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What Are Do's & Don't for South Facing House Vastu | South Home Remedies

South direction in TeluguSouth Facing House Vastu | (South Direction Homes) | Vastu For South Facing House: In some places, South direction is also called as Dakshin, Yamasthan etc. Yama is the Lord of South direction (Lord of Death). As per directional compass the South direction has 180°. As per international standards the North diection shows UP in the compass and South direction always shows DOWN in the compass.

When coming with South facing house vastu, residents should be cautious, they should not take any decision without experts opinion. Even small negligence may ruin the finances and health.

North direction indicates health and Wealth, the same way if we properly utilize "South Direction" it bestows with exceptional benefits like good health and improving wealth.

We thought this link may be helpful to know more about House Vastu.

South Direction Is Also Called in Different Languages


In Telugu = దక్షిణం Gujarati = દક્ષિણ
Kannada = ದಕ್ಷಿಣ Hindi = दक्षिण
Kerala Malayalam = തെക്ക് Maharashtra Marathi = दक्षिण
Punjabi = ਦੱਖਣ Sindhi = ڏکڻ
Tamilnadu Tamil = தெற்கு Urdu = جنوب
Bengali (Bangla) = দক্ষিণ German = Süden
French = Sud Latvian = uz dienvidiem
Arabic = جنوب Filipino = Timog
Malay/Indonesian = Selatan Italian = sud
Japanese = 南 Mandarin Chinese = 南
Russian = юг Sinhala= දකුණු
Norwegian= sør Assamese= দক্ষিণ
Bodo = दक्खिण दिशा Dogri = दक्खन
Kashmiri= Update Soon Konkani= दक्षिण दिका
Maithili = साऊथ Meetei = Makha Maikei
Nepali = दक्षिण Odia/Oriya = ଦକ୍ଷିଣ
Afrikaans = Suid Sanskrit = दक्षिण


Based on many things residents should be more vigilant and cautious in utilizing the South direction. Finding the Vastu dosh is different and fix the problem is different, the calculation should be perfectly aligned otherwise further problems may arise, vastu remedies for South facing house can be possibly done by only through Vastu pandits, residents should not entertain any issues with limited knowledge.

South Direction House

South Facing House VastuThe "South direction" is showing with one hand in this image. This home has a road towards South direction, hence it is called as South direction Home, and the road is called as South road, already we discussed several times that any house or a "factory" or a "Office" is facing towards a direction that property is called as the said direction property.

Get complete Vastu benefits for Factory through this page. We published every Office Vastu ideas in this article.

Is Really South Facing Houses Are Bad?

Many Vasthu people have an opinion that South facing house never brings luck, these homes are misfortune and unlucky to the residents, but its wrong statement, when we observe the millionaires houses, many people lives in South facing homes only. If residents followed perfect vastu for South facing homes then they will stay in high rich businesses or heavy money flow, open space should be less and any construction should be straight in this direction.

If it is oblique or crooked towards the Agni direction, this affliction can impoverish the occupant. Poverty will automatically come to them. This direction brings more breezes to the house. This will cause good health to the occupants. This breeze can heal diseases also. There is a system of air flow in this direction, that we must observe the site and would construct the house or any other structure, otherwise adverse results may experience to the inhabitants.

If this facing house is good in vastu, then residents who live in this direction (South facing house) generally have firm determination in their goals somehow. They will be ready to follow all the methods without hesitation for their victory. They will readily sacrifice smaller things to reap bigger benefits. The houses in this direction are best suitable for merchants and for ladies establishments.

Elevation towards South or Neighborhood South direction then ladies domination may appear and Money flow will be much satisfactory in their businesses or works. The occupants (South facing house) can earn riches very easily as they are flexible to the Business Transactions.

Having more North then they may be selfish in their dealings. They won’t allow others to dominate them. Hence, they may develop enemies in their life or business.

If this direction is afflicted, this will lead to the arrogance of female in the houses. The property will become women’s property by suppressing the male domination.

The underground structures like Septic Tanks and Water Sumps should not be constructed in this direction. There should not be any pit or well in this direction. These will cause very bad Results to the occupants.

If we properly utilize this direction, more wealth, fame is assured. Someone opinion is that Southside house is not good for achievement, but its totally wrong idea.

The south directional house is very good for money matters, but we have take care all the precautions before selecting the plot and constructing the house as per Vastu Shastra, then victory, money, health, wealth will be the address of that house.

Anyhow contact one good experienced Vastu Consultant before selecting or constructing or buying plot/house. If South side is having mountains or sky scrappers or Apartments then residents may live like Kubera.

Elevation towards South direction is too important. It should not be depressed at any cost. More open space towards South direction causes many difficulties to the residents, it may damages residents health, mental health, wealth mercilessly.

Be careful when you want to buy or construct the South facing houses. Here we tried our level best to incorporate the right information as per our Indian Vastu principles and please note that you should not apply all the same Indian rules to other countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Bahrain etc.

A Short Note Confirming South Direction House

Vastu for South facing propertiesThis is the South Facing house, the road is called as South road for this house. Observe the Compass directions for South mark. Before buying the South facing property the residents has to take all care to avoid future issues. We already discussed that South facing houses should buy only after showing it to one expert, without expert vastu pandit opinion, one should not take any decision in terms of consideration.

For example, if there is an open space towards East, it is said to be called as good property. But this rule may not always beneficial for all directions, The East open space may be good but not for the South direction properties, based on certain conditions the East open space will fetch the residents.

All South Homes Are Giving Same Results?

South facing house VastuBoth houses face South, but their dimensions differ. In House-1, the measurement from north to south is greater than that from east to west, whereas in House-2, the east-west dimension exceeds the north-south measurement. These differences in dimensions become significant when the property is skewed or tilted.

House Extending Towards South Direction is Good?

Vastu for South Facing HouseThese two properties are both facing South direction and share identical dimensions. However, there's a minor but significant difference between them. House-1 lies within its allowed boundary, whereas House-2 has extended onto the road, violating municipal council regulations and also contravening principles of Vastu. It's important to highlight that our focus is on properties facing the south direction.

When a house extends towards the road, it risks aligning with dangerous Eastern Southeast road hit and Western Southwest road hit, both of which are considered harmful according to Vastu. Before purchasing a plot or house, or if you're considering extending your property towards the south, this is a crucial aspect to keep in mind to avoid negative consequences.

Is Water Well Towards South Is Considered to Be Good or Bad?

Vastu for SouthThis property features a well located in the Southwest area, which is considered highly unfavorable. It is recommended to seal this well promptly using heavy stones. Consult local spiritual advisors to choose an auspicious day for sealing this water source. A water body in the southwest is often linked to perilous events. If you have unknowingly bought a property with such a feature, it is imperative to fill the well with rocks and mud right away before commencing any construction activities. However, ensure to seek guidance from experts before taking any steps.

Please be aware that there are additional methods to mitigate negative energies. By consulting with an expert, you can receive recommendations on various strategies to enhance the positive energies within the property.

Is It Advisable to buy a Home Facing South With a Eastern Northeast Extension?

Vastu for SouthWhen a place expands towards the northeast, it is known to give very wonderful results. Such places are bought at a higher price. After residing there, facing severe difficulties, some say that Vastu doesn't work and that it's not a credible science. For example, if you look at this picture, you can see that the northeast part of the house is significantly developed. However, you should also notice that the Southern part is entirely vacant. In such cases, instead of getting good results, there's a high chance of facing adverse outcomes. Deciding without listening to the advice of experts increases the possibility of experiencing more harm than good. Therefore, be cautious.

For a house with open spaces to the south as well as to the west, the residents may face extremely severe conditions. They could become targets of numerous troubles and might have to endure miserable situations. Believing in righteousness, they could fall into the hands of the wicked and continuously face hardships. They are likely to struggle with many financial problems and have a higher chance of experiencing serious health issues. If it's a business location, financial ruin is possible.

Can I Buy a South Facing Home With a Northeast Water Well?

South Facing House VastuFew residents purchase homes facing South, enticed by the presence of a water well in the Northeast, believing this feature to be highly beneficial and capable of counteracting any issues within the home. However, a Northeast water well does not guarantee support for the occupants. It's crucial to take into account several other factors before committing to a south-facing property. This article will cover all such considerations in detail.

54 Questions & Answers On South Direction Homes

Below we published 54 questions on South direction, let's know if you have any further questions, we will surely answer them. Usually, we respond within 30 minutes to 24 hours.

1. Should You Buy a South Facing Home With Front Water Lakes?

Ans: No, purchasing south facing homes with water bodies in front is not advisable. Water bodies located to the south can negatively impact health and financial stability. Therefore, it's recommended to delay or reconsider buying a south facing property with such features. This includes avoiding properties facing south that are near lakes, rivers, ponds, torrents, or streams..

2. Is Planting Trees in the South Direction Vastu Compliant?

Ans: Planting large, heavy trees in the south direction is highly recommended. Aim to plant as many substantial trees as possible towards the south. This practice of situating trees to the south brings considerable benefits.

3. Is It Beneficial or Detrimental to Have Large Apartments and Buildings South of Our House?

Ans: Excellent. Large apartments facing the southern direction are deemed highly auspicious. Should you find a plot surrounded by substantial structures to the south, purchasing such properties is advisable. However, it's wise to consult with an expert before making a purchase.

4. Can I Buy a South Facing Home Which Has Many Vacant Lots to the South?

Ans: Avoid buying such kind of properties. If purchase is necessary, seek immediate advice from an expert. Generally, a plot with open spaces to the South is considered inauspicious. It's preferable to defer or forego such acquisitions. Remedial measures vary, and maintaining distance from unfavorable plots is advisable.

5. Is the Construction of a Large Water Tank on Six Pillars Directly Opposite Our South Facing Plot Advantageous?

Ans: This is a huge positive development. The construction of a water storage tank supported by robust cement pillars is regarded as beneficial, promoting well-being and enrichment. Overall this feature is a positive sign.

6. Are Hummocks and Mounds in the Southern Direction Considered Auspicious?

Ans: It is regarded as highly favorable and beneficial to have hillocks or mountains situated towards the south direction. This geographic feature is believed to bring stability, protection, and positive energy to the area, enhancing the living conditions and well-being of its inhabitants. Such natural formations are often associated with creating a shield against negative influences, promoting prosperity, and supporting the natural flow of positive vibes.

7. Is It Permissible to Build a Septic Tank in the Southern Direction?

Ans: No, it is advisable not to position the septic tank in the southern direction, as doing so could disrupt the tranquility and harmony within the home. For a deeper understanding and comprehensive guidelines on the proper placement of septic tanks according to Vastu principles, please consult the following link: septic tank vastu. This resource offers detailed insights.

8. Is It Advantageous to Have Electricity Poles and Transformers Located Towards the South?

Ans: Power poles are considered acceptable. There have been no reported issues or problems associated with having transformers in the southern direction; such concerns have not been brought to our attention. For your information, it's common to see electrical power polls along streets, so there's no need for concern regarding these electrical infrastructure elements.

9. Is Purchasing a Plot With a Southward Extension Advisable?

Ans: An extension in the south direction often implies a truncation or cut towards the Southwest of the plot. Typically, a Southwest cut is not deemed ideal for a property. Additionally, an extension directly to the south may occur if the plot is skewed or tilted. It is crucial to seek expert advice before making any decisions.

10. Is It Beneficial to Have an Underground Water Storage Sump Towards South Direction?

Ans: A water sump located in the south is deemed suboptimal. It is recommended to relocate the water sump to the north, east, or northeast directions. Typically, a sump in the south could negatively impact financial stability, health, lead to a loss of confidence, and potentially cause depression among the residents. Moving the water sump to the northeast is advised to enhance the home's tranquility.

11. Is It Advisable to Design a Basement or Cellar for a House Facing South?

Ans: The basement should ideally extend to the Northeast corner; if not, consulting with experts is recommended. Typically, basements in properties facing south have yielded positive outcomes. There are various approaches to consider, and the decision should be made based on the chosen method. A Walkout basement is super for homes facing south.

12. Car garage is acceptable at south direction?

Ans: South direction car garage is a good idea, but it should not touch the main building. Please note that there are different kind of garages. The house inside car garage and exterior garage, based on the house floor plan, we have to decide which one is good. We cannot express the views blindly in this regard.

13. Is exact South entrance door harm the residents?

Ans: If a plot is 90° then constructing the South home with South entrance door is acceptable. No harm. We can still find such many homes in our villages. They are doing good with the exact South entrance door to their homes. So for South facing homes, the South door is acceptable.

14. Arranging Windows Towards South Direction Is Good or Bad?

Ans: Residents can arrange windows towards South direction, no harm. Please note that if there is heavy open space towards South direction then avoid keeping windows towards South direction.

15. Can We Arrange Home Office at South Direction?

Ans: Good. Residents can arrange the Home office at South direction. No harm to sit at South direction. Further, this will be beneficial to the inhabitants.

16. Can We Keep Pooja Room at South Direction?

Ans: Acceptable, for more info, please check this Vastu Pooja Room link. Residents can arrange pooja room at South direction.

17. Having Garden Towards South Direction Is Good?

Ans: Small garden at South direction is acceptable, but this house should have a bigger garden area at North then no issues at all. If there is no garden or lawn at north direction then having South direction lawn may not be recommended. Instead of planning lawn at South direction the residents can plant heavy trees at South direction.

18. Lift or elevator at South direction is good?

Ans: Acceptable, for further information please visit elevator vastu link.

19. External or internal staircase/steps at South direction is good?

Ans: We seen many homes has South internal staircase, they did not complain so far and further, we have also given recommendations for South staircase, we did not get any complaints so far. An external staircase towards the South is acceptable.

20. Keeping treadmill at South direction is OK?

Ans: Good.

21. Found heavy stones at South direction, can we remove them, is they harm us?

Ans: Heavy stones at South direction is good.

22. Sewage line at South direction creates any harm?

Ans: Don't plan at South direction, best to plan at Northwest. If residents using the pipes fixed to the wall, then no problem. Visible water canal, water channel on the ground is harm.

23. Constructing storeroom or keeping stocks at South is good?

Ans: Storeroom at South direction is good.

24. Having a toilet in South direction is bad?

Ans: Not a problem. For more info visit this Toilet in south direction link.

25. Porticos at South direction create any problems?

Ans: No problem, get experts advice before planning Porticos at South direction.

26. Is It Favorable to Have the Master Bedroom Located in the South?

Ans: This feature is deemed acceptable and, moreover, is considered beneficial. It is recommended to have a storeroom or a designated area for storing items in the Southwest direction. Conversely, placing a toilet in the Southwest and the master bedroom in the South direction is advised against.

27. Is Placing a Water Fountain Towards the South Direction Recommended?

Ans: Acceptable. The fountain area floor level should be higher than the interior floor level of the home.

28. Is a South Facing Balcony Considered Auspicious According to Vastu?

Ans: While having a balcony towards the South direction is acceptable, but it is strongly advised to ensure there is also a balcony towards North. This point should not be overlooked.

29. Cabana or Pergola Towards South Direction is OK as Per Vastu?

Ans: No problem.

30. Can we have a kitchen in South direction?

Ans: On some conditions South direction kitchen is acceptable, for more info visit this south direction kitchen web page. This page has comprehensive information.

31. Is It Advisable to Plan a Lanai Facing the South Direction?

Ans: Ok. Independent lanai with elevated floor is excellent. If the home has closed Lanai with elevated inside floor it is more opportunistic and a congruence of future fate with luck.

32. Is Breezeway Towards South Direction is Acceptable?

Ans: Should get advice from experts only, they will recommend after getting facts of the place.

33. Is It Beneficial to Have an Elevated Floor Level in the Southern Direction?

Ans: Elevating the floor level in the South direction is considered beneficial, but if the elevation extends to the Southwest direction as well, then there are no issues whatsoever. This approach ensures that both the South and Southwest areas of a property maintain a consistent elevation, which can contribute positively to the overall balance and energy flow within the space. When South direction area is elevated then the outcomes may be improvement in business, gradual money flow, savings, investments, happiness, good health, etc.

34. Can I Buy a South Facing Home That Has South Lower Levels, Depression or Lower Roads?

Ans: Having lower floor levels inside the home in the South direction, or even outside, is generally unfavorable. Sloping floors or depressions in the land to the South can negatively impact finances and health. Opportunities may seem to slip away. Often, residents, especially women, may experience psychological issues and health issues. This situation can lead to difficulties such as obtaining loans easily but facing subsequent pressure from financial institutions, leading to dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and persistent negative thoughts.

35. Can we arrange sofa set and furniture in the South Direction?

Ans: Residents can arrange sofa sets in the South direction, this is Good & acceptable. While sitting on the furniture at South direction and the North area has open space, then residents enjoy their businesses, finances, and health. They can experience satisfaction.

36. Can we plan for servant maid room or labor quarters in the South direction?

Ans: On some conditions it is acceptable.

37. Can we buy South street focus house/plot?

Ans: Please read this South Street Focus article to know more information about South street focuses. Giving an answer directly to that question is not easy.

38. Keeping a computer table in South direction is a good idea?

Ans: Ok.

39. South cut or truncation is acceptable?

Ans: This can happen only when the plot is inclined. Most of the cases it is not giving any harm, anyway, get experts advice.

40. Extending south direction is acceptable as per vastu?

Ans: Please get vastu experts advice, they will clear all of your doubts. Need direct answer for the question, then "NO", but there is many optimistic related ideas are there, only experts can giving such thoughts.

41. Can we take South facing home for rent?

Ans: If vastu is good of that South facing house, then one can take rent.

42. Can we close the South with any construction?

Ans: Accepted, please obtain experts advice in this matter.

43. Mountain rock constructed platforms at South direction is good or bad?

Ans: Good.

44. Southwest entrance gate is good?

Ans: Good.

45. Can we construct the house right away at South?

Ans: Accepted. (conditions apply, contact an expert before taking the decision)

46. The south direction swimming pool is good?

Ans: No, on ground pools or above-ground pools are accepted.

47. Can we construct cattle shed at South direction?

Ans: Accepted, but Northwest is a good idea for cattle sheds.

48. Which color is suitable for South direction?

Ans: Generally, red color is prefered to the South Direction. But having red paint is not good to see. Feel may be different when using the Red color to the home. Many residents / guests / friends may not like to see Red color when they visit.

49. The south direction is suitable for which person in our house?

Ans: Elderly persons, breadwinners, income generators and their better-half or for the girls under the age of 17/18. Boys etc.

50. What are the best usages of this direction?

Ans: Bedroom, store room, overhead water tank, dining room, above ground water storage cans/tanks, out-house, trees, stone rocks, heaps, pile, mounds, car parking, vehicle parking, if other things are accepted then study room, home office room, cash counters, etc.

51. I heard that all South homes are bad, is it true?

Ans: Normally, South homes are giving good results, before buying the homes it is highly suggested to have experts advice, South homes in India is different and SW homes in USA, UK, Australia is different, keeping of this point, one should get kosher specification and instructions from the skillful adept.

52. Where should we plan bed, cot and master bedroom?

Ans: Highly recommended of Master bedroom is towards in Southwest direction. Coming with South direction cot or beds should be near to the South wall while sleeping head should be kept at South direction and legs will be towards North direction.

53. Where is the Best Spot to Build a Shop in Our South Facing Home?

Ans: For the South facing home the shop should be properly planned. Small mistake may trouble the entire enterprise.

54. Conservatory Towards South Direction Is Considered to Be Auspicious?

Ans: Acceptable, the floor level should be higher than the North, East, and Northeast floor levels.

Some thought that Vastu South Facing House is very easy to handle, but its really tough to understand the position. We noticed that some residents themselves doing corrections to their homes without having good knowledge of vastu south facing house. If residents have very good knowledge of Vaasthu South facing home then they may do practical, otherwise, they may keep calm and best to show their property with one of the expert vastu specialist. This is the right way to save themselves. We are not kids to take decisions on crucial things in our life. South Facing House vastu means you are dealing with life and money, that one should not forget.

Soon, we will publish many residents troubles had with South facing more open space, below is the one which we need to know how the South more open space troubling the inhabitants.

More space in south side of my house, always I am facing a financial crisis, how it will be solved. Thanks, ASHOK KUMAR B.

Is This Good to Buy South Facing Flat Entrance Is From Southwest?

Respected Suresh Ji, we have purchased a South facing flat (180 degrees) with an entrance towards the Southwest corner, is it good or bad? - Borkataki - Guwahati - Assam.

Buying a South direction home is not at all a mistake. But having a Southwest entrance is not suggested. Best to change the entrance either towards South direction or Southern South direction to experience peace, good health, wealth in this home. Anyway, before doing major changes show that property with one expert. This is safe method.

Respected Resident Experience With South Facing Home

Good Evening Dear Suresh Ji, I live in Houston, Texas in the USA. I've been in the USA since 1998 and in Houston since 2001. In 2013, we bought a home and living very very happily. It's a south facing home and at ZERO degrees to the North. Before buying this home, every week I sat in front of Goddess Lakshmi in a mandir and asked for a good home for 3 months. And she blessed me. In the elevation, the highest point is Southwest, the backyard is 35 feet x 35 feet. (North Side is a compound wall & after that, it's a public road. The garage came on the Southwest side. To go to the backyard, the wooden fencing gate is on the Southeast (South). If you see the 2nd floor plan, there are dotted lines. It's on the north side. So all my upstairs load is on the South direction. The staircase is in the middle of the 1st floor where you see UP. And these are my experiences. We started living in this home in Oct 2013. Since then, day by day our Happiness is increasing. First Kid (Boy) went to college in 2019 & the 2nd kid (Girl) went to college in 2021. ( Both are staying in the College Hostel ). They studied well, and there were no Hiccups when they were studying up to 12th Standard. ( And I've raised them very well, with the blessing from God & this Home ). Now, as myself and my wife have been living in the home the Positive vibrations increased a lot because of the Tranquility. Like this, so many experiences and I literally feel like this home is Heaven. Have a blessed evening Sir - Damodar - Texas.

Short Notes on South Direction

According to Hindu Puranas, Yama is the elder brother of "SATURN", who is the lord of lifespan. YAMA is UNBIASED and delivered the merciless judgment and sensible conclusions. He won’t deviate from Dharma or Virtue, he is the incorporated with the principles of almighty Directions. Yama has one face and two hands. He has ‘GADHA’ in his right hand. He keeps the DEATH ROPE (YamaPaasam) in his right hand.

Once Yama decided to take any life then he keeps the DEATH ROPE in his left hand through which he takes the life of every life after the LIFETIME completed.

Yama "Dharma"raj rides on a BUFFALO.

He is also called as ‘HANTHAKA’ which means ‘destructor’ of everything/every life.

Hence our elders saying that this direction should not be extended or should not have more open space, then that may definitely bring misfortunes to the occupants.

He is also known as ‘SAMVARDHAN’ (In some texts he is also called as Dharmasamsthapak) which means that he will treat all the people equally and justify impartially.

While pronouncing/passing his judgment he won't see whether one is big or small, either rich person or poor person. Morals are strictly followed. They are not on papers.

Exploring Vastu Key Questions

+27 #20 South Facing Entrance Door Vastu In TamilNatarajan 2017-08-20 06:02
Respected Sir, please check my question on South facing house vastu. Further, please provide South facing house vastu problems in Tamil language. What is South facing house means?, is it good or bad. Further, please inform me about south facing house good for which rashi. Please provide one south facing house vastu plan including good sunlight. I downloaded one sample house plan from your website and I need to know the complete benefits and remedies. Looking for complete vastu tips for South facing house vastu and home color. Sir don't forget to provide the information in Tamil language.
+18 #19 South Facing house VastuAshish Sharma 2017-08-19 02:45
Dear Sir, My name is Ashish Sharma and my DOB is 18/08/1986. I am looking for my own house and have chosen one semi constructed house which has build up structure only (finishing, flooring etc.) is pending. Require your guidance on Vastu for South Facing home and made as per flat systems and the area is 50 sq yards as per given below dimensions:-
Entrance with gate: South facing
Ground floor: Car parking
Stairs: south-west corner
First floor:-
Toilet and bathroom combined: North west corner
One big room : North-East corner
Another small room : South-East corner
Kitchen: South facing in the middle/center
Duct: North facing in the middle/center.

Looking forward to knowing about all these below rooms and items position in the home. Staircase position, Kitchen placement, cupboards, shelves, mirrors, windows, doors, car garage, master bedroom, almirahs, pooja room, pooja idols position, dining room, family room, balcony, verandah, trees position, bathroom, bedroom, store room, study room, keeping the furniture, stove position, car driveway, compound wall, swimming pool, floor mats, computer table, toilet, pillars position, utensils cleaning area room position, terrace, water tank, water sump, living room, family hall, and where should we keep plant flower pots in the lounge etc. Request you to please give your valuable inputs asap. Your website is fantastic sir. Many thanks in advance. Regards, Ashish Sharma
+23 #18 South facing home as per vastuDeepak 2017-04-04 06:01
Namashkar Suresh Ji, I have plot with South facing with road ending in to plot from south equals to the width of the plot, kindly advise the Future consequences upon construction of house?, please provide vastu remedies for south facing apartment and flat. What are all total benefits and vastu problems with south facing house
+17 #17 South Facing House Vastu In TeluguRam Kumar 2016-12-04 07:40
Dear Sir, your website is overwhelming, material provided here is the lion's share and handy for our day to day life. Content covered here is step by step South facing homes and most utilitarian in every resident common life. Sir, please publish Telugu language south facing house vastu dosh and remedies, I am curiously waiting to know about is south facing house good or bad in USA on my name Ram. Many thanks.
Respected Suresh Ji, can you please show me the various locations in vastu for south facing house main door. I am planning to place the main entrance door at South direction, on your website also it was considered that the South direction door is good. Sirji, please reply to me with the popular merits and benefits of south facing house. When ever I have doubts on vastu, first I will check your website only. Your site content is accurate and very very near to the facts and experiences of my experiments here. Whenever you visiting Varanasi, please be in touch with me. Dhanyavaadh Sureshji.
+34 #15 Vastu remedies for south facing houseSrihari 2016-07-23 07:05
Suresh Sir, please explain benefits of south facing flat and benefits of south facing apartment. Is there any difference between flat vastu and independent house vastu. Is south facing house is bad, is this really true. If so, why my great grandfather to my father was so prospered financially in south facing home. I strongly believe that South facing home is really helps us to grow better. In 2010 I changed to the north facing home, from then onwards, I am seeing horrible days. Everything is distressed me. Though we lived in South facing home from the past century, we are so rich and have ascendancy over our profession, after bifurcation of family properties, we joined to North facing house. After reading your website, I came to the decision that if vastu is good then everything will become good otherwise residents have to face disastrous circumstances. Your website made our lives happy. You did a great job sir. No words to say to honor you. Sir, thank you so much for your kind gesture of serving to our society without any terms.
+22 #14 South facing house and car garage doorSathyanand 2016-05-13 01:31
Respected sir, your's is a dazzling website. Congratulations on having this splendid and glorious vastu website. Attached garages are usually below the floor level of living space, but above the basement floor level. If one were to take garage floor level in to consideration for sloping rules, things are getting nasty. And it seems only NE or SW are acceptable locations based on what you consider as floor level. Question is, should we build the garage in NE because garage is below the living area or SW because garage is above the basement floor level.
+15 #13 SOUTH FACING HOUSEhemesh 2015-12-18 07:06
My Name is B.Hemesh babu pushyanakashtra 3 karkataka rasi.I am constructing house which is south facing. which entrance facing is suitable for me either south or east
+18 #12 South Facing Entrance VastuPARUL DAVE 2015-09-23 09:37
sir i am planning to move in south entrance flat (rented) in andheri east. when we enter in the flat our face is south what to do shall go for it or not please do reply asap my birth date is 11.07.70
+22 #11 Vastu remedies for south facing homePurohith Trivedi 2015-09-22 12:08
Dear sir, please provide the remedies for South facing and north facing homes. We are two brothers and had one south facing and north facing homes, backside both homes were attached with a huge boundary area. But both families are not good in position, we need some remedies for the dosh nivaran. We belong to orthodox and traditional families, we never entertain any businesses nor contracts, but suffering from huge financial constraints, that too continuously. Both brothers divided our land mine is South facing home and my brother has north facing. Both were getting daily troubles, one after another. Sir, we need immediate remedies for both homes. Let me know the complete corrections in our house. My younger brother lives in USA, he can able to serve us required payment for the corrections. Waiting for your reply.
+17 #10 South Face house is good to buyVikraman 2015-08-29 13:50
Hello sir, I'm planning to build my house south side facing. water sump will be in Southwest and kitchen will be in northwest. Two bed rooms will EW direction And I have given open space to Southwest portico. please advice me, is this plan will be good. What are all vastu dosh south facing house.
+14 #9 Is south facing house is goodManny 2015-07-14 07:35
Hi there, We have a joint family & house in Punjab for 30+ years. It is a corner house, but South West facing 290 degrees. I am 30 years old, born here and foreign brought up from the age of 10 to 24. We were one of the most affluent and well-reputed families of our city. Now I have returned to find my father with zero savings, no business, Mom's critically ill & there r fights like cats and dogs in the house. I have somehow got the brothers to split the house. The 500 square yards coming our way is only SWest facing with 200 SqYd open garden in the front, SWest direction itself. Chachaji is getting 500SqYd, of which only 140SqYd is covered. I find it extremely strange that he's agreed on the corner side. It is NWest facing 300 degrees, cos it's a corner property, he intends to keep the other side of the corner open. Should we agree upon such a property? Your response will be deeply appreciated. Further, please provide some south facing vastu remedies. Regards, Manny.
+22 #8 Is south facing plot goodSarika 2015-07-02 10:51
Hello, we are constituting our house, flat is south facing but the main interference open on East side. Kitchen is in Southeast side and living room is in Southwest side. We have a big window on south wall of living room. will the window will bring any negative effects, if yes please suggest the remedies on the same. Thank you, Sarika
+20 #7 Vastu for south facing house in usaKiran Rathode 2015-06-20 10:19
Hi dear, well, this is an exceptional vastu website for my surprise and accidental visit. Dreamy and incredible. Thank you for your kindness on humans. Coming to the point, I like to know what would be the consequences if I bought South facing house in USA. Is there anything need to take precautions. Some pseudo consultant suggest me to buy some items to make it vastu compliance. His appeasement makes me mad. Behest him, not to contact me again. I don't like to waste my money in the name of vastu items, but smitten with genuine vastu consultancy. I love to work with only the people who dedicated their life to serve this dilly science. I heard about you on not on dillydallying of customers queries. Great to know all about you. Your even nuances ameliorate makes a U turn in my life.
+28 #6 Is south facing goodGuna Sekhar 2015-06-20 10:18
Respected sir, I heard you are an excellent vastu adviser, please guide us is the south facing good, we are not very familiar in vastu, looking for house vastu for south facing.
+13 #5 South facing main doorVathsa Kumar 2015-06-20 10:15
Hi sir, new house we like to shifting the main
door is south facing is there is any harm
+42 #4 South Facing (Already Built House)Saurabh Shukla 2015-01-19 19:02
Hi, We live in Cary, North Carolina, USA (zip code 27518). We are in the propose of buying our first new house. We saw one and liked it a lot. This house is in Apex, North Carolina, USA. Here are the details:
It is a straight South facing house.
Slope towards East or North-East.
Ground Floor:
1. Kitchen is in the Northwest.
2. Living/Family room is in the North.
3. Guest Bedroom ( ground floor) is in the Northeast.
4. Formal Dinning room is in the southwest.
5. Formal Living room is in the southeast.
First Floor:
1. Master Bedroom (first floor) Northwest with bath in Southwest.
2. Kids' rooms (first floor) in the South.
Planning to buy under wife's name (someone suggested). She is Taurus (May 11) and I am Aries (Feb 14).
Please advice about the house.
Thanks a lot.
+39 #3 south west facing housemax 2014-12-18 21:08
Hello sir, We are planning to move into a new apartment which is South Facing. The apartment looks good Vastu, but the entrance is south facing and main door is not in the center it is mainly towards southwest side. As we enter inside first comes the living room, next kitchen which is in the center of the apartment, right of the kitchen is the dining area and the patio is on the south east corner.behide the kitchen( north) and the left side of the kitchen (west)there are bathrooms and the bedrooms are placed in north east and northwest directions. Please advice weather the apartment is a good one to move in. Thank you
+28 #2 South facing with road ending in to plot from southNaresh Kumar 2014-11-21 10:04
Dear Sir, I have plot with South facing with road ending in to plot from south equals to the width of the plot, kindly advise the future consequences upon construction of house? and what are the southeast extended plot vastu remedies. What are the hierarchical structure vastu tips. Please tell us complete list of dosh nivaran or remedies. I read some solutions in Hindi, but like to physical corrections and all
pros and cons of South facing home. I am not a
vastu bigot but a benign.
+24 #1 Need input on South plot offeredMurali 2014-05-07 02:13
Hi. I got one offer to buy the plot with south facing road and northwest part is bit more area grown, can i buy it and make a square and leave the northwest part unused.
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