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Southeast Street Focus | Agneya Street Focus | Veedi | Shula

Through this link, let's learn about the Southeast Street thrust. How many types of these Southeast Street focuses exist, how to identify them, how their functioning upon inhabitants, and what are the prevention measures available.

What is Southeast Street Focus?

A street that approaches a house from the Southeast direction is referred to as the Southeast street focus . In other words, when viewed from a house facing towards Southeast direction, if a street makes contact with the house directly from that direction then that particular street is identified as the Southeast street hit.

Is There Any Remedies for the Southeast Street Focus?

According to the wisdom of our venerable elders, there is a remedy for every predicament. Nonetheless, certain problems, such as the issue of Southeast road thrust, may defy solutions. Typically, residents of such houses grapple with challenges that remain unaddressed, potentially because they are unable to express their issues to others, resulting in internal turmoil and continuous apprehension about the future. Consequently, time may slip away amid these pervasive concerns. In such instances, instead of concentrating on solutions presented in books, websites or videos, it's a good idea to have open mind and adopt a seasoned expert who can offer appropriate guidance. It's crucial to bear in mind that the resolutions we put forth may not be effective for every house ( get elaborate information on house Vastu). Thus, a word of caution is warranted.

Notes on Agneya Road Thrust

The southeast corner, also known as Agneya, is considered highly sensitive part of the directions and sub-directions, carrying potential threats if not treated with adequate caution.

It is essential to pay careful attention to this area. If Agneya is improperly constructed or disturbed, it can disrupt peace in life and even potentially risk lives, thereby casting a shadow over our otherwise peaceful existence. As a result, residents may find themselves on a constant quest for tranquility, turning it into their primary concern.

Many visitors have inquired about their houses having a focus on Southeast Street. Please note that there are three distinct types of street focuses in total.

1. Eastern Southeast.

2. Southeast.

3. Southern Southeast.

When visitors ask about a Southeast Street Focus, it may lead to confusion for a Vastu consultant as to which street intersects their property

What is Southeast Street Focus and How it Form?

Southeast Street FocusHere, it's important to understand that if a house is situated along a street extending in a southeast direction, this situation creates a Southeast Street focus for the home. If this street intersects the house, either directly or indirectly, the home is referred to as a Southeast street focus home. Residents may encounter significant hardships if the house is built with a 90° angle and the street impacts the house from this Southeast direction.

Additional flaws such as a Northwest extension or a Southwest depression could lead the occupants to endure an extremely difficult life. Many of us offer reassurance to others by saying every problem has a solution. However, in such a case, finding a solution may not be easily visible or even possible. Here, only a senior Vastu guru can provide some relief by offering probable solutions.

Is the Southeast Corner Street Focus Being Good or Bad?

Agneya Kutthu, potu, thrustWithin a house boundary wall area, should a house be constructed in the Northwest corner, the stress induced by the Southeast Street focus can amplify, leading to increased distress for the residents. The potential for disaster escalates considerably if the main entrance gate faces Eastern Southeast. Such circumstances disrupt the residents' structured existence, breeding various complications.

It's strongly recommended not to buy such homes without the guidance of an expert. For your own safety, refrain from investing in properties of this nature.

Such an arrangement ushers in a loss of mental tranquility, exacerbating the East-Southeast miseries previously mentioned. It might indicate the impending arrival of further misfortunes or even more severe Eastern Southeast repercussions. Utmost caution is advised in these situations.

Residents might find themselves confronting myriad hardships, even becoming the object of derision in their community. Continuous torments from various quarters will be a constant in their lives. Rarely will inhabitants experience anything positive in such a dwelling. Such homes frequently appear on the market for sale. However, even in error, one should resist the temptation to purchase them. If these houses are available for rent, it is best to decline.

The ideal approach is to maintain as much distance as possible from such properties. If the circumstances force you into considering such a house, it is wise to seek advice from an expert regarding potential remedies. In reality, inhabitants of such premises may struggle to secure the services of a competent Vastu scholar, as unforeseen obstacles might hinder his visit.

The inhabitants of such homes generally exhibit spendthrift behavior, often characterized by excessive and wasteful expenditure. In the premises the house may be built either at Northwest corner or Northeast corner or Southeast corner, then the pressure of this street focus will become extensive and residents may face heavy troubles with multiple pains. If the house may have the main entrance gate towards Eastern Southeast, then the percentage of disastrous will be heavy.

This spoils the residents systematic life. It creates many troubles to the inhabitants. Without expert person opinion don't buy Southeast road thrust house. The word "STOP" is perfectly suitable for in this consideration.

If a street thrust strikes a house on the SE corner, it is called SE street thrust, loss of mental happiness is what this brings about in addition to the East-Southeast miseries indicated earlier. Further bad things are due to follow or ESE indications could be more severe. One should be extra careful on this account. While they would face innumerable hardships, for the very same reason, they may become laughing stock among society as well. They will face constant torture from one corner or other. Seldom the residents will enjoy anything good in such a home.

Such houses often will come up for sale. Even by mistake one should avoid temptations of buying. If such houses are available even for rent avoid the same. Best to be as far away from such houses as possible. If it is inevitable, it is best to consult a competent Vasthu scholar for possible remedial measures to be adopted. As a matter of fact residents of such premises may not be even able to secure services of a competent Vaasthu scholar. Something or the other may even obstruct his visit.

Generally residents of such houses are spend thrifts, often excessive expenditure and wasteful in nature.

Negative aspects of SE street thrust:

Some Negative Impacts With Southeast Street Focus

1. Getting stuck in every situation

2. Never knowing what is happiness

3. Getting passionate and regretting later

4. Indulging in chain smoking

5. Indirectly promoting cigarette sales and getting indebted to such people (selling cigarettes)

6. Having instant pleasure and feeling that it will last lifelong and when such is not the case, getting despaired soon.

7. Feeling one can face any adversity and when situations present themselves trying to avoid the same, disappearing from the same and getting insulted.

8. Trying to accomplish things and failing in the bargain.

9. Becoming unable to use one’s one faculties, yet others benefiting from them.

10. Serving others beyond one’s own means and feeling great for the pity others show on them.

11. However rich one may be situations arising causing loss of everything are possible.

12. Prosecuting a life without security and suffering frightful events.

The SE thrusting street may not be long, even a small one is adequate to cause damage.

To Whom the Southeast Street Focus Will Be Beneficial?

Southeast road thrustDespite everything previously stated, there are circumstances where the Southeast thrust can be beneficial, such as for a widow, individuals engaged in questionable businesses or practices, etc. As no one would likely desire such a property, it can indeed be favorable for them. However, don't anticipate any benevolent outcomes from these street focuses. Moreover, those who accept bribes in their professional settings may find this arrangement surprisingly supportive on a day-to-day basis. Yet, a day might come when it could lead to their downfall, potentially landing them behind bars.

If one house is having (Southeast) agneya street focus, the residents of the house will continuously worried for the daily day to day life, all the matters are disturbed, with some of the other Vaastu irregularities this Agneya street focus may be the reason and cause for the inhabitants has to be jailed, imprisonment, punishment, penalized, poverty, theft, especially damage to the ladies and 2nd child of the house, this street focus is the witness for daily problems, quarrel ( read entire info on quarrels in Vastu page) cruelty, power madness, bad name in the society.

Generally the unsolvable problems may be the address of this street focus property. The residents of the house may suffer with unsolved problems and they cannot express with anybody in their life, in some cases, some more things may happen like the residents has been pointed as a cheater, cruelty, thief, gives untraceable diseases to the inhabitants of the family, illegal works attempts and many more negative impacts etc.

This street focus does not favor for positive results, results said to be bad results only. This sort of street focus brings in problems to the head of the family and the other members of the family, Southwest Street Focus and northern Northwest Street Focus push the person into deep depression and frustration. He does not dare to start any work or project. Irresistible, always thinking of irregularities.

But this street focus sometimes pushes the man to a patch of hope; however, all this hope and proposals vanish out in vain. Like an oasis in a desert, all matters tempt the person positively, but put him finally in frustration. This result to be tensions and ill health (know more about health vastu ideas) and ultimately the person falls sick. One should understand that a person need to live in a marble stoned bungalow to enjoy peaceful and prosperous life, but a Vastu perfect house may bestow with colorful and fruitful life.

Constructing the improper and an imperfect Vastu house and regretting afterwards is not a wise act. If we take care at first step or first stage, then everything will be happy and we need not to bare the problems. Our life is so important and our children life is very much important for us., so don’t do any mistakes with this Agneya and street focuses.

Please note that Agneya street focus properties may not give quality and expected results to the inhabitants, it is a good idea to skip such plots. ( know about comprehensive details about plot Vastu). The home or a factory ( learn detailed factory vastu ideas ) which have Southeast street focus, first skip them the queue. Currently, residents are living in the Agneya street focus homes, it is best to verify that property.

There are undoubtedly many other problems that could arise, but due to certain reasons, we have chosen not to disclose everything here. Regardless, this type of street focus is hazardous for a home. We strongly advise visitors to our website to exercise caution when considering purchasing any property with such characteristics.

If a resident find it necessary to buy this kind of property, we recommend you first consult with a highly skilled vastu expert and have them assess the property before making any decisions. While there are remedies available, if we were to share them here, visitors might feel emboldened to purchase such properties, potentially leading to serious issues. To protect our website visitors, we have decided not to disclose any remedies for certain problems here. We hope you understand our intentions. You may download our 14 Vastu books via this link for further reference.

Bad Southeast Focus Home

disatrous street focusThis house is having Southeast street focus, West and South roads are there. No open space towards North direction and East directions. At this time this Southeast street focus may create some more fancy troubles to the residents. If this House has a spacious open area towards West or South directions, then residents may experience HELL.

The above all is subject to the properties, having 90 degrees as per compass, if there is tilted like 35 to 45 degrees then the results may vary.

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