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Vastu Master Bedroom | Vastu For Sleeping Positions

vastu master bedroomThis article explores the positioning of the master bedroom according to various directions. Should you have any specific inquiries, please visit our Contact SubhaVaastu page. It's important to note that the Vaasthu principles shared on our site may yield different outcomes in homes across various countries, as results can be influenced by the surrounding Vastu effects.

For instance, while many expert Vastu consultants advise against placing the master bedroom in the Northwest, Southeast, or Northeast for the main earners of the household, there have been cases in the USA where such arrangements have led to exceptional Vastu results. Keep this in mind as you read through the article.

Northeast Master Bedroom is Good or Bad?

Northeast master bedroom effects1. According to Indian ancient Vastu scriptures, the recommended ideal locations for Master bedrooms are in the Southwest direction, South direction, or West direction. The master bedrooms in the Northeast corner are generally may not suitable for the residents primary earners.

2. To be clear, bedrooms situated in the Northeast are typically not advisable for breadwinners. Therefore, it's best to avoid planning a master bedroom in this direction, as well as in the East direction or North directions.

3. Occasionally, master bedrooms in the Northeast can yield surprisingly positive results, especially if there's substantial open space in the East or North, including the Northeast. This phenomenon is often seen in homes in the USA.

4. Note that these guidelines might not be applicable to "some homes" in USA, UK, Australia, and other countries. Please consider this information when reading the points below.

5. If the elder of the house occupies a bedroom in the Northeast corner, it could negatively impact his health or money matters.

6. It's important to remember that these guidelines do not always apply. In some instances, if there is a significant open space toward the Northeast and if good energy focuses from that direction, the homeowner might consider having their bedroom there. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have the house and specific room evaluated by a seasoned Vastu master before making any decisions. Always consult an Vastu master for all your Vastu needs.

Is a Northeast Master Bedroom Absolutely Bad in USA?

Northeast master bedroom in USA1. Typically, having the master bedroom in the Northeast does not yield positive outcomes for the primary earners in the home. However, in certain properties, a master bedroom in the same Northeast location does not cause issues for the residents; in fact, they may benefit from it. Take a look at this image, where the master bedroom is marked in green. This property features a Northeast extension, which significantly increases the likelihood of favorable results.

2. There is a chance of variation for some rules based on different structures. If we take homes in Australia, many homes have master bedrooms located next to the main entrance door.

3. For example, East facing home, the master bedroom located either Northeast or Southeast. If the home is West facing home then the master bedroom located either at Northwest or Southwest.

4. Any room which you are using should be snuggery & comfortable, then it will be more energetic to have cozy results.

Can I Buy a Home That Has Southeast Master Bedroom?

Southeast master bedroom resultsMany residents eagerly purchase North facing homes at premium prices, attracted by the promise of prosperity. However, this isn't always guaranteed. For example, if the master bedroom in a North facing house is located in the Southeast, as per Vastu principles for Southeast homes (learn more about Southeast homes Vastu ideas - Agneya), it could result in significant issues like financial hardships and career instability.

Similarly, East facing homes might also encounter these problems, though generally with less intensity. It is imprudent to select a home based solely on its facing direction without considering other vital factors. Consulting a Vastu expert at the beginning of your home-buying process is recommended to prevent such undesirable outcomes. Often, the cost of this consultation is minor compared to the expenses involved in rectifying problems after the home is bought.

Is It Acceptable to Have a Master Bedroom in the Northwest?

Northwest master bedroom in VastuThe layout of rooms within a residence plays a crucial role in promoting balance and affluence. It is optimal to situate the master bedroom in a location that resonates with the primary energy of the home's leader. Governed by air, the northwest sector symbolizes flux and dynamism, making it a preferred choice for guest rooms or the living spaces of female relatives. However, positioning the master bedroom in the northwest can adversely affect the primary earners of the household. Here are several reasons why such an arrangement might be problematic according to Vastu guidelines:

Residents in northwest positioned master bedrooms could face a lack of stability and economic downturns, with frequent disturbances stemming from their professional environments including businesses like offices, hotels (read more on this topic hotels with Vastu ideas ) and retail spaces or even factories (study significant points of factories and Vastu support). Additionally, such a setup increases the probability of marital discord and ongoing familial disputes, heightening the risk of legal entanglements and substantial financial difficulties, along with emotional distress.

Which Direction Master Bedroom is Highly Suggested for the Breadwinner?

Northwest master bedroom in VastuThe Southwest master bedroom is ideal for the primary earners of the household. The head of the house should claim the master bedroom. Ideally, the homeowner or main provider should rest in the Southwest room. If this is not feasible, the next best alternatives are sleeping in either a Southern or Western bedroom.

What are the Benefits of Southwest Master Bedroom?

1. A master bedroom in the Southwest direction is beneficial for gradually improving financial status, smoothing daily routines, and enhancing the persuasiveness of the resident's arguments. This positioning also supports the resident in effectively managing family members or staff, even when his commands are not directly heard. His financial growth aligns with his expectations.

2. Stability: The Southwest direction is associated with the earth element, which brings stability and groundedness to the occupants' lives.

3. Wealth Accumulation: It is believed to enhance the ability to accumulate and retain wealth, as this direction is considered the zone of savings.

4. Relationship Enhancement: Placing the master bedroom in the Southwest can help in strengthening relationships, especially between the head of the household and their partner.

5. Health Improvements: This direction can positively impact the health of the residents, promoting restful sleep and overall well-being.

6. Authority and Control: The Southwest bedroom can enhance the authority of the head of the family within the household, improving their control and respect among family members.

7. Career Advancement: For those in leadership or managerial roles, a Southwest bedroom can bolster career growth and help in maintaining a commanding position at work.

8. Reduced Stress: The earth element also aids in reducing stress and anxiety, promoting a calm and peaceful environment.

9. Improved Decision Making: Sleeping in the Southwest can enhance one’s decision-making capabilities, leading to better choices in both personal and professional spheres.

10. Longevity: Vastu principles suggest that the Southwest direction can contribute to the longevity of the residents by fostering a robust health framework.

11. Protection: This direction is considered to provide protection against negative energies and potential threats, ensuring a secure environment for the family.

12. Children: There is a possibility of giving birth to fortunate and intelligent kids.

Is It Suitable to Locate a Master Bedroom in the Brahmasthan?

Brahmasthan master bedroom in VastuPlacing a master bedroom in the Brahmasthan, or the central part of the home, is generally not recommended according to Vastu Shastra. The Brahmasthan is considered the most sacred and powerful area of the house, symbolizing balance and energy.

Having a bedroom in this zone can disrupt the flow of positive energy throughout the home, potentially leading to health and financial issues for the inhabitants. Under specific circumstances, a master bedroom in the Brahmasthan might yield favorable outcomes.


Does the Master Bedroom Play a Role in Achieving Positive Results?

The significance of bedroom Vastu for inhabitants is paramount, given that it's where the residents spend much of their time resting. Hence, it is wise to contact a knowledgeable Vasthu expert when building a home to ensure all aspects are handled correctly. Be cautious, as not every Vaastu practitioner is authentic and trustworthy. In searching for Vastu shastra advice, steer clear of those lacking proper experience and choose only those consultants who are proven to be competent and dependable.

Does Arranging the Master Bedroom According to Vastu Truly Improve Our Lives Significantly?

If only the master bedroom is meticulously arranged according to Vastu principles, while the remaining parts of the house and its surroundings neglect these guidelines, it is uncertain that there will be any significant improvement in the residents' quality of life. However, properly aligning the master bedroom with Vastu principles might still yield some slight positive results for the residents.

Hence, it is advisable for residents to consider remodeling their homes to incorporate local Vastu principles for better outcomes. Additionally, some homes may suffer from negative Street Focus effects, leading residents to face challenges. Often, these issues are misattributed to Vastu errors. In such instances, it is crucial not to overlook these problems and to seek advice from experts.

Which Is The Best Place For Bedroom And Master Bedroom In A House

Prior to knowing this information, first we have to learn how many directions in a house.

1. East Direction

2. Southeast Direction

3. South Direction

4. Southwest Direction

5. West Direction.

6. Northwest Direction

7. North Direction

8. Northeast Direction

in every house, home, residence, flat, villa, there must be these eight directions. Apart from that, there is a place at the center or Brahmasthan (we should not construct the bedroom at Brahmasthan).

The bedroom is different and the master bedroom is different, generally, the owner of the property or the head of the house may occupy the master bedroom. Other members of the home may be occupied the remaining bedrooms. Here first we will learn where is the best place for a bedroom in a house.

After get up from the bed some residents open their eyes and looking at their hands first and chanting the mantra. Some will look at their particular interested God, Some look at the mirror, some look at their family members, some looks at others photos and feels that the entire day will run with all good things.

Some elders say that after wake up from the bed, we have to see Lord Balaji, who is Kaliyuga Daivam, Smiling children face, green natural sceneries or waterfalls. First, observe with some practicals and settle with the one which gives you more good on an entire day. Please note that one is settled in a good Vastu house, he will get all good things generally. Anyway, we respect people's thoughts, but putting some facts may change their lifestyle.

Master Bedroom in Southwest Direction

Vastu Master bedroomIn this image there are 4 colours and four parts., each portion represents a directional part of the house. Southwest is best suitable for the breadwinner to make it as their bedroom. Please note that in some cases the master bedroom at Southwest portion is also giving bad results, how? in this vastu science, every point is clubbed with research. Many experts always trying to make people happy with their new inventions.

If there is heavy open space at Southwest direction, then breadwinners occupied the SW bedroom suffer continuously.

If the entrance door for Southwest bedroom is in the wrong position, then also occupants suffered.

Biggest windows towards Southwest or South direction or west direction also makes them ill health problems, debts, their kids are not doing well, businesses are in loss, mental tensions, fight with people for living, many things may possible to happen.

Master Bedroom in West Direction

Master bedroom in West directionApart from Southwest portion in a house, there is also another good direction for master bedroom i.e., West direction master bedroom. In some cases, the exact Northeast entrance for master bedroom may bestow high tensions to the residents. The East entrance door for the West direction master bedroom vouchsafe safe results. Generally, NE doors consign with good results, but NE doors are not suitable for every room.

Master Bedroom in South Direction

South Master Bedroom VastuOtherthan Southwest MBR in a house the South direction is also suitable for master bedroom. It is possible to see bad results if the South direction room has Northeast door even, it happens when there is huge West to East measured in the home having Northeast door and the home has North entrance door, then possibility of getting bad results. How it is possible?

Is South Master Bedroom Giving Bad Results?

Is South master bedroom is badWe come across one North facing home and residents experienced restless in that home. One resident by the name of Shri. Phaniraj constructed a home in Visakhapatnam (name and place changed to protect their privacy) in the year 2004. Southwest is his parent's bedroom and he made his master bedroom in the South direction. They sold out this home in the year 2010 after experiencing great difficulties. The reason is very simple.

His MBR has a Northeast entrance door and the main home has a North entrance door, when he comes out from the MBR to the outside, he is always moving from Southeast to Northwest. This spoiled his career, financial status, peace in the home, and everything. A small mistake continuously chased him to come out of the home with disastrous situations.

Master Bedroom in North Direction

North direction Master Bedroom and VastuNorth bedroom is generally not recommended for bread winners of the family, but this North bedroom is acceptable for some other members of the family like kids, girls, some times elder parents, etc. If a home does not have Southwest or South or West bedrooms and having only North bedroom, then we have to think on this erratic placements.

We found many North master bedroom homes in the USA, the users are living happily. It is possible if there is heavier open space towards North direction, this Vastu is imbued with logic, not with magic. Knowing vastu is a good idea, but practically, it may not giving expected auspicious results, when finalizing things wrongly. That is why most of the Vastu experts never likes to prefer phone consultation or email consultation. Because the facts come out only on personal observation.

Master Bedroom in East Direction

East Master Bedroom VastuEast bedroom is not good for breadwinner of the family, but it may be not bad for other family members, like younger children or kids etc. Sometimes the East direction master bedroom bestows with expected quality results on the basis of heavy open space towards the East direction or water bodies at East direction, etc, we may find such homes in America or homes in Canada, etc countries.

Master Bedroom in Northeast Direction:

South master Bedroom VastuGenerally, the Northeast bedroom is not good for the breadwinner of the family, but it may be not bad for other family members, like younger children or kids, etc. Sometimes the Northeast portion master bedroom may deliver proficient results to the residents. It happened only because of heavy open space towards the Northeast direction. This is common for West or South facing homes, or southwest facing homes too in America.

Direction for the head to be placed while sleeping (Bed Cot Positions):

1. If the head is towards the South then, Sound sleep and lesser tensions, health improve.

2. If the head is towards the East, then improvement in knowledge, good for kids or children or employees.

3. If the head is towards the West, it may create ill health.

4. If the head is towards the North, then bad dreams, ill health and disturbed sleep.

5. The cupboard in the room’s to be placed in West direction.

6. The bed in the room is at Southwest corner.

7. The dressing table in the room’s Southeast or Northwest corner (with some conditions)

8. The cupboard in the room may be at South or west or southwest portions.

9. Place the bed or bed cot at South, West or Southwest.

10. The cooler at the room is towards the southeast or northwest direction, if not possible then place it at north or east directions but it should not touch the wall at these directions.

11. The flooring should be higher than the remaining house flooring (if the bedroom is at the southwest portion)

12. A bathroom should be at the southeast corner of the northwest corner, with some care (with some conditions) it may be placed at Nairuthi (Southwest) also.

Many visitors desired clarity with examples for bedroom and position of the bed and the like in several situations. Here is shown in a typical bedroom in a regular plot with a bed in the southeast corner. The points to be observed here are:

What Are The Results of Southeast Master Bedroom?

Vastu BedroomIs it truly believable to trust that the Southeast bedroom is not suitable for the head of the family?. Some researches found the below points. Please read the entire content here. 1. Greater load on the Southeast side room of the house than the bedroom when located in the Southwest direction. 2. There is a chance to bear the consequences of this anomaly, these are :-

A. Incompatibility among the household members.

B.Quarrels and troublesome relations with family members and neighbors leading to poor reputation in the community.

C. Getting an unnecessarily bad name for no fault of residents.

D. Slow financial death or financially ruined.

E. A huge possibility of developing tendencies towards shortcuts in life in matters of law, finances, and the like leading to further downfall in the society.

F. Developing illegitimate relations either in financial matters or sensual relations.

G. Tensions in the life. Always feel about non-cooperation of the family members.

H. Cruel or negative thoughts.

I. Heavy expenditures.

J. Wrong ideas or wrong decisions.

Please note that some of the above points "may not be applicable" for some homes in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, etc as some homes may not have excellent open spaces towards North, East or Northeast.

Is Northeast Master Bedroom Is Giving Good Results?

Vastu BedroomIn this image the bed located at Northeast corner (Ishan). This setting may not give good results always to the breadwinners. Sometimes this arrangement may be favorable in some countries like the USA, UK, Australia, or in Canada, etc. Because those houses may have extremely open space at North and East directions.

What Are the Best Places for Wall Clock In The Bedroom?

Wallclock at BedroomPlacing a wall clock in the bedroom is most favorable towards the East direction, and if that's not feasible, the North direction is the next best option. The preference for East and North is based on the positive energy these directions are believed to impart, especially beneficial when checking the time first thing in the morning. This practice aligns with the simple logic that one's initial gaze upon waking should be towards these auspicious directions. Contrary opinions exist, suggesting that due to their weight, wall clocks should be hung on the South or West walls. However, considering the minimal weight of a wall clock, typically not exceeding one or two kilograms, this concern seems negligible.

Which Is The Best Location Of Air Condition In Master Bedroom

Air condition Placement in bedroomFor split air conditioning units, positioning them at West or South is advisable. However, when it comes to window air conditioners, the situation requires more consideration. The precise location of the window where the unit will be installed must be determined, among other factors, before deciding on the final placement. It's important to note that items like wall clocks and air conditioners are relatively minor fixtures. If the property adheres to Vastu principles, their placement is generally not crucial. Nonetheless, if Vastu compliance is not observed, the placement of these items should be carefully evaluated.

Dear visitors, should you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here. We will respond with images, which will benefit everyone, including yourself.

Bedroom portions placement in a houseSome reidents looking only on how to arrange the TV, Fridge, AC machine, Washing machine, iron safe, etc, unfortunately, they are not looking about the house structure as per the Vastu or not. Observe this home, it has Northwest-north increased and has Northern Northwest main entrance door. If the home is constructed like this way, then residents have to correct the major mistakes in the house, should not check the minor things. But some inhabitants look only very small things in the house and forgot about the major mistakes, finally, these residents may comment that "Vastu won't work".

No doubt, arranging movable properties as per Vastu is a good idea, but first, we should check whether the home is as per Vastu then only we have to check the small things.

With this small logic the residents understood what should be important and what not. Follow the exact principles and stand as a leader in society.

Is It Good to Arrange the Bed Inclined in the Bedroom?

Vastu Master bedroomHonestly speaking some residents constructing their home as per vastu and failed to arrange the bed position as per Vastu and "may" suffer. In this image, the bed has 3 heavy opens from the Southeast, Northwest, and Northeast. The additional expansion of the Northeast may create peace in residents' life. But both the Northwest and Southeast may create some issues like, disputes with the family members, leaving the home, unsatisfaction in the life, troubling with litigations, financial matters, unnecessary thinking, doubt on several things.

These above troubles may not affect if the house itself skewed, that is a different subject. The above impacts may impact when the home has 90°.

Is It Advisable to Have 4 Bedrooms in the 1st Floor?

I have a one storey house, first floor has four bedrooms (two of these are in Northeast and Southeast of house and other two are Northwest and Southwest. The bathroom is in the West of the house. The stairs start from East and lead to West of house. The kitchen on the ground floor is Northwest and my living room on ground floor Southeast. Additional to this is the verandah which is in the West wall direction of whole house. My question is that my husband and myself sleep in the Southeast bedroom as its a large bedroom. My son and his wife sleep in the Northeast bedroom as this is another large bedroom. My unmarried/student daughter who sleeps in the Southwest bedroom as this is a small bedroom. Also, an extra room in the Northwest is a small bedroom. Please advise me of who should sleep where and how we can make Vastu style adjustments. The sun can be view from the front of the house in the summer but in the winter the sun has moved towards the Southeast direction of the house. Lots of arguments and problems are being faced in house with people and partners! I am concerned about health, happiness and education/job prospects - Thank you - Kavitha - Coventry - United Kingdom.

>>>Constructions styles in India is different and other countries has a lot of different. In India nowadays majority residents looking for vastu principled constructions, But whereas in other countries, the local residents never check vastu, they are looking for facilitation, air, light and look. Generally, Indians like to buy homes with vastu, they never compromise.

You have total four bedrooms at 4 corners. Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast. Here the Southwest and Northwest bedrooms are smaller and Southeast and Northeast bedrooms are bigger. Based on the space available you have occupied the Southeast and your son occupied the Northeast bedroom. One point is missing that who is the breadwinner in your family. Elder is different and the breadwinner is different.

If you are the breadwinner, it is better to occupy the Southwest b/r, and your son will occupy the Southeast and your daughter has to occupy the Northwest b/r. The Northeast b/r has to be kept always open, or you may use it for study room or has to provide only for the guests who are visiting your property a while in a year. If it is not possible then ask your daughter to change b/r from Southwest to Northwest. You may use the Southwest b/r as your bedroom or sitting room for reading or some other purposes. The Southwest bedroom is the most recommended for the breadwinners/elders in the home.

In your ground floor, Kitchen located at Northwest part and you kept the Southeast as living room, the whole West is the verandah, is it possible to make a small partition at Southwest part at ground floor, if so, better to occupy that room as your personal living room.

What about the Northeast part of ground floor. It was not mentioned in your email. The second best option (may not be possible for you, but we are publishing here for your kind information purpose) is that you may make another b/r at Southwest Ground floor for your son and you may use the Southwest first floor b/r as yours. Then everything will be under control and all will feel happy in that house, it is better to show your property with one expert vastu pandit, he will recommend you the best solutions.

North West Bedroom Vastu Remedies

When the master bedroom is at Northwest, the best remedy is to change the bedroom. If it is not possible and needs to stay in that home only and trying to get proper remedies, try with these simple thoughts. Keep one big mirror at Northeast of North and Northeast of east. Keep your bed only at Southwest corner. Try to arrange one door closure for this room and sit more time at Southwest of the house to ward off this Northwest master bedroom troubles.

Can We Use Carpets At Living Room And Master Bedroom?

Using carpets in the home is a good idea. If the location is clean and tidy, then one can happily use the carpets at their homes, even in the master bedroom. If dust is heavier then please clean the carpets daily, don't forget to clean daily, otherwise, bacteria and many viruses will store and may create loads of infections or developing allergies to the family members. We are highly recommending our visitors to have carpets in their homes. Buy only the costly carpets and colorful carpets. In Western countries, we may not find heavy dust, there residents can happily use carpets in any room including master bedroom too.

Wife Should Sleep on Which Side of Husband In The Master Bedroom

Wife should always sleep towards right side to the husband. This will be perfectly suitable when couple heads towards South direction and legs towards North direction.

Is It Good to Have Southeast Entrance Door to the Southwest Master Bedroom?

Generally, the Southeast entrance door to the Southwest master bedroom may be common in USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, but very less in India, the East facing and North facing homes may have Southwest master bedroom, no doubt this would beneficial to the residents, some of the homes have Southeast entrance for this Southwest master bedroom.

The master bedroom is at Southwest, the entrance will be at Southeast, in this case, it is possible to get heavy expenditures, quarrels, the possibility of unexpected accidents (accidents meaning, anything which is unnatural) irritation in routine life, things cannot go smooth, etc maybe occur, in certain cases like having direct main entrance door to the exact SE of the home will make more troubles to the residents, if there is an obstruction in between SW and SE direct touching then they feel more troubles with heavy expenditures and certain health issues, maybe minor, if there are no obstruction things in between southwest and southeast then residents have to face few challenges which may or may not solve.

The most painful thing is that unfortunately, some residents are buying such homes after having tiny Vastu knowledge through Vastu books and Vastu videos or Vastu websites, later they are panic about the situations. This unfortunate happening may not be applicable to all the properties but sufferers are heavier than the beneficiaries. One should be careful before buying the home.

As Per Vastu Which Bedroom Should Give to Senior Citizens

Breadwinners are different and senior citizens are different. Breadwinners always occupy Southwest bedroom and senior citizens can occupy the remaining any other bedroom.

If Breadwinner is Working in Another Country, then Which Bedroom Should Be Given to Elders

If the breadwinner is working in another country, then parents can occupy the Southwest bedroom.

Where Should Widowed Mother Sleep in the Home as Per Vastu

Dear Sir, What is the ideal and second best location for the widowed mother of the family to stay in? The son and his wife will occupy the Southwest. The mother would like to stay close by. Kindly suggest her ideal bedroom location. Thank you. Hemant - Chennai.

Different experts have their opinions, but our opinion is the breadwinner should not occupy the Northwest bedroom. So widowed mothers can avail either Northwest bedroom or Southeast bedroom based on availability. Breadwinner safe occupied bedroom should always be at Southwest.

Among 2 Available Options Which Is Better to Keep Our Head Either Southern Southwest or Western Southwest

Dear Sir, we have only two options to keep our head while sleeping in my bedroom. One is Southern Southwest or Western southwest. Let me know which is best - Venkat - Erode.

>>> We are suffering with space problem throughout the globe. Based on availability of space, we have to decide everything. As you told that you have only two options either Southern Southwest or Western Southwest. Best to keep your head towards Southern Southwest. If it is not possible then only choose the second option.

Is All Southwest Master Bedrooms Award Good Results?

Bad Southwest master bedroomWe are discussing about one home in Indira Nagar in Bangalore city, this is independent home and herewith providing only important information. This home has 3 floors, we don't like to publish the complete house floor plan and hiden some part of it and the owner name and city to secure residents' confidentiality. The owner (XYZ) constructed this home in the year 1997 with a cost of 2 crore rupees and lost nearly 30 crore rupees within 8 years of time.

He is running a Jewelry shop and his brother has another different shop in same city. Business wise both were clubbed all the funds and later "XYZ" found a deficiency in his cash funds but he cannot blame his brother as both were living under one roof.

Slowly things were serious and one fine day "2005", his brother separated after severe arguments in this home. "XYZ", noticed a huge difference in his business and funds. He lately understands what was happened.

In the year 1997, he approached 3 experienced Vastu pandits, after knowing their payments, he alone learnt several techniques in Vastu and later "XYZ" become a master in Vastu.

He knows "everything". He thought all Southwest master bedrooms are giving good results and planned like such MBR as shown above.

Toilet came at Northwest, which is acceptable, but he missed the main point of how it has to be planned properly, he missed the main concept of NW toilet and improperly planned.

Southwest master bedroom is perfect, but the entrance door for this room located at Eastern Southeast, these two settings made him serious in family life and financially lost everything and severe arguments ran in the home and experienced nightmare life. But he saved Vastu experts fee, Alas! at what cost. Every expert wishes to save residents' life. The educated and intelligent residents know these points and they never compromise.

How Much Space We Have to Provide in Each Direction in Bedroom

As most of the residents know that the bedroom is the primary chamber to provide the major part of the results. It plays a focal position in Vastu. Hence, most of the expert Vastu people first check the resident's master bedroom while in their consultancy. Here are some ideas. Leave a short space in the West direction and the East direction should have heavy open space. Likewise, leaving short space in the South direction and heavy open space in the North is highly recommended. For example, A master bedroom has 16 ft by 15 ft. (East to West 16 feet and North to South 15 feet) Leave 2 ft at West direction and 6ft will be the bed and the remaining 8 ft will be left towards East direction. Likewise, leave 2 ft in the South direction and arrange the bed (6 ft) and leave 7 ft in the North direction. In this system, Both the West and South directions will have smaller open spaces, and the East and North directions will get large open spaces.

Is West Direction Bedroom is Good For Breadwinners?

Master Bedroom for breadwinnerMany thought that West direction bedrooms are perfectly match to the breadwinners, this is acceptable fact. If that same bedroom touches the Northwest part of the home, then the breadwinners may suffer from some financial issues, income tax issues, debts problems, guarantee issues, etc. Care should be taken when arranging the main master bedroom for the breadwinner. A small mistake may ruin the peace in their respected home.

Is Walk in Closet Play Any Role as Per Vastu?

In short the Walk in closet is called as WIC. Normally, the walk in closets can be arranged any area except Northeast directions. In few cases, these Northeast walk in closets also giving excellent results based on the bedroom structure and entrance door to the bedroom.

Southwest direction "Walk In Closet" is accepted.

West direction WIC is also accepted.

South direction also handles the WIC.

We can manage Walk in Closet in Southeast direction with some conditions.

WIC can be arranged at the Northwest direction also with some terms.

WIC may not be suitable in the North direction. Few times, this North direction was also able to accommodate the WIC.

Generally, the East direction may not be suggested to have the "Walk in closet", but sometimes, it may also fit for this WIC

What Is Walk in Robe and How It Impacts as Per Vastu

Normally, WIR or "walk in robe" is used in USA or UK countries. This is also almost near to the meaning of WIC. Normally, these WIR Vastu rules are near to the WIC. Please read the WIC rules which are simultaneously suitable with WIR too.

Is It Okay to Display Couple Photos in the Master Bedroom?

Wife and Husband Photo In Master BedroomAbsolutely, it's a wonderful idea to place photos of the couple in the bedroom. Make sure these pictures are displayed in the master bedroom and depict both partners smiling. Avoid hanging images where either person appears annoyed or disinterested. The goal is for these photos to evoke feelings of joy, comfort, and happiness whenever they are viewed. If a photo ever stirs feelings of anger, it's advisable to move it to a less frequented area of the home, away from where the couple regularly spends time

Is It Acceptable to Keep God Photos in the Bedroom?

God Photo In master BedroomTraditionally, elders advise allocating a specific room for worship, often referred to as a prayer room, pooja room, or god room. While human nature encompasses the intimacy of a couple, having sacred images in the bedroom might impact the comfort and happiness associated with such private moments. If you have no reservations about displaying religious pictures in the bedroom, it's your choice. However, it is generally recommended to place God photos in the designated prayer area, rather than keeping them in the Master bedroom.

Optimal Day Bed Placements According to Vastu

Day Bed1. A Day Bed serves as both a seat and a place to sleep, which is especially handy in small apartments or rooms with limited space. This type of furniture is versatile, allowing for seating and sleeping in our living areas. Previously, day beds might not have been common in many homes, but recently, they have become increasingly popular. This trend is a positive development. The points below emphasize how practical and attractive day beds are, illustrating why they are favored for enhancing comfort and making the most of space in different living settings.

2. Efficient Use of Space: Due to its dual functionality, a day bed is excellent for efficiently using space. It is commonly used in guest rooms, home offices, or children’s rooms where having an extra bed is beneficial.

3. Stylish Design: Day beds come in various stylish designs that enhance the decor of a room, fitting seamlessly into any interior design scheme, from modern to traditional.

4. Under-Bed Storage: Many day beds feature built-in storage underneath, such as drawers or space for baskets, ideal for storing bedding, clothes, or other household items.

5. Outdoor Use: Some day beds are designed for outdoor use, perfect for patios or gardens, providing a comfortable spot to relax during nice weather.

6. Child-Friendly: In children’s rooms, day beds offer a comfortable area for parents to sit while tending to their children and can be a more approachable bed for toddlers transitioning from a crib.

7. Reading Nook: Day beds can create a cozy nook ideal for reading or relaxing in a quiet corner of a home, especially when paired with good lighting and soft pillows.

Bedrooms in the Second Floor Matter?

Namaste Ji, I would like to know if having bedrooms on the second floor (above the ground floor) matters too? Thanks - B. Singh - Ontario.

Namaste Dear Singh Ji, yes, the placement of bedrooms on the second floor is important as well. The layout and location of these rooms can significantly influence the well-being of family members who use them.

List of Vastu Doubts

+33 #20 Northeast Bedroom VastuVirginia 2017-11-26 06:45
Mr. Suresh, having great respects on your work and services to the entire community. You are saving society from different clusters of troubles. I am a single mom and my bedroom is in the northeast part of the house. I am renting that house. The other option is the southeast bedroom. My bed now is attached to the west wall. Also the only entrance of the house is SW and there is a cut in the SW. What are the best remedies? Thanks in advance.
+25 #19 North East Bedroom Vastu for CouplesPravin 2017-07-24 16:42
Respected sir, I greatly appreciate your website services. It's a noble concept. Congratulating you for having such a exclusive and comprehesive website. Coming with my question, we are interested in a one storey house in which, bedroom located at southwest corner of 1st floor. We want to add a walk-in wardrobe cum dressing area in northwest position of bedroom (west side of the house). Is this good as per vastu? Further, please inform the position of dressing room / wardrobe in southwest bedroom
+28 #18 How to hide beam in bedroomChaitanya Kumar 2017-06-04 12:37
Dear sir, if a beam is running in the middle of the master bedroom what you suggest in such case. Is it accepted or not as per Vastu or any suggestion?, how to cover beams on the ceiling of a bedroom as per Vastu. Can we get a detailed answer for beam vastu dosh nivaran. Can I hide the beam in bedroom with any material? Is POP is enough to cover or need to do any other material. Please explain sir. I am suffering with generic pompous people those has vastu expert boards in front of their homes. I have great faith on your website and your services. Please help sir.
+16 #17 North east bedroom for couplesSaikrishna 2017-05-22 04:09
Namaste sir I have seen west facing flat with master bedroom in Southwest which is to be used by my parents and children bedroom in northeast. If I got married shall I use this bedroom or shall I avoid this flat or is there any remedies plz answer me. Married children can stay in northeast bedroom?, what are the northeast bedroom vastu dosh remedies?, Is box bed is acceptable as per vastu?, your explanation is most important for vastu for unmarried girl bedroom in the home?, if in case I found a new home, in that new home, if there is SE bedroom, then what is the best south east bedroom vastu remedy?, is it good to have child bedroom in north east, what about benefits of bedroom in north direction, and bedroom in east vastu, north west bedroom vastu remedies.
+29 #16 Vastu MasterKusum 2017-05-17 09:56
Respected sir, I m 50 years old, I want to know which bedroom and place is better for me for good health and long life me and my hubby stay different rooms he used northwest and I used southwest please suggest good for us 3.
+16 #15 Remedies for master bedroom in north eastAmit 2017-04-11 13:15
Namashkar Suresh Ji, yours is wonderful website on the earth. Having a lot of information and improving confidence on humanity. Very kind of you sir. Seeking guidance as we are shifting city and while selecting flat would like to ensure maximum possible vastu compliance, as in last flat I lost job, repeatedly health related concerns of whole family. New flat entrance which we have seen is at first floor, below is parking, entrance is south east and master bedroom would be at Northeast. So, my query is first of all first floor is a right choice as per vastu or not, as below there will be free air flow and above are the rooms direction. So, please help at the earliest. Thank you so much Sureshji.
+20 #14 Bedroom vastu in TeluguVishnu Vardhan 2017-03-10 18:02
Pranams Suresh ji, mesmerized by seeing your detailed website. God will definitely bless you for all of your generous assistance to gullible commoners who does not have minimum knowledge on vastu. Can you please answer for some of my questions. Our's is East facing house. What is the best color for the bedroom as per vastu, is there any conditions for the paintings in vastu for the bedroom. Which is the good bedroom direction. Can you please provide some tips for bedroom vastu for senior citizens and couples like newly married couple, which bedroom is acceptable for the newly wedded couple?. Please release Telugu language bedroom vastu. Appreciate your help in clearing my doubts.
+36 #13 Master Bed in Northeast Direction and Head In North and Legs towards SouthPuja 2017-01-06 20:29
Hello Sir, yours is a tremendous information website. I love this site having large sight. We recently bought a house and our Master Bedroom is in the Northeast. I am not sure if its a Northeast Corner. But the position of the bed is North-South That is we have to place head in the North and legs in the South. We have no option since we have a closet on both sides of the bed and master toilet in front of the bed. There is no way we can put our heads in South. Is there any remedy for this?, is it bad keeping our head towards North direction. What are the most evil consequences?. Please clear my doubt sir. Thank You.
+24 #12 Master bedroom vastu for east facing houseRakesh Joshi 2016-11-29 14:23
Jai Shriram Suresh Ji, Namaste, very nice to know about all of your extreme outstanding services. Most impressive. God bless you. Please provide me some Vastu tips for master bedroom Vastu for east facing house. Is this Vastu changes when we buy any South facing house or West facing house. Previously we lived in North facing house. Got some small troubles in the past home. Now, decided to get a pleasant life with the help of vastu. Kindly provide us very useful hints on bedroom vastu for east facing house. Thank you Sureshji.
+20 #11 Master bedroom vastu for south facing houseMeera 2016-11-13 09:43
Respected sir, this is nice & exquisite handy information on vastu. Prepared precious content here. My blessings on your gesture of helping hand. Our master bedroom located in a northeast direction. I have just completed 2 months of marriage. Currently we are lot of problems, no progress in our job. Door is located in the South. Cupboards in south wall. Bathroom in also located in south /southeast wall. 6 widows 3 on east wall and 3 on north wall. Bed is placed in east to west direction. Please help us to correct the vastu related problems we are currently facing. Awaiting your response. Thanking you
+15 #10 Best direction for master bedroomPankaj 2016-11-09 18:17
Dear sir, I have east entrance and one room lies in northwest and another room in Southwest/South east. So kindly suggest me which room is suitable for the master bedroom (head of family) and for kids. Because I have options to make any room, master and kid's room.
+22 #9 Perfect Vastu BedroomPallavi 2016-10-18 21:10
Respected sir, I am looking for ready possession Duplex house by builders and I liked two houses very much both are EAST facing houses but one house has NE entrance and NW master bedroom whereas second house has SE entrance and SW Master bedroom. (in both houses kitchen, living room & rest everything are perfect as per vastu). Which perfect vastu house to select? Husband's DOB 23 Aug 1982 and My DOB is 08 July 1984. Please guide me to get the perfect vastu home for us.
+31 #8 Master bedroom adviceAshruti 2016-09-30 07:21
Dear sir, very good website on vastu. My sister constructed jack and jill bathroom to their kids NE bedroom, is there any specific direction for this jack and jill bathroom as per vastu?. Today I bought a new flat that has corners as south north west east instead of NW, SE, SW, AND NE. Living room lies on SW wall and it has bathroom next to it and one bedroom next to it on same SW wall. A small balcony is there with room attached. There are two bedroom one with north corner and another with east corner. As per flat design north corner room is master bedroom walls on NE and NW sides. But it has really open space balcony with fresh open air and sunlight. Please suggest me which room I should make bedroom NORTH corner room or West corner room.
+27 #7 Bedroom vastu for pregnantPrahlad Agarwal 2016-09-13 11:44
Namaste sir, this is best website on Vastu. You beautifully developed it. Thank you. Please release bedroom Vastu for couples in hindi PDF. Provide the best Vastu tips for bedroom to get pregnant, this is 6th year after marriage, we tried our level best, but problem in conceiving. Is feng shui tips for conceiving has any major role. Like to know Vastu tips for getting pregnant in hindi Hindi language. Which bedroom bring us kids. Narayan Agrawal told about you, we are looking for urgent help, also inform us bedroom direction for a couple as per Vastu. Can we keep family photos in our bedroom?, like to know where should we arrange the smoke alarms in each bedroom or sleeping room and between the sleeping rooms are the remainder of the basement (hallway). All smoke alarms in the dwelling unit must be interconnected. Battery operated alarms are permitted in a house more than 5 years old.
+29 #6 For cordial relationshipBabita 2016-09-12 15:07
Hi sir, thank you for giving all the easy tips without any expectations. Our children bedroom is in northeast drawing-room in east to west our bedroom at northwest, bed resting to north cupboard resting north kitchen southwest stairs up towards north no harmony or peace at home we are four two sons aged 16 and 22 husband is 50 years, I am 47 years, please help.
+17 #5 Master bedroom in NE directionAnu 2016-08-26 10:15
Hello sir, just I came here and found a lot of useful information. Thank you very much for your website. My master bedroom is in northeast direction. Room is having two doors, one is in south-east direction and other one is in south west direction. On west side of room, there are in-built cupboards. it is quite difficult to shift bed in south or west direction. is there any other solution for it? Please help.
+25 #4 north-east corner cut in Master bedroomKoteswara Rao 2016-08-08 11:37
Dear sir, yours is a noble website. Thank you so much. The master bedroom is in south-West (13ft x12 ft size ). Entrance to the master bedroom is north-east corner on north side. Due to some reasons, master bedroom is extended in West side by 4 x 12 feet. (13 ft x16 ft). At entrance to the master bedroom (north-east side), nearly 4x3 feet is cut in. Is it OK. Please give me the remedy? Thank you, sir. Kotesh.
+29 #3 SW guest bedroom in my houseTanishq 2016-06-04 03:15
Namaste sir, I have purchased a flat where the master bedroom has its bathroom in NE corner and the bed placed in the North, the balcony of the master bedroom opens in Nw and this room is occupied by my father in law the bread winner of the family. We are going through financial crisis presently. Also the guest room lies in the SW with a bathroom in the SW corner. My Nephew is coming to stay here for doing some course of six months and will stay in the guest room. We have shifted here about 4 months back. Kindly guide me the solution.
+23 #2 Remedy for Northeast master bedroomParag 2016-05-15 12:50
Respected sir I had been visiting vastu websites from various sources. The website hosted by you is supreme in all respects. The information contained therein is exhaustive and comprehensive. People like myself have benefited a lot by visiting your website. Thank you for the aristocratic service that you are rendering to the people interested in vastu science. I am staying in a rented flat and master bedroom is in Northeast direction. Another bedroom is in East direction. What is the remedy?. Since the carpet area is less. Please suggest. Thanks.
+26 #1 Best place for master bedroom in our homePatpari 2016-04-09 12:30
Namaste sir, we were just browsing through the sites for vastu stuff and came across and we were very impressed with the explanation and the different vastu stuff. So I thought I would contact you! I saw your name also in some Q/A. Glad to chat with you Suresh Ji. we have got a bed in the northeast direction. Cannot change the bed as one side cupboards and one side door. Is there any remedy to lessen the effect.
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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