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56 Things We Should Know About Kitchen Vastu | Sink And Number Of Stove Burners | Kitchen Vastu Dosh Remedies

Kitchen VastuSome areas Kitchen is called as hearth, Oven, cuisine, cooking room, culinary, canteen, Pantry, Kitchenette, cookery, Rasoee, dine, barbeque etc is the most important factor in Vastu. Southeast direction is the ideal location for the Kitchen as per Vastu.

Please note that some kitchen principles published on this page may not apply to many countries like USA, Malaysia, UK, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Germany, UAE, Canada, Singapore, etc. We published the reasons in our website.

1. What Is The Best Ideal Location For Kitchen As Per Vastu?

Southeast is the best location for the kitchen in the home as per Vastu.

2. Which is the Second Best Location For Kitchen In Our House?

Northwest is the 2nd best location for the kitchen in the house as per Vastu.

3. Is Northeast Kitchen Is Good As Per Vastu?

Kitchen towards the Northeast is not good. Avoid placing the kitchen in the Northeast of the house.

4. What Troubles Generally Faced By The Residents if The Kitchen Is Towards Northeast?

Normally, the Northeast kitchen may results in disputes between family members in the home, unrest, misunderstanding between the members of the house, worries and tensions, unnecessary heavy expenditure, (matter is from www.subhavaastu.com), increasing the impotency, female domination, the household money gets spent fast, there are always tensions and quarrels going on and any kind of accident may befall the people of the household and some other issues which we don't like to express here, only because of troubles which causing from Northeast kitchen, some residents asking Northeast kitchen Vastu remedies and tips. Please note that the issues will be heavier if the island is located in the Kitchen, otherwise many homes skip these troubles based on construction style, system, other Vastu impacts.

5. Kitchen Towards Southwest Is Acceptable As Per Vastu?

Avoiding a kitchen in the Southwest room is recommended to prevent potential difficulties and worries for the owner. Based on our experiences, residents often encounter various challenges with a Southwest kitchen. If there is already a kitchen in the Southwest, it is advisable to consult a Vastu expert. We have observed many homes in the USA with Southwest kitchens and have provided numerous remedies after carefully analyzing the entire house floor plan. Blind Vastu tipsmay not yield the desired results in this context.

6. Is North Kitchen In The Home Is Auspicious?

We have come across many homes in the USA that have North-facing kitchens. Interestingly, in India, the majority of experts still do not approve of a North direction kitchen. However, in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta, New Delhi, etc., we have noticed numerous flats and few homes with North kitchens. Despite this, not all residents of such homes suffer from losses or health problems. According to the law of spreading in Vastu, many rules and adverse effects may change, leading to a dilution of negativity and a reduction in its impact.

6a.What is the Difference Between a Kitchen Room or a Kitchen Place, and Does This Variance Impact Vastu Principles Differently?

Kindly be aware that there is a distinction between a "Kitchen Room" and the a "Kitchen Place". In India 99% + homes have Kitchen rooms only, whereas in the USA, 99% + homes have only "Kitchen Places" that are connected with the Family room. In the USA, we typically have designated "Kitchen Places", and this aspect should play a significant role in determining the outcome. This point has a great value, that residents should note.

7. Kitchen At Brahmasthan Is Ok As Per Vastu?

We found some homes have kitchens at the center of the homes. Particularly, we can find them in USA, Australia, UK, and Canada, etc. If it is not obstructing the Southwest master bedroom NE walks, then it won't hurt anyway, otherwise, need to do some remedies or best to choose another home to buy, instead of buying a Brahmasthan kitchen home, or get proper guidance from experienced Vastu pandit, he will guide further.

8. Can A Kitchen Be In Northwest Direction?

The kitchen can be suitable at the Northwest part of the home. Residents happily plan the kitchen at Northwest. Some residents ask Northwest kitchen is good or bad, no doubt, the Northwest kitchen is good, indeed this is the second best place after the Southeast kitchen.

9. Which is the Best Barbeque Placement as Per Vastu

Barbeque (is also called a rotisserie, grill, hibachi, braaivleis, BBQ, brazier, barbie, roast cookout, hangi, Bar-B-Q) is very common in the USA and in some other countries, we have noticed that some homes in Norway, UK, Australia, and New Zealand maintaining barbeque in their homes, in India, only a few homes have a barbeque.

Some residents have a doubt that "Which place is best suitable for Barbeque in their home as per Vastu?"

We have to check where is the house is located, in which country the house built. If the home is in the USA, then the barbecue will come only at the backyard, not in the front yard or inside the home. Now we will discuss Barbecue's position in all directions.

For an east facing house, the barbeque (outside/external) best location is northwest. Some kept barbeque at Southwest but SW is not an appropriate place for Barbeque.

For north facing house the barbeque best suitable place is Southeast. Please note that Southwest is not an appropriate place to keep the grill for North facing homes.

For West facing house grill would be perfectly suitable at Southeast, don't keep barbeque at Northeast location.

For South facing house, the barbeque right place is towards Northwest. Don't keep the grill barbeque at Northeast corner.

In South Africa, we observed the Barbecue very near to the Kitchen. If residents are capable of bearing the smell then no problem. But barbecue is not suitable in the Southwest parts of the property. Normally, residents, financial position may be weak when there is a fire at Southwest.

10. What Are Top Guidelines For Kitchen Vastu?

  • Whichever direction the home might face, it is best to have the kitchen in the Southeast direction.
  • The cooking stove should be placed in the Southeast and it should be lit facing the East. By doing so, the house owner’s health and peace of mind increases.
  • Give some importance to the kitchen in house construction, better to place an exhaust fan compulsory at the kitchen (matter is from www.subhavaastu.com).
  • Even if your kitchen is having a wide range of windows or heavy air flow, in that situation also an exhaust fan is required.
  • Sink also better to fitted towards the Northeast corner of the kitchen.
  • Several visitors raising so many questions on this sink. Some of the vaastu consultants expressing their views that if the sink came towards any other direction except Northeast corner. In our experience, we did not find serious damages if the water sink was placed other than Northeast.
  • Having pleasant airflow, setting with good sunlight then inhabitants enjoy in their rich houses in their gourmet kitchen, a fine connoisseur of good food and well drink, residents had joy with epicure. It is important for people to take quality food to strengthen their physical power, and moreover, nutritious food makes them energetic. Kids' mental abilities improve. Always keep the kitchen more beautiful and particularly clean and tidy.
  • At no cost should the stove be lit facing the South or North (this point is not considered to USA, UK, Australia homes). One vastu consultant in New Jersey expressed his opinion, that lighting the stove facing towards North is a dangerous act, later again he accepted that it is not implied for the USA homes, it is also same happened with vastu consultant in New York, following vastu principles strengthening the positivity in the home, but we should understand in which country we are dealing with vastu.
  • In a South facing house, it might be difficult to have the kitchen in the Southeast hence the kitchen may be set up in the Northwest room.
  • In a Northwest kitchen, the stove has to be placed in the South-East and the person lighting it should always face the East.
  • In North-West kitchen, (matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) the stove can be placed in the North-West at West, only when it is inevitable. By doing so, the stove faces the East and the person lighting the stove faces the West. As a result, the guests coming to the house increases and the women have to frequently light up the stove more often for coffee and other refreshments for the guests. Some residents like guests. They are always looking for guests to be visiting their homes.
  • It is not that the kitchen should not be set up in the South, West, or South-West rooms. If already placed then try to shift it to the South-East room. If unavoidable, then the stove has to be placed in the south-East in East, facing the West and the stove should be lit facing the East.
  • People newly constructing houses should see that the kitchen should not be set up in the South-West, West or South rooms, as these directions are very good for bedrooms for the house owner and his children to sleep in.

11. Is It Good To Touch The Southeast Room Kitchen Platform Towards East Wall?

Some say that "in a kitchen, the Eastern slab should not touch the Eastern wall", but it's not easy to follow this principle, because the platform towards the Southeast including the East may not touch the Eastern wall then the dust or used items, food particles may fall into that gap and it creates lots of double work and increasing bad odor or sensation. The most important thing is we should maintain good health, thereafter anything we can follow.

The platform may not be a solid structure, it should have space to provide to keep household kitchen utensils including gas cylinders.

12. What Are Best Places For Attics In The Kitchen?

In a kitchen, the storage shelves/slabs and attics should be in the South and West including the Southwest too. Attics should not be planned to store articles in the East and North particularly at Northeast. The shelves, slabs, and attics best suitable towards South and West.

13. What Location Is Suitable For Fridge In Kitchen As Per Vastu?

Always try to keep heavier articles like refrigerators, grinding machines, heavy vessels, and water storage drums placed at South, West, and Southwest areas. In certain conditions, residents cannot keep the fridge at West, South, and Southwest locations, then they can keep it at Northwest place. Maximum try not to keep the refrigerator at Northeast.

If anybody plans for the storage rooms then Southwest is the best suitable, some homes this storage rooms may be an extension to the Southeast room, but it's not like Lobe or flattish or projecting from the main home towards South, this extension may be inside the home only, this is also a good idea to have if it was planned like such a fissure type towards Southwest observe on what walls this room is built.

Don't elevate the floor level of the storeroom that is towards the Southwest of this Southeast kitchen, if it is mandatory to increase the floor level then the level should be below the home Southwest quadrant floor level.

14. What Are Good And Bad Placements Of Stove In The Kitchen?

Vastu for KitchenHere kitchen entrance is towards Northwest-west. Observe the stove placements shows with animation moment. Please note that if the entire house is according to Vastu shastra principles if only this kitchen may be some sort of wrong placement, then it is not the biggest issue to be faced. If the house is not according to vaastu, then we have to think on each and every point.

15. Is Northeast Entrance Mandatory For the Kitchen?

kitchen VastuThere is no condition to have the Northern Northeast entrance door for the Southeast kitchen. In this image the entrance is marked as Northern Northeast, indeed this is a good place to have a door for the kitchen. If there is an opportunity to plan the NNE door then better to provide pad space for this door and the east wall which is shown in this image, this would help to access the kitchen and not touch the Eastern kitchen platform when residents enter into the kitchen.

16. What is the Suitable Placement of External Kitchen?

kitchen vastu in TeluguIn previous days our elders say we have to maintain only one stove, on those days they are using only firewood burning for food making. On those days they are very cautious on every part of life, they planned to construct the kitchen/scullery/canteen/cookhouse at outside of the home, even today also in many villages still villagers require to construct the kitchen outside only.

What is it mean, those days our elders don’t have fire-fighting engines, firefighters, gas stoves, exhaust fans, etc. Fire is very often used in the kitchen, those days homes built with wood or wooden sheds for the roofs. To prevent fire accidents they like to have kitchens only outside of the main home.

Nowadays we are not using firewood for cooking the food, we are modern people with all variety of deceases and we plan everything in western country styles. We are using only gas stoves, that to stove is compulsory (matter is from subhavaastu.com) which is kept on the kitchen platform.

Our elders are gentlemen and more cautious on life security. Kitchen means fire, those days they are using the firewood for cooking and the top is also made with bamboo’s, there is a right possibility of fire of the house, so they planned to build it out from the house, that is the main reason our elders have constructed the kitchen not to touch the main homes.

17. External Kitchen Constructed At Southeast Location

kitchen Vastu tips hindiAnother angle view. Provide some space towards the South wall. The distance between the main house and kitchen should be less than the distance between the kitchen and the Eastern wall. (Generally, villagers do construct like this way). Very few Villa owners like to have an outside kitchen. Still, villagers require to construct a kitchen outside only.

In the above image please observe the arrow mark it shows that the gap in between the south compound wall and the kitchen.

Example of One Resident Who Loves to Have Outside Kitchen in USA.

Suresh Prabhu, Wow, thank you so much! I learned a lot from that article. My husband recently built our entire house vVastu compliant, and I really feel the difference. Visitors say the same thing. What I would really love even more is a kitchen in the southeast, but outside the house, as pictured in your article the way villagers set it up and how I see them on YouTube cook very simply. So smart. Safer. And so much cleaner. And healthier if you have open fresh air coming in on nice days. In my perfect Vastu house, I’d like to get the toilets outside, too. But in America that would be quite unusual. Still, it’s a nice to dream about. Hare Krishna. All glories to your service - NP Johnson.

18. Where Should We Keep Kitchen Utensils as Per Vastu

Kitchen utensils placement as per VastuWe took this image in a small village in Madhya Pradesh. They arranged all the Kitchen utensils in the South, West, and Southwest directions. This is acceptable. Best to "avoid" arranging the Kitchen Utensils in the North and East directions if they are heavy and open to visible as shown in this image.

19. What is a Good Location For Kitchen In The House?

kitchen Vastu directionThe best placement of kitchen in the house in Southeast. This is Agni moola (Mula or agni kon). Best suitable for kitchen or fire is at Southeast. Southeast is Agni Bhagavan placement, and Northwest is Vayu Bhagavan placement, without Vayu, Agni cannot lit, so, Southeast and Northwest are the best places for Kitchen, this is the basic principle for placing the kitchen in the house.

Please note that this rule may not be applicable to all countries residents. While residents planning to make a home in India then they may keep this point in mind to arrange the Kitchen either at Southeast or at Northwest.

20. Is Northwest Kitchen Is Good As Per Vastu?

Northwest kitchen VastuIn a home the Northwest direction is the 2nd best option for the Kitchen. Here the measurements of the Northwest kitchen and the door placement has a vital role in achieving quality results. A small mistake may damage the finances, quarrels, heavy expenditure and may lead to mental agony. This room dimension may be good if East and West measurement is more than the North and South if the door is located in Southern Southeast for this kitchen.

If the Kitchen door is located in the Eastern Northeast for this Northwest kitchen then this North to South heavy measurement may not trouble the residents.

21. Is Southwest Kitchen is Good as Per Vastu?

Vastu for kitchen utility areaSoutheast or Northwest directions are the best suitable directions for the Kitchen. If Agni (Kitchen or Hearth) is located towards the Southeast or Northwest then residents may have good health and strength and it brings positive energy to the place. Generally, we never recommend our respected client residents to have a Southwest kitchen. If Kitchen is constructed in the wrong places, it may damage health and strength or negative energy may develop in that property.

In our observation, we found that the owner/resident loses money and control of the house when the Kitchen is located in the Southwest direction. Moderate kitchens are also not suitable for Southwest locations.

Normally, ladies prepare the food in the Kitchen, if the Kitchen is located in the Southwest then male members may not regularly visit the Southwest area. If male members missed visiting the Southwest then they may lose control of several things.

22. Is Southwest Kitchen Giving Different Results In Two Floor Homes?

This question is perfectly applied to USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Norway homes. If there is one home with two floors, the first floor is having a Kitchen, living room, home office, guest bedroom, pooja room, etc.

In the second floor if the master bedroom constructed towards Southwest and other kids' rooms constructed at the remaining places, then at this moment, the kitchen on the ground floor may be at Southwest, this may not be giving bag packed of countable troubles.

So keep in mind the days are changing, the system, style, accommodation of rooms are planned as per convenience and present-day lifestyle.

All Southwest direction Kitchens may not be the danger if the home has two floors as discussed here. However we never recommend Southwest kitchen, generally, we are going with some remedies, based on the availability of area, if there is no spacious area available then better to choose another house to buy.

23.Is It Good to Arrange Northeast Kitchen?

Northeast kitchen VastuNortheast kitchen spoils the flow of positive energy into house. This place is for water. Particularly water and fire do not tie up and they cannot together, they have anti-chemical actions. If hearth came towards Northeast corner then heavy expenditure appears and there is a chance of more damage to males. Northeast Oven exhausts all the riches like a vapor, renders the male residents impotent, and reduces them to the stage of destitute.

Hearth towards Northeast means self-immolation. In some cases, it may affect the loss or absence of male progeny. It may also affect children's development. Expert Vastu Consultants can recommend the solutions after visiting the property.

24. How Many Burners For The Stove In Kitchen Is Good?

Regarding Burners in the kitchen, there is no count on these burners, residents may plan for 3 burners or 2 burners or 4 burners stove to be placed in the kitchen. Even one burner is also not a problem. Faith is different and Vastu is different. Don't see the odd burners of stove burners. Thanks to Vineet Dewan, Hyderabad.

Rekha Ji Experience with 3 Burners Stove

Dear Sir, we are living in this current home for the past 12 years. Our kitchen has 3 burners stove, it was erected in the year 2011, thereafter we never feel any difference in the results. Just a few days back (August 2018), some neighbors casually visited our home and observed our 3 burners stove and stated that this 3 burner stove create bickering in the home. We are shocked by knowing this information. Is it really bad if we use 3 burners stove? If it is so, we never faced any troubles in the past several years. Please let us know shall we certainly need to remove this stove and shift to 2 burners stove only? - Rekha - Bangalore.

Two Burner Stove Models

vastu for kitchen in Tamil

vastu for kitchen in Hindi

Three Burner Stove Models

Three Burners Vastu
northwest kitchen vastu remedies
Three burner stove in Kitchen:

kitchen in north direction vastuOne resident sent this image for verification purpose, please note that no problem when three burners or two burners or four burners in the kitchen. In case if any resident faced troubles afer using the stove with 3 burners, let us know, we will definitely publish as a case study.

25. Where to Wash Utensils (Dishes) in the Kitchen?

Generally in villages the residents used to clean the dishes at outside only, many homes have such open areas and provision to clean their utensils.

Whereas in cities it is hard to find such spacious areas to clean the utensils. it may be the reason in many homes, residents, generally keeping the used dishes at sink only.

If we ask to provide a good place for keeping all such used utensils at any other areas other than the sink, the city people may For the city people, there is no need to say about this answer, but for the villagers or town living people those have the provision to clean the dishes at outside.

It is better to wash the plates at East, North and half part of the Northeast direction, don't wash exactly towards Northeast, avail some vacant space towards Northeast (read Northeast facing house vastu content) and do ask your servants to clean the dishes as per your directions.

If the kitchen is located at towards Southeast then cleaning the utensils not so easy to carry dishes all the way to Northeast, North or East directions, for them, arrange one scullery or a small part of the area towards Southeast and ask your servants to clean dishes or used plates there only, the used water has to move towards East or North or Northeast.

kitchen Vastu remediesHonestly speaking constructing island in cookery area is too facilitates to the ladies who are doing mouth-watering dishes in Kitchen. Island is the best facilitator for the preparations of many things. If one has habituated to the island, they can't do work without the island in Kitchen.

Island in kitchen is very common in Western countries like USA, UK, Germany, Canada etc. They were well adapted for this Island facilitation in the Kitchen.

27. Is Center Kitchen in the Home is Giving Any Bad Results?

We can find many homes that have a central kitchen in countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc, whereas this center kitchen is not a normal feature for Indian properties. We found the majority of homes in USA have center kitchens. Unfortunately, this kitchen should have an island. 99% of kitchens in the USA have islands. Indeed this island is a very convenient feature.

Based on island placement in the kitchen, residents experience different results. For example, if the master bedroom is at the Southwest location and the kitchen is in the center of the home, and if the island blocks the northeast.

In certain conditions, this island may obstruct positivity. If the island is not obstructing the Northeast walks of the southwest bedroom, then residents may try to find other mistakes in the home, if nothing problems found, then they may send their offer.

If there is no island for center kitchens, then the center kitchen also works well for other country properties. Please note that we are not expressing our views on Indian homes in this regard.

In some cities, few homes built with prep kitchens (Preparation Kitchens), some rich families maintaining kitchen and pantry and prep kitchen too. Most of them are considered to be substitute kitchens only, not the main kitchen.

In India many villagers even today maintaining separate kitchens at their house boundary premises. Inside the home, there is one kitchen and outside of the home there is another kitchen, residents are more interested to prepare food outside the kitchen only.

Honestly speaking based on many factors food preparation at the kitchen which is outside is safe and good for health too.

Different Kitchen Island Model

Island in Kitchen as per vastuThere are several Kitchen island models, this is a one which has a different style and look.

If a home has Southeast Street Focus, then best to avail Southeast kitchen only to minimize at least some ill-effects of the SE street focus.

28. Can We Construct The Pooja Room In Kitchen?

Yes, nowadays it is a very common arrangement due to a lack of availability place. If the puja room is in the kitchen then it is advised to arrange a door to it. Open puja room at the kitchen is not advised, because respected ladies may have 3/5 days monthly menstrual problem, if not possible to arrange the door to pooja room, then somewhat maintain a curtain to Pooja room.

29. Can We Use Indolium Items in Kitchen?

Don't use the indolium utensils in the Kitchen. Generally, many residents calling Indolium items as silver items in the kitchen. Aluminum conducts heat quickly and is quite durable, in many countries residents widely this Indolium utensils. However, when heated, aluminum reacts with acidic foods such as vinegar & tomatoes. This reaction can lead to food poisoning and may lead to nausea and even stomach problems. If your home has Indolium items, please change them to either steel or some other safe material for humans.

30. What are the Best Water Sink Placements In The Kitchen?

The best placement for the water sink in the kitchen is Northeast direction. Second best is either the East direction or the North direction.

Water outlets may not reach certain areas for free flow or some other reason, many residents do not fix the sink towards the Northeast corner. In such cases, some residents planned to fix the sink towards the South or Southeast, or Southwest parts of the platform.

Please note that the sink is towards the South or Southwest corner of the "PLATFORM" is certainly not a bad phenomenon. The water sink is not below the ground floor level of the kitchen, it is only in the platform. Though this is a very minor mistake but it never hurt residents, unnecessarily don't get worried about this small point.

31. Remedy for the Southwest Water Sink In Kitchen

We clearly checked these issues, no one has complained when they have the sink towards South or Southwest or Southeast, even it is towards West or Northwest (Sink towards West or Northwest are rare). If residents are continuously worried on this problem, then they may keep some water in a small bowl, at the Northeast corner of the kitchen to balance it.

Another remedy, If inhabitants feel any negative results due to only this sink, or if feel inconvenient with this sink in the name of Vastu, then simple remedy is just close the sink with one solid wood or plastic plank after use. It means temporarily closing the sink.

Now our life is accustomed to apartment, many residents don't have independent houses. Generally, we cannot remove the water sink or shift it from one place to another place, because of water outlet pipes fitting, so closing it with a lid or plank is the best idea.

Please note that placement of the Kitchen in the house is important rather than worrying about stove, sink, platform, and other minor things, anyway we are presenting more in-depth knowledge on this point.

32. What Are the Correct Placements Of Stove And Sink In the Kitchen?

Vastu for kitchen colorIn this image, the Kitchen platform was constructed at the East wall, and the stove is placed at Southeast and sink placed at almost Northeast part by leaving some space at NE. There is another platform that is constructed in the West direction, the door is in the North direction of this kitchen. This is the perfect system.

33. Is Exact Northeast Sink in the Kitchen Harm Harmony in the Home?

sink placement in kitchen as per VastuBoth above images are same. Only the difference is sink located exactly at the Northeast without leaving any space. This is not a point to worry. If possible please leave some space in between the kitchen North wall and this sink.

Based on this rule, some residents provide "only" 2 to 3 inches gap in the Northeast corner after the sink, in such case the residents always clean food particles and dust form in that gap. This may be pathetic to inhabitants.


If we left only 2 inches or 3 inches gap, then there is no possibility to clean that small gap regularly because of lack of accessibility, our hands never go inside to clean up that narrow area.

If dust forms then generally bacteria will develop, automatically health issues may arise, be careful with such ideas. Health is most important than any other remaining aspect.

34. Is Water Sink At Southeast Corner Is Good?

northwest kitchen as per vastuIn some houses sink places towards Southeast corner. Due to some limitations or piping design system, sink maybe placed at Southeast. Is this right or wrong? Please note that originally, sink means just like a dig / hole / sump / depression / pit / pond / cavity / cylindrical depression/sunk into the earth.

We are not digging anything for this sink, whatever the sink was placed is not hollow out on earth or on the floor, in spite of this, the sink is placed only on the platform, not on the floor.

So don't consider it as a hole on the ground or floor or earth. Don't worry on this point.

Peace in the family is important. If a house has this Southeast sink, unnecessarily don't get worried. Just forget it. Generally, there are major and minor Vastu problems in the houses, this is not the major problem, please relax.

35. Water Sink At South Direction Is Acceptable As Per Vastu?

kitchen Vastu colourSink came towards the South part of the kitchen, what happens, nothing problem found since today. We publish data here only once we get our personal observation of the cases or getting genuine information from our clients. Otherwise, we never publish points based on imagination.

Case Study: Devika Rani From Hyderabad, they had South water sink and living in that home from 2009. They are indeed very good in all means.

Case Study: Sandeep, living in Bangalore, had water sink in the South direction. No complaints at all.

Case Study: Mallika From Adyar, Chennai, they had South sink in their kitchen, and living in that home from 2014. Did not heard any negative points on this sink.

36. Having a Water Sink In The Southwest Direction Is Bad?

kitchen vastu locationNow sink position came towards Southwest, basically, southwest should not have sumps, as we already discussed above, this sink is not on the floor, it is only on platform. We never get any negative reviews on this SW sink. Residents never claimed this SW sink as a negative. We visited one apartment which has a total of 65 flats out of them, 32 flats has Southwest direction sink. Please accelerate to remove any other Vastu dosh in the home rather than thinking on minor points.

37. Is West Sink At Kitchen Really Damage Resident's Health?

kitchen vastu designSomebody stated that this west sink damage ladies' health, don't get afraid of such words. No health damages found when the sink was placed towards West part if the kitchen was exactly constructed at Southeast in the home.

38. Is Northwest Sink Is Good Or Bad?

kitchen Vastu dishaWe did not come across this Northwest sink placement. Our thought is it won't hurt residents anyway. If so, that would be a very minor problem which residents cannot even find them.

39. Is North Sink Multiplies The Fortune?

kitchen in north vastu remediesIn some vastu books it is mentioned that sink towards North is good in the kitchen, it may be, but such fortune may be very very slight even residents cannot score the total. Generally, sink should be immediately next to the stove, then it will accommodate the real usage. If it is too far, how can ladies handle things?. Possibility and accessibility is most important than vastu, given importance to Vastu is perfectly acceptable, but strange things we cannot follow, it is important in vastu.

Usage of water sink is most important for ladies, it should be very near to the stove, whether that place may be either wrong or right.

40. Are Measurements Important For The Kitchen?

Northwest kitchen is good or badThis cuisine room is at Southeast and it has East to West is longer than the North to South directions. Northern Northeast door is highly recommended if the Kitchen dimensions are shown in this way. This dimension kitchen is constructed in any home, if the Northeast was cut in the name of car parking or any other reason, then this dimension kitchen may damage peace in the home.

41. North To South Extended Kitchen

Southwest kitchen Vastu remediesObserve the difference in the measurement of this room and above image dimensions twice. Now, this is North to South more measured than the East to West, this is excellent when it was planned towards Southeast. Wherever the door for this measured room is situated in the Northwest or the west it won't damage the inhabitants. In the same way, this measurement kitchen won't fit in the Northwest direction. In case if the door exists at Northeast-east for NW kitchen then this measurement suits.

42. Is It Good to Merge Utility Area With Kitchen?

Bahumanappeṭṭa Sar, we are planning to merge the kitchen and Utility area. The kitchen is coming in the southeast, south side of the kitchen there is a small utility area. We are planning to remove the wall and make it as a single big kitchen. In that case, is it ok to have 2 sinks. One in north side and another big sink in South side - Siva - Kannur- Kerala.

>>> Dear Shri Siva Ji, yes, you can merge the utility area of Southern Southeast to the current Southeast kitchen.

43. Can I Have a Kitchen in Northwest of a Diagonal House Facing Northeast?

Dear Suresh Ji, we bought one Northeast facing home and the kitchen located at Northwest of an inclined home facing towards the Northeast. Doing alterations may not be possible here in UK, everything is expensive. Let me know is this a major defect or shall I continue with the same inclined kitchen. The earlier owners (the old couple) moved to Manchester. I await your reply - Kumar - Reading - UK.

>>> Dear Shri Kumar Ji, it is very tough to get an exact Vastu principled home in UK. Northwest kitchen is acceptable and it is 2nd best after Southeast Kitchen. This feature is enough and it is not advisable to go deeper and deeper analysis to verify whether every aspect is as per Indian Vastu principles or not, if so, we may not get exact principled homes. To nullify this small mistake, best to arrange one Diya at the Southeast of this room. Lit it first and later complete your cooking and then you can turn off this Diya.

44. Which is the Best Stove Placement for Northwest Kitchen?

In South facing houses or in some houses, some residents plan their kitchen towards the Northwest area, instead of Southeast.

The kitchen or hearth platform may be constructed towards the West wall not touching the Northern wall. So the dish may be prepared by facing towards the West.

At this moment the sink may plan towards the Northwest and not touch the North wall, the best position for the sink is towards East or North. But it may not possible to fix these directions. The next best place is the Northwest corner without touching the North wall.

The best and most suitable place for stove or hearth position at Northwest room is Southeast corner, cook food faces towards East and stove is facing west, this is the ideal placement if it is not possible then construct the stove platform to West wall.

45. Is Eastern Southeast Extending Kitchen is Good?

Sometimes some inhabitants may raise the Southeast-east part in the name of Kitchen, they thought that extending the Southeast is good. But this extension leads to Southeast-east extension and such an arrangement increases Eastern Southeast, which is bad.

46. Pray God Agni Maharaj Before Cooking

In a Kitchen the stove should be kept on a seat or platform, but not on the floor, it is our duty to invite Agni Maharaj the fire God, with due respect to our House. It is preferable for the one who cooks, to light the stove after taking bath with a Namaskar to Agni Dev. The first part of the food should be offered to Agni Dev and get his blessings.

47. What Are Do's and Don'ts of Electric Stove Placement?

Some residents (particularly students, bachelors, employees, singles, paying guest houses, single women at rented properties, etc) are using only Electrical stoves like Induction cooktops or induction bottom cookware, etc, where we have to keep it at Kitchen, if there is no gas stove at kitchen then please place this cooktop at Southeast corner only. If there is a gas stove then place this cooktop at East, adjacent near to the gas stove.

48. Accommodating the Cooking Induction Hob As Per Vastu

In some countries like homes in Netherlands or homes in Sweden or in many cold countries, they may or may not use the gas stoves, the majority of residents use only a cooking induction hob, and several residents looking for Vastu positions for this cooking induction hob. Instead of using these cooking induction hobs exactly at Southwest, best to use this cooking induction hob in the Southeast direction in the home. Many homes do not have such a facility to arrange cooking induction hobs at Southeast, please note that the fire is different and the heating instrument is different. This cooking induction hob is not a serious issue. But best to avoid keeping at Southwest and Northeast. Maximum try to face towards East while cooking with this cooking induction hob, or otherwise face towards West direction.

Always keeping fire element only towards Southeast. Somebody has doubts that using Gas cooker Electric cooker, both have the same impact because Gas cooker gives real fire flame.

Electric cooker gives heat only. Well, the answer is always the same as we discussed above. These gas stoves and Electric cookers or Electric stoves are meant for cooking food only. Best to keep them at Southeast, if there is no space then can keep in other available locations in the Kitchen.

Otherwise East. If there is no space towards East then find it a place to keep in some other directions in the Kitchen. Maximum try, not to keep electrical cooker at Northeast place. Kitchen placement in the Southeast is always preferred, the small mistakes in this Southeast kitchen may not lead to the suffering of the inhabitants.

Due to space constraints, we cannot find spacious locations always in view of maintaining exact Vastu principles. If Kitchen is not towards Southeast or Northwest then only we have to take care on all tiny things where to keep, how to keep etc. Other than that nothing problem happens. Just cook food and eat and enjoy, that's all forever.

Question from Balaji From Hyderabad

Dear sir, my kitchen is of size 10ft by 7ft . from east to west it is 10 feet and from South to North, it is 7 feet in that platform of granite is of 2ft. It is L-shaped. The problem I am facing is the gap between the sink and gas stove is just 1 foot. So if I place the gas stove in the southeast direction I get more space.But if i keep the stove in east direction i get only 1ft gap for sink and stove ?.

Answer: Placing the stove towards the Southeast is good. Trust this answer clears your question, in addition here is some more clarification. Due to place problems, many residents are now placing the stove very near to the sink. If the sink may come towards Northeast then it's good, but in many houses, the sink was placed towards South direction, this is not at all a problem.

Because the sink should be arranged in the platform only, we cannot arrange the sink on the ground, the logic is there is no depression towards the South floor, the depression is only on the platform, so nothing problem arises when the sink is placed toward the South or West directions, no doubt the Northeast sink is good. If the platform is "L shape" then there might be a problem occur in the name of standing when the stove is placed towards Southeast, there may not be any facilitation to cook, because the L shape may disturb you, if there is a space if the stove is towards Southeast then no issues at all. In addition here is a tip of measurement for the kitchen. If the kitchen is towards the Southeast then the North to South measurement should be more than that of East to West is better. If the Kitchen is towards the Northwest then East to West measurement should be more than the North to South is better.

49. Can We Construct a Toilet Above the Kitchen?

Constructing the toilet above the kitchen is certainly bad, if there are leakages. If we ask "Is it OK to have a toilet above the Kitchen" to elders they will be "Gurrrrr" on us, elders never accept the toilet above the Kitchen. To be honest, elders never accept toilets to be placed in homes, but days changed, and we should accept this change.

Why do elders never accept toilets above the kitchen? In the olden days, there is NO such facilitation to guard the water leakage, when we visit many homes we found water leakage may be common in the homes. Toilet means the dust water, WOK, YAAK, etc may flow if there is a leakage we can't stay in that property.

>>> Don't construct the toilet above the Kitchen. It is not at all good. In this scenario, we wish to express one incident. One person by the name "Mohan" constructed a beautiful home in Goa. He missed some precautions while constructing the toilet above the Kitchen. He spent 5 crores in the year 2009. He is unable to arrest the water leakage. The Kitchen walls were dirty and shambolic, they were greatly depressed after attaining several attempts with huge costs. Many times they place food order or regularly visiting the 5 star hotels. A small mistake makes them panic. In the year 2019 they demolished that entire toilet and altered the kitchen walls. Altogether they spent 45 lac rupees for this alteration. Unfortunately, the upper floor bedroom lost the toilet.

50. Northeast Kitchen Is Good Or Bad As Per Vastu?

Northeast Kitchen is not good, read this below email:

Hi, I have serious Vastu defects in my current property and lots of suffering (financial, illness, and divorce in the family). It is difficult to find Vastu complementary homes in the UK.

We need to move soon. I have an east facing property that has potential but I'm concerned about the northeast kitchen and toilet in the southeast. We will be moving as my parents are divorcing. So the current property will be sold and profits split between them.

Bathroom and kitchen in northeast, the boiler is also in the Northeast corner! there was no way they could stay together. My father's drinking and gambling is totally out of control. I know the kitchen in the northeast is not good however, the bedrooms that will be used are southwest.

Can you please advise if remedies would be okay here? I'm keen for my mum and I to have an auspicious new start. But there are few properties available where we are, and fewer that we can afford. Sorry for the long email. Thank you for your kind help - Kumari - Loughborough - UK.

51. What Are the Windows Best places In The Kitchen?

Some residents requesting us where to plan for the windows and ventilators: If a kitchen is towards the Southeast then the first preferred window is towards the East direction, avoid arranging exact Southeast or Eastern Southeast windows. East direction suits for windows.

If the kitchen is at Northwest then the window may be suitably fit towards the North wall. Better to plan this window toward Northern Northeast. Residents can arrange a window in the West direction also. No need to worry about Western windows.

Ventilators are good to have both at West and North too. But make sure to keep one mosquito net to be fitted to that ventilators, so that mosquitoes and lizards do not enter the home. While coming with Southeast kitchen ventilators are best suitable towards East and South walls, here also mosquito net is important to have.

Some residents asking about this question, Constructing the bathroom on top of the Kitchen, is it acceptable check out answer in that link.

52. As Per Vastu is It Good to Keep Water Sink in Southeast Direction?

This is not 19th century to have a big house with huge playing boundary areas. Right now we are living in miniature baby homes. Need to arrange many things within limits. Can't able to plan everything as per Vastu. Due to the availability of area and many more limitations, we should arrange everything within the space.

Keeping water sink in the Northeast and cooking food in the Southeast is good. Best to have the stove at Southeast, not the water sink. Hence the water sink may not be perfectly suitable to have at Southeast, please note that this is not a serious matter to discuss.

Water is a must to arrange in the Kitchen. Without water no way to cook the food. Some may comment on keeping the water bowl, water can in the Southeast. Necessity is most important than any other. No need to care for silly things. Keep water source in the Southeast kitchen. Don't think about where is the water source at SE kitchen. Wherever it is in the kitchen, water should be a must to prepare food.

Case Study

Dear Sir, we are planning to shift the refrigerator from Northeast to Southwest. We have a usage water pipe exactly at Southeast of our SE kitchen. Just, yesterday one Vastu pandit visiting my neighbor home and as a friendly visit, he came to our home and pointed on this water pipe which is exactly at Southeast. He said, it is very dangerous to keep it at that location, due to this we lost money, we will be cheated by others, health problems, etc. To my surprise, we are living here for past 8 years, we did not have any negative effects. We are doing very well in this home. I don't know why that Vastu pandit makes us intimidated by pointing this water pipe placement. After browsing your website, I am so comfortable and peaceful. 8 years means it's not a simple period. Sir, your website is a bundle of information, it is an eye-opener. Thank you so much - Anand - Bangalore.

53. Is It Truly Bad to Have a Central Island in the Southeast Kitchen?

Respected Sir, I am planning a Kitchen in the Southeast Corner of my Floor, Kitchen size is 15' X 13' and would like to take the island in the center of the kitchen, is it coming in Brahmastan of Kitchen? is it right or wrong? - Amitesh Bajaj.

Generally, Brahmasthan (central portion) means the center point of the home. It is not suggested to count everyroom Brahmasthan. No need to worry about having a central island in the Southeast kitchen.

54. Can I Place Gas Stove and Sink on the Same Platform in Kitchen?

Old Vastu literature framed some limitations on sundry possessions in our home. But convenience is always playing a significant role over any other bylaw for human beings' life. Keeping the water sink and stove on the same platform is vitally important for the residents and no difficulty for the cooking. If the sink is not on the same kitchen platform, female members may get pains to move frequently. We rounded uncountable homes and found the sink and the stove are on the same platform. They never raise any complaints so far.

Why some literature stated sink and stove should not be on the same platform, it is only because of cleaning the utensils very near to cooking range may sprinkle dust drops on food. In the olden days (centuries back), people use to cook on the kitchen floor only, not using the platform for the kitchen, this could possibly sprinkle the utensil's dust water on the cooking items. Hence this rule may be framed on those days.

Generally, Brahmasthan (central portion) is located at the center of the home, it never located at the Southeast quadrant. Hence, no need to worry about having an island in the Southeast kitchen.

Question From Ramesh - Thoothukudi - Tamilnadu

Hello Sir, Can I place the kitchen sink in the North of the kitchen platform, as my stove is in the Southeast? - Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu

Dear Ramesh Ji, when a stove is located in the Southeast then arranging the sink in the North direction is not a mistake. You can carry on with the North sink.

55. How Much Distance We Should Maintain From the Kitchen to the Garage

If we choose the kitchen only at Southeast, what about the distance from the garage to the kitchen, how can we handle all the luggage every time that we bought from stores. Shyam - Dallas - USA.

>>> Generally, this Vastu science is well noted in India and broadly practiced, from past 10 years, due to the information revolution, this ancient science traveled to numerous countries and widely following all over the globe. Constructions in India and the USA is different. Normally, Indian homes have external garages but whereas in the USA, the majority of garages are internal and residents living far away from the cities/towns. They should require heavy stocks to be carried to the home while going shopping.

If the kitchen is far away from the garage it is laborious to carry all the grocery items to the kitchen. Hence, it is very normal in several countries to build the kitchen next to the garage. This is a pretty much common feature in the USA. If the kitchen is far away from the garage then it may affect on the resale value. Avoid garage in one corner and kitchen in another corner. Maintain a very short distance from Kitchen to the garage.

Question From A Resident on Kitchen Sink

Dear Sir/Madam, My kitchen is placed in the South of my flat. The gas stove is in the East of the kitchen and the Sink in the Southwest position of the kitchen. Is this any Vastu defect and if yes please suggest the remedy? - Sonu - Gurugram.

>>> We already provided a suitable answer for your question, please read the content in this link. Thank you.

Question From A Rachana From Odisha

Hello sir, can I place stove and sink in the same line. The distance between the sink and the stove will be near about 2 ft - Rachana - Khordha district.

>>> According to general kitchen principles, it is advisable to maintain a minimum distance of 3 to 4 feet between the stove and sink for safety and convenience. However, as per Vastu, this arrangement is not problematic. If possible, it is recommended to provide more than 3 or 4 feet of space. If space is limited, adjustments may need to be made accordingly. Overall, 2 feet is not a problem.

Question From Aggarwal - Los Angeles

Suresh Ji, we are planning to buy a new home, the house is east facing, Kitchen is on the left side somewhat in the center, with the gas cooktop on the Left wall of the house that is the South direction, There is a bathroom upstairs and the bathtub will be directly above the gas cooktop and toilet pot next to it. Wanted to check what is the side effect and if there is any remedy for this - Aggarwal - Los Angeles.

>>> We have addressed your question with a suitable answer. Kindly refer to the content provided in this link for further information. Thank you for your understanding.

Utility in the Southeast

Sir, the utility area, including a balcony facing the Southeast, has been designated for placing the washing machine and gas cylinder outside of the kitchen. Could you please clarify if this arrangement is suitable and acceptable? - Madhu - Surat.

>>> It is ideal to have the kitchen located in the Southeast direction. However, due to the constraints of small living spaces, we often need to make arrangements within those limitations. In such cases, it can be acceptable to place the gas cylinder and washing machine on the balcony situated in the Southeast.

Confusion on Finding a Best Kitchen Direction

We are currently in the process of buying a home and are facing confusion regarding the suitable directions for houses and the favorable directions for kitchens. We would like to understand whether these factors have an impact on Vastu principles and guidelines - Kumar - Miami.

>>> Please be aware that in the USA, open kitchens with islands are commonly found, which means that concerns about facing while cooking and the kitchen direction may not be necessary to count, however, it is advisable to avoid homes where the kitchen is located in the Southwest or Northeast directions. This is a crucial point to consider before purchasing a home.

100 Vastu Questions

+18 #20 Kitchen is in North side MiddleJK 2017-10-19 09:55
Hello Sir, after visiting your website today, I am so proud of you. I will share it to all of my friends. I am extending my faith and trust that you would give me genuine guidance unlike most other commercial folks who have tarnished this spiritual and divine profession. I am also not looking for anything free, I am a fair person and would like to discuss your consulting fee's upfront and if its mutually agreeable we can discuss further. I took one apartment for rent, Its kitchen is in North side almost center and after the kitchen, North East corner there is one more room. And its master bedroom is in North West Corner. Sir, Here I want to know, my kitchen is in wrong place or not? If that is in wrong place, is there any remedy for that. My friend had some question, he is asking "facing west while cooking vastu remedy". Please help us. I am from GCC.
+10 #19 Correct remedy for kitchenSalorly 2017-08-06 05:30
Respected sir, very kind of you for providing major and important facts of vastu. You are awesome. I live in an apartment on the first floor of a big house. This apartment is facing east. The entrance door is in east (northeast side). Bathroom is in the northwest corner and toilet is located in north direction (in the center of the north wall Kubera direction I suppose) The kitchen room is located in the Midwest of the apartment and the sink is on the left next to the gas stove which is in North direction so I cook facing north. The solutions I would have to put another gas stove against east wall of the kitchen room or out of the kitchen. The apartment is not mine I just rent it. I don't know what to do ! could you please help me?
+13 #18 Southeast Gas cooker in KitchenRaj 2017-05-24 02:51
Namastey Mr. Suresh, I would like to thank you for creating such an incredible website. Breathtaking images and easy understanding articles. I feel, I am blessed. Right now, I'm living in London. My house is independent. The main door entrance is east then little passage after kitchen entrance door comes. So I can't put my gas cooker in the southeast I don't have choice I have to put my gas cooker in North side is any remedies for that.
+7 #17 Facing South While Cooking RemedyJayaram Bajethwa 2017-05-19 10:36
Pranams sir ji, it is my cordial delight by visiting your website. My heartful appreciations on your honest action of efforts to enlight gullible folks to know the scientific secrets of vastu. We are planning to construct the grill barbecue for meat, fish and chicken at Southwest, is this the southwest is correct place for open fire on portable grill. Is this fireplace containing with bricks at SW is good.
+13 #16 North West Kitchen is Good as per vastuLakshman Rao 2017-03-21 16:59
Namaste Sir, I am constructing a new home where the kitchen in the North West Corner. The kitchen slab is a U shaped slab spanning in East (4 ft), North (8 Ft) and West (4 Ft) Direction. I am planning to keep the stove on the East slab, Sink on the North Slab towards the north west corner but not touching the west wall, Microwave in either North or West Slab and Aqua guard in the either West or North direction towards the North west corner. The Windows and Exhaust fan is in the North towards the North East Corner. Storage chajjah is in the West and South ends. Please advise if the above vastu is correct or if any corrections are required.
+4 #15 Kitchen entrance vastuKranthi 2017-01-19 18:33
Respected sir, your website is nice. It has enlarged articles on every part of the home. Good, keep it up. I am planing my kitchen in Southeast of my house and planned pooja room with separate door in the kitchen northeast corner. My question is I am entering in Kitchen room from Northwest corner. Is this write? And can we put Pooja room in Kitchen north side Separating with Wall and with door? And the Major Question my common toilet door is exactly opposite to pooja room door. Is there any problem. Please suggest
+6 #14 Stove and Water Sink Position in Northwest KitchenKailas 2017-01-16 07:48
Dear sir, your's is a good website. What should be stove and water sink position in northwest kitchen
+5 #13 Kitchen in east direction is goodVipin 2017-01-13 09:03
Hello there, good morning, total how many people in your team. May I know means of preparing this website. The presentation is weirdly marvelous. My stove is not directly facing kitchen entrance but it is just slightly left on slab directly opposite to the kitchen entrance so its completely visible from the entrance. What should i do? Also my kitchen is in east and entrance from west. Again what should I do? Please advise.
+7 #12 U shaped kitchenKishore 2016-11-06 02:49
Dear sir, congratulations by having such a scrupulous website. I have kitchen of size 9' from North to west and 7' from east to west direction. It has U shaped platform at east north & south walls. Please suggest is OK? and where to keep refrigerator, water filter, microwave & crockery unit?.
+8 #11 North-east kitchen vastu remedies and tipsAnnapurna 2016-09-25 08:24
Namaskaram sir, please help me, my kitchen is north corner of diagonal plot, I am facing Southwest while cooking, my sink it's on the corner of west and the stove on the Southwest, vastu kitchen color is pink, please give me some remedies, I m not landlord, I can't break anything, thanks a lot.
+4 #10 Kitchen VastuAjay jain 2016-02-11 17:23
Respected Suresh ji, my kitchen is placed in south east of the house.Gas stove is placed in the center of the kitchen.I cook food facing north. It's an open kitchen and my face remains towards north (open side of the kitchen. Is it OK position as per vastu?
+12 #9 Balcony and wash area next to KitchenRavindra 2015-11-21 14:01
Suresh Ji, I have a balcony outside the kitchen. My kitchen is on South East. Is it true that wash area and balcony should not be back to back to the gas stove. Please advise south west kitchen vastu remedies and please publish north east kitchen remedies in Hindi.
+18 #8 kitchen in north vastu remediesManoj Shamwani 2015-11-08 14:58
Suresh Sir, we taken one flat in an apartment, here we found some vastu dosh and need some remedies. Looking for kitchen in north vastu remedies. Is this really a mistake if the kitchen is at North direction?, I heard that some people also worried if the kitchen is at North. Further, what are the northwest kitchen vastu remedies. Sir, please publish the remedy for kitchen in north direction in Hindi language.
+12 #7 Facing west while cooking vastu remedyRaghunath 2015-09-27 04:58
Sir, my kitchen is in between south and west and I m facing towards west while cooking .I live in an apartment so in that case what is the best remedy that I can do to avoid any negative vibrations. Your website is excellent. Giving a lot of information sir.Best regards
+14 #6 kitchen setup as per vastuankit saini 2015-07-28 16:47
Dear sir, I want to construct my sweet and dream home. My Plot is west faces and in construction map my kitchen direction is west and south corner. But open space in front side of plot is 10 fit. So please Help to setup stove & sink in my kitchen. My Kitchen is open & joint with lobby in east side. Please help me for setup of my kitchen. Warm regards. Ankit
+9 #5 North west kitchen as per vastuSushma 2015-07-26 17:19
Sir, Our house is constructed by housing board and while cooking face remains towards North or North west. Sink is towards south /south east. Whether this situation is correct and if not what are the remedies. Let me know the dosh nivaran upay
+10 #4 Vastu for kitchen utility areaAnanthevel 2015-07-21 04:49
Dear sir, my kitchen plat form is east facing and sink is at south-east side, it is not possible for me to change the direction of sink. can you please suggest some remedy to this issue my very much worried. please suggest some solution for utility areas in kitchen too. Regards, Ananthevel
+7 #3 Where should the kitchen be in a houseRajshree 2015-06-22 06:59
Hello sir, Greetings, my apartment fairly vastu compliant. Kitchen is constructed towards the north west. As a result while cooking I face south or south west. I have read earlier that if you have a North west kitchen, then it is ideal for the cook to face west while cooking. Kindly advise. If it is right I will get my cooking range shifted in a,manner so to face west only. Mine is an open kitchen with open door facing east.
+9 #2 Open kitchen vastuPadma Priya 2015-05-15 10:49
Dear sir, your website provides ultimate kitchen vastu information, very kind of you for the services. Ours is open kitchen,7 feet X 8 feet (length) it is not having west wall, it directly opens into dining. Can we place our since in the southwest corner of the kitchen? I heard that kitchen in southwest corner is not good, thanks for the explanation.
+16 #1 Washing machine and Dishwasher in kitchenSasone 2015-03-29 05:54
Respected sir, after seeing your profound services, my faith improves on humanity. Let me know which is the best location for washing machine and dish washer in the kitchen, can we keep washing machine and dish-washer in the kitchen. Is there any northwest kitchen vastu remedies in Tamil, Hindi or in English
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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