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Southeast-south street focusA street that hits to a house from Southeast-south side then that house is called as Southeast-south hit property or that street is called as Southern southeast street focus. If a street strikes a factory (factory vastu) or plot (plot vastu) on the SSE side such thrust is called SSE street thrust, this is beneficial. In some areas, the street focus is called as Drishti or drusti. Most of the cases this SSE focus brings wealth. Some cases this could damage finances or creating many problems.

Southeast South Street FocusHere observe the below three images, seems to be all are the same. Observe this image. A street is hitting the house from Southeast-south, this is Southern Southeast street focus or the house may be called as Southern Southeast (Southeast vastu) street focus house.

Southeast South Street Focus in TeluguCheck this below image :

What is the difference in this image and the above image.

దక్షిణ ఆగ్నేయ వీధిపోటుCheck this below image :

What is the difference in this image and the above two images? Color, drawing, and directions are all same except one change, what is that change.

Just observe double time or three times, if you did not find the change in these above images, then read the below content.

All the 3 street thrusts are indeed benevolent and these are SSE street thrusts only, they bestow financial benefits to the residents. To have the best in such situations it will be good to leave open space towards the East side of the house. More space towards East and north (North vastu) are most beneficial to the inhabitants.

In the absence of such a situation (Not leaving open space towards North direction) there would be dominance of ladies in the house, it is also best to have open space towards North or else female folk may suffer mental tension, mental ailments, skin ailments etc, furthe residents may suffer competitive business (business vastu) nvironment or themselves indulge in competition and get ruined.

Southern Southeast street focus in HindiPlease note that if the property will have more open space towards North and East for these kinds of properties, the residents will enjoy the real fruits of like (read the family life vastu), also we should not forget about the influence of the surrounding on the property. For all these, one should not take his own decision when needs to buy a property, it is a strong recommendation that always approaches one vastu consultant to have a peaceful life.

There are many more street focus, the general look is like to be the Southeast-south street focus only. But lots of difference in results.

Dakshina agneya Veedhi soola in TamilThis street focus is generally called as southern Southeast street focus only. But results vary when compare with Southeast-south street thrust, please note this point before going to buy the properties. Find one vastu expert and ask him to visit your interested property and then only decide to buy it or not.

Another property :

Somebody may be thought that this is also Southern Southeast street focus to the property. Generally, Southeast-south street focus is good, if anything wrong in its formation then the results may be varied. Shakti may be originated when the streets (know about vastu for streets are exactly hitting the properties. Some times residents may not interested to call the vaastu experts to their properties, because of their payments, to save the consultancy payments, residents dare to take the decision that they are approaching quacks or half knowledge vastu pandits and getting the wrong decisions, for example in this image,

Southern Southeast street focus in Kannadaplease note that the measurement of the Southeast-south street should be calculated and also requires to calculate the bend, where it starts from the house, that we have to check, if the bend is too far from the house as per Veda, then after checking the remaining all surroundings and may go for buy this one, but it should be done only before one competent vaastu scholar only.

Another Street focus :

Dakshina agneya veedhi potuMany may think that this is also a Southeast-south street focus and may be ready for consideration, if the property is 90 degrees then we should be very careful on this street focus. If the property is 60 or 120 degrees then the results may vary. If the property is skewed (skewed plots vastu) then without vastu master advise one should not buy this type of properties.

Another Street Focus Property :

If the property is 90 degrees as per compass, then this street focus may not be said to be the good one. In this figure the street thrust is indeed on SSE side, however, the house would be bestowed with partly SSE and partly Southeast street thrust. If however, the street extends beyond (thus making the street starting from SW) it bodes ill to the residents, see the above image.

southern southeast road thrust in TeluguIn such a situation the street thrust may be divided into two parts comprising of southeast street thrust and SSE street thrust. By observing the basic principles of avoiding the ill effects of SE street thrust, during construction we will be left with only the good effects of SSE.

South road and southeast street focusAnother image: This is south facing house and is having Southeast-south road focus. Be careful when you require to buy this, if there is no properties towards South then adverse results may apply to this property, if this property is having any kind of Northeast extension then the residents will enjoy the more good life.

दक्षिणी दक्षिण-पूर्व सड़क फोकसAnother Image :

This house is having same Southern Southeast street focus, and the same road passing through East before this house. The residents should use only this SSE road.

தென்கிழக்கு தென்கிழக்கு தெருக்களின் கவனம்Another Image :

This house is having SSE street focus and it's having a street towards North, this is an auspicious one, though its good one but residents should take the right recommendations from the vasthu scholars before selecting to buy the properties.

After seeing many types of street thrusts what do you feel, that is why many best vasthu experts never give the answer to the residents who called and asking questions on vaasthu shastra road hit properties. There are many more types of Shula, everything cannot be described by anybody, we should not forget about the information of the surroundings.

Benefits of Southeast-south (Dakshinagneya) Street thrust :

1. increased income to the residents

2. good progress in their educational fields and hence greater earnings.

3. residents may become arrogant always trying to win in argument

4. earnings due tolegal means

5. respect from society, exalted position in the society

6. doing such acts as earning praise from society

7. sound health(if there be no SW defects)

8. the girls in the home may be married earlier. This is a special feature in such houses

9. If families with female issues due for marriage but getting delayed live in such houses, it is very likely that they would get good alliances and early marriage too.

10. in such houses generally female folk will have lively disposition.

11. This site matter is from www.SubhaVaastu.com

11. if in such houses eastern portion is kept vacant, men folk may enjoy name and fame.

12. if adequate open space is left on north side, female folk would have happy life and family would have good name

13. Generally society will be favorable disposed towards the residents. Residents may even enjoy leadership in the society.

14. In such houses, if ever there be open space towards Southwest and either street thrust or frequent walking movements in ESE area of the house, the head of the family may suffer heart ailments or lose one’s self-esteem due to sudden developments.

15. unnecessary tensions, unable to hold on to the promises made, usually large expenses, ill health leading to frequent visits to doctors could be the results. Possibility of murders or committing the same may not be ruled out. Since evil things will be compounding whatever be mental strength depression will surely the result.

The above is the flash file, which is visible in desktop computers only. To safeguard our website visitors we hide some of the important information on Parihara for soolas here. The elders or experienced people know why we hide the facts here.

+1 #1 South East South Street focusDivakar 2019-08-07 14:02
My property is north facing but behind my property there is big property with the south facing which is the Big main road. My property comes in the first lane. The south facing property is big and the builder of this property has made 3 portions with the east doors & made a road for these 3 portions which is hitting my property from South South East. This road hit starts exactly from where my property boundary starts on the east and may be around 25 ft south focus which is the way for the 3 portions. This road is not in the lay out but the builder has created for access to the 3 properties. Please let me know whether it comes in Veedi Shoola. If it comes in Veedi Shoola whether it is good property to purchase.
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