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Vastu for Staircase | Selecting a Good Place For Staircase As Per Vastu Shastra | SubhaVaastu.com:

Vastu shastra for Stair Case | Steps Vastu:

There may be many types of staircases, out of them we mentioned some of them below:

Linear Staircase, which starts from one direction and reached to the opposite direction. For example, staircase starts from East direction and ends at West direction, the tail of the staircase. This style of stairs will appear on the row homes in the streets. There may not be more space for the homes, in such case, the staircase should be come only linear. Otherwise, resident has to leave the property and has to buy another one. Is it possible?. Many Vastu Consultants opinion is also the same. Some Vastu Pandits opinion is that linear staircase may not be correct. If so, how the resident built the staircase for his home. Whatever the Vastu says, but resident should need the staircase to go to the upstairs.

U shaped staircase, which is starting from one direction and ends into the same direction at the landing area and taking U-turn at the center of the staircase. For example, stairs start from East direction and taking the turn either at South direction or West direction and again moving towards East direction. This system is very common in India. Many Vastu Shastra experts also opinioned that U shape staircase is good idea.

L shaped staircase, which is starting from one direction and ends with another direction. For example, stairs start at East direction and landed at the center of the stairs and move towards North direction or South direction, many vastu pandits opinioned that this method may not be perfect, due to space constraint, residents following the method which is suitable as per their convenience.

Spiral staircase.

Double U staircases, or square style staircase, which starts from one direction and end in the same or another direction, these type of stairs can be visible for the very old buildings or Maharaja palaces.

Dancing Staircases, which are lesser in number, but we can see them in some homes.

The steps (Staircase, spiral, helical, round shaped, wooden, steel, Iron staircases) can be built anywhere except in the Northeast of the East direction and the Northeast of the North direction and Northeast corner too.

Staircase should not be constructed in the Southwest room of the home.

While constructing the staircase at the East facing house, they should not touch the house Eastern wall or the Eastern compound wall. The appropriate gap should be maintained in between both the home and the compound wall. How to? its simple, a small pillar came at the stairs landing area. It means stairs start at one point of the home Southeast area and thereafter landed on the pillar area and there it takes turn and reaches the top terrace. The entire stairs will be loaded only on the pillar which is nearly Southeast of the outside of the home. If this staircase touches the home Eastern wall then balcony should be provided at Northeast corner, which it should cross the East line of the staircase.

While placing the steps in the North Facing House, they should not touch the house Northern wall or the Northern compound wall. Gap should be maintained in between North compound wall and the staircase.

While constructing the steps in the South facing house, a simple technique is the starting of the stairs generally starts from East to the West direction for this South facing home and thereafter it takes towards North

While planning the steps in the Western side, they can touch the house Western Wall or the Western compound. While starting to climb the steps, it is best to climb from East to West first and a turn can be taken to any side later. (The climbing of the steps should not be from West to East). While starting to climb the steps it can also be started from North to South first, and a turn can be taken to any side later. (The climbing of the steps should not be from South to North). If steps/staircase are being built outside, then they can be built in the South-East towards East and the second best option is North-West towards North, Western Southwest in West and Southern Southwest in South.

Steps/staircase may be called with different names in different places as Rung, shed, stair case, steps etc. How to arrange steps and banister and where to place the staircase at our house or at our factory, most of the residents may do mistakes by placing the staircase at wrong places and that may causes/leads to severe problems, here are some guidelines for placing staircase/steps and constructing their structure. Depending on the availability of vacant place or site inside or outside around our house they can be arranged against entrance or outside. For example: If your home is West facing and entrance is from Northwest-west then the staircase should not be exactly opposite of this main entrance door. When coming to the South facing homes and a home is having main entrance door from Southeast-south then staircase should not be exactly opposite to the entrance door. Why it is so like this way: its simple, in both cases the staircase came towards Northeast, that one should not plan to place staircase towards Northeast. This rule may not be applies to the Northeast-North and Northeast-east entrance door homes, as the staircase may come towards Northwest and Southeast. Vastu for Staircase is not a easier to decide, it may has some hurdles to select the right place in the home, when coming to the exact planning of a home with vastu science, one should not do mistakes in selecting the place of staircase in their dream home.

Vastu for StaircaseObserve this house image there is one portico shown with one house and staircase, this portico built at Northeast corner of the house and the steps planned at Southeast corner of the house, here one green arrow showing the portico and another green arrow showing the staircase, it shows that the line of the staircase not crossed the portico line, this is the point while plannig staircase at Southeast for East facing homes. The right procedure is portico line has to cross the staircase level towards East direction so that Northeast (Eshan) will extended than the Southeast (Agneya), if the portico is lesser than stair case line it means that the stair case extended towards Southeast corner, it means Southeast extension, it may no be a too dangerous but not recommended. This image map is only for East facing homes and for every direction there must be some specifications for this stair case. Before constructing the house, its better to take an appointment with one of the best vastu consultant and discuss on every point and has to take some precautions on every direction of the home i.e., steps, kitchen, bedroom etc. For every area of our home has its own capability to show its power in giving the results, for some of important things like staircase, bedroom, kitchen etc it should not be finalized by having a tiny knowledge of vastu shastra. It may hurt in future. For more information on this staircase please visit this Vaastu Shastra for Staircase link, it has more information on Staircase.

Some tips on Vaastu Shastra for Staircase:-

1. How many steps (what is the number) in a staircase.

2. Which is the best place for Staircase.

3. Where the first step has to come as per vastu shastra.

4. In which place the staircase has to be landed at first floor or adjacent to ground floor.

5. Is the basement staircase steps are also countable.

6. Some houses have two way staircase or steps, is it correct ?

7. Which direction steps are good in the house.

8. North, East, South or West direction steps details

9. Is steps may come at Brahmasthan as per Vastu Shastra ?

Planning to publish comprehensive content in this link, soon you may see many changes here along with more images.


+1 #22 Need solution for staircaseKrishnan 2018-09-13 14:12
I plan to build a home in that plan land is west facing and home is North facing so I plan to build staircase outside and I have available space in West side (4 feet) only so can I build staircase from south to north? Or from south to east ? Kindly tell me... which one is better?
-1 #21 Stair case layed in North Side middle of cumercial buildingRamesh 2018-08-04 15:25
Sir My West-North Corner commercial Building have stair case in middle of North side like below
North Elivation 40'
_______________ _______________
!Landing9'!!!!! !!!!!!!Landing1 2' !
! -> !!!!!!Land2' !!!!!!
+7 #20 stepping inside the housevikas 2018-01-12 12:09
Namaste sir, i have rented a house, the whole family loves it. My worry is, we have to get two steps down to enter the house, meaning the house is about a feet below ground level. Is it ok to be this way for a house which is on the first floor? Main gate of the house is towards east and my house entrance is towards north. but the house (ground floor) is much above the ground level. Please advice.
0 #19 StairecaseMaruthi 2017-12-19 01:39
Dear sir, sir my house is north facing north west side is keeping for car parking so we cannot make straits north west side because of paucity of space. We have only option is right side space 4 feet in eastern side side and it touching eastern wall&Compound and western side only 2.7.5 space above current wire please suggest me solution thanking u
+3 #18 Vastu for StaircaseKOLLI VEMA REDDY 2017-10-21 03:57
Hi sir, My house is having stair case in south East direction &it's first step is facing of North side by touching external wall . please give guide lines for stair case may be inside the external wall or may be out side the external wall. Please give side effects when staircase are arranged on come out of external wall
-2 #17 staircase accordingGangadhar 2017-10-17 00:02
Sir, My house is having staircase east side foe the fist floor Pls send suggestion and coming main door is north east corner so i put stairscase infront of east side pls give details wrong or right
-1 #16 Staircase VastuVikesh 2017-07-09 12:48
Hello sir, My house is east facing. I left empty space in North East corner.my entrance is also in north east. I have a stair case touching North wall of the house. I start climbing the stairs from east to west and then they turn from west to east. As per your article I understand the stair case is not as per Vaasthu. I don't want to demolish them now and Mrs while don't want to suffer the negative effects. Can you please tell me what kind of negative effects it can cause and any work around or remedy to get out of those negative effects. Any help in this regard is gravely appreciated.
+2 #15 StaicaseDhruv 2017-06-19 17:13
Hi, I have a 300sqft house on the ground floor, I have raised to the height of 22fts from the ground level. So it is ground plus one floor and terrace. Now coming to the point, the house is south facing and exactly opposite to the entrance the staircase has been started (in the centre of the house). The staircase starts from south goes towards north, and after five steps it turns towards east. The steps does not touch the Eastern wall. Now please tell me is it the perfect location of the staircase, if no then what is the remedy. Besides reconstructing.
-1 #14 MrsKalyani 2017-03-08 05:38
planning to construct house duplex, house facing is east side,west side to east side steps are planned. Please suggest which side turning is best either North or south is best
0 #13 Staircase focusing Agneya in the appartment flatMurthy 2017-02-16 10:48
In our 5 floor apartment, our flat is 2nd Floor east facing. Opposite is our neighbors flat (West Facing). There is staircase focus out our kitchen which is coming from ground floor. It was next to the our opposite flat (At south). That means If any one come to floor, First the focuses to our Kitchen and should take right or left turn to go other flats.

Is it good or bad to our flat. Would be gland if any confirm asap.
0 #12 Position of stair caseRaju.C 2017-01-07 10:05
We have a plan to build a duplex house in the South facing plot measuring 30×40. The pooja room comes in the Brahmasthana will it be good if the stair case comes in the opposite direction of the pooja room.
0 #11 Steps and wellPrasanthi 2016-12-20 18:06
Hi, my house is east facing we have digged a well infront of our main gate little right side as per vastu this is little right side because they told well should not be infront of walking area. Now we are constructing upper portion the steps which go to upper portion are comming right infront of the well is that okay r we should not do that? Please help....
0 #10 Stair case placement in our duplexSridevi 2016-11-13 08:38
I would like to know that is it acceptable to put a staircase in the East direction in duplex house V r going to build. If yes how we can place the stairs I.e., from which direction to which direction. Please let me know asap.
Thanks a lot
0 #9 Staircase plan requiresHemanth jain 2016-04-03 13:06
Sir I need Information of staircase plan. My plot size 30*60 30=east, 60=north so please suggest how many option ican get with vastu so please send by email soon sir.
+2 #8 north east staircaseTripuura manduri 2015-12-04 08:07
v bought a apartment. Our flat is in 5th floor. In that Common stair case is located in north east not touching to house walls. Main door is facing towatds north. is it good or bad. Please kindly provide me the details.
0 #7 Exterior wall of roomKartik 2015-10-02 19:05
The exterior of east side wall of room is attached to staircase i.e. the stair is in middle of the two rooms and touches the wall of both the rooms. from inside the room the east side wall has staircase on it. Is it auspicious?
0 #6 MrTirumalesh 2015-09-07 18:05
Hello sir, My house is east facing. I left empty space in North East corner. I have a stair case touching north compound wall and North wall of the house. I start climbing the stairs from east to west and then they turn from west to east. As per your article I understand the stair case is not as per Vaasthu. I don't want to demolish them now and Mrs while don't want to suffer the negative effects. Can you please tell me what kind of negative effects it can cause and any work around or remedy to get out of those negative effects. Any help in this regard is gravely appreciated.
+2 #5 staircasemanjula 2015-06-11 08:21
My house road is to the west, door is north facing...we have planed for north west staircase..is it fine or should we go to south west staircase.
+20 #4 Stair case count according to the landing or notb t srinivasan 2015-05-29 12:36
Dear sir,
Please clarify that,what should be the stair case count odd or even. it should be taken upto the landing area or total steps
0 #3 rampdr.jagadeesh 2015-05-17 17:59
ramp required for hospital west facing, i have 10 feet place between hospital wall and compound wall. the ramo is required to enter the first floor at north esat place,is it ok.

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