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Vastu in Illinois:

Vastu consultant in ChicagoThe state of Illinois, with its progress across various sectors, serves as a model of inspiration for nations and governments globally. The city of Chicago, in particular, stands out as a marvel and magnificent urban area, renowned for its architectural innovations and developmental strides.

We have numerous clients in Chicago, where residents, particularly NRIs, exhibit remarkable honesty and kindness. We are grateful to the state of Illinois for fostering such a community.

Many might be familiar with Vastu, a discipline originating from India thousands of years ago. Vasthu science, which integrates supernatural powers from our surroundings, aims to ensure a peaceful and content life for its practitioners.

Thanks to our dedicated efforts and promotion, Vastu science is now utilized in various US states. We hope that the people of Illinois will embrace it to enhance their happiness and prosperity. As you delve deeper, you’ll find that Vastu science is above-board to comprehend and apply.

If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to get free phone consultation with our vastu pandit, who is readily available via this Contact SubhaVaastu link.

Our website is regularly updated with valuable Vastu tips. The Vastu daily tips link features our own research and advice, providing daily updates to assist you consistently.

Homes in the USA are a significant investment, typically ranging from 0.25 million USD to 5 million USD, depending on financial capability.

All esteemed residents seeking Vastu consultancy are in search of reputable Vastu consultants to find their dream home in the USA. They are not concerned with the consultancy fees but seek trustworthy Vastu advice.

Given the demand for Vastu in the USA, some imposters offer services at minimal fees of 5 USD or 10 USD. Believe it or not, this is entirely confirmed information. Naive customers, drawn to these low fees, end up losing substantial amounts of money on ineffective yantras and talismans.

Savvy residents do not consider the consultancy fee; they prioritize expertise. These well-informed individuals are aware of the low-cost consultancy gimmicks.

Many fraudsters have entered this field, making it difficult to discern who is authentic and reliable. These impostors, selling yantras and talismans under the guise of Vaastu consultancy, have tarnished the profession's reputation. In such a situation, it’s challenging to judge the best and most responsible consultants for safeguarding client assets. We regret this unfortunate reality.

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మన ఈ శుభ వాస్తు వెబ్సైట్ లో అనేక భాషల లో వాస్తు శాస్త్రం గురించి వివరంగా తెలియపరుస్తున్నాము, ప్రస్తుతానికి గృహ వాస్తు గురించి తెలుగు భాషలో తెలుసుకుందాము ఈ లింక్ ద్వారా తమరు వాస్తు శాస్త్రమును తెలుగులో కూడా తెలుసుకోవచ్చు.

ఒకవేళ మీరు తూర్పు దిక్కు గురించి తెలుగు భాషలో తెలుసుకోవాలనుకుంటే ఈ లింకుద్వారా గమనించండి తెలుగు భాషలో తూర్పు దిక్కు వివరములు. ఒకవేళ మీకు ఏమైనా ప్రత్యేకమైన వివరములు కావాలనుకుంటే తప్పకుండా మమ్మల్ని సంప్రదించండి, తగిన విధంగా ఈ వెబ్సైట్లో అన్ని విషయాలను పొందుపరుస్తాము

Types of Houses in Illinois

1. Mansions

Mansions in Illinois are the defining characteristic of the Illinois housing system. Contrary to the popular perception, Illinois mansions are rich, classy, and unique in design.

Mansions are mostly used for public services but you find the majority of mansions in Illinois occupied by private owners.

Mansions are usually constructed in various shapes and sizes.

They are flexible and espouse the local architectural style to vibe with the locale.

They can be one or more storied. But typical mansions are very swelling in the area.

2. Worker’s cottages

Worker’s cottages are specifically built for the local working population and immigrants as they are affordable and easily constructible.

They are long and narrow buildings with all facilities.

People still fall back upon this architectural style in case they are stripped of resources.

They are typically one or two-storied houses with limited space, no courtyard, and no backyards.

These houses do not have exteriors too.

3. Courtyard apartments

People who love to live in communities would love the idea of Courtyard apartments.

Since their emergence in the 20th century, courtyard apartments have managed to stay snazzy.

They have open courtyards, modish landscapes, and adorable gardens.

These buildings are mostly either L or U-shaped.

They are a combination of mansions and apartments but with greater diversity in architectural style.

4. Two and three flats

These kinds of homes are mostly found surrounding industrial areas.

They are not suitable for family living. Two and three flats are individual small flats in narrow and relatively smaller buildings.

They look like apartments but people mostly reside in them with sharing purpose.

The floor and house plans of two and three-flat buildings are similar to that of apartments.

They are basically two or three-storied and not more than that. They do not have courtyards, backyards, or exteriors.

5. Bungalows

You will find a handful of bungalows in each street of Illinois.

Bungalows are spacious and perfect for people who like their own company.

They have one, two, or more stories. Both the interiors and exteriors of bungalows can be customized according to the fancies of the owners.

6. High-rise buildings

There is literally nowhere in Illinois where you cannot find a high-rise building.

These are nothing less than apartments. They are mostly found in suburban regions. They do not have multiple stories or exteriors.

7. Condos

Condos are other famous architectural styles seen in Illinois.

Although condos are nothing less than apartments, they can have spacious exteriors and multiple stories too.

Condos are usually built in contemporary architectural style.

8. Craftsman

The craftsman residential buildings are almost ubiquitous in almost every state of the USA.

These dwellings incorporate natural elements in their construction designs. This trendsetting architecture has forever been in vogue since the 20th century.

If you ever visit the Beverly-Morgan Park area, you can experience an eye-feast as the streets are filled with craftsman-style homes.

With broad porches, craftsman houses in Illinois lay equal emphasis on exteriors too.

These residences focus on integrating both the interiors and exteriors.

They can be one or more storied depending on the requirements of the owner.

9. Victorian

The Victorian-style houses date back to Queen Victoria’s time.

This architectural style first rose to prominence in Chicago around the 19th century and reining the region to this date.

The Illinois suburbs grandly feature Victorian-style dwellings.

Bay windows, decorative woodwork, gabled roofs, elaborate ornamentation, dormers, and turrets are a few distinguishing features of Victorian residential architectural style.

With a grand entrance, these homes can elevate up to two or more stories.

10. Cape cod

Cape code residential buildings are predominantly found in different places including England and New York.

You will find some streets of Illinois crowded with Cape Cod-style houses.

Although a large part of this architectural style is borrowed from the United Kingdom, you’ll find ample sum of Cape Cod houses in Illinois more than in England.

In Illinois, Cape Cod homes resemble ranch-style homes but both are unique in their own style.

With expansive bedrooms, each extending over 500 feet each, Cape Cod homes have free-flowing interiors.

11. Tudor

This 16th style architectural style still dominates the other residential buildings in Illinois.

The steep roofs, brick construction style, wood, and leaded glass help in identifying the Tudor style easily.

The intricately designed walls with different patterns, narrow windows, rounded windows, and glassed front doors distinguish them from other resident styles.

Well-decorated chimneys are another unique feature of the Tudor houses.

12. Foursquare

Foursquare houses look like government residences but they have different house plans.

A typical foursquare house plan includes three square-shaped rooms, an entrance hall.

The second floor has four bedrooms with no living rooms or entrance halls.

They do not have elaborate exteriors but have a basement and a huge front porch.

Stone and brick are the most commonly used construction materials in building Foursquare rooms.

The large windows facilitate bright lighting throughout the house.

13. Colonial

Colonial architectural styles mostly prioritize symmetrical facades with large and geometrically designed entranceways.

Open halls, narrow porches, stairways, and center chimneys are other identifiable features of colonial-style homes.

Colonial houses have beautiful gardens in the front yard and spacious backyards.

They have detailed designs of staircases with one or more stories. Rich designs of fireplaces are worth mentioning here.

14. French provincial

French provincial architectural style in Illinois is inspired by the countryside architecture of France.

With stucco exteriors, french provincial dwellings blend into their surroundings effortlessly.

Beautiful stone porches add character to the houses.

Inward opening windows, shutters, arched doors, steep roofs, and stucco porches define the french provincial residences in Illinois.

They can be one or more stories. French provincial homes usually occupy more space.

15. Contemporary

Contemporary architecture usually takes its inspiration from the minimalist attitude of people.

They use steel, stone, and glass materials in construction. They can be one or more stories.

Contemporary houses are largely customizable and hence embrace multiple cultural and architectural elements in a single construction.

Illinois Information:

Illinois is a US state that lies in the Midwestern part of the country. The state is one of the most advanced, stable, historical, and rich state of the US in terms of production and natural resources. Also, the state is well-known for its contribution and political activities.

Three US presidents were elected from the Illinois state with first being Abraham Lincoln. The state still honors Abraham Lincoln as the state is termed as “Land of Lincoln”. The bordering state of Illinois includes Kentucky towards the Southeast, Wisconsin towards the North, Michigan towards the Northeast, and Missouri and Iowa towards the West.

The state is famous for its cities, farmlands, wetlands, forests and continuous hills. Also, the city of “Chicago” is located in Illinois which is famous worldwide for its architects, museums, high-rise buildings, and other countless spots.

Several Native American tribes lived in modern-day Illinois prior to the European arrival. Some of their remains and monuments are still visible in a different part of the states. Further research and excavations also led to countless discoveries and information about their ancestors. It is estimated that the region was inhabited not less than 7000 years.

Some of the known tribes include speaking Potawatomi, Miami, Sauk, and other tribes including the Mesquakie, Ioway, Kickapoo, Mascouten, Piankashaw, Shawnee, Wea, and Ho-Chunk. French were the first outsiders to explore and claim the region.

The region was known as “New France” during the French rule and they further built garrisons and forts to enhance their defenses. During these times, French settlements were also coming in the region. After the French defeat in the “Seven Years War”, the region was ceded to the British by the French. Illinois became a US state in 1818 as the 21st state of the Union.

During the “American Civil War” period, the state contributed much towards the war effort by supplying large manpower and other supplies. By the start of the 20th century, the state was one of the most industrialized and developed US states and one of the largest oil producers. Also, during World War 2, the out of the state was incredible.

The geographic features of Illinois include grassy lands, farmhouses, and plains. The state is divided into three geographical divisions Northern Illinois, midsection Illinois, and Southern Illinois.

The places where human activities are minor include several wildlife species like a coyote, deer, foxes, etc.

Some large animals like Bison, Wolves, and Bears once also lived in the state but today they can’t be found anywhere. The climate of the state is generally moderate with hot summers and chilly winters. Tornadoes are also common in the state.

The economy of Illinois is basically diverse with several factors that contribute. Major sectors include Industries, Manufacturing, Agriculture, and services. Some of the largest and common industries of the state are United Airlines, Boeing, Motorola, and McDonald's.

Due to moderate and suitable climate aided by fertile soil and abundant water, agriculture is thriving in the state form the very beginning with the outputs like corn, hogs, grapes, peaches, and apples. Numerous other sectors like petroleum, higher education, pharmacy, oil-refining, energy (nuclear, wind, thermal, and hydro), taxes and services also contribute a significant amount towards the economy.

The racial composition of Illinois is made up of the following racial groups, Native Americans, African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, and others. Christianity is the main religion if the state, while other minority religions include Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists.

The state of Illinois features countless museums and buildings which must be visited by the tourists. They represent the history of the State and its hardships.

Further, several parks, skyscrapers, historic buildings and hospitality of the people enhance the beauty of the state. The inhabitants of the state are passionate football fans and the state has numerous leagues, teams, and stadiums.

Some of the famous political figures that hailed from Illinois include four US presidents Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses S. Grant and Ronald Reagan. Other prominent personalities include Hilary Clinton.

Key Points of Illinois State

  • Illinois State Capital City: Springfield
  • Area 149,998 km²
  • Congressional Districts18
  • Population 12.8 million(2017 est)
  • Language English, Spanish
  • Main Cropscorn, hogs, grapes, peaches, and apples
  • State Bird Northern cardinal
  • State Animal Deer
  • State Flower Violet
  • State Tree White oak
  • Popular Rivers Mississippi River, Fox River, Kankakee River, Ohio River, Iroquois River, Wabash River, Rock River, Pecatonica River, Grand Calumet River, Vermilion River, Galena River
  • Spiritual Places Hindu Temple of Central Illinois, Hindu Temple and Cultural Society of Southern Illinois, Shree Jalaram Mandir, Hindu Mandir of Lake County, Shree Radhey Shyam Temple, The Hindu Temple, Shri Swaminarayan Temple Wheeling, The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Sri Venkateswara Swami (Balaji) Temple, Gayatri Shaktipeeth Chicago, ISKCON Temple of Greater Chicago, Shivalya Hindu Cultural Center, Gayatri Gyan Mandir Itasca, Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Kaival Gyan Mandir, Manav Seva Mandir, Hari Om Mandir
  • Important Cities Chicago city, Aurora city, Rockford city, Joliet, Naperville city, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin city, Waukegan, Cicero town, Champaign city, Bloomington, Decatur, Arlington Heights village, Evanston city, Schaumburg village
  • Tourist Attractions Millennium Park, Willis Tower, Navy Pier, Cloud Gate, 875 North Michigan Avenue, Shedd Aquarium, Magnificent Mile, Grant Park, Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History, Skydeck Chicago, Lincoln Park Zoo, Starved Rock State Park, Buckingham Fountain, Adler Planetarium, Wrigley Field, Crown Fountain (Visit this article to know about fountains placement as per Vastu), 360 Chicago, Shawnee National Forest, Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago Riverwalk, Chinatown, Maggie Daley Walk, Chicago Water Tower, Soldier Field, Tribune Tower, Lincoln Park, Chicago Theatre.
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