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What Are All Ideal Places for Cattle Shed in Our House as Per Vastu?

Recommended Cattle Shed In Our Home

cow shed as per VastuAccording to Vastu shastra principles, the ideal location for constructing a cow shed in a residential area is the Northwest direction. This placement aligns with Vastu's guidelines for optimal energy flow and environmental harmony. However, if space constraints prevent the establishment of a cattle shed in the Northwest, the Southeast direction emerges as the next preferable choice. This alternative also aligns with Vastu principles, offering a balanced environment for the home and cattle. As a third option, the Southwest direction can be considered. It's important to note, however, that as per Vaastu recommendations, one should strictly avoid placing a cattle shed in the Northeast corner of the property. This direction is generally reserved for more sacred or clean spaces and putting a cattle shed there could disrupt the area's energetic balance as per teachings.

Can We Construct Cattle Shed in the Northeast Direction?

Vastu for Cattle shedIt is advised against situating a cattle shed in the Northeast direction. Placing a cattle shed in this particular area could potentially hinder the progress and development of the household, according to ancient principles. Additionally, this NE location cow shed structure misplacement may lead to the emergence of new challenges and difficulties. The construction of a cattle shed in this direction might attract misfortune and disrupt the harmonious energy of the space. Therefore, it is highly recommended to exercise caution and adhere to Vasthu guidelines to ensure the well-being and prosperity of the household.

What Are Ideal Vastu Approved Locations for Constructing Cattle Shed at Home?

best Cattle shed locationsIn Vastu, the placement of a cattle shed is significant for maintaining harmony and positive energy at home. The most recommended location for a cattle shed is the Northwest part of the property. This direction is believed to promote health and prosperity for the cattle, thereby benefiting the household. If the Northwest is not feasible, the Southeast is considered the second best option. This direction aligns well with Vaasthu ancient and recent principles, offering a suitable environment for the cattle. Following these Vastu guidelines not only ensures the well-being of the cattle, but also contributes to the overall positive energy and prosperity of the household. Taking these recommendations into account can lead to a harmonious and balanced living environment.

Is West Direction Is Suitable For Cattle Shed?

recommended cow shed places as per VastuIndeed, the West direction can be considered a suitable location for a cattle shed under specific conditions. These conditions are crucial for aligning with some norms and ensuring the optimal functioning of the space. Firstly, the roof of the cow shed constructed in the West should be designed to slant exclusively towards the East direction. This design aids in maintaining the right energy flow and sunlight exposure. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the cow shed does not directly adjoin or touch the main house, maintaining a clear spatial separation. Another important aspect is the elevation of the shed's floor. The floor of the cattle shed should be constructed at a level that is higher than that of the main home's floor. This elevation difference is key in maintaining a proper flow of energies and ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the living spaces. Adhering to these conditions not only complies with proper guidelines but also contributes to the overall well-being and efficiency of the household setup.

Can We Plan Cow Shed Towards South Direction?

recommended cow shed places as per VastuCertainly, positioning a cattle shed in the South direction is acceptable under certain environmental circumstances. To align with ancient science conditions and ensure optimal conditions, it's important to adhere to specific design guidelines for such a setup. Firstly, the roof of the cattle shed should be constructed to slope or bend exclusively towards the North direction. This orientation is crucial for maintaining proper energy flow and ensuring adequate sunlight exposure for the cattle. Furthermore, it's essential to ensure that the cattle shed remains detached and does not physically touch the main house. This separation is important for both energetic reasons and practical considerations, like hygiene and noise control. In addition, the floor of the cattle shed should be elevated compared to the floor of the main home. This elevation not only aids in better drainage and cleanliness but also contributes to the harmonious distribution of energies as per Vastu . Incorporating these design elements not only adheres to norms but also enhances the overall functionality and healthfulness of the living environment for both the cattle and the residents of the home.

Guidelines for Vastu For Cow Shed

Most of the village former's maintaining cattle shed or cows (Domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age and Mature female of mammals of which the male is called 'bull') for their regular milk utilization and or for business purposes or for agricultural purposes. Herewith we are providing comprehensive information on cow shed placements.

Generally, the North direction is not suitable for the cow shed. If it is inevitable then get proper idea from vastu experts.

Normally, East direction is not suitable for the cow shed. If it is mandatory then get proper idea from vaastu consultants.

The slanting is good towards North or East directions. At any cost, the slanting should not be towards South or West directions.

What Are The Wrong Cattle Shed Locations In The House As Per Vastu

Cattle shed should not be constructed in the Northeast corner. This may destroy peace in the home. Please note that cattle can stay at Northeast, but shed should not be constructed at Northeast. If we are maintaining good structure for the cow, then they may also healthy and on the same way owner will also healthy.

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