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Architectural Alchemy: Vastu for Thriving Five Star and Three Star Hotels

Vastu and Five-Star Hotels: A Detailed Exploration of Its Significance

Vastu for Star HotelsApplying Specific Vastu Guidelines for Five-Star Hotels: Adhering to detailed Vastu principles when developing a five-star hotel poses a distinct challenge. It is prudent to take these principles into account prior to the construction of hotels, regardless of their star rating, be it five-star, three-star, or any other classification.

The fundamental ethos of a five-star hotel revolves around providing unparalleled hospitality to its guests. These institutions prioritize service and are thorough in their management, paying attention to even the smallest of details. Significant investments are made to guarantee that their distinguished guests have access to first-rate amenities.

Impressive Entrance Magnetizes Guests to Star Hotels

As per Vastu 5 star hotel entranceThe entrance door plays a pivotal role in the appeal of 5-star hotels, making it crucial to invest in making this entryway as luxurious and visually stunning as possible. By focusing on creating an entrance that exudes opulence and allure, you encourage guests to frequently visit the property, often prompted by the exceptional qualities and distinctive features of the hotel. This attention to detail in the entrance can significantly enhance the overall guest experience, making it a key factor in the property's success and reputation in the hospitality industry.

Personal Experience - A Hospitality Tip

As your guests check out, consider providing them with a care package that includes at least two bottles of water, packets of biscuits, a notepad for jotting down thoughts, and your hotel's business card, all neatly packed in a carry bag. This gesture's value can be illustrated through a personal experience. After departing from the Taj Connemara, Chennai Tamilnadu, on our way to Bangalore, we encountered a massive traffic jam just 4 kilometers away due to intense rainfall in the early days of October. Trapped for nearly four hours, we found ourselves without access to food or water.

The situation was particularly challenging as it was a late checkout around 6 p.m., and we had not had dinner or even light refreshments. In such moments, simple provisions like biscuits and water from the hotel would have greatly uplifted our spirits.

This story underscores the importance of such a thoughtful gesture. By showing care for your guests even after they leave, you enhance their fondness for your establishment, potentially encouraging repeat visits or recommendations to their friends and family. Pursuing profit through your business is not wrong, but as a star-rated hotel, focusing on guest comfort and hospitality should always be a priority. Hopefully, this advice will assist in boosting your property's occupancy rates. Best wishes.

Adherence to Vastu Shastra principles by star hotels can significantly enhance their appeal, often drawing guests or groups, including companies and customers, back due to an indefinable charm or exceptional hospitality.

The crucial insight here is that while Vastu may not be a familiar term to all, particularly among certain professionals, only those aware of Vaasthu and its beneficial impact on properties will typically seek out expertise in this area before finalizing their choices. If incorporating Vaastu principles into your project does not align with your plans, it is recommended to proceed without it but consider minor modifications, such as adjusting the main entrance from Southeast-east to Northeast-east, to enhance your hotel's success and boost managerial confidence.

For those keen on integrating Vastu into their star hotels, engaging with the best expert vastu consultant is crucial. A skilled consultant will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and offer valuable guidance. Surrounding vastu is the most important for establishments like five-star hotels or extensive construction projects.

It's essential not to overlook the neighborhood's influence when choosing a location for your hotel. An expert can identify potential issues with the surrounding area and provide recommendations to enhance the hotel's business prospects.

Regarding swimming pools, avoid positioning them in the West, South, or Southwest directions of your hotel premises. If the swimming pool is planned at top floors, this guidance may vary. Terrace pools have become popular, as seen in establishments like the President Hotel in Mumbai, Dasapalla Grand in Visakhapatnam, and Novotel in Chennai.

Swimming Pool Placements In Five Star Hotel

Vastu for Five Star HotelsThe swimming pool is located in the West direction, as indicated by the compass shown in the image. Please examine the pool area to determine the compass directions. Typically, a Vasthu arrangement like this does not favor business growth. While a hotel chain might manage to sustain itself, the local management could face numerous challenges, often beyond their control.....

Truth About Pool Effects Towards East Side

Vastu tips for three star hotelsHere the water pond or pool is at East direction, this is good and provides satisfactory results to the management. Guests may visit this property regularly. Through this water body Hotel renders excellent services to their guests, and they will be more happy with the hospitality and fame will automatically increases and finally leads to development in occupancy.

Beneficial Impacts of a North Facing Pool in Star Hotels

Vastu for five star hotels North side effectHere the waterbody or pool or pond is towards North side, this type of construction is best method for Hotels and encouraging business and management will get good business offers from wide chain groups from different parts of the country or world. Passing some years may blesses this property with high volume of occupancy ratio.

Potential Disappointments from South Directed Pools in Star Hotels

Vastu for five star hotels south side water effectWater pond or pool is at South side, this is not at all suitable for the hotel industry, its against to vastu principles. If you already done this, then you are advised to approach one expert. After he visits the property, he can take care of the things there. Gradually this pool may hurt the financial status of the hotel and management may be weak year after year. Management can't expect healthy business in these properties. More chances are there for degrading in fame and hospitality.

Enhancing Property Vibes: The Power of a Northeast Swimming Pool

five star hotel Vastu ideasThe entire structure builds at South, West and Southwest corner, while the pool is positioned in the Northeast. Such a placement adheres to a fundamental principle of Vastu, infusing the property with increased confidence and a positive aura. This strategic Vastu alignment often inspires guests to return, drawn by a unique allure or magnetism inherent to the property's design. It's important to note that Vastu is not tied to any specific community, caste, religion, or region; it is a universal science of architecture and spatial arrangement.

Hotel management across all star categories, from three to five-star establishments and even those with unique ratings like seven-star in metropolitan areas, prioritize maintaining high room standards to cater to various guest budgets. Hospitality is crucial, with a balance between respecting guest privacy and ensuring staff availability. Recognizing the diverse temperaments of guests, from serious to jovial, the consensus among hotels is to treat guests with the utmost importance. Factors critical to enhancing occupancy and bookings include the ambiance of both the hotel and its rooms. Attention to the environment, service quality, customer care, staff cooperation, the taste and quality of food, hygiene, effective lighting, proper ventilation, and adherence to Vastu principles are essential components for success in the hospitality industry.

Are There Any 7 star Hotels in India or abroad?

The concept of "seven-star" hotels is not officially recognized in the hotel industry's standard rating system, which typically goes up to five stars. The term "seven-star" is often used by the media or the hotels themselves for marketing purposes to denote extreme luxury and exemplary services that go beyond the traditional five-star rating.

Globally, there are a few hotels that claim or are rumored to have a "seven-star" status due to their unparalleled luxury and service. The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is frequently cited as an example of such a hotel, although it officially classifies itself as a five-star deluxe hotel.

In India, there are no officially recognized seven-star hotels. The Indian hospitality industry features numerous luxurious five-star and five-star deluxe hotels that offer exceptional service and amenities. These establishments are among the best in the world and cater to the high-end luxury segment of travelers.

Royal Suites Exclusive: Embrace Luxury with Recommended Southwest Beds

Bed position in Star hotelsMoving on to the hotel's interior aspects, the entire Southwest section is the ideal location for beds. When guests experience a positive vibe from the property, they are likely to become repeat visitors. Every commercial concern need repeated visitors or long standing visitors. Positioning beds in this Southwest area benefits guests both directly and indirectly, and by extension, positively impacts management.

Captivating Bedrooms: A Symphony of Style and Comfort

Suite rooms maintainance in 5 star hotelsTake note of the exceptional room maintenance. Superior quality invariably generates positive buzz and can significantly boost occupancy rates. Nowadays, numerous star hotels enhance rooms with fresh flower vases, amplifying the fragrance and visual appeal through vibrant flowers and colors. For example: Taj Group of Hotels.

Visitors are Magnetized by the Charm of Royal Bedrooms

3 star hotel occupancy ratio improvementUpon entering the room, guests are greeted with the luxurious scent of high-quality aromas, enhancing their connection to the property. Modern hotel management practices include delighting guests with unexpected gifts, exclusive invitations for special events, and significant discounts, making the hotel an unforgettable experience.

Hotel after hotel is emerging, offering substantial discounts to multinational corporations and various organizations. The trend now is for hotels to cater specifically to corporate clientele. In Bengaluru's Electronics City, for example, several five-star hotels are strategically located to serve these corporate entities, proving to be particularly beneficial for them.

Guests Are Consistently Captivated by the Allure of Royal Bedrooms

Luxury Hotels VastuExperience unparalleled luxury. With opulence and refinement, everything tends to flow seamlessly. This atmosphere often leads guests to return repeatedly, bypassing other hotels. When guests find that their needs are effortlessly met by the property, their satisfaction prompts them to frequent the hotel. These regular visits, in turn, significantly enhance the profitability of the management.

Guests Are Consistently Captivated by the Allure of Royal Bedrooms

Five star Hotels and VastuThe bond between guests and the hotel's management, particularly the receptionists, is crucial for a memorable stay. In smaller establishments, the manager's ongoing availability and direct engagement with guests create a warm and inviting atmosphere, prompting many to revisit. Guests highly appreciate this hospitable approach and the staff's amiable nature, often eagerly anticipating the chance to be greeted by a preferred manager at the reception area, desk, lounge, or any other welcoming space when they arrive.

Exploring Elegance: A Glimpse into Hotels with Majestic Royal Suites

Royal suites and Vastu tipsRoyal patrons typically seek out the finest quality or royal suites in hotels, with certain five-star establishments reserving these luxurious accommodations exclusively for their distinguished royal clientele. Some hotel managements prefer not to make these premier suites available to the general public, even at full price, to avoid diminishing their exclusive status by offering them to other guests.

Defining Elegance: The Quintessence of a Luxurious Royal Suite

Specious star hotel roomsIn five-star hotels, royal suites stand as the zenith of grandeur and refinement. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, these sanctuaries boast plush interiors, sophisticated decor, and cutting-edge conveniences. Each moment within their embrace offers a journey into a sphere of unmatched luxury and distinguished serenity, complemented by bespoke services and captivating panoramas, designed for discerning guests who demand nothing but the most exceptional hospitality experience.

5 Star Hotel Luxury Suite Rooms

Suite Rooms in Five Star HotelsSuite rooms must offer excellent ventilation and airflow, with the option for guests to darken the room according to their preference. Guests choose hotels for various reasons, including rest, enjoyment, entertainment, business transactions, contracts, and finalizing deals. Politicians, in particular, show a keen interest in staying in these luxurious Maharaja suites.

Embodying Splendor: The Essence of a Grand Royal Suite

Maharaja suite RoomsExclusive rooms for esteemed guests. A terrestrial paradise. Numerous individuals aspire to spend at least a single day in a royal suite. It's crucial for management to be vigilant about the presence of hidden cameras. Recently, there have been instances of hotel personnel installing covert cameras in luxury hotels for the purposes of information gathering or financial extortion.

Few Vastu Guidelines for Star Hotels to Enhance Guest Satisfaction & Promote Positive Energy:

We offer several general Vastu suggestions for both 5-star and 3-star category hotels. We understand that implementing all these tips may not be straightforward. Please attempt to incorporate as many of these recommendations as feasible.

1.Upon entering, guests should experience complete relaxation, attributed to the hotel's upkeep, aesthetic appeal, furniture, decor, ambiance, and adherence to Vastu principles, which collectively foster a sense of positive vibes.

2. For optimal comfort, guests' orientation should be with their sitting towards south direction and facing towards the north, ensuring a homely atmosphere within the hotel premises.

3. Place heavier furniture items like shelves and wardrobes in the south, west, or southwest sections of the room for optimal balance as per Vastu..

4. As per vastu we should keep the mirror in the bathroom should be positioned facing the North or East direction.

5. Suite rooms are recommended to be situated on the upper floors to minimize disturbances and ensure tranquility for the guests.

6. Workstations or computer desks in the hotel rooms should be placed close to the north or east walls, allowing guests to face these directions while using them, in accordance with guidelines.

7. Beds should be positioned in the southwest corner of the room, maintaining a minimum clearance of two to three feet from the south and west walls for optimal energy flow.

8. For the placement of generators, the southeast section of the property, including the basement, is considered most auspicious. If positioned in the southeast basement, a room in the southwest, ideally used as a storeroom is recommended for Vastu compliance.

9. The kitchen should ideally be located in the southeast corner of the hotel for the best alignment with Vastu principles.

Exquisite Ambiance: The Essence of Star-Rated Hotels, Featuring an Elegant Lounge

Five star hotels loungeThe appearance of the Royal suite's main entrance doors should be particularly striking and captivating, designed to leave a lasting impression on guests. This allure is essential in sparking interest and desire among guests to not only occupy the suite but also to revisit the property in the future. A well-designed entrance serves as a welcoming gesture that can significantly enhance the overall guest experience, making it memorable and enticing them to return.

Refined Sanctuaries: Elegance in Toilets, Bathrooms, and Anterooms

What is the ideal location for toilets in five-star hotels?

According to Vastu principles, the most favorable location for toilets is the Northwest corner, with the Southeast corner being the second-best option.

Toilets in five star hotelsToilets must always be kept clean and tidy. It goes without saying that five-star hotel management upholds strict cleanliness standards, with dedicated departments for maintenance and inspection. Supervisors conduct regular checks of these spaces, leaving no detail overlooked. Should any dirt, dust, or rust be detected, immediate corrective measures are taken, which can include disciplinary actions against the staff responsible for the upkeep of the affected rooms.

Illuminating Excellence: Mastering Lighting in Toilets

Lighting in 3 star hotel ToiletsIt is advisable to ensure that toilets have ample lighting and proper ventilation. Interestingly, some high-ranking officials or delegates prefer spending extended periods in the restroom, often engaging in reading newspapers. From our experience, we encountered a restroom measuring 14 X 16, equipped with sofa sets and an LED TV, in Mumbai. This restroom belongs to an individual who owns factories and farmlands. He enjoys spending at least an hour there each morning, during which he reads the newspaper and relaxes. Seeking complete privacy, he uses this space for solitude. Notably, this area is also characterized by a pleasant fragrance.

Star Hotels: The Imperative of Bypassing Toilets in the Northeast

Northeast Toilets in 3 star hotelsToilets in the northeast corner of Royal (Maharaja) suites are inadvisable as they can hinder positive energies. A lack of positive energy might lead to discomfort for guests. If guests accomplish their objectives during their stay, they are likely to return; however, should they encounter any issues, they may choose not to revisit. Consequently, this could result in a decline in business for the hotel management.

It's important to remember that many five-star hotels operate within a network or rely on bookings from a chain, meaning that while the main office might not be directly impacted, a hotel property with poor Vastu can negatively affect the reputation of the entire organization. Eventually, this could lead to significant, potentially harsh decisions by higher management that may adversely affect the hotel's manager, supervisor, or management team.

Running a five-star hotel is far from straightforward; upholding high standards requires meticulous attention to detail. Guests must never perceive any lapse in service quality. There are no shortcuts, and management invests in comprehensive staff training to ensure guests receive impeccable service. For hotel staff, it's as if they are in a continuous state of probation, dedicated to serving guests who, in turn, enjoy the luxury and amenities offered by the hotel, as long as they are willing to pay for the experience. Every aspect of luxury is accessible, contingent on the guest's budget.

Southwest is not recommended for Toilets:

Southwest Toilets in Star hotelsThe Southwest corner is not advisable for placing toilets either. This area is ideally used for storing valuables in a safe, stock items like closets, or positioning a bed. However, while the Southwest is preferred for bed placement according to Vastu, specific guidelines must be followed regarding its placement.

Elevating Luxury: The Harmonic Symphony of Elevators in Five-Star Hotels

Star hotel doorsIn elevators, it is advisable to play soft, ambient music, a practice increasingly adopted by numerous star hotels across elevator interiors, reception desks, and lounge areas. This background music significantly contributes to creating a serene, inviting ambiance, enhancing the guest experience. By integrating soothing melodies, these establishments foster a harmonious, tranquil environment, reinforcing the hotel's commitment to luxury, comfort, and sophisticated elegance. The strategic use of music becomes a key element in cultivating a distinctive, refined atmosphere that resonates with guests, making their stay more enjoyable and memorable.

Choosing the Perfect Spot: Site Selection for Grand Constructions and Five-Star Hotels

Five Star Hotels and MountainsPlease note, we've developed an illustrative image to clarify the concept of neighborhood support. This depiction shows high mountains to the West, symbolizing a foundation for business excellence, fame, and overall stability. By aligning your project with this layout, you can anticipate significant profits from your dream ventures. For optimal results, constructions or properties to the West, South, and Southwest should be elevated or hilly, as such features are known to enhance occupancy rates attractively. Conversely, areas to the North, East, and Northeast are best suited for slopes or depressions. This image is provided solely for your observation and understanding.

Street Focus to Star Hotels

Street focus to star hotelsFive-star hotels typically require larger properties, which increases the likelihood of facing street focus or thrusts. It's crucial to exercise caution regarding street focus before purchasing a property. A positive street focus poses no issue, but an unfavorable one can lead to numerous challenges for management.

For more insights on street focus, explore further at Street focus. Identifying the direction from which the street focus impacts the property, whether it be East, West, North, South, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, or Southwest, is essential. The accompanying image illustrates a street focus impacting the property at an angle, a factor that also requires consideration. Top vastu pandits possess the skill to uncover these intricate details.

It's imperative to exercise caution with street focus; neglecting this can lead to persistent challenges for management, ranging from one issue to another.

Street Focus Information

1. Northeast Street focus.

2. Northeast-east Street Focus.

3.East Street Focus

4. Southeast-east Street Focus.

5. Southeast Street Focus.

6. Southeast-south Street Focus.

7. South Street Focus.

8. Southwest-south Street Focus.

9. Southwest Street Focus.

10. Southwest-west Street Focus.

11.West Street Focus.

12. Northwest-west Street Focus.

13. Northwest Street Focus.

14. Northwest-north Street Focus.

15. North Street Focus.

16. Northeast-north Street Focus.

Numerous properties may have hidden street focuses. We will delve deeper into this topic through specific links provided. Street focuses are a frequent occurrence for larger buildings, and it is crucial for management to carefully select plots in their city of interest. This careful selection helps avoid the negative impacts of street focuses and ensures the benefits of favorable ones.

Single Star Hotel (Tourist):

Shower with western commode or bathtub with WC

Single table along with one or two chair

Toilet body wash or a soap

Complimentary or extended breakfast (tiffin)

Compulsory provision for color Television with remote control

Offering beverages in hotels

Locker facility or deposit possibility

Regular and daily room cleaning with phenol fluids using at toilets

Reception center service

Facsimile facility at reception area.

Publicly available telephone for guests

Single star with Super Tourist facilities also available in some hotels to get next upgrade to two star category.

Two Star Hotel (Standard):

Including Single star hotel facilities these below are the additional facilities at rooms occupied by guests.

Essential Bath essence, Gel for shower (Some hotels arranging Toilet tissue papers)

Towels for Bath

Morning Complimentary Breakfast buffet

Complimentary some sanitary items like shaving kit, toothpaste with toothbrush

Shelves to keep various items like used cloths, hangers etc

Accepting most of the Credit Cards like Visa, Master card etc.

Reading light next to sleeping bed or on top of the table.

Three Star Hotel (Comfort):

Including two star hotel facilities these below are the additional facilitates offered to guests:

24 hours accessible reception including three piece suite

Preferred bilingual staff (for ex: English and French etc)

Luggage service at reception area.

Offering beverages at rooms occupied by guests.

Telephone facility

Accessing Internet in the room, (some hotels offering only near to reception lounge areas)

cleansing tissue papers

Some hotels offering Heating facility in the bathroom including hair-dryer.

Dressing mirror,

Luggage rack, or suitcase table

Ironing, washing, pressing, laundry facilities

Shoe polishing facility utensils, Sewing material/kit,

Additional blanket and extra pillow.

Four Star ( First Class):

Including Three star hotel facilities, in addition, these below facilities are also provided to guests

24 hours reception available

Seating lobby with beverage facility services

complimentary breakfast buffet

'A La Carte' restaurant in hotel premises

Available of minibar in the room or serving on demand within 24 hours of the day.

Bath robe and slippers on demand

Cosmetic products (e.g. shower cap, nail file, cotton swabs), vanity mirror, tray of a large scale in the bathroom

Upholstered chair/couch with the side table

Facility for Internet access to all guests rooms.

Five Star - Luxury:

Reception opened 24 hours along with multilingual language spoken staff wearing with suits

valet parking

Doorman service

Personal concierge and page boy

Internet-PC in the room

Spacious reception hall with several seats and beverage service

Personalized greeting for each guest with fresh flowers or a present in the room

Minibar and food and beverage offer via room service during 24 hours

Personal care products like flacon

Mystery guesting

Locker safe in the room

Within one hour Ironing service, personal shoe polish servicing

Turn down service even at evening times.(optional).

In five-star hotels, there are several categories of suites, including the Presidential Suite, Royal Suite, King's Place, King Suite, Pride Chambers, Ambassador Avenue, Paradise Club Suite, and more. Some hotels select enticing names for these special accommodations, which enhances the value of their properties. This naming convention is widely adopted and upheld by most five-star hotels to maintain the prestige associated with these unique suites.

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