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What Are Do's and Don'ts of Duplex House Construction as Per Vastu

Vastu for Duplex HouseIn this article, we will explore comprehensive Vastu guidelines tailored for constructing duplex houses. We will go in-depth into various essential aspects that can significantly enhance the living conditions and overall well-being of residents. Our focus will be on understanding the key principles and practical tips that align with Vastu to ensure a harmonious and prosperous living environment in duplex homes.

Duplex House Vastu

Vastu shastra has been held in high regard for eternity. It laid down salient guidelines for all significant infrastructures. Is any resident intending to build a duplex house? then Vaasthu suggests crucial tips for duplex houses.

Before delving deep into what Vasthu advises for duplex houses, it is cardinal to fathom the infrastructure of duplex houses. Contrary to the common perception, the architecture of duplex houses differs based on the regions and local architectural practices.

What is a Duplex House?

Vastu Ideas for Duplex House1. A duplex house is also known by other names such as a 'multi-story house,' 'twin house,' and 'detached house.' These homes can be arranged one on top of the other or side by side, offering unique living spaces that share a common wall or floor, making them a versatile option for residential living.

2. Horizontal and vertical stacking is the main categorization of duplex houses, whereas these categories are further subdivided into two more classifications, namely: single-story duplex houses and multi-story duplex houses. Single and multi-story duplex houses are further categorized into ranch or "mansion Style Homes".

3. A typical duplex house has two living units, either side by side or stacked up vertically. Despite possessing multiple living units, duplex houses have a single entry point and are deemed as one dwelling unit.

4. A typical duplex house in India is a multi-storied home and consists of a massive hall, Open kitchen, and multiple bedrooms. Duplex houses are restricted to two stories alone. In case of multiple attached units, the house then is called as a multiplex house. Duplex house is commonly referred to as Dohara manzil.

5. The conventional notion of duplex houses varies in different countries. Duplex houses in western countries accommodate two separate families, where each story is perceived as a disparate dwelling unit.

6. While Indian households retain the entire duplex house for their own brood, foreigners either use it for themselves or choose to rent one unit of the property.

7. In India, there is a common entry point for duplex houses. But, foreign duplex houses can have different or separate entrance points based on divided living units and owner requirements.

Is It Good to Construct Duplex Home as Per Vastu

Duplex Homes VastuYes, we can construct the Duplex home but it should be as per Vaastu only. Many residents enquiring with experts about Duplex homes construction, whether it is acceptable as per Vastu or not. Honestly speaking outline the home with the duplex model then there is a possibility of experiencing advantages, please make sure that the duplex should be planned as per exact Vastu shastra principles only, otherwise, things may be disastrous.

The critical point has mounted, that at duplex type house one "M U S T" have an obligatory suggestion from one experienced Vastu consultant then only residents will enjoy the benefits of the duplex house.

What Are the Main Types of Duplex Houses?

Duplex houses are cataloged into different subdivisions. They include:

Standard Duplex House

A standard duplex house is two-floor residence, with the mezzanine floors connected by a staircase. A typical standard duplex house is comprised of a living room, kitchen, and hall in the ground floor, with bedrooms and kids' rooms on the upper floor.

Ground Duplex House

These types of duplex houses are less prevalent in India. In foreign countries, ground duplex houses are built on the ground floor of an apartment. In this style of the house, the ground floor consists of a palatial garden, exterior, hall, and living room, whereas the mezzanine floors comprise of kitchen and bedrooms.

Low-rise Duplex House

Low-rise duplex houses incorporate commodious balconies and an attic on the upper floors. Contrary to other duplex house designs, low-rise duplex houses are built on narrow surface areas. Hence, low-rise duplex houses require extensive deliberation to make houses as palatial as ordinary duplex houses.

Mansion Style Duplex House

Mansion-style duplex houses are also called block-style houses. Mansion-style duplex houses are either vertically stacked or horizontally or both. As the name suggests, the mansion-style duplex is layered into multiple stories and horizontal sections. Hence, it is difficult to interpret but these houses have a garage and look like multiple-unit houses.

Ranch-style Duplex Houses

Ranch-style duplex houses break the common perception of a duplex house. They are restricted to one story alone. But they are extended into multiple horizontal sections. They also come with an attached garage. There are two separate units but they are connected.

What Are the Factors That Impact Duplex House Vastu?


We all know that our house is the most important place for us and most of people spend a lot of money on their houses to make it beautiful. But when we talk about a good house, we should consider different things which can affect our mood. We should keep in mind that each place has its own aura and energy that can directly or indirectly affect us. These energies are generally called as Vastu.


The height of the building is a fundamental factor in Vastu. According to Vastu, the taller a building is, the higher its energy levels will be. This means that taller buildings are more likely to be happy and prosperous than buildings with low energy levels.

The height of a house or structure determines its prosperity. If you want to know how high your house should be, follow these tips:

1) The height of a house or structure should be a minimum of about three stories tall. Higher structures are recommended for better health, happiness and prosperity.

2) A house should have at least one room on each floor. It is also recommended that the topmost room has at least one window. This ensures that the sunlight enters the topmost room and helps in keeping the interior warm during winters and cool during summers.


When it comes to vastu, the location of a house is key. After all, you want your house to be in tune with its surroundings, especially if you're trying to make sure it's in tune with the universe.

There are five directions: north, south, east, west, and center. Each direction has its own properties and characteristics which can influence the Vastu of a home. These properties are divided into eight parts: prosperity, wealth, relationships and love, health and happiness, children and their well-being, fame and recognition, knowledge and intelligence.

The location of your house can have a significant impact on how these eight parts of life will play out for you.

What Is the Difference Between Duplex House and Villa?

Villas are double-storeyed buildings. Although the basic panorama of both these erections looks similar, villas are broader and rambling compared to duplex houses with high ceilings. Both residential buildings are suitable for residential purposes but villas are dominantly perceived as a luxury possession.

Villas are boundless in area compared to duplex houses and require a sizeable budget. Duplex houses are a modern phenomenon and employ contemporary architectural elements, whereas villas are a construction notion that dates back to the Romanian era with palatial interiors and high ceilings.

Over the period of time, villas have been modified and refashioned to adapt to modern needs and lifestyles. They are independent houses for people who choose to live a lavish life. Villas incorporate additional amenities like in-house gyms, Swimming Pool, and clubhouses, whereas the scope of such amenities for duplex houses is restricted a bit.

What Is the Difference Between a Duplex and Two-storey House?

People who are least acquainted with the architectural knowledge muddle up duplex houses and two-story houses. Yes, they may seem similar but there is a divergent infrastructure for both houses.

A duplex house can always be a two-story house but vice versa will never be the case. Both duplex houses and two-story residences may be connected with a staircase. But, duplex houses are always deemed as a single living unit (until and unless stated otherwise), whereas two-story buildings may or may not be construed as a single unit.

Despite being connected by a staircase, two-story houses may be built to separate two living units or as independent floors and the low ceiling is another contrasting architectural element of two-storied buildings.

What Is the Difference Between Duplex and Independent House?

A duplex house can be an independent house. Independent house is rather reckoned as an umbrella term for individual residential buildings. An independent house can be a villa, two-story house or a duplex house. Duplex houses are restricted to two floors alone, whereas independent houses can have multiple floors without any limitations.

What Is the Difference Between a Penthouse and a Duplex House?

There is no similitude between a penthouse and a duplex house. Penthouses are small accommodations on the top floor of any kind of independent house mostly with a slanting ceiling, whereas duplex houses are individual units of houses. Pent houses are additional constructions. Duplex houses are entire housing units built on an expansive surface area.

The length of the roof of the first floor is generally heightened to 9 feet and the top roof can extend as high as 20 feet. Each house is generally divided into four parts namely the northeast quadrant, southeast, southwest, and northwest quadrant. A typical residential building should always have a main entrance in the northeast direction, which is considered auspicious and propitious for both the owners of the house and the residents.

What Should Be the Entrance Direction for a Duplex House?

entrance door for Duplex House1. In contemporary times, people usually prefer to have three directions as the main entrance into the house. They include east, southeast, and northwest. However, after increasing awareness about Vastu, they also realized the significance of Northeast direction or east in relation to the main entrance of a duplex house. Southeast direction is usually deemed as an inpropitious side to be used for entrance of any house.

What is the Ideal Direction for Staircases in a Duplex House?

Duplex House staircaseIn the case of duplex houses, the Vastu direction of the staircase plays a crucial role that can impact the well-being of the entire household. In case the entrance is arranged in the Northeast direction, it is better to plan the staircase that starts in the west and spirals up towards South through the Northwest.

This kind of arrangement is most dominantly practiced, whereas some households build the staircase that starts in the Northwest and spirals up to end at South direction.

Both these Vastu directions are most commonly used in Indian duplex architectures for staircases. South direction staircase is yet another common practice in Indian households. In case, these directions are unavailable, some residents plan their staircase in the Southeast. But the first priority should be for the above mentioned directions more than the Southeast.

What Should Be the Vastu Direction for Kitchen in Duplex Houses?

Kitchen direction for Duplex HouseSoutheast is particularly reserved for kitchens in Indian Vastu. In case you plan a staircase in the Southeast direction, it may become problematic for kitchen Vastu. Hence, rethink your choice, in case you are planning your staircase in Southeast direction. If you are hell-bent on southeast for starcase construction, you can choose south as an alternative.

Which Direction Is Best for Master Bedroom in Duplex House?

Southwest on first floor is deemed to be an auspicious choice for locating the master bedroom, whereas southeast on ground floor is completely ill-omened for master bedrooms in duplex houses. The Southwest master bedroom in first floor in duplex house is believed to produce the households with prosperous results for the rest of your stay in the house.

For South Facing Duplex House

In Which Direction Should You Plan a Main Entrance in Duplex House?

In case of southfaced duplex house, vastu forbids the residents from planning the main entrance in three directions, namely southwest, south, and southeast. Southeast is usually reserved for the kitchen, whereas in case of southeast entrance may restrict the choice of building kitchen in this location, which may disturb the entire Vastu norms of the duplex house.

For North Facing Duplex Homes

What Direction Is Best for Main Entrance in North Faced Duplex House?

In case of north faced duplex houses, you are fortunate enough to be able to plan the main entrance in two directions, namely, north and northwest. But, southwest should be ignored in all cases in case if you are planning to build your entrance in this direction.

For West facing Duplex Homes

What Direction Is Best for Main Entrance in West Faced Duplex House?

For west faced duplex houses, there are three directional possibilities of building an entrance. There are northeast, northwest, and west. We have dealt with west faced entrances in our blog earlier in various instances, please refer back to them for more clarity.

However, northwest is considered to be a pleasing direction for main entrance in case of west faced duplex houses. Although west faced entrance is indeed deemed to be a propitious direction, Vastu stresses on the fact that there can’t be any errors in case of this entrance direction. The entrance should be accurate by 90 degrees angled.

In case of west faced houses, the northeast is often contemplated as a marvelous choice. However, in case of this direction entrance, staircase happens to be located on the northwest, southeast, and west directions.

You can choose any of these directions for staircase building depending on the dimensions of the house and the availability of interior space. If the surface area is smaller, you can choose northwest for the staircase in case of a Northeast entrance.

The advantage of duplex houses with spacious surface area is the possibility of planning your staircase in the west direction.

What Are the Vastu Implications of a Slab Cut?

The slab cut in duplex houses play a crucial role in impacting the entire Vastu of the house and in turn has some repercussions on the people inhabiting the house. Slab cut enables you to see the ground floor by standing near the railings of mezzanine floors, which is because of the lesser length of the slab of the top floors compared to the original surface length of the house.

Slab cut plays a climacteric role in the vastu of the entire duplex house. Regardless of the direction of the entrance, according to vastu scriptures the slab cut should always be northeast faced. Although there might be remedies or alternatives, you should remember that this is the top priority. In case you fail to abide by this simple vastu rule, you are bound to face far-reaching implications. By conforming to this vastu norm, you will be faced with all positive repercussions. For example, slab cut can be auspicious even in east faced direction too.

What Are the Implications of a Southeast Slab Cut?

Southeast slab cut is not preferred in case with duplex houses. Fear of theft, violent and deceptive attitude,s and behavior are just a few negative implications to quote here.

What Are the Implications of South Faced Slab Cut?

Slab cut in south direction usually impacts health and financial well-being of the owner of the house and the entire household. You should either plan north east or north slab cut or add one more cut by extending in either of these directions and ensure that the double height comes over in the left of the region.

What Are the Implications of Northwest Faced Slab Cut?

Northwest is the least preferred choice to plan a slab cut in duplex houses. Try avoiding this kind of plan because it can cause all negative aspects in every facet of the owner’s life.

What Are the Implications of West Faced Slab Cut?

It is better to avoid west faced slab cut in duplex houses. These are known to spill over to reverberate negative effects in various facets of the owner’s and the resident's lives like financial well being, profession, and health. To neutralize these implications, you can choose to extend the cut into the east direction and northeast direction.

What Are the Implications of Northwest faced Slab Cut?

Although there are no negative implications of northwest faced slab cuts in duplex houses, the positive impact of northeast slab cut cannot be bypassed. Yet, it can still cause some negative impacts like legal tussles, financial losses, and mental trauma of the owner and the residents of the house.

What Are the Implications of North Faced Slab Cut?

There are any results affiliated with north faced slab cut. If you don’t have any other choice, you can go with north faced slab cut. They are not bound to cause any affects.

Can I Build the Master Bedroom in Southwest Direction in the Mezzanine Floor of Duplex House?

One of the common practices is that people plan the master bedroom in the first floor in the Southwest direction. Although the gap in Northwest is believed to produce good results, the slab cut and double height in east and northeast directions gives an extended look at the southeast and northwest directions. You have to note this thing and plan the construction of the master bedroom and its joint washroom with great detail and care.

A small error in this aspect can reverse all the auspicious and propitious results of your entire Vastu compliable construction to cause negative results. Hence, it is mandated to plan and build every part of your duplex house in the most Vastu compliant way possible.

Southwest master bedrooms mandate southeast or northwest bathrooms, which in turn mandate for careful consideration of the dimensions of the house, master bedroom, and bathrooms play a significant role in the entire vastu of your house.

What Is a Slab Cut?

If you're looking into duplex properties, chances are good that you've heard a lot of terminologies. Slab cut is one of them. Here's what you need to know about the meaning of a "slab cut."

Basically, a slab cut is an option in which the contractor cuts into the existing foundation so that they can add on the second half of your duplex. This is one of two main options available for contractors building your duplex: the other option being a foundation pour.

If you have an older duplex property, it's likely that the builder used a slab cut to add onto their existing property and create the second half. This process can be relatively quick, as long as all permits are in place and there isn't an unexpected difficulty with your foundation.

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What Are the Vastu Implications of Railings in a Duplex House?

Since the early days of human architecture, the railing has been an important part of many buildings and homes.

For a long time, the railing was mostly used as a structural component to provide support while also providing a place for people to hold on to while ascending and descending stairs. These days, the railing is still used for this reason, but it’s also used for aesthetic purposes.

Railing not only provides guidance and support, but it also helps define your space. It can help set the tone for your room or home by adding character and style.

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