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Vastu for Staircase | Selecting a Good Place For Staircase As Per Vastu

Staircase Vastu ideasWithin this link, we explore both external staircase Vastu concepts and internal staircase Vastu insights. Various staircase Vastu remedies are presented here; nevertheless, certain details may have been overlooked. Should you require further details from our site, do not hesitate to reach out. We are eager to answer any inquiries and deliver thorough explanations.

In some countries this staircase is also called as "STEPS". The majority of residents used to say it as "Staircase"

Different Results With Solid Rock Staircase And Light Weight Metal Staircase

Solid rock Staircase at NortheastPreviously, we explored the concept of building stairs using stones as one option and fabricating stairs that are lightweight as another alternative. By examining this picture, you'll gain a clearer understanding. The stairs in question are constructed from stone. Positioning stone stairs in the northeast section tends to result in largely adverse effects.

weightless staircase at NortheastExamine the picture above and the subsequent one presented here. In these cases, the stairs are designed to be exceptionally lightweight and hollow. While it's typically recommended to avoid placing stairs in the northeast section, there may be scenarios where it's necessary to do so. In such instances, opting to make the stairs as light as possible, as shown in these examples, can substantially lower the chances of adverse effects. This strategy might even completely prevent any potential issues from arising.

  • The quest of mankind is unending. The earliest man on the earth wore no clothes and ate raw meat and other things available in handy.
  • The discovery of fire and agriculture is the result of the quest of man for a better life.
  • In modern terminology, it may be called, “research”.
  • In the earlier days treatments for ailments might not have been available.
  • Research – the modern term for the word quest – led to the discovery of various medicinal systems and medicines so that it is helpful to humanity.
  • Same is the case in every walk of life including Vastu.
  • Vastu decrees that the staircase on the Northeast side is harmful to the residents.
  • What exactly it means is heavy construction and heavy materials in the Northeast side stationed permanently on the Northeast when compared to other sides is unwelcome.
  • We have seen several places where this principle is defied. On the contrary, people were seen to be active and normal otherwise.
  • There were no signs of inauspicious situations. What was wrong then . . .
  • Our understanding of the principles was wrong. What is meant was heavy, permanent articles in the Northeast are unwelcome.
  • With the modern construction methods, staircases have become lighter, and positioning them in the Northeast is seen as not causing bad situations.
  • As such the understanding of the principle was basically wrong. Not the principle itself.
  • Such refined understanding can be discerned only by a competent Vaastu scholar endowed with modern construction materials and the like.
  • It is for this reason that we continuously emphasize upon a expert who does not merely parrot ancient statements without understanding the complete implications.

Questions And Answers On Vastu for Stair Case (Steps Vastu):

We published some questions on the staircase and provided answers. If respected residents have any questions they can post their questions, we will respond as per our convenience. Generally, we will publish such questions within 5 mins to 48 hours.

1. Can We Have a Staircase in the Northeast Corner?

Northeast Staircase and Vastu effectsUpon examining the image, it's evident that the staircase is positioned in the northeastern segment of the room situated in the northeastern part of the residence. Typically, staircases located in such an orientation are not considered beneficial for the occupants' prosperity and might, in fact, lead to a multitude of complications.

Consequently, incorporating a staircase in the northeast section of a dwelling is generally discouraged. This arrangement is often linked to unfavorable outcomes and could hinder the overall harmony and progress of the household. It's recommended to consider alternative placements that align with principles known to foster positive energy and growth.

2. It is Good to Have a Staircase in the Southwest Corner?

Southwest Staircase VastuKeep in mind that the stairs inside a home are a crucial element that cannot be overlooked, especially when one needs to ascend to the upper floors. It's imperative to use stairs for such purposes. However, installing stairs in the southwest corner of a room, particularly in the southwest direction, is not considered an appropriate practice.

Positioning stairs in this specific part can lead to a multitude of issues and difficulties, often as a result of premature or ill-considered decisions. Therefore, it is advised to avoid placing stairs in the southwest corner of the southwest room and to consider an alternative location for them instead.

3. Any Vastu Rules to Be Followed Even for a Ladder?

Vastu for ladderAdhering to Vastu principles for every aspect is not feasible for everyone in our homes. Vastu guidelines are not meant for items that are frequently moved. Take, for instance, a ladder used within the home for various purposes. It can be positioned in any part of the house to meet our needs without the necessity of following principles. Once you are finished using the ladder, it is advised to store it in the South, Southwest, or West direction.

It's important to understand that placing a staircase in the Northeast can adversely affect health, hinder progress, dampen prosperity, and diminish fame. Many residents with a staircase in the Northeast often seek remedies and dosh nivaran to mitigate these issues. It's worth mentioning that certain regulations might not apply to USA homes, Homes in UK, and Australia homes, among others. Nevertheless, among all potential locations, a staircase in the Northeast is considered the most unfavorable.

Resident Rajasekharan Experience With Northeast Staircase

Dear Sir, Vanakkam. I'm Rajasekaran, from Coimbatore. We have some Vasthu issues and we are in the process of fixing it. We have a duplex internal staircase in Northeast side and got an advise to place mirrors on the roof. After placing mirrors on the roof, we feel the problems are even more. Now we are considering to remove the staircase and replace it with lift. I feel it would be better to have an on-site review and advice before making a decision. We lost all sources of income for past three years, managing with the remaining money, which will not last for long. I request you to advise me your charges and availability for Vaasthu solutions at the earliest. Thanks and Regards, M.Rajasekaran.

4. Can We Plan an Internal Staircase in the Southwest Direction, is This Good to Have a Staircase at Southwest?

Ans: Internal Southwest corner is not a proper place for the staircase. We observed the owner or elder of the home is suffering with many problems if the staircase located at Southwest corner in the Southwest room.

5. Is It Good to Have an External Staircase at Southwest?

Ans: Arranging the Staircase at external Southwest corner is accepted, take proper guidance from experts for this external SW staircase.

6. Can We Plan a Staircase at Northwest?

Ans: Northwest is the best suitable location for the staircase. The Northwest direction is perfectly fit for external and internal staircases. Please note that the external Northwest staircase should not touch the North boundary wall. This is important point.

7. Can We Plan a Staircase at the Southeast Corner?

Ans: The Southeast corner plays a crucial role when it comes to staircases. For those considering an external staircase, positioning it towards the Eastern Southeast is advisable. Enhancing the house with a eastern Southeast extension for the staircase can be effectively balanced by adding a balcony in the entire East direction until Eastern Northeast, beyond the boundary of the Eastern Southeast staircase.

8. Can We Place a Staircase in North Direction?

Ans: Placing a staircase in the North direction is generally not recommended according to Vastu principles. The North is associated with wealth and prosperity, and having a staircase in this direction is believed to lead to financial losses or hinder financial growth. It's advisable to consider other directions that are more favorable for staircases, such as the South, West, Southeast, or Northwest, to ensure a positive flow of energy and avoid any negative impacts on the inhabitants' prosperity and overall wellbeing.

9. Is the East Direction Suitable for Placing a Staircase?

Ans: Placing a staircase in the East direction is generally viewed as less favorable. This stems from Vastu principles, which hold the East in high regard due to its association with sunrise, deeming it auspicious for attracting positive energy into the home. The key concern with a staircase in this location is its potential to obstruct natural light or cast shadows, particularly in the North-East corner, a sector valued for clarity and spiritual growth. Nevertheless, if the staircase is thoughtfully designed to avoid hindering light and positioned entirely more towards the Southeast within the East direction, it could still be considered. The overarching goal when situating a staircase should always be to preserve the home's balance and the continuous flow of positive energy.

10. Is the West Direction Ideal for Your Staircase?

Ans: Indeed, the West direction can be a favorable choice for positioning a staircase in your home. According to our Indian ancient traditional subject, the West is associated with stability and energy accumulation, making it a strategic location that can potentially enhance the overall vibe and functionality of your space. When a staircase is placed in the West, it aligns with the flow of positive energies, encouraging prosperity and well-being within the household. This direction ensures that the staircase does not interfere with the auspicious energy entering from the East and North, maintaining harmony and balance. Furthermore, ensuring that the staircase design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional can amplify its benefits, turning it into not just a structural element but a catalyst for positive changes in the home. As always, consider the specific layout and needs of your home, along with Vastu principles, to create the most harmonious living environment.

11. South direction is suitable for the staircase?

Ans: Home internal south direction is suitable for a staircase.

12. Can we place Staircase in the Brahmasthan?

Ans: In India, this Brahmasthan staircase is not a common feature and is rare, but constructing a staircase at Brahmasthan is a run-of-the-mill attribute in USA, United Kingdom, and Australia. Most of them were not given bad results. But some were acting as carriers of negative energies. Care should be taken in this regard. If the central staircase obstructs the Northeast view or Northeast walks, then it may start giving trouble. If the center staircase is not objecting to the NE walks, normally, it may not be giving any negative energies.

13. Example of Center Staircase for East Facing Homes

Is center staircase is good or badThis is East facing home. The staircase is almost located at center part of the house. This type of homes may be common in USA. Here the staircase is not obstructing the Northeast walks. Hence this is not a serious issue to think. Don't check the other rooms of the home, we are discussing only central staircase in the home only, not the other room or doors positions.

14. Example of Center Staircase for North Facing Homes

is center staircase is bad in the homeThis is North facing home. The staircase located at almost center part of the home and obstructing the NE walks. Normally, this could damage development, creating some health disorders, lack of improvement, etc may be seen. As we requested earlier, don't observe where is the bedroom and kitchen in this home, we are discussing only center staircase in this house floor plan.

15. Is It Important to Count the Number of Steps in the Staircase as Per Vastu?

Ans: In ancient architectural design, the number of steps in a staircase is considered to hold considerable significance. However, nowadays, most people arrange their staircases based on their individual comfort, not adhering to traditional norms. While we're not arguing against counting the steps, the gravity of this matter has certainly diminished in contemporary times. During the times when staircases were built using solid rocks, assessing elements such as the number of steps was crucial. However, in present times, the preferences have shifted away from construction with solid mountain rocks. Today's choices are typically cement slabs, wood, or in most cases, hollow bricks, making lightweight staircases prevalent in our communities. If you're contemplating the importance of the number of steps, another related consideration is the foot with which you initiate your climb. Should it be the right or the left? For instance, if you begin with the right foot, you'll land on the next floor with your left foot. Is this considered auspicious? Not necessarily. Take, for example, a staircase with 14 steps. If you start climbing with your right foot, your final step will inevitably be with your left foot. It's important to understand that such nuances may not hold any consequential importance in today's world.

16. Ours is East facing house. The staircase with pillar support is in the Southeast. For that SE pillar, the northeast pillar touching the portico is required or not.

Normally, for the staircase, particularly in India, residents planning them at Southeast, for standard purpose, staircase built with cement gravel and it came with pillar support for the center platform. Is such case it seems to be a Southeast extension. If there is a portico at Northeast, then no need to have any other pillar at Northeast to the portico. If there is any room or toilet under the staircase which is at Southeast then a pillar is required for the Northeast portico.

17. Is ladder is also giving same results when compared with solid staircase and considered to be a staircase in vastu?

Ans: Before knowing the answer for the above question, first we need to get some clarification on this ladder and vastu influence on ladder positions.

This ladder is only made with a series of bars in between two upright lengths of metal, wood, and rope generally used for climbing up to the upstairs or terrace or something.

We observed some ladders like with wooden ladders, steel ladders and iron ladders with hollow in between each climbing line is not giving bad results when they are at prohibited places, in our observation majority of the ladders were silent in makeover bad results.

We all know that some ladders are movable and some are non-movable. In our observation, these non-movable ladders also not given bad results to the residents. Please make sure that we are discussing only.

18. Our Staircase Goes to First Floor has Anti-clockwise Direction, Is This Ok as Per Vastu?

Clockwise staircase position as per VastuThis Clock-wise staircase and anti-clockwise staircase is a hot topic for several people. We are trying to clear this point through this image and content. We collected 24 house residents' experiences on this clockwise and anti-clockwise staircase. After years together hunting finally we found 6 homes residents who changed the anti-clockwise staircase to a clockwise staircase.

Out of 6, the 5 residents expressed that they did not find any change in results after correcting the anti-clockwise staircase to the clockwise staircase. The 6th resident not interested to share anything, he is angry on the Vastu people. He never wish to speak with us and asked us to go out. We don't know the reason but we understand his feelings. He may feel that he might be wrong guided with some Vastu person.

From the starting of our consultancy, we are insisting many residents about this clockwise and anti-clockwise staircase as per Vastu. There is no importance in this point.

If residents still design to construct only the clockwise staircase, we don't have any objection. Please note that convenience is most important than the clockwise direction staircase or anti-clockwise direction staircase.

19. As Per Vastu Is There Any Harm to Have the Anti-clockwise Directional Staircase?

anti-clockwise staircase as per VastuNothing is more than experience. We all know that experience is most important than any other. We worked very hard and gathered some experience. Unfortunately, those residents won't accept to take photos and publish their house photos or their names. It's the reason, no concerned photos were published here. We respect residents, without their will, we never publish anything of their property photos or names. Overall our experiences stated that nothing change happened after correction. If you come across any experiences let's share them with us, we are ready to publish.

20. Staircase Opposite to the Main Entrance Door for Southwest Home Is Good or Bad?

Namashkar, we find one Southwest facing house and we all liked it. But the staircase is exactly opposite to the main door, please let me know whether this is a decent feature or terrible. Is there any long-lasting solution to fix this issue assuming that it is viewed as ominous, houses in California are hotcake now, with less inventory, and the price reached abnormal. - Niharika - California.

Smt. Niharika Ji Namaste, the staircase opposite to the main door particularly for Southwest facing homes is considered to be dreadful. Slowly residents may face dire situations. Difficult to come out from their troubles. No development, health issues, disturbances in the work area, no peace in the home. This may trouble the descendants in many areas like in education, school, jobs, social moving, etc. Some staircases are not such dangerous as they have connected to the Northwest wall and the Southeast has accessibility to go inside.

21. Is It Bad if the Staircase Is Located Exactly Opposite to the Main Door of Our Northeast Facing House?

Hi, we bought a home in New Jersey in the year 2018. This is a beautiful Northeast facing house. One of our friend expressing his views that the staircase is exactly opposite to the main entrance door and it spoil peace in our lives. It is true, is his examination is worth to trust? - Kailash - New Jersey.

Namaste Shree Kailash Ji, your home is NE facing and your staircase is opposite to the main entrance door and after this staircase, a huge closet occupied the area. This staircase may not trouble you. No need to worry in this regard. Please note that this statement is considering only to the staircase, not the other rooms of the home.

22. Is It Good or Bad if External Staircase Opposite to East Facing House?

Hi Sir, we have one home in Chennai and the house is facing east but external staircase is exactly opposite to the main door and ends towards the North direction, please confirm is it good to buy or is there any remedy? - Supriya - Chennai.

Ans: When there is any external staircase exactly opposite to the main entrance door for the East facing home and it is ending towards North. This means the exact Northeast has a staircase and the starting point starts opposite to the main entrance door for east home, this setting is considered to be unlucky and best to avoid buying this home.

23. In My Duplex House the Northwest Internal Staircase Touching the North Wall, Is It Bad?

Our duplex house built with vastu principles, we have one question regarding staircase touching the North wall, is it acceptable - Nitin - Erandwane, Pune.

Ans: Staircase construction outside is different and staircase construction inside is different. The outside staircase does not cover by a house slab. But inside staircase was built within house slab area. If the staircase came outside and constructing towards the Northwest, it is not advisable to touch the North boundary wall as it crosses the house slab area. But inside within slab plinth area, then it can touch the North wall.

Different Names of Staircases

Steps/staircase may be called with different names in different places as Rung, shed, staircase, steps, Seedee, etc. How to arrange the staircase and banister and where to place the staircase at our house or at our factory ( step into factory vastu), most of the residents do mistakes by placing the staircase in the wrong places and that "may" lead to severe problems, here are some step by step guidelines for placing staircase and constructing their structure.

There are many types of staircases in use, out of them we mentioned some of below:

1. Arched staircase

2. Straight and simple or Linear Staircase, which starts from one direction and reached to the opposite direction. For example, the staircase starts from East direction and ends at West direction, the tail of the staircase. This style of stairs will appear on the row homes in the streets.

3. L Shaped Stair (or sometimes called quarter turn stairs). L shaped staircase, which is starting from one direction and ends in another direction. For example, stairs start at East direction and landed at the center of the stairs and move towards the North direction or South direction, many vastu pandits opinioned that this method may not be perfect, due to space constraints, and residents following the method which is suitable as per their convenience.

4. Bifurcated stairs are very common in movies, in many movies we can observe such bifurcated stairs. Starts from one place and lands in one part and thereafter is divided into two stairs and reaches the upper floor in two different directions. It looks rich feeling. (Someone called this as Split Staircase)

5. Circular Stairs

6. Spiral Stairs

7. Arched staircase

8. Helical stairs

9. U shaped staircase, which is starting from one direction and ends into the same direction at the landing area and taking U-turn at the center of the staircase. For example, stairs start in East direction and take a turn either in the South direction or West direction and again moving towards East direction. This system is very common in India. Many Vastu Shastra experts also opinioned that U shape staircase is a good idea.

10. Double U staircases, or square style staircase, which starts from one direction and end in the same or another direction, these type of stairs can be visible for the very old buildings or Maharaja palaces.

11. Dancing Staircases, which are lesser in number, but we can see them in some homes.

Curved Stairs

Ladder stairs

Floating Staircase

Storage Staircase

The steps (Staircase, spiral, helical, round-shaped, wooden, steel, Iron staircases) can be built anywhere except in the Northeast direction or at East direction or North direction.

The staircase should not be constructed in the Southwest room of the home.

While constructing the staircase at the eastern southeast part of an East facing house, stairs should not touch the Eastern compound wall. The appropriate gap should be maintained between both stairs and the compound wall.

Its simple to follow, stairs start from eastern southeast part and landed on one pillar which is exactly at Southeast-east not touching the main home (independent pillar), and stairs running towards the north direction and reach the upper floor. The entire stirs load will be bare on this individual pillar only.

If this staircase touches the home Eastern wall then balcony should be provided at Northeast corner, which it should cross the East line of the staircase. For this one may see the below image. It can be found in this below animated image.

While placing the steps in the North Facing House, they should not touch the house Northern wall or the Northern compound wall. The gap should be maintained between North compound wall and the staircase.

The appropriate gap should be maintained in between the main home North wall and stairs and North compound wall. If the stairs touch the home North wall then portico should be maintained which should increase the Northeast, one may observe all these techniques in next pages.

While constructing the steps in the South facing house, the simple technique is generally, stairs start from East to the West direction for this South facing home and thereafter it turn towards North and again turn towards east and reaching the upper floor at Southeast-south part, which is auspicious location for South homes.

While planning steps to the West facing home, they can touch the house western wall. While starting to climb the steps, it is best to climb from North (Read more information from this North facing house vastu link) to South and turn to East and again move towards North and finally landed at western Northwest portion which is auspicious location for the west facing homes.

If steps/staircase are being built outside, then the first choice should be eastern-South-East or the second best option is northern Northwest.

Arranging Staircase Exactly Opposite To The Main Entrance Door Is Good Or Bad:

For West and South facing homes, when entering to the home from the main entrance the exact opposite stairs should NOT be placed.

For East and North facing homes, when entering the home from the main entrance door, the staircase can be built exactly opposite to the door.

Depending on the availability of vacant place or outside of our house residents can choose a proper place to arrange staircase opposite to the entrance. For example: If a home is West facing and entrance is from Northwest-west then the staircase should not be exactly opposite of this main entrance gate.

When coming to the South facing homes and home is having main entrance door from Southeast-south then staircase should not be exactly opposite to the entrance gate.

Why: it's simple, in both above cases, the staircase came towards Northeast, please note that Northeast staircase is not recommended.

This rule may not apply to the Northeast-east and Northeast-north entrance gate homes, for these two homes the staircase exists either Northwest or at Southeast.

Vastu for Staircase is not an easy method to decide, it may have some hurdles to select the right place in the home when coming to the exact planning of a home with vastu perspective, one should not do mistakes in selecting the place of the staircase in their dream home.

Vastu for StaircaseThis is an animated image, it takes at least 5 seconds time to animate/movie. Eastern Southeast we can find one staircase. Indeed this is a good placement of the staircase. Due to the staircase, the house gets Southeast-east extension, to minimize its bad effect and a balanced method, just build the portico as shown in this image, this is good enough remedy for this mistake.

The right procedure is portico line has to cross the staircase level towards an East direction which was clearly shown with one green arrow. so that Northeast (Eshan) will extend than the Southeast (Agneya), if the portico is lesser than staircase line it means that the staircase extended towards Southeast corner, it means eastern Southeast extended, it may not be too dangerous but not recommended.

This image map is only for East facing homes and for every direction there must be some specifications for this staircase. Before constructing the house, it's better to take an appointment with one of the best vastu consultant and discuss on every point and has to take some precautions on every direction locations of the home i.e., kitchen, steps, bedroom, etc.

For every room of our home has its own capability to show its power in delivering the results, for some of the important things like a staircase, bedroom, kitchen, etc it should not be finalized with tiny knowledge of vastu principles. This wrong thought may damage the future.

For more information on this staircase please visit this Staircase Steps Vastu link, it has more information on the Staircase.

Some Questions on Staircase Vastu:-

1. How many steps (what is the number) in a staircase.

2. Which is the best place for Staircase?

3. Where the first step has to come as per vastu.

4. In which place the staircase has to be landed at first floor or adjacent to the ground floor.

5. Is the basement staircase steps also countable?

6. Some houses have two way staircase or steps, is it correct?

7. Which direction steps are good in the house.

8. North, East, South or West direction staircase, which direction is the most auspicious

9. Staircase at Brahmasthan is acceptable as per Vastu?

Most fo the questions were answered in next followed link, click the right arrow after this below questions.

Many vastu consultants opinioned that the staircase is the most important feature in vastu. Some vastu pandits belief that linear staircase may not be correct for homes. If so, how the resident built the staircase for his home. Whatever this subject Vastu says, but resident should need stairs to go to the upstairs/upper floors. Convenience is the most important than any other subject.

Can we keep stairs from cellular to 1st floor in Northwest corner - Ramesh - Hyderabad

>>> When a home has a basement and needs to access the basement through the staircase, then Northwest is suitable for accessing the cellar?.

Question From Deepshree

We have a duplex flat, & a U shaped staircase if in perfect West moving from South to North, is it correct if we plan a powder room under the staircase at the north wall - DeepShree - Secunderabad

Question on Center Staircase

Dear Suresh Ji, recently we bought a home in Dallas, while house warming function going on, one of my friend expressing their doubt on center staircase in our new home. We are so worried on this point, is this a major issue?

>>> Understanding the orientation of a home direction plays a crucial role in addressing this query. As mentioned previously, if the central staircase does not obstruct the Northeastern pathways, it will not cause any issues for the occupants. It's important to note that, in general, most of the central staircases in American homes do not pose problems for the residents. However, we are not discussing the effects of central staircases in homes located in India.

Is It Good to Have Northwest Staircase Opposite to Eastern Northeast Main Door?

Sir, Good evening. Ours is 2160 sq ft, East facing Plot [East to West 54" and South to North 40"]. Our architect has fixed the Staircase at the Northwest of the house. But as per east facing plot the main door entrance is in the Northeast which is directly opposite to the stair case. Could this be as per Vastu. Please enlighten me -

>>> Generally, placing stairs in the northwest direction of an east-facing house does not lead to any issues. In some cases, minor problems have been observed when there is a lack of open space in the northern section of a home. However, those with ample free space in the northern area experience no difficulties. Additionally, internal northwest stairs do not cause any harm. With this consideration, we have installed stairs in the northwest zone of some homes, and so far, we have not received any complaints.

Detailed Answers for All Vastu Questions

+13 #20 Staircase vastu for north facing houseKrishnan 2018-09-13 14:12
Dear Sir, this is iconic & an inspirational website. Thank you for your benignant services. I plan to build a home. In that house plan, the land is west facing and home is North facing so I plan to build staircase outside and I have available space in West direction (4 feet) only so can I build staircase from south to north? Or from south to east? Kindly tell me, which one is better?. Need solution for Staircase vastu for north facing house and further like to know about staircase vastu for a duplex house in Tamil language.
+16 #19 Staircase Vastu for apartmentsRamesh 2018-08-04 15:25
Respected sir, my Northwest corner commercial Building have a staircase in the middle of North side like below North elevation 40'
_______________ _______________
!Landing9'!!!!! !!!!!!!Landing1 2' !
! -> !!!!!!Land2' !!!!!!

please explain staircase Vastu information in Kannada. Looking forward to see the best articles over net, I have great confidence that you will definitely release many more articles for staircase in the Kannada language.
+21 #18 Stepping inside the houseVikas 2018-01-12 12:09
Namaste sir, this website has excellent navigation and eminently unique motivational site. I have rented a house, the whole family loves it. My worry is, we have to get two steps down to enter the house, meaning the house is about a foot below ground level. Is it ok to be this way for a house which is on the first floor? the main gate of the house is towards east and my house entrance is towards North. but the house (ground floor) is much above the ground level. Please advice.
+14 #17 Staircase vastu for west facing house in HindiMaruthi 2017-12-19 01:39
Dear sir, I fortunately, intruded into your portal and amused to see the fulfilled content about everything on vastu. Now I'm fascinated to keep track of every norm of your site. My house is north facing northwest side is keeping for car parking so we cannot make straits northwest side because of paucity of space. We have only option is right side space 4 feet in eastern side and it touching eastern wall & compound and western side only 2.7.5 space above current wire please suggest me a solution, further please publish more information on staircase vastu for east facing house, and staircase vastu for a commercial building, thanking you.
+21 #16 Vastu for StaircaseKolli Vema Reddy 2017-10-21 03:57
Hi sir, during these unprecedented circumstances, we were benefitted with this site's unconditional assistance in making our dream projects come true. We are blessed by browsing this service oriented site. Please keep it up forever. My house is having staircase in south East direction & it's first step is facing Northside by touching the external wall. Please give guidelines for staircase may be inside the external wall or maybe outside the external wall. Please give side effects when staircase are arranged on come out of the external wall.
+9 #15 External staircase vastuGangadhar 2017-10-17 00:02
Respected Sir, in my old home the staircase was at northeast corner, the consequences or aftereffects of a significant unpleasant event is unbearable, later we came across with one aged person who has knowledge on vastu and later we browsed websites including yours and found priceless content. Honestly speaking this would help us like a person sitting next to us, very kind of you for this achievement. My brother's current home has the staircase at east side for the first floor. Please send appropriate suggestions, and publish about external staircase vastu.
+14 #14 Staircase VastuVikesh 2017-07-09 12:48
Hello sir, your commitment to contribute is commendable, congratulations . This stream should be continued for always. My house is east facing. I left empty space in North East corner.my entrance is also in north east. I have a stair case touching North wall of the house. I start climbing the stairs from east to west and then they turn from west to east. As per your article I understand the stair case is not as per Vastu. I don't want to demolish them now and Mrs while don't want to suffer the negative effects. Can you please tell me what kind of negative effects it can cause and any work around or remedy to get out of those negative effects. Any help in this regard is gravely appreciated.
+23 #13 Internal staircase vastuDhruv 2017-06-19 17:13
Vanakkam sir, Subhavaastu website maintaining overwhelmingly impressive standard aided procedures, highly beholden & appreciated. I have a 300 sq ft house on the ground floor, I have raised to the height of 22 feet from the ground level. So it is ground plus one floor and terrace. Now coming to the point, the house is south facing and exactly opposite to the entrance the staircase has been started (in the center of the house). The staircase starts from south goes towards north, and after five steps it turns towards east. The steps does not touch the Eastern wall. Now please tell me is it the perfect location of the staircase, if no then what is the remedy. Besides reconstructing. your website has good info on staircase vastu remedies, thank you so much for providing us free vastu staircase information. Are you planning to provide staircase vastu in Tamil language?
+10 #12 Staircase vastu for east facing houseKalyani 2017-03-08 05:38
Respected Sir, planning to construct a home, this house facing is east side, west side to east side steps are planned. Please suggest which side stairs turning is best either North or south is best, please provide us staircase vastu in Malayalam and staircase vastu in Kannada. Yours is a very good website, please continue serving.
+16 #11 Staircase vastu for north facing house in hindiSundar 2017-02-16 10:48
Respected sir, First of all, I like to thank SubhaVaastu, each topic is very detailed and nicely explained. Very Much Thank you for your efforts. Can you please give an answer for Staircase vastu for north facing house in Hindi. I observed this website on Hindi language, but those pages were prepared in flash software, right now which is not readable, currently, flash software is not supported by all browsers.
+10 #10 Position of the staircase in our home as per vastuRaju C 2017-01-07 10:05
Sir, I found humble & unpretentious services here. We have a plan to build a house in the South facing plot measuring 30×40. The pooja room comes in the Brahmasthana will it be good if the staircase comes in the opposite direction of the pooja room?
+12 #9 Steps vastu and wellPrasanthi 2016-12-20 18:06
Hi dear sir, my house is east facing we have dug a well in front of our main gate little right side as per vastu this is little right side because they told well should not be in front of the walking area. Now we are constructing the upper portion the steps which go to the upper portion are coming right in front of the well is that okay or we should not do that? Please help. Honestly, I appreciate your genuine friendly efforts to all folks for their life brightening through this portfolio blog. Many thanks.
+8 #8 Staircase placement in our duplex houseSridevi 2016-11-13 08:38
Namaste sir, I would like to know that, is it acceptable to place a staircase in the East direction home, that we are going to build. If yes how we can place the stairs i.e., from which direction to which direction. Please let me know asap. Thanks a lot for this wonderful website.
+15 #7 Vastu staircase plans requiredHemanth Jain 2016-04-03 13:06
Dear sir, hope you are doing good. I need information of the staircase plan. My plot size 30*60. 30 is towards East, 60 is towards North, so please suggest how many options I can get with vastu, please send by email soon sir. I am very happy to pay for your entire services. Actually, I wish to assist to run this site for one year. Supposedly, I am ready to contribute financial aid for a good cause through this channel. Thank you sir.
+20 #6 Northeast staircaseTripura Manduri 2015-12-04 08:07
Respected sir, the subhavaastu portal is tremendously beneficial for us regarding house internal arrangements. We bought an apartment flat is on the 5th floor. In that Common staircase is located in northeast not touching to house walls. The main door is facing towards north. is it good or bad. Please kindly provide me the details.
+11 #5 Northeast staircase vastu remedy in TeluguBalaram 2015-10-02 19:05
Sir, please provide northeast staircase vastu remedies in the Telugu language. your website is giving a lot of information which is most useful for all the international visitors, but if the same was published in the Telugu language it will be more useful for my grandpa. Thanks in advance.
+13 #4 Staircase vastu remedies in TamilRaman 2015-09-07 18:05
Hello sir, your website is the exceptionally peculiar one only because of the candid information you have provided. My house is east facing. I left empty space in the Northeast corner. I have a staircase touching north compound wall and the north wall of the house. I start climbing the stairs from east to west and then they turn from west to east. As per your article, I understand the staircase is not as per Vastu. I don't want to demolish them now and Mrs while doesn't want to suffer the negative effects. Can you please tell me what kind of negative effects it can cause and any workaround or remedy to get out of those negative effects. Any help in this regard is gravely appreciated.
+18 #3 Staircase vastu remediesManjula 2015-06-11 08:21
Namaste Sir, building an own house is my life target so, I want to build it as per vastu and then I dived into your website. The subhavaastu is a landmark for the ones like me. My house road is to the west, the door is north facing. We have planed for a northwest staircase. Is it fine or should we go to a south west staircase?
+35 #2 Stair case count according to the landing or notB T Srinivasan 2015-05-29 12:36
Dear sir, genuinely mentioning, I sincerely appreciate your hard work in accommodating us with a trustworthy website. please clarify that what should be the staircase count odd or even. it should be taken up to the landing area or total steps. Please provide more information in Tamil language. Keep up the stunning work.
+14 #1 Ramp to staircaseDr. Jagadeesh 2015-05-17 17:59
Dear Sir, I keep myself updated about vastu from your website. The website's content, appearance, structure, color combination and finally beautiful images are simply superb. The ramp is required for our hospital which is west facing, I have 10 feet place between the hospital wall and compound wall. the ramp is required to enter the first floor at the northeast place, is it OK. Further, provide some information on the northeast staircase vastu remedy.
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I have consulted Suresh Garu during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from him. He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know this subject and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own corrections (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA

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