors that house should have always remained an enigma our ancient saints/ Rushis advised that doors can be placed according to region and convenience by all considerations it is advisable to have the doors to a house in even numbers like 2, 4, 8, 10, 12 etc and further they stated better to avoid doors in odd numbers like 3, 5, 7, 9 etc. It is perhaps because these doors must have been placed in 'Zenith position'.

As per the oriental science of Vaasthu, a house can possess a single door or doors of even number excepting the numbers ending with zero.

The development happens in all fields only because of every subject was gradually researched by the vastu scientists or vastu researcher scholars.

By the way this vastu shastra also researched by many expert vastu specialists, they opinioned that the modern science of Vaasthu and our investigations conclude that doors can be either of even number or of odd number, or even numbers ending with zero. Same is the case with windows and toilet ventilators too.

The most important thing is that if a house has a main entrance in the west it should have a corresponding door way in the East direction also. In the same

way if a door way is there in the South there should be one corresponding door in the North direction also.

The fruits of the latest researches now reaching to the residents with just by observing the websites or reading books, but we should all know that how pains all we got by researching the subject. Anyway the time was came for the betterment of the human beings.

Almost every vastu expert accepts that this doors section has influence prominence position in vasthu shastra and if doors were placed in right place then residents enjoyed peace in their dream home. Logical thinking may also attain a good level of destiny reaches in Vaasthu Shastra.

From begining of the day, we recommend each and every resident that, one has to take the vastu shastra consultancy services before buying the plot or at the time of house construction only, this is basically a right decision for all the residents.

Vastu consultant will guide the best plot after visiting them. By having some bookish vastu knowledge one should not take any decision. Finally, this may leads to pains in their life. One can be free from the clutches of suffering at least to the minimum level by placing the doors in 'Zenith Place'. It will ward off all the evil influences on your properties.

These are the kinds in this section:

1. East facing house door.

2. North Facing home door.

3. South facing house door.

4. West facing house door.

5. Northeast facing house door.

6. Southeast facing house door.

7. Southwest facing house door.

8. Northwest facing house door.

Vastu for doors East directionIn this image the East Wall divided into two parts with one middle vertical line shown with white color, now East wall has two different colors one is red color and another one is the semi-white color, red part of the East wall portion is said to be South portion and the remaining semi white part is North portion. Generally, no vastu consultant recommends the red portion area to be for the main entrance door. The remaining portion i.e., the North portion they may plan for the main entrance door. This is a good idea.

Already there are one door shows at East wall it represents Northeast-east, this blesses with more benefits to the residents with good name and fame, works go smooth, education, development in all fields, money etc are common.

What happens if the door is at the red marked wall (a red arrow is also shown the red marked wall), then the residents may normally get angriness easily, bad name, works cannot go smooth, quarrels, education spoils, thefts, fire accidents, road accidents, loss of fame and name, poverty, debts, arrests, court cases, womanizing, bad habits, cruelty, cheated by others or cheating nature, please note that all these features may not be common with all the Southeast doors, it may be possible if there is other connecting Southwest defects etc.

The doorways should not be very closely attached to the corner point. Residents should provide padding area, it was also shown in this link.

What is the pad, how to provide the pad etc was also clearly mentioned below? Using the pad benefited not to breakage the walls, if there is no pad then it may be called as wall breakage. This may not be the good sign. Things will be clear by reading the paras in this link.

Doors vastuThis is South facing home, (this link shows how to find the directions of the house ) The front wall i.e., South direction wall is shown with two partitions like red part area (West portion) and remaining East portion with semi-white colored portion area. A small white line was shown in the center of the South wall, it represents the exact half of the South wall, red-colored is said to be West portion of the South wall and the remaining semi white color portion is said to be the East portion of the South wall.

If the door was placed at red marked portion i.e., Southern Southwest then it may generally causing or attracts diseases to the residents and loss of money, and there is a chance of death may also occur.

Heavy medical bills, tensions regarding health etc, financial collapses may be common.

Sometimes this may encourage people to go up with super mountain heights in their fields and one day it may collapse entire institution, why this acts like such a way, there is no miracle, but sometimes it happens due to high-quality surroundings support or a king become beggar when it has been there.

Not for every case, in few cases it acts like such a way. The door placed towards South or Southeast-south then the house becomes good quality home.

Extreme Southeast-south door is not recommended. The right placement of the door was shown here. This door may be moved towards Southeast, but a logic was running behind this placement of the door towards near to the center point.

Generally, many sections of people in the society thought that the South facing homes said to be negative oriented, but its totally wrong idea. If the resident constructed exact vastu principled South vastu home, then he bagged only the good results.

If the door was correctly placed then residents will have more money, good business, financial growth, kids had improvement, female members enjoyed a lot in such homes etc.

Unnecessarily one should not come to a decision which is wrongly viral. Needs to burrow the lower levels of a subject to snatch the facts of the science.

Most of the vastu experts said that exact Southern Southeast door is the auspicious, but here we should use logic before fixing the door.

If there is a good amount of open space towards East then one may plan for the Southeast-south door, but this may not be recommended for all the homes. Best practice is better to have the South towards Southeast door which was shown in this image.

Vastu for DoorsThis is the West facing house and the West wall is shown with two colors, one is Red color which is said to be South part of the West wall and the same was shown with one red arrow. A white small line is also deviating from the West wall, this white line is exactly at the center of the entire West wall. The other semi white line is said to be North portion of the West wall. Coming with the doors for West facing home is, it should not be placed towards in red colored area, if so this would be giving bad results.

Due to this, residents will suffer with lot, like insecure feelings, financial losses, sudden financial collapses, chances may be with deaths, ill-health, Interest on Masala (spicy) Foods, Elders will suffer with health problems, mainly targets cannot reach successfully, bad name, sometimes heavy expenditures, accidents etc may happen, slave to bad habits, defeats etc may be appears.

If the property has such Western Southwest door, then it may be a good idea to show that property with one expert vastu consultant and take his guidance, if nobody is available then better to close this door and open the main gate or door towards Western Northwest door.

Please note that the door is different and the gate is different, if you have a gate and door then don't follow this principle, there is another system to follow to set it correctly.

Please note that all the Western Southwest doors are said to be bad.

There are few conclusions which said that flats in the apartments may has such doors, but they are not getting of such evil impression results, because of distribution of the negativity role to the entire homes. This may become dilute the negative impacts on the residents.

The right place to have the door is to be fixed towards semi white patch area which is North part of the West wall, which the door is also shown in this image.

doors vastu in teluguThis is said to be North facing house and the North wall is partitioned with one small white line, the West portion of the North wall is shown with red color and the East portion of the North wall is shown with semi-white colored. The best placement of the door for North facing homes is Northern Northeast. This brings luck, money, happiness, good business to the residents. The exact Northeast-north door is not recommended positioned as it may hurt the residents if there is no good amount of East open space.

There is a requirement of minimum pad at Northeast corner.

If the door was placed towards red marked area entrance door i.e., Northern Northwest then it may affects with lots of troubles to the residents like financial instability, debts, mental tensions, problem with ladies or ladies has to face all the tortures, bankruptcy, Sanyasa (rushi / sage), loss of properties, lonely life, enemies, court cases, quarrels, misunderstandings etc may happen.

Please note that the negative impacts may be diluted if this could be a flat in an big apartment. Further in some West facing homes there is a system is going on that some of the engineers are recommending the residents to have the door towards North which is said to be right one and planned at Northwest-north.

WE seen many of such positions.

If you may observe homes in Bangalore city, some engineers are forced to recommend with such Northwest north doors, please note that Engineers are not doing mistake here, there is no any other option for them except to mark the door at this red patched area.

This happened only because of residents are continuously asking engineers to have only the North door, and many of the residents says that West door is not good, this concerning that half knowledge.

This science claimed that all the directions are correct. Corners are different and directions are different. We discussed this subject here if the plot is towards 90° only. If there is a inclination then the rules may change.

As we discussed earlier the Science of Vaasthu attaches lot of importance to the door ways. The designing of an ideal house not only requires providing for doorways in exalted positions, but also providing vacant space on all the sides of a house.

The vacant space in East and North must be more, when comparing with the vacant space in West direction and South direction. As per the oriental science of Vaasthu, a house can possess a single door or doors of even number excepting the numbers ending with zero.

However modern science of Vaasthu and our investigations conclude that doors can be either of even number or of odd number, or even numbers ending with zero. Same is the case with windows and ventilators too.

three doors in a row vastuHere is one image of a home which is South facing and it has a main entrance door almost towards South and it was shown that there is another door which is towards Northeast-north, this is auspicious. Please note that if the property is facing towards South then corresponding door towards Northeast-north brings luck to the residents. Every home does not have such facilitation to arrange a door, in such case one may arrange atleast a window. This may also compensate.

The main entrance door is almost South placement for the home, but whereas the Northeast-north door is not exactly opposite to the same main entrance door, is it bad, no, not at all.

The exact opposite means it came towards almost North, but here the door was placed towards Northeast-north, this is more auspicious. It may be good idea.

Please note that if there is more open space towards North than the South then this South facing home provides expected results in terms of money flow, business and happiness.

In addition to that if there is East open space, it augurs more development to the residents. Water sumps and water storage wells are to be placed towards Northeast for this South facing homes then it folded double in terms of results. Northeast water storage sumps are extremely beneficial to the South facing homes and West facing homes too.

doors vastu in HindiHere the house is South facing and the road is towards South direction to this house. The main entrance door is towards Southeast-south. In respect of a house possessing main entrance in South direction, a door at Northeast-north direction is best to recommended to have. This principle is good to adopt if these are the residential properties, for commercial properties maximum try to follow these principles otherwise leave it. Because we may not get the back door for the commercial properties. If available then positive power will be double, on the same way security problems may also arise.

Based on the security issues then only plan for the backyard door for the South facing commercial properties. Please note that there is a slight variation is there for commercial properties and residential properties. Based on many things we have to finalize the settings of a property.

Most of the vastu consultants are saying that North door or Northeast-north door is most beneficial to a property, but in this case, the North door is not at all recommended, why, what is the reason, its simple if the main entrance door came towards Southeast-south then North door leads to Northwest-Southeast walks, it spoils many things in the home.

For everything in the vastu, there should be logic behind it. We should check thoroughly each and every part whether they are integrated rightly or wrong. Otherwise residents suffer a lot.

Now we are discussing about the CENTERdoors of the homes.

remedy for three doors in a rowNow we are discussing about the center doors of the homes. When a west direction house is there, the door should come only at center of the home, if the property is 90°, if it is skewed plot then it has to be fixed as per expert opinion. Otherwise negative results may be experienced. If the main entrance door was fixed at exactly at center then it falls in the Northern half of that direction, it contributes the rich and prosperity to the inhabitants of the property. The door would be in exalted position and contribute to the prosperity of the residents. The main entrance door should not move towards Southwest-west side.

Either it should be in middle or near to the North direction. Each and every point there one should maintain care in the vastu shastra. How much a resident has interest on his house that much good results he will experienced. Now a days vastu matter is vaguely available at Internet and further vastu videos are also available.

By knowing some of the vastu knowledge some residents trying to adopt rules which are not compatible with vastu shastra. Half knowledge spoils the entire system.

These residents needs to save few dollars which are paying to the vastu experts. When compare with the loss occurred with their ill-corrections, payment to the vastu experts is almost below 1%, its their fate.

Finally, they noticed that they made mistakes and approaching the experts and doing right corrections, with this they lost huge money, time, getting lots of pains, disturbance in their life etc.

Intelligent people never do such bad practices, they first approach one of the best expert vastu consultant in the market and doing the corrections and welcoming peace in their life.

That is why they are called intelligent. In olden days people has more patience and they wait for the vastu experts to visit their homes, now a days people does not have such patience.

They need what ever they require immediately, on the day, hour, minute and though second, that is why more residents approaching quacks.

You may believe or not, the West direction plot is originally auspicious, but many are searching only for the East or North facing plots. If vastu is good then West facing property is more equivalent with East direction plot/house. Need to know more knowledge on this West facing then click this West Facing Homes Vastu link.

North Door:

2 doors in same line vastuIn this image the plot or house is towards North facing and the road is towards North. Olden vastu pandits are particularly recommending residents to have North door for the North facing homes, their idea is good. Then why most of the vastu experts are recommending the Northeast door instead of North door. There is a logic behind every point in vastu shastra. Out of many reasons, we wish to submit one of them, those days vastu pandits are particular in selecting the 90° sites for the home construction. Now due to lack of place, and wrong alignment we may not get 90° properties, this is only one sample reason many vastu consultants recommending Northeast door instead of North door.

If the plot is 90° then residents may construct house having North door. If the door move towards West side then residents has to face many problems, if it falls in the Eastern half of this North direction then such a phenomenon augurs very well.

The main entrance door should not be nearer to the West side, it is better to nearer to the East direction for improving the positive factors. That is why the Naveena (new) vastu shastra consultants suggesting that the Northeast-North door placement is recommended. Browse this link for more information on North Facing Homes Vastu

South Door :

how to count number of doors as per vastuAs already we discussed many times in the above paras, if the site/house is constructed as per 90° then South door is said to be auspicious, our elders are following such system that center door is the safe for the directional property. For South and West properties the center doors are highly recommended, for more better results it may be one stepped move towards East then the center, so that the door falls in the Eastern half of that side. This brings auspicious results to the inhabitants. To experience further more good results then plan for a Northeast-north door.

Unfortunately now most of the residents are interested to select the apartment flats, in such flats we cannot plan for the Northeast-north door for the South entrance flat. That every body has to accept it.

Why people are fear to have the South facing homes, and most of the vastu experts are also not recommending the South facing home, elaborated information discussed in our website in many links, please be in touch with South facing house vastu link.

We planned to publish more vastu tips and techniques and secrets of this science in the inner links. We request you please check the right arrow link which is at near bottom of this content to know more information of fixing the doors.

East Door :

odd number of doors in a houseMost of the important points discussed earlier in the above paras, but here we are again discussing about center doors and this para says about East center door. If a property is 90° and a house faces East, the East entrance door describes to be the auspicious placement. If the door placed exact center then the half of the door falls into the North portion and the remaining half portion falls into the South portion. This center door brings auspicious results to the inhabitants. This has been revealed and established after experiment and experiences. In olden days we see only the center doors. Even now in villages, residents likes to construct the house with center doors. To know why modern vastu says about Northeast-east door instead of East door, this point was enlarged to know about the new system in vastu in this page.

This page has comprehensive information on why modern vastu consultants are recommending the doors near to the corners. As per facade only we have to decide the main door and it has in center of the house then it has its own capabilities to make the residents to have a good life.

Please note that some times facade may be different and main door may be in different direction, for example for the West facade the main door towards North is also acceptable. Please note that it should be decided in front of the vastu specialist only.

Residents should not take any decision alone, otherwise inhabitants may experience the detrimental effects. Most of us knows that North open space is good for a property, particularly if an East facing home has North more open space it augurs well, this is open secret point, now coming with center door to an East facing house, if there is no open space towards North, it balances that phenomena.

Simple logic, salute to our elders. To know more information on this East Facing Homes Vastu then this link is the right place to visit

Modern (Naveena) vastu shastra system of Doors Placement:

This is the important aspect in doors, the fixation is little bit confused in many areas. Here we tried our level best to provide clarification here. While fixing the doors the continuity of the wall is important, we should not brake it in the name of doors.

At least a minimum of 9 inches or at least 4 inches corner pad may be provided. If so the wall will be continued, otherwise, it may be said to be cut/discontinued in the name of door.

Make sure that there should be wall continuity at the area of the door. Not only vastu point of view but standard wise also one should not plan the door exactly touching the corner of the wall if so the wall does not continue, which we discussed with images below. Please go through below.

Northeast-east Door :

vastu shastra for home entranceNow latest system arrives and many residents are not interested to fix the main entrance doors exactly towards East, West, North or South directions instead of that they wish to fix the main entrance doors at Northeast-east for East facing homes, Northwest-west for West facing homes, Southeast-south for South facing homes, Northeast-north for North facing homes and the like. Here observe the main entrance door fixed towards Northeast-east. Due to Northeast accessibility and walks through Northeast many vastu consultants are suggesting people to have either North or East facing homes.

In this type of home and door position, residents will have accessibility towards Northeast-east. Now discussing center door to the corner door.

Its only because of plot tilted, skewed plots or inclination plots. For example, if the plot is facing towards 125° then East door may fall into the Southeast, there is chance are there.

There must be a gap or pad in between the North wall and this door. Observe the below "images" for more information on pad system. This is the way most of the residents following for their properties.

Northwest-west Door :

vastu for main gate of houseObserve the Northwest-west door for the West facing home. More percentage of residents now in India following this principle to fix the door near to the corners. In this image the house is West facing and the door was fixed towards Northwest-west. Requesting visitors to please observe the directions marked separately in this image this is for your kind information purpose. In this scenario, the walks has to lead towards Northeast instead of Southeast. Did you observed many homes which they had Northwest-west main entrance door, most of the homes, the walks leads to towards Southeast only.

This may not be the healthy procedure. Due to many people are following of such procedure, that is the only reason the negativity force was distributed to all, so the negative impact shared to all the residents or otherwise residents has to face many disturbances in their life, if only one in a region has followed of such procedure.

Southeast-South Door :

doors per vastuThis is South facing home and here the Southeast-south door for South facing house. Now a days most of the vastu pandits expressing their views about South facing homes that these South facing homes are not quality homes in terms of vastu results. Now step by step we will discuss why modern vastu is relatively caught majority of residents to follow of such procedure, what is the attraction and science behind it. Its simple to understand. If the plot is inclined then the exact South entrance door may not be giving the good results.

In such scenario, the best practice to keep the main entrance door has to move towards East portion of the South wall, the same door which was shown in this image.

If the plot is 90° then the South center entrance door is giving good results. Anyway, this Southeast-south door home owners has to do some observations regarding walks.

Is walks are leading to Northeast or Northwest if so it has to be do some alterations by having one expert's personal observation.

This may be done only if the residents are suffering from heavy expenditures, litigation, health disorders, quarrel at home, etc.

Northeast-North Door :

doors vastu shastraThis is North facing home. It has Northeast-north door. This is the present system which most of the vastu consultants are recommending. If there is no open space towards East then North door may be auspicious, if there is accessibility towards Northeast and East then Northeast-north door is the best placement. As we discussed earlier regarding 90° and other inclination plots. The center door may be exactly suited for the 90°. This is perfectly right. If the property inclined then the Northeast-north will be the best suitable door. That is why the modern vastu consultants are recommending Northeast-north door for the North facing homes.

Though it is the best door for the North facing homes, somehow it may not be a good idea if there is no accessibility towards Northeast and East.

If this house has the North road and the road was stopped exactly at the Northeast corner of this home, then this Northeast-north door may not work out, the best place to arrange the door is North or better to search for another home.

The doors with and without having the pads:

vastu shastra for doorsThe doors and the windows may be fixed opposite to each other or face opposite to face is good. Many asked us that the grill door is also countable as a door or not, if the grill door is having same height of our home remaining ordinary door then it is also counted as a door or a grill door touching the ceiling can also be counted as a door. No importance is given to the number of doors or windows. Air curtains or mosquito mesh doors etc, are not to be treated as doors. Observe the pad or gap in between the wall and the door, also observe the below images for more understanding of this pad.

doors importance in vastu shastraThere is no pad / gap in between the North wall and the East door, due to this the East wall will not be continued and it was cut at Northeast area. This is not the good method of construction. Here the door is directly attached to the North wall. There should be pad maintained for the wall/door. Vastu works when there is standard with the structures, once the standard failed then vastu may not works there. Residents has to face bad impacts or they has to meet with many negative effects there. If the structure is super strong then residents got good vastu results, so here inhabitants has to learn a thing that standard of the structure is most important to get good results. We initiated dwellers regarding structures, many times we requested them to observe the cracks development in their structures.

Once the cracks developed thereafter residents has to face many troubles in their homes.

doors vastu in HindiCheck the pad, if not possible to leave sufficient amount of gap, better to leave atleast 9 inches or a minimum of 4 inches is recommended, without pad, placing the door is not recommended, if it is possible then provide 2 feet also based on the length of the entire wall. Due to this wall pad ensured that the wall is continued. Construction standard is most important in the vastu. If the construction is week then vastu may not function properly in a property. We have taken many photos of the many homes, soon we may publish after obtaining the permission from the house owners.

vastu for doors in TamilIn this door area the residents may not provided the pad for the door. Door is direct to wall. It is clear that door was placed without pad, this method is wrong. Due to this the wall was not continued. In the name of door we should not cut the walls. Walls always continued to the both ends, doors and windows will be common on walls, at this time, placing the door or window should have atleast 9 inches pad. You may observe the same wall pad system in above image.

Doors vastu shastra in TeluguDoors in exiguous positions make the inhabitants prone to subtle habits like smoking or drinking etc. The main entrance of a house is compared with the mouth of a human countenance. This is what we judge the importance of a door of the house. Just as the face has a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth, the main entrance of a house is supposed to possess windows on either side, and sill or threshold below the doorway, to give it the shape of a human face. The utility of door-sill is compared with that of lower lip too a mouth. It is said that the threshold \protects the household from perils, diseases and paves way for prosperity. The inner significance of a door sill can be appreciated better, if one looks at it as an obstacle for the insects, which stealthily crawl or creep into the house in its absence. The practice of applying turmeric powder to the door sill is also backed by the scientific reason of restraining the insects from entering the house. Even many are practicing like in villages and in towns and even in cities also using turmeric powder applying to door sill. With the introduction of paints many residents using the paints Instead of turmeric powder.

Turmeric powder door sill :

doors vastu in KannadaTurmeric powder apply to the door sill. This is good and try to practice for good health. Our elders are strictly recommending us to follow this system to avoid of restrain the insects entering into the house. This is main entrance door to the house. Applying the turmeric powder to inner door sills are not compulsory. If one house is having two doors leading to the outside, i.e., one is main entrance door and another one is back door, then please apply the turmeric powder to that back door also. It is must for your good health.

But the usage of turmeric, an age old practice in India, even today by beauticians in skin care and by physicians as an antiseptic, and by housewives in cooking. Turmeric is also used as a curative, in treating certain skin diseases of animals and coughs of many kinds in rural India, in long past and now, too.

The door frames serving as entry and exit ways into the front yard or back yard of the house must invariably possess threshold. The shrinking of the foundation under the door frame sometimes results in breaking of the slab or flooring under the main door frame.

Modern Vaasthu says that such a phenomenon need not be considered as a bad omen, as it may, at the most, cause an injury to the feet, if not crossed cautiously. To avoid all this, nowadays, cement slabs are used under the threshold.

doors vastu in GujaratiThe internal doorways leading to kitchen, bedroom, deity room etc., are exempted from possessing door-sills. These doors are the inner doors and there is no compulsory for the door sills (gadapa)

తలుపులు మరియు వాస్తుDecoration of Doors :

Is the decoration of doors is important or skeleton door is OK. In our experiences the decoration of doors are important. It will have some attraction, the positive powers will be directed to this door properties, still our researches are continuing and finding many things which leads to happy human living.

Observe the decoration and these may bring auspicious results to the residents. There are many other attractions available in the markets. Simple decoration is enough. If you likes to have more decoration to the main entrance door, then do it. No objection. Over attraction may not looks good, so plan for making nice attraction to the main entrance door.

ಬಾಗಿಲಿ ವಾಸ್ತುHinges :

When open the doors, the hinges should not create noise. The doors should be noiseless and smooth opening. If it creates noise, then the hinges may be greased periodically, or apply oil to smooth opening without noise.

Door frame without doorIn some places there is a frame without door, is that frame is also counting as a door, check the below image:

See this image, there is a door frame without door, there is adjacent one room attached to this bedroom, where we taken the photo, this is a door frame, which is not counted as door. This room is used by one old lady returned from Japan. This property is in New Delhi. Small partition Aluminum plank is there which obstructs the Pomeranian dogs not to enter inside bedroom. When there is no door, then the frame is not counted as door. Already we have clearly discussed that no need of counting doors in the house.

Cloth Hangers to the main entrance door :

telugu vastu for doorsDon't fix the cloth hangers to the main entrance door. It looks odd and dirty.

Hanging the cloths to the main entrance door is not good. Don't fix any hangers to the main entrance door. Inside doors like bedroom doors etc, its OK, no problem.

Security door lockLock to the main door: Security is too important for the doors. Make sure double locking system is too good and bolt is also recommended at top and bottom sides. Check the below image.

Security Is Most Important:

vastu for entrance gatesSecurity is too important for the main entrance door: Strong security means you will feel secured. That is important. In many foreign countries there may not be any such securities for their doors, they will lock the doors, that's all, but where as in some other countries the residents fixed many bolts and locks to the doors.

This matter may not be important here, but security is also important for a property, that is why we informed these small things. Not the security, but security feeling is important. If there is security to a property then we will experience the security feeling. Vaastu always say about security feeling. Then we will concentrate on other development business, or having more concentration on our regular duties, i.e., no need to worry on our properties.

Question : Namasthe sir I from Karimnagar one of my friend suggested that instead of going for two separate frames for window and door go for one frame my doubt is whether that count comes under door or window or individual - Neelima.

Answer : The extra frames are not coming under separate counting for window or door, already we have mentioned above.

Question : dear sir, this is Prasad from Vijayawada. recently i construct a house in my village.i want fix a wood come glass door in bedroom.so many members saying its not correct method in Telugu vastu...what i do...if i fix r not? - Prasad - Vijayawada - Andhra Pradesh - India.

Answer : What they said is correct, this saying may be in view of joint families, not for single families. If your house is having only you and your wife, then you may plan for the glass having with wood door, otherwise better to have only wood door, it may said to be privacy concerns.

Sir Good morning, This is Pratap, We are construction a small House, In that we have not planned for Balcony, But we are now putting the balcony. Now the main door and pooja room have kadapa's (sill or threshold) , It is 2 Nos only, But Now we are requiring the one more for balcony, Vastu purpose it is Good are Bad Sir, While calculating it is coming 3 Kadapa's. Please give to us your valuable suggestion - PRATAP - Vijayawada - Andhra Pradesh - India.

Somebody asking about Steel Doors as their main doors. Generally 99.99% people are using only the wooden doors in India as their main entrance doors.

Very very few people may use Stainless steel doors as their main entrance doors. We found stainless steel doors in Malaysia and Singapore, but we did not found the exact stainless steel door in India without any other wooden door as the main entrance door.

The wooden door looks smart and advisable and there is some more hidden powers in the wooden doors. That is why our elders did not say about any other material door as the main entrance door. We will shortly publish more information on this stainless steel doors.

Regarding gates, one may have such stainless steel doors. We found many stainless steel doors in India. We did not found any complaints on this stainless steel main entrance gates.

Main door vastu for flats, we thought this link may be helpful for the residents who have doubts on flats main doors.

Having Two Main Doors Is Mandatory For The Home As Per Vastu

There is no such mandatory principle with a number of doors. Some expert vastu people opinioned that one door is good than two or three doors for the home as entrance doors. In view of security one door is always good (not recommended for the exit door even), but in view of Vastu you may plan for 2 doors / Gates if both are auspicious, otherwise plan only for one door.

Please note that gate is different and the door is different. Some homes are constructed without a boundary wall and some homes are constructed with boundary wall.

Gates are for compound wall and Doors are for home.

If a home has North road and East road then best to have two doors and two gates. If a home has South road and West road then best to have only one door either South or West. Residents should understand a simple technique that all the doors/gates should be placed as per vastu. If there is no proper planning then all the problems may arise.

+3 #60 vasthu for main doorraju mathai 2017-08-29 07:32
my house main door is facing west side. At the east side directly facing the door to the water well. Please clarify whether any issues in vasthu due to this.
+3 #59 Stainless steel doorVikram 2017-06-14 13:47
Please clear my query about main door are advise stainless steel
+8 #58 Door placementShyamalima 2017-05-24 07:48
Dear sir, recently we purchased a old flat and it's main door is attached to North East corner without leaving wall
Shall we change it or is it okay. Please suggest.
+4 #57 Vaastu for number of doorsSrinath V 2017-04-22 07:06
I have nine doors in my duplex house, five in the first floor and four in the ground floor, including the pooja room. Do you think i should have another door (10th door) to make it even number. My main door is in the North East corner and the main gate faces West.
+2 #56 Vastu Shastra For Gates colorgul 2016-11-14 13:50
My main door is south facing and no room to change is it ok
what colour door should it be
+8 #55 Southeast main doorSanthi 2016-11-06 03:21
Hi sir
We have southeast (se) main door that facing south..is it good or bad?
0 #54 MohantyArjun 2016-10-30 15:21
Mane gate location plrase
+4 #53 main doorshaan 2016-10-12 16:29
our new house main entrence door is in west facing and there is a road in front of the main door going in west direction it is ok according to vaastu can u pls let me know?
0 #52 Can i provide main entrance door in Cross direction ????KISHAN 2016-09-01 07:59
Like not properly parallel or perpendicular in any direction..
+1 #51 west direction housealok kumar 2016-07-28 07:57
Sir my house is in west direction main door is in the center of the house .
+6 #50 Glass Door opposite to main doorNageswara Rao 2016-07-25 09:08
I am under the construction of new house. East Facing. NE entrance. Opposite to the main door, have a door for children bed room. I am planning to put single door with Hlaf portion with Glass door for the childeren bed room . is this advisable or not. Also Prayer Room Planning to Put Glass door. Opposite to the Prayer Room is Master Bed room. I am also planning to put single door. This is also having glass . kindly provide the suggestions
0 #49 Three DoorsI have three doors in a row please help me 2016-07-18 04:48
Three doors in a row,
+6 #48 About Main door vastuswathi 2016-07-09 09:36
Hi ,

my home main entrance is in east side,, is it good r not ,

pls suggest me
-2 #47 Back Door existanceNAVNEET ABANI 2016-06-24 13:34
Respected Sir / Madam,
We have East facing home having entrance at northeast part of east wall. We have one back door also on west wall at southwest part of the wall. Please advice whether this back door is appropriate or not? If not, shall I remove the back door and construct the wall.
+8 #46 Main doorchitra 2016-06-23 18:58
My house is east facing. For the Main entrance door(Vaasakaal) , is single door or double door better. Because no of doors should be even means. how can we calculate? If there is two shutter door in main door and single door in other rooms door means is it ok?
+1 #45 SuggestionIlamurugu 2016-03-25 07:44
I am going to take a house for rent, face of the building is in west but my house main door is south east facing south side. Is it ok.
0 #44 main door entranceJayashree Anand 2016-03-05 04:01
Respected Sir,
we have a east facing plot. Main door and main gate for ground floor located on east side. Almost centre of the plot little towwards ne side is main door. First floor entrance is south 3rd padha on se side. Please advice if this sounds good with respect to house door entrance.

thank u very much
+2 #43 get for south directiony2k 2016-02-29 06:51
SIR we have purchased agriculture land facing road south dircetion . SO we planing to put gate for this field plzz sugest where we need to put gate in south facing direction
+4 #42 Doors vastu in TeluguSekhar 2016-02-06 18:33
Respected Sir, when can I expect doors vastu in Telugu language. I am eagerly looking for the Telugu doors vastu. I salute for your extensive and exhaustive work on vastu shastra. My mother tongue is Telugu, like to read this doors vastu in Telugu only. Please update sir.
+9 #41 Main entrance of houseDeepak A TAnk 2016-01-02 08:59
My house plot is east to west direction,
but as per builder plan it is cut in South east direction for parking and main door.
So, main door is on east side but door entrance direction is on south side.So, when we enter in the house, my face is towards east.Is it OK?
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been a great pleasure working with him. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

Hello Sir, My name is Bharathi. Me and my husband have been reading your articles closely. We really appreciate the effort put by you to share your knowledge about vastu and it’s effects - Bharathi - USA.

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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