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What is Western Southwest Street Focus in Vastu?

Paschim Nairuthi Street focusIf a street strikes on the Western Southwest to the house or a plot then it is called Western Southwest street thrust. This Focus is also called as Dristi or Drusti or soola etc. Some are natural street focuses and some are created street focuses by the residents.

Natural Paschima Nairuthi Veedhi Shula

Paschima Nairuthi Street focusThis is natural Southwest West road sula. In this concern, the resident doesn't know anything about Vastu and bought this home. He did not do any mistakes in his life, after having trouble only he is trying to check the Vastu of the home. Unknowingly he bought the home. It is a bit challenging to do corrections for this home as the car garage driveway is heading to the road hitting.

Artificial Western Southwest Road Hit

Padamara Nirruthi veedi sulaObserve a road and houses were built on both sides of the road. One middle home encroached the road towards the South direction. The directional compass is also marked at bottom of this image for understanding purposes. This red color home has both Western Southwest road thrust and Eastern Southeast road thrust too. One red colored arrow also points this red color home for readers' understanding purpose. With this road encroach, this red color home has road hitting, this man-made mistake and it's an artificial hit.

Paschim Nairuthi Drusti Ghar

Western Southwest street focusA street is hitting from Southwest-west to a property is called Southwest-west street focus or that house is called as Southwest-west street focus house. Please make sure the property is having the natural West-southwest street focus or created street focus. In the created street focus there is a chance to make alterations with slight efforts, whereas in natural focus it is a little tough to do the alterations.

Please note that, when coming with Vastu Shastra alterations in any property, one should not do any such practicals without proper vastu shastra consultant advice or recommendations.

There may be a chance of suicidal tendency or suicide deaths if there is any well or water sump towards Southwest or western Southwest location.

Twist in Western Southwest Road Shula

Paschim Nairuthi veedhi Shula in TeluguThis Street is little tilted or bend and hitting the house at the point of Western Southwest location. Most of them were may not human created, these may be natural focuses. In this regard, expert opinion is highly recommended. Without his personal visit or online consultancy doesn't take any decision. Generally, these focuses are not giving good results.

Inclined Western Southwest Road Soola

Paschim Nairuthi veedhi Shula in HindiThis street is little tilted or bend and hitting the house at Southwest-west location. In this case, some may be created due to the property extension towards the South direction. We can handle this issue, but it may cost than expected if the front elevation is already completed. Normally this kind of focus are giving inauspicious results. It is not good to take individual decisions without experts' assistance.

Key Notes For Respected Residents

1. Our elders say that South and West extensions are not safe, when the house (read more on House vastu) is extended to the South direction then there is a chance to get the Western Southwest focus (Paschima Nairuthi) and Eastern Southeast Street Focus.

2. Coming with Vaastu, residents should be very cautious with the Paschima Nairuthi street focus subject. It won't be decided easily, get services with one of the best Vastu pandit, and ask him to visit that property. He will observe everything and will decide further with some Vaasthu recommendations.

3. If resident likes to buy a plot that has "any" road focus, it is advisable not to buy without proper guidance from Vasthu experts. Negligence may cause suffering lifelong from generation to generation.

4. Please note that we are providing only the appropriate information on street focuses, the strong recommendation is, please show your house which hit by the street focus with one of the best Vastu master.

5. From the start of our consultancy we clearly mentioned to the residents, when dealing with Vastu, residents strictly follow recommendations by an expert. Don't compromise on this point and don't come to one decision with tiny knowledge.

Salient Features of the Paschima Road Hit

Just as SSW street thrust shows its evil influence on female folks and finances of the home in a similar manner WSW street thrust shows its evil influence on men's health and finances. Its influence is felt on the head of the home and elder children of the family.

Even a king living in such a home (Home vastu) would have to face ruination at an early stage. The ill effects of WSW street thrust are:

1. The head of the family even when otherwise healthy and active "may" suddenly falls victim to paralysis or other incurable diseases. This may take time. Sometimes in the early stages, these residents may also get fancy amounts too.

2. Playing second fiddle to the lady of the house, becoming incompetent, succumbing to all ills that befall, losing one’s thinking faculties, and hence depending on others, and not bothering about the problems and losses faced by such people, losing one’s own identity, insecurity feeling, confused life, worrying even for very small things in life, unable to face daily chores of life and the like.

3. Financial losses may be losing everything or sometimes suffering from heavy debts.

4. Having interest on Bad Habits, lust for spicy foods, excessive desire for non-vegetarian foods, getting addicted to intoxicants

5. Doing unpleasant acts and to getting caught by the ladies of the house, falling ill thus becoming incapable and dependent on the ladies of the house for everything, facing sharp criticism.

6. Disputes or, Misunderstanding and fights, etc.

6. The matter is from the www.subhavaastu.com website.

7. Always getting involved in minor or irrelevant disputes, doing some or other wrong things and thus being accused and losing status

8. Sometimes desiring to stay alone and lead a sacred life, becoming timid to show one’s face in society, unexplainable helplessness, feeling depressed as if he has not achieved anything in life, trying to avoid main roads and thus avoid public gaze.

9. Even when people residing in such houses, desire to leave them, circumstances so conspire as to prevent any move in this regard. It may even prevent them consulting a competent Vastu expert.

10. "Rarely" this home may childless home too.

It is indeed hell with no outlet. If a resident would like to buy any Southwest-west street focus property it is better to verify that property with one best Vastu consultant, he will guide you further.

What Are the Remedies for Western Southwest Vidhi Potu?

1. Planting trees in front of the road thrust. It may cease the focus and may secure the home from these negative energies.

2. Keeping one hoarding board also sufficiently supports from this road hit, but this may secure the ground floor portion, it may not cover the upper floors.

3. Keeping the Ganapathi idol is also a good idea. Get a word from one expert after verifying the entire premises, he will guide you further.

4. Sometimes giving a small portion for rent of focused area may also relax from this focus issues. Like Dhobi shed, tea stall, vegetable vendor bunk, detached car shed, etc.

5. There may be some more ideas, they may work only after verifying the property personally, approaching one master may give happiness to the family.

6. If there is a heavy East open place in the backyard of the home, it may also help to get soothe from this focus.

7. "Very few times", the large open area towards North direction may assist to decrease this focus heat.

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3. This article Southwest facing house Vastu is most important to know about the effects. This is a related subject to this focus.

4. This is related link that must read along with this subject Dakshina Nairuthi Veedhi Shula, don't miss.

5. Herewith providing some important tips at this Paschima Nairuthi Focus page, there is significant data provided at this article.

List of Complete Vastu Doubts

+17 #8 staying in Southwest-west street Focus | Paschima NairuthiAnil Kumar 2016-12-24 09:18
hello, sir iam residing in a house which is Southwest-west street Focus Paschima Nairuthi, which is owned by me iam facing financial loses and lot of deviation and litigation, pls help me finding the solution.
+24 #7 West FacingMala 2016-09-12 11:20
Hello Sir,
We have a west facing plot and all other sides are having houses. A 30 Feet road towards West is in front of our plot. However recently opposite row neighbor has opened up his plot for people to commute. This is created as a lane and is facing our plot from South for about 10% . Can you please suggest if this considered as Veedhi Shoola , can we build a house will we have any bad effects.
+30 #6 T shaped street hitting to west facing homeRashmi 2015-12-06 17:58
Dear sir, My father's house is having West street focus but there is a road passing from South to North and the entire roads are looks to be T shaped in front of the house. One running road and one street focus.I want to know whether it is having good/bad effect on the family members and remedies. please mail me sir, I too have a similar situation. Please guide. Your website is wonderful, i understand how much pains you was taken to prepare this site. great.
+12 #5 Paschima nairuthi veedhi shulaMythri 2015-06-04 10:16
Hi, we are living in this home from 1994. We lost my grand father in the year 1996 and in the year 1998 we lost my grandmother. In 2003 we lost my father. My elder brother ran away from the home in the year 2005. Currently we are 3 living in this home, highly challenging to run this home without a monthly income. Every 6/7 months we sold some ornaments which were blessed by my grand father and living in this home. Recently we learned our home has paschima nairuthi vidhi sula. Whatever you published on this page is near to our home history, we experiences manythings that were published in this page. Salutes to Indian ancient sciences. Thankful to you for bringing all these facts. If we come up in life and wealthy, I will surely assist you to make this ancient science more powerful.
+18 #4 Western Southwest road soolaSampath Kumar A 2014-12-20 21:22
Namaste Acharya Jee, my saadar pranams to your lotus feet. We are so lucky to meet you here. We were blessed. We bought one South facing home and it has a Western Southwest street focus that we did not recognize before buying the plot. We verified with one vastu person, he said all is well. Based on his years of experience and double confirmation we bought this land and with his guidance, we constructed the home in the year 2012. My father was suddenly attacked by Paralysis in the year 2013 and we were suffering with untold financial troubles. Whatever we invest, it will be against to us and many disputes came. Recently I browse your website and found what was the main problem in our home. With your website information only we understand that our home has Western Southwest road shula. We should have to bring only the experts on that day of buying the land. We were compromised and we understand we have to compromise lifelong now. Days are too bad. After seeing everything, my brother started drinking and he is addicted to alcohol. My mother is constantly facing health disorders. My sister's marriage is still pending. This mistake is a lifetime lesson for us. Situations are uncontrollable. You are the only last faith in our life. Guruji, God has to give you 100 years life and you should life with good health and wealth.
+15 #3 Vastu Street Focus Southwest WestMonroe 2014-11-02 10:01
Thank you team for publishing such an interesting research on street focuses, your work never waste, many people silently bless you, great service great indians.
+13 #2 Western Southwest street cornerBharath Krishna 2014-04-13 05:49
Dear sir, I had land in Machilipatnam with West facing 36'.6 (East) 36'.6 (West) 64".6' (North) 66.6 (South). West street is hitting my plot at Southwest corner up to 4". Balance of my land is safe. Now we plan to construct a home so please suggest us. Before we buy this land we checked with Vastu pandit he said its good no problem local politician had the same land and he constructed home on that now everything is good for him, but he said to construct a home if I keep as land and sell it is not much use, we need to build a home, so please give me a valuable comment on this, after buying this land I can't find a job and some money shortage also there, of course, I am getting jobs but due to salary issues I am not joining, please suggest me what to do now.
+12 #1 POTNURUP PARTHA SARADHI 2014-03-07 15:21
sir, I am planning to build a house.But my plot is having a west southwest soola.
when my father had bought that plot 20 years back there was not that soola at that time only a road of 30 feet towards west side. later that soola was established artificially. so please kindly render remedies to avoid the ill effects if any.
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