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How Fate Plays with Humans and Vastu Help to Manage With Fate | Vastu Research | Karma

Fate the Most POWERFUL Weapon of GodPower of Fate: We studied a house in South India (due to privacy concerns we hide their place) some time ago to be precise on middle of January 2005, the house had Northwest road thrust. The resident lived in the home for two years.

After studying the house fully, we recommended him to change the house immediately, if possible even on the same day. He was stunned, it is believed some Vastu consultant has stated that the house was fully Vastu compliant and thus was surprised hearing us say otherwise. As the house was rented house, the landlord would not agree for any changes.

Not withstanding this we made our firm recommendation and left the premises. The resident was fuming at our statement. On 17th December of the same year, an incident had happened.

The elder brother (whose house had Southeast street thrust) of the above person as also Southwest defect was murdered.

As ill-luck would have it the case fell on the younger brother having Northwest Street Thrust whose house we visited. He had to undergo jail term for four months incur huge losses in his enterprise etc. No doubt this has enhanced our status but alas! at what cost.

We cannot alter fate. Most of us apparently are mere dolls in the games played by fate. It always tries to toss us in its games. We should do our best care to overcome such things. Or else we will be easy victims to its dictates.

Elder seers and saints often tell about the future in a guarded manner, at that time we should carefully observe (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) their nuances to draw inspiration and comply with their pronouncements. Sometimes rather literally even, for they cannot be faulted.

There may, however, be faulty hearing by us.

We remember an instance. One of our acquaintances once met with one such great saint (Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji) in Mysore and confessed that his own uncle (younger brother of his own father) developed enmity towards him and started harassing in high pitch.

At the time when he met the saint in Mysore his marriage was being fixed and was wondering how the same will be accomplished. The saint said, “Tie three knots the Naraka will go away”. The seer did not say anything else and the correct (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) interpretation of what he said was eluding.

In course of time, our acquaintance got married and was going to the bride's place to celebrate the first Diwali festival when he got the news that his bitter uncle died in an accident, (that day is Naraka Chaturdashi) only then he could understand the exact meaning of what the saint has stated.

Fate is unidirectional. It completes its part of the game rather intelligently. It is understood that a computer can beat a man in a game of chess.

When a computer, created by man, can be so powerful, what can be said of fate? Its movements are unknown, its strategy is the mystery. Whom it employs in its endeavor and when and how, and where it strikes is a black box to us.

To face such a thing as fate – appropriate strategies are a necessity. The first and foremost is faith in the almighty and next is equip oneself with the aid of Vastu shastra while constructing the building.

We are just narrating what we know of. We (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) may be able to observe all Vastu principles in our own construction. And indeed it's possible. However, we can do nothing about the neighborhood and its effects on us. That is what NEIGHBORHOOD VASTU is all about. This is what we should face.

We discussed this topic with several scholarly people and came to the conclusion that fate does its duty even when there are obstacles in its work, we wonder how it executes its plans. However, it can effectively be faced with proper Vastu compliant residence only.

We will narrate an instance. There was one person by Nagabushan (name changed). His bad days as per his own admission have started, yet he prospered in business and earned very good profits. In bad days he ought to have become overburden with debts and face humiliations. He was a native of Bangalore. Having heard of Vaastu he invited a noted Vastu specialist, got his site vetted by him and built his residence as per his advice. All was well with him.

Now fate has got a responsibility namely he should be indebted and incur the wrath of the society. With the house being perfectly vastu compliant, fate could do nothing from inside. Even small defiance of the Vaasthu principles would have been adequate for fate to have its way. As per his horoscope (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) his evil days have already started in June and, even till October, everything was fine with him. This is because of Vastu strength of his residence.

Then fate changed its strategy. The Southern neighbor demolished his old house to build a new one. However, there was a delay in his new construction. This became a weapon of fate to whip Nagabushan. His Business running successfully till then, suddenly started limping. He had to suffer huge losses.

During this time one of his employees emptied his coffers and ran away. And all his assets were lost. His wife became bedridden, compelling him to spend a huge sum for her recovery, at last, he got caught in indebtedness. Next followed humiliation, the duty allotted to fate was thus completed.

All because of open space towards South of his own residence. We should note one point here that all South vacant places are not creating such bad results to all properties, but there is a chance when there is an empty South place to a property.

Neighborhood vastu is an important weapon in the armory of fate. Yet Vasthu is the only weapon that we can face fate with. Had Nagabushan built an appropriate compound wall to his residence, he might not have invited such serious consequences.

A house with appropriate street focus is a rarity. If however, one gets such premises it’s a sign of on coming prosperity, if on the other hand had we acquired a house with an inappropriate street thrust, we may conclude that bad days are just round the corner and we may as well take due precautions.

We urge you to consult a competent vastu scholar before even venturing property acquisition. A small cost, you may avoid a huge misfortune in the bargain.

We can as well say that fate is neighborhood vastu which have to be suitably taken care of. We remember an instance. We came across an industrialist in Bihar (Place changed). He was intelligent, fearless and competent too. When convinced he would not mind effort and expenses.

Once the inspector of factories found something faulty in his premises and wanted to proceed against him. Unable to moderate the proceedings of the Inspector, the industrialist got him eliminated instead.

For want of visible proof, the industrialist could not be booked. Further, the Inspector's mortal remains could not be located either. On the other hand, the industrialist ensured rumors that the Inspector had absconded. It went to such an extent that all further inspection of the factory was undertaken with police protection only.

The sin was tormenting the industrialist. He started frequenting temples and Baba’s (Seer). On the advice of a friend he met one such Seer who simply said “only next year”. The industrialist felt that he may be convicted only the next year.

After consulting his well-wisher, he decided to consult a Vastu scholar. After that, a competent vastu Stapathi has visited the same said factory and his residence and was assured that no expenditure will be spared to make the factory and residence Vastu compliant. He had undertaken all the modifications suggested.

It was understood later that after the necessary modifications the anxiety in him has just disappeared and infact he has (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) become more dynamic and prosperous. His business expanded.

Soon he has forgotten the turbulence that he underwent during the last few months. When he was contemplating expansions he had an opportunity to buy outright another factory (which was insolvent). Alas! at this time he consulted a petty vastu consultant and made up the new premises accordingly (He felt so confident about his new success, he ignored the basic requirement of consulting a competent vastu scholar. This is fate).

The “next year” (as said by seer) has come. The new premises also started yielding good results even within a few months. Everything was honky donky. Now FATE came about to do its JOB. His home defied fate as it was fully vastu compliant. Fate could not enter his premises.

However in his new premises “FATE” saw a wonderful opportunity. And that is – washing premises for workers with taps, etc and attendant ditch as a drain pot behind his Southwest office.

In addition, increased open space on the Southern side of the factory being in such a way as to appear as a Street thrust on the SW Office premises of the owner.

During this period the owner was away in a friend's daughter’s wedding. Here also the room in the guest house where he stayed for three days had SSW entrance. After the wedding feast etc our hero and his driver in the front seat and a friend of him in the rear seat of the car left homewards.

At about 8 pm in the night a lorry going in front of the car with iron rods suddenly braked. The car had no time to brake. The iron rods pierced the windshield and killed the industrialist. FATE has done its JOB.

While acquiring the new premises the poor industrialist, (who did not care for the cost of the consultation and modification to the home) thereafter did not care to talk to the first Vastu Scholar who indeed was competent. The results are visible for all to see.

We remember another instance. We met a political leader in South India whose family was never in politics and by an accident, he entered into this field. It is said power corrupts people. However absolute power corrupts absolutely. It happened in this case. He became arrogant and forgot every one of his friends, well-wishers, and relatives. He became a terror in his region.

Though this particular politician lacked proper etiquette in life, he was intelligent. He has consulted a competent vastu scholar and saw to it that his house is fully Vastu compliant.

His misdeeds caught up with him. FATE could not humble him from his house as it had no loopholes to act.

Funny on a rainy day it rained so heavily that an old house on the Southwest side of his premises collapsed. It even broke the compound wall of the politician’s house.

His wife was massaging her young’s son's head and in so doing split some oil on the floor of the bathroom. Poor victim, he slipped in the bathroom and died.

It is not that mere collapse of a South neighboring Southwest home and braking of the compound wall could cause instant death to our man. However such things do assist as weapons of FATE.

We remember a funny phone call we received from somebody from Hyderabad. It appears he was a thief. He told me “sir, we made a couple of attempts and failed in them and took to thieving as a necessity and now we got used to this profession.

We read your book this morning where you have stated work is worship, we felt ashamed after reading this book. As a matter of fact, the book was stolen and then we ventured to read it. Now we made a firm (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) resolve that we may even die of hunger but shall not go back to the old habit, and we shall prosecute a normal life. Let it be that this be my last theft.” Before we could enquire further he put off the phone. We felt very happy thereafter and we was elated for having been honored by a great personality.

Virtuous path is full of difficulties. And the opposite appears often easy and attractive too. You want easy or difficult path to follow? One should realize that difficulties on the path of virtue are easily overcome. And they, in comparison, would be petty too.

However the easy life consequent to the opposite path are short-lived. In the long run, the virtuous path gives mental happiness, happy life, name and fame in society, children prospering in their life and the like. On the opposite track lie situations, such as unhappy and tense life, total ruination, financial pecuniary condition, and angry temperament and the like. Choose the one that suits you.

Even established vastu scholars are often stumped by neighborhood vastu. Every vastu scholar wishes well to his clients. However the most important thing is to chart future situations and this – people do not anticipate. However, a competent vastu scholar can understand all this. Yet the clients fail to appreciate the same. It is for this reason that once you consult a competent vastu scholar comply with his recommendations expeditiously.

While going on road it is quite possible you may hit an obstacle and thereby tear your clothing. You may go home and change clothing. But no so in life. For life is enjoyed only once. It cannot be disposed of as torn clothing. It is here that we may as well realize that vastu influences life and living. When we know this better we do not neglect it any further. Consult only a competent vastu scholar.

Now we shall relate yet another instance. This is that of an electricity board employee, he was a sincere and honest person and was known as such also.

His neighbor was a bit of an unsocial element. Poor electricity board employee admonished him to mend his ways. Keeping this in mind he murdered the electricity board employee in which act he had an accomplice too. Very soon this man had to face the wrath of FATE as also his accomplice.

One expert vastu scholar examined the accomplice’s house. Towards West of his house, an old house was there which collapsed.

That owner, to repair the house demolished the premises and could not proceed further (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) to build his house. Towards East of his house, a huge multistory apartment had come up. FATE got its weapon. Armed with open space in West and high rise buildings in the East it put our victim to such torture as to wish for instance death even. He fell ill and had to spend all his ill-gotten wealth in the bargain. Such is FATE.

There are even instances where vastu scholars also suffered for giving wrong advises to their clients.

Often we are frightened to write about FATE as it is an uncompromising weapon in the hands of nature.

One by name Venkateswar (name changed) and his family members escaped the brutal explosions in Lumbini Park in Hyderabad. At the time of explosion, the TV channels were covering the event even. Seeing this, other members of the family contacted Venkateswar on his mobile and were assured that they were safe. While returning they stopped at Gokul Chat Bhandar for eating.

And there was another explosion in which Venkateswar and other people died. Such is the power of FATE. Quite often we may feel that by making suitable changes in our premises we may be able to divert the fate. This is not so, Vastu compliance helps us to fight FATE effectively. It may postpone the event and reduce the intensity thus making it bearable but cannot be totally avoided.

One Rajeswar Rao (name changed) an obstinate and stubborn person who loathed to yield to sane advice living in a rented house choose to consult a vastu scholar. This scholar, out of compassion, advised Rajeswar not to take the current house on rent. For all the previous residents faced ruination in life. Rajeswar Rao had two daughters.

The consultant advised that the children will be greatly affected. Rajeswar Rao would not be convinced and took the house on rent. By chance in a couple of years, he became a bit prosperous and earned (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) unexpectedly large sum of money.

Armed with this situation, he went to the Vastu scholar and rebuked him. In a few year's time he wanted to buy that property even. In spite, of having faced insults our poor Vastu consultant went out of the way and advised Rajeswar Rao not to buy the same at any cost. However, he could do nothing else.

Rajeswar Rao bought the premises and invested a considerable amount in renovating and beautifying the house. His one daughter’s marriage was fixed. Just three weeks before the marriage, poor Rajeswar Rao kicked the bucket. The daughter’s marriage was not solemnized.

Unable to face the tragic situation his wife wanted to commit suicide and consumed acid. Poor lady, she survived thereafter as a lump of flesh. Suddenly the house lost all its glamour. No succor was coming by. Suddenly the lady remembered the prophetic advice of the vastu consultant and sought his help.

The family members had to suffer the consequences of foolish acts of her husband. Such is FATE.

Had their house been fully vastu compliant it does not mean that Rajeswar Rao would have avoided death. It might have happened after the marriage of his daughter and other domestic problems are sorted out. Vastu compliant premises effectively fight FATE (sorry for using fight here. Requesting word is good here) and make it bearable.

There was a prosperous Auditor in Tamilnadu (his name and town are irrelevant). One Vastu Specialist went to their house and saw a serious vastu defect of entry from Southwest side, Southwest Street Thrust, and towards Northeast huge apartment complex.

Further inside the constructions, there were defects in Northwest (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) and Southeast directions. Seeing all this he was advised to abandon the house and relocate himself somewhere else.

The Auditor simply ridiculed the vastu scholar. Vastu scholar could do nothing more. Very soon the Auditor met with an accident and broke his leg. Soon after his daughter fell ill and the ailment could not be detected. They suffered huge expenditure on this account. Poor Auditor took considerable time to recover. Yet he did not want to believe in the advice given by the Vastu scholar. Such is the power of FATE.

There are several instances we can relate to showing the power of vastu visa a vis FATE. Even though we have advanced to such an extent as to read one’s thoughts even, when it come to FATE it does not count our advances as obstructions to it.

The famous Astropalmist Cheiro once told an emperor of his time of death. And said death may come in whichever way it chooses to. The emperor took all possible precautions. His security was beefed up.

Even his food did not escape the scrutiny. He made sure others eat it first before him taking the same. Once he heard chirping of birds and flapping of its wings was audible. Soon the bird came inside the premises. Getting scared the Emperor ordered his security to drive away the poor bird, such was the precautions he took.

He anticipated that a snake may crawl into his palace. Or ants may even cause him death. Due precautions were taken for all these and many more. Even his bed was not spared.

His security was ordered to search his bed thoroughly, some times even rolling over it so that any possible accident could be avoided. He even ensured that he may not slip and kill himself in the bathroom.

The allotted time is nearing. Everybody was tense. Having taken all possible precautions the Emperor though apparently thinking otherwise put up a brave face. He even speculated that Cheiro might have just scared him. He was hoping to punish Cheiro once he survives.

He started suffering death every moment. Felt sorry for having consulted the palmist. The chandelier hanging from the roof fell down suddenly and the Emperor died instantly. That is FATE.

Is there anything as neighborhood Vastu? Yes, it is very much there. As much as vastu itself. Just as Vastu is relevant in construction, so is the neighborhood vastu. It has its influence on the constructions. At times it is more powerful even. Several aspects of neighborhood affect the construction. These are some of the more prominent of them:

1. Street

2. Street Thrust

3. Ground Levels and slopes

4. Hillocks and Mounds

5. Shallow areas, ditches, drains and brooks, canals, water bodies, etc.

6. Skyscrapers or apartments and other constructions, neighboring houses

7. Open places, parks, play grounds, trees, etc.

All these are part of neighborhood and neighborhood vastu. When we know their effects we will understand the neighborhood vastu. First, let us talk about streets. These may be broadly

1. Northeast street

2. Eastern street

3. Southeast street

4. Southern street

5. Southwest street

6. Western Street

7. Northwest street

8. Northern street.

These may be taken as sub-section of the main chapter “streets”. Like this, there are nearly seventy sub-sections in neighborhood vastu about which we are aware of. There may be several still we are yet not aware.

Not recognizing the importance of this may even result in wrong results. Both the client and the vastu scholar should be aware of this. We may be able to modify a home internally to rectify the vastu defects. The same cannot be so in case of neighborhood vastu.

For example, if there is a lake or a water body in the southwest area of the house at times it is beyond our correction even.

A competent vastu scholar would know many related things. When he is suggesting modifications it is best for the residents to note down all these on a piece of paper so that none may escape their attention while attempting rectification.

For example study of vastu say for a factory would depend on its location. If in town the consultant looks for certain features. If on the other hand it is outside the town the parameters would greatly defer. He will then see the possible development in the neighborhood area and factor the same in his assessment.

It is a fact that vastu and neighborhood haunt us always. If we are lucky one at least may be favorable to us. We shall now describe some interesting situations.

1. A house is not at all vastu compliant. Its defects are Entrance door is in southeast.

2. In the compound towards northeast toilets are constructed.

3. In Southwest there are ditches

4. Kitchen in southwest

5. Bedrooms are not towards southwest

The present family is living for the past four years and they are hugely prosperous. The strange thing is the earlier residents of the same premises (about three in the last four or five years) were totally ruined. What could be the reason for this.

We should not conclude merely seeing the construction of the house only. The neighborhood also needs to be studied.

In the present case towards the south of the subject home understudy a huge apartment complex has come up only since about four years. This is the reason for the new-found prosperity of this house.

Look at it this way. Till now all those who stayed there got ruined. And now the new residents are becoming prosperous. Is this luck? Fate? We leave it to your better Judgment.

Vastu always has its influence on the residents. It all depends on the clarity of the Vastu Expert who is investigating. If apparently, a small thing is omitted, it may even make at times a huge difference.

Some people opine that if our times are good all will be good or else bad. If ever such be the case an astrologer is the right choice and not a Vastu Expert.

If one is not well, should he go to a doctor or to an astrologer? An astrologer would see the stars and prescribe prayers to please the malevolent stars or planets. Will the ailment disappear? Does it make sense? The answer is clear. Ailments may be considered as bad times. Here the doctor is the solution. Similar is the case with vastu.

Just as when one is ill, doctor is the appropriate remedy in the same way when things are not well and are turning bad consult a vastu consultant to do the needful. Not the doctor.

When in trouble the wise study the various remedial measures and choose the appropriate one, where as fools waste their time and money indulging in all wasteful solutions.

We are aware there are several cheats in society and we should avoid them in our journey and be focused. Imagining that our times are bad we consult such cheats and invite ruination.

There was an instance in Nagpur. Vastu Guru was invited to study a factory. Vastu Guru started study of the neighborhood first to find out the natural surroundings that would affect the factory. Not knowing this the (matter from www.SubhaVaastu.com) management was curious as to why the expert was spending time around the factory and not inside. It took considerable time for the specialist to explain to them the importance of the neighborhood in studying the fate of the factory. Fortunately, they were convinced.

If ever you come across a Vastu Person and if you see him studying the neighborhood keenly you may as well conclude that you are consulting a really competent person in the field. Generally, vastu scholars give a great emphasis on the neighborhood vastu, though they may never say as much.

The effects of neighborhood Vasthu defer depending upon whether the subject is within or outside the town. If outside greater attention is called for. It does not mean that constructions within the town are spared of the neighborhood influence.

As told earlier there are over 70 known influencing factors in vastu. A competent scholar explains all these and then only pronounces his plans. The speed with which they come to the conclusion depends upon their mastery over the subject.

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Respected Sir, I thank you so much for your extreme helping hand to entire society with this unprecedented and rare knowledge without any barriers. It shows the kindness of your efforts to change. A noble cause. Most welcome to experience of this Karma and destiny notes. Fate is most important to take the decisions of one's life either towards a right path or wrong way. God bless you.
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We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

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I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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