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  • Table of Content
  • East Direction image
  • Few Questions on East direction homes
  • General Summary on East
  • What things can be placed at East Direction
  • East direction called in different languages
  • Easy methods of finding East direction
  • Importance of East Direction
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Questions And Answers
  • Few Respected Residents Experiences

East Facing Homes

East Facing House Vastu in TeluguThis image shows the East direction. In this "Vastu for East" section we will discuss "vastu dosh remedies for east facing house", benefits, advantages, disadvantages and dosh nivaran methods, pros and cons, tips, easy remedies, problems, and different structures, etc.

Is all East direction homes are giving good results?

Ans: Definitely, NO. Directions wise we should not select homes. It is a misconception that all eastern homes yield proficient results. We have to choose the best, then it bestows with the anticipated outcomes.

In USA, Why Residents Run to Buy Only East Facing Homes?

Delution thought created by some greedy people. By observing Indian's hurry in buying specific directions like East and North, some builders mark premium tag and earning 40K or 60K extra payments. Don't rush to buy East homes. There is no guarantee that a specific direction enhances residents' luck, fame, and wealth. Southern and western homes in America blessed and contributed outstanding results. Read many residents' experiences below, they lost their jobs, money, health, loved ones from their East facing homes.

Which Is the Best Garage Location for East Facing Homes?

When buying East facing homes, there is only two choices, either Northwest garage or Northeast garage (This is for attached garages in USA, UK, Australia homes). Based on the residing state in the USA, results vary. For example, buying a NE garage homes in NJ in USA, has many different results when compared with an NE garage homes in California. This point should be finalized after knowing the measurements of the entire home and garage.

General Summary of East Direction

  • East direction has 90° (Ninety degrees) as per the directional compass.
  • This direction is ruled by Lord Indra.
  • Means of transport vehicle for Lord Indira is "Airavatha" (White Elephant)
  • Nature of this planet = Sauryam / Keerthi
  • This direction planetary god is Ravi (Surya)
  • East direction is in between the Northeast and Southeast.
  • North is always showing on top and east shows on the right in maps. This is the international standard. For some convenience purpose, some people show variation in directional maps.
  • If a road towards East of a plot or house, such property is called East plot or East house. This shows it's effect predominantly on the male members of the residents as also on the name and fame of the family.

Which Room And What Things Can Be Placed At East Direction

East is best suitable for entrance, pooja room, prayer room, living room, dining room, study room, conference room, family room, bathrooms, swimming pool, water storage sump, septic tank, lawn grass, small flower pots, foyer, courtyard, home office room, guests waiting room, drinking water placement, library, TV location, showcase, male children bedroom, meeting hall, etc.

East Direction Is Also Called In Different Languages

In Telugu = తూర్పు in Gujarati = પૂર્વ
in Kannada = ಪೂರ್ವ in Hindi = पूर्व
in Kerala Malayalam = കിഴക്ക് in Maharashtra Marathi = पूर्व
in Punjabi = ਪੂਰਬ in Sindhi = اوڀر
in Tamilnadu Tamil = கிழக்கு in Urdu = مشرق
in Bengali (Bangla) = পূর্ব in German = Osten
in French = Est in Latvian = Austrumi
in Arabic = الشرق in Filipino = Silangan
in Malay/Indonesian = Timur in Italian = Oriente
in Japanese = 東 in Mandarin Chinese = 东方 / 東方
in Russian = восток in Sinhala= නැගෙනහිර
in Norwegian= øst in Assamese= পূব
in Bodo = Update Soon Dogri = पूरब
in Kashmiri= Update Soon in Konkani= उदेंत
in Maithili = पूरब in Meetei = Nongpok Maikei
in Nepali = पूर्व Odia/Oriya = ପୂର୍ବ

How Many Different Names for East Direction?

East direction also called as Poorva, Purva, Thoorpu, Suryodhaya Disha, Surya Disa, Ravi Disha.

In this page we will discuss advantages (benefits), disadvantages, (merits and demerits) to understand how this direction is good or bad.

Some famous Vastu consultants finalizing house vastu recommendation to the residents to buy only East direction residence, most of them asked to avoid West and South homes. Once you go through below detailed description, all of your doubts will be cleared, otherwise, you can send your queries to SubhaVaastu contact details page.

Easy Method of Finding East Direction

East Facing House VastuWhen coming to the directions subject "East" direction is having priority influence in vastu shastra. Sun raises from 'East' direction, generally "light" means it through away the devil, dark, fear, ill Health. Light welcomes confidence, strength, energy, health, courage, happiness, etc. By knowing invisible hidden powers of East direction, our elders said it is having such a huge concern healthy supportive to humans. Everyone know that, "health is wealth".

Just by reading some Vastu books some Vastu Pandits continuously recommending East direction homes to the residents. Once we go through our articles on West and South directions, then residents' interest may be amplified to buy only West or South facing Flats, instead of buying East direction house.

As per Hindu cultures, Sun is said to be visible ‘God’. Most of the Indian cultures and customs invariably linked with morning Sun rays.

It is also called as "Pitrusthana" (fathers place), so it should have more open space and should be low in flooring and should not be filled or covered and if do so, resulting in the lessening of male progeny and it becomes a house without a male child.

Another Method of Finding East Direction

Vastu for East Facing House in USAWe prepared this animated image for your easy understanding purpose. One animated hand shows the East direction of the home. This is the East direction or East part of the home. This hand starts from Northeast to Southeast. In between these two corners, the entire area becomes East. Raising sun is also visible in this image. Please check the directions link which is at the bottom of this page, we published one image which shown how to find the directions. Below we are discussing the effects of various problems in this East direction.

Easy Way to Find East Direction

Vastu for East Facing HouseTo know more about how to find out the East direction homes, then this image helps you, in this image foot marks move towards SUN way, the house is facing towards Sun, then the house is called as "East facing direction house" or "East house". It is easy to observe the house directions by seeing this house. The footsteps move towards Sun, the road is towards this direction, so the house is called "East Facing House". This road is called East road for this house. In some areas, this house is called as West facing home, but their statement is not correct.

The Date on Which the Sun Exactly Rises in the Eastern Direction

sun rising exactly at eastIn olden days many Vaastu pandits waiting for a particular day to start very big constructions like Temples, Forts, Palaces, etc. The importance of that day is the SUN is exactly raising from East direction i.e., 90°. March 21st is the day that Sunrise exactly towards East direction. That day the sun rises accurately in the East direction. The process to find EXACT East on that March 21st is, they plant a stick and waiting for sunrise and later note down the shadow and from then they find out all the directions of that particular land. Based on that construction took place.

Only two days in a year the sun exactly rises in the East direction. March 21st and September 23rd. Please write down in your diary or set an alarm to check where exactly Sun rises in your location. You may be surprised then.

In the above image you can find one stick planted on the earth exactly towards SUN and its shadow has fallen on the land and some people performing prayers to Lord SUN and some birds are flying.

Why East Direction Is Considered to Be Important, (What Is the Importance of East Direction)

Sun is the root of the productive means on earth. The whole real physical world formed of fragments is regulated by the rays of the Sun. That is why our elders worshipping the Sun as God (Surya Bhagavan, Suryadev, etc).

The Modern common man, who needs all the scientific reasons for everything and elaborately asking the questions why should Sun to be treated as God. He finally decided that Sun is the potential source of heat. He never accepts Sun as a God. He disbelieved all the faiths that Sun as a God.

Sun's covering the surface is about 6,000 Kelvin, which has approximately 5,726 degrees Celsius (10,340 degrees Fahrenheit) and the Sun diameter will be 1.391016 million km.

The Sun is 13,91,000 kilometers (8,64,400 miles) across. It's almost 109 times than the diameter of the Earth. The weight of the Sun is about 3,33,000 times than the Earth. Almost 13,00,000 planet Earth can be fit inside of the Sun.

Many Scientists proved countless positive benefits of Sun rays to the human body. It is said that sunbathing or basking in the morning sun after applying any vegetable oil to the body, which helps to develop the formation of "D" vitamin in the human body, which has a therapeutic impact on diabetes.

The radiance of Sun formed of seven colors developing a rainbow viz. , violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red and this aspect is made use of in the nature cure which is generally chosen for healing specific ailments, Not only these, there may be much more tremendous and immense precious invaluable energy of the sun.

That is why our forefathers and ancestors had impersonated Surya Namaskaras, as alma medica for best strength and physique.

With the notable progressive development of this Vastu science, man has started building the homes as per its principles and tenets, thus the decisive and positive impact of 5 elements viz., sky, water, light, air, and earth would be realized.

Home is the inseparable factor in the life of the human. Later on, the complete facts has been effectuated and this deftness of science is grown evolved about it, which is called as Vasthu, the most effective source for getting peace and development for human beings.

Due to the all above argument, this direction is said to be most important for humans health. Generally, East facing homes will get such a feature, that our elders already described that health is wealth. It is proving nowadays.

By knowing these features, our elders came to the decision that open space in the East direction is considered to be auspicious. And most of the Vastu consultants recommending the residents to buy the East direction when residents raising a question "Can we buy East facing home" or " Is East facing house is suitable to us".

Though the idea of the Vastu consultants may not be wrong, the blind decision never makes everyone and everything happy. Need to observe many things and afterward, the only resident has to take the decision in the presence of a competent Vastu expert.

Extension of East plot Is Good Or Bad?

Extending towards the East direction is auspicious. Can buy adjacent east plot to merge it to the existing house/plot, but some conditions apply for this extension, read below.

If a resident already resides and wishes to buy the connected/adjacent East direction plot is auspicious, but it has to be decided only with the proper guidance from expert. Otherwise, the existing North doors may become Northwest doors, or, the existing South doors become Southwest doors.

Measurement of new extension plot is most important here. For example: if an existing house plot has 100 ( approximately 31 meters) feet from East to West direction and you are buying the new extension East plot like another 100 feet.

Then this becomes your Northeast water sump is said to be North or Northwest and main entrance door like North or Northeast-north become Northwest etc. All these could be avoided if got a consultation from an expert. (Need to know about Northwest Facing House Vastu, check this link.)

In addition to this, if there is any street focus on the existing plot with the house, they also should be factored before deciding to buy the adjacent east plot.

For example, if there is a Northeast-north street focus with the extension of the plot of the east it might otherwise become, North-northwest street focus, which brings in enormous instability in the lives of residents.

Further, if there is a well or water body in the Northeast side the same would become well in the North-Northwest side which is again disastrous. These will have to be properly evaluated and only a competent scholar can visualize and then advise correctly.

Mere textbooks statements of extension in North-Northeast and East are beneficial is correct with a caveat. Be cautious in these extending principles. Do not be anywise and pound foolish.

If on such extension the level of the composite plot becomes such that East level becomes higher one can imagine the failures one does face in this like.

East Direction Lower Levels And Discussing the Reasoning Of Advantages

What happens if the floor of an East direction has lower levels or is depressed?

Balance to the body is most important, if there is a stomach at top and head at the middle then human being may not walk properly, likewise, God kept the human stomach in the middle part and kept the head at the top.

By this intelligent structure placements, humans are easily moving from one place to another place otherwise they may fall down. Balance is most important everywhere and everything too.

Most of the residents or people need a scientific explanation for everything. Without scientific reason, few residents may not listen to theory and never accept the subject.

Due to many reasons there is a lack of researchers and innovators in Vastu. 99% of the present consultants are interested to read books and recommending bookish knowledge and tips to the residents.

If there is proper research took place on this science, then definitely every rule can be proved properly.

Why our Rushis prescribed East floor should be lower level. Why Vastu recommends lower levels with reference to East, Northeast, and North. The reason is

We are all aware the higher we go the more unstable we become. Because the gravitational force of earth which binds us with itself becomes less and less. We all desire virtues good conduct and benevolence to stay with us at all times.

If the directions which bestow these qualities are at a higher level, ipso-facto, it means that these virtues are unstable and undesirable phenomena.

It is for this reason that lower levels for these 3 directions (East, Northeast, and North) are recommended. Not only this we are aware that in case of storm dirt is raises and goes away but water would stay back.

This would mean, apart from levels if water bodies such as bore well, well, water sump, are in these directions, it enhances the chances of virtuous qualities staying and bestowing their benevolence on us longer.

Many people give various reasons as to why these 3 directions should be at a lower level. Perhaps, these may be empirically derived by them or intuitively explained.

It will be a welcome feature if they explain the logic behind the statement of advantages of these directions being at a lower level so that a rational thinking person would appreciate this fact.

East Direction Lowering Floor Level is Good or Bad?

Land depression at East directionIn this image, the land elevation and depression floor level is clearly shown. East floor is lower level than the West direction land floor. This is said to be auspicious. It is also possible to do this same system of correction inside of the home too. But need to get proper advice from experts advice before doing this correction. This image prepared for readers understanding the purpose.

This direction should be broad, and at a lower level / depressed state (Lower level) than the other directions except for the Northeast corner.

For better results, East direction should not be blocked by any structure or building. Sun raises from this East direction and getting warm waves, those waves have directly hit the homes, those homes may become rich in health, fame and many other benefits. No need to worry about other directions.

The important point of this direction is, it affects on the male or male progeny. Those homes who does has more sunlight at mornings on East direction or the properties has more East direction, it states that the progeny born with knowledge, or knowledgeable people reside in those homes. Wisdom is their wealth.

Servant maids room is suitable to fix at Northwest or Southeast, don't plan their room at northeast or Southwest.

Positive Effects / Salient Noticeable Benefits:

If there be street towards the east of a plot or house, such property is called east plot or east house. This shows its effect predominantly on the male members of the residents as also on the name and fame of the family.

If eastern portion if fairly at a low level and extensive in nature, the residents will generally enjoy a contented life and may even be role models to others and lead a successful life.

If your western neighbor builds his home close to your plot, your fame will spread far and wide and you will enjoy an excellent state of health. However, then they should not have borewell/ well towards their NE.

In the same way, if your southern neighbors build their home fro your south border, it is benevolent to you. However, in their house, they should not house well/home well to their NE side them.

Build a house with a possible balcony on the east side. (This should, however, be such that there be no construction on the east, ENE an NNE side. Aids long progeny, prosperity, name, and fame.

Build an east slopping Verandah such that NE is not constricted. This aids health.

Open space towards north aids prosperity. Female folk will enjoy sound health.

The drainage should be collected in the east side and drained off from there. This aids peace of mind

Along the west wall build full slid platforms. This helps in overcoming adverse situations. Indebtedness would disappear and aids financial prosperity.

In the east plot, having a low level in east side is greatly beneficial.

Lineage would progress and prosper (when due care is taken in the construction).

East Direction Vastu ShastraMore open space towards East direction brings luck and fame to the residents. Planning to have more East direction open space to the residences may generally bring happiness to the residents and lineage may be intelligent too. children will progress well in the chosen field. Moreover providing more open space at North direction than the South may bring more money and good health to females too. Lesser open space towards West and more open space towards East is the right method to bring positive powers to home.

Build a compound wall such that the West side is higher and a bit thicker as compared to east side. If politicians live in such houses, they will have recognition in the political field and status too.

At no time the west compound wall is shorter and a thinner when comparison to east side. At the worst they may only be equal.

vastu for east facing house in TeluguStudy this image carefully. Here there are two plots. One NE (Marked as "1") and the other east plot (Marked as "2"). We are now discussing the east plot and not NE plot. If you build in your east block, leaving no open space in the north (in effect upto the extreme north of your property), the residents of NE plot would benefit (and may not be you). If however, you leave adequate space in the north during construction, the NE residents would not enjoy such a bonus. This image is only for your understanding purpose.

Check this image carefully once again. If Northeast block people built a huge compound wall (on their Southern side, which is your North side), it can as well be cause for concern.

It however both of you build a first compound wall, then to take due care wide building the south side compound wall. If, the NEW neighbors do not agree for a common compound wall and build their own, it is incumbent upon you to build your compound wall separately (away from their compound wall) at least 6” apart).

If your NE neighbor builds his house without building a compound wall, (up to the southern limit) even then you should home your own compound will attempt 6” away from their construction.

east facing house according vastuIf a house is built like this way, the residents will be prosperous, hence a happy life and a home which is indeed an ideal one. In such houses, vastu complaint home aids in children education and their progress. Residents will get good name in the society, their fame will improve. They will have confidence. They live peacefully, things go smooth, the business runs as per expectations, they never go beyond their limits, they decisions will be right or they will take right decisions, have adequate money.

Water wells are suitable in this direction.

Water storage sump is also preferred to place, but decide it only after getting proper advice from experts.

Can plan for the septic tank at this location, get proper guidance from an expert.

The males of this home will be physically strong if the sewage or rainwater is passing through this direction.

If this home has slanting roofs or projections or slab or verandah or balcony, then it improves the health of the male members of the family and wealth wise also they are strong.

Some homes has sitting platforms at this direction, this may be very useful for the family members to sit and chitchat, but these platforms or dias or pials should be below the lower levels of the home inside floor level.

If these sitting pials were not elevated than the floor level of the inside home Northeast or East direction then it brings prosperity and peace.

More than the double open space of the House at East direction and it is in a lower level than the West direction then male members of the house will come early to the home and will get satisfactory life and had good health and wealth too.

Their word has more respected in society. Many people will come and get suggestions from them. Suitable for the politicians.

If the home main entrance door is facing towards East direction, this could be treated as propitious. Further, this door is facing slightly towards the Northeast, then there is a chance to gain a sound position of finances, peace, inheritance succession lineage, affluence.

If a home has tall apartments at West and South directions, water body at North direction, sufficient open space towards East direction, house constructed at Southwest quadrant, having Northeast main gates will become an ecstasy heaven or elation paradise.

These are rare in India but will be available in other countries, one has to keep an eye on the properties, they will get these kinds of homes. These featured house does not have any good value in Norway.

East Corner Home"WAIT FOR 5 SECONDS HERE FOR ANIMATION EFFECT". Have you heard about "East corner", yes it appears when the plot is skewed. Some argued that "there is no East corner", "East is the direction it never be a corner". For them we are publishing this image, in this image, we can clearly observe East direction become EAST CORNER, this happens only when the plot is inclined. This is an animated image, in this image when the directions become 135° then East reached to Northeast corner. When the directions become 45° then East reaches to Southeast corner. We can find these kinds of properties in many places, for example, Karol Bagh in Delhi. Coming with results, this could be decided only after observing the measurements.

Normally, 45° provides good results, 135° is not giving good results. Please note that this is only approximation without stating the measurements of the site or home plinth area.

Waterfalls towards East is accepted. Coming with fountains, get an idea from an expert, without his recommendation don't take any decision. If you need more information on this fountain info then click this fountain position as per vastu link.

East homes vaastuFortunate are those who are endowed with such plots/houses. This home has extended ENE. There is allowed development in such place. If the house is built, due care being taken as per Vastu Science, there will be exponent progress to the residents. (If resident got such a plot, please do consult a competent Vastu scholar so that the best of result may be obtained). In such plots, building a house such that appropriate open spaces (such as more on east and north and less on west and south etc.), is the best principle.

Sun rays come from this direction. This direction provides vital power to living things. Our sages also doing all the rituals are performed by facing this direction only.

Hence, it is called as a holy direction. Lord 'Indra' blesses development in education, status, happiness, vigor, interest in luxuries, professional development and success in business also observed.

Had safe professional carrier, development and improvement. Their wealth improves well and higher respect in their society. They will be blessed with good children and enjoyment, are assured. This direction is responsible for fame improvement, progress in business, industrial development etc.

Adverse Results Or Negative Effects:

In positive effects section, we discussed Door facing towards Northeast and East. If the door faces towards Southeast, then there may be a chance of court litigations, thefts or robbery, poor or poverty or may be chances of encounter small fire accidents.

If there is no open space at East direction and more open space at West direction then there may be a possibility of mental disturbances, tragedy, mentally or physically handicapped, breaking of the lineage, possibility of losing kids,(not applicable for USA, UK, Australia properties and some parts of India), defame, besmirch, sully, lack of intelligence, thinking for unnecessary things, trying to get a key for the unsolvable problems, always trying to find a solution for obscure complicated things, fighting to solve the uncertain and unintelligible things, money losses, living in dreams etc. Based on many other surrounding impacts several effects of these may increase or cutback or diminish.

If the compound wall in east is higher than in the west, ill health in the family may manifest or some other shobby or substandard things may also happen in the family.

Please note that the difference in height means, not 6 inches or one feet. The elevation here means, more than one feet. If the house is very bigger one like one-acre land, then even 2 feet height also could not effect on the inhabitants.

For east houses, in no case there be ditches in the west side, now it shall lower than the eastern part. If, on the contrary, if be so, the head of the family would court incurable ailments/diseases or some times may lead to death even.

Where there are kids, care should be taken that there be no accumulating dirt, garbage, pebbles and stones etc towards east or northeast. Or else, it may affect the health of the kids. Financial losses also are possible.

vastu for east facing apartmentIf Eastern Southeast is extended it bodes all round ill will. Due to sudden events in life, one may even lose a sense of discrimination and supper greatly on the account. Children may not come up in life. Financial losses. Ill health and chronic ailments. Bad habits will improve, accompanying with bad friends and hostility improves, heavy expenditure ventilates, health may spoil, quarrels in the home or in the society, this results in loss of name and fame in society and one may have to even hear adverse comments about self when in the company of others.. Need to consider the extension of Southeast-east, based on that extension only the negative impacts will escalate.

If there be heavyweights towards the east and not go towards west, there is a clear possibility of financial ruination and loss of prestige name and fame, life becomes uneasy.

If there is a problem or any obstruction was made of to the East facing homes then residents may face hypnagogic or they may be very lazy in the future.

What happens if trees at East direction. After reading some text in websites and vastu books, some residents thought this is bad feature, if one really feel like so, then do one simple technique to keep the trees alive and not cut in the name of Vastu. Here is the tips. plant more trees at West direction.

Dig one water sump at Northeast or East direction after the trees. So the water sump will be in between trees and the house. Make sure the master bedroom is at Southwest. If there is no trees at East direction and you are planning to plant trees, then postpone it or plant trees at West, South and Southwest directions.

Hight raise and heavy buildings at East direction, generally, this may not be good. Some times and in some places this rule may not works when the property is in cities. Because in cities we can found many buildings in and around, so the negativity will be shared to all. Only one property never be affected by this East high rise buildings. In villages or small towns it may affect badly.

East side apartments, these heavy structures may not be giving good results. What happens if there is one apartment, two apartments, high rise apartments, etc. 3 floors apartment is not giving any trouble if the house is two story building.

High rise apartments, for example, 5/6/7/8/9 or more, then troubles may start. Getting bad name, starting health problems, things cannot go smooth, for even small things also need to use high power, starting complications, eye problems start slowly, starting money problems, diminishing the fame, unrest, kids will become physically or mentally handicapped, has to experience the poverty, chronic ill-health, mentally retarded or mentally disturbed.

It may definitely disturb their peace, they never have good sleep, they lost confidence, further, there is a high chance of doing committing mistakes(definitely). Nowadays somebody is doing a new job by observing Vasthu by reading one or two books and doing corrections as published in those books, the practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge is very different. No comparison.

Is All East Facing Homes Are Considered to Be Same?

East Facing Flat VastuThese two homes facing towards the East direction, these two homes are called East facing houses only, both two homes are rectangular, but the length of House-1 is different and House-2 length is different towards the road. The house-1 is little bit good for males. It may bless with good name, please note that both houses are good, but house-1 is a slightly bit upper hand than house-2. If you have house-2, don't cry. Nothing to worry.

In House-1, there is a high chance to provide more open space towards the East direction, in House-2 its lesser chances to provide more open space towards the East direction, which is the difference in between these two homes.

If both homes do not have the boundary premises and the entire plinth area is constructed then both homes will be the same. No upper hand and no lower hand.

Observation is very important, sometimes rules and regulations may have little variations when coming with Vaasthu, for example, a house does have a boundary wall and a house does not have the compound wall may not be providing same results though they constructed with same Vasthu principles.

We may observe little variations in terms of results. The good or bad effects of the neighborhood may be different when coming with the home with a boundary wall and without boundary walls.

Our elders said that constructing the boundary wall is auspicious to the homes. But this rule may not applies in all countries.

Is It Good to Extend the House Towards East Direction?

East facing home vastuHouse-2 is encroached the road, as per Government rules, it may be wrong, but as per vastu it is benevolent when the house encroaches towards east direction. Due to this encroachment, this "House-2" gets Northern Northeast and Southern Southeast Street focus. Both street focuses are good to this property. It augurs well. Please note, we are all respected people and cultured, should follow the laws and rules of the respected land.

The House-1 is also good but does not have Northeast-east street focus and Southern Southeast road thrust effects.

Some residents raising the questions their both homes are same to same, but difference appeared results wise, here is the answer for them.

Professionals examine is different and layman perception is desperate. Like such a way, there are many other things too, that we have to observe and consider before buying the property or constructing the home. Maybe the star of a person may also involve in buying the property.

This is a suitable place to discuss one incident. While in our property review, visited one village near Kadapa district, there are two friends by name Krishna Reddy and Ramana Reddy, both were good friends.

Is All East Facing Homes Are Good?

east facing house vastu in TamilKrishna Reddy dependably a decent organizer, and he hunts down for an expert vastu consultant and thereafter he got up one vastu specialist information and taken the consultancy and constructed the home. But Ramana Reddy does not like such concept and honestly speaking he doesn't want to waste his money in the name of vastu. Krishna Reddy started the home and completed it successfully. On the same way, Ramana Reddy also completed his home and both joined their homes respectively.

Later Ramana Reddy observe many negative changes happening in his home and he compared the results with Krishna Reddy home.

When the problems were too much he never wastes a day and contacted the expert which Krishna Reddy sought consultancy and asked him to visit his property. Krishna Reddy encroached road, Ramana Reddy also encroached the road.

Krishna Reddy got Northern Northeast and Southern Southeast street focuses, while Ramana Reddy got Northwest-north and Southwest-south street focuses.

The logical point here is Ramana Reddy home is "West facing" and Krishna Reddy home is "East facing". Imitation in other things may be profitable, but it won't safe in vastu.

Let us discuss on this mistake, how to handle this issue. Whose mistake it was. After examining the cruel situations, Ramana Reddy wants to demolish his house even to nullify the negative effects.

Anyway, the problem was solved with demolishing the front room and removing the street focus problems, actually, he wishes to demolish the entire home, but the expert saved his money by just removing only one room.

Here who was suffered finally. Though by knowing the benefits of vastu consultancy Ramana Reddy doesn't like to have consultancy, he wishes to save consultant fee.

Finally what happens. Who got gigantic misfortune. Let us all think about this. Vastu for East facing home is exclusively contrasting with West facing house Vastu.

We like to say one instance in this regard. This is one resident experience of Vastu for East facing house in USA, which has a mountain after the road, after buying that home, they went with atrocious outcome consequences. The resident read some vastu books and observed vastu videos and bought the home. His wish of saving experts' fee was successful, but his life was in trouble.

Intelligent residents never follow this cheap technique, they will first approach only the experts in this field, it's the reason they got success and are called as successful residents.

Is Open Space Towards East Direction Bestows Residents?

Vastu for East DirectionNormally, spacious open space towards East is auspicious, just by knowing this information one should not blindly buy homes. In this image, the home has gracious vacant land towards East direction, in the same way this home constructed at the Northwest quadrant. Due to this South direction has intensive open space than North direction. With this setting, the outcome may be, loss of finance, health problems, quarrels, wrong decisions, expenditure, mental strain, mental tortures, uneasy in the life, no good relations in between members, debts, loans, credits, pressures from financial institutions, litigations, etc may be possible. Don't follow bookish remedies for this structure. Contact experts to get permanent relief.

But, those who construct their residence neglecting this direction either by ignorance or indifference, will definitely lose their wealth and fame. Their career or Trade will be affected.

They will have more worries and problems, and also regarding their children’s education, the profession also is affected.

Slanting roof towards the East is good, the roof or sheets should flex towards East direction.

East provides Renaissance/rebirth of fortune is possible in terms of opportunities, Capture them, East is best suitable direction to have good name and fame.

If defects found towards East direction then it maltreated residents.

Those who have more East space they will conquer all of their problems.

We never ask you to believe this, you may treat below as a story

One Satyanarayana of Mysore (Place Changed), Karnataka state, suffered losses in his factory, his brother-in-law informed him “better to consult one experienced vastu consultant and get suggestions from him”.

But Satyanarayana is a different character, he thinks that vastu consultant needs fees to observe the property, why should pay fee, immediately he bought two Vaastu books in the market., overnight he reads those books and know everything., early morning he met Mason (mestri) and ordered to do some corrections in the factory.

Wonderful within a very short period his factory seized by the financial institutions, alas! he lost respect in the society, after discussing all the things with his brother-in-law and finally contacted one experienced Vastu consultant and done some corrections to his house and factory also (factory is seized, but outside, there is opportunity to visible for observation), he done the alterations as per Vastu expert advice, after passing days he got some financial support from one of his best friend settled at New York (United States of America), anyhow finally he gained by vastu corrections.

If at first, he approached an expert, no way for seizing the factory and lose the name in society. Once the bad name starts visiting in one's life, generally, it takes years to get a stamp out.

Is All East Facing Doors Are Giving Good Results?

All east homes are good to buyThis image has 4 homes. 1, 2, 3, 4. All homes showed with gates which marked with small red color line. Number 1 home has a Northeast door, which brings them peace. Number 2 home has exactly the east door which makes them successful. Number 3 and 4 homes had Southeast-east doors, which always creates many tensions, heavy expenditures, health disorders, failures, education breakups, quarrels, wrong decisions, etc. So if anyone thought that all East homes are good, then this is the best example to understand.

Is This East Facing House Giving Good or Bad Results?

Vastu East homeTwo homes are shown in this image, the number 1 home has an Eastern Southeast driveway and the number 2 home has an Eastern Northeast driveway. Both are east facing homes. Many residents thought that all East facing homes are bestowed with extraordinary results and rush to bid for exclusively higher prices. The "number 2 home" is safe but the "number 1 home" is not safe home to buy.

The lengthy driveway acts as just like a road thrust and it is acting here as Eastern Southeast road thrust and it may create tensions, financial losses, wrong decisions, disputes, sudden negative things happening, education may spoil, bad habits, family problems, delays in good things, operations, health disorders, stress, iritations, uneasiness, always something to worry, etc, on the other hand the number 2 home may get Eastern Northeast Street Focus which is normally giving quality results like improving fame, good health, intelligence, good education, business development, promotions, etc. Don't treat all East homes are superior. It is advisable to get an experts opinion before buying any direction home.

The above kind of homes are common in America.

Please note that we should not consider all east homes considerably high grade vastu homes. Many litigations may be possible in every direction homes. Only an expert can pick you a quality home for the happy future.

Questions And Answers:

1. Is water wells, water lakes, ponds, stream, rivers, torrent in East direction are good?

Ans: Yes, this is a good feature.

2. Can we plant Trees in East direction?

Ans: If at present, no trees, then don't plant trees in East direction. If already trees are there, then construct one huge rock platform in the west direction or plant heavy trees at West direction. Please don't cut the existing trees at East direction.

3. Apartments or huge Buildings in the east direction executes any harm to us?

Ans: Generally, apartments or big buildings or heavy structures may not be good in East direction. That is why all vastu experts teach that construct the home with vastu principles. If so, things may not be wrong in the future, if there are huge constructions in the eastern direction.

4. Proposing to buy one East facing plot, opposite there are multiple open vacant sites, is this advantage?

Ans: Perfectly good.

5. Found one huge water tank opposite to our plot, (big storage structure on 8 pillars), is this good?

Ans: Water feature is good, but the water tank with pillars may not be good. In such case, as a remedy, keep everything clean and clear in and around of that pillar area, ensure that there should not be any bushes, then it broadcasts to heal the negativity.

6. Can we construct septic tank in East direction?

Ans: Accepted, don't do any mistakes, this link has some info on septic tank vastu

7. Looking to buy East facing plot which has mountains and hillocks in East direction, is this good to buy?

Ans: No, absolutely not good. One of the views taken by more people is that east facing plot is the best. Infact it is so subject to other conditions of the vastu being complied with, otherwise, it is not that good plot as one imagines. For example, if the East facing house has high-rise apartments or hillocks towards it has lost its pristine virtues to a significant extent.

8. Having electricity power polls and transformers are good?

Ans: Electricity polls are not at all a problem, but the electricity transformer may not be good at this orientation, generally, it may not damage hugely, but it is not recommended to be placed at this orientation. Instead of the east, plan to place this transformer at Southeast.

9. Having water storage sump (below ground level water tank) is good or bad?

Ans: Good.

10. Is east facing home good for rent?

Ans: If vastu of this home is good then can enter into the rental agreement.

11. Can we plan basement/cellar?

Ans: Accepted, but the basement (cellar or the underground room or Crypt or undercroft, tenement, Dunny, lower ground floor, mezzanine)

12. Can we construct car shed or car garage, can we keep vehicles for parking,?

Ans: This can be acceptable in USA, UK or in Australia, but however it may not giving good results in India. Based on spreading rules, one should be careful and avail proper guidance from experts. If garage planned to place from Southeast to the east then no problem. If this garage is planned only at East then the problem appears. (This same structure exists same to same in a community layout for all homes to East direction homes, then it won't hurt the residents hugely as read above.)

13. Having the entrance gate or entry door or window is harm to us?

Ans: Nothing to worry, certainly it is good, plan for very big windows in East direction.

14. Can we have a home office in this direction?

Ans: Acceptable.

15. Placing the pooja room is tolerable?

Ans: Sure, you can place puja room.

16. Planning for a garden is a good idea?

Ans: Absolutely, good, It boosts positive energies.

17. Having an external or internal steps/staircase is acceptable?

Ans: Southeast staircase is acceptable. Based on the construction system, sometimes this may not give troubles. Usually, the east staircase is not counseled by experts.

18. Lift or elevator is acceptable?

Ans: Yes, acceptable on some grounds. Please check this elevator vastu link.

19. Can we keep a treadmill?

Ans: If there is no place at Southeast, then keep the treadmill here.

20. Can we construct the shops?

Ans: Don't construct at Northeast corner. Shops can be constructed only at Southeast to the east only. Don't block Northeast in the name of shops or other structures.

21. Keeping mountain rocks or unused bricks in this direction is OK?

Ans: No, no and NO. If there is unused bricks or mountain rocks then remove them and keep them at Southwest or West or South directions.

22. Having the sewage line makes unpleasant?

Ans: Commonly, this won't deliver any troubles.

23. Constructing a toilet in the east direction is acceptable?

Ans: Accepted.

24. Having porticos is a good idea?

Ans: Excellent.

25. Can we plan for the master bedroom?

Ans: Not accepted. (This point is not considered for homes in USA, UK, Australia, Norway, and New Zealand etc countries).

26. Forming stocks room or storeroom is good?

Ans: Some residents already had them, but we never recommend. Keeping southeast kitchen utensils are permitted to keep at this place. We never accept to had an independent storeroom at this location.

27. Can we plan for a water fountain?

Ans: Definitely, but the floor of this water fountain should not be elevated than the common floor, it can be either depressing or even the same level compare with common floor level.

28. Constructing a balcony is acceptable?

Ans: Definitely.

29. Cabana or pergola is acceptable?

Ans: No. But can have sea Bumbershoot or parasol or sea umbrella which should be movable.

30. Having a kitchen in the east direction is good or bad?

Ans: Perfect beneficial direction for the kitchen is either southeast or northwest, if both directions are not ample then can plan only open kitchen (kitchenette, galley, cooking area) at East direction. Open kitchens are acceptable in USA, UK, Australia etc countries.

31. Having Lanai is a good idea?

Ans: Accepted.

32. The breezeway is acceptable to East facing homes?

Ans: On certain conditions accepted, but highly recommended to have proper guidance from the expert.

33. Can we buy a east home that has East floor elevated, is this good to buy?

Ans: East floor elevation is not a good feature. This could damage harmony in the home. Avoid buying the East elevated homes. This may damage finances and family members may suffer from poverty. Generally, the heightened East direction makes kids health ailments or incurable diseases, or continued illness. Children may psychologically weak or mentally retarded. West elevated floor is perfectly good. Firms may also collapse.

34. East direction floor Lower levels, depression or lower roads, is this attribute is acceptable?

Ans: If the eastern direction is sloped or land depressed then definitely this is auspicious. East sloppy land levels improve wealth and health. Residents feel comfortable in this home. They enjoy good health, improving fame, had value to their word, attraction in the society and friend circle, improving skills, raising the grasping power, good education, etc.

35. Can we keep sofa sets or other furniture in the East direction?

Ans: Keeping a Sofa set or other furniture is a flawlessly high-grade choice and it is a good idea.

36. Constructing labor quarters or having a servant maid room is bad?

Ans: Constructing labor quarters is not recommended, but having a servant maid room is not harm. Maximum try to arrange another room instead of the east room for servants.

37. Having east street focus to the home is good, can we buy it?

Ans: Lot of argument is still going on this question, please check this link before taking any decision east street focus, don't do any mistakes with street focus. Residents should not compromise on this feature. Please, ought experts opinion.

38. Having a computer table is recommended?

Ans: No problem at all.

39. East truncation or cut is good?

Ans: There are many questions arising with this question. Get experts guidance or check this inclined homes link. Based on the structure style, it is accepted and some times it is not accepted. For "U" shaped structures east truncation is not a problem, for other styles of structures it is suggested to get advice from specialists.

40. Can we extend East direction?

Ans: If extension including the Northeast then it is acceptable.

41. Where should we plan the conservatory?

Ans: This orientation is very good for the conservatory, you can also plan for a depressed floor level. It will get very good sunlight. You know about the importance of sun rays and sitting before Sun at morning times. When conservatory planned properly, residents will go here regularly and will get sunlight and sun rays. Good for health too.

42. Where should we keep the trampoline as per vastu?

Ans: Trampoline can be placed at anywhere except at Northeast (if it has covered thick net around it). If kids are very regularly using trampoline then better not to keep it in deep northwest or deep southeast areas. Trampoline is not regularly using then can be placed at SE or NW too. The best locations for the trampoline is at West direction for the East facing homes.

Some residents have a pretty big Trampoline for kids to play and set up an outhouse storage shed ( small house like structure ) to store snow mover, bikes and tools, etc, all these settings are not good to place at East direction.

43. Is East facing house is good for all residents?

Ans: We should understand one thing, if vastu of the house is good, then all things will go smooth with residents' life, otherwise, all directions are same, in giving results.

44. Is all East Facing Homes Are Good?

Ans: No, definitely No. There is a strong prejudice among people that only East and north facing plots are excellent in every respect. In life, there is always a caveat to every hypothesis, that is conveniently ignored by self-proclaimed vastu knowledge who does not act based on practical and logical thinking.

For example, antibiotics kill all invading bacterial ailments, that does not mean we make it a rule to eat antibiotics regularly.

This example will convince average readers about exaggerated statements regarding East facing plots.

Vastu, as a matter of fact, is an occult science. Nevertheless, it is an ancient architectural science. Everywhere there are good forces and evil forces. One is not away from the other.

Vastu science helps a proper balance between all the forces so that we live a happy and contented life. For example, west facing residences are very good for leadership qualities, it does not mean that other directions do not promote this trait. A subtle understanding of science is essential to harmonize all the forces.

Vastu recognizes this and makes a promise of giving the best possible life in the given circumstances. The experienced vastu consultant never follows anything blindly. Interpretation of the principles of various forces acting is essential in giving a proper solution.

There is a live example which we would like to quote. For obvious reason, we are bound by law of secrecy and protect the source of this information.

A gentleman in USA bought a plot costing 80,000 USD extra than the actual home cost based on his knowledge that east facing plot is very good. Later they approach vastu consultancy by experiencing adverse results.

When any Indian vastu consultant quoted some nominal consultancy fee, for making better use of the available premises for these people who had lost 80,000 USD on half baked knowledge, a mere small amount as vastu consultant has stated was too big to chew. This is the tragedy.

Vastu pandits give proper advice and charge a modest fee, infact very modest fee. Yet, people are prepared to burn their hands rather than preventing a calamity. Only wisdom will help them if they sincerely follow expert's advice.

Please note that all the distant hills are smooth. It seems to be they are smooth, but really NOT. Like such, all East facing homes are not really giving auspicious results. Care should be taken with this blind custom ritual thought that is passing tongue to tongue.

Is Morning Sun Rays are Extraordinarily Helpful to the Humans?

Is anybody found one thing, many poor people are more healthy than the rich, why, its simple, poor are always working under Sun and their body is exposing to Sun, while rich people are most of the times working in air condition rooms, sun rays may not touch their body, and consequently they may suffer from many diseases.

Health is wealth, this is the general proverb and our elders are saying from many decades, so while wakeup from bed, first open the East facing door and welcome sun rays into house, this is the good principle method. Make sure that atleast expose your body under sun rays approximately for 30 minutes or atleast 15 minutes or finally 10 minutes to get good health or Vitamin D.

Our requests to respected family housewives that first open the East door at early mornings, it may not be feminine direction but it is more auspicious because morning breeze will refresh you and the air flow to the house will be purified and filtered, driving and pushing away the heavy and dozing air of the entire night.

The door may be perfectly set with and kept open all the day and be made safe with iron grill if it may be the backyard door, through this East door most precious sun rays come into enhancing residents life with good health, you are well aware that morning sun rays has Vitamin "D", which is more required to our body and its natural health supporter that we must keep it in our mind.

Many residents consuming vitamin tablets for extra vitamins, for them this sun rays helps lot to attain the required vitamins.

Misconception about Heavy East Open Area

We are protecting the privacy of the individual and so name and place are changed in below example.

East homes vastu in Telugu languageOne Mr. Teja's brother Rahul Ji built a home in Pune. Broadly the scheme is as the below, this is a East facing home. He has built his property with about 60 feet open space in the front yard i.e., East direction and 10 feet open space at backyard i.e., west direction. Without going into other technicalities and compulsions we see this man unusually prospered for over two decades.

His brother in the United States is a Pseudo follower of Vastu science. Simply thinking about the prosperity of his brother's home in Pune, he built almost the same way having about 60 feet (almost) open space in the East direction and 10 feet open space in the West direction and ruined himself.

What are all consequences Mr. Teja faced in this home, he lost a total of 165K USD and faced a legal case, lost his job, daily consuming alcohol, his wife went into severe depression, kids studies disturbed, lost his fame & reputation in his friend's circle, and other issues that we don't like to write here. In the year 2018 he sold his share properties in Pune and cleared the debts.

How it is possible

Basic failures of Mr. Teja were explained below.

1. The depth of knowledge is very shallow.

2. Failig the note of neighbourhood influences are taking into account.

3. The adaptations for the local environs while building the home is equally important input for compatibility as per vastu.

4. In the present scenario at Texas our individuals house is out of sync. There are a row of houses on the street and this symmetry was ignored by pseudo vastu follower.

5. The neighbours houses on the Northern and Southern side are such that the environment of more space for Teja has ruined his prospects.

This is not fault of vastu, but it is a failure of understanding vastu principles. A small fee to an expert vastu consultant was all that was saved with disastrous consequences as bonus.

How Benefits Blocking to an East Facing Home

benefits blocking to East direction homeBy building the house like this he has brought the beneficiary effects from Northeast and Southern Southeast side. Observe the North home and South home, both were sub-crossed Mr. Teja's home. Mr. Teja thought that having heavy open space towards the East multiplies the harmony, as a result of his thought, he lost his entire lifetime savings.

Evil Focuses Force That Exists in Invisible Form

disastrous East facing homesFocusing the evil effects of Northern Northwest and Southern Southwest open space of the neighbours act as a bad focuses. Such important details one cannot expect without experience. Missing the main observation points may be very common with the common man. Hence all experts urging the residents to show homes with pandits and finalize after scrutiny. Mr. Teja never ever thought about the depth of this subject. He underestimates the bottom wisdom weightage of this Indian ancient historical science.

People failed to understand the 8 directions before making holistic decisions. These 8 directions are 4 principle directions namely East, West, North and South, and corners ie., Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest. Not only these 8 directions but we have to observe the ground floor and rooftop.

Apart from this the main roads other auxiliary roads, street focus and water bodies and high rise apartments, etc, also have a significant influence on the concerned premises. Don’t think to save consultancy fee for very soon residents may have to pay by losing prosperity and happiness of their living. It is worthwhile to pay a small payment as a consultant fee.

This mistake may be practiced commonly in several countries. We don't wish to publish some more examples that were happened with one house in Malaysia, 4 bedrooms home in Melbourne, detached home in Toronto, California, lake home in Tampa. We thought publishing one example is more than enough to understand the facts of the mistakes done by skeptical residents.

There are several multi combinations in Vastu science that every point cannot be traced by a gullible public who thoroughly read Vastu books. Obtaining knowledge through Vastu books is different and personal experience is different. There is a substantial difference & distance between the resident's eyes and experts' eyes. Be cautious while buying a home.

Residents Experiences With East Facing Homes

1. Hello, I am R. Shama from Ghaziabad. I am facing so many problems nowadays. My east direction house is very high and we are staying on the west side which is down, Suddenly money stop coming into our house and I want to marry my dream wife. so I need easy and cheap remedies. what should I do?. Please send remedy at my e-mail id mentioned above - R. Sharma - Ghaziabad.

2. Hi! how to select a good home with your Indian Vastu, how to finalize things, do we have had your distinct consultancy or shall we proceed with this content posted at this site. I am confused about selecting east facing property with a basement. Just now, my hubby, Jack sent you one email with our requirements. Please help us, we require peace at home. Currently, we are living in East facing home, it has many difficulties to settle down things. Looking for some easy remedies to overcome the difficulties. Thank you very much. Katherine - Edison NJ- USA.

3. I came across your website. I purchased an east facing property. My nakshatra is Swati, my wife’s nakshatra is Revathi, my kids are Punarvasu and Ashwani. Now we all have different preferred directions. Do you provide some remedial solutions that can help me reduce the stress and tensions that have started since the day we moved in this property. What details do you need - Raj - Texas

4. My house is an east face house, my parents are allowed to install a cell phone tower at the top of the 1st floor on the portico, ie east side, in this regard we are not peacefully at present in my home, and neighbors also not speaking to us. Please kindly give us the correct Vastu remedy. Thanking you, yours Venkatraman, Vadapalani.

5. As is the way of life we live these days, knowing the problems that exist but cannot or are not able to bring about the required changes, we were living our life for 10 yrs post my marriage. We are a family of 4 and our life started with this house. We had taken great efforts to build a house like this which comforts everyone who comes here. My 2 kids grew to be 11 and 9 in this house. My husband started his career when we had bought this house. Everything being good, still, there is always tension, worries, marital discord for most silly things. We have not been able to feel marital happiness in this house nor has my husband seen success in his endeavors, in spite of being bright-minded, active, hardworking, and industrious. We would have to get online consultation prior to buying this home. It is our fate to select this East home without experts' opinions. I cannot blame any other in this regard except my intelligence at the moment of buying this devil's den. Indeed, I thought all East facing homes are superior in the action of spreading positivity and good vibes. Finally, it's NOT - Trivedi - Cary - NC.

6. Dear Sir, we are currently living in our own east direction house, we never experience peace even in one single day. Unfortunately, we bought it with an unsound Vastu person who wrongly guided us to buy it. By seeing his tiny consultation charges, we fall into his trap and lose peace 7 everything in our life. Today, our life becomes solo, boring, arguments, fightings, unending miseries, day after day things are totally uncontrollable, from past 6 years debts increasing, now I should repay 8700000 rupees, & at any time they may cross 6 digits to 7 digits, our east northeast wall is attached to a huge building. We are getting insults very often after purchasing the house, looking forward to getting the right suggestion, please help for relief. Thanks, Santosh - Tirupathi.

25° Inclination Towards Northeast Is East Facing or Northeast Facing?

Dear Sir, I have seen a 30×50 Rectangular plot which they say it's east facing but checking on the compass it shows 25° inclined to Northeast and it shows 65° NE. Should we consider as East facing plot and is it a good plot to buy? Puviarasu - Bangalore.

>>> Dear Puviarasu Ji, 45° means its exactly Northeast. East is 90° and North is either 0° or 360°. Your plot is 25°, it means this is Eatern Northeast facing plot. Normally this kind of plots are giving quality results.

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Honorable master, this is a profoundly enlightening website and very well defined and I unearthed significant data about your ancient sages techniques to improve peace. Your provided information is exactly what I looked for. Thanks for this valuable information. I admire the way you put yourself into your work, you give your best. Have you anytime visited our country?, have any one contacted you about our home. If not, how did you draw the same of our home that is number 14 in this link? I admired, how this ancient science work thousands of kilometers far away areas too. We are all well until joining this home that has Northern Northwest focus and Southern Southwest road focus, after joining this home we were all undergone with untold problems and like to sell it, though it is not in our mind to sell. What you have penned here is true. May God bless you always!
+43 #20 Vastu for East Facing House GatesJanet 2017-08-18 17:14
Respected sir, we bought land the length of the land runs along the public road and the width runs in the street facing east. It is a corner lot. According to the government rules we are to cut in land on the north east direction. I would like to know where to place the gates. I need two gated one on the east side in the street n one on the north side facing the public road. I would like to know how I should place the gates. What should be done to the cut in area on the North East side. Thank you sir.
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Dear Sir, your's is a best vastu website in the internet. Like to know more about East facing flat vastu. Can we buy it. had little doubt, because the backyard is the West and its totally open. Please explain.
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Respected sir, I bought an East facing flat which has perfect vastu in 2011. But from the time we stepped in we don't see any sort of growth on professional and financial front. and now we are in deep debts. I was born in Sethabisha nakshatra. Few of our friends are saying that anyone born in sethabisha nakshatra should not stay in East facing house and should transfer the ownership to someone else in the family. But as I have taken the house on loan, I cannot transfer to my wife as she is not employed. Please suggest some remedy for this to help.
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Namaste Suresh, Want to construct house facing east direction size 27 meters and width of 55 meters is depth I am from New Jersey. Need your support please. Thanks for providing such a wonderful content website to the society. Outstanding. god bless you suresh
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Dear team, many were stated that Vastu for East facing homes are excellent to buy, but we did not get any improvement in East facing home. Prior to join this home, we were in South facing, there we experienced luck, improvement, health etc. Unfortunately with one of the known person guidance we joined this home, he stated that as per our horoscope and names East facing is supporting direction. But troubling many things. This property has huge open space at backyard. Please help how to leave this home. we are ready to pay for your professional charges.
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Namaste Sir, my house in east side road facing house and my house backside (means west side) township compound wall is there. But outside of compound wall, T - road is there and which is hitting west-south corner. Is there any impact for us and how to correct it. Could you please give us suggestions on this. Thank you.
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Shri. SureshJi, I have a East facing plot, front side of this plot width is narrow only 51.6 feet, remaining portion of this plots width is 64 feet or 13.6 feet more width at south portion. Please suggest me what position will be better for making home. Many many thanks for your website, yours is walking dinamo of vastu. Great
+83 #13 Vastu for East Facing House in USARamana Reddy 2016-08-10 12:15
Dear Team, my friend Narayana who migrated from Nigeria, American oil corporation bought one house here in North America, after reading many vastu books and websites, he thought about East facing is astounding in good results and finally bought one. After joining the home at about 6 months he met with one road accident, later on, he lost job and faced unexplained money matters. Before buying home I stated to have one vastu consultancy, he never heard on those days, now his position is always looking for others help, yesterday I showed this east facing vastu link, he shocked by reading the articles published here and we both talked about a couple of hours on this subject. Whatever you stated in this site was very useful and true to the best of our experiences, vastu for east facing houses in USA does not precisely work as in vastu for India lands. In front of this home, a hill was started, now his position is too worst and no way for any corrections, city council may not permit him for any structural alterations, my friend is unlucky and lost opportunities in his life, though by having smidgen vastu info, he wants to save few dollars, it causes lifetime misery. Dear sir, your work is extraordinarily helpful for us here in USA. Many thanks. Ramana
+27 #12 East facing homes vastuNeha 2016-07-05 12:05
Dear sir, I appreciate your sincere efforts to make this society most beaufitul. Very much happy to see your website and its services to the society. We are very proud of you. The glory of Indian land is many humongous giants took birth in this land and honestly doing services without any expectations. Sir, just find one home which has more open space at backyard and accessible space towards east direction, we moved to California, we need to buy, here we found homes were going hotcake, how to get your suggestions on this property which has NE garage, is it good to buy. Many says that garage at NE is not good. But here we found many homes were like this only. Is this auspicious to buy.
Tiru suresh, we want to buy a house with east facing.My star is swathi 4th padam does it suit me.My wife's star is magam and my two children's star is uthiradam [magara raasi]. Please explain is it good to buy east facing vastu home. I am from Chennai
+19 #10 East facing home vastuSelva Kumar 2016-02-23 06:26
Dear sir, my name is Selva, after letting know about East facing home and its caliber in giving good results, without second thought we bought this home by paying PRIME amount to the builder. All went well for few days, and now we are experiencing terrible hardship from past 2 years. Please resolve our issues by providing any reasonable and amicable hints. These hardships can no longer be borne. We are unable to bare these difficulties any more. Need peace in our life. Thank you so much for discussing over phone call with us and appreciate your time. Selva - Dallas.
+73 #9 తూర్పు ఇంటి వాస్తుకుమార్ 2016-02-14 11:11
సురేష్ గారు నమస్తే. నా పేరు కుమార్. గృహము కొనేముందు పేరుబలం మీద మరియు జాతక బలం మీద ఏ దిక్కు మంచిదో తెలుసుకోవాలని దాదాపుగా ఆరు మందిని సంప్రదించాను వీరందరూ చెప్పిందేమంటే నాకు తూర్పుముఖ గృహం చాలా మంచి చేస్తుందని తెలియజేయడంతో నేను రెండవ ఆలోచన లేకుండా 20వేల డాలర్లు అధికంగా డబ్బు ఖర్చుపెట్టి ఇంటిని కొన్నాను. ఇక్కడికి వచ్చినప్పటినుండ ి భయంకరమైన కష్టాలను చూసాను. తూర్పు చాలా మంచిది అని తెలపటంతో వెనక ముందు చూసుకోకుండా ఇల్లు కొన్నాను. కొనే ముందు ఒక్కసారి మీ వెబ్సైటు చూసి ఉంటే, నాకు ఈ కస్టాలు ఉండేవి కాదు. ఇండియా లో లాగ ఇక్కడ కూడా వాస్తు పని చేస్తుంది అనుకొని, అమెరికాలో ఇల్లు చూసే అలవాటు లేని వారి ద్వారా వాస్తు సలహా తీసుకున్నాను. సర్వ నాశనమైపోయాను. ఇక్కడ అంత సులభంగా ఇంటికి వాస్తు మార్పులను చేయలేము మరియు, ఇంటిని సులభంగా అమ్ముకోలేము. ఈ కష్టాలనుండి బయట పడేయండి. కాసేపట్లో మీకు ఫోన్ చేస్తాను. 2 దినాల క్రితం మా స్నేహితుడు మీ గురించి తెలపడం తో మీ వెబ్సైటు చూసాను. విషయాల ను ఎంతో బాగా తెలియచేసారు. మీ కష్టం ఊరకే పోదు సర్. ఇక్కడ ఎంతో మంది మీ వెబ్సైటు గురించి చెపుతుంటే, ఏమో అనుకున్నాను, చూసాక తెలిసింది, వారు చెప్పింది చాల తక్కువని. మెనీ థాంక్స్.
+21 #8 East Facing Plot vastu 30x65HK Naik 2016-01-21 19:04
Respected sir, I bought 30 x 65 plot. I am thinking of constructing house leaving some space in the front for gardening and parking. So I just wanted to get expert vastu for the directions of 2 bedroom with attached bathrooms, kitchen, Living room, Puja room. May please guide me accordingly.
+25 #7 Vastu for East direction HomesSheela 2015-12-31 10:25
We are planning to buy a flat my husband raasi is kumbha and janmanakshatra is dhanista. My raasi is dhanasu moola Nakshatra. Kindly advise which facing best for us
+19 #6 East Face HouseHegadeppa 2015-11-15 11:10
Namaskara Suresh Avure, I am purchasing east face house my name Hegadeppa and my wife name is Annapurna Devi Please suggest vastu arrangement.
+16 #5 East Facing plot vastuS Rao 2015-11-05 06:18
sir, I just checked one East facing plot, need to know about vastu for east facing plot. Its 30X39 can I buy it.
+25 #4 East facing flat vastusitaram 2015-08-04 13:25
Guruji, I have bought East facing flat and having issues after purchase. this is having 6 doors and 6 windows and one iron gate at East South gate. please guide if any changes are required. Note: total 7 doors if we include main gate also, otherwise its on only 6 doors.
+36 #3 East facing house plotRajesh Joshi 2015-03-28 15:58
Suresh Ji,

Need your support in buying the East facing house plot. Please share your email id, I will attach the floor plan. Your website is sensationally amazing. We are knowing many things through your website. I read that you are doing free services to the Indian military, my salutes to you suresh ji. many many thanks.
+41 #2 Vastu for East facing flatSRINIVAS 2014-08-22 06:23
Respected Suresh JI, I would like to buy a flat. Pl. tell which face suits me and my wife. My birth star is MRUGASIRA & WIFE's IS KRUTHIKA. Both propose to take loan.
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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