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Vastu in Arkansas:

Vastu Shastra, a science originated from India, is serving humanity for thousands of years.

Similar to the other sciences in this world which have their own respective fields, Vastu science is related to construction and designing techniques.

Many vastu pandits are working day and night to discover the new researches on this science all over the world and the residents of this Vaastu science and noted positive results afterwards.

One may observe some of the Vaastu Reviews.

The main purpose of this Vastu Website is to serve the humanity at free of cost. Also, we are providing free online Vastu Services to countless clients all over the world.

We are available to provide free services to the people who suffered a lot in their lifetime and they can apply for the free services when it was announced here FREE VASTU SERVICES of beautiful Arkansas state.

Our Vastu Consultant is inspired by the natural beauty of the state and will soon visit Arkansas.

As the science is related to construction, before constructing or buying office, do check this office vastu link. It contains good information regarding the designing or construction of offices.

Similarly, before drafting factories, make sure to examine the factory vastu web link.

Also, we provided maximum information regarding houses, kitchens, Flats and car garages are also present.

For the deep insight of NW direction, visit this link Northwest Facing House Vastu.

Before constructing or buying East facing homes, do visit the East facing house vastu for better understanding.

West facing house vastu, proper consultation and precautions should be taken before taking this direction property.

Coming with Street Focus information in USA and India, there is difference and variations were clearly seen.

The road intersections in India is sharp and the road intersection in the USA is curved. With this, the results may also have some variations when compared with India and the USA.

One vastu consultant in New Jersey stated that the intersections have varied with USA and India and on the same way one vastu consultant in New York denied his statement.

Finally, both came to one decision that the intersection of roads has variation and results also diverse when road is sharp and curve.

Research is most important in any subject.

Through a thorough examination of many things new discoveries will come out and these will be benefited to the human beings.

Our site is continuously doing experiments on a lot of things all around the world.

We've got customers from nearly 100 countries up to now and it is raising day by day.

When we have any consultancy in any new country, then we'll assess the Government procedures and laws of that country.

Afterward, we observe many houses in that nation and will gather data and then just we do a consultation in that said country.

We're extremely rigorous in our researches.

If we didn't catch the specific facts of the said nation particularly in that locality, we'll initially return the customer's payment and then, we'll request their co-operation to comprehend processes in that said nation.

This is our process to complete the new country consultation, we never impose our vastu knowledge in that country, blindly.

After observing all the facts, we will start the work in any country

Coming with the USA, we started the consultancy from 1993 onwards, those days we are getting plans physically.

When clients came to India, they are showing us the floor plans and opt for our vastu consultancies, it's really very tough on those days to complete the entire process.

Our first land phone installed in the year 1994.

Later, clients are calling to us and taken our consultancy, we experienced very very few clients those days, say 2/3 per month only. Or 1 in 3/4 months only.

When the internet introduced in India, we accessing the net from Delhi only, the process is like this way, first we should make a call to DELHI and thereafter we get the internet connection, every minute is calculated there.

Very very slow internet, to complete the email process, it takes nearly 1+ hour.Most expensive rates.

In the year 1996 we set up our first email ID and in the year 2003, we started this www.SubhaVaastu.com website.

Those days everything is most expensive. But we did everything. now many vastu consultants came into existence.

House Construction Styles in Arkansas State:

Arkansas is located in the southern central region of the United States.

It ranks 29th amongst the 50 states in total area, except for Louisiana and Hawaii.

The term “Arkansas” was used by the French explorers to address the Quapaw people.

It contains a diverse landscape.

The Ouachita and the Ozark mountains contrast the rich laced lands of the east.

If you are looking to purchase a house in this country, here are architectural styles to choose from:

1. Greek Revival Style

In the early 1800s, the architects on the east coast started designing public buildings that were inspired by Greek architecture.

As the pioneers migrated from south and west right into the frontiers, they carried the Greek Revival style with them.

This style remained popular for several years.

Defining features of this style include Low pitched roof, a triangular pediment that is placed above the door, a porch that is surrounded by large squares and rounded columns.

Many Greek revival houses contain a simple pediment which is given support through four columns.

2. Gothic Revival Style

This style was popularised in Europe and it was inspired by architectural styles such as Castles and cathedrals.

This style differed from the Greek revival in terms of symmetry and order.

The defining features of the gothic revival style include pointed arched windows, that often contain decorative trim (sometimes they even have a cloverleaf window).

They have a steeply pitched roof and are commonly found in an asymmetrical style.

3. Queen Anne Style houses in Arkansas

The Queen Anne style was popularised in England, and it was highly inspired by medieval architecture.

It was suitable for smaller as well as larger houses.

People customized it as per their requirements in terms of the porches, color, woodwork, and windows.

The defining features of Queen Anne style buildings include: Steep roofs, patterned shingles for decoration, porches that are extended around the houses, they have irregularly shaped architecture i.e. asymmetrical shaped.

They are very colorful and commonly found in pink, burgundy, blue and green colors.

4. Colonial Revival style

1876 brought the celebration of the 100 years of American independence.

It encouraged people to remember the glorious past of America and even the architects started looking at American history for inspiration.

The colonial revival style got popularised in the 1940s when the architects crafted a design that was based on the houses built by the English, German, and Dutch settlers.

They had more complex floor plans than the original colonial houses.

The defining features of Colonial Revival style include A doorway with a portico that is the curved underside, windows having shutters, doors having either sidelights or fanlights.

5. Craftsman style houses in Arkansas

This style originated in California. It was inspired by the Japanese architecture style, shown in the craftsman magazine.

This magazine expressed the idea that the local craftsman should construct houses with their skills and the local resources that are available to them.

The defining features of the craftsman style architecture include:

Low pitched roof with overhanging eaves, porches that are supported by colossal columns, made using natural materials like brick, stone, and redwood.

It is commonly colored showing an “earthy” look with colors such as blue.

They can be either one-storeyed or two-storeyed. The one-story craftsman houses are called “Bungalows”

6. English Revival Style

England was an ally to America during the first world war.

Many Americans spent time in England during the war and observed its architecture.

Post world war, American architects started designing houses that were akin to England’s architecture style.

The English revival style was preferred by many people due to its homelike vibes.

The early English houses were created using a frame of heavy logs and it was done by filling the open spaces with stone, bricks, or stucco.

Afterward, the usage of logs reduced, but the English people still preferred the log view, so they decorated their houses such that they appeared to be made of logs. This design was also called “Half-timbering”.

The defining features of the English revival style include a steeply pitched roof, a large chimney, an arched doorway, and tall windows that are often narrow.

It contains multiple gables and also commonly have half-timbering on the gables. The half-timbering appears like strips of wood which is attached to the house.

7. Spanish Revival houses in Arkansas

Sandiego hosted the Panama-California exposition in 1915 – which displayed the Spanish influenced architecture.

Post this exposition, the architects from all around the country became interested in Spanish architecture.

Although the Spanish revival style was widespread, the majority of its influence was found in California, Florida, and the western states.

The common features of this house include a tiled roof (which is majorly colored using red or green color), it has walls that are constructed through stucco, having arched doorways and windows.

The balcony is decorated with iron rails, along with the wide overhanging eaves.

8. Art Deco style houses in Arkansas

This style was intended to appear modern and to reflect the contemporary “machine age”.

The art deco designs were further added to plenty of skyscrapers and the large apartment buildings located in large American cities.

The majority of the Art Deco buildings situated in Arkansas are used for commercial purpose, rather than residence.

The starking features of the art deco design are:

Smooth wall surface, the boxy structure of the building, the decoration is done though the zigzag design and having a flat roof that has a ledge at the roofline.

Arkansas Overview:

Arkansas is US state located in the Southwest direction region of the country.

The state is 29th largest in terms of area 33rd most populous state, among all 50 states.

The state is known for its numerous parks, abundant wildlife, mountains, hot springs, caves, rivers, and rugged terrain.

Little Rock is the capital and populous city and serves as economic, Business, culture and government hub.

The bordering States of Arkansas include Tennessee and Mississippi towards the East, Louisiana towards the South direction, Oklahoma towards the West, Texas towards the Southwest and Missouri towards the North direction.

Many of the US famous and inspirational personalities hailed from the state including former President “Bill Clinton”, founder of Walmart “Sam Walton”, former Secretary of State “Hillary Clinton” and numerous military and educational personnel.

Many Native American tribes like Quapaw, Caddo, and Osage lived in the Arkansas delta for thousands of years ago. They were basically hunter-gathers and migrated from North America due to abundant wildlife in the Arkansas Delta.

At the time of European arrival, these people were also cultivating Maize.

Spanish were the first Europeans to explore the region but their first expedition led by “Hernando de Soto” never settled. He and his men came from Spanish colonies in Mexico and entered Arkansas after crossing Mississippi. He found nothing interesting in the region (gold, minerals, etc.) and were facing strong Native resistance. He died in the region but his men after several hardships returned to Mexico.

Later, the region was explored by many French and British explores and many trading posts, forts, etc. were built to maintain the presence.

As the years passed, Spanish gained full control of the region and occupied a massive land mass known as “Louisiana territory” which included many modern US states including Arkansas.

After Spain was conquered by the Napoleon, Spain forcefully sold the Louisianan territory to France, which was later bought by the United States making its territory double.

The territory of Arkansas was granted statehood on 15 June 1936 and became the 25th state of the US. Later, as the Civil War broke out, due to numerous circumstances, the state sided with the Confederates States of America leaving the Union.

Although Arkansas devoted full towards the War by supplying men, rations and participating in numerous wars, the Confederate armies were defeated and the state faced harsh circumstances in the post-war period.

The geography of the state is divided into two different regions: Highlands in the Northwestern part and in the Southeastern half.

The highlands feature mountain ranges and hills like the Ouachita Mountains.

The lowlands feature rolling plains, grassy lands, and deltas.

The state has also abundant water resources in form of hundreds of rivers, springs, creeks, and waterfalls.

In addition, there are numerous caves, rock shelters, and archeological sites.

The “Crater of Diamonds Park”, a diamond mine which is open for public and anyone can search for diamonds freely, is located near the city of Murfreesboro.

Arkansas has a diversified or mixed economy.

Once the state was the largest producer of cotton and agricultural products and was heavily dependent on slaves.

Agriculture still plays a significant part in the state’s economy and some of the major products are poultry and eggs, soybeans, sorghum, cattle, cotton, rice, hogs, and milk.

The industrial sector is one of the most important sectors today and 6 of the total “Fortune 500” companies are present in the state which includes: Walmart (world's no. 1 retailer), Tyson Foods, J.B. Hunt, Dillard's, Murphy USA, and Windstream.

Industrial products include food processing, electric equipment, fabricated metal products, machinery, and paper products.

Tourism is also a strong and growing sector and the state due to infinite features, attracts millions of tourists annually.

Christianity is the dominant religion of the state. Minority religions also exist and some of which are: Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Wicca.

  • Arkansas State Capital City: Little Rock
  • Area 137,733 km²
  • Congressional Districts4
  • Population 3.004 million(2017 est)
  • Language English, Spanish, German, French
  • Main Cropssoybeans, sorghum, cattle, cotton, rice, hogs
  • State Bird Northern mockingbird
  • State Animal white-tailed deer
  • State Flower Apple Blossom
  • State Tree Pinus taeda
  • Popular Rivers Arkansas River, Mississippi River, White River, Red River of South, Ouachita River, Buffalo National River, Cossatot River
  • Spiritual Places Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas, Arkansas Conference of the United Mothodist Church, Mosaic Church, NW Arkansas Church of Christ, Grace Point Church of Morthwest Arkansas, Cornerstone Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Dover, United Pentecostal Church District, HANWA Hindu Temple, Radha Madhav Temple, Vedant Society of Arkansas, BAPS Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, Islamic Center of Northwest Arkansas, Islamic Center of Northwest Arkansas, Bentonville Islamic Center
  • Important Cities Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, North Little, Conway, Rogers, Pine Bluff, Bentonville
  • Border States Missouri Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas and Oklahoma
  • Tourist Attractions Hot Springs National Park, Crater of Diamonds State Park, Lake Ouachita, Crystal Bridges of American Art, Mount Magazine State Park, Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls, Clinton Presidential Center, Ozark Folk Center, Pea Ridge National Military Park, Big Dam Bridge, Historic Washington State Park, The Walmart Museum, Arkansas Museum of Discovery, Mammoth Spring State Park, Little Rock River Market District, Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum, Wild River Country, Historic Arkansas Museum, Old State House Museum, Buffalo National River, Ouachita National Forest, Devils Den State Park
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