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Vastu  Tips for Children Bed Room | Vidyarthi | Students | SubhaVaastu.com

children room vastu tipsVastu Tips for Children | Kids Bedrooms: Vastu is an ancient architectural science pertaining to the constructions and its origin is from India. This ancient natural science is from Indian land.

It is based on the Five Elements and the appropriate direction (directions in vastu) for its usage of getting results.

In this section we will look closely for the appropriate Vastu recommendations for the children room.

  • Children act as the future of the household and hence the children’s room should be in a place that strengthens them and gives them a mental stability that is most required nowadays.
  • Children's Room or Study room, or Playroom or Bedroom can be in the west (West vastu), South (South vastu), North and even in East directions, if one has no such rooms then next best is Southeast (agneya), Northwest (vayavya).
  • Allot West side bedroom to the children, as it is good for the children.
  • An Eastern bedroom can also be used for unmarried children.
  • Avoid the Southwest direction room.
  • If there is more open space at East direction at your home then an East facing bedroom is good for a newly married couple, but West and Southwest bedrooms has to be occupied by the elders.
  • The beds in the children (student) room can be in the Southwest portion of the room and the heads should be kept in the East direction (Please read East Facing House vastu remedies link) or South direction.
  • As the children tend to spend a lot of time in their rooms try to keep the room free from sharp edges and pointed nooks.
  • According to some Vastu Shastra tips any type of sharp-pointed thing is going to bring negative energy in the household.
  • Maximum try to arrange the beds to be their heads to be placed to East, as this direction is best for the knowledge growing and development in terms of brain.
  • Avoid placing a mirror or television directly opposite to the bed.
  • The mirror and the television set when switched off reflects the bed.
  • Don't allow them to watch the television frequently, disconnect the satellite connection.
  • The furniture in the room should be placed a few inches away from the walls, as it saves the positive energies of body and mind/brain.

Different Items to be placed in children bedroom:

A television should never be placed in the bedroom, but if it is necessary it can be placed in the North of the room.

Computer can be placed in East or next best is Southeast corner of the room, if this room has a Northeast extension, otherwise, get proper guidance from one expert.

In the Southeast corner of the children’s room has an up lighter. This boosts the positive energy and good health to the household.

Make sure that the center of the room is empty.

Don’t ever put furniture in the center of the room.

If there has to be small furniture in the children’s room then it should be kept a few inches away from the wall. This will help in saving the positive energies of the body and the mind.

The children’s room generally contains a study table. If there’s one in your child’s room then ensure that the child faces the East direction or the Northeast while studying. By facing East the child will have better concentration when studying.

Computer, which is quite common in present days, then have it in the Southeast corner nearer to the East or East direction of the children’s room. If your kids are doing more work on the computer then it may be better to keep the computer very near to the Northeast or middle of the East direction.

Vasthu is not about limitations but making the best use of the space available. Let your children grow in a congenial and comfortable atmosphere. Let your Home be the abode to prosperity so that it strengthens the future of your kids.

Please note that if the children's health is good, then they will succeed in all the fields. First observe their health conditions regularly. Checkup their nature calls if they are not regular, inquire your elders how to overcome the nature call problems and amend them, or consult one senior doctor.

Six Ethics of Life :

Before you Pray - Believe
Before you Speak - Listen
Before you spend - Earn
Before you write - Think
Before you Quit - Try &
Before you die - Live.

Honest studied student never fails. Concentrate only on studies, success is very near, you will achieve the target once entire your body requires to win on certain exams or competitions.

In a classroom, there are many students, some are intelligent, some are non-intelligent, fun is that some non-intelligent students achieve the targets which intelligent fails, it happens only because of aim. Targets are all harder to reach, but you have the excellent courage to reach it. There is no meaning of try to reach the target, no failure, only success, the key for success is hard work, concentration, responsibility. Think twice before you are going to do wrong, think on your parents, their reputation in society. Don't spoil your parent's dreams. Before praying God, pray your parents. Parents are living God's or visible gods.

Make sure that your kid's room Northeast part should not be disturbed like keeping heavy stock items, dust, storing dirty items etc, if anything wrong there, first and the most important point is clear and clean everything there to get positive energies.

Kids are your property, your future, your dream, make their room very pleasant and atmosphere should be more good.

Keep on changing their bedspreads frequently, three times per week is highly recommended, if you can change daily, that would be so beneficial to your children overall health and mental balance.

Dust should not be formed at your kid's bedroom.

Observe is there Northeast-east door is there or not, if not try to fix one door to enter into the East room of their room. If your kid's room is towards West direction then keep one door towards Northeast North to get positive energy.

Ask them to speak polite, at any cost they should not use vulgar language.

Try to always keep your eyes on them what channels they are observing and what websites they are browsing etc. They should not be allowed to see vulgar scenes either in TV or computer.

In the year 2003, before registering this www.SubhaVaastu.com website at domain registration office many says, wasting money in the name of website, but our aim is different, we know we will win in this field, we achieved, yes we achieved the target, our website now getting more than 26000 hits per day and 4300 unique visitors per day. How its possible without advertisements. Its simple trust on our work, hard work, work with trust.

This is not belongs to Vaastu , a common question to your kids, ask your children some general knowledge questions like how many countries in the world and how many states in India and what are their capital cities, important cities in India and their states. Click these two links to get more information on this subject

Dear student, develop trust on your vision. START NOW. . . Run for your target, yes now you are looking the target, reach it, just run to reach it. Move . . . fast. Your parents will be happy. Always make them happy.

We thought these quotes may be useful for your career, shortly we will publish them in the English language. If you are able to translate, please do translate from Telugu to English.

This Vastu Tips section published with useful information and this Vastu Website always trying to implement new methods for visitors easy understanding of this subject.

ఈ  క్రింది విషయాలు ఒక్కరికైనా ఉపయోగపడవచ్చునని, ప్రచురించడం జరిగింది. 

స్నేహితుడిని, నీ దుఃఖ సమయంలోను, భార్యను పేదరికంలోను, యోధుడిని యుద్ధంలోను, గొప్పవ్యక్తిని అతని వినయంలోను పరీక్షించాలి.

తాళం తో పాటుగా తాళం చెవి కూడా తయారు చేయబడుతుంది కదా. ఒకటి లేకుండా రెండోది తయారు కాబడదు. అలాగే పరిష్కారం లేకుండా ఒక సమస్యను భగవంతుడు స్రుష్టించే అవకాశమే లేదు. కాబట్టి ప్రతి విషయానికి కంగారు పడవద్దు. ఏమో అయిపోతుందని భయపడవద్దు, నీ సమస్యకు పరిష్కారం తప్పకుండా దొరుకుతుంది.

తూటా కంటే శక్తివంతమైనది మాట! ఒకే ఒక్క మాటతో సంబంధం తెంచుకోవచ్చు, ఒకే ఒక్క మాటతో లేని బందాన్ని పంచుకోవచ్చు.

నిజాన్ని మార్చే శక్తి ఈ ప్రపంచంలో ఎవ్వరికీ లేదు, కానీ ప్రపంచాన్ని మార్చే శక్తి నిజానికి ఉంది.

నీవు సంతోషంగా ఉన్నావంటే నీకు సమష్యల్లేవని కాదు, వాటిని ఎదుర్కోగల శక్తి, ధైర్యం నీకున్నాయని.

చేసిన తప్పుకు క్షమాపణ అడిగినవాడు ధైర్యవంతుడు. ఎదుటి వారి తప్పును క్షమించగలిగిన వాడు బలవంతుడు.

కష్టం అందరికీ శత్రువే, కానీ కష్టాన్ని కూడా చిరునవ్వుతో స్వీకరిస్తే, సుఖమై నిన్ను ప్రేమిస్తుంది.

ఓటమి లేనివాడికి అనుభవం రాదు, అనుభవం లేనివాడికి జ్ఞానం రాదు. గెలిచినప్పుడు గెలుపును స్వీకరించు, ఓడినప్పుడు పాఠాన్ని స్వీకరించు. ఎలా నిలదొక్కుకున్నావన్నది కావల్సింది. ఓడిపోయి విశ్రాంతి తీసుకుంటునప్పుడు ఆ ఓటమి నేర్పిన పాఠాన్ని చదువుకో, గెలుస్తావు.

ఎవరికైనా ఉండేది రోజుకు 24 గంటలే, గెలిచేవాడు ఆ 24 గంటలూ కష్టపడుతుంటాడు. ఓడేవాడు ఆ 24 గంటలు ఎలా కష్టపడలా అని ఆలోచిస్తుంటాడు.

అదే తేడా.

గెలవాలన్న తపన, గెలవగలను అన్న నమ్మకం, నిరంతర సాధన. ఈ మూడే నిన్ను గెలుపుకు దగ్గర చేసే సాధనాలు. నేను గెలవటంలో ఓడిపొవచ్చు, కానీ ప్రయత్నించడంలో గెలుస్తున్నాను . . . ప్రయత్నిస్తూ గెలుస్తాను.. గెలిచి తీరుతాను. స్వయంకృషితో పైకొచ్చినవారికి ఆత్మవిశ్వాసం ఉంటుంది గానీ, అహంకారం ఉండదు.

+6 #2 My children's bed room as per vastuSiddh shah 2017-07-23 08:43
Respected sir, I have been reading your articles, referring to all the information and it is indeed very helpful. I am Siddha shah. I am an architect but my parents said don't change your room furniture or don't rearrange. But my opinion to them is to rearrange. In my room, my bed faces to west direction. My wardrobes are facing to south direction. My computer table also facing to south direction. I am so confused to rearrange the furniture. Can you please suggest the best directions for children's room as I don't have any problems. Thank you.
+4 #1 Children vastu tipsSatish 2017-01-24 08:52
Dear sir, your website is very good informative. Thank you for this contribution to society. I have 2 iron almirahs in my bedroom that is children bedroom. Now I am keeping it 1st is at southwest 2nd is at northwest is it right. The door facing is East facing. That is right or wrong please explain sir.
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