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Which Location is Best Suitable for Water Sump

Water sump VastuThe optimal locations for a water sump are the Northeast, East, or North directions. The prime alignment for a water sump lies in the Eastern Northeast, followed closely by the Northern Northeast. Placing a water sump in the East (for a comprehensive guide on complete information on East direction, read this article) or North ( discover the essential precautions for all precautions of North Facing House Vastu) is also deemed propitious. Traditionally, water sumps in the Northeast quadrant (Study is all Northeast facing homes are beneficial link to understand more on NE) have been celebrated for their health benefits.

Let's know in detail about below Questions

As per Vastu What are the best places for Water storage sump in our home?

What is the size of the Water storage sump in our home?

What color suits for the water sump?

Whether it's a Water Bore Well, sump, tank, or pit (collectively known as Water Bodies or Sources), it's recommended to initiate the digging process post conducting appropriate rituals. Deep wells are particularly favored when they are located in favorable directions.

Water from deep wells is not only pure but also mineral-rich. A serene water body or fountain gracing the front of your home can bring auspicious vibes.

Vastu principles suggest that wells should predominantly be located in the Northeast section. This could either be in the Eastern Northeast or the Northern Northeast sectors. It's crucial to exercise caution when deciding the placement of a well or bore well. Underground, the well can adopt a square or round shape, but its surface should always be circular when it is located in the Northeast.

Should a resident opt for a square well, be wary, one of its four corners might exert undue pressure on the residence. The well's platform should be set slightly lower than both the house's plinth level and the ground level of the Southwest area. Additionally, ensure the platform doesn't come into contact with the Eastern or Northern boundary walls.

Water Sump in Different Directions and Its Effects on Residents

Directions wise effects were mentioned Below:

1. Water Sump at NorthEast Direction Placement: Overall Happiness, Harmony, and Prosperity.

2. East Direction Placement: Wealth, Fame and gaining of Prosperity

3. Southeast Direction Placement: Owner may get defame, wealth lost, thefts, disputes in the family, generally kids and ladies may

4. South Direction Placement: Mental worries, Loss in businesses, wealth loss, ladies may get serious health problems, sometimes loss of lady.

Water sump as per Vastu5. Southwest Direction Sump Placement: Generally, this placement may create violence, failures, wealth loss, and many disturbances in the family and if there is any other Vastu defects then there is a possibility of divorce or breakup. Deaths may be observed in this family, along with water sump at Southwest and having any Northwest defects then there is a possibility of suicide attempts or suicides, accidents, Job loss, losses in business, the collapse of the enterprise, defame, chronic health diseases, mental worries, debts, etc.

6. West Direction Placement: It may develop worries, health disturbances, Job loss, damage with non-curable health disorders, sometimes loss of males or defame.

7. Water sump in the Northwest Driection: Sometimes maybe thefts, mental tensions, troublesome in balancing the life, always one after other problem raising, kids may be affected with this direction sump, losing money, mental tension, few times this water sump provides very good money and kept on the further investments and finally losing, litigations may also increase.

8. Water well in the North Direction: Money flow from different businesses, increasing wealth, thoughts to start the new ideas on the further extension of a business or new business, happiness, and prosperity, good opportunities for new business.

9. Water sump at Center location: It may create destruction of the family, leaving the home with financial burdens or bankruptcy.

Suitable Locations for Digging (Drilling) a Well

As per Vastu the water well should be planned properly. Borewell should not be dug on the diagonal line proceeding from the Northeastern corner of a house to the northeastern tip of the plot. It should be located either to the right or to the left of the line as per the availability of space in the east or north of the northeastern portion of the plot under no circumstances should a well or bore well be in the angle of the northeast.

If there is a pump set in the northeast, it should have roof. This should not touch north or east walls. If well or bore well or any pit is situated in the northern northeast the family will be happy, will prosper, and have sound finances and enjoy these benefits for many generations.

The situation of well or bore well in eastern northeast will make the master of the house famous along with bestowing the above benefits. Some sink well or bore well near the house adjoining it, thinking that it is in the northeast anyway. (This matter comes from www.subhavaastu.com) But it is wrong.

The well or bore well should be in the northeast for the entire plot or area. In some cases, there are meager chances of digging or drilling a well or bore well. In such cases, they can be had in the east. “A well in the east – all good omens feast”.

A well in the north is auspicious. Benefits will be brought forth if well in the north direction. This will bless womenfolk. See these designs of wells as per Vastu. A well or bore well in the South is strictly forbidden. It will lead to many health disturbances or financial losses or in some cases death may also be observed.

No well or bore well in the west should be there. Check about retention ponds at West directions ( know basic principles of West facing home vastu) . The resident will become diseased and incurs financial losses. A well or pit in eastern south-east will result in the ill health of the matter of the house and children.

Further, it may cause fire accidents and thefts. By a well in Southern south-east, in some homes there is a possibility of women will fall sick, incur financial losses, fall into bad habits and there will be the threat of fire accidents and thefts if the sump extends towards South from Southern Southeast. If there is a well or pit in the Southern Southwest, there is a possibility of health disorders or sickness, particularly women may suffer, in some homes the residents' may terribly suffer with ill health. There will be a loss of money too.

There will be indebtedness. With other Vastu defects in some homes, they meet a premature death. If any well or pit is there in the Western Southwest, the landlord will suffer from chronic diseases and have a sticker with a bad character person. With other vastu defects including this Western Southwest water sump, there is a possibility of death.

A well or a pit in Western Northwest ( get complete details about useful Northwest Facing House Vastu ideas) will affect the men. They will be bad characters, they suffer financial losses, court litigation, and thefts. They will have no peace of mind. If there is a well or pit in the northern northwest enmity will increase, women will have no mental peace or they may leave the house and such undesirable things come up.

Some people cite irrelevant matters from ancient books and support the incongruous points as standard in their books. It is a tested and proved point that it is better for the site of construction to be more in the west than in the east and south (learn complete advantages of South facing homes) more elevated than in the north.

But some contemporary writes on Vaastu suggest that wells or bore wells should be sunk in east, northeast or north or even in west by citing old treatises like Kalamrita, Vasishta, Samhita, Sanathakumara Vasthu and "Vaastuchintamani".

It is cited in them the places that the well or bore would be in east, north, northeast, and west. But a well in the west does cause a pit there. So suggesting that a thing is bad in some places and the same thing as good in some places is self-contradictory. (this matter from www.subhavaastu.com) How should one understand this? We come across such incongruous arguments in some books.

The argument that Varuna is the lord of the west and so a well can find a place there is meaningless. Suppose a well or a bore well or undesirable pits are there in the wrong direction, it is inevitable that they should be closed and covered.

But some people cover a cement slab on a well to close it. Someplace wooden bars on the well and cover it with earth. But it is wrong to cover the surface without filling the inside with earth or other material.

They should be filled with earth or other material and then covered with slabs. But there will be a gap in them with the passage of time. Then again it should be filled and covered.

Please check the directions mark on each and every image before reading the content.

Northeast Direction Water Storage Sump

Northeast direction Water SumpGenerally, the water storage sump is best suitable at Northeast. There are many rules and principles incorporated with this condition framed to experience peace. After hearing this Northeast water sump rule, several residents immediately dig the Northeast location and constructing the water storage sump. Please follow further important principles, that we are discussed in this chapter. Before finalizing your plans, best to have a word with one experienced vastu consultant, this may save your purse and peace.

"L" Shape Water Storage Sump at Northeast corner

L Shaped Water sumpFew residents planning to construct the water storage sump like this "L" shape. They thought that constructing L shape may enhance the positivity. Indeed, it may not assist to improve the opportunes timely. We are discussing several factors and features of this NE water sump below.

Round Shaped Water Storage Pit

Round shaped Water sumpThis round shaped water pit is good, no doubt, but where exactly they should construct, that we are discussing below. Requesting the readers to observe every image slowly, otherwise, there is a chance of missing the main point.

Huge Round Shaped Water Pit

Subhavastu water sumpMajority vastu experts and many Vastu literature expresses that NE water sump is excellent, in such case, can we have a huge water pit as displayed in this image?, on what basis this is bad and on what basis this is good, let's discuss in detail.

Draw A Line For Right Water Sump Placement

Water Sump right placementWhere exactly we have to dig the water storage sump. To finalize the point, first draw a illusory line from house Northeat corner point to Boundary Northeast corner point. Water pit should not touch this virtual line. (Imaginary line).

Eastern Northeast Water Sump

Water sump at eastern NortheastIn this image the water storage sump did not touch the imaginary line and located at Eastern Northeast place in the boundary wall. This is the exact position of arranging the water storage pits in our homes. This method is highly recommended. Southwest home, having a spacious open place at East and North directions and water storage sump at Eastern Northeast direction, this is perfect and suggested. Arranging everything as per vastu then inhabitants may experience wealth, health, peace, satisfaction, name, and fame.

The Northern Northeast Water Storage Sump

Northern Northeast Water SumpIn this image the imaginary line running from House Northeast corner to boundary wall Northeast corner. The water sump or borewell constructed at Northern Northeast, not touching the imaginary line. Actually, this is the correct procedure. We understand that it is not possible to follow exact vastu principles framed by our elders in every case. Our request is TRY to follow as much as possible rules.

As shown in this image, if there has such a huge space marked by the imaginary line, then residents may construct the water sump as per their wish and convenience by touching the imaginary line. If there is no such space, then they should be cautious and best to follow the principles.

Vastu SumpIn the above image, we can clearly observe the distance in between the house and compound corner, so there may not be any damage to the construction, due to this idea, we may dig sump at Northeast corner as discussed in above two images.

Water sump VaastuIn the above image we can clearly observe a less distance in between the house and compound wall. So it is not recommended to construct or dig any water sumps in northeast corners. That will be damage to the construction. If the construction is not so secured, bad Vaasthu power will raises. So consult one expert vastu consultant before ordering to dig your house, it may damage to your pocket also.

After all observations in the above images, it is suggested that without taking any risks, it is better to have the water sump as shown in the above image. But any how its better to consult a competent vastu scholar before doing any job in your sweet home.

All About Water Storage Locations

Water Sump from subhavaastu.com1. Sump within the boundary premises and centering positions:

Simple Ways of Arranging Water Borewells in Our Homes

water sump right positionsIn this image one home constructed at boundary premises. We divided this area into 4 parts for our understanding purpose. This bifurcation helps us to know where should the water storage well has to be arranged and what are the avoidable areas for water wells. Further, we can easily grasp the logic behind this Northeast water well with this image help, please read below.

Right borewell locationsObserve the center point of the compound wall with white marks here. This is the right position to evaluate the center point or four parts of the house. "1" represents the Northeast corner of the compound wall. "2" represents the Southeast corner of the compound wall. "3" represents the Northwest part of the compound wall. "4" represents the Southwest part of the Compound wall. This is the exact evaluation of parts of the compound wall. Because the residents of this property have rights to the house and compound wall, and both are under one owner (resident) only.

Now we will check up where the sump has to come and which is the best position here to have or dig the sump here. Now we are going to dig a sump at the northeast corner i.e., "1" in the above image. Now again make it 4 parts of the northeast corner.

Water northeast part of the Vastu houseNow we have done again 4 parts of the "1" i.e., northeast corner of the compound wall. Here the northeast part of the northeast corner namely "1a", Southeast part of the northeast corner i.e., "2a", Northwest part of the northeast corner i.e., "3a", southwest part of the northeast corner i.e., "4a". Now we got the exact corner to have a sump here. The "1a" is the exact position to dig the sump in any part of the property, but there are some more relaxations in some other properties that we will discuss later. Here "2a" and "3a" are also suitable to dig the sump. If residents will dig the sump at "1a " here that means the water is exactly towards the northeast corner of the compound wall, an Auspicious alteration was done at this house.

east water sumpNow Water sump or water body has came into northeast part of the northeast corner of the compound. This is the exact water sump placement at the house. Still, there are certain in-depth rules to have a water sump here. We will learn all the things here. Anyway, we reached the exact position of the water sump in a house with a boundary wall.

north water sump Vastu homeHere the water sump or water body has came into Southeast part (what are all advantages and disadvantages of Southeast facing homes) of the northeast corner of the compound wall. This is also a good position. There is nothing to worry about the placement of the water sump or waterbody here.

southwest water sumpHere the water sump or water body has placed at northwest part of northeast corner of the compound wall. This method is also good, there is nothing to worry about this placement.

Now we will check out what is the position if the water sump has came into Southwest part of the northeast corner of a compound wall.

Here water sump placed towards Southwest part of the Northeast corner of the compound wall. Anyway, as per the above image, this water sump has come towards the Northeast corner in the entire compound wall. But here the "Aya" is too important while constructing the water sump exactly towards Southwest part of the northeast corner of the compound wall. This sump is almost adjacent to Plinth area.

Now observe a small graph type water sump or water storage places in our properties.

Water storage levels in a propertyThe entire northeast is marked as white area and red occupied gradually towards southwest area. It indicates that the southwest parts are not good for water sumps. Along with this direction the South, West, Northwest and Southeast portions and finally the middle part (Brahmasthan) areas we should not construct the water sumps.

Water sump at East facing and vastu effectsHere the entire East is clear with white mark or marked with white in colour and gradually red occupied the entire west part, so the water sump is suitable at entire East here, but it should be finalized by vastu expert only, residents should not take any decision.

North water sump effectsHere the entire North is clear with white mark or marked with white in colour, so the water sump is suitable at entire North here and gradually red occupied the entire South part, but this method of construction should be finalized by vastu expert only, residents should not take any decision in the absence of Vastu Expert.

Water storage sump Graph The above graph indicates the Water storage excellent levels or danger levels in a property White areas marked are excellent in results and red areas are dangerous, regarding north and east total white areas, without expert vastu consultant one should not do construct these directions places as entire water sump area. It should be personally verified by the expert vastu consultant and after that only decision has to be taken. Please note that this is approximate levels, it is not prepared according to scale.

The water storage feature treated as up and downs in a property, so before going to do any alteration in a property please approach one expert vastu consultant and obtain his guidance. Once mistake happens in the name of this dig or drill in a property, it may causes to mental tensions and money loss to rectify the same. Regarding the results already we shown it with red mark.

Water Tank VastuFor your kind information, here is a map showing that the red and blue colors for water tank. Red color area is not suitable for water tank and the blue color area is the water tank area. Some areas both colors are mixed, if you would like to construct the water tank in that area, it is better to approach one expert vaastu consultant and get right recommendation after showing the property.

Can We Have Borewell at Southwest Direction

Northeast, Northwest water tankHaving borewell at Southwest direction is not auspicious. Check this image. Blue colour is the right portion for water sump or tank. But it should not reach the Southwest area, or it should not reach the Southwest area. The red area is Southwest area "NO" to water sump or Water tank. The Northwest areas and Southeast areas are also not recommended for the water sump or water tanks.

Generally, the Southwest water body may makes vandalism or deliberate destruction of the entire enterprise. Particularly this Southwest has a protagonist part in the destruction when water situated under the ground level.

The good idea here is to close this borewell at Southwest direction and open at Northeast then can able to resilient in their common situation or can feel like finding out trove there. We strongly hope that these cues may make residents more relax.

Here we are discussing the water tank or water sump which is water storage in the ground, we are not discussing the water tanks above-ground levels. Please note this point.

Case Study

Southwest Water sump1. A resident from Delhi had their water storage sump located in the Southwest direction, as depicted in the image. The father, who was previously healthy, suddenly developed severe health issues and tragically passed away, leaving behind his wife, two sons, and a daughter. One son is employed in Mumbai, while the other struggles with unemployment and often has disagreements with his wife. Tragically, the mother also met with an accident in the bathroom, sustaining a fatal head injury and passed away. In just four years, the family lost two members. They are currently grappling with severe financial challenges. The daughter, who resides in Delhi, tries her best to support her brother, but how many times she help financially.

2. Borewell is in SSW direction, and my all family members have digest, migration, and joint pain problems. What should in do sir? Thanks - Soumen - West Bengal - India.

"The aforementioned case is just a minor illustration. This individual hails from West Bengal and has faced multiple challenges due to a SW borewell. In the near future, we aim to highlight numerous problems that residents encounter with SW water borewells."

Water Sump Located at Complete East Direction

Entire east water sumpHaving complete east direction water sump is also beneficial. When there is water sump at Northeast, then Southeast continuation water sump, may not harm the residents. This home have 60 feet X 100 feet. The plinth area is 40X40 feet Duplex home, having 5 bedroomds. Residents are very happy. Wealthy and healthy. This is located in Rajasthan.

If the property is rectangular then residents can try to have a large water storage sump at entire east direction, but it should be done in the presence of expert vastu consultant. Because if there is any street focus or neighborhood defect then this method may not support.

Can Balcony Of The House Covers Over The Bore Well

Dear sir, I have bore well in the NE corner. Can the balcony of the house cover over the borewell? The balcony is projected towards both sides of the North & East with a little margin to compound walls sir. Please suggest me the correct way before casting the slab?

A bore well is for humans utilization purposes. After digging the earth for water, when water is detected and got good water, then Plumber will cover it with casing pipe with motor provided along with pipes. So it will be covered with full protection.

Why We Should Not Walk on Water Wells?

In the olden day's antibiotics are not easily available, based on those days' circumstances, our elders framed several rules and conditions for the resident's health safety. For example, if something is dropped on water, cleaning is not so easy and that become bacteria and may cause several health troubles to inhabitants. That is why our elders strictly ruled a condition that residents should not walk on water storage sumps, it means we are giving respect to water (water is nothing but God symbol as per Hindu system), on those days cleaning means they clean the water with a cloth or heat the water and later only they consume. You are well aware that most diseases spread with water.

Not only the above point, those days people do not have knowledge about how to strengthen the lid. Available lids may not be made of strong iron. They are using bamboo and mud to cover the water storage sump. So they ruled such conditions.

Nowadays, in a small village and a small street also we can avail antibiotics, and many new systems came to clean the water and generally, many of us are consuming mineral water.

Based on this we may not be serious on this issue and we can have a sump under the portico. But still, our elders or Pracheena (ancient) vastu scholars never accept this system. Now everything is strictly covered strongly sealed and no way to get that water source spoiled with dust, and furthermore, we are continuously drinking only purified water.

Another reason also there, water source means depression (unearth certain locations/digging), so children may fall into that deep holes, that may be another reason for our elders not to walk on this water body. Their thought is really appreciated and great. Our elders always think on our health and wealth. Salutes to our elders.

Is Water Sump Is Good In Front Of The Main Door

Dear sir, I have an East facing 35 * 40 feet plot. And I am constructing house in that plot. Now I am planning to dig a sump in front of the house (in Northeast portion the plot). The exact location of sump is between east wall of the house and east wall of the compound. I want to know if Sump can come IN FRONT OF THE MAIN DOOR or not - N Bharath - Bengaluru City - India.

>>> In the past, residential plots often spanned an acre or even half an acre, but today's housing sites have shrunk considerably, resembling the size of a matchbox. As a result, traditional principles that apply to larger plots may not be suitable for these smaller 30X40 feet plots. Therefore, it's essential to modify and adapt the traditional rules to fit modern constraints, otherwise, home construction becomes challenging.

When it comes to water storage like sumps or wells, the ideal locations are in the Northeast, North, or East directions. Given the increasing importance of water conservation, it's crucial to plan for water storage in every available space. However, adjustments may be needed due to space restrictions. It's advisable to "avoid" placing a water sump in the Southeast corner, South, Southwest, West, or Northwest directions. The optimal zones for water storage are the East, North, and Northeast areas of the property.

Is Southeast Water Storage Sump Is Good or Bad?

Water sump at SoutheastHere the water storage sump came at Southeast direction, generally this may not give good results. Due to tiny homes, we may not arrange everything as per Vastu, we should all accept this fact. But TRY to arrange everything as per Vastu, then things may go smooth.

Water Storage Sump Towards East Direction Is Good?

Water Body towards East directionHere the water sump is exactly towards East direction of the site. This is not wrong, many houses have such water sumps and inhabitants saying that it is giving good results. Please note that even one inch also should not move towards South direction.

Water sump towards Northeast Bordering to East direction:

Water sump towards NortheastNow water sump is came towards North direction, it may also called as Northeast-east water sump. The water sump South part is touching the centerline of the compound.

Now coming to the point, the water sump is came into the main entrance door. Now we are using the cement and closing the water sump with a proper lid with iron or slab or RCC. Now in this position, it may not harm the residents. Dust is not drive into the water sump. Furthermore now a days we are filtering this water again and again and after that only consuming. So no problem. If anybody is serious on this issue, do the construct like this, and observe the below image. Then the problem solved.

Correction For East Direction Water Storage Sump

Water sump towards NortheastPlease observe the above image and this image. Compare both images. In this image, the water sump slightly moved towards South direction, still the water sump is called as Northeast-east water sump and it is not obstructing the door and pathway before the main entrance. Residents purpose solved and finally followed the vastu principles. Please note that without expert vastu consultant don't do any practicals.

Same method may also apply to the North direction house. That information is also given in this link.

Now observe the North direction water sump and door :

Water sump at NorthwestPlease observe the center line at this image, the upper side part is East direction of the site and lower side part is West direction of the entire site. Here the water sump came towards Northwest part, it is not good.

North Center Water Storage Sump

Water sump at exact NorthHere the water sump is exactly towards North direction of the site. This is not a wrong method, many houses have such water sumps. Please note that the water sump even one inch also should not move towards West direction.

Northern Northeast Water Sump

Water sump at NortheastNow water sump is came towards East direction, it may also called as Northern Northeast Water Sump. The water sump West part is touching the center line of the compound. This system is good. Check the below image.

Water Storage Sump towards Northeast:

Water sump at Northern NortheastSee the water sump little bit move towards West direction, now the water sump is called as Northern Northeast Water Sump and it is not obstructing the door and pathway before the main entrance. Your purpose solved, and followed the Vaasthu principles.

Protection Grill For Water Storage Sump

Iron grill protectionProtection is important for your water wells, wherever, they are constructed. Otherwise, it may harm to kids in the house, generally, children play games in compound premises, they are not aware of the surroundings when they were concentrated on playing if there is no lid or pitcher protection to the huge circumferential sump ... what happens.

If there is flunkey, always following, that would be different. Check this image, and secure your loved ones from this big perimeter water sump. This protection will save everybody, while in our consultation in one village, we were seen an incident of boy fell down on water sump which does not have a secured lid.

Another incident is, one dog fell down into the sump at night, throughout night it was barked and catches a small piece of iron rod inside and saved her life overnight, morning the owner called some people and they tried to pull up dog with rope, anyway finally it was come out and fell down on floor.

We immediately gone to one nearby grocery store and bought 6 eggs, bread, milk, and biscuits and served it and her eyes were tore saying regards and thanks to all of us, it consumes the food hurriedly once it reaches to be feel that safe & secure from her position, that is also a life though it is a DOG, we are all happy when it was saved and secured.

Where Should Be the Water Meter for the Water Sump?

water meterThere is generally little reason for concern regarding the positioning of the water meter according to Vastu principles. This issue is relatively minor in the grand scheme of Vastu considerations. Typically, homeowners are free to place the water meter wherever it's most convenient within their residence. There's no need to overthink this particular aspect; you can easily place the meter near the water tap if that suits your needs. However, one crucial point to bear in mind is that, in the context of Vastu, the placement of the water tank holds significant importance. Conversely, the location of amenities like a water heater doesn't necessitate much Vastu-related thought. Therefore, focus on the more critical elements of Vastu when planning your home, and don't let minor details overshadow the bigger picture.

Residents Questions on Water Wells

Ours is a West facing house, with the back door on the East. On the northeast, we already have a bore well. We need to construct an underground sump for water storage. We don't have enough place to construct one, either in the North or in the North-east. We only have a place in the East. If we construct a sump in the East, it extends to the edge of the building starting from the compound wall. In that case, we would be stepping out of the back door only to walk over the concealed sump. Please guide us in this context, as is this permissible in accordance with Vastu? Thank You - Deepthi Satyamurthy - Hyderabad - Telangana - India.

>>> Dear Deepthi Satyamurthy Ji, thanks for your question. Nowadays we don't have such a bigger place to follow all Vastu principles. Vastu says that there should be a gap in between the Water sump and building/compound wall, it should not touch either building wall/bedrock and compound wall/boundary wall.

Please note that this rule was stepped in only a thousand years back, it was not framed nowadays and after the cement invented period. It was written only before cement's invention. Construction with mud/limestone/sand may not provide strength to the property, based on those days accommodating material, elders written that the water sump should not touch either main building and boundary wall and they framed.

Question from George from Ernakulam: Hello Sir, I am building a house in Tripunithura and have a question. The earth wire pit is located in Kanni Moola (Southwest corner). Is it OK to go ahead to this place? Or should I move this pit to some other place? I would appreciate your early answer.

Earthing means the connection of the electrical equipment to the ground or earth. The main cause for this earthing is to get protection from electric power shock and bypassing the maximum or heavy load to reach the ground. This is a semi-closed pit, it is not open to see the bottom where the earthing wire was placed at least level at the ground.

If there is no earth wire system to a property, then there is a high chance for the power shocks and accidental issues observed. Earthing is too important for each and every property. The earth wire is connected to a plate or pipe placed inside the pit and was placed at bottom levels and covering with cement slab or wooden structure to make sure that it was properly placed and not disconnected with the pipe.

Later we have to add or filled with salt, water, and charcoal, you are well known that the coal powder adds a perfect electrode conductivity & also acts as an anti-corrosive agent with this pipe. Salt plays like an electrical conductor. The good ratio of water has to be added to this earthing pit often to keep the good process always works earthing resistance in good control.

Now coming to the point that all the above process there is no any whole vacancy in the pit. It was already filled with some items and was not kept open. So you may use this system or place or plan this earth wire pit at East or North because regularly we are using to add some water to it, though it may not be compulsory but it's good if we add water regularly.

Northeast is not recommended, because it contains electricity which is said to be the fire in general. You may plan at Northwest or Southeast, if there is no such placement, then plan for South or West, the final one is Southwest.

If you already dug the same at Southwest then do one simple thing, close it with one heavy slab or solid rock shown at SubhaVaastu dot com website. Water sump or septic tanks may be dangerous at Southwest as per vastu, but earth wire pit is not such a serious one. Anyway, generally, we are not recommending at Southwest parts for this purpose.

Rain Water Harvesting sump: (Rainwater collector storage sumps)

This rainwater harvesting water storage sump is best recommended towards Northeast, through this one may not get digging level shown in this harvesting sump but the entire rain water collected at home may reach to the Northeast, this is a great logic and happy to know if the land was made up to get water collected towards Northeast. If it's not possible then one may plan to make it at Northeast-east or finally Northeast-north. We are not recommending the other parts of the home.

Can I Arrange Rain Water Storage Sump at Southwest Direction

Water storage sump is different and rainwater tank is different. In the Water storage sump, there is an empty space or filled with water. But while in rain water collective tank does not have any empty space. It is filled with different materials. Please read the important information on this rain water collective tank.

Water move from upward to downward, this is nature principle. If the rain water pit is at Southwest, then the entire premises water move towards Southwest. It means the slope is towards Southwest. The Southwest slope is not good. Hence we should not plan the Rain water pit at Southwest direction.

Is Northwest Direction Rain Water Tank Is Acceptable?

The entire premises water move towards Northwest is not auspicious. It is not recommended to have the Northwest water storage tank or Northwest rain water storage pit.

Here the important rule is water should always move towards the Northeast corner or East direction or North direction only. Other directions are not recommended.

West direction rain water pit is not good.

Rain water pit towards South direction is not recommended.

Southeast corner rain water storage pit is not suggested.

East direction rainwater storage sump is acceptable.

Rain water storage pit towards North direction is acceptable.

Please plan the rainwater harvesting pit in the Northeast direction only, if not possible then plan the rain water harvesting pit in either east or North directions.

Is Storm Water Pit Position is Acceptable at Southwest?

Southwest is not acceptable for stormwater pit. Don't plan the stormwater pit at Southwest, West and South directions. Best to arrange this stormwater pit at North, East or even Northeast too.

Drainage Discharge in North Is Good as Per Vastu?

Residents have to arrange a proper way to let the drainage water should be discharged from their homes. West, Southwest, and South directions are banned in this regard. The good idea is arranging a way towards North direction is acceptable. If the North direction is not suitable then residents can arrange drainage discharge water outlet at East is also acceptable. Northeast is not recommended for drainage water piping.

Can A Underground Sump Be Constructed With Ready Made Rings

Definitely residents can construct the water storage sump with cement rings. No problem at all.

Important Note to Read Before Going Through Experiences

Vastu Shastra indicates the trend of life by visualizing the various forces that act upon the premises. It is not that the person would suffer the consequences of bad Vastu implementations.

It promotes all opportunities to invite evil or bad tendencies whenever there is a violation of the Vastu principle.

Many residents fail to recognize this and quote an odd exception to the principles of Vastu rules to prove more than anything other than their wisdom.

In a place where there might be a water source in the Southwest, if in the neighborhood if this is the only house having such features the evil influences are more certain to visit. If on the other hand, several houses have similar features the probability of evil happening may be less. But the Damocles’ sword is nevertheless there.

Southeast Water Sump Experience by Mr. Rao:

Dear Subhavaastu, Namaste! Thank you for providing very useful information related to Vastu and its really helped us a lot in understanding the concepts. I have built a house (duplex) in a 96 sq yard. (24" X 36") facing towards east. But when I checked it is skewed to South East showing in Compass. So I tried my best to construct the house with vastu complaint going through your website and other sources. Due to the space complaint, I had to have my underground water sump in the Southeast direction and also the bore almost in the South East. I have kept my main door facing towards Northeast and one more to the main road facing South East. and the main gate also in the SE direction. However, I use the main door NE for most of the purposes. But I have been facing issues with my bore ( got repaired twice ) and also water sump not proper (some leakage ) from the time I occupied the house. Though I have enough bore, but could not make use of it. And also we got problems related to health to my wife ( miscarriage ) and other ailments. I feel this could be due to the water sump in SE direction. Request you to kindly check and provide us with the remedial actions/procedures so that I can make changes accordingly. Apologies for the lengthy mail. Thanks. Rao

Is Southwest Water Well Create Any Problems as Per Vastu?

Experience by Mr. Kiran Khaitan: Dear Mr. Suresh, Of late I am facing health issues, like diabetes/heart-related ailments, etc. We are staying in this house since last 50 yrs (me 46 yrs). Also forgot to add my dad had cancer & expired at the age of 65, (2003) while two uncles expired at the age of 56 (2006) & other expired at the age of 47 (2002) due to heart attack. Now I am an only male member in the house with a boy child. could it Southwest water well is a matter of concern?

Not only these above, we saw many experiences by the residents who suffered with SW water body.

Southwest Water Well Experience by Babu?

Respected sir, my house is east facing house. My borewell in Southwest. Due to that lot of health issues. what is the remedy. Can I build a tank in the Northeast corner. Is it reduce my problem - Babu - Coimbatore.

Is External Water Point BoreWell is Auspicious or Inauspicious?

Due to the unavailability of water within our compound premises, we did water boring at the outside of our Northeast compound wall, water is also coming from Northeast to the home through the compound wall.

Is it correct, or we need to change the pipelines from Northeast to East direction. Earlier boring was inside the compound wall, it does not have water. Can we fill this bore with mud or can we simply cover it with any lid?

Water source towards Northeast, which is inside or outside is not a bad omen. No need to change the pipelines from Northeast to East direction.

Close the earlier inside boring with the lid. Please secure it properly and thorough attention is highly appreciated in closing it with the lid.

Is It Good to Construct the Pooja Room Above the Underground Water Storage Tank

Due to tiny homes we have to arrange everything in a limited space. As per vastu or health view, one should not construct Pooja room above the water storage tank or underground water tank or bore well. Due to very limited space available, residents may place God pooja Shelve instead of constructing Pooja mandir on the underground water tank.

Water Well At Center Of The House Is Auspicious Or Inauspicious?

Generally, the water source well located in the center of the home or Brahmasthan is not at good.

Though it may be so convenient for the residents, it may not be good as per vastu

We found "only" 3 homes which have a water well in the center of the home and they called us to check the vastu of the home, they did not know about the center water well is creating entire problems. We tried to find more homes that have center water well, but we did not locate more homes than 3. These residents called us otherwise we may not get their information.

This may damage finances and health. To our surprise some times this well also gives fetch to the residents in getting luck, money, etc. Because those houses may have more open space at West or South. This would be called luck or fate of the residents. But there is no guarantee in giving good results when there is more open space at West, South, and even in Southwest directions.

Appropriate Barrels Location to Collect Rainwater

Dear Sir, I am using barrels to collect rainwater and use it for gardening purposes. Barrels are currently located above ground on East NorthEast part of the home. I am reading only about underground or overhead tanks but what if a small tank is placed on the ground towards North East? - Ruchi - Mumbai.

>>> If a house has huge Northeast open space, then using small barrels is not giving any trouble. If there is no such huge space at Northeast then better to have barrels below the ground level. Keeping huge water barrels at the Northeast is not recommended if there is such huge space.

What are Best Vastu Tips for Rain Water Harvesting Pit?

Dear Sir, I Am Having East Facing Plot. Constructing West Facing House. We Are Planning a Water Sump and Rain Water Harvest Pit in the Plot. Please Suggest the Directions I Need to Have Them. My Architect Was Suggesting a Rainwater Pit in the Northeast and Water Sump in South East Directions. Thanks - Arjun Reddy - Vijayawada.

Shri Arjun Ji, Please arrange the rainwater pit in the Eastern Northeast direction and the water sump in the Northern Northeast. Don't plan the water sump in the Southeast direction. Good Luck.

Hi Sir, My house is according to Vastu, my neighbor constructing a house, he is building underground water sump at the SE corner to my house outside my compound wall. We live in joint houses where no space between houses, all are one beside another touching. Will my neighbor's underground water sump at the Southeast corner affect me, if so please send me a remedy, I am worried too much and tense. Looking for your reply Thank You so much - Martin - Coimbatore

Digging a Northeast Borewell Compensate Existing Southwest Borewell?

Dear Sir, digging a bore well at the Northeast corner deeper than Southwest Borewell will really help to counteract the negative impact of the Southwest Borewell? - Madhu - Ponda - Goa.

>>> According to Vastu principles, placing a borewell or water sump in the Southwest direction can adversely affect the occupants. When introducing a new water sump or borewell in the Northeast, it doesn't negate the effects of the one in the Southwest. Both will exert their influences. The pertinent question here is: which one holds greater precedence? The answer lies in understanding their inherent characteristics. In situations where it's infeasible to eliminate the Southwest borewell or water sump, only then should one consider implementing a water sump or borewell in the Northeast, the best idea is closing the Southwest water sump and open a huge water storage sump in the Northeast.

Borewell Located In Southwest Direction

Respected sir, in my plot, I have drilled bore well but due to availability of water its location is Southwest direction can we divide the plot into two places for bore well and home separately and how. Please tell me sir - Vasant - Pune - Maharashtra.

The Builder is Placing the Water Sump in the Southeast. What Should We Do Now?

Namaste Suresh jee, We have one question. Builder is saying they are giving underground water sump for all Villas at minimal cost under parking area(south east side). My husband asked to check with you if it's ok to have underground water sump there. Kindly advise - Avanthika - Kochi - Kerala.

>>> Smt. Avanthika Ji, The location of a water storage sump plays a pivotal role in preserving a harmonious atmosphere within a residence. If you're constrained to position the sump in the Southeast, it's worthwhile to observe the sump placements in surrounding villas. Even though vastu suggests the Southeast is not ideal for water sumps, if nearby East-facing homes have sumps in the same SE direction, then keeping yours consistent with theirs might not lead to significant problems. Such communal consistency can enhance the collective positive energy of the area. However, if your residence stands out with a Southeast sump while adjacent homes opt for varied placements, you might want to reconsider. In such circumstances, consulting with your builder about relocating the sump to the Northeast, a direction traditionally associated with prosperity and balance, could be beneficial. This realignment can harmonize your home with favorable energy patterns. Engaging transparently with your builder on this topic is vital. Proactive choices made now can pave the way for a serene and fulfilling domestic setting in the years to come.

+11 #20 What Are the Best Remedies for Southwest BorewellRama Devi 2019-03-04 02:53
Dear sir, namaste, your website is fantastic, it has a lot of worthwhile information. Thank you for your concept of serving society. We are planning to buy a house facing northeast. But the major defect is there is a well in the southwest corner. Kindly suggest me the best remedy. Can we close it.
+6 #19 Vastu for borewell in west facing housePankaj Kumar 2019-02-01 06:41
Respected sir, Subhavaastu website has immersive viewing experience, not easy to leave this site, it it an addicted site. The features are like that. We bought one home and lately found bore well at west direction. Let me know what are the best possible remedies for this west bore well. Another question is, my sister have a plot which have road on west which is the best location for submersible boring. Please suggest because there is no option at north, northeast and east.
+14 #18 Vastu for bore well in south facing houseRajkumar 2019-01-07 04:46
Dear sir, good morning, we can get answers for most of our questions through your website. Rarely available these kind of websites at internet without any obligation to browse. Thank you so much for this broad-mind. I am having South Face house 200 Sq Yards. At present Builder given a sump in Portico left side to door ( South face ). He said in North east stone is there and could not dig hence given in Portico area left side (South west) Many people telling to close and dig at North east area or back door (East face door area) Please suggest what is the second option for borewell. Further, please provide answer for vastu well location for South facing home. Thank you
+8 #17 Boring VastuAbhinav 2017-12-28 08:08
Dear sir, best helpful website. I like this site features and helping principles. Thank you so much. I have a boring outside my compound wall in the northeast direction of house. The water from that boring reaches inside my compound wall tank which is also on the northeast border of my house i.e attached to the north and east walls of my compound. Is vastu correct? My earlier boring was inside my compound wall and now doesn't give water. Should the earlier boring be filled with mud or can be covered as it is. Please clarify Regards
+6 #16 Boring in southwest directionAnand 2017-07-29 18:27
Sir I constructed apartment in which we dig bore well in southwest side we getting problem for selling flats what will be remaidy for us
+8 #15 Vastu for Water storage tank at SoutheastGulshan 2017-07-02 17:40
Respected sir, this is one of the practically constructive & helpful website on vastu that I never come across. Congratulations by having such wonderful content based site. I have southeast facing home and have boring in Southeast so please suggest where should I have the water storage tank at my home.
+11 #14 Borewell position at outside of south facing plot at Southwest cornerAlok 2017-05-17 05:13
Namaste sir can I place a borewell at SW corner from outside of my South facing plot (underground water tank in Southwest). I read from your website that, Southwest bore well is not good. Can I stop this SW borewell?. Sir, thank you so much for your fantastic services. I will remember all of your kind services in my life.
+7 #13 Borewell vastu in TamilNambi 2017-04-18 11:43
Vanakkam sir water trace in the site is in southeast corner. Now can I place bore well in this SE. If I take the water in this bore what are the causes we have to face. You are blessed person. Your services are a highlight and very useful for many residents. Please release bore well vastu in Tamil language. Like to read Tamil PDF.
+16 #12 Vastu for borewell in south facing houseSenthil 2017-04-16 09:55
Respected sir, I was referred to visit here from my friend Surendranathan Pillai. We have good respects on you. This site is performing uncountable appreciated services. Water is available only in the North of northwest direction. There is no water table on the northeast side. Experts and water expert engineers told that this is the only chance to make borewell. But I am in confusion. Give me the right suggestion to make borewell. very urgent. Promoters advised me to take a decision within two days before going to build a compound wall. Please do the needful regarding for make bore well in north of northwest. My friend Ramanathan looking for a bore well point for his South facing home. Let him enlight the point where is the best location for water source as per vastu.
+14 #11 Second best option for borewell sumpBabu 2017-03-10 15:33
Respected sir, this is incredibly harbored ancient architectural science information that enlightens our wisdom towards vastu light. I feel very comfortable after visiting your website. Feeling like a place home after home. Thank you very much for boarding such a valuable knowledge without any penny payment. Currently, we are living in South facing home. We constructed three floors. We are going to live on the first floor. Without having any vastu knowledge the sump constructed at middle of the South. Actually, its' a car parking area. is it okay, if not what is the remedy? please suggest me sir.
+10 #10 Vastu for borewell in east facing houseIlyas Shaikh 2017-02-21 16:59
Hello Sir, I am having one 4 acres rectangular (280 feet X 600 feet) farm house plot. In that plot road is in the west direction. 280 feet is in the east-west direction and 600 feet is in the north-south direction. I have made a compound wall for the entire plot but I want to make a house of about 50 feet X 50 feet in southwest corner of the plot and I want to have one bore a well in my 50 feet X 50 feet area of northeast corner. Now according to the total plot it comes in southwest. If I make a separate compound wall of 50 feet X 50 feet and make a bore within that compound. Is there any problem in that? Please give the answer. This is very good website on every aspect of home and other commercial properties. Thankful to your gesture of hardship.
+12 #9 Vastu for Water Tank PositionSaurabh Kulkarni 2017-02-15 09:05
Hello sir, this is a unique website and rarely very few people are doing such generous services. In future you can boldly ask for any help from us at any time. What are the guidelines for plastic tank position to be kept on foundation outside the house in open space.
+6 #8 Regarding underground water tank on northeast below staircaseEish Nigam 2017-01-22 19:58
Dear sir no words to say your work for our goodness. Just browse your website, otherwise, I maybe surge and plunge into great troubles. Sir, thank you for your unseen uplift of many residents. Congratulations for this achievement. We have staircase on NE and we are planning to dig underground water tank below stairs. Before we have toilet on NE, but we removed Northeast toilet. Please suggest.
+11 #7 Borewell in Southeast directionJagannathan Iyer 2016-11-02 12:07
Respected sir, by mistake recently I drilled a borewell in Southeast corner, kindly suggest abeyance remedies, my house faces towards east. This is an ordeal for all of our family members. Actually, after this borewell, we are not feeling good in our home and persecuted. My friend Jeevan asked me to get overhaul guidance from you. Few of us like to rested on aspirations never being truly realized. In future we never do such mistakes and culminate prosperity with right guidance.
+8 #6 Placement of water sump as per vastuSuman 2016-10-26 18:00
Dear Suresh sir, yours is one of the best vastu website. I found complete step by step guidelines here. No words to say thank you. But like to express my gratitude, today no one come forward to serve society with such quality and quantity content. God bless you. Sir, please provide the placement of water sump as per vastu when the plot is 45 degrees.
+9 #5 Vastu for water storage sumpNath 2016-10-26 17:54
Respected sir, can we dig sump outside the compound wall like water tank, I want to dig it outside compound wall of North or Northeast of boundary wall. We have unlimited trust on our Indian sciences and we are living happily with under the aegis of ancient architectural right principles. Very kind of you for bringing such all texts to us and enlightening us from dark to light.
+15 #4 Water Sump as per vastuWater Sump 2016-06-30 09:05
Dear Sir, our house is east facing and we have water sump in Northeast direction but it is inside of the room. Is it good to have water sump inside the room. Please guide us. Many many thanks for your best guidance. Today we never found such aid. Best Regards, Anjana.
+13 #3 Advice for well at NorthwestTyronne 2016-06-27 03:07
Namaste Suresh Ji, for every vastu issues, I always refer your website because this particular website is very informative and that is clearly evident. I genuinely appreciate for efforts. You had put in making this a convenient site for all. Very recently I bought a villa in which this water borewell is placed in the west side of the main entrance, and I personally don't feel convinced with that borewells location. So, could you please suggest me some vastu tips for borewell location. Accordingly, I'll take corrective measures. My another question for my sister. Water sump at northwest corner, whether it is advisable? I bought a constructed house built in East facing North on the plot. The builder has constructed the well at northern West corner because space is not available in Northeast. Please suggest, whether it is good or bad?. Do I have to close the well? Thank you sir.
+18 #2 Borewell location & water tank on top of concrete roofS A Susai Manickam 2016-05-29 12:08
Respected sir, this is very good website on water borewells. I constructed a house facing north direction. Earlier I dig a well in Northwest corner. But now not in use for house but using garden. For house I dig bore well in northeast direction and using. Please advise it ok or not. Water tank made of concrete placed on top of first-floor roof in Southwest direction please advise me ok or not.
+11 #1 water sump at north west corner, whether it is advisable?MVV Satyanarayana 2016-05-02 06:06
Dear sir, I have constructed a house in the west facing plot. The builder unearth the bore in Northeast corner, but water sump constructed at northwest corner, because sufficient place is not available in Northeast. Please suggest, whether it is good or bad?. What should I do for good remedies.
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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