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How to Find Directions of a Property | How To Determine House Facing Direction Vastu | SubhaVaastu.com

How to find directions of a House | property: (Read more information on directories from this vastu for directions link.) Many residents asking that how to find directions of a Home, Plot, Site, Factory or a property. This vastu shastra website showing some easy ways to find out the directions of a property.

For example, take this house. If a property is having East road, then the property is said to be East facing property, but in some areas, some consultants opinioned that this house is West facing property.

Below we will discuss finding the directions with images analyzation support. Vastu Shastra is a great ocean, get how much water you want from this biggest ocean, we tried our level best to provide as much as possible information here.

First, we will observe East facing properties. Vastu Shastra is a science which has good enough power when we clearly follow, Five Elements or Panchabhoothas / Phanchabuthas / Panchabhuthas is nothing but Vastu Shastra, in other words, we have to say synchronizing or optimizing with Nature.

East facing Houses or Properties: -

A Home or a property is having a road towards East side, it is said to be East facing House or East facing property. It means if you are coming out from your house to the road side, that means you are entering into East Direction. It is commonly known as East facing property. Because your house is facing to Sun i.e., East direction. Now we elaborately discuss with images.

East Facing HouseObserve this image, here the house is having one road at East side, i.e., in front of the house there is a road, so this house is called as East facing house. In some areas, some body is having a wrong idea that this house is called as West facing house. They opinioned that entering from East to West, so they called these homes that West facing homes. Please note that any property, a house / Flat / Commercial Complex / Theater / Plot / Factory / Residence, is facing to which direction, that is named by that direction only. For example this image house, it is looking or facing towards East direction, so this property is called as East facing House.

For your more information, the road passes from North to South or from South to North. By having some blind thoughts and having huge demand to this East direction flats or houses, some builders making this opportunity and blocking this direction plots (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) or flats and later they sell for more money. Wantonly people are creating artificial demand and losing their hard earned money.

It's purely a blind mistake, no need to particularly pick the East facing flats when selecting in an apartment. The system which may not work when you choose the Flat.

Independent homes are different and Apartment flats are different. We are also recommending West facing flats in Apartments for our clients. Still today we did not have any complaints.

They are happy and recommending their friends to have our consultancy. Regarding features and characteristics, merits and demerits of this house will be discussed in our website, particularly we have some more information in this Vastu for East Facing House link.

Sunrise at East FacingNon directional properties may not be easily find out by the ordinary layman i.e., the property is belongs to East facing or North Facing or South facing property, believe it or not, even many vastu vastu consultants also does not know about this Vidisha properties find out techniques. This is the right place to say about one incidence to all. We know one vastu specialist who is practicing vastu shastra and some times he used to met us at Bangalore city. In the year 2011, he said he visited one property in South Bengaluru and found that home is a dangerous home.

While in our discussions we understand that the home is non directional house. While we asked the same question, he said how can find out the directional and non-directional houses. We stunned after hearing his question. We all traveled to that house and found that house was inclined 45°.

This vastu consultant has directed them some corrections, which are not at all suitable to that home. He pointed a place of Northeast, actually that is East direction, so the East become Southeast and Southeast become South direction like wise.

Without knowing inclination properties how can he deals with vastu shastra from past 20 years, after asking some more questions, we found his worthy knowledge on vastu shastra, that is the last day we met him, afterwords we never likes to met him. We strongly warn him to "stop" doing vastu consultancy.

The unfortunate thing is that he wrote some Vastu books also. People should know about this. Before buying the skewed properties, it is must to have one expert vastu consultant recommendation.

Observe this image, you can easily find out the direction of your property, here a person is coming from inside of the house to road, i.e., towards Sun rising (Morning) side, so the person is moving (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) towards East direction, where Sun rises that is called as East, now this house is called as East facing property, hope this is more enough to understand the direction of a house.

South facing House:

South Facing Houses VastuThe South facing properties means, a property or a house is having road towards South side is called South facing properties, i.e., when we come out from house towards South direction that is called as South facing property or South facing house. Check this image. This image clearly explains that "house" is having one road at South Direction, so this house is called as South facing House. Like that any factory, any shop, any office, any property is facing towards South direction is called South facing properties.

In other words, a person is coming out from the house towards South direction is called South facing House. As per international standards, North direction is always up/ upper as usual and South direction is lower or below.

Many residents has many fears about South facing houses, that we are planning to explain everything in South direction link to mentioning the fears and facts of the South direction.

When you have the time then drop your eyes on this link South Facing House Vastu. It contains more information than in this link. Science is a different and faith is a different.

Based on many experiences, few consultants may told about South direction house is not good, by seeing some bad experience of some people they may state that South facing is not good.

The same statement was continued till today, still, many vastu consultants are following the same principles and stated the same to residents.

They won't hear what the researchers say, further they may blame the researchers. Based on many types of research the exact facts will come out, we require only the facts, we require only the results, we never look for faiths, now people require only facts/truths/results.

For further study this link may has comprehensive vastu content Vastu For South Facing House.

West Facing House:

West Facing House VastuThis property is having a road at West direction. House is the West to the road and Road is West to the house, when stepping into the road from the house the direction obviously the West direction. So this property is called as West direction House. It is very clear that any property is looking a particular direction then that property is called with that direction name. In simple words, a person came out from a house to outside i.e., West side, then it is called as West facing house.

Hope this clarification may clear your doubt and now you may easily capture how to find directions of properties easily.

The West Facing house vices and virtues were mentioned in this link Vastu for West Facing House. Many have opinioned that one should not buy the West facing properties.

As we discussed in the above para, the same system also works here too. Many vastu consultants who never do the practicals and researches have still had the same opinion that West facing properties are not good.

But this statement never applies to all the West facing properties. Though some West facing properties may not be good, but the statement should be fixed only to that property, not stick to all the West facing houses.

Did you find some Swamy Ayyappa devotees, how trouble to maintain days after Maaladharana, somebody may be in maladharana for 41 days, some may only for 21 days, but some more may have 90 days too.

Maybe one or two may have smoke in the Mala period only, by seeing them, some says that all Ayyappa Maaladhara Swamies smokes and never maintain principles.

Is the statement is correct, is this statement is applicable to every Maaladharaas, no, certainly no, by seeing only one or two properties and residents troubles one should not come for the decision that West facing house is not good, we recommend many West facing homes, we never get any complaints even today, what is the reason behind it, its very simple we are selecting only the best West facing properties and recommending them with righteous vastu principles to be followed to the house, some of them are now recommending their friends to have West facing properties.

North Facing House:

North facing House VastuThis property is having a road at North direction. Any property is looking a particular direction is called that direction facing house only. In simple words, a person came out from a house to outside to the road then the house will be called as such direction only. For example see this image, here house is towards South of the road and road is towards North of the house, is resident came outside from his house and entered onto road, then that road is called as North road, so the house is called as North house. Here the house is facing towards North, so the house is called as North direction house only.

For best example in childhood days there is a lesson to find out the directions, in that image it was very clear that one boy is standing in front of the "Sun", the text follows like such a ways that face is towards Sun so that would be East and back is West, left hand side is North and right hand side is South, here you may apply "Face" to "House" then every thing will be clear and no doubt arises then.

This image house is the North to read more content on Vastu For North facing house here is the link.

The above all is a commonly known information to several visitors, now we will discuss about the directions for skewed (non directional) plots or properties.

In Vastu Shastra, skewed plots or non directional properties or Vidisha properties are a separate subject, it is a tough index to touch.

Generally, some Vastu Consultants are treating this (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) skewed plots as directional plots, with their wrong calculations the residents will build their residences and loosing their hard earned money.

From the starting of our website development, we are requesting all visitors to approach only one expert vastu consultant before buying or constructing the properties. Wise people always selecting an expert for their dream properties. Hope you belongs to the wise category.

Now we are discussing on Non directional Houses:

Northeast Direction HouseGenerally we find several plots like East, West, North and South Homes, but there are some other plots, for these plots East is not in East (Please note that Directions never change, only the plots are changed) position To know more about Skewed Plots visit this link. The below are such kind of non directional houses or plots. Observe this house, it is said to be Northeast facing house.

Please check the directions and their positions once and observe the above images and double check the directions there and in this image. Then you may easily find out the directions unnatural positions (again we are saying directions never changed only the plots or houses were changed the directions changed as per the layout). This type of properties called as tilted properties.

Residents should not buy these properties without obtaining expert vastu consultant opinion, it is better the expert has to visit the property and then only has to finalize the decision to buy or not to buy. In Vastu Shastra the directions (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) are too important, without knowing the directions no one has to dare to say about the recommendations or suggestions to do the alterations as per vastu.

Coming to this image, a road is towards Northeast and the house is towards SouthWest to the road, the resident came outside from the house, he enters into Northeast direction, so this house is called as Northeast Facing House. Residents should be very careful when buying the non directional plots or Houses.

Here measurements plays a vital role, without having knowledge of measurements one should not take decision to buy. The best specialist vastu expert consultants can easily find out the facts of the house whether to buy or not to buy within minutes.

In all the above paras we never said these words that buying a Northeast facing plot is different, buying a Northeast facing House is different, because the construction plinth area of the house vary when compare with the measurement of the plot, this could be general thing.

In certain cases residents constructing the entire land with construction, this time also its must for the assessment of measurement.

The expert vastu consultants coming to the decision just by seeing the house, most of them may not measure, only in few cases its required.

So in view of the double warning, residents has to take high precautions before buying the inclined house.

99 out of 100 vastu consultants may not have knowledge about skewed properties, we have many experiences. When we discussed about inclined properties some asks that, "what is inclination", some says "there is no such", some says "treating them as East or North, when it is Northeast facing", some says that "where did you found", some says "is these plots are in India".

Whether you have such experiences or not, but we experienced such questions upto 2011, after words we did not check any other knowledge on these inclination properties.

So residents has to decide who is the best vastu consultant for their properties. If residents feel that half knowledge vastu consultant is enough for their properties that is of their interest and we urge them should not blame all vastu consultants.

Northeast inclination means 45°. North is 0° or 360°, East is 90°. The perfect Northeast facing home has 45°. Only in few areas has exactly this Northeast tilt appears like with 45°, most of the areas the plot or house may be in between 20° to 40°. How to come to the exact decision that the house is tilted, we will learn about this information in skewed homes link.

Generally, these Northeast homes are successful homes, but these will also be failed only because of measurements or constructing plinth areas and plot measurements, that is why we warned several times regarding house construction plinth area and plot area.

Again pinging you the same principle, don't forget about measurements of the rooms, house, lot.

Southeast Property | HouseIn this image road is in front of the house, this road direction is Southeast for this house. The house is at Northwest to the road and road is towards Southeast to the house, this house is called as Southeast facing house. Due to formation of the roads this type of category odd shaped properties took birth. We found many properties of such kind, but vastu for Southeast Facing house is very difficult to manage. Here the most extensively influential paramount point is measurements of the rooms, house, plot.

Very difficult to manage the rooms, house, plot according to skewed property rules in other countries like Australia, USA and UK etc. But in India we can manage the corrections.

Most of the cases residents may never get good results once the property is not built according to the measurements, if the property was built according to the measurements then maximum negative impacts will be disappears or minimized.

Based on certain conditions this house also brings prosperity to the residents. Examine such properties only with the atmost extraordinary and most experienced vastu experts they may only handle this sort of directional assets. Otherwise the vastu known people or so called vastu experts may treat such kind of house as East facing house or South facing house.

Just remembered one incidence in Hyderabad, one Ram a software professional asks us to visit one house at Quthbullapur in Hyderabad, he required to buy one East facing property that house compound wall towards Northwest is touching the others property, the cost of the house is 1.5 crore rupees. He requested for the visit to sought interpretation on this compound wall touching towards Northwest. When we visited, first we observed the area, generally 1.5 crore rupees house in Quthbullapur means we thought we heard wrong location, but the area is correct, we seen lots of internal roads are there to reach to the house.

Anyway first we checked the compass, we found East is showing 130° inclination, for the double confirmation we seen inside and outside for the changes, but its exactly showing 130° East. Before reaching the house he confirmed about East facing only, he astound about the directions. His father confused and dumbfound.

No words come out from their mouth. The fact is that we are second in providing vastu consultancy for that property. They already had one vastu consultancy and did not satisfied. Finally fact come out.

The exact degrees for this direction is 135°. 90° is the East direction and 180° is the South direction. For some more information on Vastu for Southeast facing House is available here.

South West Direction House VastuWhen there is a road in front of the House and that road is SouthWest road and when we stand in front of the house and looking towards SouthWest/that road side, then the house is called as SouthWest facing house, this property is called as SouthWest facing property. Here the road is called as SouthWest road and on the same way the House is also called as SouthWest Facing house. 180° is the South direction degrees, 225° is the exactly SouthWest direction, 270° is the West direction degrees.

If you find any such properties to buy, better to stop and step carefully. If you did not find any expert Vastu Pandit who has immense proficiency intelligence on this subject nearby you, then stop buying such properties.

Don't do experiments with such properties by having half knowledge by reading books or website content.

Here dimensions (measurements) plays a indispensable key role as earlier we discussed about measurements many times in the above paras, the measurements are crucial relevance presently and the analysis applies by starting with measuring of the house, site, rooms.

Keep it in mind and should always remember one point, before deal with such properties the adopting of me-tooism is differs when match with directional and non directional House.

Identically they may looks like analogously directional properties but they are not.

These non directional homes may be common in Western countries, most of the builders they built the homes in the communities with tilting the roads, they likes to have the turning roads, in such time there is a high possibility of took birth for this skewed.

Some more information on Vastu for SouthWest Facing House is available here.

Northwest Facing Property:

Northwest direction properties vastuVastu for Northwest Facing homes: Some vastu people may not find such tilt house facts findings. But just with naked eyes this property is clearly understands that it was bent or tilted. Here we may not blame them on this point. Finding the non directional house practically observation finding is difficult but finding it on the paper is very easy, if that paper has North point compass mark. Coming to this house, there is one road and one house. This road is running from Northeast to SouthWest and it calling as Northwest road. When residents come out from the house to road, they are entering into Northwest portion.

The house is looking the Northwest direction, here the road is called as Northwest road. That is why this house is called as Northwest house. For example if a resident is entering from road to house, i.e., from Northwest to Southeast and when resident coming out from the house means Southeast to Northwest.

West is having 270° and Northwest is having 315° and North is 360° or 0°.

By observing this information some body may thought that this is the Southeast facing homes, but its wrong evaluation. The exact understanding is this house is Northwest facing house.

Without having vastu experts recommendation one should not buy such properties. Already many times we discussed about measurements of skewed properties. Here also its too important in considering the future results.

Southeast Street focus VastuPlease observe the directions, street, street focus and home here. There is one adjacent small road which is coming from Southeast and going to Northwest and it is called as Northeast road for this home. One wide Southeast road passing at Southeast, which was also clearly mentioned by text on the road too. One road focus is hitting to the home. One can understand what happens if there is no compass and observing the homes without tools.

One vastu consultant visited this property and he evaluated about "Southeast road is as East road and small Northwest road as North road and Southeast-East including East road hitting as Northeast road".

Actually, this property is in Adilabad "district", Telangana, last week (10th February, 2012) we visited this property as requested by the owner.

The owner of this property showed the then vastu consultant ideas and his understanding. When we reached the property we found that there is no East road, actually its Southeast road.

What that vastu consultant thought that East road, the street (this matter is from www.subhavaastu.com) focus which he understands that Northeast-East street focus, but it is not the Northeast-East street focus, originally it is Southeast-East street thrust.

The house shape also almost wrong as per skewed properties measurements. Why the owner called as if he got good results. He noticed some thing went wrong there.

He contacted almost 4 vastu pandits and finally he got our contact information through his commercial firm agent. In our observation we found Southeast road and Northwest road only.

How pity it was, why these inhabitants are calling such half knowledge vastu consultants and getting pains. Anyway we found the mistake there.

Owner stunned after hearing the facts of the directions. He said that out of 4 only one person checked the site with compass and he did not also nothing informed to owner.

Let us coming to the point, who lost money, resources, time, pains here. He could has to approach one expert vastu consultant when he is going to build the property, he want to save money, he don't like to pay money in the name of Vastu Shastra. Finally what happens. Who lost money, resources, business and peace.

How to find the directions, either with the Sun Rise moment or with the help of Compass:

The concept of Ayan, Uttarayan and Dakshinayan is very scientific. It is a fact that on 14th of January of every year Earth gets a shock causing about 1 minute difference in the tilt of the earth vis-a-vis its rotation round the sun.

Consequent to such kick from the time of creation till now the Earth has deflected 23 1/2 ° degrees with the results that for six months Northern Hemisphere gets maximum Sun and for the other six months Southern hemisphere this is the principle cause for the seasonal changes that we witness like Summer, Raining, Autumn, Winter Vasant Ritu - Spring.

Vasant corresponds roughly to the months of March and April. ... Grishma Ritu - Summer. Grishma ends with the summer solstice Varsha Ritu - Monsoon Sharad Ritu - Autumn Hemant Ritu - Pre-winter Shishir/ Shita Ritu - Winter The point to be noted is that the direction of one minute deflection cannot be predicted beforehand. You will see any Hindu almanac (Panchang) the malafide effect of Sankranthi Purush on the general public. They are able to analyse kick event of the earth on January 14th after the same.

For the almanac comes during March / April only. Consequent to this kick the declension of the earth vis-a-vis the true North also changes by about a minute. The direction of the declension in not predictable. However in Vastu this declension so insignificant that it would not affect our estimations and analysis.

Because of the oscillation of the earth 23 ½° on either side of the equator in one rotation round the Sun the actual position of the Sun vis-a-vis the Earth is constantly varying.

It is for this reason that the influence of Eight directions in a plot are fixed. On the perimeter of the plot proportionately. Take for example an exact square and regular plot.

Take the direction of East in that divide it into 2/9 , 5/9 and 2/9 portions. The top 2/9 is apportioned to Northeast (East Northeast portion).

The 5/9 is apportioned to exact East. The balance the bottom 2/9 is apportioned to Southeast (East Southeast portion) and similarly all directions. In similar words, we should check the directions with the help of Compass only, not with the Sun moment. Season wise sunrise and sunset will be changed. Based on Sun moment action we should not finalize the directions.

Did you find any mistakes here please send an email at Contact SubhaVaastu . Thanks in Advance.


+3 #8 Mrs.Padma 2017-02-04 14:47
Dear sir,

I do not know the facing f my house. When I open the door, the compass reads 252 degrees W. Is this a west facing house or a Southwest facing house? Please clarify. Thank you.
Best regards,
+19 #7 Buying a house SOUTH or SOUTHEASTpriya 2016-04-11 17:51
Hi we recently saw a house that me & my husband liked to buy which is SOUTH facing (slightly SOUTHEAST) its Not a Corner home. (it was built in 2002). Can i buy this house? is it good to buy SOUTH or SOUTHEAST facing houses.I heard that SOUTH facing houses are not good.We live Rhose Island ,USA. Please advice.Thanks
+6 #6 MissShristi 2016-03-18 06:53
We hav taken a flat on rent when i stand in the middle of the house it indicates the door in south east however when i stand at the door with the compass it indicates south west please help me to know the right direction
+7 #5 MrHR H 2015-12-30 11:27
Please convey what is the best direction for a plot and what is the best direction for entry door of floor apartments bulit on this plot.
+6 #4 MrHR H 2015-12-30 11:25
All discussions refer to directions of plot. But nowadays there are are 3-4 floor apartments on a single plot.
Please convey separately, what is the best direction of the plot and what is the best direction of the entry gate of the apartments that are built on this plot. Usually, the apartment faces are at right angle to the plot face.plot
+9 #3 canpound planingsrinivasa r 2014-05-11 01:37
i am allredy building house site size 40*40 but main door is norbth but i am building campound to my house free sace size
in north side 20*40 please sajest to how to build canpound
+12 #2 skewed plotpankaj1971 2014-02-28 11:32
i wanna share my plan with u sir, wanna kitchen in east, stairs in south east, bed room in south west, bathroom in west shaft 3 feet around d bathroom. Car parking in noth east leaving 14 feet in front. Kindly approve it with correction.
+14 #1 skewed plotpankaj1971 2014-02-28 11:27
sir, i had learn so many things from your coloums...all are very intresting. So came in my mind, my frnd has one plot northeast facing street. can i purchase skewed plot northeast facing having 22 north east 22 southwest 37 northwest and 37 southeast... All four sides. kindly send reply same and also some suggestion of vastu construction on the same plot. I almost bought it.Regards

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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been a great pleasure working with him. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

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I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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