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What are Best Ideal Locations For Car Parking As Per Vastu

Car garage VastuThe student learns one fourth from the teacher, one fourth he learns by his own wisdom, one fourth he learns with the passage of time, one fourth he learns from his classmates. Astrologically, the fourth house of the horoscope represents your residence, living place, and vehicles. A vehicle should be housed properly for its better efficiency and long life.

Generally, in some parts of in India, people used to call it as "Car Shed", but in most of the western countries it is called as "Car Garage".

In this chapter, we will discuss all car garages as per Vastu step by step. If residents have any doubts about garages, let us know, we are ready to serve with all guidelines.

Doing Vastu Pooja Is Important For Brand New Car

Doing pooja (Vahana Puja) to the brand new vehicle is highly recommended. Even for second-hand vehicles, also performing pooja is essential.

Nowadays, the car sellers/car showrooms provide the instant pooja kit that may be customized, car showroom people also wish everything should go smooth. In some car showrooms, Archakas (Priests) are also ready to perform the pooja on the spot. So when buyers buy the brand new vehicle, then the Archaka (Priest) starts his pooja spontaneously without additional expenditure. WOW, good idea.

Respecting the modes of transportation is an utmost important aspect. Our Indian Vastu Shastra and its disciplined conception, coach the users to respect our modes of transportation. Once completed, the pooja for the automobile vehicle or truck or bus or lorry or cart then, start using it for regular purposes.

Our elders also clearly stated that the conveyance or means of transport has to be properly respected.

Ideal Locations For Car Garage - External Car Garage:

Please note that we are providing the below information on external car garages only. The external car garage is different, and the internal car garage is different.

External Car garage at Northeast corner for East facing House:

Vastu for Car shedThis sketch is a typical one having an external garage in the Northeast direction. It is one of the sketches which is best avoided. You will appreciate that the northeast should predominantly be empty and preferably with a ground-level water body.

By having an external garage in the northeast direction, these aspects get violated.

An external garage of this type can best be compared to an outhouse. In the case of the garage in the northeast direction, the free space which is beneficial has become a casualty.

The family will come to ruins because of the lack of growth and development of the inhabitants.

On the other hand, there is every possibility of a disaster just waiting to happen.

When resident considers that the northeast external room reduces the opportunity of growth, nourishment, and opportunity of prosperity, one need not think a second time in abandoning such designs.

Is Really Car Garage Brings Luck to Open a New Startup Companies

Most of the residents don't know how many world famous companies started at car garages. They are namely Google, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Amazon. Believe it or not, but these companies started only in the car garages. This may be a coincidence. Don't plan to open your office at a car garage after learning these companies grow only at car garages. Many factors working for their growth. Vastu may be one among them.

Is External Northeast Car shed is Good as per Vastu?

Vastu for car parking in TamilThis image apparently has got open space on the north, east, and northeast side of the garage, nevertheless, it is no better than the exact NE located garage for the simple reason of reducing open space in the northeast which otherwise may be available.

The damages cannot be totally avoided by this small move by leaving a small space at Northeast locations. This is also defective placement.

The eastern-northeast garage is Good?

garage Vastu for east facing houseThough this is better than the earlier two, still it is best to avoid for it is preventing open space on the East and the passage to the northeast is convoluted and not free.

Any intellectual expert try to find a cerebral solution for various defects ignoring the sentiments of the basic law. This falls in that category.

In Vastu, one should be not only technically correct but also the law should be applicable in spirit also.

External East Garage is Acceptable as per Vastu?

garage Vastu for North facing houseThis location also is not a genuine attempt of keeping northeast free of cluttering. Here we are blocking northeast of East. The useless idea of constructing a garage. This is not an ideal location for a car garage. Residents should not block their house (know about House measurements as per vastu) east direction with any structure. It may harm their fame, and opportunities for lifestyle. No significant gain is there in this shape of the structure. This rule may not be applicable if the car garage is constructed too far from home. How many have such huge sites now? if so, no resident likes to construct garages too far from home, meaningless thought.

Ideal Locations Of Car Garage For Northeast Facing Homes

Northeast homes have such a feature that the garage should locate only in the front yard. In such case, there are only 3 locations to park the car; they are:

Northern Norttheast


Eastern Northeast

Out of these three, which one is good for the garage. For lengthy garages, northeast-north is acceptable. Northeast is not acceptable (no home in USA, UK, Australia has such exact Northeast garage for Northeast facing homes). Coming with Northeast-east, we have to decide based on the measurements and inside the home structure.

Most of the residents do not know about there are two types of Northeast homes. 1. Northeast facing homes. 2. Northeast corner homes. Read complete information on NE homes in this Northeast facing house link.

Is Northern Northeast Direction is Good for an External Car Garage?

car parking Vastu TamilThis also is not a genuine attempt of keeping northeast free of cluttering. Here we are blocking northeast of north. The useless idea of constructing a garage at this location. It may block finance flow to the home.

Is North Direction is Ok for an External Car Garage?

Garage Vastu for North facing homeThis also comes to the same category of like an exact east garage. Actually, there is a shadow of northeast cutting in this and the previous shapes, better to avoid this north direction garage.

Can I Construct Car Garage at Northwest?

Northwest car garage remediesThis is a very good alternative of having a car shed in the northeast and north direction. It must be noted that this is an external car shed, and the shed is away from the main building with a clear space in the North direction. At no time should it be an extension of the main building. These types of garages are vouchsafed with nourishing results.

Is Northwest Garage is Good for East Facing Homes?

garage Vastu for east facing houseWhether the road belongs to any direction, Northwest garage is good idea. As we discussed earlier, the car shed should not touch the North wall of the boundary. If a resident has any specific requirement, then the garage may touch the west boundary wall instead of the north boundary wall.

Exact Northwest Corner Car Garage Is Goor Or Bad?

garage Vastu for north facing houseIn this image, the car shed touches the North boundary wall and West boundary wall too. This is also called as Northwest closure. Indeed this extremely contributes not up to par results to the residents. If the northwest is closed, and the construction starts right on the northern boundary, such a phenomenon affects the female head of the family and also the third son

Here, north-northwest is virtually closed with this car garage. The remote possibility of having any happy situations such as girl marriages, happiness, etc. (We have "only" 2 experiences on this girl marriages disturbances, one is in Hyderabad and another one in Bangalore, if we come across some more incidents of girl marriage disturbances then we will add this point into the above para. Please note that we never expected any girl marriage disturbed. So we are providing the above information so that parents will take necessary action in their homes). Happy situations such as marriages, the progress of residents will be a mirage if we do wrongful constructions in our premises.

Is Southeast Car Garage is Good or Bad?

garage Vastu for south facing houseThis car garage constructed near to the Southeast quadrant. This is Southeast external garage & it’s true sense. Eminently acceptable. Adequate open space between the boundary wall and the garage should be provided, which should be more than the space between the garage and the main house. This would bestows with satisfactory repercussion. Arrange shutter towards Northern Northeast to this garage.

Is It Good to Buy a Home That Has Hanging Car Garage in the East Direction?

hanging car garageBuilders releasing new models regularly to attract the residents. In the year 2016, we found a new model of hanging car garage in front of the home. They named the isolated garage as a hanging car garage. Check this image, number "1" is the foyer, number "2" is the hanging car garage and number "3" is the main car garage. The hanging car garage is located in the East direction. Normally, this kind of hanging garage is not giving good results. But these may be beautiful in terms of look. The local Americans like to buy such kinds of homes, but Indians who are interested in Vastu may not dare to buy this kind of home.

Normally the hanging car garage may not be suitable for East and north facing homes.

This kind of hanging garages may be suitable for South and West facing homes.

This type of garage may be suitable for Southwest facing home too.

Is exact Southeast Car Garage is Good or Bad?

vastu for car interiorThe car garage exactly constructed at Southeast without leaving any space at East direction, this car shed touches the South wall and East wall and it is corner structure, this is called as Southeast closed structure. This is as bad as the garage totally in the Northwest blocking the Northwest direction. In this image, it is blocking the Southeast direction, eminently avoidable. This may harm the house owner or wife of the owner or 2nd son or 2nd child of the home.

Further, it may damage peace in the home. Late marriages (It may rarely cause of marriage dissolution), ill health issues, late job, failures in the profession, health disorders, continuous quarrels in the home, unsatisfactory life, etc may be happening.

Is Exact External Southwest Garage Is Good Or Bad:

garage vastu for East facing houseThis is West facing house. Car garage location is an acceptable solution for a garage. In fact, this is of the highest quality possible location for the garage out of all options. Garage in this position is equivalent to having a comprehensive outhouse towards Southwest which gives constant protection in all fields. Ensure that the floor level of the garage is noticeably higher than the floor level of the main building. Depression ground level of this garage may significantly diminish the security aspects in all features.

Southwest is the ideal location for the car garage. Please note that we are discussing an external southwest garage only. This is the premier and the finest car garage placement out of all other available locations in the home. Unfortunately, every house does not have sufficient space to arrange the southwest garage in their homes. Based on the tiny spaces we have to locate a suitable car garage in our home, it is our fate, and it is the only cause of huge population growth.

Ideal Location of Car Garage At Southwest Direction

garage vastu for South facing houseConsiderably this is also identically similar image as shown above. The difference is this is the South facing house. The above is the west facing home. Residents can enjoy the volumes of good results with this external Southwest garage. The advantages of this construction are extremely worthwhile to the householders. Further to add an additional benefit for this garage would be the floor of this garage should be more elevated than the floor of the house.

Take, for example, the simple expression of a garage in the Southwest corner of a plot (please note PLOT, not HOUSE).

It gives excellent results to the residents, now, as long as the garage is external and not connected to the house and is a separate entity at a slightly higher level than the house that it gives excellent results is a foregone conclusion.

However, if the same car garage, even if external not abutting the plot also has the boundary walls though in Southwest direction yet gives good results.

However, if the garage is abutting the house or within the overall house, it gives adverse results.

These differences are generally overlooked by many residents due to a lack of awareness of various constraints. It is, for this reason, we always stress that residents consult a genuine Vastu scholar in all these matters.

Ignore payments to experts and consider the long-term consequences of simple and disaster decisions.

Placement of Car Garage at Southern Southwest Garage:

vastu for car interiorThis is a next best alternative to the best of Southwest corner garage When a garage is sighted like this, ensure that the Southwest corner should host a robust tree so that the principle of Southwest being higher than the rest of the area is maintained both in letter and spirit. Be sure that the inside floor of this garage should be higher than the house floor level.

Is South Direction is Acceptable for External Car Garage?

Car Garage vastu for South facing homesThis is South facing home and the garage came into South direction of the home. This is not baleful. One may have this type of structure in their home. Please plan some trees plantation at Southwest remaining free open space after this car shed.

Is Southern Southeast Direction is Good for External Car Garage?

Vastu for car shedThis house is also south facing and garage came into Southeast of south to the constructed home. This vehicle shed isn't giving any great outcomes. We came across only 4 homes like this. One home does not give any wrong results. Two homes were traced with wrong results. We asked them to make it correct. Have you at any point felt that it is similarly critical to leave our vehicle in a positive situation for its better wellbeing and safe driving. Despite the fact that the vehicle is a cutting edge method of transportation and it was not there when the antiquated theory of design, Vastu, evolved.

Is Western Southwest Garage Is Good?

Car garage vastu for East facing homeThis is also next best car garage for West facing homes after exact Southwest car garage. This protects residents from various difficulties and complications. Factually, every resident may face ordeal situations that some may not express with others too, for them this kind of Southwest-west protection is a very good idea. It helps to improve health and finances and job.

Is West Car Garage Is Good?

Garage vastu for North facing houseThis is west facing home, the garage came into exact West direction of the home. This is a good position, and one may have this system of construction. Please note that we are discussing this garage once it has the driveway from inside the boundary premises. We are not discussing external driveway directly enter the car from the road. If you have such a question in your mind, then ask us we will reply to you with an appropriate answer.

Is western Northwest Car Garage Is Acceptable?

Garage VastuThis is not adequate placement for the garage, average placement. If it is mandatory to plan the car garage at this place, then plant heavy trees in Southwest direction or construct one storeroom.

For Southeast facing house the car garage has to be carefully planned, otherwise things may not go smooth. A very critical part to finalize the car garage to this SE facing home. Please compulsory contact one expert Vastu consultant in this regard.

When planning car garage at Southwest facing house, it is highly recommended to have one vastu pandit suggestion before placing the car garage at SW facing homes.

Without proper guidance from adept don't plan car garage in Northwest Facing House. Don't make life more censorious with microscopic knowledge on Vastu.

Vastu For Two Wheeler Parking In The House:

vastu for two-wheelerMany residents enquiring for the two-wheeler parking in their homes. For them, this image may help. This is East facing home, with the entire boundary area shown with green color except for the Northeast corner. Please note that other than this Northeast corner of the house, residents can park their two-wheelers at any place. One has to note that parking the two-wheelers cannot drop them into any trouble.

We are providing this information only because of several times residents requesting to know the two-wheeler parking places in their homes. Please treat this image as a precautionary measurement. Nothing to worry about with two-wheeler and cycle parking in the home premises. These are not at all solemn and serious issues found if the two-wheeler parked at any place in the home.

Maximum try not to park two wheeler at Northeast corner. Other than that, no any precaution has to be taken in this regard. If we are afraid of every trifling matter we can not live in this world.

From now onwards, don't think about keeping the cycle position in the home. These bicycles would be teeny-weeny things which cannot be serious if we placed them anywhere in the home.

Inside/Internal Car Garage For East Facing Homes:

Some principles were changed for external and internal car garages.

It would be ideal if you note that all Vaastu principles were NOT same to same for all structures and rooms.

Some principles were changed for external and internal car garages.

We would like to state here that you should not follow Vasthu principles what so ever, based on your understanding only. What is presented in print has always got a caveat which many residents fail to recognize and so land into trouble.

Is Internal Northeast Car Garage is Good?

Northeast car garage is goodIn this image, the car garage came into exactly northeast direction. Generally, this may ruin the development of the residents. But many homes have same such feature in USA, UK, Australia. The majority percentage homes are giving good results there. (The important point here is, this has to be decided by measurements of garage and house inside. The 2nd point is that how far this affects the home inside). We recommended many homes in the USA which has Northeast garages based on clear observation of the inside and outside house structure.

IMPORTANT point is that the negative flow will become scanty when this property has first floor bedrooms and a master bedroom. Don't decide anything alone when there is no clarity. One has to take the Vaasthu consultancy from Vastu experts if they got any uncertainty assessment when the car garage is at Northeast corner.

Is Internal Southeast Car Garage is Good?

Southeast car garage is goodWhat ever is handy in our life which we rush to get it immediately. Though this Southeast garage is giving good results, few residents thought about Southeast garage bringing sorrow into one's life. Please note that in the USA, we cannot do any structural changes. We have to adjust with what we have there. Either selecting the right property or getting the best house out of the worst houses. We cannot change the garage in the USA what we are doing in India. Getting permissions may not be easy to do corrections in the USA.

For east facing homes the car garage suits at Southeast location.

Instead of the Northeast garage, the southeast garage is good.

Please note that all southeast garages are giving the same adequate satisfactory results.

Some southeast garages bringing misfortune in one's life, based on the measurements and having inside accessibility door from garage to the inside home.

Inside/Internal Car Garage For South Facing Homes:

garage vastu for south facing houseFor South facing houses, the internal garage is best suitable at Southeast-south. Further, we need to observe the length and breadth of the garage. It is required to keep an eye on the measurement of this SE garage. If it is lengthy, then better to avoid this portion. If length is slightly below the bridth, then one may try to buy this property.

Take, for example, the simple expression of a garage in the southwest corner of a plot (please note PLOT, not HOUSE).

It gives excellent results to the residents, now, as long as the garage is external and not connected to the house and is a separate entity at a slightly higher level than the house that it gives excellent results is a foregone conclusion.

However, if the same car garage, even if external not abutting the plot has also the boundary walls though in Southwest direction yet gives good results.

Is Internal Southwest Car Garage is Good?

garage Vastu for southwest facing houseHowever, if the garage is abutting the house or within the overall house it gives adverse results. These differences are generally overlooked by many residents due to a lack of awareness of various constraints; it is for this reason we always stress that residents consult a genuine Vastu scholar in all these matters. Generally, a Southwest internal car garage is not highly recommended for smooth living if the Master bedroom is on the same floor. Otherwise, we can consider this as a TRY to check the internal other structure.

In this section, what we have taught about Southwest car garage (external), could be excellent results-oriented placement in the house premises. But on the other hand, the internal garage is not like that; it may not be positive, all the time.

Best idea is to ignore expert payments and consider the long-term consequences of simple and disaster decisions.

We request all residents who seek Vastu information through over the internet, should understand one thing which is very serious. What is the system which is shown here is a general theory, that may not be applied to all properties. So our enunciated request to you is, please do consult one expert in this field and get his guidance for your safe life journey. One should not follow any vastu tips here without proper guidance from an adept.

KEYNOTE TO THE READERS: Garage For Single Floor House Vastu Results Varied With Double Storey House. Based On Many Circumstances We Have To Take The Decisions In Vastu. All General Vastu Principles Were Not At All Applicable To Every Property Style. In View Of Our Request, One Should First Consult An Expert Before Taking Any Decision Of Buying The Home And House Corrections. Results Will Be Varied Based On The Length And Width Of The House. Please Keep It In Mind Before Taking The Decision.

Is Internal Western Southwest Car Garage is Good?

garage Vastu for West facing homesThis is west facing home and the same written on the road. The garage came into Southwest here. This is an internal car garage. This may not award expected results to the residents. Though the car garage towards Southwest is auspicious, but it won't help residents with assumed outcomes. One has to understand the difference. External car garage is different and internal car garage is different.

As usual, please understand one thing, the results always changed based on various conditions, like 1. length and the width of the garage and how it is occupied in the house. 2. Is the home have a single floor or double floor. 3. Is the master bedroom is on the garage floor or it is on the upper floor. 4. How the garage is accessed from the road, had a slanting driveway or equivalent driveway concerning with the main road. 5. Where is the access door from the garage to the house, etc. KINDLY KEEP THESE POINTS IN MIND WHEN LOOKING FOR RESULTS.

Is It Good to Construct Internal Northwest Car Garage?

garage vastu for West facing homesWhen the house dimensions are heavier from South to North than East to West then this internal Northwest car garage makes residents happy and prosperous. In the case of garages within the main building constructions, it is a different ball game. Let us, for example, assume the garage in the northwest corner of the building itself. When there is a garage in the northwest corner apparently it is an open space from both directions, i.e., north and west. Consequently, it is as if the northeast is extended inside the home.

The important point to observe is the garage shutter. If the garage shutter is towards the North, then some issues have to be faced by the residents. If the shutter face towards the West, then they may expect growth in this home.

Here residents should be careful with the garage door which is connecting the home. Make sure that this door is in closed mode. If it is frequently open then they may not expect expected results within time.

It is, for this reason, any rule in Vastu science has got a caveat clause which has to be carefully analyzed before proceeding further.

Often we are used to free services from priests, astrologers, yoga gurus, physiologists, and others. We don’t care for the immediate expenses we incur in parties, entertainment, sightseeing, and all other allied activities. When it comes to one’s own life our ignorance prevents us from becoming rational.

Never for a moment, do we think as to how the priests, the astrologer, the vastu scholars, etc, would live if their services are free.

We take their services as inconsequential in our life. This is the main obstacle in being irrational in circumstances where the services of such people are essential.

We are used to receiving material returns for the efforts involved and not the psychological or mental growth or suffering that we may undergo. As long as this perception of ignoring mental growth is there humanity is destined to live on luck and not on effort.

This is the human tragedy. The day the person realizes that luck favors those who apply their mind intelligently the situation would change.

It is here that we urge people to understand that vastu scholar is a scientist like any other and he should be treated as such. Only then logical prosperity for the individual is possible and hence the society.

External Extension Garages

Everyone knows in USA, there are several garage types which are most common in different communities.

For example, external extension garage towards Southeast-east, which is not good.

External extension garage towards Northeast is good.

External extension garage towards Northwest-north which is very bad.

We have to decide them based on various aspects and positive and negative environment for better and safe driving. Experts can easily observe the ideal location of a car garage and where should it avoided.

Some other points also came into accountability. Pathway, entrance, accessing door to the home, floor elevation and depression, road elevation and depression, house facing, driveway, etc.

Every single point should be noted carefully and analyzed before taking the decision.

Inclined House Car Garage Placement

For vidisha (inclined, non-aligned, skewed, Dikmud ) homes, for North facing house the best suitable placement for the garage is north of Northeast. Even the east of Northeast also suitable, but need to check the state where the house is constructed. Some principles were changed when the house is in New Jersey and when the home is in Arizona, based on the climatical conditions.

For remaining Southeast, Southwest and Northwest homes, it has to be decided after observing the floor plan only.

Please note that there are some rules/conditions that govern customarily behavior as per Vastu once you fixed these places for car parking.

There are many types of car garages.

For example:

Attached car garages

Non attached car garage

Internal/Inner car garage

External/outside car garage, etc.

Some families maintaining limousines, particularly for them, the Southwest is suitable, where the biggest cars and not regular usage vehicles are best suitable or kept towards Southwest (External garage only).

Some residents like to maintain luxury cars, some are usually rounding outside and some are contentedly keeping the cars, permanently at the garage.

Keeping Car At Different Directions - Different Results:

Many residents ask about car parking results based on parking locations. We strive to get the exact information, but we stunned after knowing some of the facts.

Keeping the vehicle in different locations and directions is not affected on traveling, safe journeys, repair costs, etc. Whatever the results, they may be tiny cost only, almost nothing.

To get this information we rounded almost 20 apartments in 6 months' time to get the exact information and facts.

Particularly we observed vehicles which parked at Southeast and Northwest in apartments. Nothing serious issues found in apartment parking areas.

Coming with independent homes and car parking placements, we found very very slight results, that is almost nothing, but we need to express our views and experiences below.

If the garage is in the west of Northwest, traveling will be slightly increased. The car remains in the garage for a short time.

A car parked in the Southeast requires very slight/minor repair work. The floor level of the garage should be sloping towards North or East direction. The Car Shed should not touch the main building as well as the compound wall at Southeast-east if the garage is planned at Southeast.

The garage should not touch the Northwest-north wall if the garage was planned at Northwest. Somebody planning for a Tandem garage, for that also it should not touch the northwest-north wall.

If the Tandem garage may be fixed in any other area other than the main garage, better to take one expert's advice and then only fix the area to be constructed.

There should be a minimum space of 2 feet to 3 feet ( if it's not possible then at least arrange sixteen inches space ) wide all around the garage. A person should be able to circumambulate it on foot without any hindrance. This gap will ensure free movement of light and air all around the living premises and garage.

Never park your car exactly in the northeast. Northeast is the entry point of heavenly forces. An external car garage in the northeast will obstruct these forces. Parking in the northeast is suitable in the basement area only. (This point is not considered for USA, and Canadian homes.)

Always park your car by keeping its face towards north or east (Is it possible to all facing residents?). These are the cool directions.

Your car’s engine will never get overheated provided it in the front portion. Infrared rays (very slight effect) coming from the South direction and west direction may cause a fire hazard if the car is parked facing these directions. (This is also not a serious point, but we wish to provide some hints only because residents always asking these questions.)

The gate of the garage should be in the north or east direction. Its height should be less than the height of the main gate of the compound wall. The gate leaves should open fully without any hindrance.

Which Color Is Suitable For Car Garage:

White, yellow and other light colors are the best for painting the walls of the garage. No waste material or inflammable material or explosive, combustible or dangerous items should not be stored in the garage.

The path in front of the garage should be all clear for the car’s movement. If it does not have sufficient space for a garage; construct a portico for parking the car. It can be constructed in the north or east of northeast in the plot ( read to know about plots extension as per vastu) facing north or east directions.

Touching The Car Garage Portico To The Main Building May Harm?

The external garage portico should not touch the main building, it is not a good feature.

Erect pillars independent from the main building with a cantilever roof. Keep the face of your car towards the North or East direction. North facing car is auspicious for businessmen while East facing car is good for politicians, administrators, and government officers. Other principles of car parking are the same as described above.

Can We Park Our Car Above the Underground Tank Placed at the Northeast Corner of the House?

Nowadays we don't have a place to provide everything to our dream house as per vastu principles. The main entrance towards the Northeast is good, car shed or car parking is good at the Southwest part of the house.

Now coming to the point, we don't have much space to make a path to park the car at Southwest. So we have to compromise based on our availability of area which we bought or having land. Many residents are placing the car parking at the Northeast corner, and there may be a water storage sump or well or bore may be planned for water sources.

Now how to deal with it. Simple, just place the car and forget the other issues. Very simple, or if you particularly require the answer then don't buy the car or don't dig the sump. Compromise on one thing or don't plan for two things.

Why We Should Not Park the Vehicles on Water Storage Sumps?

Water is life. We should not spoil it with mud or dust. It is used for drinking purpose or food preparation or cleaning purposes. So water always should be purified. If we park the vehicles on Water storage sumps, what happens, the dust may fall into the sump, then it may harm your health. Now we are closing the water sump ( Learn more about water sump tips with a tight lid or we packed with steel plates with bars. There may be no chance of dropping the dust. One more important thing is we are purifying the water and then only consuming water for drinking purposes or food preparations.

Can We Park the Car in Northeast Corner?

Now we are in the 21st century. Everybody may not have spacious areas to build their dream houses. Based on the limits of the area we are planning and constructing everything. Car garage is best suitable at Southwest. West and South facing home residents can easily arrange the car garage at Southwest.

North and East facing residents may not have compatibility to arrange car shed at Southwest, because of the space limitation. If residents had spacious land, then the first preference car shed as per vastu is Southwest corner, please note that external southwest is the auspicious placement for car garage not the home inside car garage. Very soon, we will introduce complete information on outside car garage and inside car garage.

Otherwise, North and East facing house owners may adjust garage at either at Northwest or at Southeast areas.

In some areas due to lack of space, many residents parking their car at Northeast corner. We can observe in many cities that the residents parking their vehicles at Northeast. Is this wrong? if so then where should they park their vehicles?, they can leave their vehicles on the roads?

As per vastu, keeping the car at Northeast may be wrong, because the vehicle is overload item, we should not place the heavyweights at Northeast areas. Due to space constraints, except this NE area, we may not provide other places for car parking. In case of keeping the car at the Northeast corner then it is better to dig one round shaped water storage sump towards Northeast corner.

Is Car Garage Touching The Southwest Corner Wall Is Danger:

No problem. The car garage can be constructed on South and West walls. But this garage/car shed should not touch the main house. This is the key point here.

Further, the car garage should not touch the North wall when it was planned towards Northwest area. Car shed should not touch the East wall when it was planned towards the Southeast area.

Northeast area is not at all suitable for Car Shed. Please note that this rule applies to some constructions. In western countries like USA, UK, and even in Eastern countries like Australia and New Zealand the car garage in the Northeast is very common. Out ancient science explained based on "Desa kaalaMaana Paristhithuladrustya". We already explained that law of spreading rule, where more people followed a rule which is negative or positive it may be natural and neutral of that land. Even the negative rules may also become minimized in terms of bad results. The negativity will become neutral when more residents followed the wrong locations.

Off-Street Parking

Off-street parking means parking your vehicle anywhere but on the streets. These are usually parking facilities like garages and lots. Off-street parking can be both indoors and outdoors. Off-street parking also includes private lots, garages and driveways.

One Mr. Sailu asked this question: Sir, I am having the house with East facing. I constructed the house in 2009. I left car parking length of 12.5 feet at that time. Because of insufficient length of newly purchased car I shifted my gate completely 2 feet towards East facing road with steel construction. That means my gate is out of my Plot and extending towards the road of 2 feet. Because of which Eshan corner is inside, not parallel to the gate. In the name of the car garage, the Southeast has extended. Is it create any problem. please clarify.

If you are a vastu expert, just try to provide the answer to Mr. Sailu. You may post your answer at this SubhaVaastu Contact Details link.

vastu for car shedTHIS IS ANIMATION IMAGE, PLEASE WAIT FOR 6 SECONDS TO OBSERVE THE ANIMATION EFFECT. Some plots have a southern-southeast extension like this. In such a situation, one cannot lose that area and in the same way, they need to make it Vastu integration. In such a scenario, this is a good correction. Construct a wall to make separate the Southeast extension and in that Southeast, extension one may construct the garage. Showed two positions for car garage.

Here we are not using the Southeast directly from the home. The Resident can arrange the main gate to his compound wall at Eastern Northeast or East direction. But should not open the Southern Southeast gate or Eastern Southeast gate.

Some residents in India fixed remote controlled sectional doors for their garage, but this is very common in USA, UK and Australia, and other Western countries.

We published some car Vastu tips here Car Garage Vastu Tips

We are continuously struggling here to provide as much as good content for the readers. Our main concept is that every family should be well in this world. Let us know if you have any doubts, we will try our level best to clarify them. We will try our level best to provide the information in different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati.

Is It OK to Have 30 Centimeters Lower Level of Northwest Garage?

Namashkar Suresh Ji, our's is a North directional house and the car garage constructed at Northwest, due to the city council regulations some conditions should be applied. The garage floor should not equivalent to the main house floor level. Is this create any trouble for our family members in the future. I heard that Northwest floor should not be lower than the remaining house floor level, please help in this regard - Manvanth - Perth.

Northwest lower garage floorGenerally, the Northwest area should not be lower or higher than the rest of the other predominant areas in the house. In any case, it should not be at a level lower than the Northeast area of the home. However, if several houses in that area have this same problem then the individual of anyone's home would not have any adverse effects worse than the other people, which means that the problem is easily manageable.

However, the use of the moment of the residents from the low northwest area to the other portions of the house is not as very significant you may not be bothered about the Northwest garage being lower level. For example: if it were the kitchen or a living room the problem becomes serious.

If on the other hand in your neighborhood you are alone uniquely afflicted with this situation then it becomes a vastu problem to be adequately addressed and resolved properly.

Tensile Structure Style Car Parking

tensile structure car parkingDue to lack of place scarcity, new inventions took place for car parking, like fabricated car parking, Tensile structure, fiberglass, Iron mild steel fabricated sheds, stainless steel or metal fabrication sheds, sunshade structures, solar carports, double shallow carport, etc. Out of all these invasions the tensile structure is commonly used in many cities/countries like Dubai, the USA, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Out of all the other materials, the tensile structure is cheap and effective. Generally, these tensile structures won’t attach to the main building instead of concrete based structures connected with the main home or structures to reduce the cost.

Why Most of the Garages Are Left Unfinished?

Ans: The main reason behind this is we don’t need garages for our personal living, the majority of the garages are used for the parking of cars, storing old equipment and other pieces of machinery. Another cause is the short budgets, while the construction of our homes, if we get short of budget, then the garages are left to be completed later.

What Is the Best Flooring Option for Garages?

Ans: As the garage will face some heavy moments of our vehicles several times a day, the quality and the material of its floor must be excellent and long-lasting. Otherwise, the cracks will begin to occur or the tiles, floor, etc. will start to diminish.

Some of the best options:

Polished Concrete Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Rubber Tile Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Stone Flooring

Can the Car Portico Be Extended Till the Southeast Boundary Wall?

Respected Suresh Ji, I have a query for east facing house with a northeast entrance. Can the car portico be extended to the Southeast compound wall? Further, there are two pillars supporting the portico and touching the southern compound wall of the house. Is it correct as per Vastu? Thanks - Srinivasan - Erode.

>>> Respected Srinivasan Ji, for the car, extending the portico towards the Southeast is not a good idea, if you compulsory need to extend then please extend the same portico towards the Northeast too but don't touch the East wall.

Hi Suresh Ji, we wish to make a new gate in order to park our car from this proposed 3rd gate. Please note that there is a well, which will fall exactly in front of the new proposed gate. Moreover, can I keep this as the first entrance gate to the house? Is it okay to park the car right over the well? Is it okay to have the well right in front of what will be the main gate? Can you please guide me on the same? - Shreesh - Nagpur.

>>> Dear Shreesh Ji, If there is a huge place to construct a home, then we can accommodate everything as per Vastu. We cannot follow exact Vastu principles if the land is small. The Northeast water sump is always bestowed with great results. We never keep the well, open. Cover with a strong lid a great effort that protects from dust and sink. For exact answer on this well and vehicle parking, please read water well vastu. In this link, we published the complete information on this question.

External Car Shed Location

Dear Sir, my plot is a West facing square plot of 10 cents. House of 1000 SFT is located in the middle facing North. I wish to construct an external Car shed. Space is available on all 4 sides. Kindly let me know where and how to construct the car shed in my plot - Benvit - Kanyakumari.

>>>Smt. Benvit Ji, if there is an availability of space around the entire home, then the resident may plan an external car shed at the Southwest location, this is the most suitable location.

Unveiling the Role of Garages in USA Homes: Integral Spaces or Separate Entities?

garage in USASureshji, is garage considered as a part of the house or not? In USA normally the garages are attached to the house. Our home in Dallas is having inside garage only. Please suggest - Raaavi - Dallas - Texas.

>>> Dear Raaavi Ji, in the U.S., garages are typically considered an integral part of the home, especially when attached, as they provide direct access to the house for convenience and security. Your Dallas home with an inside garage follows this common practice, enhancing the property's functionality and value. Such a setup not only offers shelter for vehicles but can also serve as additional storage or a workspace. Thus, your garage is indeed a significant component of your home.

City Council Rules Accept Garage if The Floor Should Have 30 cm Lower Level.

Dear Shri Suresh Ji, we are constructing a North facing home and garage located at Northwest, unfortunately, our city council never accepts the garage if this floor is equivalent to the main home floor. I heard that the NW floor should not be lower than the remaining home floor, I am a bit worried about this point - Sanvi - Melbourne.

>>> Smt. Salvi Ji, No need to worry about this point. Based on local rules, many principles were slightly changed from country to country. This is a very common feature to have 30 cm (1 ft) for the garage to access the road. Need not worry about this point. In many countries majority of homes should have a garage & its floor depression may be must to access the road, otherwise, arranging a driveway may be difficult.

Vastu Questions

+17 #11 Car garage placement as per vastuJyoti Das 2017-04-20 03:52
Respected sir, I don't know what is God's decision tomorrow brings better for me, but I am sure to get wonderful blessings from almighty very soon. So as I just connected this Subhavaastu.com website. This is a sign of luck which I am greatly expecting. Thank God for your unlimited showering on me to have connected with good people. Total how many members are working for this website sir, this is one of the excellent website. Sir, we have one north facing home, we don't have much space. In northeast position we have our mandir then.we have some space where we are thinking of making our RCC car garage with stairs above the garage we are thinking of rice storage we have no other space. is this correct or there is some remedy to solve the problem.
+13 #10 Vastu for car interiorKumar Varma 2016-12-25 11:44
Sir, we built the home with car garage at southwest. Is there any vastu for car interior. I feel it very unworthy idea, but somebody is directed us to have vastu for car interior. How this will work. That is why you clearly mentioned car interior vastu. Your website is eyes opener. Very very kind of you for publishing such a bonzer content.
+16 #9 Northeast car garage is good as per vastuKBDS 2016-11-14 19:12
Dear Sir, we are planning to buy a house in USA Greenville SC. It is northeast facing. Kitchen is in northwest direction, the person cooking has to face west. Master bed in southwest.. We like plan, area & price for this house. Is it OK? I ask this particularly because of garage location & kitchen. Your website is fantastic. My heartful appreciations. Please advise.
+32 #8 Garage for Northeast facing houseAnu 2016-03-22 02:01
Respected sir, this is one of the best vastu website on internet. We almost procure very good information. Still, we have some doubt to be cleared. We live in New Jersey (USA) and planning to build a house. According to the house plan the garage is in North-East corner of the house for an east facing house because that is the only option we have as we enter the kitchen from the garage as that is how the plans are usually are. So I can't move the gate to any other direction. Can u please tell me is that any remedy or option we have. And is it really bad to have a barge in north-east.
+16 #7 Vastu for car parking in north facing houseSeema 2015-06-03 10:31
Respected Sir, thank you so much for publishing all vastu for car interior, serving humankind. You have noble thoughts. God bless you sir. Need to know about vastu for automobile workshop. I have one two wheeler for my kid, please provide the information for vastu for two wheeler, where we should keep the two wheeler in our home, which direction is best to keep the two-wheeler in the home. My sister house is West facing so need garage vastu for west facing house also. Looking forward for the positive reply. Thanks again.
+11 #6 Vastu for car parking in TamilJayasree 2015-03-18 13:26
Dear sir, it was a sheer accident to visit this website for another article, fortunately, I came to this car garage vastu link. It is indeed vast useful article and clear most of our doubts. Anyway, to know answer for my specific question, which is the best car parking area at home as per vastu. Ours is East facing house. Like to know about garage vastu for east facing house. Where should we keep the car in the garage, how to arrange the driveway to the garage. Many thanks.
+14 #5 Garage vastu for east facing houseShenbaga Devi 2014-11-25 08:57
Respected Suresh Sir, I have some doubts on garage vastu for east facing house. How to arrange the garage for east facing house. Is it good to have the garage at Northeast or southeast. Some say here that Northeast is good. Some explained to have it at Southeast. I am confused. Please guide us which is the best location.
+10 #4 Car garage vastu for South facing houseShanavas 2014-09-28 08:37
My dear sir, which is the best place for car garage as per vastu for South facing home. Further, where should we keep the two wheeler in our house. Is vastu for two wheeler is also important in vastu?
+14 #3 Car park entranceSajith K 2014-09-10 10:52
Dear Suresh Ji, My house plot is East facing,So I have designed my car park on southeast side, in this case where I can design entrance of plot & car porch? if I design north east side main gate,then car will cross the yard, space will loose, where is the exact place in main entrance?. Further, please tell me vastu for car colour and vastu for car portico. In this car garage vastu, is there any car colour is preferred and is there any specific car number also recommended.
+25 #2 Car Parking Vastu IssuesBenjamin 2014-05-04 11:09
Hi dear Suresh, your writings establishes that we should not construct the garage towards external northeast, if so what about western countries construction system, how to manage this issue without getting any negative impacts to people. As per your writings, I understood that, we should not construct the car garage outside of the home at Northeast. But on the same way, this external garage is good at Southwest, good information. thanks. Appreciate your hardship through this website.
+20 #1 Vastu For Car ParkingJacinto 2014-04-02 10:11
Hola Suresh, My brother recommended this blog. He was once entirely right. This put up truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Why don't you release one handy book on vastu for car parking in house and car parking place as per vastu. Waiting for your beautiful handbook on car garage vastu. Thank you!
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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