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Vastu for Dining Room

Vastu for Dining RoomDining Room Vastu: This is another important part of the house which should be carefully planned. It is always good to have the dining room, nearer the kitchen or even attached to it. In this process, care should be taken to place it either at the Southeast (Click here for detailed content on Southeast facing house) corner or the Northwest corner or even the Northeast corner of the house. ( Read comprehensive notes on Northeast facing house).

Few Guidelines on Dining Table Vastu

Below are step by step dining table Vastu shastra principles & Ideas.

1. The kitchen should not be placed at the Southwest corner of the house. Such a position obstructs one's financial (Vastu for money) growth and leads to health problems.

2. Humans are taking breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner. But some people are always taking food. Can we name them as "all-time eaters"? For them where we have to ask to sit, either at Southwest or East :)

3. If one wants to place the dining table at the center of the house, it can be arranged but care should be taken if it is placed towards Southwest corner.

4. In some places, the dining room may be on the upper floor and the kitchen is at the ground floor, this is not the correct one to carry the food crossing the staircase.

5. It is most profitable to have the dining room in the east (Vastu for East facing) or North or better one may be pleased to get precise guidance from expert Vastu consultant.

6. Regarding the placement of the dining room at the West (read more info on Vastu for West direction through this article) side of the building is also advisable if the kitchen is towards Northwest.

7. While taking food, the head of the family should sit towards the West side and facing towards East direction. Other family members should sit facing the East or North direction.

8. However, nobody should sit facing the south (South direction house Vastu), if it is done, (Matter is from SubhaVaastu.com) unnecessary simple quarrels may take place in the house. Be sure if there is a door towards Western Northwest to the Kitchen. Quarrels may not possible if the door to the kitchen is towards Northeast-north direction.

9. Serving food to the Cow is too good to the entire family, before we start taking the food, some quantity may be offered to birds and animals, etc, some animals may be satisfied in such places, nature is a powerful and great, if the elements of the nature satisfied then the entire building will have more positive powers support.

10. The dining hall should have a door in the east, the north or the west. There should be no arches towards West if the dining room is towards South direction placement.

11. The dining table may not be a round shaped, egg-shaped, hexagonal or of irregular shape. It should be square or rectangular in shape. It should not be attached or folding with the wall.

12. Regarding the shapes, it is advisable to have the rectangular or square because dishes may imbalance and may fall down. Otherwise, you may go for any shape of dining tables.

13. We saw many different shapes of dining tables in foreign countries, nothing bad happen there with this unshaped dining tables. (Matter is from SubhaVaastu.com)

14. What happened if the dining table will be round shaped if it is so, there is no good enough space for the dishes, then the dishes may fall down, unnecessary reactions may happen with this unshaped dining tables, if you are comfortable with any shape and good enough space to the dining table, then any model is perfectly acceptable.

15. Beware dishes should not fell down while taking food. Otherwise, you have to clean them, your family members may not co-operate, they already done the cooking. In some houses (Vastu for house), men are the masters in cooking, that case is different.

16. Placing water at the Northeast corner is good at the dining room. Hand wash basin should be in the East or the North, it these places are not fit then one can plan it anywhere but it should be near to the dining table.

17. If the room is so wider then avoid placing the washbasin in Southeast or Northwest areas, if the room is too small or comfortable with your dining table, then you may place the washbasin at your convenient places.

18. Having good Nature, portraits and paintings in the dining room makes the atmosphere happy and taking food in those premises brings good health. (Matter is from SubhaVaastu.com)

As Per Vastu What Are the Ideal Locations for Dining Table?

To simplify this answer, the best and ideal location for the dining table in our home as per Vaasthu is East direction, North direction, Northeast direction, South direction, and West direction. Sometimes the Southeast & Northwest directions are also acceptable.

Can We Arrange Dining Table at East Direction Room?

East direction is an ideal location for the dining table. The misconception is, residents should not have the dining table at East. Indeed, East direction is flawless placement to arrange.

Is West Direction Ideal Location for Dining Table?

Residents can arrange the dining table at West direction. Recent discovery rules invented many principles of right placements. Inhabitants can avail their dining room at West direction. No issues. What to avoid is, kitchen should not be at Southwest.

Is North Direction is Acceptable for Dining Table?

North direction is also recommended to have dining table or even dining room also acceptable. Don't go for any remedies if the kitchen is at Northwest and dining room is at North direction. Today, people unnecessarily worrying about very small things too. Please be live peaceful, that is the exact meaning of Vastu.

Is It Recommended to Have Dining Table at South Direction?

South direction is good placement for keeping the dining room. Right now, we given many recommendations for South direction dining table. If the kitchen is at SE then ladies can serve food items fast if the dining table is at South direction.

Is Southeast A Suitable Direction for Dining Table?

Can we have a dining table in the Southeast direction?. If the kitchen is at Southeast, then one can place to keep the dining table at Southeast. No worries at all. If the kitchen is at East direction and the dining table is at Southeast, then it is not recommended. This rule is not applicable for the homes in USA, Australia, UK, Norway, Canada, etc. Indeed this is easy to serve locations. Children can quickly have their breakfast and leave to their schools.

Is It Ok if the Dining Table is Located at Northwest Room?

Can we have Northwest dining table. Is this good?. If the kitchen is at Northwest, then arranging dining table is acceptable at NW. Simple procedure to serve food when both are combined.

Placing Dining Room at Northeast is Doing Any Harm to the Residents?

Northeast is also a good placement for dining table or dining room. This is also a quite right place.

Keeping Dining Table at Southwest Is Acceptable as Per Vastu?

Generally, the Southwest dining table is not giving expected good results. Only in few cases, that "may" work in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Please note that this could be exceptional cases only, otherwise, the Southwest dining table may not favorable for the development of the residents.

This checklist may be helpful for the residents' observation and understanding. Below is a detailed explanation with images.

Hearing Music While Taking Food

Mild music is strongly recommended at the dining room. While taking the food and hearing the music is called "Amruthaharam", plan for the mild good music, like Flute, Veena, Sitar, Harmonium, Tabla, Jaltarang or any of Hindustani music, Carnatic music, Classical music, Dhrupad, Khayal and Thumri, Sankirtana, Ritual Singing, Folk Music in India or finally go with Hindu Devotional Music

There should not be any attached toilet having the western commode with the dining room, there is no harm if any attached room used for washing clothes or utensils.

The door of the dining room and the main entrance doorway of the house should not be facing each other directly. The walls of the dining hall should have light blue, yellow, saffron or light green color (Vastu for colours). Some males preparing food just like an expert, their food is tasty.

We observed in many families from Kashmir, food is prepared by males, their prepared food is very tasty.

We can observe "Swayampaka" in Uttaradimutt, etc, only the male residents prepare the food, while they are cooking food they won't allow females inside the kitchen.

If females touch any food item, again males started the entire process after taking a second-time head bath. It is said to be "Madi", a "traditional distance maintaining".

What Are the Good Dining Room Placements As Per Vastu?

Dining Room Vastu colorHere the Dining room comes into many places except Southwest (Southwest house Vastu) corner of the house. Better to avoid the dining room at Southwest corner. If the kitchen is towards the northwest (Vastu for Northwest homes) corner, then the dining room is best fitted towards Northwest, North, Northeast corners. If the Kitchen is constructed (Vastu construction tips) towards Southeast then the dining room is best fitted towards Southeast, South, East and Northeast corners.

The main important point in the dining room is, bigger windows are suggested and recommended. Good climate, mild music is suggested in the dining room. Many people now taking food before TV, this is not correct. On TV there are many channels now tale casting cruelty, sensual feelings, horror, etc, while taking food we should not see these scenes.

Placing Dining Table to Southwest is Good?

Dining table Vastu in HindiGenerally, placing the dining table towards Southwest area is not good. Best to check any other locations to keep the dining table at the residence. Southwest is good for bedroom or even family room, if main bedrooms are at Southwest at first floor. If residents are sitting more time at dining table then they can have it at SW.

Is Kitchen at Southeast and Dining Table at Northwest, is it OK?

Dining table Vastu in TeluguThe kitchen is towards Southeast, the dining room is towards Northwest, just now we discussed that the kitchen best place is Southeast and no problem if the Dining room came into Northwest position is correct, but accessing Southeast and Northwest is not good idea. No Vastu expert accepts SE to NW continued walks.

Is Northeast Dining Room and Southeast Kitchen is Good?

Dining room mirror vastuNow check this image, kitchen came towards Southeast and Dining room placed towards Northeast. Both are in right places. Good accessing and this is good location for both placements.

Is South direction Dining Table is Good?

Dining room interior VastuThe Kitchen is towards the Southeast and dining table is exactly at South. It' alright. No issues will be found with this setting. Residents can follow this procedure.

Dining Table at Southwest and Kitchen at Southeast, is it Good?

Dining room Southwest vastuThe Kitchen placed at Southeast and dining table came at Southwest, wrong accessing. Its not good and not recommended, already we discussed on this point in the above paras.

Kitchen at Northwest Location and Dining Table at Southeast, is this OK?

Dining room color as per vastuSome residents have their kitchen at Northwest and dining table at Southeast, this is also wrong accessing placements. Many Vaastu experts never accept these placements. When we have NW to SE frequent accessing at our residences, then there is a possibility of getting quarrels, heavy expenditure, etc.

Is North Direction Dining Table is Good?

Acquarium in Dining room vastuNow the Kitchen is towards Northwest and the dining room or dining table is towards north (North direction homes Vastu), this is good accessing. Having one Northeast-east door or atleast Northeast-north door to the house is recommended.

West Direction Dining Table is Good?

vastu for dining table in living roomThe kitchen is towards Northwest and the dining table is towards West, good accessing. Here also Northeast-east door to the house is recommended. Food is energy and our elders always clearly expressing that we should be very careful when cooking food, they are treating the food as "Amruth". Our elders shouted us when we comb our hairs near at the Kitchen, combing hair at Kitchen or at dining area is strongly avoided.

Arranging Fruits on Table as Per Vastu

fruit arrangement on dining table as per vastuDecorating dining table with vibrant fruits gives us a healthy, pleasant and good vibes. It develops the idea of consuming fruits before the meal. Overall, it wakes up our palette.

Keeping Plants at Dining Table is a Good Idea?

fruit arrangement on dining table as per vastuArrange some water plants in the middle of the dining table, no issues arise. It should not be an issue to arrange a small plant on the dining table, and it should not disturb your food bowls. Having greenery on dining table is recommended. Arranging greenery pots on dining table releases the tension and can able to take food in pleasant mood.

Question from Kaushal

Respected Suresh ji, we have one dining table at Northeast room, which is round shaped dining table. Can we use glass top on this dining table. Is this location of dining table is good. As usual Kitchen came towards Southeast. What are the awesome benefits and advantages of NE dining table in Vasthu, can you please do release dining table Vaastu in Hindi - Kaushal - Mumbai.

Using a glass top dining table is not at all a problem. No problems came if using a glass top on the dining table. Northeast is an acceptable placement for the dining table. There are many advantages and benefits when we keep the dining table at Northeast. Please read this documentation slowly, then you can easily understand all the benefits. Further, we published Do's and Don'ts of dining table placements in different locations.

What Should Not Be Done After Eating?

Seven dangerous actions that should not be done after completing the meal.

1. Do not walk after eating :: Is it true that if we walk 100 steps after eating, we will live 99 years, is this true? The actual truth is that the body is unable to absorb the nutrients in the food we eat in the process of digestion due to the negative action of our walking.

2. Don't go to bed after having the meal. I once read in English that After lunch sleep a while-After suppers walk a mile, but going to bed after having a meal may cause digestion to not go properly, due to which gastrointestinal diseases (gastric and celiac problems) may occur, so best to go to bed after some time.

3. Don't eat fruits After a meal. Eating fruits right after a meal can cause stomach bloating! So fruits can be eaten an hour before or one or two hours after the meal.

4. Do not drink tea, after the meal. Because tea leaves have high acid properties, the food containing protein that we eat may react with acids and cause problems in digestion.

5. Waist belt should not be loosened after completing the meal. Due to loosening of the waist belt while eating, the eaten food may easily slip down and the intestines may be folded or blocked.

6. Do not take bath. Bathing after meal causes excess blood flow to the body, legs and arms, hence less blood flow to the stomach may lead to poor digestion/inflammation of gastrointestinal disease.

7. Do not smoke. Apart from the advice of medical experts, it has also been observed in the experiments of medical experts that the chances of getting cancer are higher due to smoking after meals.

The more you take care of your health, the better your health will be.

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