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Eight Directions Importance in Vastu Shastra

Eight Directions in Vastu Shastra:

Below are a total of eight directions.

East direction, east side activities pleasing to sun God who is the lord of Zodiac head of the family’s work.

West direction, West side ruled by Varun (Rain God) - having the signs of prosperity such as Granary (not underground), Cattle shed, parking area for the vehicles, etc.

North direction, North side ruled by Kuber God of wealth - sign of prosperity, keeping low level for storing hidden wealth appropriately, such as jewelry, expensive clothing or hard cash, etc.

South direction, in the south side presided by Yama, God of Death… sleeping with head towards south, having a raised platform, putting heavy articles, etc of the enterprise on this side etc.

Northeast direction, in the NE side prayer, worship, studies, and such holy activities.

Southeast direction, in the southeast activities relating to utilization of fire, energy, etc. such as cooking, boilers, electric mainboards, etc.

Southwest direction, Southwest side presided by mighty demon Niruth - armory and such equipment which give security to the enterprise.

Northwest direction, Northwest side ruled by Vayu the God of Air, the sign of movement and instability.

Activities on the eight directions of construction to be in conformity with the activities of presiding deities.

These activities, placement, etc are pleasing to the presiding deities in the respective directions and hence they shower their blessings on the residence (and hence on residents).

House constructions are of several types such as those useful to humans animals, birds, place of worship, public utility building, etc. Vastu shastra recognizes four broad divisions in these :

1. Ordinary human dwelling units including multi-storied buildings and apartments.

2. Government/ administrative utility buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools, and warehouses, etc.

3. Place of worship and

4. Constructions of a public utility such as water bodies, parks, etc.

Planetary influence :

Just as one’s own neighborhood influences one’s premises, in the same way, the earth also is influenced by its neighborhood. The neighborhood of earth is the complete solar system. As of now the influence of stars has not been recognized on the earth directly. It cannot be said directly that the planets have a great influence on living beings. In the same way, it cannot be proved either that they have no influence. The influence or otherwise of planets can be proved only by inference and understanding.

The ancient seers after deep study and observation have discovered indeed the planetary influence on dwelling units. Logically speaking good and bad always co-exist, this cannot be ignored. By realizing this one would profit by not realizing this one is bound to come grief. There presentation or the influences are as under.

The Northeast corner of the premises is ruled by the preceptor of God’s, Jupiter (Guru), the same corner is residence for Kethu also.

The East side is ruled by the king of zodiac, Sun (Ravi).

The Southeast corner is ruled by Venus (Sukra).

The South side is ruled by Mars (Kuna or Mangal).

The Southwest side is ruled by Rahu (Shadow Planet).

The West side is ruled by Saturn (Sani or Shanidev).

The Northwest side is ruled by Moon (Chandra).

The North side is ruled by Mercury (Buddha).

In addition to the above all these eight directions are guided by various God’s they are Northeast is by Lord Shiva.

East is by Indra (King of Gods).

Southeast is by Agni (God of Fire).

South is by Yama (God of Death).

Southwest by Niruthi (A mighty demon).

West is by Varun (God of Rains).

Northwest is by Vaayu (God of Air).

North is by Kuber (God of Wealth) .

Broadly speaking I would say the names assigned to the eight directions in the form of rulers and deities is symbolic, just as we have a fine leg, third man, etc in cricket. It signifies a specific activity, just as a fielder at fine leg however great may be, cannot influence long off or long on the situation in the cricket field. In the same way, the presiding deity of Northeast Shiva cannot influence the activities of say Rahu.

The traits and actions of all these planets and the presiding deities occur everywhere. At times we are harsh and protective and times we are kind and benevolent. For various activities of this nature which influence us, we have to assign appropriate places. The ancients after great study and observation have assigned the places to the various deities as above.

Here we are discussing Eight Directions in Vastu Shastra :

Before discussing on Eight directions we should know some significant information on directions. All directions has some uniformity plane land or up and downs or if there is a construction then there may be doors to either direction or corner (Kon), some extension or doors, windows, walks, walls, weights, water storage etc. Based on the construction and applied with any of them may affect on residents. If all the directions are in right position and constructed as per vastu shastra principles then residents will enjoy the peace, harmony in their life.

1. Up and downs.

2. Extensions

3. Doors

4. Windows

5. Walks

6 Walls

7 Weights

8. Streets

9. Street Focuses.

10. Open Spaces.

11. Water Storage.

Observe this diagram

Hindu TempleLet's start with praying God before knowing something about Eight Directions, in our all shastras our elders directed us before knowing any science or knowledge we should do prayers to God. Eight directions are the most prominent in Vastu Shastra. Without eight directions or directions, there is no meaning for Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra four directionsNow this image explains the exact positions of the four directions viz East, West, North and South.

How to find the directions :

When our face is towards raising sun at morning times then that is the East, our left hand side is North direction and right hand side is South direction and our back is West direction. These are also called as cardinal directions.

Now observe the corners or kon

Vastu CornersObserve the directions here. Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest.

Northeast (Eesanya) is located in between North and East directions

Southeast (Agneya) is located in between East and South directions

Southwest (Nairuthi) is located in between South and West directions

Northwest (Vayuvya) is located in between West and North directions.

These corners are also called as intermediate directions. This corner is formed when the two directions converge and make an angle, for example, the Northeast corner is formed. One should be careful when deals with this corner or intermediate direction because a corner is formed with the two directions, so a corner is having two directions power. The elderly vastu people still say that one should be careful with the intermediate direction than the cardinal directions.

As per our ancient literature delivered by our sages and stated that each direction has to be divided into nine parts as same as Nine Grahas or Nava Grahas, out of nine parts the middle part will be standing with cardinal direction and other edge parts will merge with corners. So each corner has allotted four houses and each direction allotted five houses out of nine houses.

81 Houses in vastu blockFirst, observe the 81 houses in vastu shastra. For your understanding purpose we have shown with little different colors for every 9 blocks. Check below proportionate percentage blocks to each direction.

East direction :

5 blocks to East direction vastuIn this image, we have shown the 5 parts allotted to East direction and remaining two + two were allotted to Northeast and Southeast. Two parts will be the Northeast direction and two parts will be Southeast direction.

Blocks allotted to each direction :

Each Direction alloted blocks vastuIn this image we may observe that each direction is having 5 blocks and remaining will be allotted to corners. There are many types of inner parts division as per many rushis. This system is prominent and popular.

Read the discussion on each direction below: Below we used words for the colored boxes with box/house/chambers etc, here the meaning of all words are the same.

The east direction is shown with Saffron color. 5 boxes will be the East direction and in remaining four boxes two will goes to Northeast and the remaining two boxes will go to Southeast. You may check the above two images for more information.

South direction is shown with Red color. 5 chambers will be allotted to South direction and in remaining four chambers, two will be Southeast and the remaining two will be towards Southwest parts.

West direction is shown with Blue color. 5 houses will be allotted to West direction and in remaining four houses two will be Southwest and balance remaining two will be towards Northwest boxes.

North direction shown with green color and it's having 5 house boxes and in remaining 4 boxes two will be towards Northeast and remaining two will be towards Northwest.

Based on this system many vastu consultants are also opinioned that the door may be placed in saffron color when coming with East direction. Out of 9 houses in a direction, the 5 houses will be allotted to one particular direction say about East, in entire saffron color the placement of the door is acceptable at anywhere as per some vastu consultants.

What is the truth here? Placement of doors is the very most important factor in vastu shastra. Most expert vastu consultants are first observing the placement of doors. It is an accepted fact. So residents should always take care in placing the doors in the right places.

East plotThis is one square-shaped property shown with saffron color. Now observe below where the best place for keeping the door.

The placement of door :

placement of doorThe right place of the door to a house is shown with a green mark. This green marked portion is the North portion of a site to place a door at this point. Keeping door towards South portion is not the right decision.

For more info on these placements of doors. Click this placement of doors link.

Here is the doors vastu link, which may be very useful to know in this vastu shastra. One should check this link when they wish to know something about this vastu science.

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