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Steering Clear of Danger: Vastu Tips for Road Accident Prevention

Accidents and Vastu tipsRoad accidents often occur due to issues in the Southeast direction and the Southwest direction. Although less common, accidents can also happen when there's a Northeast cut. It's a topic that requires careful consideration.

Interestingly, people like medical representatives who frequently travel on roads often remain safe. On the other hand, individuals who rarely venture out may sometimes face unfortunate accidents. These incidents can be attributed to unpredictable construction or surrounding factors that influence accident rates.

In addition to the aforementioned factors, there are various other elements that can lead to accidents. Even minor defects can have serious consequences for residents.

One alarming trend is that young people are increasingly behind the wheel, posing challenges not only for traffic police but also for pedestrians and fellow drivers.

While busy lives often make people less mindful of others, taking safety measures can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, assistance from bystanders is not always guaranteed in today's society.

When it comes to home construction and plot selection, considering Vasthu principles can be a useful precautionary measure.

It's important to acknowledge that no human is immortal; everyone will pass away eventually. The goal, however, is to ensure that one's death is as natural and peaceful as possible, rather than the result of an accident.

Humans never milliner their death. God has given birth and takes life too.

Various specific factors can contribute to accidents:

Extending the Southeast towards the East direction can be a risk factor.

Similarly, if the Southeast area itself is extended, accidents may be more likely.

A focus on the Agneya street focus g the house can also pose a risk.

In some instances, having a smaller Northeast portion can contribute to accidents, although this is not universally true.

It's crucial to note that wells or borewell located in the South direction can lead to accidental harm, particularly affecting the women in the family. Meanwhile, depressions in the eastern Southeast can result in ill health, fire incidents, accidents or theft for the head of the family and their children.

Lastly, doors or gates facing Western Southwest, Southern Southwest, or Southwest may also increase the chances of accidents. Note that the term 'accident' and 'fire accident' refer to different kinds of incidents and should not be used interchangeably.

Navigate Safely: Leveraging Vastu Wisdom to Prevent Road Mishaps

Vastu for AccidentsWhen a house is divided into four equal parts and each part aligns perfectly with the compass, it generally results in a beneficial environment for the residents. For instance, if the Northeast block extends towards the North direction, East, or Northeast directions, it is highly advantageous and promotes overall well-being and growth for those living there. Such a configuration also helps in minimizing the risk of accidents. However, even minor issues with the alignment can potentially lead to accidental problems in life.

If the Southeast is extended towards East or Southeast then that may create many problems to the inhabitants.

If the Southeast is extended towards the Southeast side, that may become hell, accidents may also happen if the part is extended towards the Southeast corner.

We should not overlook about one thing here, if the property is in a row and all the homes are like such a method, then the negativity will become spread to all the homes and bad results will become weaker.

Further, if there is a Southeast extension and there is a Southwest is extended towards South or the West direction or Southwest, that may be the nightmare.

Here we must check how much part is extended and which area is it extended etc has to be verified and particularly we must check the surroundings and the extended part is used by the breadwinner or it was vacant.

All this information has a significant while considering the vastu results.

Reasons of Accident and Vastu Findings

accidents and vastu  helpPlease note that, if there is a door or gate towards Southwest-south, there is a chance of accidents, if there Southeast is also a Vaasthu defect, then chances are more for accidents. A minor accident is a different and fatal accident is different. One should be careful when at traveling. A small mistake may cause lifelong suffering.

Be cautious while in traveling, speed journeys are the main reason for the accidents.

Some times overwhelming joy may also lead to accidents.

Though it is fatality who is the cause for it. Did you heard about the famous cine actor accident in ORR(Outer Ring Road) in Hyderabad, why should they take chances. Cine actors should keep an eye on their kids moments. Speed is the cause of lethal accidents.

So please maintain the average speed.

Speed thrills and Enthrall, but parents should cautious on their kids traveling. Blind actions or speed road journeys may be repercussion in results.

Gaiety on roads is not at all recommended. Incult driving may definitely cause for a miserable future. Once the accident happens, there may not be a full stop for this incident at that time, the apprehensive thing is that they have to attend police stations, legal issues and visiting courts, and deferred adjournments.

They may punish or acquittal, who knows. Is it important for a student, except giving pains to the parents.

Once student acquainted with mobile phones and observing heinous videos thereafter they are doing all grotesque actions, wantonly observing videos or taking girls and maintaining high speed on roads and causing death to others and they themself injured a bunch.

Most of the accidents are happening at intersecting roads.

Gibe is also one of the reason when students traveling on their bikes, to attract girls, these boys doing all monkey actions and gibe moments and suddenly fell down and causes lament to their parents.

Can anybody gave birth at the age of 45 or 50 years, if they lost their son in an accident. Think twice on this argument and warn your kids to maintain minimum speed on the roads, ask them to be cautious always.

Vastu Observations on Instances of Causing Accidents

accidents and vastu  helpIf there is a door or gate towards Southwest-west then there is a chance for accidents, please note that there is a chance for accidents, if there is a Southeast Vastu dosh, then the chances are more. Please note that accidents may not be a road accident, sudden happenings may also be called accidents or accidental issues. These chances are more if there are erratic Vastu Shastra disturbances in such areas.

Erratic Vastu Settings May Cause Accidents

Expecting Accidents with erratic vastu placementsFor the house number-2 also having more chances for accidents. We are discussing only about accidents, whether they are serious accidents are simple accidents. In this image the 2 number is having more East open space, so the accidents may not be serious here.Life may not go, but more chances are there for accidents in this case.

Travel Safely

It is dangerous to entrain, detain to keep door open or to lean out of the window when the train is in motion. please avoid and prevent footboard travel. please travel light and book heavy/bulky luggage in the brake van.

Please discourage beggars and unauthorized vendors. please prevent damage and theft of fittings. Indian railways means, it is national property. Please complaint if you find any happenings in the trains, the complaint books are with the guards / train superintendent / station master. As per standing instructions they must maintain the complaint book.

Report any unidentified/unattended baggage to the railway official or staff. Passengers can fill up FIR forms, available with train staff/guard, TTE and RPF, etc in case of theft, robbery, and dacoity, etc. and handover the same to them for onward transmission to government railway police.

Wear Helmet While Riding a Bike

You should wear a helmet while driving a motorcycle. Why?

1. To protect yourself from a head injury and or a brain injury.

2. A helmet works by absorbing the force of impact and spreading it out over the whole helmet, which reduces the impact on the head and brain. A properly fitted helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 85% and brain injury by 88%.

3. Our brain allows us to see, think, hear, feel, emotions, communicate and move our body. Damaged brain cells DO NOT heal like muscle or bone.

4. Brain injuries may affect balance coordination, motor skills, strength, endurance, memory, language and more daily activities.

5. A fall from 2 feet can cause brain damage and a fall at 20 Kilometers per hour speed may also result in death.

6. Children are 14 times likely to survive a bike/tandem crash if he/she is wearing a helmet.

7. Don't use mobile phones while driving, its most dangerous, not only for you and your dependents and other vehicle owners too who are driving on the road. Somebody sending SMS while driving, why should take the risk when your attention should be only on the road.

That is why elders saying that when his time is fixed to leave the world, then a power goads him for the accidents.

Nowadays many talking on mobile phones while driving scooters, motor vehicles, bikes, cycles. Some bus drivers also using mobile phones when at their driving. Drivers in lorries are common in using mobile phones. Fate is always great.

Seat Belts - Save lives Buckle up Yourself

How does a seat belt save you?

Seat belts keep you held to the seat and from being thrown out of the car. They also hold you at the strongest points of your body (the hips and shoulders), spreading out the force of the crash on your body, protecting the neck and spine. The picture shows a common misuse of seat belts. Putting the shoulder belt behind the back or under the arm reduces the protection to the neck and spine. Common excuses for doing this are that the set belt is either uncomfortable or it might wrinkle clothes. Please set aside all the apprehensions, use lap, and shoulder belts every time for every ride! unclean seat belts refrain you from buckling up through you wish to do so. So clean them regularly and properly.

Clean your seat belt often: Pull the belts from the retractor and gently close the door on the belt. Rinse or brush gently with a mild detergent liquid first, and clean water next. Allow to air dry. later open the door and retract the belt.

Precautions While Starting the Car

Prior to starting in the morning, roll down the window glasses and weight for a few minutes, so that the hot air settled inside the car as a chance to go out. When all the windows are closed the inside air in the car would be hot enough to cause evaporation of petrol, which is in the pipelines. When you open the door windows the foul air as a chance to go out and fresh air would come in. Hence start the AC at the car only after about 3 to 5 minutes of opening of the windows. (If you failed to observe this precaution you will be inhaling fumes of petrol/Benzene and it is injurious to your lungs and health). Always off the AC and after a minute half a minute roll up the window glasses. Please observe this protocol whether the car was parked outside or inside.

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+7 #2 SharmaSachit Kumar 2017-05-13 15:32
Dear sir,
I am at bhubaneswar, orissa. Since last two consequent thursday, i am being part of minor accident. Accedent time On 4th may'17 at arround 9.05 pm and on 11th may'17 at around 5.50 pm.
What to do for mannaging our vastu.
Sachit kumar
+11 #1 Road, Train Accidents and Vastu Tips to preventJai 2014-03-24 16:22
your website is so interesting, is this Indian science is working for every thing including road accidents, i was wonder after reading some articles published here. where is d news leter, ??
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