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Boundary Wall Vastu | Compound Wall Vastu | Picket Fencing | Prahari | Retaining Wall

Right now, we will discuss easy and quick Vastu tips for the boundary wall in a simple manner. Every point will be discussed step-by-step. Let us know your questions, and we will respond as fast as possible. Normally we will take 5 minutes to 24 hours time to reply if the question has been addressed properly. Otherwise, we never respond to the questions.

1. Is Boundary Wall Is Compulsory For Every House?

No, there is no condition to have a boundary wall for each and every home. If we take homes in USA, we never find boundary walls for all homes. But, having a boundary wall is safe to secure from negative surrounding effects. Generally, it will eliminate negative and flattering positive energies within the premises and around us.

The "BIG" and "BOLD" misconception is without a boundary wall, the house cannot outfit good results. The statements should not "tend to believe", they should have a concrete foundation to trust. The majority of homes in America do not have boundary walls, is all of them are suffering. No, not at all.

2. What Happens If We Did Not Construct Boundary Wall?

We can expect a lot of advantages by constructing a boundary wall. It secures from thieves, animals, and unknown people not to directly enter into the home. Vaastu wise, if the environment supports a home, then no need to construct the boundary wall. Check this how the neighborhood is important in Vastu link for further information. If the neighborhood is not supported, then inhabitants can face many hurdles in their regular activities as the negative forces enter the home without any obstacles as there is no boundary wall.

3. What Are The Advantages Of Constructing the Boundary Wall?

Importance Of Compound Wall In Vastu:

It will protect bad environmental effects on the home

Provides privacy to the inhabitants

Kids can be protected not to go outside without elders observation.

Can keep valuables within the boundary wall, no worry on thefts (Generally, nowadays thieves are most intelligent)

Outside dirt will not immediately enter into a home, boundary wall will arrest this dust.

Can maintain greenery, trees, grass, swimming pool, etc.

Strangers cannot enter into home directly, this boundary wall protects the house old age people, kids, valuables.

Compound wall extreme capable of protecting properties from the bad street focuses.

4. What Are The Disadvantages Of Constructing Boundary Wall?

There are lesser disadvantages. If the boundary wall fell down at Southwest (many residents looking to know is Southwest facing homes are good? read this article to know complete information) or West (study detailed West direction homes Vastu information through this page) or South, then there is a chance of getting huge damages to the health and finances. Caution should always be taken by the residents.

Wrong structure can harm the residents. Compound wall height and lowness at different directions can cause troubles to the residents. For example, if the East compound wall is higher than the West compound wall, then residents can be troubled with rivalry, unhealthy problems, etc.

Pros are substantially heavy, than the cons of constructing boundary walls.

5. Do's

The East (read more info on East facing houses Vastu ideas) and the North (study articles on North homes Vastu guidelines) walls should be lower than the West & South walls. ( Looking for complete South direction vastu details, here it is.)

East & North walls should be thinner than the West and South Walls.

Boundary walls should be constructed with solid bricks. Constructing with mountain rocks will protect the inhabitants from different environmental changes.

More open space should be provided at East and North than the West and South directions.

6. Dont's

South and West walls should not be lower than the North and East walls.

Except Northeast extension, it should not extend to any other corner, like Southwest, Northwest (learn more info on houses facing towards Northwest), and Southeast (read the comprehensive guidelines on Southeast direction Vastu).

Don't keep any holes or windows to the boundary wall at Southwest.

Avoid building solid compound wall towards Northeast, East, and North. These directions are the entry points of benefit from solar and magnetic radiations.

7. Is Boundary Wall Is Compulsory For All Homes In Every Country?

No, not at all. For example, there is no boundary wall for every home in USA. Out of 1000 homes in USA, there is a boundary wall for only one home. Generally, there is only picket fencing for the majority of homes in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and etc.

8. I Live In New Jersey, Is Boundary Wall Is Mandatory For My Home - Gangadhar?

Boundary wall is not mandatory for USA homes.

9. Is There Any Specific Vastu Colour For Boundary Wall

If the boundary wall is beautifully decorated and maintained with clean and clear with handsome design, then it attracts positive powers. There is no particular colour of main gate according to vastu. Use the combination color with the main home. It will fantastically attract the visitors.

10. We Have Only Partial Picket Fencing For My Home, Is It Compulsory To Build Entire Home?

Partial picket fencing is very common in USA. Generally, majority of homes in USA had only partial wooden barrier fencing structures. They may not have complete fencing. If the home is in India and has only a partial boundary fence, then we have to worry. If the property is either in USA, UK, Canada or Australia then no need to worry. This partial fence is very common feature in USA.

11. Common Boundary Wall Rules In Vastu

In some places, it is called with many names like Compound Wall, Boundary Wall, Prahari, Prahar, Retaining wall, Masonry Wall, Goda, fencing wall, embankment, barricade, etc. People have got wrong idea or opinions that if the compound wall is made before the construction of a house it will cause inconvenience or difficulty for construction work and may bring the situation for the sale of the plot.

Before starting the house construction, best to construct the boundary wall. This is good idea.

It is usual practice to construct a compound wall after the construction of the main building in many areas, but this may not be the right procedure.

12. Is It Require To Construct Boundary Wall As Per 90°, Though Land Is 130° Variation

Some lands are either 130° or 60°, in such case residents plan to construct their compound wall with 90° only. Is this correct?. When road passes with respective degrees, then follow construction compound wall as per the road and layout only. Don't violate society's principles. This may harm two types. First point is getting troubles with concerned authorities and the second point is due to this unevenly shaped compound wall the corners within the boundary wall may have raised or truncated in some corners. This could damage the home users development. Best practice is following the layout plan only or following neighbor homes constructing line.

13. Vastu For Boundary Main Gate

Gates to the compound wall is the most important aspect in Vastu, that one should not forget.

Generally, residents doing mistakes at facade placements for their properties.

Again repeating this information that the gates to the boundary wall is a too essential and decisive factor in Vastu.

Gates to the compound wall and doors to the home are most important than any other matter.

These gates and doors are extensively influential factors in getting Vastu results. Residents must locate the entrance gate to a compound wall at hardly “allowed” places and never position in prohibited zones. Inhabitants never place the gates at forbidden locations.

14. Partial Compound Wall Gates

vastu for compound wall gate in TamilThis is "Narain house". Both North and South occupied with "Others Properties" shown the same in this picture. Observe the small dots at the "right side top" and "right side down" in this picture. Both dots shown with white arrows. These are the gates that are in between the home and the boundary wall. Below those dots magnified and clearly pointed for your kind understanding purpose. Please continue with below two images.

15. Northeast Gate Is Not Touching The Main Home And Boundary Wall

house compound wall vastu in TeluguThis image clearly shows how the compound wall gate which is not touching the main home and boundary wall. This gate is suitable only for the residents whose homes does not have full boundary wall. Some inhabitants need only two gates for their homes, for them, this is an exact system of practice to follow.

16. Southeast Gate Is Not Touching The Compound Wall And Main Home

compound wall Vastu in HindiThe gate is not touching the Southeast part of the home. Both pillars are independent and do not touch either the boundary wall or the home wall. This is a good idea to follow. Provide one or two inches space in between the pillar of the boundary wall and the walls. In Vaasthu every point has its own discretion to decide. Residents should be more cautious while planning every aspect.

17. What Is Wrong By Touching Main Building And Boundary Wall

Having gate at Northeast is auspicious, but having a gate at Southeast is considered inauspicious. To ward off this evil effect, this gate should not touch the main building and boundary wall, so giving one pillar at the gate on both sides and these pillars should not touch the home wall and boundary wall.

These above points are very much important for USA homes. Generally, in India, homes have full boundary walls, not partial and incomplete walls.

If a plot floor is sloping towards South or West or Southwest and there are no existing neighboring constructions then first get this plot leveled according to the principles of Vastu and build a boundary wall before starting main building construction.

17. Is It Bad if Northwest Boundary Fencing is Extended Than Northeast Boundary Wall?

NW extending boundary wall as per VastuHere the Northwest boundary wall is extended than the Northeast boundary wall, this may be common with USA homes. Generally, this is not a healthy feature. The Northeast extended boundary wall is a healthy and wealthy feature for the households. Better not to move from the Northwest extended boundary wall to outside, don't frequently use this gate to go out and come inside. The simple remedy is to keep high raise plant flower pots at middle of the West direction by touching the West boundary wall and West house wall.

18. Is Northern Northeast Extended Boundary is Good Or Bad?

Northeast extending boundaryHere the Northeast boundary wall is extended than the Northwest boundary wall, this type of feature may be common with USA homes. Usually, this is a healthy feature. The Northeast extended boundary wall is a healthy and wealthy feature for the residents. It can be continued and there is no remedy required for this NE extended boundary wall. If the main home does not have a Northeast door and residents wish to move from this NE extended boundary area to outside, that is also acceptable.

19. Is Eastern Southeast Extended Boundary Fence Harm the Residents?

Eastern Southeast extended boundary FenceIn this image the Eastern Southeast boundary fence is extended than the Eastern Northeast boundary fence. Normally, this is not a positive characteristic, on the other hand, this is not a serious issue. Better not to move from this ESE boundary fence gate to outside and come inside. Best to lock this fence gate. As a remedy, keep one wooden seperator at South direction by touching the South boundary fence and house South wall. Simple, but powerful.

20. Is Eastern Northeast Extended Boundary Fence is Good?

Eastern Northeast extended boundary FenceHere the Eastern Northeast boundary fence is extended than the Eastern Southeast boundary fence. This is a healthy feature. Residents like to move to go out and come inside from this ENE boundary fence, yes, they can use this extended boundary fence gate. If the house has an East main entrance door then using this ENE boundary fence gate is an additional benefit. If the house has a Northeast main entrance door, then no conditions to use this ENE boundary fence gate.

21. Is Constructing Round Cornered Boundary Wall May Harm The Residents?

The compound wall should not be rounded at the Northeast corner though it can make an acute angle here. NE corner should not make it with round corner shaped.

We did not find any damages if residents did the round cornered of Southeast and Northwest corners. One two Southwest corner plots did with round corner compound walls. We never heard any negative impacts from Southeast round corners and Northwest corner round corners.

22. Increasing Boundary Wall Gradual Heights Is Good, If So Which Part We Need To Do?

West wall should be more elevated than the East wall. The south wall should be more elevated than the North wall. Overall Southwest corner should be more elevated than the Northeast corner. It will be increased step-by-step or gradual elevation based on design and style and convenience.

Residents can select for the lesser thickness of compound wall towards North and East directions with greater thickness towards South and West directions.

23. How Many Corners Should A Boundary Wall Have?

Normally, the compound wall should have only 4 corners, it should not have 5 corners.

If the 5th corner is towards Northeast then it is perfectly alright. The extension should be towards either Northern Northeast or Eastern Northeast then it most auspicious.

If the 5th corner extension will be towards other directions, then it won't give expected results.

24. What Type Of Material Resident's Should Use For The Boundary Wall Construction

Use heavy building materials like stone boulders in South and West while use light materials e.g. honeycomb bricks at North and East walls.

A compound wall acts as a barrier of all bad forces.

Construct the Southwest wall with heavy stones, that should come like a platform other than the compound wall. If the resident's financial position is accepted and had good space at the plot, then they can construct the West and South walls with 2 feet with mountain rocks.

North and East walls can be built with one foot or 9 inches.

If residents not facing any privacy concerns, some expresses that go for some light fencing in the North and East directions, but the actual recommendation is stones or bricks construction is good at anywhere or any direction. Standard construction is most important for secured vastu results.

Plan for constructing a nice looking and beautiful architectural dividing partition wall with a length and height greater than its thickness. This masonry fence should not be awkward at anywhere.

25. Is Curved Northeast Corner Boundary Wall is Good?

Compound Wall Northeast cutThe boundary wall is constructed just like a half moon shape. This is a Northeast truncated boundary wall (the dots line shows the Northeast cut), the Northeast place should not be cut, it has to be perfectly constructed without any cut or truncation. This is a very important point while constructing the bouway wall. Northeast extending boundary wall brings development. The Northeast cut boundary wall "may" not give expected results to the residents.

For safety reasons, always construct a barricade in the North and East directions where boundary wall is not allowed. Residents may go with grillwork, which looks beautiful and soothing to the eyes. It is not considered good to place heavy weight flower pots on the boundary wall, especially towards North and East directions.

26. Can I Extend The Northeast Boundary Wall?

compound wall from SubhaVaastuObserve the Northeast boundary wall extension towards Northeast, this results to good progress, improving knowledge, sufficient money, name and fame, satisfied life, peace, children's education will be more improved. Easy foreign trips, good income, good health and wealth. Finally, this NE wall extension House brings luck to the residents.

27. What is the Exact Procedure of Constructing Boundary Wall As Per Vastu

compound wall InformationAlways start excavation work for foundation purposes from Northeast. Start digging NE at the beginning and ends at SW. First, start at Northeast and move towards Northwest. The Second step is from Northeast proceed towards Southeast, and from Southeast towards Southwest. In continuation of second step is from Northwest to Southwest. The Southwest should be the last point to be excavated and this corner is the first point to lay the foundation stone for construction purposes.

Following this procedure may speed up your building construction and will be completed successfully without any obstacles or frustrations.

28. Boundary Wall Construction Procedure

boundary wall vastuThis is Animated Image, please wait for 10 seconds here for the presentation. 1. Start constructing either West wall or South wall. Here we started with West wall (thick wall). 2. Construct the South Wall. Observe both walls thickness. 3. Construct the North wall half part (thin wall). 4. Construct the East wall half part as shown in this image. 5. Construct the Home. 6. After completion of the home, continue to complete the North and East walls. 7. Arrange the main entrance gate to the boundary wall.

28a. Another system is construct all boundary walls and all the loaded vehicles will enter through the gate into the boundary area to unload the construction material.

28b. Another option is the residents can also construct onlyi West and South walls and construct the home and thereafter complete the North and East boundary walls.

29. Trees Plantation In Continuation with Boundary Wall

boundary wall vastuSee how this compound wall and trees. We observed this boundary wall in Orissa. While we are going from Bhubaneswar to Bhadrak, we captured in our camera. Standard structure is the most important in terms of the boundary wall. We appreciate their interest in planting the trees right away from the boundary wall.

Send us pictures of your compound wall gates, and we'll display them here for others to see. Many residents could find inspiration from your images. Visit our contact page and upload your pictures to our email.

30. Is 3 Directions Boundary Wall is Accepted by Leaving One Direction?

Dear sir, would it be okay for an East facing house to have a boundary wall on all three sides, leaving the front side open without any wall and gate? Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards - Venkatram - Hyderabad.

>>> Namaste Venkatram sir! Constructing the boundary wall in three directions - South, West, and North - while leaving the East direction without one, shouldn't be an issue. If this arrangement suits the location, you can proceed without a boundary wall on the Eastern direction. Building walls in the three mentioned directions and leaving the East open won't cause any problems. If you find this approach aesthetically pleasing, feel free to go ahead without the boundary wall towards the East. Wishing you all the best.

31. Is It Risky to Build a Boundary Wall on Three Sides and Leave East Direction Open?

three directions boundary wall and opening in the EastThe paramount question here is: In which direction are the residents leaving the fencing wall open and constructing in the remaining three directions? As depicted in this image, if the boundary wall is erected in the north, west, and south directions and left open in the east, there will be no issues with this arrangement, with the east remaining accessible and the north, west, and south directions obstructed by the boundary wall. There's no risk associated with this configuration. Best to get experts idea before taking the decision.

32. Is Leaving North Direction Open and Building a Boundary Wall on Other Three Sides a Risky Approach?

3 directions boundary wall by opening in the NorthIn this image, the boundary wall towards the North direction is left open, while the other three directions - West, South, and East - have boundary walls. This arrangement is not problematic and won't cause any harm to the inhabitants. Boundary walls like these are commonly found in some villas. If the residents decide they want to construct a boundary wall in the North, they have the option to do so. In certain communities, it may not be possible to build a front boundary wall, and in those instances, having the North side open will not pose any issues for the residents.

33. Does Leaving South Direction Open Pose a Risk When Building a Three-Sided Boundary Wall?

3 directions boundary wall and opening in the EastIn this image, the boundary wall in the South direction is left open, while the other three directions - East, North, and West - are enclosed by boundary walls. This configuration is not considered favorable and might lead to some problems for the inhabitants. Such arrangements of boundary walls are often seen in some villas. It would be advisable to construct the boundary wall in the South direction; if the community does not permit this, it might be best to consider alternatives like arranging some form of fencing with plants or other ideas towards the Southern Southwest. In specific communities where it's not possible to build a front boundary wall, leaving the South open may not yield the quality and anticipated positive outcomes for the residents.

34. Is Leaving West Direction Open While Building a Boundary Wall on the Other Three Sides Risky?

three directions boundary wall and opening in the EastIn the picture provided, the West direction has been left without a boundary wall, while walls have been built in the South, East, and North directions. This particular arrangement might cause difficulties for those living there and is generally not seen as a good setup. This kind of wall configuration is sometimes observed in villas. If possible, it is recommended to build a wall in the West direction; if community rules prevent this, it could be useful to look into other solutions such as erecting a fence with plants or applying different ideas in the Western Southwest area. In some communities where building a front wall is not feasible, an open West may lead to suboptimal living conditions and fail to meet residents' expectations..

35. Question Asked By Sri. Ganesh

Dear Sir, My open plot is facing WEST and I would like to construct the compound wall, my question is for construction compound wall should I need to perform pooja with my life partner, can you suggest what is best date for construction of compound wall and digging bore in month of June 2014 - Ganesh - Bangalore - India.

Answer by our Team: Before commencing the house construction either with compound wall or direct pillars, good to do perform pooja.

Boundary wall always protects the site from bad neighborhood impacts. No need to start the pooja if you are not planning to start the house after completion of this wall. But please note that if the compound wall is constructing in continuation of the house construction, then it's best to perform Pooja Karyakrama, for any other additional factors or reasons then no need to do pooja.

36. Is It Bad If Neighbor Constructed Boundary Wall in 3 Directions?

Dear SIr, my neighbors constructed boundary wall at 3 directions, is our own wall is also required to construct? - Krishna - Indore.

>>> Krishna purchased an East-facing plot. In all directions except the East, such as South, West, and North, the neighbors have built their own compound walls. Someone advised Krishna that it's obligatory to construct his own walls in all directions. When it comes to Vastu, the ownership of boundary walls is irrelevant, whether the plot owner or a neighbor constructed them. A requirement for a home is that if a boundary wall is in place, it may prevent unwanted intrusion from the neighborhood, serving as a barrier. If a plot has a compound wall on three sides, the plot owner may then proceed to build the 4th wall to complete the structure perfectly.

If there is no compound wall for any home, generally the outside i.e., surrounding effects will immediately reach the home. If the effects are good, it is auspicious for the residents, if the effects are bad, how to solve the unnecessary complications created and originated from the Neighborhood.

Please note one point here. West wall should be elevated than the East wall. The south wall should be elevated than the North wall, one should not forget these principles. If existing walls are adverse to these principles then the owner has to build his own compound wall as per the principles to eliminate the bad effects arises.

37. Question From Sri. Sathyanarayana - Tirupathi - AP.

We had an existing compound wall and a house built east facing with compass. Now the compound wall became non-parallel to the house, is it OK to be non-parallel of compound wall with the home?

We found some variations in regard with results when the compound wall is not equal with the main home walls. When the compound wall is extending towards Northeast, generally, the compound wall may not be parallel with the main home, in such case, there should be Northeast extension. Overall, the northeast extension is giving good results. Non-parallel wall at other directions are giving some disturbances to the residents.

38. Boundary Wall Is Also Called In Different Languages

In Telugu = సరిహద్దు గోడ in Gujarati = બાઉન્ડ્રી વોલ
in Kannada = ಗಡಿ ಗೋಡೆ in Hindi = चाहरदीवारी
in Kerala Malayalam = അതിർത്തി മതിൽ in Maharashtra Marathi = सीमा भिंत
in Punjabi = ਸੀਮਾ ਕੰਧ in Sindhi = چتيل ڀت
in Tamilnadu Tamil = சுற்று சுவர் in Urdu = باؤنڈری وال
in Bengali (Bangla) = সীমানা প্রাচীর in German = Grenzwand
in French = mur d'enceinte in Latvian = robežsiena
in Arabic = جدار الحدود in Filipino = hangganan ng pader
in Malay/Indonesian = dinding pembatas in Italian = muro di confine
in Japanese = 境界壁 in Mandarin Chinese = 邊界牆
in Russian = пограничная стена in Sinhala= මායිම් බිත්තිය
in Norwegian= grensevegg in Assamese= Update Soon
in Bodo = Update Soon Dogri = Update Soon
in Kashmiri= Update Soon in Konkani= Update Soon
in Maithili = Update Soon in Meitei = Update Soon
in Nepali = Update Soon Odia/Oriya = ପୂର୍ବ

In case, if the above words in different languages are not accurate, please improve to update with exact words. Your support is highly helpful for all residents, worldwide. Respected visitors can Contact SubhaVaastu to update with correct words.

39. Is Boundary Wall is Required to All Directions

In India, in all directions boundary wall to the home is required. Please note that this principle is ruled out in community villas and layouts. Further, this rule is not applicable in Western countries or Eastern countries because most homes do not have boundary walls in several countries. They have only community boundary walls. Many homes have only partial picket fencing, instead of the boundary walls. Anyway having 4 directions boundary wall is highly recommended.

40. Boundary Wall Shared With Amman Temple

I am planning to buy a ground plus first floor, East facing main door house in a South Facing Plot. On the northern side, a Raja Rajeshwari Amman temple has a common wall. This temple is like temples built in colonies with the Vimanam not exceeding the 2nd-floor height. Not sure whether the shadow falls on the house. This house is owned by a non-Hindu family and has been selling since the head of the family, a 38-year-old gentleman died 2 months ago due to covid. Whether it is acceptable to have a temple adjacent to the temple with a common compound wall? If you want I can send the layout plan. On the northern side after about 300 meters a canal is flowing from the West to the East direction. Thanks - Sundar - Coimbatore - Tamilnadu.

41. Is It Harm if We Combine House and Boundary Wall Foundations

Good evening sir, Can the foundation of the compound wall touch with the foundation of the house? Javeed - Gulbarga.

>>> In the past we had very large spaces for house construction, those days there is a possibility to follow the accurate Vasthu principles as the house construction plots are big, now we have tiny places to construct homes, it is challenge to incorporate exact Vastu shastra principles within this small areas. Based on the availability of the area we have to integrate rules. If there is no spacious place, then how can we construct everything according to Vastu. Further, it is not a big mistake when a boundary wall foundation touches the main home foundation.

42. East Boundary Wall Elevated Than The Remaining All Directions Walls

Dear Sir, I got a doubt regarding the compound wall construction, after reading your Vastu tips for the same. We made compound wall all four sides as similar height, except less than half portion of East side wall as few inches higher than other directions, as it has to have a pillar & supporting structure height - Viswanadh - Margoa.

>>> Dear Viswanadh Ji, East wall should not be elevated than other directional boundary walls. The East wall should be lower than the West and South boundary walls. Further, the North boundary wall should be lower than the West and South boundary walls.

43. Is It Bad if East Boundary Wall is Heighten Than the West Wall?

Sir my neighbor and I share the same compound wall but just 3 months back they suddenly increased the height of the wall to about 20ft. So now my east wall became about 20ft and my West wall is about 3ft. Our house is at the back of our neighbor's house so this is actually a small walkway about 35ft in length and 5ft in width (surrounded by the east wall from the neighbor's house and West wall). Sir, just after this wall was constructed our business started to lose customers. I am a hostel owner and I have a very good reputation among students and even professors. But now no customers are even coming to see the hostel. Sir, please help me out - S L - Assam.

100 Useful Vastu FAQ

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+11 #1 Expert vastu for compound wallGaneshan C 2014-06-07 04:27
Hai sir, Yours is a very nice website. My open polt is facing WEST and I would like to construct the compound wall, my question is for construction compound wall should I need to perform pooja with my life partner, can you suggest what is best date for construction of compound wall and digging bore in month of June 2014.
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been an incredible delight working with him.. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA

"I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. He was spot on in identifying vastu dosha in regards to the problems we were having. He suggested remedies but we are still looking for a new house. Since then I have been in touch with him for finding a right home for us. He is very sincere and truly wishes better lives for everyone. He doesn’t compromise with quality and is always responsive to queries. He recommends solutions as per location as Vastu rules differ for each country. He is greatly contributing to the society with his knowledge of Vastu and dedication towards his work. Keep up the good work Sureshji and wish you success and happiness!" - Megha - Virginia - USA

I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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