We are planning to publish Vastu websites in all Indian Official Languages. Your assistance in this regard is highly appreciated. India is a land of selfless people who are ever ready to pick up causes for social service. Through this message we request you to lend a hand for the successful completion of this project in terms of Finances. We humbly take this opportunity to mention that our services to military personnel, all Indian government offices and freedom fighters have always been free. Don't chop the trees in the name of this science as they are the heavenly elements. Trees form the basis for the potential development of a property, provide us a sense of security, in addition to helping us prosper in several ways such as Education, Peace, Money and health.

Vastu Consultant in Hyderabad | Secunderabad | Telangana | Warangal | Bhagyanagar

best vastu consultant in Hyderabad (Bhagyanagar) Hyderabad, a city renowned for its Dum Biryani and Irani chai, has always been fortuitous for its inhabitants. Most potential homeowners in the city value the insight of the top vastu consultants in Hyderabad before making a purchase - a commendable awareness. Several residents of Hyderabad have experienced the advantages of Vastu Shastra by constructing their Vastu compliant homes in the city, and continue to reap its benefits.

Fortunately or unfortunately, some residents bought vastu books and after having some knowledge on this science and were built homes according to their own understanding of Vaastu principles. Later they are searching for Vastu remedies to come out from the adverse events.

Most of the tenants are now searching for the homes, which have Good Vasthu. By observing the latest trend, owners giving high importance to house vastu and constructing the homes according to Vaasthu principles.

Right now residents are searching only for the Best Vastu Expert in Hyderabad for their homes, residents are strongly connected to the vastu consultant in Hyderabad.

Another good news is that now residents searching only for top Good Vastu Consultant in Hyderabad before buying home or plot or flat (Reach out this link to know about complete details of flat Vastu, without experts advise no one is ready to buy a property, appreciated this change in our society.

Intelligent residents never check vastu consultant fees in Hyderabad, they are looking for the best results.

Famous Restaurants in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is known for its rich culinary heritage and vibrant food culture. Here are some of the most famous restaurants in Hyderabad that offer a diverse range of cuisine to cater to the taste buds of everyone:

1. Chutneys: Chutneys is a popular vegetarian restaurant in Hyderabad that is known for its delicious South Indian food. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including Dosas, Idlis, Vadas, and Uttapams, all of which are made with fresh ingredients and authentic South Indian spices.

2. Ohri's Jiva Imperia: Ohri's Jiva Imperia is a fine-dining restaurant that is located in the heart of Hyderabad. The restaurant is known for its elegant ambiance and exquisite cuisine, which includes a variety of Indian, Chinese, and continental dishes.

3. Bawarchi: Bawarchi is a legendary restaurant in Hyderabad that is famous for its mouth-watering biryani. The restaurant has been around for over 40 years and is known for its delicious food and excellent service.

4. Rayalaseema Ruchulu: Rayalaseema Ruchulu is a popular restaurant in Hyderabad that is known for its authentic Andhra cuisine. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including biryani, kebabs, and curries, all of which are made with fresh ingredients and authentic Andhra spices.

5. The Square: The Square is a popular restaurant in Hyderabad that is known for its buffet-style dining. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine, and is popular among locals and tourists alike.

6. AB's - Absolute Barbecues: AB's - Absolute Barbecues is a popular restaurant chain in Hyderabad that is known for its delicious barbeque dishes. The restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, including kebabs, tikkas, and biryanis, all of which are cooked to perfection.

7. Kritunga Restaurant: Kritunga Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Hyderabad that is known for its authentic Telangana cuisine. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including Biryani, kebabs, and curries, all of which are made with fresh ingredients and authentic Telangana spices.

8. Minerva Coffee Shop: Minerva Coffee Shop is a popular restaurant in Hyderabad that is known for its delicious South Indian food. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including dosas, idlis, vadas, and uttapams, all of which are made with fresh ingredients and authentic South Indian spices.

Best Breakfast in Hyderabad

1. Ram Ki Bandi Ram Ki Bandi, a small pushcart in Hyderabad, is highly regarded by many as the top spot for delicious dosas. It has a reputation for consistently satisfying customers with its exquisite dosas and idlis. Starting service at the crack of dawn at 3 am and wrapping up at 8 am, it demands an early rise for those wanting to enjoy a bite. The tastiness of their food can surely coax anyone to wake up early for a chance to savor a meal from Ram Ki Bandi.

2. Taj Mahal Hotels Taj Mahal Hotel, a renowned name in the culinary landscape of Hyderabad, has numerous branches across the city. It's a culinary establishment that has its roots in Udupi, Karnataka. About 75 years ago, they made their way to Hyderabad and have since become an integral part of the city's gastronomic scene. Over time, they acquired five major properties in Hyderabad, all of which they developed under the prestigious name of Taj Mahal Hotels. These locations are known for their exquisite taste and the ability to create dishes that leave customers craving for more. The hotel's primary aim is to serve customers with love, providing them with high-quality food that's prepared with the utmost care. The success and growth of Taj Mahal Hotel in Hyderabad is a testament to their commitment to culinary excellence, customer satisfaction, and their undying love for food.

3. Poorna Tiffins This is a very popular breakfast spot, known for its traditional Andhra-style breakfast items. The restaurant serves a completely vegetarian menu.

4. Hotel Sree Krishna Located in Himayatnagar, this eatery is known for its pure vegetarian South Indian breakfast offerings like dosas, idlis, and more.

5. Udipi's Upahar Known for their simple and traditional vegetarian meals, this restaurant in Kondapur also offers a variety of South Indian breakfast dishes..

6. Govinda's A part of the ISKCON temple, Govinda's serves pure vegetarian meals. Their breakfast spread is simple but delicious, with items like puris, sabzi, and sweets.

7. Sri Kanya Comfort Restaurant This eatery in Punjagutta is popular for its traditional vegetarian Andhra meals. Their breakfast menu includes items like idli, vada, dosa, and more.

8. Harsha's Kitchen This place in Secunderabad is famous for its vegetarian Andhra breakfast options.

Vastu in Hyderabad:

The city is enormously developed. Now people do not have the required measuring plot within their budget, the prices unbelievably hiked. Critical thing is that if they found a good plot, there may have any legal problems or some suffering with many resources. or good labor is not available. Anyway we are providing some Vastu tips for Hyderabad city.

If they are contacting any contractor the quality is not that great. How to solve this problem? Due to a wide range of mobile phones available, labor is too busy watching movies some may be busy watching blu.... films. Labor is not properly working in the location.

We have personally observed labor watching movies in the working time. When we asking about their activity they are careless and said that the contractor is not there, yes, if there is no contractor before them, their first duty is watching the youtube channels and those blu....films. They were never interested to maintain quality. Who will save public now.

After seeing many experiences, now residents like to take only Apartment flats. It is really pity thing. When we visited for vastu consultancy services in Bahrain, we observed the same labor done excellent quality work there.

While in our inquiry they told us their contractor will punish if work is lacking with quality. Now compare the same labor works in Bahrain and in India. Who will answer for this question, whos mistake it is.

When residents planning to buy plot, please check that it should not have any water bodies at South direction or West direction particularly at Southwest direction.

When residents planning to buy a home, please check that it should not have any huge buildings particularly at Northeast.

If there is many apartments in all areas, then this Northeast apartment won't hurt, because its city, so the huge structures are common and skyscrapers also very popularly spread all over the city. Very simple logic.

If the plot has Northeast truncation then better to buy another plot.

Vastu Plots in Hyderabad

famous Vastu Expert in HyderabadWe prepared one sketch for your kind understanding purpose. In this image, the directions were marked exactly at the center of the roads. This image shows total of 4 homes. One is Northeast corner home, Southeast corner home, Southwest block home, Northwest block. Out of these 4, generally, the Northeast block home brings good luck here. After observing Neighborhood vastu we have given the recommendation to buy Southwest block home too.

Before finalizing the selection of the property, we need to observe many things, the decision may not be easy and the decision should be successful. It's highly recommended to obtain proper guidance from famous vastu consultant in Hyderabad.

One may not lose anything if they got advice from one vastu expert in Hyderabad. Their payment won't comparable with any other loss which inhabitant suffers in the future. Now we will discuss which block is good here.

In general, the Northeast block home is good and recommended by all vastu pandits. Please note that this rule may not be applicable to the apartment flats or all Northeast facing houses

తెలుగు వారందరికీ శుభాకాంక్షలు. శుభవాస్తు.కామ్ వెబ్ సైట్ ను సందర్శించినందుకు ధన్యవాదాలు ​తెలుపుకుంటున్నాము. విదేశాలలో వున్న మన భారతీయులు, ముఖ్యముగా మన తెలుగు వారు ఈ వెబ్సైటు అభివృద్ధి కోసం ఎన్నో విధాలుగా తాపత్రయ పడ్డారు. ఎంతోమంది తెలుగులో వాస్తు వెబ్సైటు నిర్మించమని తెలియజేయడం వల్ల తెలుగులో వాస్తు వెబ్సైట్ ను నిర్మించడం జరిగింది.

దాదాపుగా ప్రతి ఒక్కరూ ఎన్నో రకాలుగా సహాయ సహకారములు అందించారు. మీ హృదయపూర్వక సహాయ సహకారములు లేకపోతే ఈ వెబ్సైటు ఇంత పేరు సంపాదించుకొనేది కాదు. ఎంతో మంది వారి ఇమెయిల్ లో ఆటో అడ్రస్ లో SubhaVaastu వెబ్సైటు ను తప్పనిసరిగా చూడండని తమ వారికందరికి తెలియజేసేవారు.

FaceBook, Twitter apps వచ్చిన తరువాత, తమ ఫ్రెండ్స్ అందరికి ఈ వెబ్సైటును తెలియచేసారు. స్వంత మనుషులు కూడా ఇంతగా తాపత్రయం పడలేరు. విద్యావంతులు ఎప్పటికి కష్టపడేవారి కి సహాయం చేసేందుకు ఎప్పుడూ ముందుంటారు. పేరు పేరునా ప్రతి ఒక్కరికి మనస్ఫూర్తిగా ధన్యవాదములు తెలుపుకుంటున్నాము. సర్వేజనా సుఖినోభవంతు.

North Street Focus House Vastu in Hyderabad

famous vastu consultants in Telanganaఈ చిత్రమును గమనించండి. ఇందు 3 చిన్న గృహములు మరియూ 1 పెద్ద గృహము కలదు. ఈ పెద్ద గృహమునకు ఉత్తర వీధి పోటు కలదు. ఈ పెద్ద గృహమునకు ఈ 3 చిన్న గృహములు వాయవ్య భాగమున కలవు. గృహమునకు వాయవ్యమున చిన్న గృహములు, ఉత్తరానికి వీధిపోటు, ఉత్తర ఈశాన్యమున ఖాళీ స్థలము ను చూడగలము. ప్రతి ఉత్తర వీధి పోటునూ మంచిది లేదా చెడ్డది అని చెప్పలేము. ఎన్నో విషయాలను గమనించిన తరువాత మాత్రమే వీటి బాగోగులను విచారించాల్సి ఉంటుంది.

వీటి విషయములో ఏమైనా అంచనా పొరపాటుగా వేసినట్లయితే మొత్తం జీవితాలే నాశనమైపోతాయి. వాస్తు విషయంలో 4/5 సంగతులు తెలుసుకొని, సర్వస్వము తెలిసినట్లు ఫోజులు కొడితే చివరకు చిప్ప మాత్రమే మిగులుతుంది. అజాగ్రత్తగా ఉంటే చివరకు ఆ చిప్పను కూడా ఎత్తుకెళ్లే మహానుభావులు వుంటారు.

ఇప్పుడు ఈ వీధి పోటు మంచిదా కాదా అనే విషయం గురించి తెలుసు కుందాము. ఈ విషయం తెలుసుకునే లోపు, దయచేసి క్రింది చిత్రాన్ని కూడా ఒక సారి చూడండి.

Northwest Road Focus Home Vastu in Hyderabad

best vastu experts in Telanganaఇప్పుడు ఆట ప్రారంభమవుతుంది, దయచేసి పైన ఉన్న చిత్రం మరియు ఈ చిత్రాన్ని రెండుసార్లు గమనించండి. అదే ఇల్లు, అదే వీధి దృష్టి, పైన ఉన్న చిత్రంలో చిన్న 3 గృహాలు వాయవ్య భాగంలో ఉన్నాయి, కానీ ఈ చిత్రంలో ఇప్పుడు చిన్న 3 ఇళ్ళు ఈశాన్య భాగంలో ఉన్నాయి.వాయవ్య భాగములో ఖాళీ స్థలము కలదు. ఉత్తర వీధిపోటు మంచిదని కొందరు, చెడ్డదని కొందరు చెప్తారు. ఇందులో ఏది నిజం. పై చిత్రములో 3 చిన్న గృహాలు వాయవ్యములో వున్నాయి. ఈ చిత్రములో 3 చిన్న గృహాలు ఈశాన్యములో వున్నాయి.

ఈశాన్యములో 3 చిన్న గృహాలు వున్న చిత్రములోని ఉత్తర వీధి పోటు మంచి ఫలితములను ఇవ్వాలంటే కష్టము. అదే పై చిత్రములోని వాయవ్యములో వున్న3 చిన్న గృహములు గల ఉత్తర వీధి పోటు గృహమునకు మంచిఫలితాలను ఇస్తుంది. అంచనాలో పొరపాటు అసలుకే ఎసరు పెడుతుంది. చిన్న పొరపాటు జీవితాన్ని నాశనం చేస్తుంది. వాస్తు శాస్త్రములో ఇటువంటివి ఎన్ని తలలు పట్టుకునేవి ఉన్నాయో, అంచనాకు అందవు.

వాయవ్యములో వున్న 3 చిన్న గృహాల వలన, ఉత్తర వీధి పోటు మరియు, ఉత్తర ఈశాన్యములో ఉన్న ఖాళీ స్థలము దాదాపుగా ఉత్తర ఈశాన్య వీధిపోటు ఫలితములను ఇవ్వగలదు. కావున ఇది మంచిది.

ఈశాన్యములో వున్న 3 చిన్న గృహాల వలన, ఉత్తర వీధి పోటు మరియు, ఉత్తర వాయవ్యములో ఉన్న ఖాళీ స్థలము దాదాపుగా ఉత్తర వాయవ్య వీధిపోటు ఫలితములను ఇవ్వగలదు. కావున ఇది మంచిది కాదు

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History of Hyderabad

Telangana, India's 29th state. Newly christened State of India, formed on June 2nd in the year 2014. Previously this place/land was called as Andhra Pradesh state. This land historical information was available from approximately 230 BCE.

Approximately from 230 BCE to 220 CE, Satavahana Dynasty were the rulers of this land. After their period many dynasties like Vishnukundina, Rashtrakuta, Vakataka, Chalukya, and Western Chalukya were ruled this entire land.

The word Telangana derived from the word "Trilinga", its a thought of expectation and many kinds of literature were also said the same.

Based on Hindu tale, Lord Shiva originated within lingam type upon 3 mountain tops, Kaleshwaram, Srisailam as well as Draksharama, that designated the actual limitations from the Trilingadesa, later on, known as Trilinga, Telinga, Telunga or even Telangana and Telugu.

This land was highly experienced the impressed golden period in the reign of great Kakatiya Rulers. Ganapathideva or Ganapati Devudu was a greatest ruler in Kakatiya Dynasty. He came to rule in the year of 1199.

Some literature says that during Ganapathideva period only the monument of Golkonda fort was constructed. Otherthan Ganapathideva, there are another two magnitude leaders like Rudramadevi (Prominently called as Rani Rudramadevi) and Prataparudra were greatest rulers of this Dynasty Kakatiya period.

A sequence of powerful and great leaders came from the dynasty. Their empire destabilized using the assault associated with Malik Kafur within 1309 as well as severe attacks done by Muhammad bin Tughluq, Prataparudra deva was defeated.

Kaktiya rulers ruling upto 1323. After this period under the ruling of Bahmani Sultan of Delhi was came under possession in 14th century.

Governor of Golkonda Quli Qutb Mulk fought against Bahmani Sultanate and formed or established Qutb Shahi ruling or Dynasty at about 1518.

In the year of 1687 September 21st the Great Golkonda Sultanate was arrived underneath by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb following a year long fight.

It means approximately one year the Golkonda fort was seized and later inside forces were weaken and Aurangzeb captured Golkonda Fort, then it came under his ruling. Later many rulers ruled this area upto Britishers invasion entire Indian land.

Telangana offers standard multicultural social history along with populace through Indian as well as outside India.

It's special lifestyle inheriting social traditions through Local customs inlayed throughout Moghuls as well as Nizams guideline along with notable as well as mainly southern Indian native customs as well as traditions.

List of Districts of Telangana State:

Vastu in HyderabadIn the year 2014, June 02nd Telangana State was formed with initial 10 districts, now the changes was materialized came up with 31 districts and they are in turn divided into 584 mandals., for easy administration and increasing the number of districts for social process in which population and industry moves from urban center places to outlying districts and spreading of power away from the center to local branches, this may cause for rapid development in entire land and unemployment will also be solved.

  • Telangana State Capital City: Hyderabad
  • Area 112,077 km2 (43,273 sq mi)
  • Districts 31
  • Population 35,193,978
  • Literacy 66.46%
  • Language Telugu, Urdu
  • Main Crops Rice, maize, tobacco, mango, cotton and sugar cane
  • State Bird Indian Roller
  • State Animal Spotted deer
  • State Flower Senna auriculata
  • State Tree Prosopis cineraria
  • Popular Rivers Godavari, Krishna River, Manjira River and Musi River
  • Spiritual Places Alampur, Basara, Bhadrachalam, Vemulawada, Yadagirigutta, Mallela Theertham (Near Srisailam), Sri Rama Chandra Temple - Ammapalli (Near Hyderabad), Wargal Saraswati Temple (Near Medak), Medak Church (Near Medak), Chaya Someshwara Temple - Panagal (Near Nalgonda), Lalitha Someswara Swamy Temple - Somasila (Near Mahabubnagar), Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple (Near Karimnagar), Kaleshwaram (Near Karimnagar), Jatprole / Jetaprolu (Near Mahabubnagar), Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani Temple (Near Medak), Medaram - Sammakka Sarakka Jatara (Near Warangal), Jain Temple - Kolanupaka (Near Warangal), Lakshmi Narasimha Temple - Nampally Gutta (Near Vemulawada), Kotilingala (Near Karimnagar), Sri Narayana Swamy Temple - Jainath (Near Adilabad), Chilukur Balaji Temple (Near Hyderabad), Keesara Gutta (Near Hyderabad), Sanghi Temple (Near Hyderabad), Dharmapuri (Near Karimnagar),
  • Important Cities Hyderabad, Warangal, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Nalgonda, Alampur, Khammam, Nizamabad, Basara, Bhadrachalam, Suryapet, Mahabubnagar, Medak, Vemulawada, Bhongir, Karimnagar
  • Border States Maharashtra to the north and northwest, Chhattisgarh, Odisha to the northeast, Karnataka to the west and Andhra Pradesh to the east and south
  • Tourist Attractions Alampur, Basara, Nagarjuna Sagar, Warangal, Adilabad, Bhadrachalam, Hyderabad, Khammam, Karimnagar, Kuntala Falls, Mahabubnagar, Medak, Nizamabad, Nalgonda, Vemulawada, Yadagirigutta, Mallela Theertham (Near Srisailam), Sri Rama Chandra Temple - Ammapalli (Near Hyderabad), Anantagiri Hills (Near Hyderabad), Wargal Saraswati Temple (Near Medak), Singur Dam (Near Medak), Medak Fort (Near Medak), Medak Church (Near Medak), Bhongir Fort (Near Nalgonda), Devarakonda Fort (Near Nalgonda), Rachakonda Fort (Near Nalgonda), Chaya Someshwara Temple - Panagal (Near Nalgonda), Jurala Dam (Near Mahabubnagar), Koilkonda Fort And Koilsagar Dam (Near Mahabubnagar), Gadwal Fort (Near Mahabubnagar), Sriram Sagar Dam (Near Nizamabad), Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple (Near Karimnagar), Kaleshwaram (Near Karimnagar), Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani Temple (Near Medak), Ramappa Temple / Ramalingeswara Temple (Near Warangal), Ramappa Lake (Near Warangal), Medaram - Sammakka Sarakka Jatara (Near Warangal), Pakhal Lake & Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Warangal), Jain Temple - Kolanupaka (Near Warangal), Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Khammam), Chilukur Balaji Temple (Near Hyderabad)Keesara Gutta (Near Hyderabad), Sanghi Temple (Near Hyderabad).
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The 31 districts in the Telangana state are as follows:

  • Districts
  • Headquarters (HQ)
  • Adilabad
  • Adilabad
  • Bhadradri
  • Kothagudem
  • Hyderabad
  • Hyderabad
  • Jagtial
  • Jagtial
  • Jangaon
  • Jangaon
  • Jayashankar
  • Bhupalpalle
  • Jogulamba
  • Gadwal
  • Kamareddy
  • Kamareddy
  • Karimnagar
  • Karimnagar
  • Khammam
  • Khammam
  • Komaram Bheem
  • Asifabad
  • Mahabubabad
  • Mahabubabad
  • Mahabubnagar
  • Mahabubnagar
  • Mancherial
  • Mancherial
  • Medak
  • Medak
  • Medchal–Malkajgiri
  • Medchal
  • Nagarkurnool
  • Nagarkurnool
  • Nalgonda
  • Nalgonda
  • Nirmal
  • Nirmal
  • Nizamabad
  • Nizamabad
  • Peddapalli
  • Peddapalli
  • Rajanna Sircilla
  • Sircilla
  • Ranga Reddy
  • Shamshabad
  • Sangareddy
  • Sangareddi
  • Siddipet
  • Siddipet
  • Suryapet
  • Suryapet
  • Vikarabad
  • Vikarabad
  • Wanaparthy
  • Wanaparthy
  • Warangal Rural
  • Warangal
  • Warangal Urban
  • Warangal
  • Yadadri Bhuvanagiri
  • Bhongir

Present Telangana geographical map. It has boundaries like Andhra Pradesh towards South and East directions, Maharashtra towards North and Northwest directions, Karnataka came towards West direction and Chhattisgarh state towards the North-east direction.

Vastu expert in Hyderabad Observe the both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states in one map.

Here we may see the both states in map. Previously it was with the same map. After bifurcation Telangana State was looks like above image.

We are proud to say that we have clients in all districts except Medak town. We have done vastu services / consultancy in all districts except Medak town. We have clients in Siddipet and visited 3 times to this town.

Small summary about Telangana districts:

We are providing every district information of Telangana below. There is a possibility of human errors in obtaining accurate data. Please help us to findout any errors in the below content, we are very ready to update with your kind altered content.

Adilabad District

Adilabad District / Edulabad District: The second biggest district in Telangana State and boundaries for this district is North by Chanda district from Maharastra and Yeotmal, East direction is again Chanda district and South is Nizamabad and Karimnagar and at West direction bounded by Nanded from Maharastra. Only 7 municipalities are there in this district, they are Adilabad, Mancherial, Nirmal, Chinnur, Bellampally, Kagaznagar, Mandamarri, Bhainsa, Utnoor, Asifabad.

There are total 52 mandals and as per source we have furnished the details below:

  • Adilabad (urban)
  • Indervelly
  • Adilabad (rural)
  • Narnoor
  • Mavala
  • Gadiguda
  • Gudihatnoor
  • Utnoor
  • Bajahatnoor
  • Bela
  • Boadh
  • Jainath

This district is famous for dhokra casting toy making crafts and its national famous.

  • Kadem Dam
  • Sathnala Dam

Bhadradri Kothagudem District

Bhadradri Kothagudem district is a district in the Eastern regional part of Telangana state and headquarters located at Kothagudem town. It was carved out of erstwhile of Khammam district prior to the re-organisation of districts in the state.

The district is sub-divided into 24 mandals and they are as follow:

  • Kothagudem
  • Laxmidevipalli (New)
  • Palvoncha
  • Allapalli (New)
  • Tekulapalli
  • Annapureddypalli (New)
  • Yellandu
  • Bhadrachalam
  • Chandrugonda
  • Dummugudem
  • Aswaraopeta
  • Cherla
  • Mulkalapally
  • Burgampahad
  • Dammapeta
  • Aswapuram
  • Gundala
  • Manuguru
  • Julurpadu
  • Pinapaka
  • Sujathanagar (New)
  • Karakagudem (New)
  • Chunchupalli (New)

Important Places In Bhadradri Kothagudem

  • Bhadrachalam
  • Kinnerasani Dam
  • Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

Hyderabad District

Hyderabad District includes the area of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Secunderabad Cantonment, Lalaguda and Osmania University of Telangana State with 16 administrative mandals in Hyderabad.

It is India's one of the famous place for IT Hub. There are several mixed cultural people in Hyderabad district. In, 1978 Hyderabad district was split into Hyderabad Urban District and Hyderabad Rural District (which was later renamed as Ranga Reddy District.)

Charminar is famous for Pearls and bangles.

The 16 mandals of Hyderabad district are:

  • Amberpet
  • Khairtabad
  • Ameerpet
  • Marredpally
  • Asifnagar
  • Musheerabad
  • Bahadurpura
  • Nampally
  • Bandlaguda
  • Saidabad
  • Charminar
  • Secunderabad
  • Golconda
  • Shaikpet
  • Himayathnagar
  • Trimulgherry

Important places in Hyderabad & Secunderabad

  • Addagutta
  • Fathe Darwaza
  • Langar Houz
  • Safilguda
  • Adikmet
  • Gachibowli
  • Macha Bollaram
  • Saidabad
  • Ahmed Nagar
  • Gaddiannaram
  • Mallapur
  • Saleem Nagar
  • Akberbagh
  • Gajula Ramaram
  • Mallepally
  • Sanathnagar
  • Aliabad
  • Gandhinagar
  • Manghalhat
  • Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar (Ameerpet)
  • Alwal
  • Ganesh Nagar (Jeedimetla)
  • Mansoorabad
  • Santoshnagar
  • Amberpet
  • Gautham Nagar
  • Maredpally
  • Saroornagar
  • Ashoknagar (Domalguda)
  • Ghansi Bazar
  • Mehdipatnam
  • Seethaphalmandi
  • Asif Nagar
  • Golnaka
  • Mettuguda
  • Serilingampalle
  • Attapur
  • Gosha Mahal
  • Moghalpura
  • Shaikpet
  • Azampura
  • Gowlipura
  • Moosapet
  • Shalibanda
  • Bagh Amberpet
  • Gudimalkapur
  • Moosrambagh
  • Shapur Nagar
  • Bagh Lingampally
  • Gunfoundry
  • Mothinagar
  • Shivarampally
  • Balkampet
  • Habsiguda
  • Moula-Ali
  • Shobana Colony (Fathenagar)
  • Banjara Hills
  • Hafeezpet
  • Muradnagar
  • Somajiguda
  • Bansilalpet
  • hanuman nagar
  • Mylardevpally
  • Sri Nagar Colony
  • Barkas
  • Hayathnagar
  • Nallagandla
  • Sultan Bazar
  • Barkatpura
  • Himayathnagar
  • Nallakunta
  • Suraram Colony
  • Begum Bazar
  • Hussain Alam
  • Nanalnagar
  • Talabchanchalam
  • Begumpet
  • Hydernagar
  • Nawabsaheb kunta
  • Tappachaputra
  • Bholakpur
  • IS Sadan
  • Noorkhan Bazar
  • Tarnaka
  • boduppal
  • Jagadgirigutta
  • Old Bowenpally
  • Tolichowki
  • Borabanda
  • Jahanuma
  • Old Malakpet
  • Uppal
  • Bouddha Nagar
  • Jambagh
  • Padmarao Nagar
  • Uppuguda
  • Champapet
  • Jangammet
  • Patancheruvu
  • Vanasthalipuram
  • Chanda Nagar
  • Jubilee Hills
  • Pathergatti
  • Vasanthapuri Colony
    (Old Malkajgiri)
  • Chandrayan Gutta
  • Kachiguda
  • PNT Colony
  • Vengalrao Nagar
  • Chavni
  • Kanchanbagh
  • Purana pul
  • Vidyanagar
  • Cherlapalli
  • Kapra
  • Quthbullapur
  • Vijayanagar Colony
  • Chilkalguda
  • Karmanghat
  • R.C.Puram
  • Vivekananda Nagar
  • Chintal
  • Karwan
  • Rahamath Nagar
  • Yapral
  • Chintalbasti
  • Kavadiguda
  • Rajendra Nagar
  • Yousufguda
  • Dabirpura
  • Khairtabad
  • Ramakrishnapuram
  • Ziaguda
  • Dayara/Musheerabad
  • Kishanbagh
  • Ramanthapur
  • Defence Colony
  • Kothapet
  • Ramgopalpet
  • Dhoolpet
  • Kothapet
  • Ramnagar
  • Doodhbowli
  • KPHB Colony
  • Ramnaspura
  • Erragadda
  • Kukatpally
  • Red Hills
  • Erramanzil (Punjagutta)
  • Kurmaguda
  • Rein Bazar
  • Falaknuma
  • Lalithabagh
  • Riyasat Nagar

Intersting Places to visit In Hyderabad

  • Charminar
  • Golkonda Fort
  • Birla Mandir
  • Chilkur Balaji Temple
  • Nehru Zoological Park
  • Shilparamam
  • Osmania University and many more.

Jagtial district

Jagtial is a district of Telangana state in India. Previously it was a part of the Karimnagar district prior re-organisation of districts in the state.

There are 18 mandals in the Jagtial district and they are:

  • Jagitial
  • Korutla
  • Jagitial Rural
  • Metpalli
  • Raikal
  • Mallapur
  • Sarangapur
  • Ibrahimpatnam
  • Beerpur
  • Medipalli
  • Dharmapuri
  • Kathlapur
  • Buggaram
  • Pegadapalli
  • Gollapalli
  • Mallial
  • Kodimial
  • Velgatur

Jangaon District

Jangaon district in the Indian state of Telangana with headquarters located at Jangaon. It was a part of the Warangal & Nalgonda district before re-organisation of districts in the state.

There are 13 mandals Jangaon District and they are:

  • Bachannapeta
  • Chilpur
  • Devaruppala
  • Zaffergadh
  • Gundala
  • Kodakandla
  • Jangaon
  • Palakurthi
  • Lingalaghanpur
  • Station Ghanpur
  • Narmetta
  • Raghunathapalle
  • Tarigoppula

Jayashankar Bhupalpally

Jayashankar Bhupalapally district is a district in the Indian Telangana state. The district headquarters are located at Bhupalpalle. Formerly, it was a part of the Warangal district, prior to the re-organisation of districts in the Telangana state.

The district is sub-divided into 20 mandals and they are as follow:

  • Bhupalpally
  • Mahamutharam
  • Ghanpur (Mulug)
  • Mulug
  • Regonda
  • Venkatapur
  • Mogullapally
  • Govindaraopet
  • Chityal
  • Tadvai
  • Tekumatla (New)
  • Eturunagaram
  • Malhalrao
  • Kannaigudem (New)
  • Kataram
  • Mangapet
  • Mahadevpur
  • Venkatapuram
  • Palimela (New)
  • Wajedu


Karimnagar is a district in northern Telangana state, India. Karimnagar is the biggest city and is the district headquarters. The district has two municipal corporations at Karimnagar and Ramagundam (Telangana State major power production plant / City of Energy). Formerly it was known as Elagandala later got renamed by Nizams to Karimnagar. It is bounded by north Adilabad District, on South Warangal district, in the southwest Medak District and on west Nizamabad District.

There are 16 mandals in Karimnagar district and they are:

  • Kothapalli
  • Veenavanka
  • Karimanagar
  • V.Saidapur
  • Karimnagar (rural)
  • Sankarapatnam
  • Manakondur
  • Huzurabad
  • Timmapur
  • Jammikunta
  • Vadlur-Begumpet
  • Ellandakunta
  • Gangadhar
  • Ramadugu
  • Choppadandi
  • Chigurumamidi

Places to visit:

  • Vemulawada (Vemulavada)
  • Dharmapuri Temple
  • Kondagattu Temple
  • Kaleshwaram Temple
  • Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary


Khammam is a district in Telangana state with Khammam as district Headquarters.

There are 41 Mandals in Khammam district and they are:

  • Bonakal
  • Kalluru
  • Chinthakani
  • Thallada
  • Raghunathapalem
  • Enkuru
  • Khammam (rural)
  • Penuballi
  • Khammam
  • Sathupally
  • Konijerla
  • Vemsoor
  • Kusumanchi
  • Madhira
  • Mudigonda
  • Nelakondapalli
  • Kamepalli
  • Singareni
  • Thirumalayapalem
  • Wyra
  • Yerrupalem

Places to visit:

  • Khammam Fort
  • Narasimhaswami temple
  • Lakaram lake
  • Kinnerasani Wild life sanctuary


Mahabubnagar or Mahboobnagar district was formerly known as Rukmammapet and Palamoor, is a District of Telangana state.

There are 64 Mandals in Mahbubnagar district and they are:

  • Achampet
  • Kondurg
  • Addakal
  • Kosgi
  • Alampur
  • Kothakota
  • Amangal
  • Kothur
  • Amrabad
  • Lingal
  • Atmakur
  • Maddur
  • Balanagar
  • Madgul
  • Balmoor
  • Maganoor
  • Bhoothpur
  • Mahabubnagar
  • Bijinapally
  • Makthal
  • Bomraspet
  • Maldakal
  • C.C.kunta
  • Manopad
  • Damaragidda
  • Midjil
  • Daroor
  • Nagarkurnool
  • Devarkadra
  • Narayanpet
  • Dhanwada
  • Narva
  • Doulatabad
  • Nawabpet
  • Farooqnagar
  • Pangal
  • Gadwal
  • Pebbair
  • Gattu
  • Peddakothapally
  • Ghanpur
  • Peddamandadi
  • Gopalpet
  • Tadur
  • Hanwada
  • Talakondapally
  • Ieeza
  • Telkapally
  • Itikyal
  • Thimmajipet
  • Jadcherla
  • Uppununthala
  • Kalwakurthy
  • Utkoor
  • Keshampet
  • Vangoor
  • Kodair
  • Veldanda
  • Kodangal
  • Waddepally
  • Koilkonda
  • Wanaparthy
  • Kollapur
  • Weepangandla

Places to visit:

  • The biggest banayan tree (Pillalamarri)


Mancherial district is a district located in the northern region of the Indian Telangana State. The District is carved out of erstwhile Adilabad District. The district headquarters located at Mancherial Town.

There are 18 Mandals in district and they are:

  • Chennur
  • Dandepally
  • Jaipur
  • Jannaram
  • Bheemaram (new)
  • Kasipet
  • Kotapally
  • Bellampally
  • Luxettipet
  • Vemanpally
  • Mancherial
  • Nennel
  • Naspur (new)
  • Tandur
  • Hajipur (new)
  • Bheemini
  • Mandamarri
  • Kannepally (new)

Important Places:

  • Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary


Medak is a district located in the state of Telangana, with headquarters located at Medak.

There are 20 Mandals in Medak district and they are:

  • Medak
  • Regodu
  • Narsapur
  • Sankarampeta
  • Tupran
  • Sivampeta
  • Ramayampeta
  • Tekmal
  • Alladurg
  • Chegunta
  • Chilpched
  • Eldurthi
  • Havelighanpur
  • Manoharabad
  • Koudipalli
  • Narsingi
  • Kulcharam
  • Nizampeta
  • Papannapeta
  • Yeldurthy

Places to visit:

  • Medak Fort
  • Edupayala Temple
  • Sri Uma Naga Lingeshwara Temple
  • Medak Cathedral Church


Medchal–Malkajgiri is a district located in the Telangana State of India. The District is carved out of erstwhile Adilabad District. The district headquarters located at Medchal.

The district comprises of 14 Mandals and they are:

  • Alwal
  • Ghatkesar
  • Bachupally
  • Kapra
  • Balanagar
  • Keesara
  • Dundigal Gandimaisamma
  • Medchal
  • Kukatpally
  • Medipally
  • Malkajgiri
  • Shamirpet
  • Quthbullapur
  • Uppal


Nalgonda is the district in the Telangana state of India and headquarters located at Nalgonda.

There are 31 mandals in Nalgonda district and they are:

  • Chandur
  • Dameracherla
  • Chandampet
  • Chityal
  • Miryalaguda
  • Chintapally
  • Kanagal
  • Vemulapally
  • Devarakonda
  • Kattangur
  • Haaliya
  • Gundlapally
  • Gurrampode
  • Nidamanur
  • Gurrampood
  • Munugode
  • Peddavoora
  • Konda Mallepally
  • Nakrekal
  • Tripuraram
  • Nampally
  • Nalgonda
  • Madugulapally
  • Marriguda
  • Narayanapur
  • Thirumalagiri (Sagar)
  • Pedda Adiserla Pally
  • Narketpally
  • Adavi Devulapally
  • Neredu Gomma
  • Shaligowraram
  • Thipparthy
  • Kethepally

Places to visit:

  • Nagarjuna Sagar
  • Mattapalli
  • Nandikonda
  • Panagal
  • Nagulapahad


Nizamabad District is the district of Telangana state and headquarters located at Nizamabad.

There are 26 mandals in Nizamabad district and they are:

  • Armoor
  • Bodhan
  • Nizamabad (South)
  • Aloor
  • Yedapally
  • Nizamabad (North)
  • Balkonda
  • Renjal
  • Nizamabad Rural
  • Mendora
  • Kotagiri
  • Mugpal
  • Kammar palle
  • Varni
  • Dichpally
  • Velpur
  • Rudroor
  • Darpally
  • Morthad
  • Indalwai
  • Bheemgal
  • Jakranpally
  • Makloor
  • Sirikonda
  • Nandipet
  • Navipet

Places to visit:

  • Alisagar
  • Badapahad Dargah
  • Sarangpur Hanuman Temple
  • Pocharam Lake
  • Sri Rama Sagar Project Dam

Ranga Reddy District:

Ranga Reddy district is one of the 31 districts in Telangana state and headquarters are located at Shamshabad. The district name was formed after the former deputy chief minister of the united state of Andhra Pradesh, K.V.Ranga Reddy.

There are 27 mandals in Ranga Reddy district and they are:

  • Chevella
  • Abdullapuramet
  • Amangal
  • Gandipet
  • Chowderguda
  • Moinabad
  • Hayathnagar
  • Balapur
  • Rajendranagar
  • Farooqnagar
  • Shahbad
  • Ibrahimpatnam
  • Kandukur
  • Serilingampally
  • Keshampeta
  • Shankarpalle
  • Madgur
  • Kadthal
  • Shamshabad
  • Kondurg
  • Maheswaram
  • Kothur
  • Yacharam
  • Talakondapalle
  • Nandigama
  • Saroornagar
  • Manchal

Sangareddy district:

Sangareddy (formerly Sangareddypeta) is the district in Telangana State with headquarters located at Sangareddy.

The district was sub-divided into 26 mandals and they are as follow:

  • Ameenpur
  • Kalher
  • Andole
  • Kangti
  • Gummadidala
  • Manoor
  • Hathnoora
  • Nagilgidda
  • Jinnaram
  • Narayankhed
  • Kandi
  • Sirgapoor
  • Kondapur
  • Jharasangam
  • Munipally
  • Kohir
  • Patancheru
  • Mogudampally
  • Pulkal
  • Nyalkal
  • Ramchandrapuram
  • Raikode
  • Sadasivpet
  • Sangareddy
  • Sangareddy
  • Zahirabad
  • Vatpally

Siddipet district:

Siddipet is the district of indian state of Telangana with headquarters located at Siddipet.

There are 22 mandals in district and they are:

  • Siddipet (Urban)
  • Jagdevpur
  • Siddipet (Rural)
  • Kondapak
  • Nangnoor
  • Mulug
  • Chinnakodur
  • Markook
  • Thoguta
  • Wargal
  • Doultabad
  • Raipole
  • Mirdoddi
  • Husnabad
  • Dubbak
  • Akkannapet
  • Cherial
  • Koheda
  • Komuravelli
  • Bejjanki
  • Gajwel
  • Maddur

Suryapet district:

Suryapet is a district Telangana state of india. It was a part of Nalgonda district prior to re-organisation of districts in the state. Its headquarters located at Suryapet.

The district comprises of 23 mandals as follows:

  • Athmakur (S)
  • Maddirala
  • Chivvemla
  • Palakeedu
  • Mothey
  • Chilkur
  • Jajireddygudem
  • Huzurnagar
  • Nuthankal
  • Kodad
  • Penpahad
  • Mattampally
  • Suryapet
  • Mellachervu
  • Thirumalagiri
  • Munagala
  • Thungathurthy
  • Nadigudem
  • Garidepally
  • Ananthagiri
  • Neredcherla
  • Mallareddygudem
  • Nagaram

Vikarabad district:

Vikarabad is a district in the Telangana state with the headquarters located at Vikarabad. It was a part of Ranga Reddy district before the re-organisation of districts in the Telangana state.

There are 18 mandals in district and they are:

  • Bantwaram
  • Marpalle
  • Basheerabad
  • Mominpet
  • Bommaraspet
  • Nawabpet
  • Dharur
  • Parigi
  • Doma
  • Peddemul
  • Doulthabad
  • Pudur
  • Kodangal
  • Tandur
  • Kotepally
  • Vikarabad
  • Kulkacherla
  • Yelal

Wanaparthy district:

Wanaparthy is the district of Telangana state of India. Its headquarters located at Wanaparthy. It was a previously part of Mahabubnagar district prior to re-organisation of districts in the state.

There are 14 mandals in Wanaparthy district and they are

  • Amarachintha
  • Pangal
  • Atmakur
  • Pebbair
  • Chinnambavi
  • Peddamandadi
  • Ghanpur
  • Revally
  • Gopalpeta
  • Srirangapur
  • Kothakota
  • Veepanagandla
  • Madanapur
  • Wanaparthy

Warangal Rural:

Warangal Rural district is a district of Telangana state, and its headquaters located at Warangal.

There are 15 mandals in Warangal district and they are:

  • Atmakur
  • Chennaraopet
  • Damera
  • Duggondi
  • Geesugonda
  • Khanapur
  • Parkal
  • Narsampet
  • Parvathagiri
  • Nallabelly
  • Rayaparthy
  • Nekkonda
  • Sangem
  • Shayampet
  • Wardhannapet

Places to Visit:

  • Ramappa Temple (Ramalingeswara temple)
  • Pakhal Lake
  • Medaram (Sammakka & Saralamma temple)

Warangal Urban:

Warangal Urban district is a district of Telangana state, and its headquaters located at Warangal.

There are 11 mandals and they are:

  • Bheemadevarpalli
  • Dharmasagar
  • Elkathurthy
  • Inavole
  • Hanamkonda
  • Hasanparthy
  • Kamalapur
  • Kazipet
  • Khila Warangal
  • Velair
  • Warangal

Important Places:

  • Warangal Fort
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Thousand Pillar Temple
  • Kakatiya Rock Garden.
  • Kakatiya Musical Garden.
  • Ramappa Lake.

Yadadri Bhuvanagiri:

Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district is a district in the Indian Telangana State with administrative headquarters is located at Bhongir.

There are 16 mandals in the district and they are:

  • Addaguduru
  • B. Pochampally
  • Alair
  • Choutuppal
  • Atmakur (M)
  • Narayanpur
  • Bibinagar
  • Ramannapet
  • Bhongir
  • Valigonda
  • Bommalaramaram
  • Motakondur
  • Mothkur
  • Rajapet
  • Turkapally
  • Yadagirigutta

Important places:

  • Yadagirigutta
  • Bhongir fort
  • Kolanupaka Jain Mandir

Note: Let us know if we missed any important place in your district, we will immediately update this page with concerened content.

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I was reading on Vaastu to check the online compliance of our plot and then I came across subhavaastu. While reading on the website, I was impressed with so many articles and richness of the articles. I realized that our plot would need to be consulted due to some variations in the angles of the plot. Site itself gave a very good impression about values of Suresh Sir. So I had not hesitation and I reached out to Suresh Sir with some pictures and plot layout. Suresh Sir was very prompt in responding to the queries and had explained vaastu compliance of the plot upfront. My impression was right!! Thank you so much Suresh sir for your valuable time and insights with some references to understand the impact of Vaastu and making things clear to me - EK - Hyderabad

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Hi, we are looking to buy an independent house, looking for one of the best Vastu expert in Hyderabad. Our plot is 40X65, which is located at Madhapur and very near to the Gachibowli area. I have another plot at Banjara Hills but this is not rectangular or square, it has a Northwest extension. my present office is at Film Nagar and looking to shift to our own office at Kukatpally. 4 months back we approached one vastu consultant, for our surprise, from the starting of his consultancy he is blaming all other vastu consultants and wants to sell many yantras. we know these gimmicks, the best Vastu specialist never blame anybody, they will provide services and leave us by taking the Vastu consultancy fee. your website is excellent, i appreciate your sincerity in opening the secrets of this vastu. lord Ganesha always be with you sir, you will get his blessings soon.
+12 #1 Vastu Consultant HyderabadChandra 2017-11-28 15:22
R/Sir, we seen one home in Banjara Hills which has Northeast street focus and Southeast street focus, it is almost half circled road focus on this home as said above. Now it came for sale, yesterday I shown it with one vastu consultant Hyderabad, he said that buy the property, but he is not giving clarity on SE focus on this property. Another property at Jubilee Hills which has total lower depression at South, please help which one is better to choose.
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Dear Suresh, I am pleased to inform you that like the way you provided consultation for my home and explained to me all the changes required inside and outside home. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. Above all, you explained very well the reasons behind changes you recommended for my home with great clarity and sense of humor. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. Also, I sensed when I talk to you and when I was dealing with you, you follow honesty and integrity and you have a sincere desire to help others - Kotesware Rao - Dallas - USA

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I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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