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Shops Vastu | Is Vastu Help to Get Good Business to My Shop?

Shops VastuVastu For Shop: In olden days shops run by only one creed or caste, nowadays many were interested to run and maintain shops. In the same way competition is also unbelievably double folded. Supermarkets or superstores also came into the market and finally price war started, due to cutthroat competition shopkeepers invented many new methods to attract their customers.

In this scenario, some were succeeded and some were failed and the failed people changed to some other business or profession. Very pity.

Somewhere the shops are also called as Boutique, Emporium, Dukaan, Departmental Stores. Currently, in many cities, we found Shopping complexes, Central Multi Stores, and Retail Outlet stores.

To earn money some shopkeepers follow wrong methods, like selling cheap quality items by having a fake brand name, fake items also sold in the shops and finally getting authorities raids and seized shops. Now most of the people faced hard times to run their families (Family Life).

Every man’s success or failure is decided by his expertise, hard work, concentration on only one thing, timely decisions, co-operation from his family members, financial support, personal horoscope/Vastu power, observing the market trend and implementing new thoughts.

The office, shop (Trading Location, a mercantile establishment for all retail sales of goods and or services, construction of getting income by selling some goods ) or building where we do business or work should be built according to Vastu.

It is to be remembered that most part of our life is spent at our working places. If Vastu is followed there, then the office or business will be carried out in a cordial atmosphere and show progress year after year. The business will be successful.

If vastu is not followed there, bossism and quarrel among the staff (or servant) and the business will be closed down in due course, getting confusion in many things.

Losses in business become inevitable day by day. Whatever be the experience, investment and capacity of the staff or owner, will all wasted. The internal problems become continuous in the establishments. Profits will be affected and unwanted expenditures will become uncontrollable.

The Vasthu of a shop or any working place has a direct influence over Man, like that of his house. One should not forget the main point that the living place of a human being is most important in grabbing the Vastu results. It influences on his career.

Vastu shastra sincerely working about human beings/residents/inhabitants development. It likes to be an armor to man, in fighting with his struggles in life. Having been born in this world, we have to live purposefully and the living should also be a remarkable one.

Everyone should pass a message to society before they leave this world. We should fight for the achievements. Don't be depressed, fight with the current situations, be brave, always.

As we saw earlier, the various natural forces or energies are acting upon man continuously and affecting him spontaneously. Young and energetic men are handsome. But, when they become aged or old, they become hump-backed. Their lovely, fleshy cheeks and their skin becomes dry and hanging over the body..why? The natural forces (example. gravitational force) are acting upon man continuously with the same intensity forever.

Man counters their forces by his vital energies and his body becomes healthy and handsome, as long as he is able to overcome these forces. But, when he attains old age the vital energies are slowly dried up or wasted and he readily succumbs to natural forces and his body drops down.

In the same way, natural forces are always acting over man and we have to counter or fight with them with Vaastu forces in order to overcome them and live for a better living.

So for a shop, office, showroom, shopping complex malls, factories or industries, etc., the Vastu should be strictly followed without doing any mistakes. Even a small Vastu defect can lead to huge losses. Hence, it is necessary to know the Vaasthu principles for a shop and other working places.

The location and shape of the plot are more important for a shop or any commercial setup. Before taking a shop or buying a shop one should be careful about the compass degrees of that shop and surrounding effects on those premises.

Checklist of Vastu Tips Before Taking A Shop

1. The direction of the shop.

2. How many steps to that shop.

3. Where is it located? Is it on the main road or internal inside roads?

4. If the shop is facing towards North, then check about East direction shops, South direction shops, and West direction shops. If there is nothing at East direction and other properties are there for the South and West, then this will fetch more business than expected.

5. Chain Store Marts are different and individual retail outlets are different. Keep it in mind before comparing Vastu.

6. Many residents now used to visit supermarkets instead of visiting roadside shops. If possible try to open a boutique emporium, superstores. It may be a little favorable. This has to be decided based on the financial package.

7. Is that property has 5 corners, if so where is that corner, and which direction is extended, it should be properly and thoroughly checked. Better to select rectangular or square-shaped shops. If you would like to construct the shop in your same living Home, then it should not come into Northeast corner for East facing and North facing direction houses.

For West facing houses, shops should not construct towards Northwest direction side, for South facing homes, deli/delicatessen should not be constructed towards Southern Southeast side.

8. Be cautious when you are planning for the seating arrangement in the shop.

9. Applying color according to Vastu for the shop.

10. Vastu for shops cash counter, this is most important in shops, when there is attraction, then customers frequently visiting the premises and buying items. Don't empty your cash counter at any time, there should be some money whether you had business or not, but money should be there in the counter. Don't fill it with unnecessary items and things.

Always it should be cleaned properly and make it too clean. Another good idea is to show benjamin (benzoin/resin) smoke to the cash counter and shops too. It throws the negative energies from the shop and attracts positive vibes.

11. The elevation is also supporting in getting more business. For example, if it is North facing shop, then one may raise the South direction area to be elevated, then finances will be improved.

12. Slanting shed or verandah or portico or sloped angle foldable tent with tarpaulin also keeps the premises with more Vastu attraction.

Slanting towards East and North is permitted. For temporary usage, West and South are also acceptable (Please note that if there are more shops in that line which are all using such slanting foldable tarpaulins then one may practice using it, otherwise don't use them for South and West shops.)

13. Planning for extension of your shop. East and North extension is permitted. South and West are not permitted. One should not forget one thing. There are a lot of other things that should be counted in these extensions. So best to obtain one Vastu expert recommendation before taking the extension decision.

14. Some are encroaching. If so, need attention, otherwise, new issues have to be faced. North and East encroaching are good, but West and South encroaching is not a good idea.

Guidelines on Shop Vastu

1. If more stocks in the shop, people also visit regularly.

2. When there are empty racks, then buyers don't have interest and never visit repeatedly.

3. The customer is always right, please follow this principle while you are on the premises. They should feel proud to visit. Don't argue with your customers. If they bought or not buying things, but show the products patiently, if they may not buy any goods, but they will definitely inform about you to their friends. It's beneficial to you in the future. Be patient with customers.

This is the principle that the giant APPLE is following. (Apple has been awarded as the best brand in the world by Forbes.)

4. If the town or city is hot then arrange one air conditioner on your premises, otherwise, customers never visit again. For example, if a shop in Ahmedabad, requires an A/C in shop, generally Ahmedabad city is hot. Not in Ahmedabad, most of the cities in India maintain air conditioners in their shops, otherwise, customers may not show interest to visit their shops. If the climate is cool, customers can sit more time or may like to do business.

5. There should be more attraction items in the shop. For example, a fish aquarium. When there is colorful fishes in the aquarium, people like to visit that shop and they are happy to observe the moving fishes.

Where should we keep the fish aquarium in the shop as per Vastu? If it is East facing shop then don't keep the aquarium at the Northeast corner. Best to check all things with the help of one vastu expert he will guide the remaining points.

6. Color combination is too important. Ladies and kids like the pink color. Keep in touch with this point. When the shop is too attractive then customers often visit your property.

7. When there are repeated customers visiting you, then it attracts other customers and many more will soon visit your property. Once customer traffic increases then automatically, profits will increase.

8. Treatment is most important to customers. If they feel they are not respected, they may not visit again.

9. Lighting is most important. Please arrange excellent lighting arrangements on the premises. If there is no good lighting then it won't attract more customers. If there is plenty of lighting and eye-catching ceiling fixtures, it attracts more customers.

10. Flooring is also the most important feature. Generally, wood flooring is giving confidence while walking on it.

11. Some shopkeepers ask customers to leave their footwear outside the shops, please don't do that, some wear shoes, in such case, they won't have the interest to leave their shoes outside the shops, they don't like to remove and wear again, here, the customer is always right, so don't ask them to leave the footwear outside the shops.

Only for shops which are selling sarees, exhibiting the sarees on beds which they keep the beds on the flooring, in such shops only wearing footwear and visiting the shop is not good. Further, some officials may visit shops, for them, keep some chairs, they will sit and their family members can buy the sarees, if there are chairs, then allow customers to come inside with shoes.

12. Keeping mirrors in the shop. In some shops, mirrors are must, for example, Gold shops. They need mirrors, max try to arrange mirrors at East, North and Northeast directions.

13. Drinking water. This is mandatory. Please keep one drinking water machine like an instant fresh cooling cabinet water dispenser. It should provide hot and cool water. Provide only purified drinking water. Cover the topwater dispenser with the most attractive cloth, if shopkeepers giving utmost importance on everything then customers first notice this and they frequently visiting your premises. Your premises appearance presentation is most important.

14. Be in touch with your customers on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, G+ and other social media, etc. Nowadays social media is the most important feature to advertise your products, always be in touch with social media. If possible try to get your customer phone numbers. Some may not provide their numbers, then don't press them again. It may harm their frequent visiting.

15. Smell, the fragrance is important in the shop. Getting bad smells may be a serious cause of lack of customer visits. Here we like to share one instance which happened in the year 1994. We found one Jewelry shop which is in the center of the dry chili shops. When there is dry chili, generally, it produces the unbearable smell and will be very strong. The Jewellery shop cannot shift from that place, it is a very old firm.

They installed one electric door curtain which attracts the entire town shopkeepers, most of them came and observing this electric door curtain. Nowadays, this electric door curtain is very common in many shops. It obstructs the outside bad smell and dust.

16. Arrange teak wood chairs instead of plastic chairs, if the chairs look good, people like to sit more time and your sales also improve. Don't allow Romeos or casanova to sit in your shop while customers buying items. This could damage the customer's privacy.

17. Keep some attractive items on the premises, the customers will repeatedly visit. Buy only the costly items, don't buy cheap items. Buy flower vases, colorful pottery, chandelier, etc.

18. Try to arrange one toilet at your premises, but it should be properly cleaned. Otherwise, it creates a bad impression. Arrange one hand wash, one towel, particularly 2/3 hooks in the toilets and mirror. An exhaust fan is required. How much you are taking importance for your customers, that must be the business on those premises. Your customers should know that you are taking all care. Once they noticed this point, they inform their friends and relatives to visit. Getting more business with a very small investment and care.

19. Sufficient parking space is required, if there is no parking space, customers also not interested to visit often. If there is no parking space in front of your premises, then arrange another location for valet parking.

20. Electricity generator is a must. If there is a power cut then this generator will provide power, otherwise, customers won't stay more time there.

21. Smile is most important, if smile fails then customers will also fail to visit.

Shops VastuHere one shop has elevation at Southwest corner, the elevation is extending towards Southeast. The shop owner constructed a dais or a platform at Southwest corner and it may be extended towards the Southeast corner of that shop, this system is auspicious and getting secured business to the shop or finances may be secured. The platform is constructed at Southwest corner and after that, it extends towards Southeast side, if the structure has to be placed like this way then the shop owner will get huge profits, as the platform is extended towards Southeast.

Here the land elevated towards South direction or South area. In simple words, the platform may be at Southwest or complete South up to Southeast. When the platform is entire Southwest, South and Southeast then it attracts money, or the money never goes out.

With this small correction, the South floor is strengthened and North floor is depressed or down. Where the South is elevated then generally this rule speaks with good profits. Please note that the tenant may not do this correction without Shop owner permission.

Some owners accepted and some were not accepted. If the owner not accepting for this correction, then tenants can keep a solid wooden floor and keep the cash counter there or owner can sit there. This article is only for the understanding purpose, it may create a lot of questions, one has to approach one expert Vastu Pandit before doing these corrections.

Based on many things we are proposing that one should not do like such correction to their shops. Why?, there is a rule that "TIME", for example, if one Mr. Sasank was taken one shop on rent and done the correction like such away. His tenure is only 11 months.

Within this prescribed period he may or may not see any expected results with this elevation correction. Already we discussed many times about "Time" information, which is published at Vastu Results page.

If we never know about this "TIME" secret then some say that Vastu is not working, if the same person may follow this process when he has sufficient tenure then "never" say "Vastu is not working". Further, they may inform their friends too regarding Vastu corrections and its working strategies.

There are many secrets in this Vastu science. One cannot understand everything by knowing a few techniques. That is why we strongly suggesting residents please go ahead only with the best expert Vastu consultant. When he visited your property, listen carefully and note down his recommendations.

If you are really serious to experience the Vastu results then follow his guidance points then you will definitely experience the excellent expected results. Forbearance is important here. How much you are co-operating with the genuine Vastu consultant who visited your property that much you will succeed with the Vastu results.

Vastu for shopHere the dais is towards South side, this will fetch the business. Please don't ignore that before doing all these alterations, you must consult one expert vastu consultant and take his suggestions and do alterations. You are well aware that surroundings are too important to have good effects on a property. Without knowing the neighborhood Vastu effects on a property, one should not do any practicals on a concerned property, otherwise there may be a possibility of getting adverse results.

Why we are again and again warn you on property verification with expert vastu specialist means, in shops particularly the North dais also providing with good business, you may believe it or not, but it's true. Ancient vastu literature mentioned about weights at North, this is true to believe.

Yes, North weights also providing with good results. But how much time it may co-operate may depend on the effects of the surrounding on the property. If there is heavy open space towards North then residents may enjoy the good business more time.

Vastu for ShopsIn this image the dais or platform is towards Southwest corner, this may help to get more business opportunities and secure the owner in the name of financial support and standard in business, everybody cannot do this correction as most of the shop-keepers are the tenants. Many took shops for rents and running their businesses, at that moment they may plan for the wooden platform, try to arrange the solid wooden or dais filled with wood, with this correction no owner obstruct the tenants. Some owners may not accept if tenant using cement, bricks some other building materials, at that point of time these wooden structures may help them.

We should not forget about North floor elevation, we observed some shops which have North floor elevation has a very good business. Though it may not be permanent, it increases good sales. In Pracheena Vastu (ancient traditional Vastu) North floor elevation brings good business. If your property has such a feature then try to sit/occupy the Southwest and keep the cash counter at Southwest areas.

The shape of the place or site (visit this link for more info on Sites vastu link) should not be Triangular or irregular or crooked shapes.

This will ruin the business establishment and may lead to closure within a very short span of time, even a huge investment also may not support the owner if the shape and vastu is not good. The Triangular shaped properties like shops, factories, industries, etc may not get support from authorities and may lead to closure or struggle with financial issues.

A small concern followed with excellent vastu principles and built according to Vastu principles and supported by surroundings Vastu can easily stand as a name of success and may become a big industry.

Some say that in some areas even triangular shaped properties are also getting huge business, how ? the answer is very simple.

Shops and VastuThis is a Triangular Shape shop, it may not grow and finally, owner may suffer with many issues and maybe left the shop with fear. Further, this shop corner point is towards North as the main road is towards North then he may get some business, this business could not be permanent finally he lost entire things including his capital. If you found any shop like this structure is running with good profits, please let us know the total history of the shop.

Time frame is important for us to decide the Vastu Results. If the beneficiary is running the business with good profits for a period above of 3 years, then kindly inform us, we will research on the structure and benefits of such shop.

Vastu shops near mePlease observe the above and this image carefully, both are triangular in shape, but this shop "may" provide with good business as this is towards Northeast road facing, there is a scope to get good business. In the above image we discussed that the triangular shape is not good, but here we are stating that triangular is giving the good results. The difference is Directions and shape which the shop is faced.

Without knowing the directions we should not say predictions of any property. Directions are just like a heart of a human body. Vastu works only based on directions. That is why without a compass one should not observe the vastu of a property.

Don't forget about the Street focuses to the shops. Some are good street focuses and some are bad street focuses. Without expert vastu pandit advice don't take this kind of street focus properties on rent.

best vastu for shopsObserve the "Shop-1" and "Shop-2" here, these two shops are North Facing and there is one road-hitting from opposite direction. The road bestows with good results to Shop-1 and the same road delivers the bad results on shop-2. The street focus is the Northern Northeast Street Focus to the Shop-1 and the same Street focus is the Northern Northwest Street Focus to the shop -2. So keep it in mind before going to buy or rent a shop.

For everything we have to carefully observe when dealing with Vastu. For each direction street focus is giving different results to the properties. For your kind information, check this image.

Vastu for business shops in hindiIn this image which shop is good. Please observe both above and these images. In the above image, shop-1 is giving good results, here the shop-2 is giving good results. Here the shop-1 may not provide good results. Shop-1 has Eastern Southeast Street Focus and shop-2 has Eastern Northeast Street Focus. Please be careful when a property has street focus. It has to be decided only be expert in this field.

Generally, people especially business people look for compliance of Vastu principles to their business premises and feel comfortable that now that business premises are Vastu compliance and everything will be alright. This statement is partly correct.

Vastu influences on the people who are residing, thus the businessman residence where he spent most of the time is more important than business premises alone where he spent less time comparatively. This being the case the influence of Vastu of the residence outweighs the influence of business premises.

We have known instances where business was otherwise running successfully because their business premises are fully vastu compliance but very soon they bit the dust and sold away from the premises.

On closer examination, it was seen their residential premises where they spend comparatively far more time than on business premises was not at all vastu compliance. Thus the evil influence of non-compliant vastu residence prevailed over these fate of the residence.

We don’t need to tell you more than this.

Ideal Vastu Tips For Shops:

The shelves may be arranged towards South, West and Southwest directions only. We observed that the attached shelves to the South and West walls are weakened than the shelves which are not attached to the South or West walls. Here the main important point is that we cannot keep the shelves separately not touching the walls. It won't stand if they do not have support. Vastu is different and convenience is different. Convenience is most important than the vastu.

Don't keep heavy load items, articles, goods, etc towards North, East and Northeast corner. Shops means, we should keep articles, otherwise, it may not be a selling area for goods, keep it in mind that always avoid keeping the heavy items towards the Northeast corner, better to leave some space towards Northeast, it brings peace to the keeper.

When cleaning the shop regularly, start from Northeast and ends at Southwest, please make ensure that there should not be a single dust particle towards Northeast corner. Start cleaning the shop with wet cloth from Northeast corner and ends with Southwest corner or just clean the Northeast area with wet cloth remaining all may be cleaned with a broomstick or dust remover if there is no chance to clean all the area with a wet cloth.

Keeping God Photos at business premises is a good idea?

Where should we keep the Pooja idols or God Photos at Shops?

Keep God photos towards the Northeast corner, don't forget to keep Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswathi towards Northeast corners. Photo frames should be more attractive and properly and regularly cleaned.

Many experts saying that God photos should be kept only at Northeast, but we never object if photos were kept exactly opposite to the main entrance door. More bigger size more powerful which planned to keep at South and West directions.

This is the right place where we need to explain one instance, we visited one transport office which is one of the best in South India at Chennai, they have total 8 photo frames which are all kept at exactly at East direction, they are properly maintained and garlanded. They are not our clients, but we went there for some other work. They are very rich and principled.

A format of keeping gods in shops is explained below.

God Idols in Shops Vastu

Have you observed the format here. If there are only five photo frames in your shop, then arrange Goddess Laxmi/Lakshmi, Ganapathi, Saradamba and remaining two are your interested gods or (Kula Devatha). If you have a total of 6 or 7 frames, then arrange your interested gods in 3 or 4 vacant frames. If God's are respected in a business concern then there is a positive power that will also be increased. Observe the below image to get some idea.

vastu colours for shops

No big change in the above two images, only garlands are added to the frames, means respecting almighty. It's up to you. Offering daily a bit of Prasadam or milk, if nothing is available to you then even keeping sugar is also a good idea. Treat them as humans and do perform offerings. Please note that the area in which you are going the pooja or photo frames should be very clean, make ensure that there is no dust and bad odors. Light the incense sticks are also good at shops. Light Deepam or Pramidha etc regularly.

Important Do's While Taking Shops

vastu for shopping complexNortheast cut is observed so don't buy it or rent this shop. Generally, this shop won't give satisfaction to inhabitants. If you are looking for rental property like this, then wait and look for other properties. If your requirement is only for two or three months, then that is your discretion to occupy it or leave it. It "may" not harm you for "very short periods".

Our suggestion is very clear, already you wished to buy/lease a shop and spending huge amounts for decoration, style, look, paints, flooring, investment, advertisement, staff, etc why compromise on Vastu, search for an expert and verify the property and then only decide to buy/lease the property, this may be an elderly suggestion for your safe future.

Vastu for business shops in hindiHave you any time heard about street focus and their effects on the properties. Mr. Suresh wrote one book particularly on "Street focus and Vastu" you may download the sample book from Vastu Books link. This street focus to the shop is called as Southern Southwest Street focus, generally, this property may not provide good results to the properties including shops too. Short while this kind of shop may enhance with the unbelievable profits, but they may not be continuous, in long term they may lose many things including confidence. Don't select this property, if there is any urgency to take this kind of property then decide only with the help of Vastu guru before signing the agreement.

Need to express one painful instance. A gold merchant needs to take a shop for rent. He finds one shop which has a Southern Southwest street focus, he called some consultants and finally fix to one person after paying only Rs.516/- as the consultation charges. After 2 years, he vacated the property with many bad incidences. They came from a reputed family and we don't like to inform their name and city. We cannot expect best item from cheap price.

Actually expert's fee is peanut money when compared with his losses. Can we say ashamed information here, the same gold merchant wish to start new shop in another area, now he decided to have consultancy, but looking for who is the cheapest in the market. We cannot change the fate of a person. If they had bad time, they are doing like this way only.

Vastu for grocery storeWhat is the difference in between 1 and 2 property here. Be careful about 1 here, it may not provide you good results, why because the number 2 property here may obstruct the Northeast positive power to this number 1 property. Northeast North is most important for a successful firm.

Vastu tips for home shopsHave you observed the above one and this shops. It seems to be both are same, a slight difference was observed here. In the above image the number 1 shop was not in the line towards "East" direction, now it came to same line towards East direction, but not in the same line at West direction, due to this, it may be harmful to the number 2 property here. Need to observe everything carefully before taking rent or before buying the property. Very small things may also harm in future.

vastu store onlineIs this a common property or is there anything notable points found here. Hope you have observed the Northern part of the property. This property has slightly extended towards Northwest direction, it means that the Northern Northeast is slightly truncated. In future, this property may not bring luck to the occupants.

shops as per vastuSome headlong people say that they know all techniques in this science, but finally they will pack up their entire articles kept in these kind of properties after some months. Why? eastern-northeast should not be truncated, this may harm occupants. This has a slight extension towards eastern Southeast extension. For long run organizations should not buy/rent this kind of properties, for short term say about 6/7 months, it may not harm occupants, but no guarantee for the time/period.

vastu pyramid shops BangaloreIt is hardly required to have some shelter from rain or sun rays in some seasons, require a temporary portico/porch, observe this image, these occupants are using a temporary cloth slanting verandah type sunshades. Temporary means no issues at all, but if you go with permanent sunshades with any material then there may be a possibility for effects. This image's properties are South facing. Note that permanent slanting sunshades towards South, West, and Southwest may bring bad results. But these sunshades giving good business for North, East, and Northeast facing outlets.

vastu pyramid shops MumbaiLife is always challenge. If we plan properly then everything becomes colorful, without planning everything may be black and white. No flavors, no enjoyment all unhappy, etc. One small idea may bring cheers into your life, one small idea may turn into hectic issues. Why should you face them, Wise decision may always stand you as a leader in your area. Check this image, 1,2,3 may enjoy life. 4, 5 and 6 may be in trouble, why?. Have you observed the North road, based on that North road all these properties are said to be North facing.

The Main Gate is at the center of the entire shopping complex area. For 1,2 and 3 the gate is towards the Northeast. For 4th it may not be the Northeast or may not be even North also. 4 also may not be saved here. Regarding 5 and 6 may be getting troubles in the future. Please note that the distance from Gate to shops is the most important factor to discuss on these results, if there is a huge distance between gate and shops then the suffering levels will decrease. Less distance more troubles. Long-distance fewer troubles.

Based on surroundings we may not predict 100% results for 1st and 6th shop here, the same problem may also apply to all, but now we are discussing only without surroundings/neighborhood influence on this 1 to 6. If you have a choice to select then go for "3" first or "2" as second choice and "1" as the last choice. Hope you understand this image and narration, if not then please contact us, don't hesitate, your safety and security life is important for us.

Some people are genuine, some are acting genuine, some are gullible innocent, some are intelligent, some are headlong, some are half-knowledge, some are insane, but you are 100% intelligent, yes the visitors of www.SubhaVaastu.com website always intelligent, our visitors are always approaching only specialized expert Vastu consultant professionals.

In some countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran etc other country people may not buy properties here, the rules are like that. (Israel and Palestine? - we don't have any right information from these two countries and also we don't have any customers from Palestine ).

Based on the rules of the country, other nationals took the properties only for rent and start doing their own businesses. We have seen many shops in Dubai and Sharjah, Abu Dhabi is only for rent or terms of a contract and was taken by Indians.

We have seen one house for a monthly rent of 10 lacs of Indian Rupees, yes you are right, you read the correct figure, it's only monthly rent of ten lac rupees. But residents never compromise on Vastu, they are searching for a consultant who is taking only 100 AED for the vastu consultancy services. 100 AED means almost its 1200 rupees.

After getting strong strike by the half-knowledge people, then only these residents approached only experts in this field. Your hard-earned money should be spent only in the right way. It should not access wrong paths. Our sincere suggestion for your happy living is to buy only genuine company products, approach only an expert in this field, then you never face any troubles in the future. The duplicate items always be cheap and glittering.

Don't select them blind, open your eyes and buy only the company released items. Our entire team buy only genuine company products. We always approach only experts in their fields. When we require coding work, we are looking for genuine and expert, we never see their prices. Start practicing our methods, you never get pains in the future.

Generally, people especially business people look for compliance of vastu principles to their business premises and feel comfortable that, business premises are vastu compliance and everything will be alright. This statement is partly correct.

Vastu influences on the people who are residing, thus the businessman residence where he spent most of the times is more important than business premises alone where he spent less time comparatively. This being the case the influence of vastu of the residence outweighs the influence of business premises.

We have known instances where business was otherwise running successfully because their business premises are fully vastu compliance but very soon they bit the dust and sold away the premises.

On closure examination, it was seen their residential premises where they spend comparatively far more time than on business premises was not at all vastu compliance. Thus the evil influence of non-compliant vastu residence prevailed over these fate of the residence.

Dressing Room Placement In Cloth Show Rooms As Per Vastu

Some one takes a decision to keep the dressing room in cloth showrooms in Northeast corner, this is 100% wrong placements. What are the right places. Dressing room at Southwest is not good idea. Dressing room at Northwest is good. Dressing room at Southeast is also good idea. If shop has Northeast extended then dressing room can be located at Northeast. If there is parallel connecting stocks then shop keeper can arrange the dressing room at East, North too. The dressing room placement at South and West are also advisable.

How many categories in Shops?

1. Jewelry (Jewelry), Gold, Silver, Gemstones, Birth Stones, Diamonds, Beads, Pearls, Ornaments Sales, Brooches, Bracelets, Ear Rings, Necklaces, Corals, Precious Metals.

2. Steel

3. Furniture, Beds, Cots, Stool, Table, Sofa Sets, Computer Tables, Decolam,

4. Domestic, Super Markets, Super Stores, Bazaar, Grocery Stores, Kirana, Domestic, Kitchen, Household supplies, Foodstuff Commodities, Business premises.

5. Book Sellers, Pens, Pencil.

6. Musical System, Musical Sound Systems, Entertainment, Home Theaters.

7. Cloth, Readymade, Kids Wear, Children suits, Men Suits, Women Sarees, Matching Blouse, hosiery, Nighties, Punjabi Dresses.

8. Vehicles, Car showroom, Motorbikes, Scooters, Cycles, Tractors, Bus, Lorry, Four Wheelers, Auto Rickshaw

9. Paints.

10. Decorative Articles.

11. Electrical and Electronics.

12. Foot Wear, Shoes, Chappals, Daily ware, leather, Polish materials

13. Bakery, Ice Cream Parlor, Sweets, Savories, Crispy, Chocolates, Biscuits.

14. Medical Stores, Ayurvedic, Homeo, Pharmacy, Druggists, Chemist.

15. Wine, Beer, Alcohol stores, Liquor, Beverages.

16. Cellphones, Computers, Calculator, Wrist Watch, Charger, Memory cards.

17. Air Conditioners, Fridges/Refrigerators, Air Coolers, Fan, Led/ LCD TeleVision.

18. Iron Merchants, Shelves, Iron Safe, Steel Almira.

19. Coffee, Tea, Hotel, Restaurants, Refreshment Stall, Stores, Chai Mahal, Tea Corner, Center.

20. Banian Center, Under ware, Lungi, Dhotis, Shawls, Sweater, Money Cap, Woolen Cloths, Blouses, Gloves, Socks, Hankies, handkerchief.

21. Sports, Cricket, Tennis, Foot Ball, Chess, Carrom boards.

22. Toys, Kids Games.

23. Kitchenware, stoves, bowls, plates.

24. Diwali Bursting Crackers.

25. SubhaVaastu.com compass, Materials, measurement tools, engineering tools.

26. Ladies Emporium, Bangles, Gifts and Novelties.

27. Sanitary Stores.

28. Handicrafts Emporium.

29. Trading Brokerage and Investment concern.

30. Mercantile Establishment

31. Retail and Wholesale counters of all goods.

32. Mattress, Pillows, Bedsheets, Towels, Napkins, Cloth materials.

33. Blouse Materials.

34. Matching center.

35. Internet Center.

36. Xerox, Photocopy/ Photostat, STD Booth.

37. Light House, chandelier.

38. Interior Decoration

39. Inner Wear, Underwear, Banian centers.

40. Computer Peripherals and there are many more, shortly we will update the remaining list.

What Are The Best Suitable Pooja Location At Shops

When shop keeper likes to keep God photos at their shops, then he can keep them at Northeast corner. This is the best place to keep God photos at shops. If he wishes to construct any pooja room or very big pooja shelf then best to get proper suggestion from vastu expert.

I Am Islam Follower (Muslim) Can I Use Allah Photos At My Business Area?

Islam Gods Photos in Shop

You may use to hang God Allah photos at your premises. You may place them at the Northeast corner using a shelf or directly add to the walls, whichever is convenient for you. Treat photos as God's, respect God's photos. Treat them as God's only. You may also do prayers before photos if you require or as per your custom. Vastu is not a belief, it is a science. It is universal following science now. All communities, castes, religious people are now following our olden Indian traditional science, Vastu.

I Am A Christian, Can I Have Jesus Photos At My Business Premises?

Christian Gods Photos in Shop

Yes, you may use to hang Christian God photos in your business area. Daily do prayer to have more positive power into the premises.

Vastu Related Questions

+9 #8 Two wheeler showroom shop vastu in MumabiSiddhartha Roy 2017-01-30 21:15
Respected sir, your website is awesome. Great content with images. You are helping society without any conditions. I did not find any barriers to browse the matter. No registration is required to read the entire content. Greatly developed shops vastu information. Coming with my querry, looking for some Vastu tips for shop in Mumbai. We are planning to open one two wheeler shop in Bandra, Mumbai. Please guide us. Where should be the owner chamber and where should be the manager cabin. Where should be the accounts department location and which area is the best suitable and ideal location for keeping two-wheelers for display. Is this vastu applicable for cars showroom too.
+9 #7 Vastu For ShopKumar 2016-09-02 07:21
Dear sir, we are looking to buy one shop which has 22 feet at West, 24 at East, 36 North, 31 at South direction, is vastu for shop is OK, shall we proceed to buy this shop.
+11 #6 BIKE SHOWROOM VASTUGhanshyam 2016-08-24 11:55
Dear Sir, congratulations on having such a giant vastu website. Wonderful matter with directional images, we can easily catch the meaning of your articles just by seeing the images. Thank you so much for providing free matter. I have Bajaj bike showroom. My reception counter is placed in southwest corner. where I should place all bikes for sale in showroom, and which manner I should put them.
+6 #5 Please advise me for shop interior according to VastuRavi Makhija 2016-04-21 07:54
Namaste sir, very nice of you for placing such a precise articles. Surely I will propose this website to visit by my friends. Please help me in creating furniture and interior for north-east facing 15*50 g+2 floor R R family fashion shop three-floor, ground floor is for kids 1for women and 2 for men's advice me cash counter, Pooja Ghar and office room everything for shop Vastu please reply.
+11 #4 Shop Vastu in TeluguSrinivasa Kumar 2016-03-15 08:48
Namaskaram sir, looking for vastu for shops in Telugu language. I have great hopes on you for vastu content for shops in Telugu langauge. Soon, I am ready to open one shop for cloths. Need your good guidance. I never have any hopes on any other except you. I read many articles of your website regarding your kind services to the society. I have trust on you. Please guide me to get good business in my cloth business.
+16 #3 Readymade garments showroom VastuSonal Rathod 2016-03-14 06:11
Suresh Ji, namaskar, just saw your meticulous Vastu website. You made us so happy in this commercial world. Love your nature. I am starting a business for women readymade garments shop. I found one Southwest facing shop with southeast entrance. I like to know whether this is good for my business or not. Is this shop Vastu direction is OK.? Further, please provide shop Vastu in Hindi language.
+6 #2 Shop Vastu Direction HindiNarendra 2016-02-23 07:00
Hi Sir, just step into your methodical Vastu website for shops. You did a blissful and blessful services to us. Thanks is a very small word, but we need to express our gratitude. 10000 thanks for your work and heartful kind services. Very very nice of you sir. Here is my question, we liked a shop which has northeast corner water sump, some vastu pandits say that, for shops, water should not be located at NE, I am totally confusing, after reading articles on your website. They were wrong. Now, I am sure to have water at NE corner for the shop. No doubt on it. They further insisted me to do some poojas for pariharams. I just understand why they stated about NE corner water source in the shop. I saved by God's graces and your website information.
+12 #1 Vastu Consultant Tips for ShopsIlene 2014-11-03 02:20
Mr. Suresh, I appreciate your work here. What an idea to serve to humans living on this planet, great thought.
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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