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Vastu Shastra Tips for Staircase | Stairway | Steps | Helical Style| Spiral | Helix Type | Round Shaped | SubhaVaastu.com:

Vastu Shastra for Staircase | Stairway | Steps: Staircase is the most important for any property to reach upstairs or first floor or upper floors etc. Now a days many residents used to install elevators or lifts to their homes. Elevator vastu is different and staircase vastu is different. Elevator may require pit or hole or excavation on the floor, but the staircase does not require such pit or dig sump. If there is any pit was came in any direction that would be effect on residents, as we discuss earlier on such pits. Some body may says that digging pit towards Northeast is very good, though it is right but you should not install elevator at Northeast, that would be the wrong placement.

As we discussed earlier that each and every part of the house is having its own discretion in vastu shastra, as usual this staircase is also having its own judgment in this science of vastu, an Indian traditional construction system. These staircases are called with different names in different places like rung, shed, stairs, steps, sopana, metlu, setup of steps etc.

Let us discuss on system of staircase here before going to study the results of this stairs in the home. In olden days staircase means it has lots of weight and constructed with mountain rocks and they filled all these staircases steps from the starting point of first step to last step. So it has lots of weight, based on that our rushis opinioned that it may harm when it was planned to execute in some directions.

Now construction system of stair case was totally changed day by day. There was lots of difference from olden days to present days stairs. Stairway, staircase, stairwell, stairs what ever the name may be staircase is with stairs or steps one two three . . . The Height, Level, Depth, Pitch, Shape and run of the staircase are different from one and another. The international standard as per getting information from our clients is 190 mm to 220 mm i.e., 0.62336 feet to 0.721785 feet. So the allowable minimum depth of each step (tread) in a (www.SubhaVaastu.com) particular staircase may be from 0.623 feet to 0.72 feet. It means almost above half of the feet. If the riser in between step to step may be more than this 220 (0.72) millimeter then it may be difficult to regular run on the steps. The standard width may be 2.82152 i.e, 860 mm (millimeters). In some places people are generally arranging staircase from 30 inches to 42 inches (www.SubhaVaastu.com) based on the availability of place. But the standards are 2.82 feet. Based on design and spacious place one may increase the width of the stairs. The abrupt move of a flight of these stairs may not be more than 42°, if the stairs are more than this angle then it may be steep to climb comfortably, it may might as well have a stepping stool / ladder than a staircase. Some people may plan to construct the staircase by 35°, it requires lots of space and climbing is also takes time to reach upper floors. More than 50° its tough to climb stairs. In between 39° to 45° is common and comfortable. 39° may takes more space and 45° (www.SubhaVaastu.com) may fit in smaller areas. In between 45° to 50° degrees we may observe these kind of staircases in many shops. The boys handle the ramp rods and climbing the staircase in those shops. Generally shops may not have such a spacious spaces, based on availability of space they are arranging their own style of stairs, some body may arrange the stairs with 70° also. Straight staircase, Curve staircase, Spiral staircase and further there may be some other L-shaped U-shaped T-shape.

All types of staircases are not giving same results, there is a difference in between stairs and results. So be relax. Please read further and don't stop reading this para when you start this para to read, if the staircase/steps are at Northeast direction/side/corner, the residents may suffer with many severe deceases or some serious ill health problems. In some cases some residents may get attack by cancer when having staircase at Northeast corner, some may lose their valuable opportunities, some times unexpected negative things may happen that we may not express like brain damage, lineage problem etc. Please note (www.subhavaastu.com) that this would be happens based on law of spreading, which we have invented this system and written at our website also. Now coming from the starting point of this para, all these negative things may not be possible in all staircases. Because staircases executed with many types like 1. cement+steel+concrete+sand (concrete staircase, presently in many places constructing with these materials), 2. Mountain rocks + sand + mud + lime + jaggery (constructing in olden days) 3. Wood 4. Metals like steel, iron, aluminum etc. If light weight steel or iron or wood staircase was build in a house then the above points which we discussed in this para may not be applicable. For example if in Northeast corner there is very light material steel and wooden stairs were framed then no need to worry and it may not be severe damages to the residents though it is not a good one and advisable to place at Northeast. The width, weight, tall, shape also applicable when discuss about results of the staircase. Likewise we should be particularly observe each and every part in vastu shastra and then only come for the decisions.

Please keep the above para in mind and read points and our entire website content. Some times the points may not be matched with the results, it may happens only due to system change. Like staircase as we discussed in above para. So one should not ask that our "staircase was constructed towards Northeast", instead of raise this question then may raise like this "Wooden light weight staircase was built towards Northeast", then we may understand a bit on their question.

If the staircase may be towards East direction and that to coming into Northeast-east quadrant then the residents would suffer bad name and their works cannot go smooth, suffers with health deceases (www.subhavaastu.com) their expenditures are also very high even though they have good income, it may create many health disorders and other inconveniences to the inhabitants. If placing staircase towards this area is inevitable then leave atleast 3 to 6 inches gap from East wall and there after plan for this staircase, its so nice if you plan for light weight materials than the concrete staircase at this area.

The best position for the staircase would be towards Southeast (agneya) and Northwest (vayavya) for additional information you may check this Vastu for Staircase

If the staircase is planning to construct at Southeast, then one has to make a portico towards East to Northeast and the same may be convenient to this Southeast staircase, if portico has not came towards Northeast-east then its possible that Eastern Southeast has extended. The same thing was shown in this link Staircase Vastu . So every thing should be properly observe and then only plan accordingly. Due to this staircase the structure should not have Southeast extension when you are planning to construct the staircase towards Southeast part.

North facing homes : Staircase may be best fitted towards Northwest, one should not have Northeast staircase, its totally wrong and danger to the inhabitants.

There is no count for steps in the staircase, you can plan for any number of steps as per your requirement and convenience. In some places even some experts also saying that there should only even number of the staircase, it should be odd number. Just like they count the first step as Laabham (Profit) the second one is Nastam (Loss), like wise they will start counting and reached the floor and it has to stop for profit only, if it stops for loss, then they planned for

If internal staircase may be planned to provide at Northeast room, its not correct idea.

Suppose a linear staircase is designed either inside the house or outside the house. Then it should be from east to west or north to south. Then it may take any direction. First it has to start from North or East only.

If you want to construct the stairs at outside provide in East of Southeast part and here the Eastern compound wall should not be touched. It should be from North to South and proceed from there towards North from South after the landing. That will lead to entry into the first floor in an exalted position. When you are planned to alter the staircase at your house, it is better to approach one expert vastu consultant.

Further in continuation of the above point, if the staircase was came towards East of Southeast part then the entire home may looks to be Southeast extension, is it right or wrong?, so its better to arrange one portico at Northeast-east. The portico should more towards East(www.SubhaVaastu.com) than this Southeast-east staircase. So by seeing the system should be like this way, the portico will be more extended towards Northeast and this staircase will be below this, due to this small vastu balancing method we may solve this Southeast staircase problem.

Coming to this Northwest staircase the same system may be applied. Due to constructing of this Northwest staircase the entire home should looks like as Northwest extension home. So better to plan for Northeast-north portico and should be more than that of this Northwest staircase.

If your home is West facing and you are planning to construct outside staircase you are not supposed to be construct towards Northwest part, staircase has to be constructed towards Southwest only. Constructing room under this staircase is not recommended.

Regarding South facing property, the best fit staircase position is towards Southwest, Southeast staircase may not be good. Constructing room under this staircase is not recommended. If you are planning to construct the room under the staircase then it should not touch the main building. One may plan to construct the staircase towards Northwest and even towards Southeast-east not the Southeast-south.

If one property may has South staircase and may have main entrance door is towards Southwest-south, it may curse the residents with many diseases and financial collapse. Some times it may take long run to come down if the staircase may construct with concrete system. The residents are advised to place the main entrance door towards Southeast-south, then maximum their problem may come solve and they may enjoy the freedom of health diseases and financial burdens.

Make sure that the staircase should not touch the main compound wall. That would be the wrong method.

Some homes may have staircase at outside very lengthy and crossed the borders of the home, where ever the place it was that may not be the good scenario. Fortunately some of them may be useful for the first floor people, for example, if there is a two storey building and the staircase for the firs floor is exactly towards Northeast and that is more lengthy, so it may be the Northeast staircase for ground floor people and they may suffers and its not bad affected to the first floor people and may enjoy their life.

There are lots of calculations and logic in this vastu shastra, that is why many vastu experts never responds to the clients questions, they require to check personally of such property, otherwise one may not understand the facts of the property.

Toilet under Staircase:

Some body requires to have toilet or bathroom under the staircase, in this case first one has to check where is the staircase in their home. For example if the staircase is towards Southeast and constructed outer side then residents plan to construct the staircase under the toilet, in this case the Southeast may be extended than the Northeast particularly the home plinth area, not the compound premises. To balance this defect resident may extend the Northeast through portico then the Southeast extension problem will be solved.

For Northeast facing homes the suitable place for outside staircase is the Northwest, if there is a staircase at outside and it was built at Northwest and residents now requires to build the toilet under this staircase, then it seems to be the Northwest will extended than the Northeast, at this moment, resident may extend the Northeast part than this Northwest, simple the problem solved.

For South facing homes, we never recommend toilets under the staircase if the staircase was built at Southwest or Southeast or even at South direction.

For West facing homes, never recommend toilets under the staircase if the staircase was built at Southwest or Northwest or even at West direction.

Let us know what is your questions on staircase, we will try our level best to answer here.

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0 #2 West Facing HouseSARAVANAN 2016-09-02 12:03
we constructed west facing house and entrance made at west only, but we feel some bad effects like my childrens are not feeling well and we are restless. kindly guide us remedy for our peaceful life.

+2 #1 Solution for staircaseRajender Kumar 2014-02-28 02:30
Sir my plot is south facing , sir i have plot size ie 80/60 plot construction made in 60/15 size ie I have left open towards nort-east ,sir ihave constructed south-east gate & steps starts from anticlock wise diraction starts from north and touch to south wall it is bild after S-E entrance gate is starcase is built

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